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									Chinese Tonic Herbs
 Supporting Herbs

  Researched and Copy Written
       by Ron Teaguarden
      Used with Permission
Achyranthes Root                             Yang Jing and Qi                              not be used by the novice herbalist since
Products Featuring This Herb:                                                              it can be misused. However, if a novice
Supreme Creation                             Treasure Rating                               wants to use Prepared Aconite, they
Women’s Jing                                 ***                                           should consult an expert.
Imperial Garden
Strength Builder                             Atmospheric Energy                            Primary Combinations
Profound Essence                             Hot (very)                                    Never use Prepared Aconite alone, unless
Remove Stagnation                                                                          it is provided at an herbalists office by
Frame Builder                                Taste                                         the herbalist. Combine with:
Return to Youth                              Acrid (very) and Sweet
                                                                                           1. Rehmannia, Cinnamon bark and Cornus
Other Common Names                           Organ Meridian Systems                        to tonify Kidney yang and the sexual
Achyranthes Root                             Kidney, Spleen, Heart                         energy

Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese      Part Used and Form                            2. Ginseng, Atractylodes, Astragalus and
Tonic Herbs                                  Lateral roots, specially prepared             Licorice Root to build Spleen Qi
                                             Primary Functions                             3. Ginseng, Cinnamon twig and various
Pharmaceutical Latin                         To supplement fire of the vital gate to       Heart tonics to strengthen the heart.
Achyranthes Bidentatae, Radix                strengthen yang. Aconite warms the
                                             interior of the body and dispels cold.        4. Astragalus to build Qi in those who are
Pinyin                                                                                     yang deficient and who suffer from
Niu Xi (Huai Niu Xi)                         Qualities                                     spontaneous sweating
                                             Prepared Aconite is a powerful herb
Treasures                                    which must be used moderately and with        Varieties and Grading
jing                                         care. It is one of the few commonly used      Aconite must be prepared in a very
                                             tonic herbs which may have toxic qualities    specific manner in order to eliminate
Treasure Rating                              if used in too large of quantities. Unpre-    certain chemical agents that are toxic.
**                                           pared, raw Aconite is toxic. It is put        Virtually all tonic formulations on the
                                             through a special process to eliminate this   American market which include Aconite
Atmospheric Energy                           toxicity. However, over-use of Prepared       use Prepared Aconite.
Neutral                                      Aconite can result in overheating of the
                                             body. It is never used alone — it is always   Contraindications
Taste                                        combined with other herbs.                    This herb should not be used by people
Bitter, Sour,                                                                              who are deficient in Yin or are excessive
                                             Prepared Aconite is a powerful yang tonic     in Yang.
Organ Meridian Systems                       used to rebuild kidney yang when it has
Liver, Kidney                                been depleted. Kidney yang deficiency is      Precautionary Note: Prepared Aconite is a
                                             marked by chilliness, cold limbs, and         powerful herb which must be used
Qualities                                    impotence, infertility, frequent urination    moderately and with care. It is one of the
Achyranthes Root is frequently used in       without pain and some types of arthritis      few commonly used tonic herbs which may
Yang tonic formulations. It is a mild jing   and rheumatism. It is extraordinarily         have some toxic qualities if used in too
tonic. Achyranthes root is used in many      effective at waking up the yang energy,       large of quantities. Over-use of Prepared
Kidney tonic formulations to improve         producing heat and warmth and activating      Aconite can result in overheating of the
circulation in the lower part of the body.   metabolism. It is also an extremely potent    body. Unprepared, raw Aconite is toxic.
Its main function generally revolves         Kidney and Bladder tonic, and is effective    Do not use it unless you are a master
around its ability to guide other herbs to   at removing stagnant water due to             herbalist. Raw Aconite is put through a
the Kidneys, genitals, and legs.             coldness.                                     special process which eliminates this
                                                                                           toxicity. Therefore, if you buy Aconite
                                             Herbalists in China are not afraid of this    from an herb shop, be certain that the
Aconite, Prepared                            herb — they just use it watchfully. I have    herbalist understands that you want only
Products Featuring This Herb:                noticed a definite fear of the herb,          Prepared Aconite. Prepared Aconite is a
Super Yang Jing Drops                        however, by many American herbalists          dark, brown slice of the root. Unprepared
                                             because the herb is considered to be very     Aconite tends to be lighter in color or
Other Common Names                           hot. I have found this to be a highly over-   even greenish. If you are not certain
Aconite, Prepared                            rated problem. I have used the herb           which Aconite you have don’t use it.
                                             thousands of times and have rarely            Prepared Aconite is never used alone — it
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese      regretted it. The times I did regret it       is always combined with other herbs and
Tonic Herbs                                  were only very minor regrets — the same       in relatively small quantities. Ron
198                                          as I would have if I used too much            Teeguarden’s Herb Garden only uses
                                             Ginseng Root, for example. I have never       carefully Prepared Aconite in its tonic
Pharmaceutical Latin                         seen a serious overheating. If a person is    formulations.
Radix Aconiti Lateralis Praeparata           cold, this is a great and useful herb which
                                             I have found to be very safe. However,        Acorus Root
Pinyin                                       practitioners who are not comfortable
Fu Zi, shu                                                                                 Wild Acorus that grows near or under
                                             with the herb should use it conservatively    waterfalls was traditionally used by
                                             until they have a feel for how much to use    Daoists to open the senses, clear the
Treasures                                    under various conditions. Aconite should      mind, overcome illusion and to elevate
Spirit. It was used as a tool to help                                                        Agaricus for the world. Agaricus is
develop intuition. It should be used            Treasure Rating                              traditionally known as “God’s Mushroom”
sparingly by those on a spiritual path.         ***                                          because of its near miraculous curative
                                                                                             benefits to a wide range of disorders.
Products Featuring This Herb:                   Atmospheric Energy                           People have used it to overcome numerous
Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination                Cool                                         diseases and disorders relating to the
                                                                                             immune system, cardiovascular system,
Other Common Names                              Taste                                        digestion, and for weight management,
Acorus Root waterfall                           Sweet, Bitter, Bland                         diabetes, chronic and acute allergies,
                                                                                             cataracts, hearing difficulties, stress
Pharmaceutical Latin                            Organ Meridian Systems                       syndrome, chronic fatigue, diarrhea,
Acori Graminei, Rhizoma                         Lung and Stomach                             constipation, and disorders of the liver.

Pinyin                                          Primary Functions                            Several studies have documented this
Chang Pu (Shi Chang Pu)                         Tonify Yin: Clear Heat, Expel Phlegm from    mushroom’s ability to very powerfully
Treasures                                       Lungs                                        activate various components of the
                                                                                             immune system.
Treasure Rating                                 Qualities
                                                Adenophora is used to moisten the Lungs      The active constituents were identified
Atmospheric Energy                              and Stomach. It is commonly used to          as the polysaccharide-protein complexes
Slightly Warm,                                  treat yin deficiency cough (such as dry      called Beta-1,6-D-glucan and an almost
                                                cough due to smoking, to dry heat, dust or   identical chemical, Beta-1,3-D-glucan.
Organ Meridian Systems                          smog). It is also useful for allaying        These glucans have been found to be
Heart, Liver, Spleen                            chronic thirst. It is often used in          remarkable immune stimulants. They are
                                                children’s cough formulations.               potent macrophage activators. These
Actinidia Fruit                                                                              glucan polysaccharides work through the
Actinidia fruit is a rich source of antioxi-    Preparation and Utilization                  “glucan receptor” on the surface of the
dants. It is especially rich in vitamin C. It   Adenophora is virtually identical to         immensely important immune cells known
has a heat clearing ability.                    Glehnia though they originate from           as macrophages. Macrophages are our
                                                different areas of China. They may be        first line of defense and play the pivotal
Other Common Names                              used interchangeably. Use with other         role in our immune response to any attack
Actinidia, Kiwi Fruit, Mi Monkey Tree           moistening herbs to tonify the lungs, such   by any intruder. Macrophages are the
Fruit, Monkey Fruit                             as Ophiopogon, American Ginseng,             immune cells that recognize, engulf and
                                                Dendrobium, Schizandra and with other        destroy any organisms, cells, and sub-
Pharmaceutical Latin                            tonics to strengthen the whole body.         stances that don’t belong in the body,
Actinidiae, Fructus                                                                          including viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast,
                                                Primary Combinations                         heavy metals, pollutants, bits of dead
Pinyin                                          Combine with:                                tissue, mutated cells, tumor cells, etc.
Mi Hou Tao                                                                                   They take on any challenge and further
                                                1. American Ginseng, Schizandra and          stimulate the immune system to respond.
Treasures                                       Asparagus root to tonify Lung yin
Qi                                                                                           Macrophages ignite intercellular communi-
                                                2. Ophiopogon and Fritillary bulb for dry    cation by releasing chemical messengers
Treasure Rating                                 cough, dry throat and hoarseness             called cytokines (interferon and
                                                                                             interleukin). These cytokines are powerful
Atmospheric Energy                              3. Dendrobium, Ophiopogon, Raw Rehman-       proteins responsible for catalyzing and
cold                                            nia and Polygonatum to build body fluids     regulating several immune responses
                                                                                             within the body. Agaricus stimulates the
Primary Functions                               Varieties and Grading                        production of cytokines. Macrophages can
harmonizing the middle jiao and calming         Clean, tasty Adenophora is best. Most        travel from the site of their first contact
the liver                                       Adenophora found in herb shops is fine.      with an intruder or toxin to the lymph
                                                Good Adenophora should be pliable.           system, where it communicates with T-
Scientific Data                                                                              cells, activating a specific immune re-
Actinidia fruit contains vitamin C and          Agaricus Mushroom                            sponse. Specific antibodies are then built
actinidine, saccharides, organic acid, fruit                                                 to combat the specific intruder. Agaricus
acid, tannins, protein and phytochromes         Products Featuring This Herb:                promotes this essential immune response.
                                                Immunity Booster Formula                     Beta-1,6-D-glucan and Beta-1,3-D-glucan
Adenophora Root                                 Protector 2000                               have been shown to have inhibitory
Other Common Names                              Four Kings                                   effects on abnormal cell growths. It has
Adenophora Root                                 Other Common Names                           been proposed that Beta-1,6-D-glucan and
                                                Agaricus Mushroom                            Beta-1,3-D-glucan may stimulate cell
Pharmaceutical Latin                                                                         lysing (destroying) action in specialized
Radix Adenophorae                               Agaricus blazei murill (most commonly        immune system cells.
                                                known simply as Agaricus) is a mushroom
Pinyin                                          that originated in the rain forests of       Thus researchers have found the Agari-
Nan Sha Spirit                                  Brazil. The mushroom thrives in certain      cus polysaccharide fraction to have
Treasures                                       tropical areas of China and the Chinese      significant immune activating power.
Yin, Jing                                       have become the premier growers of           Agaricus mushroom has also been shown
to have potent chemopreventive activity.      into the classical category of “Qi regulat-    Pinyin
Agaricus in now being used clinically all     ing” herbs, that is, herbs that help Qi to     He Huan Pi
over Asia for numerous diseases and           move smoothly and to prevent blockage,
disorders. However, it is also being          particularly in the digestive and respira-     Treasures
consumed as a food and as a tonic herb        tory systems. It is not a tonic herb, but is   Spirit
since Agaricus is a gentle, edible mush-      often used in tonic formulations to
room that has no side effects.                improve their function. Sometimes strong       Treasure Rating
                                              Qi formulas in particular can result in        ***1/2
Agaricus mushroom is by far the richest       minor stagnation in the digestive tract if
natural source of Beta-1,6-D-glucan and       a Qi regulating herb is not included in the    Atmospheric Energy
Beta-1,3-D-glucan known to mankind.           formula.                                       neutral
Other immune potentiating herbs that
contain similar polysaccharides include       It can be useful even if the stagnation        Organ Meridian Systems
Reishi mushroom, Astragalus root,             reaches the extreme by resulting in            heart and liver
Cordyceps mushroom, Polyporus mushroom        nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Tangerine
and Shitake mushroom. By enhancing the        Peel is used to eliminate problems of          Part Used and Form
body’s natural defenses, this humble          excess moisture in the digestive tract. It     Bark (and flower)
mushroom is a powerful protector.             is often used in combination with Qi
                                              tonics such as Ginseng, Codonopsis and         Primary Functions
Aged Citrus Peel                              Atractylodes to improve digestion and          to pacify the spirit, calm the mind and
Products Featuring This Herb:                 assimilation.                                  relieve depression
Shou Wu Formulation                           Because of its ability to eliminate damp-
Profound Essence                              ness, Aged Tangerine Peel is often used        Qualities
Will Power                                    to help eliminate phlegm, cough and            The bark or flower of this exotic tree is
Ginseng and Astragalus Combination            oppression in the lungs and to help clear      especially famous among the Chinese for
Ginseng Nutritive Combination                 the upper respiratory passages.                use when one is experiencing emotional
Platycodon and Fritillary                                                                    problems such as a broken heart and the
                                              Primary Combinations                           experience of great loss. The bark of the
Other Common Names                            Combine with:                                  Albizzia tree is an excellent Spirit
Aged Citrus (Tangerine) Peel                                                                 stabilizer. It is calming and improves
                                              1. Ginseng, Astragalus and Atractylodes        mood. It helps with anxiety, insomnia,
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       to move Qi and prevent stagnation              irritability, anger, forgetfulness, exces-
Tonic Herbs                                                                                  sive worry, etc. It is commonly used for
198                                           2. Ginseng, Ginger and Jujube to regulate      any chronic emotional upsets.
                                              the Stomach and Spleen
Pharmaceutical Latin                                                                         The flower of Albizzia is even better than
Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae                 Varieties and Grading                          the bark. It has the same Spirit stabiliz-
                                              There are many grades of Chen Pi.              ing ability as the bark but has a much
Pinyin                                        Generally, the longer it has been aged,        stronger Spirit lifting (mood elevating)
Chen Pi                                       the better. Very high quality Chen Pi is       ability. It is one of the best herbs to use
                                              pungeant, brown in color and has a very        for people who are severely depressed,
Treasures                                     fine, crisp citrus aroma when a piece is       very angry, despondent or overly-para-
                                              snapped off and smelled. It is also much       noid. I have used the flower very success-
Treasure Rating                               more expensive than lower quality. More        fully for numerous cases of broken heart
*                                             commonly available low grade Chen Pi           and despair. This is one of the ultimate
                                              tends to still be orange in color and may      Spirit tonic herbs.
Atmospheric Energy                            still be soft in texture.
Warm                                                                                         Primary Combinations
                                              Contraindications                              Combine with:
Taste                                         Chen Pi is not a tonic, so it is included in
Pungent and Bitter                            tonic programs to assure the smooth flow       1. Biota, Polygonum stem, Zizyphus and
                                              of Qi and to prevent stagnation.               Amber to stabilize Spirit and to treat
Organ Meridian Systems                                                                       insomnia caused by anxiety
Spleen, Stomach and Lungs                     Albizzia Bark
                                              Products Featuring This Herb:                  2. Ganoderma, Wild Red Asparagus Root
Part Used and Form                            Ant Essence Formula                            and Wild Ginseng to develop Spirit
The peel of the ripe tangerines, sun-dried    Calmers
and aged naturally                                                                           Varieties and Grading
                                              Other Common Names                             The quality of the bark available is quite
Primary Functions                             Albizzia Bark                                  stable. Flowers should be highly aromatic
Regulates Qi and normalizes the functions                                                    and in good condition. Whole flowers
of the Spleen and Stomach.                    Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese        should predominate.
                                              Tonic Herbs
Qualities                                     199                                            Albizzia Flower
Aged Citrus Peel is a digestant. It is most                                                  Products Featuring This Herb:
commonly used to help eliminate digestive     Pharmaceutical Latin                           Supreme Spirit Drops
stagnation and to help relieve abdominal      Cortex Albizia
distention, belching and bloating. It falls                                                  Other Common Names
Albizzia flower                               Organ Meridian Systems
                                              Kidney and Bladder                             Contraindications
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese                                                      Don’t use this herb if you are dehydrated.
Tonic Herbs                                   Part Used and Form                             If you are chilled all the time, this is not
199                                           Tuber, which is sliced, dried in the           the right herb for you since it has a cold
                                              sunlight, and stir-baked with wheat bran       atmospheric energy and will tend to cool
Pharmaceutical Latin                          or salt water.                                 you down further.
Albizziae Julibrissin, Flos
                                              Primary Functions                              Alpinia Fruit
Pinyin                                        Expelling dampness, inducing urination,        Other Common Names
He Huan Hua                                   and eliminating pathogenic heat by             Alpinia
                                              treating false fire conditions of the
Treasures                                     Kidney                                         Pharmaceutical Latin
Spirit                                                                                       Fructus Alpiniae Oxyphyllae
Treasure Rating                               Alisma is a very commonly used herb in         Pinyin
***1/2                                        Chinese herbalism. It helps strengthen         Yi Zhi Ren
                                              water metabolism, which is a critical
Atmospheric Energy                            bodily function. It rids the body of           Treasures
                                              excess dampness through the urinary            Yang Jing and Qi
Qualities                                     tract. It is mild and safe with mild tonic
The flower of Albizzia is even better than    qualities, especially to the Kidney and        Treasure Rating
the bark. It has the same Spirit stabiliz-    Bladder, and to the Spleen and Stomach         ***1/2
ing ability as the bark but has a much        as well. It is an excellent herb to use in a
stronger Spirit lifting (mood elevating)      tonic program by those who need to             Atmospheric Energy
ability. It is one of the best herbs to use   stimulate fluid function, so long as you do    Warm
for people who are severely depressed,        not have a cold constitution.
very angry, despondent or overly-para-                                                       Organ Meridian Systems
noid. Both the bark and the flower are        It is used in medicinal herbalism to treat     Kidney and Spleen
considered to have these qualities, but       damp heat conditions, which means
the flower is more rare and is believed to    conditions that are associated with            Primary Functions
be one of the ultimate Spirit tonics. I       chronic or acute infections. It is one of      To warm the Kidneys, retain essence and
have used the flower very successfully        the primary herbs used to treat damp           benefit the powers of concentration
for numerous cases of broken heart and        heat conditions associated with the
despair. This is one of the ultimate Spirit   Kidney and Bladder system, such as             Qualities
tonic herbs.                                  leukorrhea, where the discharge is yellow      Alpinia is a Kidney yang tonic used to
                                              or urinary tract infections. It is also used   warm the Kidney and to retain essence. It
Alisma                                        to treat conditions such as lung conges-       is used for cold conditions of the Kidney,
Products Featuring This Herb:                 tion where the phlegm is tinged yellow or      including impotence, spermatorrhea and
Rehmannia Six Combination                     green are examples. It is often used for       dribbling of urine.
Poria Five Combination                        obesity, especially for people who carry a
Gentiana Combination                          lot of water weight and tend to have rosy      Primary Combinations
                                              complexions. It is also commonly used by       Combine with:
Other Common Names                            people who have difficulty urinating and       1. Dioscorea to treat heat conditions of
Alisma                                        by diabetics. It is used routinely by older    the urinary system
                                              men to help cleans the prostate gland and
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       improve urinary function. It can be used       2. Raw Rehmannia, Lycium and Dioscorea
Tonic Herbs                                   in large quantities. In fact it usually        to preserve the youthfulness of older men
200                                           requires fairly large doses to do its best
                                              work.                                          Varieties and Grading
Pharmaceutical Latin                                                                         All Alpinia entering America is of a
Rhizoma Alismatis                             Primary Combinations                           standard grade
                                              Alisma is always used with other herbs.
Pinyin                                        Combine with:                                  Contraindications
Ze Xie                                                                                       This herb should not be used by people
                                              1. Poria and Atractylodes (red or white) to    who are deficient in Yin or are excessive
Treasures                                     move fluids and promote urination              in yang. Not to be used by men suffering
Qi                                                                                           from spermatorrhea or by women with
                                              2. Polyporus, Gardenia Flower, Moutan and      vaginal discharge or frequent urination.
Treasure Rating                               Raw Rehmannia to treat fire conditions of
*1/2                                          the Kidney system such as bladder,
                                              urinary tract and vaginal infections
                                                                                             Amber is the fossilized remains of the
Atmospheric Energy                                                                           sap of an extinct tree. Amber is used like
Cold                                          Varieties and Grading
                                              It is an inexpensive herb. It comes sliced     Dragon Bone as a Spirit stabilizer, but is
                                              and dried. But if it sits around too long it   even more highly prized. It is an excellent
Taste                                                                                        sedative and is very useful for those with
mildly sweet                                  loses potency. Buy the freshest Alisma
                                              you can find.                                  insomnia.
                                                                                            body fluids, to nourish yin and clear heat
Other Common Names                           1. Spirit Poria, Dragon Bone, Oyster Shell,
Amber                                        Zizyphus Seed, Albizia Bark and                Qualities
                                             Polygonum Stem to stabilize Spirit and         American Ginseng is a true member of the
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese      treat insomnia caused by anxiety               ginseng family that grows natively in
Tonic Herbs                                                                                 North America. It contains saponins
200                                          Varieties and Grading                          similar to those found in Panax Ginseng
                                             Amber for herbal use comes in a variety        (Oriental ginseng). However, American
Pharmaceutical Latin                         of grades. Good herbal Amber is dark           Ginseng is considered to be a Yin tonic
Succinum                                     brown or reddish in color, and should be       herb, especially nourishing to the lungs,
                                             free of loose dirt or residue. Wash the        skin and stomach. American Ginseng is a
Pinyin                                       Amber before grinding it into powder.          powerful adaptogenic herb. It is espe-
Hu Po                                        Amber will not melt in boiling water,          cially appreciated for its endurance
                                             whereas fake “Amber” will. If it does          increasing capacity. American Ginseng is
Treasures                                    melt, it is not really amber — don’t use it.   extremely popular in China. The wild
Spirit                                       A counterfeit “Amber” made of colophony        variety is considered to be far superior to
                                             is sometimes sold in Chinese herb shops.       the cultivated.
Treasure Rating                              Because Amber will not dissolve in water,
***1/2                                       it cannot be used in teas. It must be          It is said to moisten and cool the lungs.
                                             ground into a very fine powder if added to     American Ginseng is highly regarded for
Atmospheric Energy                           an herb powder (such as the powder used        its ability to promote the secretion of
Neutral                                      in a pill or capsule).                         body fluids. American Ginseng is often
                                                                                            used in China to tonify the lungs of people
Organ Meridian Systems                       Contraindications                              who have dry coughs due to smog, smoking
Heart, Liver, Small Intestine and Bladder    It should not be used by people with           or from other causes. And American
                                             excess heat or who are yin deficient.          Ginseng is considered to be especially
Primary Functions                                                                           strengthening to new mothers.
To stabilize Spirit                          American Ginseng
                                             American Ginseng is a true member of the       American Ginseng is not considered to be
Preparation and Utilization                  Products Featuring This Herb:                  the same herb as Asian Ginseng. Though it
Amber is primarily used in Chinese           Heaven Drops Wild Ginseng                      is used in much the same way and with
herbalism to relax the nerves and calm       Earth Drops Wild Ginseng                       many of the same goals in mind, American
the mind. It is safe and effective as a      500 Ginsengs Drops                             Ginseng is different in its actions from
mild tranquilizer. It is believed that by    Supreme Spirit Drops                           the Asian varieties. American Ginseng is
calming the mind by consuming Amber and      8 Immortals Adaptogenic Elixir                 an adaptogenic and a Qi tonic. It thus
other related Spirit stabilizing agents,     Golden Air                                     provides energy, adaptability and height-
the mind has the opportunity to rest,        Young Lungs                                    ened alertness. It is especially appreci-
regain strength and focus. Amber is thus                                                    ated for its endurance increasing capac-
used in formulas both for calming anxiety    Other Common Names                             ity.
and for improving the power of the mind.     American Ginseng Root
It is believed therefore to improve                                                         American Ginseng is a Yin tonic and is cool
concentration, memory and alertness          Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese        in nature. This is in contrast to Asian
when consumed in moderation over a           Tonic Herbs                                    Ginseng which is a Yang tonic which is
continuous period of time, especially when   117                                            generally warm, or even hot in nature.
combined with other mind strengthening                                                      American Ginseng is thus useful for
tonics such as Schizandra, Lycium,           Pharmaceutical Latin                           people who are hot but wish to take
Polygonatum Sibericum, Deer Antler,          Panax Quinquefolium                            Ginseng. In other words, people who tend
Ginseng, Gynostemma, Acanthopanax, etc.,                                                    to have lots of energy, high metabolisms,
and along with other Spirit stabilizers      Pinyin                                         are aggressive, have high blood pressure,
such as Biota, Polygonum Stem and            Xi Yang Spirit                                 have ruddy complexions, etc. can take
Zizyphus. Amber is always used with                                                         American Ginseng without overheating. In
other herbs in a formulation.                Treasures                                      fact, taking the American Ginseng will
                                             Yin and Qi                                     help to balance out the system and can
Amber has excellent effects for people                                                      correct overheating problems, especially
experiencing palpitations due to anxiety,    Treasure Rating                                when the excess heat is in the lungs and
insomnia, excessive dreaming and night-      *****                                          stomach. American Ginseng is often used
mares. Amber can be especially beneficial                                                   in China to tonify the lungs of people who
to those who suffer excess tension due to    Atmospheric Energy                             have dry coughs due to smog, smoking or
stress.                                      Cool                                           from other causes. It is said to moisten
                                                                                            and cool the lungs.
Another use for Amber is to invigorate       Taste
blood flow. It is sometimes used in          Sweet and slightly bitter                      American Ginseng is also extremely
formulas which promote menstruation.                                                        popular among people who live in warmer
Such formulas routinely contain Dong Gui     Organ Meridian Systems                         climates. Since it is a cooling herb which
and various blood vitalizing herbs           Lungs, Spleen, Stomach                         replenishes fluids, it is especially benefi-
                                                                                            cial during hot weather. American Ginseng
Primary Combinations                         Primary Functions                              is more widely used in southern China than
Combine with:                                An adaptogen, to replenish Qi, to promote      Chinese Ginseng. However, in the north
where the winters are cold, Chinese            handle high and low temperatures more           Varieties and Grading
Ginseng is still favored. Many people now      easily, perform work more efficiently, and      There are three major categories of
prefer a blend of American and Asian           in general adapt to a wide range of             American Ginseng: 1. wild, 2. woods grown;
Ginsengs, with a shift in balance as the       stresses more effectively. Anti-fatigue         and 3. cultivated.
seasons turn, utilizing more American          activity has been demonstrated in both
Ginseng in the warm months and more            animal and human models. The mechanism          Wild American Ginseng roots are much
Asian Ginseng in the cold months.              by which Ginseng helps humans cope with         more common than Asian Ginseng roots.
                                               stress is being studied intensively, but it     They can be expensive, but not nearly so
In China Panax quinquefolium is consid-        is believed to be due to peripheral and         expensive as their Asian relatives. High
ered to be the herb of first choice for        neurogenic stimulation of the adrenal           quality American roots that have grown in
asthenia of the viscera and as tonic           cortex, among other mechanism.                  the remote mountainous regions of
treatments for anemia and for asthma. It                                                       upstate New York and in Canada can be
is highly regarded for its ability to          American Ginseng, like Asian Ginseng, has       very powerful and therefore can be
promote the secretion of body fluids.          a double-direction mechanism by which it        expensive. Old roots are of course
Panax quinquefolium is used for over fifty     regulates the CNS and endocrine system.         considered to be the best. Very expensive
different disorders and is now being           Ginseng tends to stimulate weakened or          American roots often are allowed to keep
widely used for various disorders associ-      exhausted animals while it has a sedating       their rootlets. But most wild American
ated with obstetrics and gynecology. It is     effect on hyperactive animals. It is also       Ginseng roots are carefully clipped down
considered to be especially strengthening      dose dependent.                                 to the main root. This is unfortunate,
to pregnant women and beneficial to new                                                        because the rootlets contain a very high
mothers. China has used all parts of the       In spite of its long history in America,        concentration of ginsenosides. At some
plant, including the roots, stems, leaves      modern research into American Ginseng           herb shops, you can purchase these wild
and fruits to develop many new tonic           has only just begun — in fact, it is still in   Ginseng rootlets. They contain almost
health products, and these products are        its infancy even though it has become a         twice as much ginsenoside as do the roots.
distributed as pills, tablets, teas, wine,     major economic crop. Most research on           However, the root contains the
oral liquids, hair conditioners, beauty        Ginseng has been done in Asia and Europe        ginsenosides in the optimum ratios and
creams and cosmetics. American Ginseng         on Asian species. Much needs to be done         also contain other active components that
is regarded as a true panacea in China.        to explain the actions of this powerful         makes it the main part of the herb.
