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					Dr Robot HR6

Overview of Dr Robot
•The robot stands about 52 cm (20”) in height and weighs 4.8kg (10.6 lb.) •HR6 has a total of 24 degree of freedoms each controlled by an independent motor. •The robot is equipped with a color camera, a microphone and stereo audio output in addition to a multitude of sensors. •It has the capability to recognize faces and voices and respond to verbal commands. •HR6 can communicate wirelessly with PC. With an2 Internet connection •Dancing, singing, telling jokes and stories, checking email, proving up-todate information from the web, and as a remote agent for its owner.

Basic Capabilities
1) A Sensitive Companion

2) Survival Instinct
3) Bipedal Walking

Advanced Functionality
1) Personal Assistance 2) The Entertainer 3) Remote Monitoring and Control 4) Security Monitoring 5) Wireless and Network Capability

6) Privacy and Data Security
7) Activity and Rest

Main Specifications
On-Board CPU 16-bit DSP x 2 (over 140 MIPS in total)

On-Board Storage

16MB + 512KB Flash, 2MB + 32KB SRAM

Image Input

CMOS Image Sensor (100K pixel)

Audio Input

Miniature Microphone x 2

Audio Output
DegreeOf Freedom/Joints

Miniature Speaker x 2

24: Legs (10) + Arms (10)+ Hands (2) + Neck (2)

Main Specifications
Built-in Sensors Force Sensor x 13; Touch Sensor x 6; Motion Sensor x 3; Temperature Sensor x 3 Infrared Distance Sensor x 1 Acceleration/Tilting Sensor 2 axis Rotary Sensor x 24 Current Sensor x 24 Sonar x 3 Human Sensor x 1 Sound Sensor x 4

Wireless Communication

Bluetooth, Infrared


520 x 260 x 200 mm (H x W x D)


Approx. 4.8 kg (incl. Two battery packs)

Power Consumption

Still mode < 5W Nominal use (sing and dance) <15W Peak use (walk) <25W


14.4V Ni-MH 4100mAh

You Can Buy It
Price: CAD$ 68,000 (~US$ 48,000) Deposit: CAD$ 34,000 (~US$ 24,000)

Package included:
•1 humanoid robot •1 USB Wireless Module for PC •PC software and development API (for MS Win 2K Professional and MS XP Professional) for controlling the robot only. Other software components (speech recognition engine, and etc.) are available as an option. •Documentation, which includes system architecture and user manual •6 months free technical support

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