SSI Micro delivers satellite internet to Canada by mmcsx


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 Broadcast                                   SSI Micro delivers                                                       Media World 2003
                                             satellite internet to                                                    February 2003 Sydney,
 Cable/Satellite                                                                                                      Australia
                                             Canada                                                                                          More Details
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 Creative                                    24/04/2002
                                             SSI Micro has announced that it is
 Streaming Media                             using Mentat’s award-winning SkyX
                                             Gateway to enhance the
 Digital Content                             performance of its broadband
                                             Internet-over-satellite service.

 iTV                                         SSI Micro provides uninterrupted, affordable, satellite-based
                                             broadband service to government institutions, businesses,
 New Media                                   communities and Internet Service Providers in the most remote
                                             areas of Northern Canada. SSI Micro is taking advantage of
                                             Mentat’s SkyX Gateway to overcome the                                    Latest Press Releases
                                             limitations of Internet protocols to provide a high-speed, highly        Pico-Pay produces solution
                                             efficient Internet via satellite service.                                for online music
                                             “Using Mentat’s SkyX Gateway, we measured a single end user’s            Outstanding companies win
                                             throughput at 2.2 Mbps, which is faster than a T1 and far faster than    Queens Birthday awards
                                             people in remote communities are used to seeing,” said Jeff Phillip,      24/04/2002
                                             President and CEO of SSI Micro.                                          Statement of NDS regarding
                                             “The addition of the Mentat acceleration hardware to our satellite
                                             offering has dramatically increased the speed of our network.”           Quantum Pacific exhibits at
                                                                                                                      Digital Media World
 Digital Media Web                                                                                                     30/01/2002
                                             Gordon Cobain of the Kativik Regional government uses the                                       Press archive
 About Digital Media Web                     accelerated Internet service, and had this to say:
                                             “Following the installation of the Mentat equipment, we couldn't         Latest Channel Poll
 Advertise On Digital Media Web              believe our eyes, the throughput speed is simply incredible. We are
                                                                                                                      Can broadcasters afford not
                                             now experiencing speeds that exceed those of cable or ADSL
 About Terrapinn                                                                                                     to have HDTV?
                                             connections in Montreal or Toronto.”
                                                                                                                      n Yes
                                                                                                                      k              53.9%
 Contact Us                                  Another user of the system, Ryan Butler with Sakku Arctic               n No
                                                                                                                     l                    46.1%
                                             Technologies, said the following: “The performance increase we've                Total Votes = 76
 Submit An Article                           experienced with the IP accelerator installed has brought our
                                             Internet customers out of the dark ages.”
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                                                                                                                                            Suggest a Poll
                                             The SkyX Gateway is the leading Internet-over-satellite performance
 Help                                        enhancement system. By transparently replacing TCP with a highly          Latest Portal Discussions
                                             efficient protocol especially designed for satellite conditions, the     -Do audiences really care
 Latest Channel White                        SkyX Gateway makes possible terrestrial-like performance over           about international news?
Papers                                       satellite links. Named the World Teleport Association’s 2002             -What applications will drive
 Scopus announce increase                    Technology of the Year, the SkyX Gateway accelerates e-mail, Web        interactive tv?
 in global activities                        downloads, file transfers, and all other TCP/IP applications while       -iTV shopping - will it replace
  26/03/2002                                 remaining entirely                                                      the corner shop?
 The Interaction Center                      transparent to end users.                                                -Will the home
 Platform ™
  03/09/2001                                                                                                         become a reality?
 Unified communications                      “We are honoured to be a part of SSI Micro’s Internet over satellite                     Discusssion archive
                                             service,” said Kay Guyer, Mentat President. “SSI Micro’s service is                     Suggest a Discussion
 using Communité TM
  03/09/2001                                 an ideal example of how satellites can be used to make it easier for
 Providing the infrastructure                communities around the globe to communicate with each other.”

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