                                               tonic herb, the only Chinese tonic herb
Scientific Data                                that comes exclusively from America.            Personally, I do not like very pretty,
Saponins constitute the primary biologi-                                                       perfectly manicured Ginseng, wild or
cally active component of Ginseng.             Preparation and Utilization                     cultivated. I like the gnarly, twisted ones
American Ginseng contains the following        Use as you would Ginseng for energy.            that nobody else wants. I especially like
saponins: Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Rd, Re, Rg1, Rg2,      American Ginseng comes in a multitude of        the ones that have been attacked by an
Ro, and F2 , among others. The saponin         varieties. Raw roots can be cooked with         insect or seems to have been damaged in
content has been reported to be higher in      other herbs, either Yin tonics or Yang          some other way. Sung Jin Park taught me
wild roots and in woods grown roots than       tonics as desired. If you like, combine it      that the best Ginseng is Ginseng that had
in cultivated roots.                           with other varieties of Ginseng to create       to struggle to survive. In its own struggle
                                               a balanced Ginseng blend that suits your        it had to adapt, and in adapting it had to
Cultivated Panax quinquefolium is domi-        constitution and condition. Fresh roots         produce more ginsenosides and other
nated by Re, Rc and Rb1 and lacks com-         are sometimes available from herb shops         substances that helped to survive. My
pletely Rf. Woods grown American               in the Fall for a short period of time.         friends are often surprised when we get
Ginseng is dominated by Re and Rb1. Wild       These may be consumed by eating several         in a new batch of Ginseng how I select
American Ginseng is dominated by Rg1.          small slices per day, up to 1/2 or even one     the ugliest root for myself. They all think
American Ginseng root fiber contains           ginseng root per day. Or one or two fresh       I am being very humble, but actually I’m
much higher Rg2 and Rg3 concentrations         roots may be placed in a bottle of fine         picking out the premium root for myself.
than Chinese or Korean Ginseng and is          alcohol (32% or higher) and extracted for       Besides, nobody else would want such an
dominated by Rc, Re and Rb1. Wild and          a month or longer before consuming one          ugly root, and if you try to sell it or give
woods grown American Ginseng has much          ounce per day, or less often if desired, as     it away, people think you’re nasty. Once
more Rg1 and Rb1 than cultivated Ameri-        a tonic.                                        they’re dried and cleaned, and ultimately
can Ginseng.                                                                                   boiled, who cares? Actually a study
Rg1 has shown mild CNS (Central Nervous        Primary Combinations                            conducted at the Philadelphia College of
System) stimulant activity and anti-           Combine with:                                   Pharmacy and Science discovered (to
fatigue action. However, large doses of                                                        their surprise) that “roots which were
the same substance depresses the CNS.          1. Asparagus Root and Ophiopogon to             diseased (moldy or burned) when har-
Rb1, another Ginseng saponin, has shown        strengthen the Lungs, generate yin and to       vested were generally higher in total
CNS-depressant activity, is anticonvul-        clear the mind                                  ginsenosides than were their healthy
sant, analgesic, antipyretic and is antipsy-                                                   counterparts.
chotic. This antagonistic activity of the      2. Schizandra Fruit to build yin, tonify
various saponins probably explains much        the Lungs and strengthen the mind               Woods grown American Ginseng is often
of the regulating, adaptogenic activity                                                        sold as wild ginseng. It is less expensive
associated with Ginseng.                       3. Licorice Root and Jujube Date to tonify      than wild but looks very similar, and in
                                               the yin of the Stomach                          fact is chemically almost identical. Woods
Ginseng is considered to be the quintes-                                                       grown Ginseng is grown from wild seed by
sential adaptogenic herb. Laboratory           4. Dendrobium and Raw Rehmannia to              casting the seeds in the forest. Just like
animals as well as humans that are             relieve thirst and shortness of breath          Chinese and Korean forest grown Ginseng,
consuming Ginseng have been found to           due to Qi and yin exhaustion                    this Ginseng is superb.
adapt to dark and light more easily,
Cultivated American Ginseng is inexpen-       that the same plant could likely be           Ginseng had virtually dried up. However,
sive but of generally fine quality. The       growing in Canada due to the similarity of    the demand in China for American Ginseng
difference in quality and price will          the forested regions. An active search        remained. In the 1870’s Abraham
generally depend upon the region the          began for the same herb in the Canadian       Whisman, a Virginian, became the first
roots were grown in and the age of the        forests. After several months of search-      American to cultivate American Ginseng,
roots. Older roots are better. In culti-      ing, he found a Ginseng plant growing near    and by the end of the century American
vated American Ginseng, larger roots are      his new house in a forested region. He        Ginseng was being widely cultivated.
not necessarily better. Check the head        showed the roots to Chinese merchants,        However in 1904 a fungus attacked the
for notches. The more notches the             who were extremely excited at the             entire American Ginseng crop and virtually
better, because it indicates the root is      “discovery.” They taught him how they         wiped out the industry. It did not recover
older. Also, roots that appear to have had    wanted the roots prepared, and exporta-       for many years. And the fungus, along
a rougher life are often more potent. If      tion of American Ginseng to China com-        with mismanagement of the wild resource
there are any striations, it is a higher      menced in 1717.                               eliminated wild Ginseng from many of its
than average quality cultivated root.                                                       natural habitats throughout America. It
Cultivated American Ginseng almost            These earliest exports went to China the      took decades for the wild crop to recover
always comes carefully manicured, that is,    long way — via France or England. Com-        sufficiently to once again become the
without any rootlets or side roots. The       merce expanded rapidly, and by the            object of commerce.
root hairs have more ginsenosides than        1770’s a brisk trade was established.
the roots, so pick the root hairs up          There is a record of 55 tons being            By the 1980’s, American Ginseng had once
separately if they are available.             shipped to China out of Boston in 1773 on     again became a major export product, and
                                              a single ship. The first recorded direct      it is now the most valuable legal cash crop
There is another species of American          shipment to China took place out of New       in America. In 1989, 1800 tons of culti-
Ginseng that appears on the market,           York in 1784, on the Empress of China         vated American Ginseng was exported to
known as Pearl Ginseng, or Dwarf Ginseng.     with a cargo made up entirely of Ginseng,     China by the U.S. and Canada at a value of
Its official name is Panax trifolius. Pearl   which it subsequently exchanged for silk      over $75 million and over 150 tons of wild
Ginseng comes in a wide variety of            and tea. As the Northwest Territory was       ginseng was exported at a value of over
qualities depending on its source. Low        explored, Ginseng was found to be growing     $30 million.
grade Pearl Ginseng (which sells for          profusely. During the late 1700’s, records
around $20 per ounce) is very poor quality    indicate that about 70 tons per year of       In spite of the herbs name, “American”
and very low in ginsenosides. Higher          American Ginseng was shipped to China         Ginseng, Panax quinquefolium is now being
priced Pearl Ginseng (selling price around    out of New England, and much more was         widely grown in China. Since 1975, when it
$160 per ounce), on the other hand is         shipped out of New France (Canada). The       became popular in Hong Kong, and ulti-
superb and highly prized. The difference      trade apparently dried up for unknown         mately in mainland China, Panax
is in the source and the age. Pearl Ginseng   reasons during the first two decades of       quinquefolium has been grown in twenty of
must grow in a place where the winters        the 19th century, but picked up again         China’s provinces, and in particular in five
are very cold, and they must be at least      prior to the U.S. Civil War, and in 1858      northeastern regions. For example, one
eight years old to be worth the price.        over 180 tons was shipped to China.           Canadian variety of Panax quinquefolium
                                              Between 1820 and 1903, 17 million pounds      which the Chinese call Wu Long Ginseng,
History                                       of Ginseng was exported. The vast             has been successfully grown on a large
Panax Quinquefolium has been used by          majority of the Ginseng collected and         scale in the far northeast of China in
Native-Americans since prehistoric times.     cultivated in American continued to be        Heilongjiang province. China has currently
Numerous legends describe the use of          exported to China, where American             equaled the production scale and output
Ginseng in America. It was used by the        Ginseng had become highly coveted, in         of America and Canada combined. Most of
Seneca elders to give strength and as         many cases even more so than the Asian        this Chinese-grown American Ginseng is
medicine. Crow women used it to promote       species.                                      sold in the Chinese domestic market, in
a relatively painless and quick childbirth.                                                 Hong Kong and throughout Southeast
The Seminole used it to stop nosebleed,       Many people made large fortunes trading       Asia. Some of this Ginseng has entered
to treat shortness of breath and as a         in Ginseng. Even Daniel Boone was a           into the world market in various Chinese
aphrodisiac. The Penebscots, who ironi-       Ginseng trader. Records show that in the      products, where it is generally referred
cally called it “Man Root,” used it to        winter of 1787-88, Daniel Boone, his sons     to simply as Panax Ginseng. China has
increase the fertility of women. However,     and a number of employed hands spent          openly stated its policy and goal of
it was never as highly esteemed by            most of the winter camped out in the hills    becoming the world’s largest producer of
Native-Americans as it long since has         of western Virginia (now West Virginia)       Panax quinquefolium.
been by the people of Asia.                   and eastern Kentucky and collected nearly
                                              15 tons of wild Ginseng. However, the
American Ginseng was first observed by a      boat carrying the Ginseng to market
non-native American in 1716 who was           overturned and was ruined. The next year      Amolo
working among the Mohawks, a forest-          Boone repeated his collecting, but records    Amolo is a fruit that aids digestion. It is
dwelling tribe, north of Montreal when he     indicate that he had to sell his Ginseng at   very tart because it is extremely rich in
found the root growing in Canadian virgin     a low price because he had not prepared       vitamin C.
forest. He had recently read a report on      the Ginseng properly.
Asian Ginseng in China, which had opened                                                    Products Featuring This Herb:
up during the reign of Emperor Kang           The white settlers in America exploited       Amolo Tea
(1661-1722) An accomplished cartogra-         this incredible resource without con-
pher, drew for the emperor the first          sciousness or ecological caution, as they     Other Common Names
accurate map of Manchuria, or northern        did with so many resources during that        Amolo, Phyllanthus
China. While in the northern region, he       period, and by the end of the nineteenth
observed Ginseng growing and speculated       century the supply of wild American           Pharmaceutical Latin
Phyllanthus emblica, Fructus Phyllanthi,                                                     weight, and people have long felt that
                                              Atmospheric Energy                             consuming non-toxic varieties of ants can
Pinyin                                        neutral                                        increase physical and mental strength.
Yu Gan Zi                                                                                    Students in particular have made ant
                                              Organ Meridian Systems                         elixirs a virtual craze in cities like
Treasures                                     Kidney, Liver, Spleen and Heart                Shanghai , Hong Kong and Beijing. It is
                                                                                             commonly used by those who have become
Treasure Rating                               Part Used and Form                             fatigued or exhausted due to excess
                                              Whole dried ants                               workloads or other forms of stress,
Atmospheric Energy                                                                           including mental sources. Ant is noticeably
Warm                                          Primary Functions                              energizing when consumed for a short
                                              Promotes, maintains and prolongs life,         period of time and builds long-term
Taste                                         replenishes Qi, nourishes blood, increases     energy if used continuously for awhile.
Sour, sweet, pungent, bitter                  vitality, adaptogenic, regulates yin and
                                              yang, antiaging, enhances immunocompe-         Because of its long and short term energy
Organ Meridian Systems                        tence (bipolar immune regulation),             boosting quality, ant tonics are becoming
Liver, Stomach, Intestine, Lungs, Heart       improves sexual function and increases         popular as pre-workout elixirs in Hong
                                              virility and fertility, strengthens musculo-   Kong and Taiwan, where many adults visit
Primary Functions                             skeletal system, calms anxiety, promotes       health clubs regularly. Ant is an ideal
Rejuvenating and regenerative, antioxi-       sound sleep, improves digestion and            tonic for athletes, especially when
dant, anti-inflammatory. Stimulating to       assimilation                                   combined with Ginseng, Acanthopanax and
the brain, the liver and metabolism.                                                         other similar tonics.
Immune restorative.                           Qualities
                                              Ant tonics are widely consumed in Asia to      Ant has a big reputation in Asia for
Scientific Data                               promote strength, sexual vigor and as a        increasing libido and virility. Both men and
Research indicates that Phyllanthus           powerful antiaging agent. Over 70 years        women claim that after using ant for even
contains approximately 30% vitamin C          of research has proven that ants are           a short time that their interest in sex
(approximately 3000 mg. per fruit) and        highly nutritious and have powerful            increases significantly and that their
480 units of SOD per gram. Amolo has          medicinal effects. As a matter of fact,        sexual performance improves in numerous
been shown to enhance production and          ant is considered a premium adaptogenic        ways. This reputation has contributed to
secretion of interferon and corticoster-      substance in the same ranks as Ginseng,        the explosion of ant products available in
oids. Increases blood cell count and          Acanthopanax, Schizandra, Cordyceps,           the Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Southeast
regulates blood sugar.                        Astragalus, Ganoderma and Gynostemma,          Asian and Japanese markets.
The thermostability of the vitamin C in       the superstars of Chinese tonic herbal-
Amolo is very important. The thermosta-       ism.                                           As a result of modern technology and
bility of the vitamin is due to the way the                                                  vastly improved manufacturing capabili-
vitamin is bound up with certain tannins      Polyrachis is widely used to boost the         ties previously not possible, ant is now
that make it nearly impervious to dissolu-    immune system, or to maintain already          being widely used in Asia for the first
tion after drying, aging or subjection to     strong immune functions. It has been           time. There has been a genuine explosion
heat.                                         established to have double-direction           of interest in ant tonic products now that
                                              benefits on the immune system, so it is        it is, for the first time, not a product
Primary Combinations                          used by anyone with any immune disorder        reserved just for emperors, rich nobles
Alone for obesity. Terminalia for diar-       to regulate immune functions.                  and their wives and families.
rhea. Schizandra for bronchitis.

Ant                                           Polyrachis is widely believed to prevent       Scientific Data
Products Featuring This Herb:                 common symptoms associated with aging,         Ants are extremely rich in nutrients,
Chinese Mountain Ant Extract                  such as lumbago, memory loss, joint            including significant amounts of vitamins
Ant Essence Formula                           problems, fatigue, climacteric symptoms,       B1, B2, B12, D and E. Ant contains more
                                              cardiovascular disease, etc. Ant strength-     than 42% protein and provide 8 essential
Other Common Names                            ens the entire Kidney system, including        amino acids. It contains enzymes and
black ant or red ant                          the sexual functions, skeletal structures      other active substances. The ATP in ants
                                              and renal system. It also strengthens the      can provide energy directly to the human
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       nervous system, digestive functions,           body. Ants are rich in more than 20 trace
Tonic Herbs                                   detoxification functions and muscular          elements such as magnesium, calcium,
210                                           system. Therefore ant products have            phosphorus, iron, selenium, and especially
                                              become extremely popular with middle           zinc.
Pharmaceutical Latin                          aged and elderly consumers in Asia. Ants
Polyrachis                                    are being called the “forever young”           Polyrachis is extremely rich in zinc. The
                                              nutritional supplement.                        zinc content of Polyrachis is the highest
Pinyin                                                                                       among all known living organisms. Every
ma yi                                         Young people in China seem to be major         gram of dried ants contains 180 mg. of
                                              advocates of ant as well. Young men and        zinc. This undoubtedly explains part of
Treasures                                     women use it to increase energy on a           ant’s strong beneficial influence on
Jing, Qi and Spirit                           daily, as well as long-term basis. Both        sexuality, as zinc is a critical element in
                                              physical and mental energy seems to be         the human sexual function. In Japan, Zinc
Treasure Rating                               supplemented by consuming ant. Ants can        has been called “harmony element”
*****                                         carry a load of 100 times there own            because it creates harmony between
couples — it is a powerful sex-improving       tion of the lymphocytes. Ants increase        ranges such as the Himalayas in southern
element. These chemicals seem to have an       the amount of active immune cells.            China and Tibet, or the Changbai Moun-
influence on the way that zinc is utilized.    Extensive research now verifies that ant      tains in northeastern China are consid-
Studies have shown that regular use of         has a bipolar immune function.                ered the finest and most potent. Most of
ant tonics can prevent and treat disor-                                                      the tonic ants are large ants.
ders associated with zinc deficiency,          Ant can increase the amount of DNA and
including senile cataract, night blindness,    RNA inside of human cells. This is be-        A primary concern in using ant as a tonic
incontinence, and sexual dysfunction,          lieved to slow down aging and to aid in the   supplement is that the ants or ant
including impotence, spermatorrhea and         regeneration, and even rejuvenation of        product is from a reputable company that
premature ejaculation in men and menor-        tissue.                                       specializes in ant tonic preparation. The
rhagia, frigidity and climacteric symptoms                                                   ants must be collected from, or raised in,
in women.                                      A unique set of aldehyde compounds            a pure, pristine environment. Certainly,
                                               found in all edible species of Polyrachis     using ants that have been exposed to Raid
Ant has a bipolar (double-direction)           has been demonstrated to have a stronger      is not a good idea. In other words, it is
immuno-regulatory activity. It thus            tonic action than ginseng, and it has thus    not a good idea to try collecting your own
fortifies a weakened immune system and         far been impossible to synthesize this        from the basement or back yard. The ants
modifies an overactive immune system.          chemical. These aldehydes compounds           used in Chinese tonic supplements are
Ant can have a very beneficial effect on       include geranicaldehyde (C10H16O) and         raised in sealed ant farms and are
auto immune disorders such as osteoar-         formalindehyde (HCHO, C10H14O). It is         absolutely chemical free. Ant is rare in
thritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gouty           believed to be a result of these and          raw form in the United States, but is
arthritis, anklyozing spondylitis, sclero-     several similar aldehydes, as well as some    extremely valuable if you can obtain it. It
derma, psoriasis, and some studies             other chemicals in ant, that give ants        should be light in weight, dark and
indicate significant tumor reducing            their enormous physical strength — and        consistent in color, and fluffy, with no
effects when ant is consumed in thera-         ultimately give the consumers of ant the      obvious impurities, degradation or
peutic dosages. Ant has been used              well-established increase in strength.        discoloration. Most sources of ant as a
clinically for the following disorders in                                                    tonic supplement will be ant products
China and other Asian nations: rheumatoid      Polyrachis is not a source of hormones and    made by a number of ant specialty houses
and other forms of arthritis, sciatic          are absolutely free of synthetic chemi-       out of China. Ant tonics come in both
neuralgia, hepatitis B, neurosis, insomnia,    cals.                                         capsules and oral liquid elixirs. At this
diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, asthma,                                                     writing all the ant products I have tested
dermatomyositis, tumor, hypertension,          Some facts about ants: Ants can lift up to    have been excellent and have met my
and more.                                      400 times their own weight and pull up to     every expectation. The ant industry is
                                               1700 times their own weight, making them      extremely heavily regulated in China and
Polyrachis vicina, Polyrachis lamellidns and   the world champions in terms of strength.     there is no indication that less than
other species of nutritional ant have been     Ant contains 8-13 times the protein of        quality ant products are now being
demonstrated to have liver protective          milk, chicken, duck, beef, mutton and fish.   produced in mainland China.
activity by lowering the activity of 0, a
liver enzyme (detail). It can also, to a       Primary Combinations                          Contraindications
certain degree, prevent liver cells from       Ant may be consumed by itself or may be       Polyrachis vicina is non-toxic and without
turning into fat. Polyrachis has been          combined with other herbs. Combine with:      clinically significant side-effect.
demonstrated to be very useful in the
treatment of both acute and chronic            1. Ginseng Root and Astragalus to build Qi    However, minor side effects are some-
hepatitis B. Recent research indicates                                                       times noticed by users who are extremely
that hepatitis B, both chronic and acute,      2. Astragalus and Ganoderma to fortify        allergic or debilitated, in which case there
is due to immune deficiency and that the       the defensive Qi                              may be minor abdominal distention,
hepatitis virus is itself opportunistic.                                                     diarrhea, skin rash, etc. after initial use.
Therefore, strengthening the immune            3. Dang Gui, White Peony and Rehmannia        Experts in China recommend that if this
system as a whole is essential and invalu-     (steamed) to build blood, regulate and        occurs, you should stop taking ant for 1 or
able in treating hepatitis B. Ant serves       fortify the female reproductive system        2 days, and start taking it again after the
this role very effectively because of its                                                    symptoms subside. Take a lower dose for
dual role as an immune tonic and a liver       4. Deer Antler, Cordyceps and Placenta to     a few days and then increase to a full
protector.                                     tonify the original Qi and to fortify the     dosage. In almost all cases, the reaction
                                               Kidney yin and yang                           will not repeat itself.
Polyrachis also has anxiolytic, anti-cough,
analgesic, anti-spasmotic, anti-asthmatic,     5. Silk moth, Gejie, Sea Dragon, Sea          Those who have taken hormone type drugs
anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-       Horse, Morinda, Cuscuta, Epimedium, etc.      (steroidal compounds such as birth
fungal, anti-oncologic and anti-arthritic      to tonify male sexual functions               control pills, cortisone, anabolic steroids,
functions in studies done throughout Asia.                                                   etc.) for a prolonged period of time will
                                               Varieties and Grading                         not experience the overt benefits of ant
Recent research demonstrated that              Several varieties of ants are used in         for a period of from 1 to 3 months,
Polyrachis can promote the growth, and         Chinese tonic herbalism, all with virtually   although the ant will be helping the body
prevent the shrinkage, of the thymus           the same attributes. These different          to reestablish its healthy hormone
gland, which generally shrinks as one          varieties come from different regions in      balance during this period. Do not with-
grows older. The thymus is one of the          China. Each region claims that its ants are   draw yourself from steroids abruptly and
important immune system organs of the          superior. Both black ants (primarily from     without the supervision of a physician.
body. Ants can stimulate the production        southern and central China) and red ants
of lymphocytes when the body is under          (primarily from northeastern China) are       Ant is considered to be very safe and, in
microbial attack, and can improve replica-     used. Ants from high, pristine mountain       Asia, large quantities are often consumed
by those seeking extra benefit. Always        Lungs and Nourish the Kidney.                  benefits for the skin. Prolonged consump-
consume extra water immediately after                                                        tion will make the skin soft, supple and
consuming ant.                                Qualities                                      smooth. In the art of radiant health, this
                                              Use of wild Asparagus root is said to lead     kind of skin is a sure sign of attainment.
History                                       to a happy, mild manner, excellent vitality    Beautiful skin is the result of pure blood
Ant has been widely used and very highly      and beautiful skin. It is said to strike a     and healthy lungs. Asparagus root is
regarded in China as a tonic for over         balance into the internal functions of the     useful for those who are experiencing dry
3000 years. Ant has been referred to in a     body.                                          skin due to a dry environment or due to
number of famous Chinese medicinal                                                           internal dryness. Asparagus root is
classics, including Li Shi Chen’s Ben Cao     Wild Asparagus root is highly revered by       matched by only a couple of other herbs
Gang Mu, where the great master praised       Taoists who use the tonic herbs to help        in its skin improving ability.
ants as a superior tonic with excellent       them on their paths to radiant health and
curative powers. It has been universally      to spiritual awareness. It has many            Since the Chinese say that “wisdom comes
touted as a superb Liver and Kidney tonic     attributes that make it one of the             from the lungs,” it is clear to see why
of the highest order. Its name, which it      greatest health promoting herbs.               Taoists believe that wild Asparagus root
received in ancient times, means “black                                                      aids in the development of wisdom. The
horse.” Imperial records indicate that        It has long been one of the most highly        Lung function, as it affects our psyche,
numerous emperors and other noblemen          prized Spirit tonic herbs consumed by the      allows a person to extract the truth and
have consumed ant tonics to promote           holy men living in the various mountainous     wisdom out of life’s experiences. It also
sexuality and to increase longevity. Ant      regions of China and Korea. Wild Aspara-       allows us to let go of that which is useless
has been historically considered a supe-      gus is said to open up the Heart Center,       and of no lasting value. Throughout life,
rior herb of the highest order. In fact, it   allowing Spirit to flourish, manifesting as    we have experiences that are full of
has been said that “Ginseng may be the        feelings of love, good will, patience and      lessons. When the Lung power is strong,
King of Herbs, but Ant is the Herb of         peace of mind. Regular consumption of          we can pass through these experiences
Kings!”.                                      good quality Asparagus root seems to lift      and then let them go. But the greatness
                                              a person’s spirits in a way that is consis-    of the experience is in the wisdom we
                                              tent with the Taoist philosophy of             gain. This is the nature of growth and
Asparagus Root                                attaining happiness. If you take it for        attainment. Whether an experience is
Products Featuring This Herb:                 some time, you tend to see things from a       good or bad in the short run, what is more
Supreme Spirit Drops                          broader view, indeed almost an unlimited       important is what we gain on the wisdom
Yin Replenisher                               view. Taoists mention that by consuming        plane as we proceed. In this way our life
Essence Restorative                           wild Asparagus root a person gains the         becomes great. Wild Asparagus is re-
Super Essence Restorative                     ability to fly. This flying is really the      spected at a level unsurpassed by any
Golden Air                                    ability to rise above things that are          other herb in aiding this ability to let go
Will Power                                    limited and mundane, even if they seem         of the dross of life, emotional waste, and
Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination              very important at the moment. From             in allowing us to expand our view of life
Platycodon and Fritillary                     above, we see things in their true light,      with each passing day.
                                              having ups and downs, and unifying the
Other Common Names                            notions of good and bad, right and wrong,      Wild Asparagus root promotes the
Asparagus Root                                which are always only relative and ephem-      production of Kidney Yin, and prolonged
                                              eral. The Spirit quality of wild Asparagus     use is beneficial for sexual weakness.
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       root effects the Heart of a man or             Even though its greatest value is in its
Tonic Herbs                                   woman. This spiritual ability to “fly” is in   “love tonic” attributes, wild Asparagus
154                                           fact the freedom of spirit one experi-         root is often used in tonics designed to
                                              ences when one has attained harmony with       overcome impotence or frigidity on the
Pharmaceutical Latin                          Tao and is guided by universal love. Those     physical level. Wild Asparagus root has
Asparagi Radix /Tuber                         who are seeking spiritual attainment           slight diuretic action and removes heat
                                              should consume good wild Asparagus             and pains in the feet, chest and neck.
Pinyin                                        whenever it is available.
Tian Men Dong                                                                                Taoists emphasize that wild Asparagus
                                              Wild Asparagus root is also an important       root will strike a balance in the internal
Treasures                                     Lung tonic. In common Chinese herbalism,       functions of the body. It is said that one
Yin Jing, Qi and Spirit                       this is the quality most often referred to     who consumes wild Asparagus root for a
                                              when discussing this herb. Asparagus root      long time will feel so light that they can
Treasure Rating                               moistens and purifies the lungs, aiding in     fly. This not only refers to the spiritual
*****                                         our breathing, removing toxins from the        qualities of this amazing herb, but also to
                                              respiratory tract and improving all            the energy and natural buoyancy it
Atmospheric Energy                            respiratory functions. It increases the        provides.
Cold                                          lung’s ability to extract Qi from the air
                                              we breath. Asparagus root is especially        Scientific Data
Taste                                         useful for those who are exposed to            Asparagus root has been found to induce
Sweet and Bitter                              smoke, to dry or smoggy air or who             interferon production in human beings.
                                              otherwise are experiencing dryness of
Organ Meridian Systems                        the lungs and upper respiratory passages.      Preparation and Utilization
Lung, Kidney and Heart                                                                       Eat one or two wild Asparagus roots each
                                              The skin is traditionally considered to be     day, raw. Eat it slowly — almost let it melt
Primary Functions                             a part of the Lung function, and sure          in your mouth. Chew well and breathe
Nourish Yin and Clear Heat. Moisten the       enough wild Asparagus root has wonderful       deeply. Or cook it with your choice of
tonic herbs.                                                                                 have extracted Qi from the air we are
                                               Other Common Names                            breathing, and after the Stomach and
Primary Combinations                           Astragalus                                    Spleen have extracted Qi from the food
Wild Asparagus root may be eaten raw.                                                        we have eaten. The air and food energies
Otherwise it is generally used in combina-     Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       are united in the Lungs to generate the
tion with other tonic herbs. Combine with:     Tonic Herbs                                   “essential energy.”
1. American Ginseng and Ophiopogon to                                                        Ying and Wei are the two components of
tonify the Lung and Heart Yin and              Pharmaceutical Latin                          the essential energy. Wei Qi circulates in
generate fluids                                Astragali, Radix                              the subcutaneous tissues providing
                                                                                             suppleness to the flesh and adaptive
2. Lycium and/or Rehmannia (steamed) to        Pinyin                                        energy to the skin. This function is
tonify blood and Kidney yin                    Huang Qi                                      considered essential to life to Asian
                                                                                             health practitioners. It is believed that
3. Anemarrhena, Raw Rehmannia and              Treasures                                     this adaptive energy at the surface of the
Philodendron to relieve false fire in the      Qi and Blood                                  body is our first line of defense against
upper Warmer                                                                                 the offensive forces of nature.. It is the
                                               Treasure Rating                               Wei Qi which provides the energy of the
4. Ganoderma, Pearl and Polygonum stem         *****                                         flesh to perspire, produce goose bumps or
to nurture Spirit                                                                            to shiver. The Wei Qi controls the
                                               Atmospheric Energy                            opening and closing of the pores. If Wei
Varieties and Grading                          Slightly Warm                                 Qi is deficient, exhausted or blocked,
Wild Asparagus is collected in the                                                           environmental forces such as heat, cold,
mountains of Northern China and Korea.         Organ Meridian Systems                        dampness and wind (the so-called “vicious
After collecting it, the roots are cleaned     Spleen, Lungs and Three Burning Spaces        energies”) can easily penetrate through
and dried. However, they generally remain                                                    the flesh and injure the tissues lying
moist, in fact, gummy. Good quality            Primary Functions                             below, including the blood and inner
Asparagus root is soft, chewy, pleasant        Tonify Qi, regulate immune functions,         organs. If the Wei Qi is sufficient, strong
tasting and mildly sweet. Although wild        strengthen resistance, build blood,           and unblocked, the body’s resistance is
Asparagus root is readily available in         strengthen “upright Qi,”                      formidable and one can easily adapt to
almost all Chinese herb shops, really good                                                   difficult environmental conditions.
wild Asparagus root is quite rare. Most        Qualities                                     Astragalus, by tonifying the Lungs, helps
wild Asparagus root is yellow, and this is     Astragalus ranks as one of the most           the body generate an abundance of free
excellent, so long as it is clean, moist and   potent health tonics in the world. For        flowing Wei Qi, thus fortifying the
sweet. Connoisseurs tend to buy up entire      over two thousand years, it has been one      defense energy of the body. Consistent
batches of the really good stuff quickly.      of the most popular tonic herbs used in       consumption of Astragalus is thus used to
But occasionally you can find red wild         the Orient, and remains so.                   protect the body and has traditionally
Asparagus root. This is a treasure — it is     Astragalus is said to strengthen the          been called “the Great Protector.”
the herb that the Taoists call “the flying     primary energy of the body and to tonify
herb.” Buy as much as you can when you         the three burning spaces, or in other         Astragalus helps regulate several other
see it, because it probably won’t be there     words, to strengthen all metabolic,           important functions. It is used as a blood
when you go back to the herb shop again.       respiratory and eliminative functions. As     tonic and is quite effective when com-
                                               an energizer, Astragalus is famed for its     bined with primary blood tonic herbs such
Contraindications                              strengthening effects on the outside of       as Dang Gui, San Qi, Polygonum, etc.
Do not use this herb if you do not want to     the body, in particular to the musculature.   Astragalus helps to regulate fluid me-
have flying dreams. Do not use this herb       It is therefore beneficial in particular to   tabolism, and those who consume it
if you don’t want to become wise.              younger adults, who tend to be physically     regularly are said to rarely suffer from
                                               active and require external abundant          fluid retention and bloating. Combined
Astragalus Root                                external energy. In China, Astragalus is      with Licorice root, Astragalus helps
Products Featuring This Herb:                  sometimes considered superior to Ginseng      regulate blood sugar levels.
Super Yang Jing Drops                          as an energizer for younger people.
Supreme Protector                              Astragalus is used to strengthen the legs     An important effect of Astragalus is in
                                               and arms, and is commonly used by people      its ability to fortify the “Upright Qi.”
Essence Restorative                            who work outdoors, especially in the cold,    Upright Qi is the energy allocated by the
Super Essence Restorative                      because of its strengthening and warming      body to maintain upright posture and to
Strength Builder                               nature.                                       maintain the position of the organs in
Golden Air                                                                                   their healthy position in their battle with
Profound Essence                               Astragalus is said to have another effect     gravity. As one gets older, or if one
Tao in a Bottle                                on the “surface” of the body — that is, it    experiences chronic fatigue or exhaus-
Will Power                                     is used to tonify the “protective Qi,”        tion, or during illness, this Upright Qi is
Super Adaptogen                                known as Wei Qi in Chinese. Wei Qi is a       easily depleted resulting in the sinking, or
Immunity Booster Formula                       yang energy and is the yang counterpart       “prolapse,” of organs. This can happen
Cardiovascular Protector                       to the yin (nutritional) energy flowing       almost anywhere in the body, but it is
Ginseng and Astragalus Combination             through the meridian system, nourishing       common in the abdominal and pelvic
Ten Complete Supertonic Combination            our tissues and organs. This nutritional      cavities where organs tend to sink.
Ginseng and Longan Combination                 energy flowing in the meridians in known      Astragalus provides an abundance of this
Ginseng Nutritive Combination                  as Ying Qi. Both Wei Qi and Ying Qi are       Upright Qi. Thus Astragalus is used for
Astragalus                                     generated in the Lungs after the Lungs        such conditions as hernias and prolapse of
the uterus and stomach, as well as the         Astragalus is often used with Ganoderma,        herbs were studied to determine their
inability to stand straight due to fatigue.    Siberian Ginseng, Cordyceps and/or              effect on sperm motility. Only Astragalus
                                               Gynostemma in this fu zheng therapy.            proved to stimulate this activity.
Astragalus enhances the function of the
skin to eliminate toxins. It is commonly       Astragalus extracts have been demon-            Astragalus is rich in zinc and selenium.
used to help sores in the skin to come to a    strated to have significant hematopoietic       They form components of molecules which
head and suppurate, and thus to heal more      (red blood cell-building) activity.             have shown powerful anti-cancer activity.
quickly and effectively. Astragalus is used                                                    They are also responsible for Astragalus’s
by Chinese doctors to help slow-healing        The primary active constituents of              ability to treat osteoarthritis deforms.
sores and wounds heal more quickly. All        Astragalus, the triterpene glycosides, are      Astragalus is used clinically to treat
this activity is related to the Wei Qi         saponins similar to the saponins in Ginseng     cancer and osteoarthritis in China.
which is circulating in the skin, which also   and Gynostemma, though all of the
improves blood circulation according to        Astragalus saponins (triterpene glyco-          Astragalus has been found to induce the
the rule of “Qi leads Blood.”                  sides) have their own chemical identities.      production in human beings of both b and
                                               There are over 30 such saponins in              g-interferon.
Astragalus has a mild diuretic action and      Astragalus membranaceus, for example,
helps to relieve excessive sweating. It is     of which many are unique to that species.       Preparation and Utilization
helpful in treating loose stools, chronic      The “total Astragaloside” fraction of           Astragalus may be added to almost any
diarrhea and chronic or recurring colds.       Astragalus is an extremely potent health        tonic formulation designed to strengthen
If a cold lasts too long it can cause a        agent. Studies have demonstrated that           the entire body. It is superb for young or
general fatigue syndrome that can itself       the total Astragaloside fraction, known by      old people, male or female. It can be the
become chronic. Astragalus is very useful      its trademarked name of TA-70, has a            main ingredient or a secondary ingredient.
for people who just can’t seem to shake a      bipolar, biphasic, double direction activity.   My recommendation here is to consume
cold, and Astragalus can replace the Qi        It is an extremely potent immune modula-        Astragalus every day, to some degree or
necessary to regain full strength. In          tor, capable of building the immune             another.
