Lester Pearson and the Suez Crisis by hcj


									Lester Pearson and the Suez Crisis
1. Why did Israel attack Egypt and occupy the Sinai Desert?
2. Who was Gamal Nasser?
3. What did Britain and the United States promise Nasser funds to
    help build?
4. Why did Nasser want to make a dam in Egypt?
5. Why did Britain and the United States withdraw their offer of
6. What was Nasser's response?
7. Why did Israel feel like hostile forces were surrounding the
8. What did Britain and France do to show their support for Israel
    when Egypt blockaded Eilat?
9. What was Person's solution to the Suez Crisis?
10. What is the UNEF?
11. Why was the UNEF formed?
12.The plan for the UN's peacekeeping force originated in Canada,
    one of the countries known as a middle power on the world stage.
    Do you think the plan would have been accepted if it had come
    from one of the "superpowers", that is, the United States or the
    Soviet Union?

1. With which section of the armed forces did Lester Pearson fight?
2. What was Pearson's career from 1945-1946?
3. When was Pearson voted in to office? How long did he serve for?
                       The Suez Crisis

 In 1948, the United Nations recognized the new state or
 Jewish people who found themselves displaced after
  World War II immigrated in large numbers
 Arab and Israeli forces fought throughout the late 1940's
 Different nations sided with either Arabs or Jews and sold
  them may weapons
 As members of the United Nations, the United States,
  Britain, and France all supported Israel
 The Soviets supported Iraq, Syria, and Egypt

                       The Suez Crisis

 The Suez Canal was an important and strategic waterway
  for many nations including Britain and France
 In 1956, General Nasser of Egypt nationalized the canal
 This upset the British and the French, and joined together
  along with Israeli forces to attack Egypt and seize control
 The Soviets threatened to back Egypt (another reminder
  of the Cold War)
 The United States and Canada found themselves in a
  difficult position, they were a part of NATO but disagreed
  with an attack on Egypt
 It seemed for a time that an all-out war would develop
 Lester Pearson, Canadian Secretary of State for External
  Affairs, proposed the formation of an international
  diplomatic peacekeeping force
 The United Nations Emergency Force was placed in Sinai
  with the express purpose of maintaining the cease-fire

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