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									                              Ways to look ten years younger
    Aging and growing older is a natural action one comes across as days and years pass on and on. One
    can not stop aging process but can try controlling the appearance that shows you aged among a group of
    youngsters. Dullness, wrinkles over face and skin, hair loss and graying, sluggish looks at the age of
    40’s? So how would you look at the age of 60’s?

    Aging is out of our control but keep up fitness can change your looks completely and make you feel ten
    years younger than your coworker. The best part one can play to keep up complete fitness is to adhere to
    healthy balanced diet with regular workout of yoga, exercise and some small spa activities.

    Stay young from within!
    Go green and fresh with your eatables; take a diet that supports you with a good energy to burn through
    out the day’s activities. Keeping one’s life scheduled with a perfect health needs a complete focus on the
    eating habits, day’s activities, way of dressing, keeping up your circle of social events active, a good skin
    tone and a perfect trim look filled with complete confidence from within. Maintenance of good metabolic
    activity requires a regulation over the food patterns.

    Aging facts
    Changes in the body happen due to the activities of the hormonal changes in the endocrine system. As
    we age the endocrine system slows down reducing the working speed of the body leading to the shrinking
    of skin, bones, muscles and involuntary as well as voluntary actions. Research has shown that pituitary
    glands also secrete some of the hormones that add to aging.

    Some of the ways to look younger even when you grow older are for your reference.

    Skin Care
           Skin appearance speaks on your age! Nourish and moisturize your skin to keep up suppleness,
    balance your skin PH level.
           Avoid sunburns and tans with sunscreen creams that suit your skin type.
           Small spa activities like Medicure and pedicure, hair maintenance can help in showing you
    Facial looks
           Wrinkles near the eyes, nose, lip margins and forehead are the ones to be treated at first. Skin lift
    hormone replacement therapy, cosmetic surgery, anti-aging laser treatment are some of the
    advancements that can be used when the wrinkles bother your looks.
           Anti-aging creams and face lift massages can slow down aging process.
    Avoiding excess fatty and oily food stuff is more important to keep good health. Keeping mind happy
    brings a great change in one’s life. Sufficient sound sleep helps in complete relaxation and recouping with
    the repairing activities in one’s body. It has been found that aging process is fastened as the brain is
    stressed than its tolerance capacity. Keeping off stress and tension, unload your worries by stress relief
    methods help live longer and younger.

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