China, there are patent medicines consist-     response while suppressing excessive
ing solely or primarily of Astragalus which    immune activity, as occurs in auto immune       Primary Combinations
are targeted specifically at treating low      conditions (including allergies and arthri-     Combine with:
grade chronic colds.                           tis). In addition, the total Astragaloside
                                               fraction has an extremely potent antioxi-       1. Ginseng Root and Licorice Root to
Scientific Data                                dant activity, hundreds of times stronger       tonify the primal Qi
Astragalus, like many of the major tonic       than vitamin E, and stronger than that of
herbs, has a very complex constituent          grape seed extract, Ginkgo biloba and           2. Dang Gui to tonify blood and to improve
profile. Primarily, the active constituents    pine bark extract. New extraction               blood circulation at the surface of the
of Astragalus consist of triterpene            technology allows this total Astragaloside      body
glycosides, polysaccharides and fla-           fraction to be extracted. The new high
vonoids. Astragalus also contains numer-       potency Astragalus extract known as TA-         3. Cinnamon to fortify the flesh, prevent
ous amino acids, trace elements and            70 is without doubt among the most              excessive sweating and beautify the skin
various other components.                      potent health tonics in the world today.
                                                                                               4. Dang Gui and Licorice Root strengthen
Astragalus extracts have been proven to        The polysaccharides found in Astragalus         menstrual functions, relieve menstrual
have potent immunomodulating effects in        are also extremely potent immune                and other lower abdominal pain
both animals and humans. Water extracts        enhancers. However, these polysaccha-
of Astragalus significantly enhance            rides have been shown to be poorly              5. Schizandra and Ophiopogon to tonify
macrophage activity and reduce the             absorbed in the intestines and therefore        the Lung Qi and yin
activity of suppressor T-cells. The herbal     have a low bioavailability. Pharmacological
extract significantly increases natural        studies have shown that injected polysac-       6. Ganoderma to tonify the Lungs, Spleen,
killer cell cytotoxicity. It significantly     charides and injected Astragalus glyco-         Heart and Liver and to protect the body
helps antibody response and increases T-       sides have approximately equivalent             from invasion — this is the premier
helper cell activity. Studies conducted at     potency relating to the immune system.          protection entity in Chinese herbalism
the M.D. Anderson Cancer Research              However, the glycoside component is five
Center at the University of Houston, the       times more potent than the polysaccha-          Varieties and Grading
world’s largest cancer research institute,     rides when consumed orally.                     Astragalus is one of the premium Chinese
demonstrated clearly that Astragalus                                                           tonic herbs that has been a staple of
improves the immune response in humans         Both polysaccharide and saponin fractions       traditional Chinese herbalism for three
undergoing radiation and chemotherapy as       have shown liver protective action.             thousand years. Thus many varieties are
a treatment for cancer. The FDA,               However, the liver protective action of         available at any Chinese herb shop,
however, has not approved the use of           the saponin fraction is more powerful due       ranging in quality and price from very
Astragalus for this purpose, although it is    to higher bioavailability.                      inexpensive to relatively expensive. Prices
approved for exactly that purpose in many                                                      range from a few dollars per pound up to
other countries. It tends to protect the       Astragalus contains GABA (g-                    around $60 a pound for the best sliced
white cells from leucopenia (destruction       aminobutyric acid) and has been shown to        Astragalus. The Astragalus we get in
of white blood cells due to the chemo-         have a corresponding hypotensive effect         America has been sliced and pressed,
therapy or radiation) and maintains the        as a direct result of that component.           which makes it appear bigger than it
healthy activity of these immune cells.                                                        actually was in the ground, and also makes
Patients taking Astragalus during such         An interesting new area of research on          it easier to cook or otherwise extract.
treatment tend to have far fewer side          Astragalus concerns its potential as a
effects and to recover at a higher rate.       male fertility agent. Seventy Chinese           If you compare the best Astragalus with
the low end material, it is easy to note a
fineness to the quality of the better root     Treasure Rating                               Part Used and Form
slices. Slices that are supple and pliable                                                   Thick slices of the sun dried rhizome
are more desirable than dry, brittle           Atmospheric Energy
slices. It usually indicates that the herb     Warm                                          Primary Functions
is fresher and was more carefully pre-                                                       Qi tonic. Aids digestion. Invigorates the
pared. High quality Astragalus has an          Organ Meridian Systems                        Yang.
inner core which is distinctly earthy-         Liver, Kidney
yellow. Lesser grades are characterized                                                      Qualities
by a non-distinct whitish-beige core and       Primary Functions                             Atractylodes is one of the most important
rough texture. However, some unscrupu-         Astringe Jing                                 and commonly used herbs used in Chinese
lous suppliers actually dye this inside core                                                 tonic herbalism. It is found in the major-
yellow. The yellow core is essential, but      Qualities                                     ity of formulations that are designed to
make sure it is natural (it won’t turn a wet   Astragalus seed is used in Chinese            build Qi. Though the herb is not rare and
tissue Ritz yellow).                           herbalism to astringe Jing. In other          therefore is not expensive, it is highly
                                               words, it prevents the leaking out of vital   regarded.
Good quality Astragalus has a sweet            essence. It is considered to be a longevity
flavor that is pleasant when cooked in tea.    herb.                                         White Atractylodes is a powerful Qi
Lower grade Astragalus is bland or                                                           tonic, almost in the same category of
tasteless, and has a starchy taste.            Atractylodes, White                           importance with other Qi tonics such as
                                               Atractylodes is an important and great        Astragalus and Codonopsis. In some ways,
My recommendation: buy middle or high          energy (Qi) tonic which is famous for         it may be more powerful even than
priced Astragalus. Herb shops don’t sell       regulating the digestive functions and as a   Ginseng as an energy tonic. Many people
the poor quality stuff for high prices         powerful energy booster. This tonic           find that Atractylodes provides more
because too many people are experts in         variety of Atractylodes is known as           energy more quickly than Panax Ginseng.
Astragalus. At least buy a middle grade,       “White Atractylodes.” It is widely used in    The point is somewhat moot however,
and preferably buy the best — you’ll           China by athletes and martial artists, and    since the two herbs are almost always
notice the difference.                         in weight control programs. It has a mild     used together. While rapidly and effec-
                                               diuretic action. Atractylodes may be used     tively building Qi, White Atractylodes
Contraindications                              by anyone wishing to increase vitality.       also invigorates the Yang energy of the
Being in the legume family, it tends to                                                      body, providing power and strength to the
produce flatulence in those who are prone      Products Featuring This Herb:                 body. In particular, it invigorates the
to this distressing symptom when they          Profound Essence                              Yang energy of the Spleen so that
eat legumes such as peas. If this is the       Super Adaptogen                               digestion is more efficient.
case, use less and try adding herbs like       Frame Builder
cardamom to the tea. It should not be          Ginseng and Astragalus Combination            It is widely used to strengthen digestion
used during the acute phase of the flu.        Ten Complete Supertonic Combination           and assimilation and to move moisture
There are no known side effects associ-        Ginseng and Longan Combination                through the body. It is capable of
ated with TA-70, the high technology           Ginseng Nutritive Combination                 regulating the appetite by increasing the
standardized Astragalus extract.               Poria Five Combination                        appetite of those who are weak and by
                                               Bupleurum and Peony Combination               reducing appetite in those who overzeal-
History                                                                                      ous. In either case, White Atractylodes
Astragalus has been used in China as a         Other Common Names                            will help improve digestive efficiency.
tonic herb since deep antiquity. It was        Atractylodes, White                           Hard physical activity performed while
described as a superior herb in the Spirit     Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       consuming White Atractylodes will result
Farmer’s Materia Medica, where it was          Tonic Herbs                                   in muscle growth. It has a reputation as
described as an herb which prolonged the       197                                           one of the primary herbs to be used by
years of life without aging.” Since that                                                     athletes to build powerful muscle and to
time, Astragalus has been one of the most      Pharmaceutical Latin                          provide endurance. This is perhaps in most
popular and highly respected tonic herbs,      Atractylodis Macrocephalae, Rhizoma           popular usage in this era of tonic herbal-
in the class of Ginseng and Ganoderma,                                                       ism. In addition, White Atractylodes,
though more commonly available.                Pinyin                                        because of its Yang invigorating quality,
                                               Bai Shu                                       can be used for weak sexual drive and is
Astragalus Seed                                                                              sometimes used with Yang tonics for this
Products Featuring This Herb:                  Treasures                                     purpose..
Microcosmic Orbit                              Qi
Eagle Vision                                                                                 People with weak digestive systems will
                                               Treasure Rating                               generally benefit greatly, and quickly,
Other Common Names                             ****                                          from this herb. It will be useful for
Astragalus seed                                                                              people who tend to experience diarrhea,
                                               Atmospheric Energy                            bloating, abdominal pain, vomiting and
Pharmaceutical Latin                           Warm                                          fatigue, especially during the summer or
Astragali, Semen                                                                             in hot climates. It is commonly used in
                                               Taste                                         formulas for edema, phlegm retention and
Pinyin                                         Bitter, Sweet and Pungent                     vertigo as well, all of which are associated
Sha Yuan Ji Li                                                                               with poor fluid movement in the body, a
                                               Organ Meridian Systems                        condition that White Atractylodes will
Treasures                                      Spleen and Stomach                            help rectify.
                                             1. Ginseng Root, Codonopsis, Licorice Root    Chinese tonic herbalism as a component in
White Atractylodes is one of the herbs       and Astragalus to tonify the Spleen, build    Spirit tonic formulations. It is calming
widely consumed in China by pregnant         Qi                                            and sedative. It can be used to help allay
women in order to protect the fetus and                                                    fear, anxiety and insomnia. When com-
to strengthen the mother. It is especially   2. Ginseng and Poria to tonify the Spleen’s   bined with Zizyphus, Schizandra and
useful for women who are low in Qi and       water transformation and transportation       Poria, Biota is believed to be nourishing to
thus experience fatigue, digestive           activities                                    the heart. Because of the oily nature of
problems and anemia.                                                                       the herb, it can help with constipation.
                                             3. Ginseng Root and Dried Ginger for cold
The herb has been shown to be effective      Stomach manifesting as indigestion            Primary Combinations
for constipation after childbirth or                                                       Combine with:
gynecological operation when combined        Varieties and Grading
with Prepared Rehmannia in a 2:1 ratio.      There is just a small range of quality in     1. Zizyphus Seed, Albizia Bark, Spirit
                                             White Atractylodes. Large, clean, light       Poria, Polygonum Stem, Dragon Bone and
White Atractylodes can help relieve          colored slices rich in aroma are best. Be     Oyster Shell to stabilize Spirit and treat
excessive fetal movement. In case of         sure not to get White Atractylodes            insomnia caused by anxiety
weakness due to Qi or blood deficiency, it   confused with Red Atractylodes, which
can be combined with Ginseng and/or          usually is smaller the White Atractylodes     Varieties and Grading
Eucommia bark. In case of heat syndrome,     and is a brick red-brownish color. Red        The kernels should be clean, light colored
it should be combined with Scutellaria. In   Atractylodes (Atractylodes lancea) does       and oily. Be sure that they are fresh and
the case of cold syndrome, it should be      not have the tonic action of White            not rancid (because of their oily, nutri-
combined with Artemisia                      Atractylodes. Red Atractylodes is a           tious nature, they can easily spoil).
                                             powerful diuretic used widely in medicinal
Scientific Data                              Chinese herbalism.                            Contraindications
A wide range of pharmacological studies                                                    Do not used excessively if experiencing
have been conducted to determine the         Contraindications                             loose stool. However, this herb is usually
tonic action of Atractylodes macrocephala    Do not use excessively if dehydrated.         used in small quantities in combination
and Atractylodes ovata. Atractylodes                                                       with other herbs.
increased the body weight and swimming
endurance of mice. The herb increases        Biota Seed
the phagocytic function of the reticuloen-   Products Featuring This Herb:                 Bird’s Nest
dothelial system. It increases leukocytes    Lights Out                                    Bird’s Nest is a Yin tonic. It promotes
in patients with leukopenia. Atractylodes    Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination              beautiful skin, shiny hair and radiant eyes.
macrocephala increases the lymphocyte
transformation and rosette formation         Other Common Names                            Products Featuring This Herb:
rates, promoting cellular immunity and       Biota
markedly increases serum IgG. These                                                        Other Common Names
results taken together support the           Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       Bird’s Nest
traditional classification of Atractylodes   Tonic Herbs
macrocephala rhizome as a Spleen tonic       201                                           Pinyin
which fortifies Qi, strengthening the                                                      yan wo
body constitution and increasing the         Pharmaceutical Latin
resistance to disease.                       Semen Biotae Orientalis

Pharmacological and human clinical studies
                                                                                           Black Sesame Seed
                                             Pinyin                                        Products Featuring This Herb:
have shown that the herb has a diuretic      Bai Zi Ren
action in patients with edema, but has                                                     Small Volcano
little or no diuretic action in normal                                                     Daily Regulator
subjects. It has been shown to have mild     Spirit
hypoglycemic and liver protective action                                                   Other Common Names
in pharmacological studies.                                                                Sesame
                                             Treasure Rating
                                             ***1/2                                        Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
It has been shown to have no effect on
the central nervous system, a character-                                                   Tonic Herbs
                                             Atmospheric Energy                            303
istic which distinguishes the tonic herb     Neutral
from its relative Atractylodes lancea (Red
Atractylodes). Red Atractylodes is                                                         Pharmaceutical Latin
                                             Organ Meridian Systems                        Semen Sesami Indici
commonly used in Chinese herbalism as a      Heart, Kidney and Large Intestine
potent diuretic, but not as a tonic herb.
                                             Part Used and Form                            Hei Zhi Ma
White Atractylodes has been found to         Ripe kernel of the Arborvitae tree
induce the production in human beings of
a-interferon.                                                                              Treasures
                                             Primary Functions                             Yin Jing and Blood
                                             Nourishing the Heart to Develop Spirit.
Primary Combinations                         Tranquilizing to the Mind.
White Atractylodes is never used alone.                                                    Treasure Rating
Combine with:                                                                              ****
                                             Biota seed is most commonly used in
Atmospheric Energy                            Strong Bones                                   ing in syndromes such as premenstrual
Neutral                                       Ginseng and Astragalus Combination             syndrome (PMS) and menopausal distress.
                                              Bupleurum and Rehmannia Combination            Bupleurum and Cyperus Combination is a
Organ Meridian Systems                        Gentiana Combination                           powerful digestive regulating formula and
Kidney and Liver                              Bupleurum & Cyperus Combination                Bupleurum and Rehmannia Combination is a
                                              Bupleurum and Dragon Bone Combination          powerful detoxifying formula which is
Primary Functions                             Bupleurum and Peony Combination                especially useful when there is blockage in
To tonify Yin Jing and blood, to benefit      Activated Minor Bupleurum                      the lymph glands. A formula known as
the skin, and to moisten the intestines                                                      Minor Bupleurum Combination is the most
and promote bowel movement                    Other Common Names                             widely used formula in the Japanese
                                              Bupleurum                                      Kampo system of herbalism. Kampo is the
Qualities                                                                                    government certified Chinese herbal
Black sesame seed is a very good tonic        Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese        system used by millions of patients in the
herb. It builds Yin Jing, and therefore it    Tonic Herbs                                    national health care system of Japan.
is a longevity herb. In fact, Polygonum,      184                                            Minor Bupleurum Combination is used in
when it is dug up from the ground, is                                                        Kampo for a wide range of problems,
boiled in Black sesame seed soup, which is    Pharmaceutical Latin                           including hepatitis B, the flu, liver cancer
why Polygonum is dark brown. Raw              Bupleuri, Radix                                and more, all approved by the Japanese
Polygonum is nearly white underneath its                                                     Health Ministry. A slightly modified
thin, dark skin. To build essence (Yin        Pinyin                                         version has been shown to block HIV
Jing), Sesame may be combined with            Chai Hu                                        replication and is thus being tested in
Lycium, Polygonum, Ligustrum, Steamed                                                        Japan for use by HIV infected individuals.
Rehmannia, Eucommia, Placenta or any          Treasures                                      Initial studies have proven very favorable
other combination of Jing tonics.             None                                           (See the discussion of Scutellaria for
                                                                                             more about this therapy). It is even more
In addition to its essence-building           Treasure Rating                                widely used by health conscious people of
capacity, Black Sesame also builds blood.                                                    Japan to prevent flues, especially during
It acts in much the same way as               Atmospheric Energy                             the flu season, and during recovery from
Polygonum. As a component of a blood          Cold                                           the flu to speed up recovery and to
tonic formula, it may be combined with                                                       prevent relapses.
Longan, Dang Gui, Polygonum and/or            Organ Meridian Systems
Lycium. However, since it is generally used   Liver and Gall Bladder                         Bupleurum is a powerful, cold, detoxifying
in food, it is most often combined with                                                      herb. It is not a tonic herb. Therefore it
Longan fruit                                  Part Used and Form                             has the potential to have side effects if
                                              Sliced roots                                   not used carefully. The primary side
Black sesame seed is moistening to the                                                       effect is excessive detoxification in too
intestines and helps move the bowels. It      Primary Functions                              short a period of time. For this reason,
prevents and relieves constipation due to     Harmonizing. Relieves liver tension and        Bupleurum should never be used without
dryness of the intestines. It is combined     discharges surface heat.                       being combined either with White Peony
with Dang Gui, Cistanche, Polygonum and                                                      or Scutellaria, both of which detoxify the
Biota to achieve the best result.             Qualities                                      blood and eliminate heat. They tend to
                                              Bupleurum is one of the most important         prevent over-zealous detoxifying. The
Black sesame seed is extremely rich in        herbs used in Chinese herbalism. It is not     toxins will be released more or less
calcium, containing 85 milligrams per gram    a tonic herb, but it is useful in the tonic    unnoticed by the bowels and through
of seeds. It is also high in protein,         system because of its ability to relieve       perspiration and urination. Excessive
phosphorous, iron and magnesium.              Liver tension and digestive disturbances,      intake of Bupleurum without the appropri-
                                              and because it is detoxifying and anti-        ate amount of Scutellaria or Peony
Primary Combinations                          microbial. Bupleurum has the ability, when     sometimes causing a “toxic headache,” a
Combine with:                                 combined with other herbs to clear             common sign of detoxifying. Chinese
                                              stagnation virtually anywhere in the body.     herbalism does not generally condone
1. Polygonum to keep the hair youthful and    It can be used to relieve spasms, muscle       detoxifying so rapidly as to cause a
dark                                          tension, lumps, bleeding due to heat and       headache. Use more Peony or Scutellaria
                                              menstrual irregularity. The essential oil in   in your formula if you discharge toxins so
2. Hemp seed and Dang Gui to tonify the       Bupleurum is responsible for its ability to    rapidly that it causes discomfort. A tea
yin of the intestines and to promote          relieve surface heat.                          of White Peony Root and Licorice Root
healthy bowel movements                                                                      can rapidly counteract the toxic dis-
                                              Bupleurum is the primary herb in dozens        charge and its symptoms caused by
Varieties and Grading                         of classical formulations which serve a        Bupleurum. The toxins are not reab-
Like any oily seed, sesame ages by            wide variety of harmonizing and decon-         sorbed, they are simply rerouted out by
becoming rancid. Select sesame that           gesting activities. For example, Bupleurum     the proper means.
looks, smells and tastes fresh and sweet.     and Dragon Bone Combination, a classical
                                              formula, is superb as a Spirit stabilizing     There are many such Bupleurum based
Contraindications                             anti-stress formula. It is used extensively    formulations, all of which regulate body
Not to be used in cases of diarrhea.          in Japan to reduce tension and anxiety.        energy, allowing it to flow freely and in a
                                              Bupleurum and Peony Combination and            balanced manner, and for relieving
Bupleurum Root                                Bupleurum and Tang Kuei Combination are        blockages in the body and then discharg-
Products Featuring This Herb:                 the primary formulations for women who         ing the toxin safely out of the system.
Easy Qi (formerly Smooth Flowing Qi)          suffer from hormonal imbalances result-        Bupleurum formulas are extremely useful
at the early stages of tonic use in helping    The flower of a special variety of Chry-      Cibotium available in Chinese herb shops
to establish radiant health. They serve        santhemum is used in China to improve the     in America is consistently of good quality.
the purposes of relieving blocks, imbal-       circulation in the head and face and is
ances and tension while eliminating toxins.    thus traditionally used for headaches and     Contraindications
Bupleurum formulas are useful when             sinus conditions. Since it has a cooling      Do not use in case of dehydration result-
taking tonics because they assure that         action, it is used to relieve red, swollen    ing in diminished or deep yellow urine and
the newly abundant energy will flow freely     eyes such as that caused by smog and          in dry mouth.
through the body. As time goes by, these       summer heat.
formulas become less and less necessary
until eventually they only need to be used     Cibotium                                      Cinnamon Bark
occasionally, if at all. These formulas will   Other Common Names                            Chinese Cinnamon bark is a strong essence
be discussed in some detail in a later         Cibotium                                      tonic that promotes good circulation and
section dealing with common imbalances.                                                      powerful internal energy. It is sweet and
                                               Pharmaceutical Latin                          spicy, and is considered to have a very hot
Primary Combinations                           Rhizoma Cibotii Barometz                      energy. Cinnamon bark is said to increase
Combine with:                                                                                the Yang energy and sexual vitality. The
                                               Pinyin                                        best Cinnamon bark in the world comes
1. Scutellaria to relieve the surface,         Gou Ji                                        from Southeast Asia from trees where
dredge and soothe the Liver, purge heat,                                                     the bark is, at its best, almost a half inch
clear fever, and detoxify the body             Treasures                                     thick and over twenty years old.
                                               Yang Jing
2. White Peony Root to do the same thing                                                     Products Featuring This Herb:
as Scutellaria, but not as strongly (White     Treasure Rating                               Ten Complete Supertonic Combination
Peony is usually used for chronic condi-       ***
tions and Scutellaria is used for acute                                                      Other Common Names
conditions with raging fire. Peony moder-      Atmospheric Energy                            Cinnamon Bark
ates the release of heat and pent-up           Warm
tension that may result from the detoxi-                                                     Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
fication)                                      Taste                                         Tonic Herbs
                                               Bitter and Sweet                              202
3. Pinellia to relieve Lung congestion
                                               Organ Meridian Systems                        Pharmaceutical Latin
Varieties and Grading                          Liver, Kidney                                 Cortex Cinnamomi Cassiae
Larger Bupleurum is usually considered to
be stronger.                                   Part Used and Form                            Pinyin
                                               Sliced Rhizome                                Rou Gui
Use under to care of an herbalist. May         Primary Functions                             Treasures
cause rapid detoxification, with symptoms      Kidney and Liver Tonic                        Yang Jing, Qi and Blood
such as headache and anger. In cases of
severe toxicity and improperly balanced        Qualities                                     Treasure Rating
Bupleurum administration, skin sores can       Cibotium is a perfect example of a basic      ****1/2
arise.                                         Yang tonic herb. It strengthens the Yang
                                               of the Liver and Kidney and relieves pain     Atmospheric Energy
Chrysanthemum Flower                           and spasms. Cibotium is mostly used in        Hot
Products Featuring This Herb:                  formulations, combined with Kidney yang
Eagle Vision                                   tonics to strengthen the back and sexual      Taste
                                               organs. The same Kidney yang tonic herbs,     Acrid and Sweet
Other Common Names                             with the addition of a couple of other
Chrysanthemum Flower                           ingredients, such as Cinnamon Twig and        Organ Meridian Systems
                                               Gentiana, may be used to relieve aches,       Primarily Kidney and Circulation-Sex, but
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese        pains and stiffness in the lumbar region      also Spleen, Heart, and Liver
Tonic Herbs                                    of the back, and to relieve pain in the
222                                            knees.                                        Part Used and Form
                                                                                             The shade-dried inner bark of the trunk
Pinyin                                         Primary Combinations                          and thick branches, from which the outer
ju hua                                         Combine with:                                 cork has been scraped of.

Treasures                                      1. Eucommia, Dipsacus and Drynaria to         Primary Functions
none                                           strengthen fortify Kidney yang and to         Supplementing fire of the vital gate to
                                               strengthen the lower back and knees           strengthen Yang, dispelling cold to relieve
Treasure Rating                                                                              pain, warming up and clearing the chan-
none                                           2. Cinnamon Twig and Gentiana plus above      nels.
                                               mentioned Kidney yang tonics treat low
Atmospheric Energy                             back, knee pain and other joint pain due to   Qualities
cool                                           rheumatism                                    Chinese Cinnamon bark is one of the most
                                                                                             warming of all herbs. It is a strong Yang
Qualities                                      Varieties and Grading                         tonic which may be used to correct
syndromes of Kidney Yang deficiency,           pyretic (fever reducing) activity as well.    Often you can buy wonderful Cinnamon
which will generally present itself by an                                                    bark that is old and thick but that is
aversion to cold, cold hands and feet,         Preparation and Utilization                   broken into small chunks. This is an
weak kidneys, backache and lack of sexual      Because of the extreme power and              excellent buy because it is very delicious,
energy. It is widely usually combined with     spiciness of cinnamon bark, it is usually     very effective and not very expensive — a
Yin and Yang Jing tonic herbs and with Qi      used in conjunction with other tonic herbs    great value all the way around. Just
tonics to build energy and to fire up          which are milder. Use very small amounts      remember, the hotter and sweeter, the
sexual energy.                                 of cinnamon bark, as its flavor and           better. The real greatness in the expen-
                                               effects are very powerful. Its taste          sive premium varieties is in the effect on
Cinnamon bark promotes good circulation        becomes bitter if boiled and the impor-       the Kidney function and on how it warms
and enables Qi to circulate freely. It has     tant volatile oils are evaporated off. So     the body. Consuming good cinnamon bark
a hot energy which warms the body at its       cinnamon bark is not added to boiling         is by no mean just a taste sensation — it
core. Cinnamon bark is used to warm up         concoctions except at the very end, for       makes you feel good. It warms your flesh
cold visceral organs and to calm the           the last few minutes unless the cooking is    and has a relaxing effect on the nerves
nerves. However, its energy is said to         taking place in a closed system where the     that is very pleasant. That is one reason
“move upwards and float.” In moving            oils can be trapped and retained.             why people like it. The very finest
upwards it disperses energy blocks in the                                                    cinnamon bark, according to all the Asian
neck and shoulders and thus relieves           So when making a tea which includes           connoisseurs, comes from Southeast Asia,
tension in this area. In moving outward        cinnamon bark, it is best to use a ginseng    especially from Vietnam. These specimens
(“floating”), it warms the flesh. Prolonged    cooker , since the herb brew will not quite   will be the most expensive and have the
use is said to result in a more youthful,      boil and yet the essence of the herbs will    most powerful effect. But high grade
rosy cheeked complexion, and will help         be thoroughly extracted. If you use an        common Chinese cinnamon bark will
clear the skin of blemishes. It is also used   herb cooker, you may add the cinnamon         suffice for all your real tonic needs.
medicinally to treat headaches, abdominal      for the last fifteen minutes of cooking. If
pain (especially when combined with            you are not using a ginseng cooker and are    Contraindications
licorice root), and to promote menstrua-       simmering a brew in a regular pot, add the    This herb should not be used by those
tion.                                          cinnamon bark for the last ten minutes,       who have a hot constitution or feverish
                                               but only after you have turned the flame      condition
Cinnamon bark will open the energy             down to the very lowest so that the brew
channels of the abdomen and it can dispel      is no longer boiling. And keep the lid on.
even severe chills. If used when a person                                                    Cinnamon Twig
experiences “flushing up,” a condition         Primary Combinations                          Products Featuring This Herb:
where heat rises in the body making the        Combine with:
upper part of the body hot and the lower                                                     Easy Qi (formerly Smooth Flowing Qi)
part cold, it will help regulate the energy    1. Ginger and Aconite to warm up the body     Imperial Garden
so that heat becomes distributed prop-         in case of chill                              Ginseng Nutritive Combination
erly.                                                                                        Poria Five Combination
                                               2. Peony to relieve blood stasis              Cinnamon and Poria Combination
One other feature of cinnamon bark is its                                                    Bupleurum and Dragon Bone Combination
antipyretic activity. An antipyretic is a      3. Ginseng Root and Deer Antler to tonify
substance that lowers surface body heat        and stimulate the primal yang                 Other Common Names
when the surface is abnormally hot and                                                       Cinnamon Twig
unable to release the heat. When you           Varieties and Grading
first consume cinnamon bark, you main          Cinnamon is a very highly prized herb and     Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
feel warm, but over a very short time it       premium grades can be very expensive.         Tonic Herbs
can actually help to cool you down if you      China produces a wide range of qualities      202
are too hot. It is sometimes used in           of Cinnamon bark, so the consumer has to
Chinese medicine to reduce fevers.             be alert to what they are buying. The         Pharmaceutical Latin
                                               Cinnamon is grown in the very southern        Cinnamomi Cassiae, Ramulus
Cinnamon Bark also generates Qi and            areas of China the border on Vietnam,
Blood, especially when combined with Qi        Laos and Myanmar (Burma). This is hot,        Pinyin
and Blood tonics such as Astragalus. Use       tropical territory which produces superb      Gui Zhi
with Tang Kuei for menstrual pain due to       Cinnamon. Most Cinnamon bark sold will be
poor circulation.                              in small broken pieces that are thin,         Treasures
                                               almost like a potato chip. This low grade
Scientific Data                                Cinnamon bark is inexpensive and is of        Treasure Rating
Extracts from cinnamon bark have shown         only moderate quality because it is too       none
in vitro anti-fungal and antibacterial         young. The very best Cinnamon bark
activity and the volatile oil from cinnamon    comes in large pieces that is perhaps 1/4     Atmospheric Energy
has shown anti-viral activity. The volatile    inch thick. It will always be sold with       Warm
oil, which is responsible for cinnamon’s       some fanfare because great Cinnamon
flavor, has also shown cardiovascular          bark is rare. The taste will be very hot,     Taste
effects which can lower blood pressure in      but also very pleasantly sweet. It is         Acrid, Sweet
cases of high blood pressure.                  usually possible to sample a little piece
Cinnamaldehyde, one of the main active         before buying — do it.                        Organ Meridian Systems
ingredients in cinnamon bark, has been                                                       Heart, Lung, Urinary Bladder
shown to have sedative activity in mice,       Frankly, even middle grade cinnamon bark
and has shown hypothermic and anti-            is very powerful and delicious to chew on.    Part Used and Form
young cinnamon branches                      increase fertility.
                                                                                            Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
Qualities                                    It is widely reported, by men who have         Tonic Herbs
Cinnamon Twig, the young cinnamon            taken Cistanches for more than a few           203
branches, strengthens the body and is        weeks, that when a man consumes
said to result in a more youthful complex-   Cistanches consistently for some time his      Pharmaceutical Latin
ion. cinnamon Twig can be used to relax      sexual prowess will increase noticeably.       Semen Cnidii
neck and shoulder tension. It is catego-     The highly regarded tenth century
rized as a warm herb, capable of warming     imperial manual on health and sexual           Pinyin
the entire body, and is primarily used in    conduct, The Essence of Medical Pre-           She Chuang Zi
Chinese herbalism to open blood channels     scriptions, compiled by a Chinese physi-
and thus to improve circulation. However,    cian living in Japan by the name of Tamba      Treasures
the twig lacks the deep Yang tonifying       Yasuyori, described numerous formula-          Jing
effect of the aged bark.                     tions which would enhance male potency.
                                             Cistanches was included in 80% of these        Treasure Rating
                                             formulas. The ancient classics indicate        ***1/2
Cistanches                                   that Cistanches increases both the flow
Products Featuring This Herb:                of Yang energy and blood flow to the           Atmospheric Energy
Super Yang Jing Drops                        genitals.                                      Warm
Supreme Creation
Imperial Garden                              Youthfulness is very much associated with      Taste
Return to Youth                              sexual vigor, whether or not one uses this     Pungent and Bitter
                                             sexual vigor sexually, or converts the
Other Common Names                           energy to other creative outlets. When         Organ Meridian Systems
Cistanches ,Salty pulpy mushroom,            the Kidney Yin and Yang are strong, a          Kidney and Spleen
Chinese broomrape                            person can flourish. They will be full of
                                             energy, high in spirit, creative, and strong   Primary Functions
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese      minded. They will appear radiantly healthy     Tonifies Yang, Warms the Kidneys
Tonic Herbs                                  to others and will be attractive to the
203                                          opposite sex.                                  Qualities
                                                                                            The small fruit is considered to be a
Pharmaceutical Latin                         Cistanches has a secondary benefit, in         superb tonic to the primal Yang essence
Herba Cistanches                             that it improves the function of the           and is thus used in many tonics for both
                                             bowels, resulting in healthy bowel move-       men and women. It is widely believed in
Pinyin                                       ments. This is a result of increased Qi in     the Orient to be a superb longevity herb
Rou Cong Rong                                the Large Intestine.                           and an excellent sexual tonic and stimu-
                                                                                            lant. It is said to strengthen the bones.
Treasures                                    Primary Combinations                           Cnidium seed has been very commonly
Jing (Yang and Yin), Blood                   Combine with:                                  used in formulations designed to warm the
                                                                                            Kidneys and strengthen Yang energy. It is
Treasure Rating                              1. Deer Antler, Ginseng Root, Epimedium,       primarily used for the purpose of over-
****                                         Rehmannia (steamed), Cuscuta and               coming sexual malaise and strengthening
                                             Cnidium to tonify the male sexual organs       sexual potency. The classics repeatedly
Atmospheric Energy                           and fortify the male Kidney system             mention it as an aphrodisiac. It was used
Warm                                                                                        almost routinely in imperial formulas
                                             2. Dang Gui, Polygonum and Hemp seed (or       designed specifically for the emperor.
Taste                                        Flax seed) to tonify blood, yin and            Cnidium seed was often used in combina-
Sweet and Salty                              encourage bowel movement                       tion with Cuscuta seed in aphrodisiac
                                                                                            formulations, since the two herbs are
Organ Meridian Systems                       3. Deer Antler, Placenta and Rehmannia         believed to work synergistically together
Kidney, Large Intestine                      for frigidity and infertility                  and to enhance one another. It is also
                                                                                            used to increase fertility in both men and
Part Used and Form                           4. Eucommia Bark and Morinda for pain in       women. Cnidium has some astringent
Thick slices of the pulpy stem               the lower back                                 quality, which means that it will help
                                                                                            prevent premature ejaculation in men.
Primary Functions                            Varieties and Grading                          Furthermore, Cnidium seed has disinfec-
tonifying the kidney, reinforcing yang,      Large, dark, moist slices of Cistanches        tant qualities and may be used externally
replenishing vital essence and blood,        are generally of the highest quality.          as a wash on sores, particularly in the
moistening the bowels                                                                       genital region.
Qualities                                    Not to be used excessively by people with      Primary Combinations
Cistanches is one of the more popular, and   excessive sexual drive, by those with          Combine with:
more potent, Yang tonic herbs and is         deficiency of yin, or by people with
found in many formulas designed to           chronic loose stool.                           1. Cuscuta and Schizandra to treat
strengthen sexual function, treat impo-                                                     infertility, impotence and premature
tence, and strengthen the back and knees.    Cindium Seed                                   ejaculation
It is used not only in men’s sexual formu-   Other Common Names
las but also in women’s, particularly to     Cnidium Seeds                                  Varieties and Grading
Fresh seed with an aroma is best.             place of Ginseng in formulas that actually     substituted for Ginseng whenever Ginseng
                                              call for Ginseng to be used as a main Qi       is called for in a formulation. However,
Contraindications                             tonic, especially when the purpose of the      the chemical constituents of Radix
Not to be used for heat syndromes.            formula is to invigorate the Spleen and        Codonopsis have turned out to be very
                                              Lung functions. This is totally acceptable     different from Ginseng. In particular,
Codonopsis                                    in the Chinese herbal system. Although         Codonopsis root has only a small saponin
Products Featuring This Herb:                 high quality Codonopsis is a relatively        content. Codonopsis contains taraxeryl
Magu’s Treasure                               expensive herb, it is still called “poor       acetate, friedelin and taraxerol. d-
Magu’s Secret                                 man’s Ginseng” because it is less expen-       spinasterol, D7-stigmastenol and their
Essence Restorative                           sive than Ginseng and serves the same          glucosides have also been identified. In
Super Essence Restorative                     primary role in a Ginseng-based Qi tonic       addition, the root contains sucrose,
Easy Qi (formerly Smooth Flowing Qi)          formula. However, recent studies have          glucose, inulin, starch, traces of alkaloids
Golden Air                                    shown that Ginseng and Codonopsis do not       and resins.
Will Power                                    share the same chemical basis for their
Immunity Booster Formula                      Qi building activity. Codonopsis does not      Codonopsis contains immune-stimulating
Ginseng and Astragalus Combination            contain any saponins similar to the            polysaccharides. It is therefore being
Ten Complete Supertonic Combination           ginsenosides found in Ginseng. Therefore,      used clinically in Japan and China to build
Ginseng and Longan Combination                it is not advisable to consider Codonopsis     resistance of cancer patients in Fu Zheng
Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination              to be a true substitute for Ginseng in all     Therapy. Codonopsis has been found to
Bupleurum and Dragon Bone Combination         instances. They both can be used in an         induce the production in human beings of
                                              herbal program to build Qi. However,           a-interferon.
Other Common Names                            Ginseng possesses a very different type
Codonopsis                                    of adaptogenic activity. Ginseng’s action in   Primary Combinations
                                              formulations associated with Ginseng’s         Codonopsis is not commonly used by itself,
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       powerful Yang power cannot be substi-          though it certainly could be. It may be
Tonic Herbs                                   tuted for by Codonopsis. Codonopsis does       combined with:
157                                           possess mild Yang energy suited well to
                                              women and men who possess excessive            1. Astragalus, White Atractylodes, Poria
Pharmaceutical Latin                          Yang energy already.                           and Licorice Root to strengthen the
Codonopsis Pilosulae, Radix                                                                  Spleen and to build Qi.
                                              Codonopsis can always be used as the main
Pinyin                                        Qi tonic in a person’s program when            2. Dang Gui to build blood
Dang Spirit                                   Ginseng is not desired but a Qi tonic is
                                              desired. Its blood building quality makes      3. Schizandra and Astragalus to tonify
Treasures                                     it especially good for people who are          the Lung Qi
Qi and Blood                                  weakened due to illness, and Codonopsis is
                                              extremely effective at relieving chronic       Varieties and Grading
Treasure Rating                               fatigue. Many women use it to build blood      Codonopsis is one of the herbs that comes
****1/2                                       and the Chinese consider Codonopsis to be      in a very wide range of grades. All
                                              an herb specifically suited to pregnant        Codonopsis grows in the north of China,
Atmospheric Energy                            women and nursing mothers, holding that        but the best grows in the mountains of
Neutral                                       Codonopsis helps produce milk and that         Gansu and Shaanxi Provinces. Two kinds
                                              the nutrients in Codonopsis are especially     of Codonopsis are available: the wild one,
Organ Meridian Systems                        nourishing to babies.                          which is called Tai Dang Spirit, and the
Spleen, Lungs                                                                                cultivated, which is called Lu Dang Spirit.
                                              Codonopsis is also useful for those who        Wild is superior, and it is more expensive,
Part Used and Form                            wish to strengthen their digestive and         although it may be somewhat smaller than
Sun-dried Root                                respiratory functions. It is especially        the cultivated variety. YeSpiritg Dang
                                              useful for people who tend to become           Spirit, which is collected from the wild in
Primary Functions                             short winded or cough easily due to            Gansu Province, is highly favored and
Qi and Blood tonic. Tonifies Spleen and       deficient lung energy and for people who       available in some Chinese herb shops.
Lungs and mildly invigorates Yang.            become congested after a meal or who           Cultivated Codonopsis can also be of very
                                              digest inefficiently.                          high quality, and most of the Codonopsis
Qualities                                                                                    available in herb shops in America is
Codonopsis is one of the most famous and      Codonopsis is an excellent herb for            cultivated. Three varieties of cultivated
widely used Chinese tonic herbs. It is very   children. It is mild yet has powerful          Codonopsis are particularly favored:
mild and without any side effects, yet it     strengthening effects, especially on the       Tianshui Dang Spirit (from Tianshui
is a superb Qi tonic. It invigorates the      digestive and respiratory systems and          District, Gansu Province), Luzhou Dang
Spleen and Lung functions so that Qi is       upon the immune system. It builds strong       Spirit (from Shanxi Province) and Wen
replenished and it promotes the produc-       muscle in children. Babies can start           Dang Spirit (from Gansu Province)
tion of body fluids. Codonopsis is also an    chewing on clean Codonopsis roots as soon
excellent blood tonic and a major immune      as they have teeth and know how to hold        Tonic herbalists can easily recognize high
system tonic.                                 the root to their mouth. It is an excellent    quality Codonopsis. Larger roots are the
                                              teething herb.                                 best. They should be straight and clean,
For many centuries, Codonopsis has been                                                      without signs of insect, mold or fungus
one of China’s favorite tonic herbs. It is    Scientific Data                                contamination. It should be dry on the
believed to have an action similar to that    Traditional Chinese herbalism has fea-         surface, yet flexible and moist when a
of Ginseng, but milder. It is often used in   tured Codonopsis as an herb that could be      piece is chewed. It should be a light tan.
High quality Codonopsis is sweet tasting       Coix                                          to have anti-viral activity.
and pleasant. The sweetness in the taste
develops after you have chewed on the          Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       Coix can be used as an extremely healthy
root for several seconds. Once you’ve          Tonic Herbs                                   and nutritious grain substitute in cooking
gotten into the tonic herbs a bit, good        204                                           and there are currently a number of
Codonopsis will taste very pleasant when                                                     products on the market which use Coix as
eaten raw. Low grade Codonopsis is much        Pharmaceutical Latin                          the food base for instant diet cereals.
less tasty and poor Codonopsis has almost      Semen Coix                                    Coix contains: coixol, coixenolide, vitamin
no flavor. Because low grade Codonopsis                                                      B1, leucine, lysine, arginine
will sell for less, the suppliers spend less   Pinyin
time cleaning and preparing it, so it might    Yi Yi Ren                                     Primary Combinations
still be quite dirty. Remember, if you eat     (Spiritg Yi Mi)                               Combine with:
an herb like Codonopsis raw, it is best to
wash it first to get any remnants of           Treasures                                     1. Dioscorea and Poria to relieve abdominal
China’s good earth off it. Always get the      Qi                                            bloating due to water stagnation
best Codonopsis you can obtain. Poor
quality Codonopsis is of little value to       Treasure Rating                               2. Ma Huang to discharge surface water
one’s health while high quality Codonopsis     ***                                           stagnancy
is a major tonic herb.
                                               Atmospheric Energy                            3. Dang Gui, White Peony, Longan, and
Codonopsis is one of the herbs now             Slightly Cold                                 Schizandra to nourish and detoxify the
regarded to possess significant immuno-                                                      skin
stimulating properties. It is rich in          Taste
immune stimulating polysaccharides which       Bland and slightly Sweet                      Varieties and Grading
are extremely valuable in helping the body                                                   Fresh, clean, whole seeds without blem-
fight off microbial invasion, especially in    Organ Meridian Systems                        ishes are best.
the early stages. These same polysaccha-       Spleen and Lung
rides have been shown to be useful in                                                        Contraindications
supporting the immune systems of people        Primary Functions                             use cautiously during pregnancy.
with cancer who are using the herbs in         Tonic to Spleen and Skin, Promoting the
conjunction with conventional cancer           flow of moisture                              Cordyceps
therapies (Fu Zheng Therapy). Codonopsis                                                     Description
has been demonstrated to have radiation        Qualities                                     Spray dried concentrated powder in
protection activity and can be effective in    Coix, also known as “Job’s Tears,” is a       capsules. One of the premier tonic herbs
protecting cancer patients receiving           food-herb that many people get confused       of Asia. Vegetarian. Grown by ultra
radiation therapy from the side effects        with barley. It is used as a general health   modern fermentation technology. Ex-
without diminishing its benefits. Codonop-     tonic, primarily benefiting the functions     tremely potent.
sis also has interferon-inducing activity      of the Spleen, Lungs and skin. It improves
that may be of importance in many              the flow of water throughout the body, so     Primary Traditional Functions
immune deficiency conditions, including        it can therefore used by those who are        Nourishes Jing (both Yin and Yang),
HIV infection.                                 experiencing water stagnancy, abdominal       strengthens the Kidneys and Lungs and
                                               bloating, and edema (excessive water          tonifies Qi, relieves depression of Liver
Codonopsis can be taken safely by anyone       weight). Puffed Coix (just liked puffed       Qi.
wishing to gently but assuredly build Qi,      oats, corn or wheat — ”shot out of            Who Can Use This Formula
to strengthen their immune system, to          cannons!”) is very beneficial to those who    Because it contains both Yin and Yang it
nourish their blood and to strengthen          suffer from loose stool or diarrhea. Coix     can be used by anyone safely and over a
digestion and respiration. It can be taken     is also commonly used in many formulas in     long period of time. A powerful and
in large or small dosages without side         Asia for arthritis and rheumatism since       proven athlete’s herb. Cordyceps is highly
effect. It is an extremely reliable herb       these conditions are associated with          regarded in China as a tonic for those who
which maintains its position as one of the     “excess moisture.”                            are recovering from an illness or an
great herbs of the world.                                                                    operation, or after giving birth. In these
                                               Coix is considered to be very beneficial to   cases, the Cordyceps helps the patient
History                                        the skin, in terms of both beauty and         recover their physical power, to improve
Qian Long, the most famous and longest         health. Combined with herbs like White        their appetite, and to protect the body
ruling Emperor of the Qing Dynasty,            Peony and Tang Kuei, it is very nourishing    from infection.
consumed Codonopsis every day. Qian            to the skin. Also, It is said that by using
Long was the longest living Emperor of         Coix, one’s skin becomes especially smooth    Typical Usage
the modern era (the last three hundred         and soft. Coix is used in Asia to eliminate   2 or 3 capsules, 2 or 3 times per day
years). He lived to be eighty nine years       coarse skin. Coix has long been believed to
old, despite the fact that he had three        be capable of helping to reduce moles, and    Note
thousand concubines. Emperors usually          to eliminate warts and other blemishes        Cordyceps is very widely used for the
lived a short life because of too many         from the skin surface. Recent research        purposes of strengthening the primal
concubines. (Note: when he became sixty-       conducted in Japan has demonstrated           Kidney functions, which include sexual
one, he started taking Ginseng every day       that raw Coix contains an anti-tumor          functions, brain power, structural integ-
as well).                                      agent which may, in large doses, be useful    rity and healing ability. It is a potent Yin
                                               in the treatment of cancer, and in            Jing tonic, but it is also a very powerful
Coix                                           particular cancer of the skin when used in    Yang tonic. As a sexual tonic, Cordyceps is
Other Common Names                             large quantities. Coix has also been shown    considered to be one of the best. Consis-
tent use of Cordyceps helps to strengthen     resist a wide range of pathogenic bacte-
the physical structure, and specifically      ria, fungi and viruses. Cordyceps is used in   Ma’s recipe is still secret (though we know
benefits the lower back region, the knees     Asia to help treat fungus and yeast            it), although the whole world knows of its
and ankles. It is used for backache due to    infections, and intensive research is being    existence. We only know that the two
injury, fatigue, stress or simple aging.      conducted at dozens of institutions in         dominant ingredients are Cordyceps and
                                              China and Japan relating to the potential      Tortoise Shell, a major Yin Jing tonic.
Cordyceps is also a major Lung tonic. It      of Cordyceps to treat cancer and HIV
can be used to strengthen respiratory         infection. Researchers in Japan and China      Cordyceps is highly regarded in China as a
power in those who require extra energy       have isolated a number of polysaccharides      tonic for those who are recovering from
in order to perform physical work (e.g.       in Cordyceps which strengthen the              an illness or an operation, or after giving
labor, sports or exercise) or it can be       immune system, and at least one, CO-1,         birth. In these cases, the Cordyceps
used by those who suffer from deficiency      has been shown to have strong anti-tumor       helps the patient recover their physical
of Lung power. It is especially beneficial    activity. Maintaining the immune system is     power, to improve their appetite, and to
to those who suffer chronic Lung weak-        one of the mechanisms that can slow down       protect the body from infection. When
ness with cough, wheezing or shortness of     aging and prevent both degenerative and        blended with other tonics such as Gin-
breath.                                       acquired diseases.                             seng, Ganoderma, Lycium or Astragalus,
                                                                                             Cordyceps’ power is just increased as the
Other studies have shown that Cordyceps       Other studies have shown that Cordyceps        synergy of the various herbs results in an
can have a benefit in the vascular system     can have a benefit in the vascular system      even more powerful tonic.
as well. Cordyceps improves the function      as well. Cordyceps improves the function
of the micro-circulation and improves         of the micro-circulation and improves          Production
efficiency at the capillary level.            efficiency at the capillary level.             In the last several years, it has become
Cordyceps has been shown to help              Cordyceps has been shown to help               possible to grow a number of fungi by
regulate blood pressure and to strengthen     regulate blood pressure and to strengthen      “fermentation” technology. The fungus is
heart muscle.                                 heart muscle.                                  literally grown in large tanks, and in just a
                                                                                             matter of days a large quantity can be
Cordyceps is one of the absolute super-       Cordyceps is considered in Asia to be a        produced. The technology has now become
stars of the Chinese tonic herbal system.     robust and virtually miraculous athlete’s      highly advanced and is making previously
It is an extremely effective and powerful     tonic. Cordyceps has attained even             rare herbs like Cordyceps and Ganoderma
life enhancing agent, ranking right up        greater fame in the last few years since       much more accessible. Many studies
there with Ginseng, Ganoderma and Deer        the quintessentially successful track          indicate that the chemical nature of this
Antler. Because it is rare, potent and        coach, Ma Jia Jun, created a secret            biotechnology Cordyceps is almost
highly treasured, like Deer Antler, it is     formula, based on Cordyceps and Tortoise       identical to that of the wild variety and
very expensive. It is the main ingredient     Shell, which he gave to his China National     pharmacological and clinical studies seem
in a number of expensive elixirs and tonic    Women’s track team. Subsequent to their        to confirm this.
formulations.                                 taking this formula, which was made with
                                              Cordyceps as the dominant ingredient, the      The new bio-technological approach to
Cordyceps is very widely used for the         women of this team came to dominate the        growing Cordyceps possesses two truly
purposes of strengthening the primal          world track scene for more than two            great advantages. The greatest advantage
Kidney functions, which include sexual        years. The members of the team broke           of the new technology is that the herbal
functions, brain power, structural integ-     many world records, most of which they         substance, in this case Cordyceps, can be
rity and healing ability. It is a very        still hold.                                    highly controlled by scientific means
powerful Yang tonic. As a sexual tonic,                                                      during its growth and “standardized” so
Cordyceps is considered to be one of the      During their reign, they were accused of       that every batch is virtually identical —
best. It is not as quick acting as the best   taking steroids or other illegal drugs,        and in a sense, “perfect.” This is very
of the Yang tonics like Deer Antler,          since their rise to dominance was so quick.    important in pharmaceutical terms
Epimedium and Sea Dragon, but it has a        But all drug testing proved negative. No       because without standardization, it is
profound long range strengthening             trace of any illegal substances have been      difficult or impossible to develop drug-
capacity. It is commonly used for impo-       detected in their blood. None of Ma’s          type standards for substances like
tence, sexual neurasthenia, frigidity and     track women were ever found to be              Cordyceps. Once an herb can be standard-
infertility.                                  consuming anything other than his secret       ized, all kinds of studies can be conducted
                                              Chinese tonic herbal formula. Due to a         that will be accepted by the scientific
Consistent use of Cordyceps helps to          number of reasons, mostly associated           community, including our FDA.
strengthen the skeletal structure, and        with personality conflicts between Ma and
specifically benefits the lower back          his track stars (he refused to let them        Fermentation technology makes this
region, the knees and ankles. It is used      grow their hair, to keep much of their         substance available to anybody who wants
for backache due to injury, fatigue,          prize money or to keep the luxury cars         it, and this is great news for the world.
stress or simple aging.                       they won as prizes on the world track          Until now, few people have even heard of
                                              circuit, for example), virtually all the       Cordyceps because of its rarity. In the
Because of Cordyceps’ powerful deep           women refused to stay in Ma’s camp and         next decade, as a result of the new
tonifying action, it is used for a wide       they all went independent. No longer           fermentation technology, Cordyceps will
range of problems due to weakness.            having access to his secret Cordyceps          become known throughout the world.
Cordyceps has always been used to             recipe, all of the stars have lost their
fortify the defensive system of the body      dominating athlete prowess. In 1995, a         There is one more advantage, at least by
and large amounts of recent data indicate     year after leaving Ma, only one of the         some people’s standard, to the new
that Cordyceps is a very potent immune        former superstars qualified for the            fermentation Cordyceps. The fungus is
system potentiator. Many studies now          National Team which represented China at       grown without the use of animal nutrients
indicate that Cordyceps can help the body     the World Championships.                       and the result is a 100% pure “vegetarian”
health product.                                Super Essence Restorative                      itself — it lies in Cornus’s incredible
                                               Imperial Garden                                astringent action on the urogenital organs.
Coriolus Mushroom                              Strength Builder
Other Common Names                             Endocrine Health                               Cornus is very sour, and like all sour
Coriolus Versicolor                            Eagle Vision                                   herbs, it helps control ejaculation of
                                               Return to Youth                                sperm and helps treat the problems of
Pharmaceutical Latin                           Rehmannia Six Combination                      impotence, premature ejaculation, and
Coriolus Versicolor                                                                           frequent urination due to weak bladder.
                                               Other Common Names                             Because of its warm nature and because
Pinyin                                         Cornus                                         of its direct action on the genital func-
Yun Zhe Xe Se                                                                                 tion, many Asian herbalists consider
                                               Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese        Cornus to have “aphrodisiac” qualities.
Treasures                                      Tonic Herbs                                    Like all true Kidney tonics, Cornus helps
Qi                                             205                                            strengthen the back and knees, clears the
                                                                                              mind, improves hearing. Cornus is well
Treasure Rating                                Pharmaceutical Latin                           known for its benefits for people experi-
**1/2                                          Fructus Corni Officinalis                      encing dizziness. Those who are deficient
                                                                                              in Yin Jing can combine Cornus with Yin
Atmospheric Energy                             Pinyin                                         herbs. Those who are deficient in Yang
Neutral                                        Shan Yu Rou or Shan Zhu Yu                     Jing can combine Cornus with Yang herbs.
                                                                                              In either case, Cornus will strengthen
Taste                                          Treasures                                      Jing by conserving it.
Bitter and Sweet                               Yin Jing
                                                                                              A quinol glucoside has been isolated which
Part Used and Form                             Treasure Rating                                acts as a urinary antiseptic. Extracts have
whole mushroom including the mycelium          ***1/2                                         shown antibacterial activity against
and fruiting body                                                                             Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhula
                                               Atmospheric Energy                             and Shigella dysentarae. Extracts have
Primary Functions                              Warm                                           also shown anti-allergenic effects. Cornus
To fortify the defense and to dispel damp                                                     will help reduce perspiration in those who
                                               Organ Meridian Systems                         sweat due to illness, weakness or fear.
Qualities                                      Kidney and Liver                               Mixed with the appropriate herbs, Cornus
The entire mushroom (mycelium and                                                             is very useful for stabilizing excessive or
fruiting body) is used to fortify the          Part Used and Form                             prolonged menstrual bleeding due to
immune system. The polysaccharides             Pulp of the ripe fruit. The fruit has been     deficiency and weakness.
found in the mycelium and from fermenta-       prepared by baking over a slow fire or
tion liquid each have significant anti-        scalding with boiling water, then, after       Primary Combinations
carcinogenic activity. This whole polysac-     removal of the stone, drying in the sun.       Combine with:
charide is used as a drug against malig-
nant tumors in Japan. Coriolus has been        Primary Functions                              1. Rehmannia (steamed), Cuscuta, Lycium
found to be an interferon-inducing             To stabilize the Kidney and to contain         and Eucommia bark to tonify the Liver and
substance. In China, Coriolus is used for      Jing. Astringent, preventing or arresting      Kidneys, to strengthen the lower back and
viral infections of the liver, including       excessive loss of body fluid. Nourishing       legs, to strengthen sexual functions and
hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis, and it is   the Kidney and Liver.                          to prevent premature ejaculation in men
used as a preventive and curative drug for     Qualities                                      2. Ginseng, Prepared Aconite and Oyster
liver cancer. However, it is so safe that it   This sour fruit plays an important role in     shell to prevent sweating due to weakness
is also sold over the counter as an immune     many Essence tonics. It is said to be          of the body
system strengthening tonic in herb             “astringent,” thereby locking energy into
stores.                                        the system and preventing the energy           Varieties and Grading
                                               from ‘leaking” out. In its own right it is a   The fresher the better. The more sour
Primary Combinations                           powerful Yin essence tonic with a warm         the better.
Always used in combination with other          energy. When combined with other tonic
immune system stimulating herbs. Com-          herbs, Cornus becomes a powerhouse, and        Contraindications
bine with:                                     makes the other herbs much more                Cornus is an extremely safe herb with no
                                               powerful as well. Cornus is considered to      known side effects. However, it should be
1. Astragalus, Ganoderma, Codonopsis,          be an aphrodisiac.                             not be used by people who have difficulty
Cordyceps, Gynostemma to strengthen                                                           urinating or who become hot but cannot
the immune system                              Cornus is a mild Yin tonic which acts upon     sweat.
                                               the Kidney, most specifically upon the
Varieties and Grading                          urogenital system. Its tonic action is         Crataegus
Not generally available in bulk in America.    highly magnified by its powerful astrin-       Other Common Names
                                               gent action. When combined with other          Hawthorn Fruit or Berry
                                               tonic herbs, Cornus becomes a power-
Cornus                                         house, and makes the other herbs much
Products Featuring This Herb:                                                                 Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
                                               more powerful as well. Being a warm Yin        Tonic Herbs
Super Yang Jing Drops                          tonic makes it a somewhat unique herb.
Supreme Creation                                                                              205
                                               It’s great power does not lie in the actual
Essence Restorative                            amount of Yin provided by the Cornus           Pharmaceutical Latin
Fructus Crataegi                              stagnation in the Stomach                     ***1/2

Pinyin                                        Varieties and Grading                         Atmospheric Energy
Shan Zha                                      Crataegus is best when it is freshly          Warm
                                              processed. If it appears old, overly dry
Treasures                                     and discolored, look for another supply. It   Taste
None. Crataegus is not a tonic herb. It is    should look like good dried fruit that you    Spicy (acrid)
a digestive.                                  would eat. Both stir-baked Crataegus and
                                              unprocessed, sun dried Crataegus are          Organ Meridian Systems
Treasure Rating                               available. The stir-baked variety is best     Kidney and Liver
                                              for digestion, while the unprocessed (sun
Atmospheric Energy                            dried only) Crataegus is best for hyper-      Part Used and Form
Slightly warm                                 tension, high cholesterol, etc.               Rhizome, sliced and sun-dried

Taste                                                                                       Primary Functions
Sour, Sweet.                                  Crataegus Leaf                                To Tonify Kidney and fortify Yang. To
                                              Crataegus leaf extract has become an          eliminate cold and dampness.
Organ Meridian Systems                        extremely popular herb in Europe because
Spleen, Stomach, Liver                        of its very beneficial influence on hyper-    Qualities
                                              tension (high blood pressure), hyper-         Curculiginis is used in yang tonic formula-
Part Used and Form                            lipemia (high blood fat) and high choles-     tions to warm up the Kidney function, to
The ripe fruit which has been sliced and      terol. In China it is combined with Cassia    strengthen sexual function, for infertility
sun dried.                                    tora seed and or Gynostemma leaf to           in both men and women, for urinary
                                              improve this function and may be con-         incontinence, low back pain and weakness
Primary Functions                             sumed as a tea or in capsules. Crataegus      in the legs, to strengthen the bones and
To improve digestion and remove food          leaf extract can be used to treat symp-       ligaments and to strengthen the general
stagnation.                                   toms of coronary heart disease, especially    constitution of one who is growing feeble.
                                              when combined with herbs that improve
Qualities                                     circulation, such as Salvia, Pseudoginseng,   Primary Combinations
Crataegus strengthens digestion. This         Ginkgo and Ligusticum.                        Combine with:
very useful herb helps to remove stag-
nated food from the digestive tract and       Products Featuring This Herb:                 1. Epimedium for weakness of Kidney yang
to restore normal functioning of the          Cardiovascular Protector                      manifested as impotence, frigidity and
Spleen and Stomach in digesting, trans-                                                     lower back pain
porting and distributing nutrients.           Other Common Names
Crataegus a very commonly used herb,                                                        Varieties and Grading
used to relieve indigestion which has         Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       All Curculiginis sold in America is of
resulted in abdominal distention, belching,   Tonic Herbs                                   similar grade.
acid regurgitation, stuffiness, anorexia,
abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and          Pinyin                                        Contraindications
irregular bowel movements (diarrhea or        shan zha ye                                   Not to be used by people who are severely
constipation) due to food retention. In                                                     Yin deficient (e.g., showing heat signs)
China, Crataegus is often consumed as the     Treasures                                     without first building the Yin.
main ingredient in a tea, or combined on a
couple of other digestive herbs, when one     Treasure Rating                               Cuscuta Seed
has consumed too much meat or greasy                                                        Products Featuring This Herb:
food. Crataegus is excellent at digesting     Atmospheric Energy                            Super Yang Jing Drops
these.                                                                                      Microcosmic Orbit
                                              Primary Functions                             Women’s Jing
Crataegus has become an extremely             promotes circulation                          Profound Essence
popular herb in Europe because of its very
beneficial influence on hypertension (high    Curculiginis                                  Other Common Names
blood pressure), hyperlipemia (high blood     Products Featuring This Herb:                 Cuscuta Seed
fat) and high cholesterol. In China it is     Women’s Jing
combined with Cassia tora seed to                                                           Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
improve this function and consumed as a       Other Common Names                            Tonic Herbs
tea or in capsules. Crataegus can be used     Curculiginis                                  206
to treat symptoms of coronary heart
disease, especially when combined with        Pharmaceutical Latin                          Pharmaceutical Latin
herbs that improve circulation, such as       Rhizoma Curculiginis                          Cuscutae, Semen
Salvia, Pseudoginseng, Ginkgo and Ligusti-
cum.                                          Pinyin                                        Pinyin
                                              Xian Mao                                      Tu Si Zi
Primary Combinations
Combine with:                                 Treasures                                     Treasures
                                              Yang Jing                                     Yin and Yang Jing
1. Ginseng Root, Citrus Peel and Atracty-
lodes to tonify the Spleen and remove         Treasure Rating                               Treasure Rating
***1/2                                                                                       turn provides the primal power of life.
                                               1. Eucommia bark, Dioscorea and Cibotium      Cynomorium builds both Yin and Yang Jing,
Atmospheric Energy                             to fortify the Kidney, to strengthen the      although it is predominantly a Yang tonic
Neutral                                        lower back and to treat lower back and        herb. However, it does supply Yin Essence
                                               knee pain                                     (Yin Jing) and can help build blood
Taste                                                                                        (another Yin treasure). Furthermore, it is
Acrid and Sweet                                2. Schizandra fruit, Cnidium fruit,           moistening to the intestines and helps
                                               Ligustrum fruit and Astragalus seed to        relieve dry heat constipation.
Organ Meridian Systems                         treat impotence
Liver and Kidney                                                                             Cynomorium is used for impotence in men
                                               3. Codonopsis, White Atractylodes and         and lack of libido in women due to defi-
Primary Functions                              Dioscorea to treat chronic diarrhea due       ciency of Kidney Yang energy. It
To tonify the Kidneys, benefit Yin and         to Spleen deficiency                          strengthens all sexual functions when
Yang Jing. Astringent.                                                                       used over a period of time. Men do not
                                               Varieties and Grading                         have to be impotent to use Cynomorium.
Qualities                                      Fresh, aromatic Cuscuta seed is best.         It will simply strengthen a man, or women,
Cuscuta is commonly used in long term                                                        starting from the point where they are at
tonic programs. It is a gentle tonic for       Contraindications                             on the energy scale.
the Kidney Yin and Yang, and also helps        Not to be used when experiencing strong
nourish Chi. It helps the Kidney to            heat patterns.                                Cynomorium is a superb rejuvenating herb.
consolidate the Chi. It is widely used to                                                    It strengthens all the functions and
improve vision, nourish the sperm and          Cynomorium Root                               structures associated with the Kidney,
marrow, strengthen bones and sinews and        Products Featuring This Herb:                 including the bladder, the back, the legs
to strengthen sexual functions.                Magu’s Treasure                               and the skeleton in general. You can also
                                               Magu’s Secret                                 think of Cynomorium as an herb which will
Cuscuta seed is commonly used in tonic                                                       strengthen all bodily functions from the
formulations designed to benefit Yin and       Other Common Names                            waist down. It is a great herb if you want
Yang Jing. It is most commonly used to         Cynomorium                                    to build your Kidney strength.
strengthen the urogenital functions. It is
used to treat impotence, premature             Pharmaceutical Latin                          Cynomorium and Cistanche are very
ejaculation, frequent urination, and           Herbal Cynomorii                              similar in their actions; however, Cynomo-
leukorrhea as well as ear ringing and                                                        rium is slightly milder (it is not quite as
aching lower back, symptoms which often        Pinyin                                        hot) and is therefore often used in
accompany deficient Kidney conditions          Suo Yang                                      fertility formulas for women where
that cause sexual weakness.                                                                  Cistanches may be too hot. Both of these
                                               Treasures                                     superb Kidney tonics are used together in
Cuscuta seed gently but efficiently helps      Primarily Yang Jing, but also Yin Jing and    a majority of sophisticated anti-aging,
tonify both Yin and Yang, therefore it is a    Blood                                         potency-enhancing Kidney tonic formula-
very useful, safe and important herb.                                                        tions for men. You will find Cynomorium
People suffering from Kidney Yin defi-         Treasure Rating                               combined with herbs like Rehmannia,
ciency will tend to experience symptoms        ****                                          Lycium, Deer Antler, Gecko, Tortoise
of dizziness, blurred vision, spots in front                                                 Shell, Polygonum, Schizandra, Cnidium
of the eyes and ringing in the ears.           Atmospheric Energy                            seed and Cuscuta seed, etc.
Habitual consumption of Cuscuta can            Warm
improve vision and clear away these            Organ Meridian Systems                        Varieties and Grading
symptoms.                                      Kidney and Liver                              Larger, clean looking slices are best.
                                                                                             Cynomorium has a brick red tone. If the
Cuscuta will build Yin Essence (Yin Jing)      Part Used and Form                            redness is lacking, it is too old or not
and thus it is considered to be an anti-       Sun-dried fleshy stem                         Cynomorium.
aging herb. It is used to build sperm,
increase fertility in both men and women       Primary Functions                             Contraindications
and is listed as an aphrodisiac in all         Tonify the Kidney and fortify Yang. To        Cynomorium is not well suited to people
traditional Chinese pharmacopoeias.            nourish blood, benefit Essence (Yin Jing)     who are severely Yin deficient since it is
                                               and strengthen sinews.                        primarily a Yang herb. Also, it is not well
Cuscuta will be used with either Yin or                                                      suited to people who are suffering either
Yang tonic herbs depending on the              Qualities                                     chronically or acutely from diarrhea since
specifics of the person’s condition.           Cynomorium is considered to be a superb       it tends to loosen stool.
Cuscuta is almost always combined with         tonic to the primal yang essence and is
Cnidium seed because they enhance one          thus used in many tonics for both men and
another. Cuscuta seed helps consolidate        women. It is widely believed in the Orient    Dang Gui
the Essence (Yin Jing) and thus slows          to be a superb longevity herb and an          Products Featuring This Herb:
down aging and prevents loss of bodily         excellent sexual tonic and stimulant. It is   Magu’s Treasure
fluids. This type of herb is critical in any   said to strengthen the bones.                 Magu’s Secret
program designed to rejuvenate the body                                                      Women’s Jing
and to prolong life.                           Cynomorium is a powerful yet relatively       Shou Wu Formulation
                                               mild Jing herb. It plays a major role in      Ant Essence Formula
Primary Combinations                           many herbal programs designed to              Strength Builder
Combine with:                                  strengthen the Kidney function, which in      Profound Essence
Endocrine Health                             potent and effective blood tonic, and 2. as   addition, the vitamin E and folic acid in
Remove Stagnation                            a gynecological regulator.                    Dang Gui contribute to the stability of
Cardiovascular Protector                                                                   the pregnancy. Dang Gui helps prevent
Four Things Combination                      As a blood tonic, Dang Gui is almost          inflammation in the pelvic cavity and
Ginseng and Astragalus Combination           incomparable. Few herbs in the world are      therefore has protective benefits to the
Ten Complete Supertonic Combination          either as safe or as potent as blood          pregnant woman besides stabilizing the
Ginseng and Longan Combination               tonics. It is commonly used by millions of    fetus and preventing anemia.
Ginseng Nutritive Combination                people to treat common anemia. It can be
Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination             used after an illness, injury or surgery to   Scientific Data
Dang Gui and Gelatin                         rebuild red blood cells and to increase       The root of Angelica sinensis contains a
Bupleurum and Rehmannia Combination          blood volume. It is very commonly used by     small but potent quantity of volatile oil
Platycodon and Fritillary                    women to build blood. It is most fre-         (0.2-0.4%) of which about 35-50% is
Gentiana Combination                         quently used after a woman’s menstrual        ligustilide. The characteristic aroma
Bupleurum and Peony Combination              period has concluded, in order to replen-     associated with Radix Angelica is the
                                             ish blood which has been lost. Dang Gui is    result of a volatile oil called n-butylidene
Other Common Names                           found in numerous general tonic formula-      phthalide and a “fragrant-lemon” lactone.
Tang Kuei, Dong Quai, Tang Kwei, Chinese     tions as part of the blood-building           The root contains vitamin B12 (0.25-
Angelica Root                                component of the formula. Men as well as      0.4mg/100 g.), nicotinic acid, folic acid,
                                             women benefit from strong blood.              folinic acid, biotin and vitamins A and E
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese                                                    and sucrose. In addition, it contains a
Tonic Herbs                                  Dang Gui is Chinese herbalism’s most          fixed oil, palmitic acid, b-sitosterol, b-
181                                          important gynecological herb. It is used in   sitosteryl palmitate, ferulic acid, succinic
                                             almost all formulas designed to treat         acid, uracil and adenine.
Pharmaceutical Latin                         dysmenorrhea and other menstrual
Radix Angelica                               disturbances. It has an analgesic action in   Experiments on a variety of animals and
                                             the case of dysmenorrhea (painful             studies done with humans have shown that
Pinyin                                       menstruation) which is attributed to its      Angelica sinensis has a regulatory,
Dang Gui                                     biphasic, regulating effect on the uterus.    biphasic action on the pregnant and non-
                                             Dang Gui is mildly sedative and soothing      pregnant uterus. A component of the
Treasures                                    to nervous disorders and excessive            volatile oil, which works directly on the
Blood                                        emotionalism.                                 uterus, has been demonstrated to reduce
                                                                                           rhythmic contractions of the uterus,
Treasure Rating                              Dang Gui is routinely used to treat           resulting in muscular relaxation. The
****1/2                                      amenorrhea, infertility, premenstrual         water-soluble and/or alcohol-soluble non-
                                             syndrome and menopausal distress. It is       volatile substance of the herb, on the
Atmospheric Energy                           generally combined with other herbs to        other hand, has a stimulating action on
Warm                                         suit the condition and the constitution of    the uterus, which can result in strong
                                             the woman. These Dang Gui-based               uterine contraction.
Taste                                        formulations are extraordinarily effec-
Sweet, Acrid, Bitter,                        tive and they are safe. Some of these         Researchers now believe that the action
                                             formulations may be consumed as health-       of the herb on the uterus correlates with
Organ Meridian Systems                       promoting tonics. They help regulate the      the functional state of the uterus.
Heart, Liver, Spleen                         menstrual functions and prevent degen-        Experiments on rabbits has shown that
                                             eration of the reproductive system.           when the intrauterine pressure is not
Primary Functions                            Therefore, Dang Gui is used in many           increased, Angelica sinensis slightly
Blood tonic, blood stimulant, menstrua-      Chinese youth preserving formulations. It     inhibits contraction. This results in the
tion-corrective, analgesic                   is included in most beauty tonics. The        relaxation of the uterine muscles and
                                             herb has in fact been found to benefit        improves blood flow and local nutrition. On
Qualities                                    the complexion by improving circulation in    the other hand, when intrauterine
Dang Gui, Angelica sinensis, is used by      the skin, and by detoxifying, and thus        pressure increases, as in the case of
men and women alike as a superb blood        helping to clear blemishes. It is almost      pregnancy, uterine contraction decreases
tonic. It is also an important blood         always included in formulations designed      as a result of Angelica sinensis adminis-
vitalizing herb (e.g., it improves blood     to detoxify the skin and is used to treat     tration, allowing the muscles to relax, but
circulation). Men use it as a muscle         urticaria, eczema, neurodermatitits,          ultimately allowing the uterine muscles to
building blood tonic. However, Dang Gui is   pruritus, vitiligo, rosacea, alopecia and     contract more efficiently at micturation.
most famous as a women’s tonic, because      pigment diseases.
women often use it as a blood tonic and to                                                 Pharmacological studies indicate that
regulate the female menstrual cycle. It is   Although some Western physicians do not       Angelica sinensis does not have estrogenic
found in most women’s tonic preparations.    recommend the use of Dang Gui during          action, contrary to earlier reports.
                                             pregnancy because of a misunderstanding
Dang Gui is one of the most famous and       of its actions, this herb is used by          The hemotinic, or blood tonic, effect of
widely used herbs in the world. It is        virtually every pregnant woman in China,      Angelica sinensis is now attributed to its
commonly described as the supreme            and has been for many centuries. It has       vitamin B12, folic acid, folinic acid,
“woman’s herb,” and as the “queen of         been demonstrated that during preg-           nicotinic acid and biotin contents. An-
Chinese herbs.” It is also very commonly     nancy, Dang Gui exerts an inhibitory          gelica sinensis is also rich in the metal
used by men as a component of tonic          action on the uterus, which the Chinese       cobalt. Cobalt is the major element
formulations. Dang Gui is most well known    believe helps “stabilize the fetus” and       responsible for vitamin B12’s hemotinic
for its two primary functions: 1. as a       prevents spontaneous miscarriage. In          (blood enriching) action. Experiments have
shown that once vitamin B12 loses 0.01                                                         few complex organ structures which
gram of cobalt, its hemotinic effect           4. Lycium fruit, Rehmannia (steamed) and        regenerates in an annual rhythm and
immediately disappears.                        Chrysanthemum flower to tonify yin and          which will regenerate if cut or broken off.
                                               relieve false fire conditions resulting in      This regenerative power is what has most
The herb exerts a complex influence on         red eyes, dizziness, etc.                       intrigued scientists in recent years, just
the vascular system. It appears that the                                                       as it has the Asian people through the
volatile oil component tends to have a         Varieties and Grading                           ages.
biphasic influence on blood pressure, first    Dang Gui comes in a wide range of quali-
increasing it then decreasing it, while the    ties. The best Dang Gui is large, clean and     Studies conducted in Europe indicate that
non-volatile component decreases blood         sweet. It has a pleasant yet potent             the ability to regenerate is due to the
pressure. Numerous studies, however,           fragrance that smells fresh. Such high          rich supply of substances known as
indicate that the general result from          grade Dang Gui comes from the north of          ectosaponins. This complex chemical agent
taking Angelica sinensis is to mildly lower    China, from provinces such as Gansu and         is found more abundantly in lower animals,
blood pressure.                                Shanxi. The best Dang Gui has higher            in which the ectosaponins cause a wide
                                               content of volatile oils, accounting for its    variety of tissue to regenerate. The
Angelica sinensis has a biphasic action on     aroma and flavor. Lower grade Dang Gui is       ectosaponin in deer antler is very similar
the heart, in laboratory animals. Its          smaller and not as good smelling. Poor          to ectosaponins found at the tail bases of
predominant effect, however in animals is      quality Dang Gui is not pleasant smelling       many lizards, such as the Gecko lizard,
to lower cardiac excitability and to           or tasting, or it has little or no aroma. Old   and in the legs of star fish. Just as in the
prolong the atrial refractory period.          Dang Gui that lacks much fragrance or           case of deer antler, if the tale is broken
Angelica sinensis appears to improve           taste is fairly useless.                        off a Gecko or similar lizard or the legs
myocardial blood flow. This action is                                                          broken off a starfish, these appendages
greatly improved when Angelica sinensis is     Contraindications                               regrow — bone, nerves blood vessels,
combined with Rhizoma Ligustici, and Flos      Dang Gui should not be used against your        flesh and all. The ectosaponins extracted
Carthami). The herb has also been found        doctor’s orders. It should not be used by       from deer antler, as well as from Gecko
to reduce triglycerides in humans.             women with breast cancer.                       and star fish all have shown remarkable
                                                                                               regenerative effects on all types of
The herb has been demonstrated to              Deer Antler Extract                             tissue, including nerve tissue, which
possess nonspecific immunologic func-          Deer Antler is mainly used as a rejuvenat-      generally does not regenerate signifi-
tions, including the capacity to enhance       ing and strengthening agent. Short term         cantly. For example, experiments have
phagocytic functions of macrophages. It        use is believed to quickly build strength       been done by administering these
also has anti-allergic activity and has been   and power, while consistent long-term use       ectosaponins (as pantocrin) to frogs and
shown capable of decreasing allergic           is believed to rebuild and maintain deep        mice whose limbs have been amputated,
inflammation in the knee joints. It has        life force, preserve youthfulness and to        resulting in imperfect, but impressive,
been shown to have general anti-inflam-        enhance longevity. Like all yang herbs,         regrowth of the limb including the paws
matory and analgesic capacity with is 1.7      deer antler is used to strengthen the           and toes.
times more potent than that of sodium          back, knees and waste, but deer antler is
acetylsalicylate.                              considered to be the most powerful such         Research indicates that moderate doses
                                               agent and is usually the main herb in any       of pantocrin (primarily the alcohol
Angelica sinensis is capable of protecting     formula in which it is included. It is used     extract of deer antler) benefit cardiovas-
laboratory animals against the symptoms        to strengthen the skeletal structure in         cular function by helping to regulate
of vitamin E deficiency.                       both adults and children. It is also widely     heart rhythm and by raising blood
                                               used to improve mental power. Deer              pressure and circulation in people with
                                               antler has also been demonstrated to            chronic poor circulation.
Tang Kuei has been found to induce             improve cardiovascular function and to          Numerous studies done in China, Japan
interferon production in human beings. It      strengthen the nervous system.                  and Korea have shown that pantocrin
has been shown to have a weak inhibitory                                                       increases work capacity, decreases
action against many pathogenic microbes,       Description                                     muscular and mental fatigue, improves
including Escherichia coli, Salmonella         Full potency extract of the highest             sleep and improves appetite. Deer antler
typhi and paratyphy, Staphylococcus            quality Deer Antler in the world. Made          has been shown to increase the oxygen
aureus, and many others.                       from the tips, the most potent part. 6:1        uptake of the brain, liver and kidneys in
                                               concentrate.                                    laboratory animals. It also significantly
Primary Combinations                                                                           increased red and white blood cell
May be used alone, but is most commonly        Primary Traditional Functions                   production in laboratory animals, with the
combined with other herbs. Combine with:       Reinforcing Kidney Yang, tonifies Yin Jing,     effects increasing as dose was increased.
                                               tonifies blood
1. Ginseng Root or Codonopsis Root to
tonify yin and yang, Qi and blood              Who Can Use This Formula                        Dendrobium
                                               Those who wish to increase primal Yang          Products Featuring This Herb:
2. Ligusticum, Rehmannia (steamed) and         energy                                          Yin Replenisher
White Peony to tonify blood and yin,                                                           Primal Yin Replenisher
improve blood circulation, to regulate         Typical Usage
menstrual functions and to relieve             1 or 2 squeezes of the dropper (~35 70          Other Common Names
menstrual pain                                 drops), 13 times per day, or as desired         Dendrobium

3. Deer Antler to tonify Jing, blood and       Note                                            Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
fluids, to fortify the Kidney and to           Deer antler is a rare type of organ in the      Tonic Herbs
sharpen the mind                               higher animal kingdom. It is one of the         160
                                              much more) have routinely used                 Gok and Gum Cho in Korean) tea brewing
Pharmaceutical Latin                          Dendrobium as a daily tea for many             at all times for both the practitioners and
Herba Dendrobii                               centuries. The stems of leaves of a            the clients. This simple but elegant
                                              number of varieties of Dendrobium are an       combination of herbs is a healer’s tea.
Pinyin                                        excellent longevity herb. Dendrobium is        When a practitioner of the healing arts is
Shi Hu                                        especially useful in quickly and effectively   performing his or her art, they are using
                                              replenishing spent adaptive energy.            “healing energy,” and in fact this healing
Treasures                                                                                    energy comes straight from the Kidneys.
Yin Jing                                      Dendrobium has been traditionally used as      This is especially true when, as we were,
                                              a daily tea to replace spent Yin Jing of       you are working with your hands and mind
Treasure Rating                               the Kidney. The Kidney is considered to        by providing a service such as
****                                          be the whole body’s reservoir of Yin Jing,     acupressure. It was true. At the end of
                                              so replenishing the Yin of the Kidney          some sessions, especially difficult ones
Atmospheric Energy                            replenishes the whole body.                    with people who were going through a
Slightly Cold                                                                                great deal of stress, I could experience
                                              In replenishing and increasing Jing,           an almost exhausted, drained feeling that
Taste                                         Dendrobium increases the generative            made me want to sleep. Master Park said
Sweet and lightly salty                       force. Dendrobium is especially famous         that the Dendrobium and Licorice tea
                                              for relieving fatigue from over-indulgence     would prevent this fatigue and, even more
Organ Meridian Systems                        in sex. For those who maintain a balanced      importantly, would replenish the energy
Kidney, Lungs and Stomach                     sex life, Dendrobium is said to build          given up when performing the healing
                                              superb sexual vigor. Dendrobium, being a       work.
Part Used and Form                            Kidney Yin tonic, increases the sexual
Stems and Leaves                              fluids in men and women. And like all Jing     >From that day forward, for the next
                                              tonics, it helps strengthen the lower back     seven years while the Acupressure
Primary Functions                             and knees (areas controlled by the             Workshop existed, we had a pot of “Sok
Replenish Yin Essence (Yin Jing), generate    Kidney). For all these reasons, Denrobium,     Gok and Gum Cho” on a hot plate at all
fluids, clear heat.                           when combined with Licorice root and           times for both the practitioners and for
                                              made into a tea is called “honeymooners        the clients. The practitioners drank it
Qualities                                     tea.”                                          before and after every session and I am
This variety of Chinese orchid is an                                                         certain that they benefited greatly from
excellent and delicious Yin Jing tonic and    The Taoists say that Dendrobium fills the      this practice. The clients almost univer-
longevity herb. It is said to quickly and     Kidney meridian up with new vitality and       sally enjoyed the tea, usually drinking a
effectively replace spent “adaptive           strengthens muscles. It nourishes the Yin      cup while in the waiting room and often
energy.” It is widely used in the Orient by   of the Kidney and nourishes the saliva,        drinking another cup after the session.
those who engage in a lot of sexual           which the Taoists call the “Precious           The feeling through the years was that
activity to replace the spent energy and      Fluid.” It can be made into a superb tea       most of the clients felt that the tea
to replace fluids; and thus it is commonly    for athletes for the purpose of maintain-      helped them to get centered and to get
called “honeymooners tea.” When com-          ing fluids during exercise or sports.          more out of the acupressure session. The
bined with licorice root, it is also called                                                  protective quality of this unique tea was
“healer’s tea,” because it is said to         My teacher, Taoist Master Sung Jin Park,       always apparent. Our practitioners were
provide healing energy which can be           taught me another very important way to        constantly exposed to people with stress,
transmitted to others and replace spent       use Dendrobium. In 1975, when I was            colds, etc. and yet the amount of work
healing energy. Thus body workers, other      studying with Mast Park, I owned a small       time missed due to illness was almost nil.
hands-on healers, and all those who give      acupressure clinic in Los Angeles. At first    We all gave much of the credit to the
of themselves from their soul, benefit by     I had been studying with Master Park at        constant drinking of the tea.
consuming Dendrobium. It has been widely      his apartment, but one day I invited him
used both by Taoist hermits and by the        to come see the Acupressure Workshop.          One last benefit of Dendrobium lies in its
Chinese elite.                                The first time I brought him to the clinic,    beauty-promoting quality. Dendrobium
                                              which was in a small old house in a busi-      helps keep the skin moist and constant
Dendrobium is primarily used in China to      ness district, he entered with true            drinking helps generate beautiful skin.
replenish fluids. It is commonly used in      reverence, removing his shoes and bowing       When combined in a person’s program with
Chinese herbalism as a Yin tonic which        repeatedly as he approached the front          other skin nourishing and cleansing herbs
moistens the Stomach and Lungs. It can        door and passed through into the foyer of      like Codonopsis, Tang Kuei, Schizandra
be very effective in treating dryness         the clinic. When he first entered, he          and White Peony, a person’s skin will
problems like dry mouth, thirst, stomach      looked around and said “Ah! Just like          definitely improve, becoming smooth,
pain, mouth sores, sunstroke, and dry         ancient hospital!” This gave me great          radiant, supple and clear.
lungs and air passages due to dry weather     pride. But then he started sniffing as
or due to pollution and smoke. In other       though he could smell something fowl. He       Primary Combinations
words, Dendrobium is used to balance hot,     asked me “Where is your Sok Gok and            Combine with:
dry conditions, to replace damaged or lost    Gum Cho?” I didn’t have a clue as to what
fluids and to relieve thirst, depression      he was talking about. But after a couple       1. Licorice root to tonify Kidney yin and
and deficiency fever as a result of an        of minutes of trying to get him to explain,    generate body fluids
illness.                                      I got an answer.
                                                                                             2. Ophiopogon, Glehnia and Raw Rehmannia
However, the truly great value of             It was traditional, where Master Park          to generate body fluids, tonify Stomach
Dendrobium lies elsewhere. Taoist sages,      came from, for healing centers to have a       yin and saliva
who were the masters of longevity (and        pot of Dendrobium and Licorice root (Sok
3. Raw Rehmannia, Prince Ginseng and          therefore is neither hot nor cold, it        ingredient in almost any cooking where
Asparagus root for generalized yin            benefits both the Yin and the Yang of the    flour, grain or starch might otherwise be
deficiency with afternoon fever               Lungs, Kidneys and Spleen.                   used.

Varieties and Grading                         It builds Spleen Qi, which results in        Primary Combinations
Large golden, or green-gold, well-pre-        strong digestion and metabolism. It is       Dioscorea may be used alone. Combine
served stems and leaves indicate good         often combined with Ginseng, White           with:
quality. If the stems and leaves are pulpy,   Atractylodes and Poria to fortify the Qi
that is excellent. The Dendrobium should      producing power of the digestive tract.      1. Ginseng, Atractylodes, Poria, Licorice
not be brittle or crumbly when gently         Dioscorea is a great herb for people who     and Jujube Date to strengthen the
squeezed — this would mean that the           suffer from loose stool. It is very          Spleen and Lungs and to build Qi
Dendrobium is old and will have lost its      effective at treating many types of
potency. The white pulp inside the            diarrhea.                                    2. Lycium and Schizandra to tonify the
Dendrobium should be fresh looking and                                                     Kidneys and
even a bit moist. Some varieties are not      Used with Codonopsis (or American
as large as Dendrobium nobile. However,       Ginseng), Ophiopogon, Schizandra and         3. American Ginseng or Panax Ginseng
they work the same — just be sure they        other herbs that benefit the Lungs,          Root to moderate blood sugar levels
are in good condition and are not too old.    Dioscorea helps strengthen the ability to
                                              build Qi in the Lungs and generally          4. Poria to improve the urinary function of
                                              improve Lung functioning, which in turn      the Kidney
Dioscorea Root                                strengthens the whole body. It is com-
Products Featuring This Herb:                 monly used in formulations designed to       5. Dang Gui and White Peony Root to
Supreme Creation                              relieve coughing due to weak Lung condi-     regulate female hormonal functions
Imperial Garden                               tion.
Strength Builder                                                                           Varieties and Grading
Endocrine Health                              Dioscorea is a valuable herb. In the         Dioscorea comes in a range of grades
Frame Builder                                 process of rebuilding and maintaining        depending on the variety and where it was
Eagle Vision                                  healthy Kidney functions, it has both Yin    grown. A variety known as “Huai Shan” is
Return to Youth                               Jing building power and an astringent        grown in the mountains of Henan Province
Rehmannia Six Combination                     action which helps consolidate the Kidney    and is considered to be the best. How-
                                              energy, preventing “leaking” of fluids. It   ever, good Dioscorea also grows in many
Other Common Names                            is widely recommended for the “leakage”      mountainous areas of China including
Wild Chinese Yam and Mountain Medicine        problems which occur as a result of a        Hebei, Sichuan, Shandong and Shanxi
                                              deficiency of the Kidney, such as sperma-    Provinces. Dioscorea is sometimes avail-
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       torrhea, leucorrhagia and frequent           able simple as the sliced yam. Often, it is
Tonic Herbs                                   urination. It is also often used by people   macerated and rolled into cylindrical rods.
186                                           suffering night sweats as a result of        These rods are sometimes sold as whole
                                              general weakness or chronic consumptive      rods (several inches long), and sometimes
Pharmaceutical Latin                          illness. In each of the above mentioned      sliced into very neat pieces. This process
Radix Dioscoreae Oppositae                    cases, Dioscorea will be combined with       does not in any way effect quality. Pure
                                              different herbs. Dioscorea will help         white Dioscorea is usually the best.
Pinyin                                        strengthen the back and knees, like all      Source and Price will generally tell you
Shan Yao                                      herbs that build the Kidney.                 which is the best Dioscorea.

Treasures                                     Diabetes is a disorder for which             Contraindications
Yin Jing and Qi                               Dioscorea is very highly recommended in      Dioscorea should be used only sparingly in
                                              Asia. The vast majority of Chinese people    cases of abdominal distention due to food
Treasure Rating                               with diabetes drink a tea of Dioscorea, or   stagnancy.
****                                          a blend of Dioscorea with other herbs,
                                              throughout the day to help with the          Dipsacus
Atmospheric Energy                            symptoms of dysphoria and thirst.            Products Featuring This Herb:
Neutral                                                                                    Strong Bones
                                              Dioscorea is a powerful herb for treating    Strength Builder
Organ Meridian Systems                        dehydration be it due to an illness,         Profound Essence
Kidneys, Spleen and Stomach                   excessive sweating from physical activity,   Frame Builder
                                              due to the weather, or whatever.
Part Used and Form                            Dioscorea is a superb herb for helping       Other Common Names
The peeled sun-dried rhizome                  replenish body fluids when taken as a tea    Dipsacus
                                              or with sufficient water.
Primary Functions                                                                          Pharmaceutical Latin
Qi tonic, Yin Jing tonic, tonic to Yin of     Dioscorea is a safe and mild herb that can   Radix Dipsaci
Lung and Stomach, astringent to Kidney.       be used as a nutrient tonic on a regular
                                              basis. Being a type of yam, it is often      Pinyin
Qualities                                     included in food products, and cooked in     Xu Duan
Dioscorea, whose literal name in Chinese      routine Chinese cooking as a health food.
is “Mountain Medicine,” is one of the more    The slices of Dioscorea are quite edible.    Treasures
widely used tonic herbs. Because the herb     Dioscorea can easily be crushed or ground    Yang Jing
has a neutral “atmospheric energy,” and       into a powder which makes an excellent
Treasure Rating                                                                             irritability. It may be combined with
***1/2                                         1. Eucommia bark to strengthen the lower     other yin herbs such as American Ginseng,
                                               back and knees                               Glehnia, Ophiopogon, Asparagus root, etc.,
Atmospheric Energy                                                                          to replenish fluids.
Slightly Warm                                  2. Eucommia bark, Donkey skin glue,
                                               Mugwort leaf, Astragalus root and Dang       Primary Combinations
Taste                                          Gui for profuse menstrual flow, uterine      Always combined with other tonic herbs.
Bitter and Acrid                               bleeding and threatened abortion with        Combine with:
Organ Meridian Systems                                                                      1. Dang Gui and White Peony Root to
Liver and Kidney                               Varieties and Grading                        tonify blood
                                               The herb must be fried if it is to be used
Part Used and Form                             to stop uterine bleeding. As a tonic, the    2. Platycodon and Ophiopogon to nourish
The sun-dried root                             raw herb may be cooked or used raw. All      Lung Yin
                                               Dipsacus is of similar quality in the US.    3. Anemarrhena to stop bleeding and
Primary Functions                                                                           relieve heat in the lower burner.
Tonify Kidney and Liver, help repair bones     Donkey Hide Glue
and ligaments, and open the blood vessels.     Products Featuring This Herb:                Varieties and Grading
                                               Dang Gui and Gelatin                         Donkey Skin Glue can be purchased at
Qualities                                                                                   most Chinese herb shops. It is all high
This Kidney tonic is primarily used to         Other Common Names                           quality.
strengthen the skeletal structure.             Ass Hide Glue, Donkey Skin Glue
Dipsacus is one of the main herbs used in                                                   Contraindications
case of traumatic injury to the skeleton.      Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese      The herb should not be used in large
It is an excellent herb for repairing          Tonic Herbs                                  quantities by some one experiencing weak
structural tissue (bones and ligaments)        201                                          digestion with poor appetite, or diarrhea
that have been damaged as a result of                                                       and vomiting.
trauma. Dipsacus helps relieve the             Pharmaceutical Latin
swelling due to structural trauma. It is       Colla Corii Asini                            Dragon Bone
the perfect herb for those who have                                                         Products Featuring This Herb:
damaged spinal structure and for those         Pinyin                                       Strong Bones
who have experienced knee injuries.            E Jiao                                       Profound Essence
However, it is useful for any structural                                                    Will Power
tissue damage to hasten repair.                Treasures                                    Bupleurum and Dragon Bone Combination
Thus Dipsacus is a premium herb for                                                         Other Common Names
athletes, dancers and others who have          Treasure Rating                              Dragon Bone
experienced minor or severe structural         ****
injuries as a result of their activities. It                                                Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
can be used preventatively by those who        Atmospheric Energy                           Tonic Herbs
have had previous injuries or by those         Neutral                                      207
who are involved in dangerous activities
and may wish to do all that they can to        Organ Meridian Systems                       Pharmaceutical Latin
fortify the structure of the body. It is       Lung, Liver and Kidney                       Os Draconis
equally effective for older people who are     Primary Functions                            Pinyin
experiencing structural difficulties simply    To nourish the blood, to stop bleeding, to   Long Gu
due to aging. Dipsacus is usually combined     replenish Yin and to moisten the lungs
with Eucommia, Drynaria, Tang Kuei and                                                      Treasures
sometimes Deer Antler.                         Qualities                                    Spirit stabilizer
                                               The fried skin of the donkey is a powerful
Dipsacus performs some of the classic          blood and Yin tonic routinely used in        Treasure Rating
Kidney tonic functions as well. It helps       Chinese herbalism. It is commonly com-       ***1/2
strengthen sexual function and relieves        bined with other major tonic herbs to
back pain. Dipsacus is routinely used          fortify the entire body after illness,       Atmospheric Energy
during pregnancy in Asia to strengthen         injury or surgery. It can be used by any     Neutral
the mother’ back and to calm the fetus.        one suffering from blood deficiency. It is
It is used to relieve bleeding during          usually combined with Ginseng, Astraga-      Taste
pregnancy which may threaten the               lus, Dang Gui and Prepared Rehmannia.        Sweet, Astringent
                                               It may be combined with herbs that have      Organ Meridian Systems
Dipsacus also helps improve blood flow by      a hemostatic action (they stop bleeding).    Heart, Liver, Kidney, Large Intestine
opening up the blood vessels. Therefore it     However, since bleeding is serious, it
is useful in any condition in which the        should only be done under a doctor’s         Part Used and Form
blood vessels are constricted especially       supervision.                                 Fossilized bones of prehistoric animals
when the constriction results in pain.                                                      such as mastodon, hairy rhinoceros,
                                               Donkey Skin Glue has Yin properties that     hipparion, deer, oxen, etc. Large or small
Primary Combinations                           are useful in Yin deficiency syndrome,       chunks of white mineralized vertebral or
Combine with:                                  manifesting as dry cough, dry mouth and      extremities bone. Dragon’s Teeth, which
are the fossilized teeth of these animals,    Dioscorea and Astragalus.
are also used with similar, though not                                                        Other Common Names
identical function.                           The Taoists often used Dragon Bone at           Drynaria
                                              the initial stages of their training in order
Primary Functions                             to calm the mind so that they could make        Pharmaceutical Latin
Calm and stabilize the Spirit, astringent     quick progress in their meditation              Rhizoma Drynariae
                                              practices. Since agitation was considered
Qualities                                     to be anathema to a Taoist, Dragon Bone         Pinyin
Dragon Bone is a Spirit stabilizing           provided a powerful tool in gaining a grip      Gu Sui Bu
substance. It calms the Liver and sup-        on one’s emotions. Of course, the Taoists
presses hyperactivity of Liver Yang. This     combined the consumption of Spirit              Treasures
results in a strong calming effect which      stabilizing herbs with mind training, and       Yang Jing
can be described as both sedating and         the results were quick and profound.
tranquilizing. Dragon bone has a profound                                                     Treasure Rating
calming effect on the heart, being one of     Dragon Bone’s calming effect can be just        ***1/2
the primary natural substances known for      as useful in our modern, generally hectic
calming excitability and palpitation.         society. In fact, Dragon Bone is one of         Atmospheric Energy
                                              the most useful and effective substances        Warm
Dragon bone is an extremely useful            in Chinese herbalism. It is an incredible
therapeutic substance. Dragon bone,           tool that I have seen help thousands of         Organ Meridian Systems
being a mineral, is rich in calcium and       Americans. Anyone experiencing stress           Kidney and Liver
other trace minerals that can benefit the     and agitation can benefit from the
body in many ways. It is used to relieve      calming, stabilizing effect of Dragon           Part Used and Form
irritability, chronic and acute anger,        Bone. This rich source of minerals has          Rhizome
tension and dizziness caused by hyperac-      excellent relaxing effects on the nerves
tivity of Yang. Dragon Bone has wonderful     and muscles. It helps relieve muscular          Primary Functions
benefits for those experiencing mental        spasms associated with chronic or acute         Tonify the Kidney, promotes mending of
and emotional agitation, palpitations,        tension.                                        bones and related structural tissues,
insomnia and chronic or acute anxiety. In                                                     stimulates hair growth
Chinese medicine, it is even used for         Formulations containing Dragon Bone are
epilepsy induced by terror and for manic      among the most popular in the current           Qualities
behavior.                                     Japanese herbal system (known as                Drynaria is the most important herb in
                                              Kampo), a result of the Japanese people’s       the Chinese pharmacopoeia for healing
Dragon Bone is not used by itself, but        attempt to deal with Japan’s Type-A             damaged bone and ligaments. It is used in
always in combination with other herbs. If    societal personality. If you suffer from        all formulas for broken bones, torn
the symptoms are the result of excessive      insomnia, restlessness, apprehension,           ligaments. It is also useful in the treat-
yang activity, combining with Oyster Shell    palpitations, anxiety, irritability, anger,     ment of and recovery from sprains,
and Haliotis will be effective. If the        frustration, tension, fear, or any of the       contusions (bruises) and stress fractures.
problems are due to yin deficiency,           symptoms that require an astringent, find       Drynaria has been explored deeply by
Dragon Bone is combined with herbs like       a good Dragon Bone product. Dragon Bone         martial arts practitioners in Asia for over
Zizyphus, Polygonum stem and Biota. If        changes people’s lives, and it’s extremely      a thousand years and its efficacy is very
the problem is due to Blood deficiency, it    safe.                                           well established. In fact, the literal name
is combined with prepared Rehmannia,                                                          of the herb in Chinese is “Mender of
White Peony and Tang Kuei. It is com-                                                         Shattered Bones.” Drynaria is usually
bined with Ginseng, Poria, Licorice,          Primary Combinations                            used in combination with Dipsacus and
Astragalus and Polygala in cases of Heart     Combine with:                                   other herbs to deal with the specific
Qi deficiency.                                                                                problems.
                                              1. Oyster Shell, Zizyphus, Spirit Poria,
Dragon Bone can be used as a very             Biota and Polygonum Stem to stabilize           Drynaria can be used like all Yang Jing
effective astringent herb. It is often        Spirit                                          tonics to strengthen the lower back and
used in formulas for seminal emission,                                                        knees. It seems to have special efficacy
leukorrhia, excessive perspiration due to     2. Oyster Shell and Cornus as an astrin-        in a high percentage of cases of tinnitis
weakness and excessive uterine bleeding.      gent used for excessive perspiration,           (ringing in the ears) and bleeding gums.
It is often found in formulas designed to     night sweats and diarrhea                       Though it is traditionally considered to be
enhance male sexual performance. In this                                                      effective for toothaches, I recommend
usage, it has both a calming effect on the    Varieties and Grading                           you get to the dentist and get the
mind, preventing premature ejaculation,       There is counterfeit Dragon Bone avail-         problem fixed.
and it has the astringent action, literally   able in some Chinese herb shops. It is
locking in the semen and thus further         difficult to recognize, but it is made from     Primary Combinations
preventing premature ejaculation. Its         cow bone that is mineralized artificially.      Combine with:
astringent action is also useful for          All real Dragon Bone is excellent. So buy
problems like excessive perspiring,           from a reputable herb dealer that you can       1. Eucommia , Psoralea and Walnut Kernel
chronic diarrhea, leukorrhea and frequent     trust.                                          to strengthen the lower back and knees
urination. Furthermore, it is extremely
effective at restraining night sweats in      Drynaria                                        2. Rehmannia (steamed) and Cornus for
weakened individuals, especially when         Products Featuring This Herb:                   tinnitus and deafness
taken with Jing and Qi tonic herbs such       Strong Bones                                    3. Tortoise plastrum for swelling and pain
as Codonopsis, Gynostemma, Ganoderma,         Frame Builder                                   due to external trauma
                                             almost with the animal yang tonics like       an incredible health aid for people
Varieties and Grading                        Gecko, Male Silkworm Moth, Sea Horse,         concerned about their cardiovascular and
All Drynaria is of similar grade in Ameri-   Sea Dragon and Deer Antler. This is very      immune systems. The only drawback to
can herb shops.                              unusual for a plant. Its name can literally   Epimedium is that it is drying, so it should
                                             be translated, revealingly, as “the herb      be used very carefully by those who are
Contraindications                            for the man that likes sex too much, like a   too dry or who are otherwise significantly
Should not be used by people with severe     goat,” or more simply “goat sex herb.” In     yin deficient. First, build up yin. If you
yin deficiency. Use with yin herbs if the    general this is what Epimedium is famous      are only slightly yin deficient or wish to
person is mildly yin deficient.              for and the most common purpose for           protect your yin, it may be taken with yin
                                             using it. It is worth noting that women       herbs. People who are in good health may
                                             often take this herb as well to increase      use Epimedium safely and regularly to
Epimedium                                    their sexual drive, but usually in smaller    enhance sexual power and to build their
Products Featuring This Herb:                quantities than men and combined with         immune systems. HIV-infected individuals
Super Yang Jing Drops                        women’s herbs, which are usually more yin.    or other people with weakened immune
Women’s Jing                                 I have seen it used in a number of            systems may use Epimedium regularly as
Imperial Garden                              women’s fertility formulas in China.          long as they are getting a full spectrum of
Endocrine Health                             However, Epimedium has been shown to          Yin tonics, Qi tonics and Blood tonics.
                                             have no estrogen-like activity.
Other Common Names                                                                         Epimedium is also beneficial for anyone
Goat Sex Herb and The Herb for the Man       This herb has been extensively studied in     suffering from Kidney deficiency with
Who Likes Sex Too Much, Like a Goat          both the laboratory and in clinics in         symptoms like lower back pain, weak or
                                             modern China, Korea and Japan. It has         painful knees, dizziness, forgetfulness,
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese      been clearly shown that Epimedium does        frequent urination, irregular menstrua-
Tonic Herbs                                  increase sexual activity in animals and       tion, etc. It will also be found in formulas
162                                          humans. It stimulates the sensory nerves      designed to aid in the recovery from
                                             throughout the body, and in particular in     sports injuries (fractures, tears, spasms),
Pharmaceutical Latin                         the genital region. Epimedium also            combined with other yang tonics like
Herba Epimedii                               increases sperm production in men. It has     Drynaria, blood tonics like Tang Kuei and
                                             been shown to have a moderate androgen-       with blood vitalizing herbs.
Pinyin                                       like influence on the testes, prostate
Yin Yang Huo                                 gland and anal muscles, which will influ-     The only drawback to Epimedium is that it
                                             ence sexual desire and activity.              is drying. It should be used very carefully
Treasures                                                                                  by those who are too dry or who are
Yang Jing and Qi                             But the sexual strengthening effects of       otherwise Yin deficient.
                                             Epimedium are only the beginning. This
Treasure Rating                              remarkable herb has been found to have        Preparation and Utilization
****                                         significant ability to lower high blood       An excellent and simple formula that one
                                             pressure, without reducing it below           can make at home is to combine
Atmospheric Energy                           normal if used by people with normal          Epimedium with Schizandra and Lycium,
Warm                                         blood pressure. It does not influence the     with several leaves of Epimedium being
                                             blood pressure of people with low blood       combined with an ounce each of the other
Taste                                        pressure unless combined with red             two herbs. Simmer this in a quart of
Acrid and Sweet                              ginseng, in which case blood pressure can     water until half is boiled away (as de-
                                             be elevated. In China, Epimedium is           scribed in the section on Schizandra, add
Organ Meridian Systems                       combined with Curculiginus and Morinda        the Schizandra for only the final 20
Kidney and Liver                             to treat climacteric hypertension.            minutes of cooking). This will strengthen
                                                                                           the body by building both the Yin and
Part Used and Form                           Perhaps even more important has been          Yang of the Kidneys and Liver. Those who
The leaves                                   the recent discoveries that Epimedium is      are Yin deficient may double the Schizan-
                                             a powerful immune enhancing agent. Many       dra and Lycium (or reduce the amount of
Primary Functions                            recent studies have confirmed that            Epimedium to one half) and add other Yin
To tonify the Kidney, strengthen Yang,       Epimedium has powerful immune modulat-        nourishing herbs such as Polygonum
eliminate dampness, dispel wind and          ing activity which can support the immune     multiflorum, Dendrobium, steamed
fortify the defenses                         functions of healthy and significantly        Rehmannia, Tang Kuei, Glehnia, Asparagus
                                             enhance the immune systems of immune-         root, Ophiopogon and/or American
Qualities                                    compromised individuals. Recent con-          Ginseng, etc. Such a brew, if most of
Epimedium is a powerful sexual tonic and     firmed studies have shown that                these herbs were used, would be superb
stimulant. Epimedium is known as “horny      Epimedium has significant anti-HIV            for those who are experiencing deep
goat weed “ because when goats eat it,       activity. Epimedium is officially listed in   exhaustion. Those who want more yang
they begin copulating. Oriental people       China as an herb that can help prevent        action may add herbs like Eucommia,
consider it an aphrodisiac. Epimedium is     the growth of cancer and has been listed      Cistanches, Cynomorium, Psoralea,
also said to strengthen the bones and        by the Chinese Academy of Medical             Cordyceps, Cnidium, Sea Horse, etc. If
joints, and to calm and relax the heart.     Sciences as one of an elite group of herbs    blood pressure is a problem, increase the
Recent research indicates that Epimedium     that slow down aging and promote longev-      amount of Eucommia.
is a strong immune system regulator.         ity.
                                                                                           Primary Combinations
Epimedium is a very powerful yang tonic      What a remarkable herb! Relaxing, yet         Epimedium is always combined with other
herb. Its power as a yang tonic ranks        sexually invigorating. Not only safe, but     herbs. Combine with:
                                              Cortex Eucommiae                              tonifying effects. It is in fact the
1. Deer Antler, Morinda, Ginseng Cynomo-                                                    primary herb in Chinese tonic herbalism
rium, Cistanche and Cuscuta to tonify         Pinyin                                        for building a strong, sturdy, flexible
Kidney yang and promote sexual energy         Du Zhong                                      skeletal structure. It is used to
                                                                                            strengthen the bones, ligaments and
2. Rehmannia (steamed) and Curculigo          Treasures                                     tendons, and can be used to help mend
rhizome for impotence                         Primarily Yang Jing, but also Yin Jing to a   damage to these tissues, whether the
                                              lesser degree                                 damage be due to stress, age or trauma.
3. Eucommia bark and Cinnamon twigs to                                                      Eucommia is also the primary herb of
relieve low back pain due to an invasion of   Treasure Rating                               choice for lower back and knee problems,
wind-cold-damp.                               ****1/2                                       including pain, stiffness, dislocation,
                                                                                            swelling and weakness. Eucommia is one of
Varieties and Grading                         Atmospheric Energy                            the few herbs in Chinese tonic herbalism
There are a number of varieties of            Warm                                          that is sufficiently powerful, balanced and
Epimedium. Fundamentally, most are                                                          broad spectrum that it may be used alone.
equally effective. However, each species      Organ Meridian Systems                        However, it will generally be combined
will come in several grades, depending on     Kidney and Liver                              with any number of other tonic herbs in a
its growing conditions. The better grades                                                   formulation designed to build the Yin and
are prepared with much more care and will     Part Used and Form                            Yang of the Kidney.
cost a little more. Epimedium is not a very   The sun-dried bark from the trunk of the
expensive herb, so it is better to get the    tree, after having the outer cork scraped     Typically, Eucommia is combined with a
best you can get. High quality Epimedium      off.                                          balance of Yin Jing tonifying herbs like
will always be trimmed. There are little                                                    Lycium, Polygonum multiflorum, Ligustrum,
prickly points at the edge of the leaves      Primary Functions                             Schizandra, Tang Kuei, etc. and Yang Jing
and these are considered to be slightly       Nourishing the Kidney and Liver;              herbs such as Psoralea, Cynomorium,
toxic. So better quality Epimedium will       strengthening the bones, ligaments and        Morinda, Curculiginus, etc. to strengthen
have the edges trimmed off. If you buy        muscles; hypotensive; and benefiting the      the Kidney function as a whole. The yin-
some Epimedium that still has the little      uterus and fetus during pregnancy             yang balance of the formula will be
points, you can cut them off yourself, but                                                  determined by determining the person’s
the herb will probably be of lower quality.   Qualities                                     condition and adjusting the balance of the
Excellent quality Epimedium will tradition-   Eucommia bark is a superb Yang Jing           Yin and Yang herbs. In order to tonify the
ally tied into bundles a couple of inches     tonic, used to strengthen the back            entire body, at every level, other tonic
thick, and this is the way you should         (especially the lower back), skeleton, and    herbs may be added to the Kidney tonic
purchase it.                                  joints (especially the knees and ankles).     base, such as Ginseng, Astragalus, Deer
                                              Eucommia is believed to confer strength       Antler, Ganoderma and so on. Eucommia is
Preparations of Epimedium have a marked       and flexibility to the ligaments and          found in the majority of general tonifying
inhibitory effect against the polio virus     tendons. It is often used by athletes to      formulas.
and Staphylococcus aureus.                    strengthen the entire body. Eucommia is
                                              considered to be one of the great             Eucommia is the most important herb in
Contraindications                             longevity tonics of Chinese tonic herbal-     the Chinese pharmacopoeia as a tonic
Not to be used by men with hyperactive        ism.                                          during pregnancy. Jing is the foundation
sexual drive. Not to be used over a long                                                    energy of life and Eucommia is the
period of time by people who are yin          Eucommia is believed in China to be a safe    quintessential example of a safe, mild and
deficient and suffer from dryness.            effective sex tonic for men and women.        potent Kidney tonic that build Jing. The
Eucommia Bark                                 Eucommia has been found to help regulate      herb can be safely used as a tonic
Products Featuring This Herb:                 blood pressure. It is especially beneficial   throughout pregnancy to strengthen both
Super Yang Jing Drops                         to those with high blood pressure. It is      the mother and baby. It helps the
Supreme Creation                              very safe                                     mother’s skeletal structure adjust
Essence Restorative                                                                         properly and easily to the changes it must
Super Essence Restorative                     Eucommia is the primary plant-source in       go through, to help build the baby’s
Strong Bones                                  Chinese herbalism used to tonify the          skeleton and immune system, to calm the
Imperial Garden                               Kidney Yang functions, in particular as it    fetus and, especially, to help prevent
Strength Builder                              effects the lower part of the body and        miscarriage.
Profound Essence                              the skeletal structure. Eucommia is a
Super Adaptogen                               superb Yang essence tonic. And although       At the first sign of impending miscarriage
Endocrine Health                              Eucommia is primarily known as a powerful     in China, Eucommia is routinely consumed,
Frame Builder                                 Yang Jing tonic, it is also a strong Yin      usually in combination with other
Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination              Essence (Yin Jing) nourishing herb.           strengthening herbs such as Dipsacus and
Return to Youth                               Because it provides both Yin and Yang, it     Jujube Date, to prevent the miscarriage.
                                              is a superb herb for men and women alike      Eucommia can be used to help stop vaginal
Other Common Names                            and can be used by almost anybody to          bleeding due to general weakness during
Eucommia                                      promote the functions of the endocrine        pregnancy. If the bleeding seems to be
                                              system, to promote sexual functions, to       due to an inflammation, Scutellaria is
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       enhance normal growth, to promote             added. But these are modern times, so if
Tonic Herbs                                   healing, to strengthen the physical           you become pregnant and seem to be
165                                           structure and to strengthen resistance.       having a miscarriage, get to your doctor
                                                                                            immediately (but bring your herbs with
Pharmaceutical Latin                          Eucommia’s first fame is in its Kidney        you). Eucommia and Eucommia based
formulas come in tea bags and in capsules,     Decoctions of this herb have been shown        and blood vitalizing herbs. Combine with:
so its easy to take with you wherever you      to have powerful effects on the immune
go.                                            systems of various laboratory animals. In      1. Dipsacus and Drynaria to mend broken
                                               particular, it appears that Eucommia           bones
As a Kidney tonic, Eucommia is considered      significantly enhances phagocytic action.
an important herb for improving potency        Phagocytosis involves the clearing away of     2. Ginseng, Epimedium, Sea Dragon and
in men and fertility in women. It will be      foreign material from the blood stream         Gecko to tonify Kidney yang and to build
found in almost every formula designed         by the white blood cells. In this particular   sexual energy
for such purposes. Furthermore, Eucom-         action, Eucommia proved to be as power-
mia helps slow down ejaculation.               ful as Astragalus membranaceus and             3. Lycium, Morinda, Achyranthes and
                                               Codonopsis pilosula, two herbs that have       Cnidium seed to strengthen the lower
Eucommia has been used for over a              been proven to have powerful immunologi-       back and knees
thousand years to ease tension and             cal activity in animals and humans. Many
relieve the signs of high blood pressure.      studies have proven that Eucommia              4. Psoralea fruit and Walnut seed to
The ability of Eucommia to safely and          potentiates the immunologic functions of       strengthen the lower back and knees
effectively reduce high blood pressure         the body.
has now been very well established. Many                                                      5. Lonicera Flower, Scutellaria Root,
animal studies and human clinical studies      Clinically, the hypotensive action of the      Prunella vulgaris fruit clusters, and
have proven that Eucommia can be a very        herb has been studied in several large         Loranthus to disperse Liver fire and
useful supplement for people suffering         clinical studies. In each case, the effec-     relieve hypertension
from hypertension. It may be used along        tive rate reached around 80% after 30
with conventional Western drugs if             days of administration. The results have       Varieties and Grading
desired, as it is in Asia, since Eucommia is   clearly shown that water extraction is         Eucommia bark is peeled from trees that
very mild and has no known adverse side        effective, but that alcohol extraction is      are ten years old or older. A small patch
effects or negative interactions with          ineffective. Eucommia has been shown to        of the bark is peeled off the tree each
drugs. The blood pressure reducing             have a mild diuretic action.                   year so as not to harm the tree, which can
effects of Eucommia are not as powerful                                                       grow to be over a hundred years old. The
as the effects of reserpine, but it had a                                                     older the bark, the thicker it becomes.
better effect at reducing the symptoma-        The hypotensive effect has been shown
tology associated with high blood pres-        to be increased even further by combining      Inside the bark is a pure white latex.
sure.                                          with Lonicera japonica, Prunella vulgaris,     Eucommia is in fact the only temperate
                                               Scutellaria baicalensis fruit clusters, and    zone rubber tree. This latex is noticeably
Scientific Data                                Loranthus parastiticus, all herbs tradi-       elastic. If you gently break a piece of
Eucommia ulmoides has been found to            tionally prescribed to reduce high blood       Eucommia bark and stretch it slightly, the
contain hypotensive compounds in 1974 at       pressure. Using this combination, results      latex will stretch. This rubber is believed
the University of Wisconsin. Since that        were quick and effective in over 90% of        to confer strength to connective tissue
time numerous studies have been con-           the patients in the study. After just one      and is considered to be part of
ducted which have clarified the hypoten-       week, most patients experienced a              Eucommia’s active ingredients. The
sive effects of Eucommia. The hypoten-         marked reduction in blood pressure, a          thicker and stronger this latex, the
sive action has been demonstrated in           stable emotional state and felt mentally       better the quality of the specimen.
numerous animal models and in humans.          refreshed and relaxed. The symptoms of         Therefore, in purchasing Eucommia, select
Hypotensive compounds exist in both the        tinnitus and numbness were relieved. The       (1) thick pieces, since these are older, and
bark and leaves. The hypotensive com-          patients also reported marked ameliora-        (2) Eucommia with the most white latex.
pound has been determined to be                tion of headaches, dizziness, palpitation,     Very old Eucommia is called “Hundred
pinoresinol diglucoside. The chemical          insomnia, chest discomfort and difficult       Year Old Pear Tree Bark.” This bark may
structure has been determined and it has       mobility.                                      not be 100 years old, but it is certainly 30
been synthesized.                                                                             to 50 years old and is very, very good.
                                               In a clinical study of 121 people with         When you can find this, buy as much as
The precise hypotensive mechanism has          various types of arthritis and lumbago, a      you can afford and store it away in tightly
not been fully determined. Most studies        preparation made from the leaves of            closed containers. Otherwise, purchase
indicate that the hypotensive action is a      Eucommia had a marked effective rate of        the oldest Eucommia you can find.
consequence of central inhibition. But         over 87%.
conflicting studies indicate direct dilatory                                                  Eucommia usually comes “pre-sliced.” You
action on the vascular musculature.            In another clinical study of 40 patients       will note small transverse slices across
                                               diagnosed as suffering from chronic            the bark at quarter inch intervals. These
Eucommia has been shown to markedly            strain of the lumbar muscles and lumbar        slices expose the inside of the bark,
reduce cholesterol absorption in labora-       osteoarthrosis, a Eucommia based formula       including the latex. This is standard
tory animals. It has also been shown to        proved to be highly effective in relieving     practice. If the Eucommia you purchase
have mild sedative and anti-inflammatory       the symptoms. The Eucommia bark                does not come sliced, have the herb shop
action in pharmacological experiments.         extract was combined with Psoralea             slice it for you, or you will have to slice it
The experimental results indicate that         corylifolia and Walnut kernel.                 yourself. The inside must be exposed to
one of the anti-inflammatory mechanisms                                                       the cooking water in order to be properly
of Eucommia involves enhancement of the        Eucommia has been found to induce              and efficiently cooked.
adrenocortical function. This supports the     interferon production in human beings.
traditional theory that Eucommia tonifies                                                     Contraindications
the Kidney function, which is now known        Primary Combinations                           There has never been a case of overdos-
to involve adrenocortical function.            Eucommia Bark may be consumed alone,           ing on Eucommia recorded in the litera-
                                               but is usually combined with other tonic       ture (over a period of more than twenty-
five hundred years).                            Organ Meridian Systems                         208
                                                Stomach, Liver and Kidney
History                                                                                        Pharmaceutical Latin
Eucommia was the second herb ever               Part Used and Form                             Gastrodiae Elatae, Rhizoma
described in a written text on herbs and        Small ripe fruit
medicine in China, playing second fiddle                                                       Pinyin
only to Ginseng. The emperor Spirit Nung        Primary Functions                              Tian Ma
described Eucommia as a superior herb           To regulate Qi, warm up the Middle and
that could prolong life in the classic Spirit   Lower Warming Spaces, and open the             Treasures
Nung Pen Tsao, more than two thousand           Stomach
years ago. Eucommia has remained a                                                             Treasure Rating
virtual icon of tonic herbalism since that      Qualities                                      1/2*
time.                                           Fennel seed significantly increases the
                                                production and flow of mother’s milk           Atmospheric Energy
Evodia                                          during lactation. It has been used for this    Slightly Warm
Evodia is a very hot herb. It helps warm        purpose since ancient times. Fennel fruit
the body, the organs and the meridians.         is used to warm up the stomach when it is      Qualities
                                                cold, causing abdominal pain, indigestion,     Gastrodia is one of the most precious of
Products Featuring This Herb                    decreased appetite or vomiting. It is also     the medicinal herbs used in Chinese
                                                used to warm up the scrotum area and is        herbalism. It affects the liver function.
Other Common Names                              used to treat hernias associated with cold     It is primarily used to counter the
Evodia                                          blockage of the Liver Meridian. It is very     symptoms caused by “endogenous wind,”
                                                effective for contracted scrotum due to        which manifests in conditions such as
Pharmaceutical Latin                            cold (either external or internal cause)       childhood convulsions, convulsions result-
Evodiae Rutaccarpae, Fructus                    and “cold” hernia. Fennel fruit is useful      ing from high fever, headaches and
                                                for any kind of lower abdominal pain due       epilepsy induced by fright. Gastrodia is
Pinyin                                          to cold. Fennel fruit is also used in sexual   commonly used to treat spasms in the
Wu Zhu Yu                                       tonics in combination with Yang Jing           legs, abdomen, feet and back.
                                                herbs since it has a warming effect and
Treasures                                       has local blood invigorating and nerve         It is the main herb in formulas used to
                                                stimulating effects in the lower abdomen       treat childhood convulsions. But there are
Treasure Rating                                 and genital area when combined with Yang       different causes of childhood convulsions
                                                Jing tonics like Epimedium, Cnidium, Sea       and a medical practitioner should be the
Atmospheric Energy                              Dragon or Cistanches.                          one to select the herbs that are combined
Very Hot,                                                                                      with the Gastrodia. It is rarely used
                                                Primary Combinations                           alone. It is combined in sophisticated
Taste                                           Combine with:                                  formulas designed to treat each specific
Acrid, Bitter,                                                                                 problem.
                                                1. Cistanche, Morinda, Lycium to eliminate
Organ Meridian Systems                          cold in the Kidney and tonify yang,            Gastrodia is the main herb used in
Liver, Stomach, Spleen, Kidney                                                                 Chinese herbalism to treat headaches.
                                                2. Dried Ginger, Atractylodes to improve       The Chinese describe at least four
                                                digestion                                      primary headache syndromes, with many
                                                                                               subtle variations, for which Gastrodia is
Fennel Seed                                     Varieties and Grading                          effective. These are: (1) headaches
Products Featuring This Herb:                   If it is fresh, sweet and highly aromatic,     caused by hyperactivity of Liver Yang, (2)
Supreme Creation                                it’s fine. “No smell, no good.”                headaches caused by upward movement of
Imperial Garden                                                                                wind-phlegm, (3) headaches caused by
Return to Youth                                 Contraindications                              deficiency of Blood and Yin, and (4)
                                                Use moderately and cautiously if there         chronic headaches and migraines. Formu-
Other Common Names                              are heat signs due to Yin deficiency.          las for the various headaches will be
Fennel                                                                                         described in a later section.
Pharmaceutical Latin
                                                Gastrodia is a wonderful herb which is         Gastrodia is also used to treat chronic
Fructus Foeniculi                                                                              dizziness and vertigo. These too are
                                                said to open the energy in the upper part
                                                of the body. It is used to relieve dizzi-      “endogenous wind” conditions. Also,
Pinyin                                                                                         Gastrodia is used in formulas to treat
Xiao Hui Xiang                                  ness and headaches and is one of the
                                                most important herbs used to increase          wind stroke, hemiplegia and numbness of
                                                the flow of energy to the brain and            the limbs. In China, it has been used to
Treasures                                                                                      treat tetanus, but if you step on a rusty
None                                            improve intelligence.
                                                                                               nail, hurry to a doctor and get a tetanus
                                                Products Featuring This Herb                   shot.
Treasure Rating
None                                                                                           In addition, Gastrodia is beneficial for
                                                Other Common Names
                                                Gastrodia                                      preventing premature graying and loss of
Atmospheric Energy                                                                             the hair. It improves circulation in the
Warm                                                                                           scalp, and when combined with He Shou
                                                Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
                                                Tonic Herbs                                    Wu, it stimulates circulation in the
follicles and promotes the health of the         kick in, somewhere between a week and a        must remove the head and legs — they
hair. It is therefore used both internally       month after you start taking it. Like all      are slightly toxic and do not possess the
and externally as a hair tonic.                  Yang Kidney tonics, Gecko strengthens          tonic components anyway. Have your
                                                 the lower back.                                herbalist remove them for you. Use both
Gecko                                                                                           Geckos together to make you soup.
Other Common Names                               Gecko is a powerful Lung tonic. It is
Gejie                                            traditionally used in a great many lung        Contraindications
                                                 tonic formulations, as it is said to enhance   Do not use if you are suffering from an
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese          the extraction of Qi (energy) from the         acute hot condition, such as the acute
Tonic Herbs                                      air. Used with Ginseng and/or Astragalus,      (feverish) stage of the flu.
209                                              it empowers breathing enormously and
                                                 builds endurance. No more powerful             Ginger Dried
Pinyin                                           energy building combination exists in          Products Featuring This Herb:
Gejie                                            Chinese tonic herbalism. That is why           Easy Qi (formerly Smooth Flowing Qi)
                                                 Gecko formulas have always been a              Bupleurum and Peony Combination
Treasures                                        favorite of Chinese Gung Fu masters and
Jing and Qi                                      is now a favorite of athletes around the       Other Common Names
                                                 world. Gecko is also used for coughs due       Ginger, Dried
Treasure Rating                                  to cold and to relieve asthma that is
****1/2                                          stimulated by cold.                            Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
                                                                                                Tonic Herbs
Atmospheric Energy                               Preparation and Utilization                    211
Neutral                                          It may be cooked as a decoction (a soup)
                                                 or even ground into powder and consumed        Pharmaceutical Latin
Organ Meridian Systems                           raw. Generally, consuming the equivalent       Zingiberis Exsiccatae, Rhizoma
Kidney and Lung                                  of 4-7 grams a day as a decoction and 1-3
                                                 grams a day as a powder is quite effective     Pinyin
Part Used and Form                               and safe.                                      Gan Jiang
The spine and tail, and usually the flesh of
the back                                         Primary Combinations                           Treasures
                                                 Gecko may be used alone to tonify the          Qi
Primary Functions                                Kidney. But most often it is combined with
Tonifies Yang of the Kidney, replenishes         other herbs. Combine with:                     Treasure Rating
Yin essence of the Kidney, nourishes Yin                                                        1/2*
of the Lung, enhances breathing and              1. Ginseng, Deer Antler, Astragalus,
internal respiration, and builds blood.          Lycium and Schizandra to tonify the            Atmospheric Energy
                                                 whole body                                     Hot
The Gecko lizard that inhabits southern          2. Ginseng, Astragalus and Atractylodes        Organ Meridian Systems
China is widely used in the Orient as a          as a superb Qi tonic                           Heart, Lung, Spleen, Stomach, Kidney
tonic. The tail and backbone of the Gecko
are used traditionally as a warming Yang         3. Ginseng Root, Deer Antler and               Part Used and Form
tonic. It is a favorite among athletes for       Epimedium for impotence or to further          rhizome
strength and endurance and is said to            tonify the Kidney yang
provide sexual energy. It is also tradition-                                                    Qualities
ally used as a major lung tonic, as it is said   4. Lycium, Morinda and Drynaria, to            Dried Ginger is used in Chinese herbalism
to enhance the extraction of energy (Qi)         strengthen the back                            primarily to warm up the Stomach and
from the air.                                                                                   Spleen and thus to improve digestion and
                                                 5. Astragalus, Asparagus root, Ophiopogon      relieve cold conditions associated with
Gecko is used to tonify the Lung and             and Schizandra as a Lung tonic                 these organs, which generally cause poor
Kidney functions. It is extremely effec-                                                        digestion. It has a hot energy, a spicy
tive and is very highly prized as a tonic. It    6. Ginseng Root (or American Ginseng           flavor and affects the Spleen, Stomach,
is the lead herb in many patent formula-         Root) Apricot Seed and Fritillary bulb to      Kidney, Heart and Lung functions. If
tions, and is regarded to be in the same         relieve cough and asthma due to Lung and       mixed with a Yang tonic, the warmth of
league as Deer Antler and Cordyceps as a         Kidney deficiency                              this herb can provide heat to other
yang tonic to the Kidney. Like Cordyceps,                                                       organs as well. Thus when it is combined
it builds both Yang and Yin, and is there-       Varieties and Grading                          with a Kidney Yang herb, it will provide
fore considered to be highly nourishing.         There are many varieties of Gecko. The         heat to the Kidney. The herb itself has
It is considered to be an excellent blood        main characteristic to look for, as always,    only very minor tonic effects, but it tends
and yin essence tonic.                           is the freshness of the dried Gecko. If        to magnify the tonic qualities of other
                                                 you compare samples from several places,       herbs, particularly Qi tonics like Ginseng
Gecko is very commonly used in men’s             you will note that some appear to be more      and Astragalus.
sexual potency-enhancing tonic formula-          firm and newer than others. Obviously,
tions. Taken consistently for a period of        select the newest ones. I generally prefer     Fresh Ginger is sometimes used in Chinese
time, Gecko is extremely reliable as a           larger Geckos, but smaller ones have           herbalism as well. It is called Shangjiang.
tonic to the male sexual functions. Though       equivalent potency (just less because they     It is used for just the opposite condi-
it is not considered an aphrodisiac, it does     are smaller). Geckos are always sold in        tions. It is used when there is dryness
have very long lasting results once they         pairs — one male and one female. You           and heat. It moistens and cools the
interior.                                     researchers took special interest in           present. European brands have been the
                                              Ginkgo’s antioxidant properties and have       biggest culprits in this regard. Chinese
Ginkgo Biloba                                 studied its therapeutic activity quite         and Japanese extractors tend to use just
Products Featuring This Herb:                 thoroughly.                                    water and alcohol. And, you might as well
Diamond Mind                                                                                 know that there are brands that have
Tao in a Bottle                               Ginkgo biloba contains flavone-glycosides,     higher percentages of the active compo-
                                              including quercetin and proanthocyanidins,     nents — as high as 40%
Other Common Names                            which are extremely potent and effective       ginkgoflavoneglycosides. Shop around.
Ginkgo                                        antioxidants. In fact, it is the standard-
                                              ized, high potency extract of Ginkgo that      Contraindications
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       is most commonly sold in the marketplace.      Ginkgo is reported to be non-toxic.
Tonic Herbs                                   Extracts standardized to 24% flavone-
188                                           glycosides are very common at the
                                              present time, although there are more          Ginseng
Pharmaceutical Latin                          highly purified products available with as     Products Featuring This Herb:
Folium Ginkgo                                 much as 40% flavone-glycosides present.        Heaven Drops Wild Ginseng
                                              These ginkgo flavone-glycosides have           Earth Drops Wild Ginseng
Pinyin                                        powerful antioxidant and free radical          500 Ginsengs Drops
Yin Xin Ye (leaf) and Yin Xin Huang Tong      scavenging capability. They are consid-        Super Yang Jing Drops
(Ginkgo biloba glycoside)                     ered to be anti-aging agents.                  8 Immortals Adaptogenic Elixir
                                                                                             Ginseng Sublime
Treasures                                     Another component of Ginkgo biloba is          Supreme Creation
Qi                                            the terpene fraction, which consists of        Imperial Garden
                                              ginkgolides and bilobalides. These compo-      Super Adaptogen
Treasure Rating                               nents have a powerful anti-inflammatory        Endocrine Health
****                                          effect. They also reduce the stickiness of     Ginseng Nutritive Combination
                                              the blood by inhibiting the Platelet           Activated Minor Bupleurum
Atmospheric Energy                            Activating Factor, which causes platelets
                                              to stick together, reducing the flow of        Other Common Names
Primary Functions                             blood circulation.                             Ginseng Root
To promote longevity, antioxidant, free
radical scavenger                                                                            Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
                                              Ginkgo biloba has gained incredible            Tonic Herbs
Qualities                                     acceptance as a mind tonic. Since it has       96
The leaves of the Ginkgo tree are reputed     been determined that Ginkgo increases
in the Orient to “benefit the brain,” by      blood circulation in the brain, it has been    Pharmaceutical Latin
improving memory and the ability to           accepted as a treatment for memory loss        Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer
concentrate. It is now known that Ginkgo      and poor concentration. It is even being
biloba improves oxygen supplies to the        used for more serious problems such as         Pinyin
brain and promotes circulation to many        cerebral vascular insufficiency, senility,     Ren Spirit
other organs. It is also traditionally used   dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, vertigo,
to strengthen the heart, lungs, skin and      tinnitus, dizziness, and peripheral vascular   Treasures
genital organs in both men and women.         problems including numbness, impotence         Qi, Spirit and Jing
                                              and Raynaud’s syndrome. It is being used
Ginkgo biloba is believed to be the oldest    clinically for hemorrhoids, inflammation,      Treasure Rating
living species of tree, dating back nearly    migraines, allergies and asthma.               *****
200 million years. The tree itself is
capable of a very long life, and individual   Primary Combinations                           Atmospheric Energy
trees have been reported to have lived        Ginkgo leaf is not a traditional tonic herb    Slightly Warm
over 1000 years.                              and therefore does not have traditional
                                              combinations. It is primarily taken alone      Taste
Ginkgo seed (sometimes called Ginkgo nut)     or in combination with other antioxidants      Sweet, Slightly Bitter,
has long been used in Chinese herbalism to    and nutrients. Combine with:
clear the lungs of phlegm. It is mildly                                                      Organ Meridian Systems
toxic, but is sometimes used in Chinese       Gynostemma, Green tea and Astragalus to        Spleen and Lungs
cooking in small quantities. However, the     accentuate its antioxidant activity
leaf has not been a standard herb in                                                         Part Used and Form
Chinese herbalism until the past decade.      Varieties and Grading                          Root (leaves are sometimes used as a tea)
But with the advent and popularization of     Different producers of standardized
antioxidant theory in recent years, Ginkgo    Ginkgo biloba extracts use different           Primary Functions
has rapidly become one of the most widely     proprietary technologies to produce their      Tonify Qi, Adaptogenic, immune modula-
used health supplements in the world. It      products. Read the literature to deter-        tor, prolong life, overcome fatigue,
first gained wide acceptance in Japan and     mine which is the best. Generally, ones        increase blood volume, aid in recovery
Germany, and has since become very            that have proof that they do not use           from illness or trauma, sharpen and
poplar in America, Europe, Australia, and     chemical agents other than water and           calm the mind, stabilize the emotions,
in many other countries. Ginkgo is now one    alcohol to extract the product are the         counteract stress and enhance wisdom
of the most thoroughly studied herbs in       safest. Some brands have been found to
the world. European and Japanese              have large amounts of chemical residues        Qualities
One of the most famous and valued herbs       doctors as a tonic for general weakness,      qualities. Korean Ginseng in particular has
used by mankind, Asian Ginseng is an          poor appetite, low sex drive, shortness of    a reputation for this. Ginseng certainly
energy tonic that regulates the human         breath, cold limbs, spontaneous sweating      can help to improve sexual function by
energy system. It has been shown to be        and premature aging. Generally, Ginseng is    making both men and women stronger and
stimulating and regulatory to both the        used with other herbs. However, Ginseng       more athletic. It improves endurance and
central nervous system and to the             is often used by itself or with just one or   muscular strength. By improving respira-
endocrine system. It is the primary Qi        two other herbs.                              tory functions, sexual intercourse can be
tonic of Chinese tonic herbalism.                                                           significantly lengthened. Sex is not
                                              Ginseng increases physical and mental         merely a function of the gonads. The
Ginseng helps a person to adapt to all        efficiency, and has been shown to improve     whole body must be healthy to enjoy sex
kinds of stresses, and enhances endur-        the accuracy of work by promoting             to its fullest. However, Ginseng is be-
ance and resilience under stressful           concentration. Ginseng prevents               lieved to have gonadal effects as well.
conditions. It has thus been termed an        overfatigue. Ginseng is not a stimulant       Men and women alike claim that Ginseng
“adaptogenic” substance by scientific         like amphetamines or caffeine, yet it         increases the urge for sex and intensifies
researchers. Ginseng is also used to          increases alertness. However, it does not     sexual response.
tonify digestive and respiratory func-        provoke subjective excitation (nervous-
tions.                                        ness) nor does it disturb sleep. It is, in    Scientific Data
                                              fact, used in a great many sleep-aid          Constituents: The main active constitu-
Ginseng contains many active ingredients,     formulations. In China, there is an almost    ents of Ginseng are its saponins, known as
but the most important are the saponins       universal practice by high school and         ginsenosides. Thirty-five ginsenosides
called ginsenosides. Ginsenosides specifi-    college students to consume Ginseng           have been isolated and identified from
cally improve adaptability and are be-        during examination periods. The practice      Panax Ginseng cultivated in the northeast
lieved to help build muscle and endurance.    is generally to chew several pieces a day     of China. Thirty of these have been found
Therefore, Ginseng is very popular with       while preparing for examinations and to       in the root and six have been isolated
athletes. Asian Ginseng generally has a       chew Ginseng constantly during the            from the stems and leaves. Five polysac-
“warm” energy.                                examination period. Students claim that it    charides have also been isolated.
                                              makes them more alert, helps them stay
Ginseng is a superb herb for aged people.     awake for days on end with little sleep       Analytical studies done in the United
It has a mental stimulant effect in elderly   and improves memory and reasoning             States indicate that the steam processing
persons and it improves memory and            ability.                                      used to make red Ginseng is less destruc-
cognitive power, and can often reverse                                                      tive to ginsenoside content that sun
intellectual and mental deterioration. It     This great herb has a mental stimulant        drying. The also found that wild roots
quickens thinking and improves physical       effect in elderly persons. It improves        contain the most ginsenosides.
energy, often to a startling degree.          memory and cognitive power and can often
Ginseng is very effective in hastening the    reverse intellectual and mental deteriora-    Cultivated White Korean Ginseng is
recovery from illness and surgery.            tion. It quickens thinking and improves       dominated by ginsenoside Re, just as is
                                              physical energy, often to a startling         cultivated white American Ginseng.
There are in fact many varieties of           degree. Ginseng is very effective in
Ginseng, all of which have distinct           hastening the recovery from illness and       Ginseng contains the following constitu-
characteristics. Most high quality ginseng    surgery. Ginseng is a superb herb for         ents:
is good for men and women alike. Wild and     aged people.                                  1. Panaxin (C23H38010) and several
semi-wild Ginseng is generally far superior                                                 related compounds, which act generally as
to the cultivated, commercial varieties.      The tonic benefits of Ginseng are long        stimulants to the midbrain, the heart and
The higher the quality, the more Spirit       lasting. When Ginseng is taken for an         the blood vessels.
(Spirit) a ginseng root is said to contain.   extended period of time, the physiological    2. Panax acid, which is a stimulant for the
There are also a number of superb             changes that take place as a result of the    heart and general metabolism.
sources of cultivated Ginseng, which have     Ginseng last for a long period of time        3. Panaquilin, which acts as a stimulant for
long traditions of excellence.                after the Ginseng is discontinued (if it is   internal secretions.
                                              discontinued). Studies indicate, for          4. Panacen and other volatile oils, which
Several varieties of Ginseng may be           example, that increased work efficiency       stimulate the central nervous system.
blended to create remarkable adaptogenic      is retained from one to two months after      5. Ginsenin, which lowers blood sugar
formulations.                                 a one month course of Ginseng adminis-        6. Vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.
                                              tration. People who take Ginseng to help      7. Bio-organic Germanium (Ge), which is a
On the basis of its pharmacological           regulate their blood sugar level will         power immuno-stimulant.
properties, Ginseng has been classified as    maintain normal blood sugar for several
and adaptogen. It is a powerful anti-         weeks after they discontinue Ginseng.         Panax Ginseng also contains a glycoside
stress agent. In Chinese health practice,                                                   fraction which has been demonstrated to
there is a theory of Li Qi, which literally   Many people claim that Ginseng has            possess significant antioxidant activity.
means balance of energy. It is a term         powerful aphrodisiac effects. The
often used to describe the ability of         reputation as a sex tonic goes back to        There is no doubt that other active
Ginseng to balance the system at a            very ancient times. To this day, Ginseng      constituents exist in Ginseng which have
fundamental level. In modern terms, this      maintains a reputation in this regard. I      not yet been identified or studied, but
concept refers to the ability of Ginseng      have known many men and women who             which undoubtedly contribute to its
to help regulate body functions, or to        have used Ginseng either for a short time     pharmacological make-up.
strengthen the functions that regulate        or over long periods of time who claim
other body functions.                         that their sex lives improved noticeably      Pharmacology:
                                              after using Ginseng. Red Ginseng is most
Ginseng is used by Chinese traditional        highly revered for its sex-stimulating        A very large number of pharmacological
studies have been conducted on Radix          anti-fatigue effects of Ginseng are the         transmissions and improved their decod-
Ginseng. It is one of the most studied        result of complex metabolic regulatory          ing ability. Ginseng has been shown to
substances on earth. Yet, due to its          activities. Primarily, however, it involves     improve the concentration of writers and
extraordinary complexity, a great many        significantly improved utilization of           elderly persons.
questions remain. Unlike any single drug,     glycogen and the reduced accumulation of
Ginseng contains dozens of powerful           lactic acid and acetoacetic acid.               Ginseng can have both tranquilizing and
active compounds. Different varieties                                                         exciting effects on the nervous system.
have different constituents inherently        The total saponin fragment of Panax             The extract of Ginseng has been shown to
and different preparation methods alter       Ginseng has been found to have both             have mild tranquilizing, analgesic and
the constituents even within the same         hypertensive and anti-hypertensive              muscle relaxant action. The ginsenoside
variety. This remarkable herb has been        activity. This has been determined to be        Rb1 has been shown to be tranquilizing, as
demonstrated to have many significant         due to the co-existence of agonistic and        is the total saponin fraction extracted
pharmacologically significant activities      antagonistic saponins in the total saponins.    from Ginseng leaves. The water extract
which influence the health and well-being     These exist in varying proportions              of Ginseng has been shown to have
of animals and humans who consume it.         depending on the geographical and               anticonvulsant effects. It can antagonize
                                              anatomical sources of the Ginseng plants.       convulsions caused by cocaine and strych-
In general, the pharmacological action of     Overall, however, this co-existence seems       nine for example. However, at a different
Ginseng is not only dependent upon its own    to explain the regulatory capacity of           dose and with different fractions and
constituents, but varies according to the     Ginseng on blood pressure. Soviet scien-        different preparation, Ginseng can be
condition of the organism consuming the       tists have reported that Ginseng normal-        stimulating. It has been shown to weaken
Ginseng. Ginseng shows bipolar, biphasic      ized the level of arterial pressure and         the effects of strong sedatives. Again,
activity at virtually every level of its      that it was clinically effective in the         typical aqueous extracts of Ginseng tend
action. This is undoubtedly why Ginseng       treatment of both hypo and hypertension,        to have a normalizing action, therefore
has become so highly revered as a tonic       with the exception of severe forms of           helping the body and mind attain optimum
and medicinal herb. It is also the basis of   hypertension.                                   nervous activity for whatever action the
its classification as an “adaptogenic”                                                        body and mind are being used for.
substance. There are hundreds of              Panax Ginseng has shown the following
examples of Ginseng’s double direction,       important pharmacological activities: 1.        Other experiments have shown that
adaptogenic action. Numerous studies          enhancement of swimming time; 2.                Ginseng not only effects the central
have shown that it, for example, elevates     prevention of stress-induced ulcers; 3.         nervous system, but also effects both the
blood pressure in cases of hypotension or     proliferation of endoplasmic reticulum and      sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous
in case of shock, but restores blood          ribosomes in rat hepatocytes; 4. inhibition     system, thus having a regulatory influence
pressure to a normal level in cases of        of glycogen utilization in rat skeletal         on involuntary activities of the body such
hypertension. It normalizes white blood       muscle during exercise; and, 5. inhibition      as bowel movements, etc.
cell counts in cases of either excess or      of adrenaline induced lipolysis in fat cells.
deficient white cell counts. It can inhibit                                                   Ginseng has demonstrated a double
ACTH to cause adrenal hypertrophy, but        Ginseng has been found to significantly         direction influence on the heart in various
can inhibit cortisone to cause adrenal        facilitate the depletion and the restora-       laboratory animals, increasing heart rate
atrophy.                                      tion of ascorbic acid in the adrenal gland      at the outset of use, followed by an
                                              of test animals exposed to stress. Thus         inhibiting effect. Ginseng has a beneficial
Even short term administration of Radix       both the initial stress reaction and the        effect on the functions of diseased
Ginseng increases the adaptability of the     recovery process were improved by the           hearts in laboratory animals, reducing or
organism consuming it. Numerous studies       administration of Ginseng.                      eliminating cardiac arrhythmia induced by
have shown that short or long term                                                            ephedrine and improving weak heart beats
administration of Ginseng can increase        Ginseng is believed to have a regulatory        in animals with ventricular fibrillation.
the non-specific response to various          effect on blood production functions.           Ginseng appears to dilate the coronary
noxious influences, whether they be           Certain ginsenosides appear to increase         arteries, allowing increased blood supply
physically, chemically or biologically        erythrocytes, hemoglobin and leukocytes.        to the heart muscle. It also dilates the
induced. Even very short term administra-     Yet in humans who consume Ginseng,              blood vessels of the brain and the eye.
tion of Ginseng promotes the reestablish-     these cells tend to be normalized. This is      Ginseng has shown both hypotensive and
ment of normal function of the organism.      believed to be due to components with           hypertensive effects on animals, however,
Ginseng is indeed the king of adaptogens.     mutually antagonistic activity — some           dose plays a large role. Ginseng given at
Longer term use of Ginseng appears to         increasing and some decreasing these            normal therapeutic doses did not signifi-
cause numerous physiological changes in       cells, with the end result of balanced          cantly influence the blood pressure of
the animal or human consuming it, result-     maintenance.                                    human subjects. In fact, it has now been
ing in improved functioning which become                                                      shown that ginsenosides Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Rd,
more or less permanent.                       Ginseng both stimulates and inhibits the        Re, Rg, and Rg1 have a biphasic action on
                                              higher nervous activity. However, the           blood pressure. A mild elevation in blood
Ginseng has been demonstrated in              stimulatory action appears to be stronger.      pressure is followed by vasodilation and
numerous animal studies, as well as in        A wide range of experiments has thor-           subsequent depression of blood pressure.
human studies, and thus proven to have        oughly proven that the learning ability of
powerful anti-fatigue effects. Moderate       laboratory animals is significantly im-         And in a very illuminating study, Ginseng
doses of Ginseng have endurance enhanc-       proved when they are fed Ginseng. A             helped restore dogs in a critical state due
ing effects. Ginseng can thus prevent         double-blind experiment involving Chinese       to hemorrhage or asphyxia to health,
fatigue when consumed prior to exertion.      students over a 33-day period proved            which parallels claims made by many that
In addition, certain ginsenosides in          that Ginseng improved their responses. In       Ginseng can be a life-saving herb. Ginseng
Ginseng can promote the recovery of           a famous experiment, Ginseng reduced            greatly reduced the degrees of shock in
animals and humans from fatigue. The          the rate of errors in telegraph operators’      laboratory animals.
                                              feron production and augment natural          10. Dang Gui to tonify Qi and blood
The effects on the endocrine system have      killer and antibody dependent cytotoxic
been studied by hundreds of researchers.      activities in human peripheral blood          11. Dang Gui, White Peony, Rehmannia
Studies have clearly demonstrated that        lymphocytes. Animal studies also indicate     (steamed) and Ligusticum for complete
Ginseng is devoid of corticosteroid-like      that Ginseng enhances antibody forming        tonification of Qi and blood
activity. However, it does have a profound    cell response.
and potent influence on the pituitary-                                                      12. Cordyceps to tonify Qi and blood, yin
adrenal system and this is one reason why     Panax Ginseng has been found to induce        and yang
it so profoundly changes the stress           the production in human beings of b and
reaction in animals and humans. Ginseng is    g-interferon. It augments natural killer      13. Gecko to tonify Kidney yang and Lung
capable of significantly reducing the         and antibody dependent cytotoxic              yin
pathological processes due to stress in       activities in human blood lymphocytes.
animals and humans. Ginseng directly          Ginsenoside Ra1 has a very strong effect      14. Ophiopogon and Schizandra to regu-
influences the pituitary, and probably the    on the cells of HL-60; and Ginsenoside        late blood sugar balance and to tonify Qi
hypothalamus, the virtual regulatory          Rh2, 20(R)-Rh2 and panaxadiol have
centers of the entire hormonal system in      stronger cytotoxicity effects on many         Varieties and Grading
higher animals and man. Ginseng appears       kinds of tumor strains. Ginsenoside-Rb1       In selecting a Ginseng root, or Ginseng
to influence both the anterior and            and Rg1 both inhibited kidney, brain and      product, the primary considerations are:
posterior pituitary.                          liver microsome Na+, K+-ATPase activity.      the source of the root, the age and the
                                              Ginsenoside-Re has the anti-lipid             method of processing of the root. Size,
Ginseng does appear to have profound          peroxidation effect, the prevention and       shape and aroma are also important
influence on the gonads of animals.           cure effects during myocardial ischemia/      criteria.
Experiments suggest that Ginseng has no       reperfusion damage and protective effect
sex-hormone-like action itself, but does      on cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury.      In general it can be assumed that the
appear to have gonadotropin-like action.      Ginseng polypeptides and polysaccharides      wilder, the older, and richer in flavor and
Many animal experiments have illustrated      have been demonstrated to decreases the       aroma a root is the better. The source
Ginseng’s ability to stimulate sexual         levels of blood sugar and liver glycogen in   can make all the difference in the world
behavior. Ginseng is widely touted as a       mice or rats without affecting total blood    and proper processing is essential.
sexual tonic, however, no serious double-     lipids. Ginseng volatile oil was shown to     Authenticity is another important issue,
blind clinical studies have been conducted    have an inhibitory effect on gastric          as there are numerous ways to fake high
to study the validity of this claim.          cancer cell growth in vitro. Ginseng has      quality ginseng and counterfeiting is
However, castrated rats given Ginseng         been found to have a moderate but             rampant in the Ginseng market. Ulti-
enter into a mating frenzy. Ovariecto-        consistent inhibiting effect in vitro on      mately, however, the only real criterion is
mized female rats, given Ginseng in their     human breast cancer when combined with        efficacy, that is, the bioactivity of the
food, go into sexual mode, and are even       Royal Jelly.                                  Ginseng and its various components. This
capable of attracting male rats out of                                                      is often subjective and may be overt or
mating season. Queen bees experience          Primary Combinations                          subtle. In general, Ginseng which grew in
increased ovulation after being fed           Ginseng is used in hundred of formula-        the best locations, that is old and wild, or
Ginseng. Rabbit sperm counts increase         tions. However, certain basic combinations    semi-wild, or at least has been grown
when they are given Ginseng. Human            are common. Combine with:                     from superior seed stock, is older than
clinical studies have shown that Ginseng is                                                 eight years old and is rich in aroma is the
an effective agent for the treatment of       1. Atractylodes, Poria and Licorice Root to   kind you are looking for and will be
impotence and some types of infertility.      tonify Qi                                     profoundly efficacious.

Ginseng has shown clear hypoglycemic          2. Astragalus, Atractylodes and Licorice      Wild Ginseng Roots: Chinese wild Ginseng
action in laboratory animals. It can          Root to tonify Qi more strongly and with      grows in deep shaded forests and hillsides
promote the lowering of the blood glucose     an emphasis on defensive Qi                   of northeastern China ,Korea and Russia.
level, but it appears that Ginseng alone                                                    It is a shy plant that tends to grow under
cannot prevent or treat diabetes. Ameri-      3. Jujube Dates to tonify the Stomach         other plants out of sight of humans. It is
can Ginseng, it should be noted, has          and Spleen and to build Qi                    never found near stagnant water. Wild
demonstrated a much stronger hypoglyce-                                                     Ginseng is much more expensive than
mic effect than Asian Ginseng.                4. Dioscorea to tonify Kidney and Spleen      cultivated Ginseng. Virtually everybody
                                              Qi                                            believes that wild roots are more potent
It has been proven that ginsenosides                                                        and more chemically balanced than
promote the synthesis of cholesterol but      5. Steamed Ginger to tonify the Spleen        cultivated roots, no matter how carefully
decreases the cholesterol in animals with     and Stomach                                   the cultivation was handled. However, this
high cholesterol. It has likewise been                                                      is only partially true. First is the issue of
proven that a peptide in the water            6. Deer Antler to tonify primal Qi and        authenticity. There is an ancient craft in
extract of Ginseng has anti-fat forming       yang                                          China whereby skilled farmers can create
action.                                                                                     what is known as “Art Ginseng.” Art
                                              7. Rehmannia (steamed) to tonify the          Ginseng is created by hand crafting semi-
Ginseng has shown significant anti-viral      Kidney and Lungs                              wild Ginseng to look just like old mountain
activity in laboratory animals. It has                                                      wild Ginseng. Artists are, of course, of
shown protection against a lethal-chal-       8. Aconite to tonify yang                     different skills. In general, art Ginseng is
lenge viral infection. In addition, Ginseng                                                 sold more cheaply than real wild Ginseng.
can magnify antiviral resistance induced      9. Schizandra to tonify the Lungs and to      But whenever you are buying wild Ginseng,
by an interferon inducer. In vitro studies    build endurance                               you should examine the roots and their
indicate that Ginseng can induce inter-                                                     heads very carefully to be sure that
pieces have not been pasted together to       reveal this type of counterfeiting. All you    feits. North Koreans Ginseng is widely
give the appearance of an older root.         have to do is look carefully. I always look    imitated. Far more fake North Korean is
                                              at the heads of very expensive roots with      sold than the real thing, especially in Hong
True wild Ginseng is not always perfectly     a magnifying glass. In fact, I look at all     Kong and in the United States. Real North
shaped. It may be straight or it may be       the details of expensive roots with a          Korean roots come out of a metal can that
tortuously contorted. I have found that       magnifying glass.                              has been neatly painted in the factory. It
more contorted roots have more potency.                                                      has a red label with art on both faces.
It is standard belief, now scientifically     Red Ginseng: There are many kinds of red       Counterfeits have a paper label wrapped
confirmed, that roots that have experi-       Chinese Ginseng. Ginseng can be treated        around the can. I never buy a Ginseng
enced extreme hardship, have themselves       with hot water, then steamed in a closed       root that came out of a tin can with a
produced more adaptive constituents and       room, and finally dried, in the process of     paper label. They’re virtually always
are more potent adaptogenically.              which it turns a glossy reddish brown.         counterfeit. Real North Korean Heaven
                                              This is known as Red Ginseng. Some             Grade roots are very tasty while imita-
Almost all wild Chinese Ginseng still has     preparers add herbs to the steam water,        tions taste much more bland.
the rootlets attached. Chinese people call    which changes the quality of the Ginseng.
these rootlets the “beard.” The beard is      Though North Korean Ginseng is prepared        South Korean Red: South Korean Ginseng
very rich in ginsenosides and germanium       by a secret process, for example, it is        is of very high quality. The Koreans have
and should not be taken for granted, and      widely assumed that the secret involves        put enormous effort into making their
certainly should never be discarded.          adding certain herbs which add to the          Ginseng the best in the world. Recently,
There should be small nodules every inch      potency of the Ginseng. North Korean           more and more experts are saying that
or so along the rootlets. They feel like      Ginseng is very yang and thus has a hot        South Korean Ginseng is beginning to
little pearls. No nodules — not wild.         energy. It is probable that not only is this   genuinely rival North Korean Ginseng. And
                                              the result of harsh conditions during          South Korean Ginseng is legal in the
There should be numerous striations           growth, but also to Yang herbs being           United States. Therefore it is easy to
circling the root, and the tighter the        added to the steam water.                      obtain. It is not inexpensive, but it is less
striations, the better. The striations                                                       expensive than North Korean.
indicate the hardship the root had to         There are several kinds of premium Red
overcome to survive. A root without           Ginseng grown is Asia. These include:          Just like North Korean, South Korean
striations or with weak striations will be    North Korean Red, South Korean Red,            Ginseng is divided into Heaven, Earth and
weak, or may not in fact be wild at all.      Chinese Shih Chu Red, Korean semi-wild         Man grades and is graded by size. Again,
Typical cultivated Ginseng, for example,      red and Chinese Emperors’ Tribute Red.         only Heaven Grade is truly great, and
does not have striations. In determining      All of these are absolutely great.             larger roots are better. If you buy a
the quality of a root, I look at the                                                         South Korean Heaven Grade 15 or 20
striations first, whether the root is large   It is not legal to import North Korean         root, you will appreciate its obvious
or small and no matter what its source.       Ginseng into the United States. However,       potency.
                                              it is widely distributed throughout the
The head, or Ginseng rhizome, is the next     rest of the world and is sometimes             Though South Korean Ginseng is widely
thing to look at. The head is very impor-     available in America. Genuine North            counterfeited, there is also plenty of the
tant because it tells you a great deal        Korean Ginseng is considered by many           real stuff around. Just check to make
about the history of the root. Supposedly,    connoisseurs of Ginseng to be the finest       sure the root came out of a painted can
the number of notches in the head tell        cultivated Ginseng in the world. It is very,   and not a can wrapped in a paper label.
you how many years old a root is. This is     very powerful. It is also very expensive,
probably true to a degree, but is not a       even in distribution centers such as Hong      Semi-Wild Korean Red: Very rare and
perfect gauge. There is no way to judge       Kong. North Korean Ginseng is very hot         awesome. That says it all.
the exact age of a Ginseng root. However,     and very yang. It is generally used to         Semi-wild Korean Red Ginseng is virtually
it is certain that the number of notches is   provide increased physical power, espe-        the same product as Shih Chu Ginseng
a good approximation. Therefore the           cially physical and sexual power. North        grown in China, which I will describe next.
more notches the better, since older wild     Korean Ginseng comes in three grades:          It is grown in forest beds from wild seed
roots are considered to be better. Heads      Heaven, Earth and Man. Heaven Grade is         and allowed to grow for at least ten years.
with more than twenty notches are             the best and the most expensive. It also       It is harvest under exacting conditions
premium — more than forty are awesome.        comes in a variety of sizes: 10, 15, 20, 25    and steamed. Generally, the beard is
There are roots on the market that are        and so on up to 45. The number repre-          allowed to remain.
apparently as old as 150 years old. These     sents the number of roots that fit into a
are worth a fortune. An authentic one         Chinese “pound” or “catty.” A catty weighs     This is what Ginseng is all about. It is
hundred year old root would certainly         1.6 U.S. pounds. The description “Heaven       extremely effective. It gives you lots of
earn its owner somewhere in the vicinity      Grade 15” Ginseng root means that 15           energy that lasts and lasts. It effects
of $100,000 in Hong Kong, Taiwan or           Heaven Grade roots make one catty. In          your mind, too. You become clear, sharp,
Japan, and perhaps more if it came from a     other words, the smaller the number, the       peaceful and optimistic. When I take this
premium location such as Chang Bai            larger the root. If you’re going to buy        Ginseng, my confidence grows and I feel
Mountain in China or the Diamond Moun-        North Korean Ginseng, only buy Heaven          smarter and wiser. It is not as physical as
tain in North Korea. The head is the main     Grade roots and don’t bother with a root       North Korean Red, but that is not to say
way that people judge the age of a            smaller than a 30. I personally don’t          that it is not energizing. It is just
Ginseng root, so it is also the main way      bother with roots smaller than a 20.           smoother. It’s the best.
that Ginseng Art is created. These            Because larger roots are more potent,
“artists” skillfully paste together two or    they therefore cost more — but it’s            It does not come graded. All these roots
three (or more) heads so that the head        worth the cost.                                tend to be large and truly beautiful. If
appears to be older than it really is.                                                       they were graded, they would be 10’s or
Careful observation, however, can always      As with all Ginseng, beware of counter-        15’s. And they have great heads — almost
identical to the heads on Shih Chu             Bai Mountain and pick wild-growing              White Ginseng: Both South Korea and
Ginseng. But semi-wild Korean red is           Schizandra and observe Atractylodes,            China export a great deal of white
extremely rare. But don’t despair. There       Peony and Acanthopanax (Siberian                Ginseng. White Ginseng is dried Ginseng
is some around — you just have to find         Ginseng) growing in their natural habitat.      that has not been steamed. It is either
the source. Good luck in finding it.                                                           peeled and allowed to sun dry, or it is left
                                               Throughout the valleys surrounding Chang        to sun dry with its skin still intact. Most
Chinese Shih Chu: Many people in Asia          Bai, Ginseng is cultivated on a large scale.    white Ginseng has been peeled. It is very
consider this to be the finest red Ginseng     This Ginseng is of fine quality, though it is   difficult for the average person to judge
in the world. It is virtually the same as      not as fine as Shih Chu. This Chang Bai         the quality of white Ginseng. However,
the semi-wild Korean Red. Again, wild          Mountain Ginseng is highly favored by the       there are a few rules of thumb that can
seeds are collected and planted in forest      Chinese and is the most common Ginseng          help.
beds, where the roots are allowed to           used in China by Chinese connoisseurs. In
develop for a minimum of ten years             Hong Kong, where the people are much            1. Larger roots are usually better because
before harvesting. This technique is only      richer, Shih Chu is far and away the            they are probably older. Ginseng is not
practiced in one place in China, in the Shih   favorite Chinese red Ginseng.                   really mature until it is five years old.
Chu Valley in Jilin near Korea. Supposedly,                                                    Larger roots were more likely in the
Shih Chu Valley has the best soil for          Jilin Red Ginseng: Throughout Jilin             ground longer.
growing Ginseng in China.                      Province, Ginseng is grown. However, in
                                               general, the lower the altitude above sea       2. The roots should be clean looking and
Shih Chu Ginseng has precisely the same        level and the further from Chang Bai            not too shriveled up. They should be a
feel as semi-wild Korean Red. It is            Mountain, the lower the quality of the          light, uniform cream color, which may
powerful yet mild. It effects body and         Ginseng. There is a considerable amount         appear slightly powdery.
mind. It lifts the spirit and sharpens the     of medium to low grade Ginseng grown in
intellect. It is the perfect red Ginseng.      Jilin that is used for commercial extrac-       3. Roots with strings neatly binding the
However, there is a major caveat: only         tions and products. This Ginseng is a crap-     beard are usually of pretty good quality.
large Heaven Grade Shih Chu is really          shoot. Some is good, some is poor and
good. Shih Chu, like Korean cultivated,        some is useless. Most commercial prod-          4. Some excellent white roots do exist,
comes in the three grades of Heaven,           ucts use this Ginseng. The only way to          and these are usually sold in individual
Earth and Man. Only Heaven Grade is            judge these products is by their overall        boxes or otherwise individually. They tend
grown from wild seed and allowed to            efficacy. I try to avoid all commercial         to be neatly prepared. In fact, it is
remain in the ground for ten years. Only       grade Ginseng since it may contain              possible to buy Shih Chu white roots,
buy Heaven Grades 16, 20 or 24. Anything       pesticides. Some manufacturers, however,        though they are rare.
smaller is of less potency. It is always       are very conscious and use only pesticide-
sold with the beard removed. And as            free Ginseng. These products tend to be         5. Korean white roots, in cans with
always, watch out for counterfeit. Real        more expensive.                                 government seals, are of good quality. I
Shih Chu Red Ginseng comes either in a                                                         have always found that Korean white
painted metal can or a similarly designed      Chinese Emperors’ Tribute Ginseng:              roots give good quality instant energy, but
cardboard box. If it comes in a tin can        During the Ching Dynasty, the emperors          do not seem to provide the long term
with a paper label, forget it — it’s fake.     of China developed a passion for Ginseng        boost that you get from any of the red
                                               to the point that they set up a Ginseng         varieties described above. Korean white
This is probably the best Red Ginseng for      preserve in Jilin Province, thus guarantee-     ginseng comes in different ages and sizes.
the majority of people. It is not as yang      ing them and others of the imperial             Four year old roots are too young for my
as the Korean reds, which is good for          household an ample supply of premium            liking, but are widely used by Korean
most people, and it is readily available. It   Ginseng. This Ginseng became known as           doctors and as an energy beverage. Six
is a stunning product and I personally find    Emperors’ Tribute Ginseng. Though it            year old, large white South Korean roots
it to be the perfect tonic herb.               disappeared after the Chinese revolution,       are good. I like them and recommend
                                               it has again become available, but this         them. However, they are in no way
Chang Bai Mountain Red Ginseng: Ginseng        time commercially — that is, to the public.     comparable to a Heaven Grade red root.
is grown throughout the northeastern           A small quantity of Ginseng which is grown
areas of China. The main province where        in the same location and by the same            In general, the best roots are usually
Ginseng grows is Jilin Province, though        techniques as available. The brother of         prepared as red roots in the Orient.
some Ginseng comes from Heilongjiang,          the Last Emperor has been personally            White roots are milder and more yin than
which is north of Jilin. This whole region     involved in reviving this Ginseng. It is in     red roots. Red roots are simply more
was formerly known as Manchuria. It is         very limited supply, but can be obtained        powerful, except for a few special
widely believed that Ginseng originated in     from knowledgeable and very well con-           varieties of white root. Occasionally you
Manchuria. The finest Ginseng in the           nected Ginseng suppliers. This Ginseng          can find semi-wild white roots. These, of
world comes from this region, and              was suitable for the Emperors of China          course, are extremely powerful and match
particularly from the Chang Bai Mountain       and his wives and family. It is a               the power of semi-wild red roots. Semi-
area. Chang Bai Mountain is a spectacular      connoisseur’s dream.                            wild roots, be they white or red, are very
volcanic mountain range which borders on                                                       similar to true wild roots.
North Korea. The last time that I visited      It is graded like Korean Red and Shih Chu:
Chang Bai Mountain, I was able to stop         Heaven, Earth and Man. Again, forget            Standardized Ginseng Products: In an
along the road and buy thirty-seven            Earth and Man grades — they’re for              attempt to come to grips with this
genuine wild roots from peasants who           Chinese peasants who simply cannot              incredibly wide range of Ginsengs, and the
were hoping that a Ginseng-loving traveler     afford good Ginseng. Find Heaven Grade          unpredictability of dosage and results,
might stop and buy their treasure. To me       25 or better or buy a different Ginseng.        the modern neutraceutical industry is
this was Ginseng Heaven! I was also able       Price: about the same as Shih Chu.              attempting to set chemical standards by
to stop on the mountain roads of Chang                                                         which Ginseng can be judged based on
consistent chemistry. This is a superb          at least match, if not surpass, these         human immune system and has been
idea, except that I do not believe that         results. But of course, it is important to    recognized in Japan and China as a cancer
there is enough known yet about Ginseng’s       be taking authentic Ginseng, and this is      preventative agent.
chemistry to base everything on one             what standardization guaranties.
chemical standard. For example, I believe                                                     3. The polysaccharide content of Ginseng
it is impossible to say that a 4% standard-     Biotechnology Ginseng: Very strict            cell culture can be higher than that of
ized ginseng from one company has any           surrounding conditions, such as soil,         cultivated Ginseng. It has been estab-
relevance to a 4% standardized extract          climate, etc. are required for cultivating    lished that these polysaccharides are
from another company. Different variet-         Ginseng. Therefore, the cultivation of        responsible for much of Ginseng’s immune
ies of Ginseng will have different ratios       Ginseng is very much limited by numerous      potentiating ability. However, normal
of ginsenosides which will have an entirely     biological factors. With the advances of      cultivated Ginseng has a low quantity of
different physiological effect.                 modern biological techniques, many            polysaccharides. Ginseng cell culture can
Ginsenosides extracted from Ginseng root        scientists in China, Japan, Korea and         thus be bio-technologically manipulated to
are very different from the ginsenosides        Russia have been investigating “tissue        be a stronger immune potentiating agent.
extracted from stems, rhizomes or               cultivation” and “cell cultivation” of
leaves. Different extraction techniques         Ginseng. They are also investigating cell     4. The superoxide dismutase (SOD)
will produce products with vastly differ-       cultivation in order to produce Ginseng       activity in the cultured cells is far higher
ent chemical make-ups. The resulting            saponins in large quantities sufficient for   than that of cultivated Ginseng. Dried
effects on one’s physiology will vary           industrial production. Japan, China and       earth-grown Ginseng retains almost no
greatly.                                        Russia are all racing to industrialize        SOD activity. However, even after
                                                Ginseng cell culture technology.              lyophilization, the SOD activity remains
Artificially standardizing Ginseng to a set                                                   unchanged. This SOD activity makes
level of ginsenosides is not an adequate        Based on over a decade of research,           Ginseng cell culture an ideal ingredient in
means of judging the quality of the             Professor Ding Jiayi of China Pharmaceu-      anti-aging cosmetics for topical applica-
Ginseng you are consuming. Many other           tical University has developed the            tion, since SOD has been shown to slow
factors come into play, besides                 cultivation method. Ginseng tissue can be     the aging of skin.
ginsenoside ratios and quantities, such as      grown in tanks from cell culture, without
presence and quantities of other ingredi-       the need to grow in the ground. Professor     This is the ultimate in standardization,
ents such as polysaccharides, germanium,        Ding has painstakingly developed hundreds     however, this type of technology probably
etc. Though standardized Ginseng is             of strains of Ginseng cell culture, each      will become common or even prevalent in
consistent and undoubtedly beneficial, I        with their own attributes based on the        the next couple of decades as the
do not believe it is the source of the best     genome of that particular strain. In          neutraceutical industry matures. There
Ginseng experience you can obtain. Whole        general, Professor Ding feels that there      will always be a mass of people who want
Ginseng extracts from the best sources,         are four primary advantages to Ginseng        the real herb, out of the earth. There will
properly and caringly prepared, will always     cell culture technology.                      be others who prefer standardization.
provide the best results, even if from                                                        Certainly, for some medical purposes,
batch to batch there may be some                1. The quantity of Ginseng saponins can be    standardized extracts will be appropriate,
deviation of constituents.                      very high. The crude saponin contents in      but for pure life enhancement and the
                                                cultured Ginseng cells can reach 22%, in      development of the three treasures,
The obvious advantage of standardization        contrast to the 4% which is standard for      nature will always remain supreme.
lies in the ability to do controlled clinical   earth-grown, sun-dried Ginseng. However,
testing. Ginsana has conducted such             based on the genome selected and on the       Contraindications
studies, and studies have been conducted        nutrients provided to the cell culture, any   All authorities agree that Ginseng has a
on their product between 1980 and the           percentage of saponins desired can be         very low acute and chronic toxicity. Over
present which have proven their stan-           produced on a mass scales and under the       the period of more than two thousand
dardized Ginseng extract to be safe and         complete control of the technicians.          years of continuous use, Ginseng has
effective. Such clinical trials clearly         Furthermore, within a few years, Profes-      gained a reputation as being a strong
demonstrated that their product (G115)          sor Ding is certain that specific             herb, but one which is free of real side
improves the general physical condition,        ginsenosides can be generated in pre-         effects when used moderately and
improves mental performance, including          defined ratios, that creating designer        appropriately. Italian researchers have
learning ability, and enhances the non-         Ginseng which can have clearly defined        shown that 2,100 mg/kg of Ginseng
specific immunologic functions of the           pharmacological activity based on the         extract given orally in standard toxicity
body, thus improving resistance. All-in-all,    amounts and ratios of its constituents.       studies gave no indication of acute
seven European clinical studies involving                                                     toxicity. Long-term, chronic toxicity
standardized Ginseng (4%) were con-             2. The content of bio-organic germanium       studies likewise have proven Ginseng to
ducted in the 1980’s, with results that         (GE) is controllable. Based on genome         have no side effects.
demonstrated shortening of time to react        selection, certain bio-technological
to auditory and visual stimuli, improved        methods and on the amount of inorganic        Excessive intake may cause headaches or
visual and motor coordination, increased        germanium provided as a nutrient, the         muscle tension in people of a Yang
alertness, improved grasp of abstract           content of cultured cells can reach 100       constitution. Yang varieties of Ginseng
concepts, improved concentration, and           ppm or higher, while earth-cultivated         should be used with caution and moder-
increased respiratory quotient. All of this     Ginseng contains about 2 ppm. Even wild       ately by people with a Yang constitution
is valuable to most people, and it could        Ginseng contains only about 5 ppm.            or by anyone who is experiencing hot
easily be said that this makes 4% stan-         Therefore, Ginseng cell culture can           conditions. Ginseng is not to be used by
dardized Ginseng an ideal herb for              become an economical means of producing       anyone experiencing an acute fever, sore
athletes.                                       bio-organic germanium as a specific           throat, or influences.
                                                supplement. Germanium has been clearly
All authentic, high quality Ginseng should      linked to the positive functioning of the     History
Ginseng has been known in Chinese                                                              good effect. Those that are in health
ethnolpharmacology for more than 3000           Korea became knowledgeable of Ginseng          often make use of it to render themselves
years. In fact, it is commonly believed in      about five centuries after China, and          more vigorous and strong, and I am
China that the first Emperor, Huang Ti,         Japan appears to have first made use of        persuaded that it would prove an excel-
also known as the Yellow Emperor (2698-         Ginseng seven centuries after China. It        lent medicine in the hands of any Euro-
2589 BC), used Ginseng. Written records         has been grown in South Habaluofska, in        pean who understands pharmacy....
of Ginseng reach back to the Spring and         Eastern Russia, for at least 800 years. All
Autumn Period (770-476 BC). Ginseng             Asian societies have developed strong          “It is certain that it subtilizes, increases
described in the Spirit Farmer’s Pharma-        Ginseng cultures through the centuries.        the motion of, and warms the blood, that
copoeia, the original Chinese materia                                                          it helps digestion and invigorates in a very
medica as follows:                              In 1274, Marco Polo, during his famous         sensible manner. After I had illustrated
                                                extended stay in China, found Ginseng to       the root, I observed the state of my
“Ginseng is nourishing to the five internal     be widely used, and to be especially           pulse, and then took half of the root, raw
organs, it is sweet in taste, it contains no    popular among the Chinese nobility,            as it was and unprepared: an hour after I
toxicity, it calms and stabilizes the spirit,   including the emperor and his family.          found my pulse much fuller and quicker, I
eliminates palpitations, prevents fright                                                       had an appetite, and found myself much
and stops terror, removes evil Qi (patho-       Among the very first descriptions of           more vigorous, and could bear labor much
genic factors), improves eyesight, opens        Asian Ginseng by a non-Asian was written       better and more easily than before.
the heart, brightens the mind, strength-        by Father Joseph Petrus Jartoux. Father
ens the memory, benefits wisdom and             Jartoux was serving as a missionary in         “But I did not rely on this trial alone,
long-term administration of Ginseng will        China during the reign of Emperor Kang         imagining that this alteration might
lighten the body and prolong lifespan.”         and in 1709 he was commissioned by the         proceed from the rest that we had that
                                                Emperor to draw a map of Manchuria.            day: but four days after, finding myself
Ginseng was further established as the          While on a surveying expedition to             so fatigued and weary that I hardly could
primary tonic herb of Chinese herbalism         Manchuria, which is now the northeaster        sit on horseback, a mandarin who was in
by the true father of Chinese medicinal         frontier of China, he wrote the following      company with us perceiving it, gave me one
herbalism, Zhang Zhong-Jing, in the third       description of Ginseng in a report to his      of these roots: I took half of it immedi-
century AD. In his famous, remarkable           superior:                                      ately, and a half hour after I was not the
and still-used herbal text, “Treatise on                                                       least sensible of any weariness. I have
Febrile Diseases,” Zhang used Ginseng in        “Peking, April 12, 1711                        often made use of it since, and always
20% of the formulas he created and in           Reverend Father,                               with the same success.””
most of these cases, Ginseng was the            “The map of Tartary, which we made by
main ingredient of the formula. These           order of the Emperor of China, gave us an      Jartoux went on in the report to tell how
formulations are still memorized and            opportunity to see the famous plant            the Emperor sent out ten thousand men
utilized to this day by all practitioners of    ginseng, so much esteemed in China and so      on a wild ginseng hunt to assure that the
Chinese Traditional Medicine.                   little known in Europe. Towards the end of     imperial palace would have an ample
                                                July 1709 we arrived at a village not          supply.
From that time on, Ginseng became the           above four small leagues distant from the
object of great desire. It was collected in     Kingdom of Korea, which is inhabited by        Such massive Ginseng hunts and intensive
the mountains as well as in open country        those Tartars called Calca tatze. One of       hunting by Chinese peasants resulted in
by farmers and even by professional             these Tartars went and found upon the          near exhaustion of the natural wild supply
Ginseng hunters. It took little time for        neighboring mountains four plants of the       in northeast China. Wild Ginseng is now
the natural wild supply to become scarce.       ginseng, which he brought us entire in a       very rare. Emperor Kang and subsequent
In “The Record of Shi Le,” written around       basket....                                     Ching Dynasty emperors created large
350 AD, there is a description of how Shi       “The most eminent physicians in China          Ginseng preserves in what is now Jilin
Le first cultivated Ginseng. Mr. Shi, who       have writ whole volumes upon the virtues       Province, where the punishment for
lived in Shanxi province, recollected in        and qualities of this plant and make it an     hunting Ginseng could be death. The best
this autobiography how he was selling wild      ingredient in almost all remedies which        Ginseng is believed to come from this
Ginseng for a very good profit. One day,        they give to their chief nobility, for it is   region. To this day, the Ginseng grown in
he decided to transplant a small piece of       of too high a price for the common people.     the area of the former preserves is
wild Ginseng rhizome into his garden,           They affirm, that it is a sovereign remedy     considered especially fine and is the
where he cultivated it into a large root        for all weaknesses occasioned by exces-        favorite of Ginseng connoisseurs around
that he sold for a huge profit. Ginseng         sive fatigues either of body or mind, that     the world. Special Ginseng from this
cultivation has thus been practiced for         it dissolves pituitous humors, that it cures   region, called “Emperor’s Tribute” Ginseng
more than 1700 years.                           weakness of the lungs and the pleurisy,        is sometimes available even today. This
                                                that it stops vomiting, that it strengthens    Ginseng is especially famous because it
This was the first act in the development       the stomach and helps the appetite, that       was the favorite of the last emperor of
of Ginseng cultivation in China. The            it disperses fumes or vapors, that it          China.
history of Ginseng cultivation can be           fortifies the breast, and is a remedy for
divided into three stages: 1. transplanta-      short or weak breathing, that it strength-     Prior to 1949, very little Ginseng was
tion of wild-growing Ginseng and domestic       ens the vital spirits and increases lymph in   grown for commercial use in China. Poor
cultivation of it; 2. the collection of the     the blood, in short, that it is good against   economic conditions made matters even
seed of wild-growing Ginseng and artifi-        dizziness of the head and dimness of           worse. Mao Zi Dong, however, declared
cial breeding of them; and 3. artificially      sight, and that it prolongs life in old age.   herbs to be China’s “treasure house,” and
breeding and purification of seeds and                                                         from that time on the Ginseng industry
large scale production. In fact, all three      “Nobody can imagine that the Chinese and       has been steadily growing.
stages still occur in China and Korea           Tartars would set so high a value upon
today.                                          this root if it did not constantly produce a
All forms of Ginseng are highly treasured       Cool                                            the prevention and treatment of athero-
in Hong Kong, where it is both heavily                                                          sclerosis and for retardation of the aging
used and where it is a major trade item. A      Taste                                           process. Studies have shown that the
very substantial amount of the world’s          Sweet, Bitter, Bland                            water extract of GP can decrease the
Ginseng trade takes place in Hong Kong,                                                         activity of multiple coagulation factors.
which for nearly half a century has been        Organ Meridian Systems                          This extract can accelerate the erythro-
China’s main outlet to the rest of the          Lung, Stomach                                   cyte electrophoresis rate. The studies
world. From 1990 through 1993, over 7                                                           revealed that GP is an antithrombotic
million pounds of Ginseng was imported          Qualities                                       agent affecting the links of thrombotic
into Hong Kong, most of which was re-           Glehnia is a very good moistening tonic. It     chain.
exported. This represents a five-fold           clears the lungs and tonifies Yin. Glehnia
increase in the importation of Chinese          is cold, sweet and affects the Lung and         2. The total saponin of GP can markedly
Ginseng in just a five year period, which       Stomach. It is the perfect herb to use          act against the immunity inhibition due to
coincides with the opening up of China and      when the Lungs are dry due to smoking,          Cy management in experimental animals.
development of China’s market economy.          smoke, dry or dusty air, excessive talking      The total saponin showed a definite bi-
As for Hong Kong consumption of Ginseng,        or singing, etc. It can also be used to         directional immuno-modulatory action in
statistics indicate that between 50 and         treat common dry chronic coughs, hoarse-        normal healthy mice, recovering the
60% of Hong Kong residents consume              ness, etc. If such a condition persists, see    immune indices to normal value from
Ginseng.                                        your doctor.                                    either originally lower or higher than the
                                                                                                medium figure, by significant difference
                                                Glehnia helps replenish body fluids. It is a    in comparison with the Cy groups. The
Ginseng has likewise been extremely             very useful herb during dry weather, as in      total saponin also had actions to prevent
important in the culture of Korea. The          desert conditions. It can also be used to       from fatigue and to tolerate hypoxia
Ginseng industry is huge and hundreds of        replenish fluids during and after an illness    under usual atmospheric pressure. These
millions of dollars worth of Ginseng is         or surgery. People who are chronically          data indicate that the total saponin of GP
grown and exported each year. The               dehydrated will find this herb a lifesaver.     is an effective immuno-modulator, similar
Ginseng industry in South Korea is highly       It is a great component of a home-made          in action to Ginseng, Astragalus, Gano-
regulated by the government and has             sports drink. It is virtually identical to      derma and several other Chinese herbs.
been developed into a world-class indus-        Adenophora except that Glehnia is more
try. However, no wild Ginseng still exists      brittle.                                        3. GP can improve exercise endurance of
in Korea, or at least ever becomes                                                              white rats, especially healthy and trained
available. My teacher, Sung Jin Park told       Gynostemma                                      rats. Studies showed that the muscle
me that in the mountains around Pusan, on       Pure Gynostemma, also known as “south-          cells of rats having taken GP for 45 days
the West coast of China, the Taoist and         ern ginseng” and the “miracle herb.” It is      were less injured after physical exhaus-
Buddhist hermits who still live there,          a quintessential adaptogenic herb. It is        tion than those of the control group. Both
routinely find wild roots, but that they        regarded as one of Asia’s premier longev-       phosphate and liciferase assays showed
are extremely well hidden and that it           ity herbs. Currently one of the most            that GP saponin could to some extent
takes a true expert to find one. It is safe     popular herbs in all of Asia. It is adapto-     extend or activate (Na+K+) ATP-ase in
to say that they are too rare to consider       genic, antioxidant, immune modulating,          membrane.
obtaining in practicality, unless, of course,   anti-inflammatory, anti-aging agent. It
you are closely connected to a Taoist           also has been found to be anti-ulcer,           4. Gypenosides regulate lymphocyte
hermit living in the mountains of western       respiratory tonic, platelet regulating,         transformation and DNA synthesis by
South Korea.                                    anti-hyperlipidemic, cholesterol regulat-       regulating DNA polymerase II activity.
                                                ing, anti-obesity, liver protecting, triglyc-   5. In search of new products for the
Glehnia                                         eride lowering, cardiovascular protecting,      treatment of hyperlipidemia with a low
Products Featuring This Herb:                   and anti-thrombic. It tonifies the immune       frequency of side effects, a decoction of
Young Lungs                                     system. It is one of the great herbs in         Crataegus cuneata, Nelumbo nucifera and
                                                the world.                                      GP has been tested. A reduction of
Other Common Names                                                                              triglyceride and cholesterol was seen.
Glehnia                                         Description
                                                Spray dried concentrated powder in              6. The action of gypenosides as an
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese         capsules. Made from the purist, highest         antioxidant was studied using various
Tonic Herbs                                     grade Gynostemma in the world.                  models of oxidant stress in phagocytes,
212                                             Primary Traditional Functions                   liver microsomes and vascular endothelial
                                                Tonifies Qi, cooling, adaptogenic, anti-        cells. It was found that GP decreased
Pharmaceutical Latin                            inflammatory                                    superoxide anion and hydrogen peroxide
Glehniae Littoralis, Radix                      Typical Usage                                   content in human neutrophils, etc. It was
                                                2 or 4 capsules, 2 or 3 times per day           also found that GP protected
Pinyin                                          Note                                            biomembranes from oxidative injury by
Bei Sha Spirit (Sha Spirit)                     Scientific Data: Following are the results      reversing the decreased membrane
                                                of studies done in China, Korea and Japan       fluidity of liver microsomes and mitochon-
Treasures                                       on Gynostemma pentaphyllum (GP) and its         dria, increasing mitochondrial enzyme
yin jing                                        gypenosides:                                    activity in vascular endothelial cells and
                                                                                                decreasing intracellular lactate dehydro-
Treasure Rating                                 1. Gypenosides have been shown to               genase leakage from these cells. The
***1/2                                          protect vascular endothelial cells from         extensive antioxidant effect of GP may
                                                oxidant injury. The data thus suggest           be valuable to the prevention and treat-
Atmospheric Energy                              that gypenosides may be beneficial for          ment of various diseases such as athero-
sclerosis, liver disease and inflammation.      14. Pharmacological and clinical investiga-    gypenosides at the dose of 200 mg/kg
                                                tion has pointed out that gypenosides(also     had obviously better body force and
7. GP water extract was shown to have           called “gynosaponins” by Hu) can effec-        tolerance than those in the control group
significant anti-inflammatory and liver-        tively inhibit cancer cells in the liver,      that were not given GPS.
protective effects in rats.                     stomach, lung, skin and uterus.
                                                                                               22. The LD50 of mice i.p. GPS is 755 mg/
8. The immuno-potentiating effects of           15. The basic chemical structure of the        kg. The LD50 of rats i.p. is 1.85 g/kg. Oral
gypenosides in relation to the network of       gynosaponins is of the dammarane type.         administration at the dose of 10 g/kg was
neuroendocrine-immune modulation (NIM)                                                         non-toxic which was more than the
were examined. The results indicate that        16. The sweet flavor in the leaves of GP is    determination limitation of LD50. Thus,
the mechanism of immunomodulating               due to phyllodicin. Other constituents of      gypenosides are very safe for consump-
effects of gypenosides may be mediated          GP include Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin     tion.
through the NIM network, and suggest a          C, calcium, sodium, iron, phosphorus,
close relationship between the neuroendo-       carotene, protein, fat, fiber and sucrose.     23. Gynostemma contains trace elements,
crine activities and the immunofunctions.                                                      of which 5 are fundamental to human
                                                17. Animal tests proved that crude             body. Mineral analysis indicates that GP
9. A study on rabbits indicates that GP         gynosaponins possessed obvious antican-        contains: Se, Mg, Zn, Ca, Fe, K, Mn, P,
has the protective effect on acute              cer and antiulcer action, inhibited the        etc.( See table 3. Content determination
cerebral ischemia injury.                       side effects of glucocortico-hormones,         of trace element)
                                                promote cell metabolism, benefit sleep
10. A comparison study between the              and lower blood lipids. Gynosaponins might     Table 3. Content Determination of Trace
effects of gypenosides and ginsenosides         be able to inhibit the multiplying of          Elements
(from Panax Ginseng) on cardiac function        cancer cells in liver, uterus, lung, etc. by
and hemodynamics was done on dogs. It           as much as 20~80%. In mice with experi-        Trace elements Content (mg/g)
was found that the coronary flow was            mental sarcoma-180, the cancer may be          calcium, Ca 19475.00
raised and the heart rate lowered by both       reduced by 40% at the dose of 50 mg/kg         zinc, Zn 178.75
gypenosides and ginsenosides. The               of GPS every day for seven days.               iron, Fe 786.30
lowering of myocardial oxygen consump-                                                         manganese, Mn 87.50
tion after the administration of                18. If mice were injected with dexam-          magnesium, Mg 2045.00
gypenosides and ginsenosides could be           ethasone beforehand i.e. at the dose of
explained by the decreasing of cardiac          10 mg/kg a day for 10 days and then            GP contains water-soluble amino acids,
tension-time index and the slowing of           injected with gypenosides at the dose of       various vitamins, protein.
heart rate. Nevertheless, it was insignifi-     10 mg/kg a day for 10 days, GPS might
cant that gypenosides and ginsenosides          prevent the side effects of dexametha-         Table 2. Content Determination of Amino
affected the myocardial contractility and       sone, such as atrophy in the adrenal gland     Acid
heart pump function. The effects of             and thymus.
gypenosides are slightly more potent than                                                      Amino Acid Content (mg/g)
ginsenosides.                                   19. Gypenosides 22, 30 and 41 have             leucine, Leu 0.0549
                                                obvious antiulcer activity.                    histidine 0.0473
                                                                                               lysine, Lys 1.5563
11. Gypenosides is a potent inhibitor to        20. Extended administration of GP might        glutamic acid, glutaminic acid 0.6872
platelet aggregation and its action             inhibit the forming of experimental            glycine, glycocoll 0.8600
mechanism may be related to inhibiting          cholelithiasis, lowering the cholesterol in    methionine, Met 0.3289
the platelet from releasing reaction and        blood and bile. The experimental group         aspartic acid, ASP 0.0929
increasing the platelet cAMP level.             used a feed containing 1.2% cholesterol        threonine 0.1425
                                                and into it was added the fine powder of       serine 0.1629
12. Gypenosides was shown to have a             Gynostemma. The mice were fed with this        cystine 1.1325
platelet aggregation factor which was           kind of feed. Three weeks later, choles-       isoleucine 0.2127
completely inhibited by prostaglandin 12,       terol value, total bile acid value and         arginine 0.0559
but was not affected by aspirin. Studies        phospholipids value were determined in         phenylalanine 0.9758
indicate that the active principle is most      animal bile and observation was made to
likely a kind of glycoside or polysaccha-       see if any stone was formed in the gall        24. The use of glucocorticoids in therapy
ride.                                           bladder. The results indicated that in 3       can preserve life. However the side
                                                mice of the experimental group, stone was      effects may include excessive appetite,
13. Crude saponins isolated from GP were        formed; and in 6 mice of the control           lack of energy, dropsy or obesity, kerati-
tested for their effect on lipid metabo-        group, stone was formed. In 2 mice of the      tis, pigmentation and hypertension, etc. It
lism in corn oil-containing, high sugar diet-   experimental group, more than 11 stones        is usually accompanied by severe damage
fed rats. Oral administration of such high      were formed, but in 4 mice of the control      to the adrenal glands, thymus and other
sugar and fat diet caused hyperlipemia,         group, 11 stones were formed. In the mice      organs, resulting in early aging syndrome.
liver injury with increased serum level of      of the controlled group, were found            The thymus is the center of the immune
glutamic pyruvic transaminase (GPT), and        mucous membrane multiplying, bleeding          system, though it atrophies with age.
accumulation of lipid peroxide in the liver.    and swollen fat liver. In the experimental     Therefore, protecting the thymus and
Administration of the crude saponins            group the cholesterol value and total bile     adrenal glands from atrophying is essen-
from GP reduced serum levels of triglyc-        acid concentration in blood and bile were      tial in anti-aging efforts. Gypenosides can
erides, lipid peroxide, total cholesterol,      markedly decreased in comparison with          prevent these side effects from happen-
phospholipids and GPT in such high sugar        the control group.                             ing and restore the organs that have
and fat diet-fed rats.                                                                         atrophied due to the damaging effects of
                                                21. In a swimming test in which mice fed       glucocorticoids. GP and gypenosides can
greatly improve the suppressed immunity       Gynostemma has real potential as a              Atmospheric Energy
caused by steroids abuse. It can also         biological reaction regulator in treating       Neutral
strengthen the phagocytosis of the            malignant tumor. Gypenoside can not only
phagocytes in the abdominal cavity of         directly kill cancer cells, it also increases   Organ Meridian Systems
mice, it increases the weight of the          the titer of PFC plaque forming cell and        Spleen and Stomach
spleen and adrenal gland. This is why GP is   hemaglutination antibody, strengthens the
called an “immunity strengthener.”            delayed hypersensitivity of mice and            Part Used and Form
Researchers (Ma Bing Xuan, et al) believe     therefore improves the immunity of              Dried ripe fruit
that GP has strong preventive and curing      tumor carrying animals. These might be
effects against the damage due to             some of the reasons why Gypenoside has          Primary Functions
steroids. The use of gypenosides to           anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects and          Replenishes Qi in the middle burning
prevent and cure the side effects of          can prevent the growth of tumors.               space (Spleen and Stomach), nourishes
steroid use has been granted a patent in                                                      blood, soothes the mind, moderates the
Japan. The patent recommends dosages          29. It was reported in Yunnan Province          actions of other herbs in a formula
for adults of 5~500 mg/day, usually           that it was used to treat senile chronic
10~250 mg/day, 3~4 times, orally.             bronchitis in 537 cases. The total effec-       Qualities
                                              tive rate was 79% after the treatment of        This special fruit, sometimes called the
                                              one therapeutic period. It was found that       “red date,” has been used since ancient
25. The adrenal cortex is a superbly          the stemona was more effective in               times as a nutrient tonic, a blood cleanser,
developed organ for the regulation of         treating bronchitis than the leaves. It         and as an important adjunctive herb to
homeostasis. It is essential for life. The    was taken 2.5 3.9 g tid, for ten days as        other tonics, especially in combination
hormones of the adrenal cortex can be         one therapeutic course.                         with Ginseng and Tang Kuei. Jujube, which
divided into two main categories:                                                             is not a true date, is universally believed
(1) glucocorticoids which affect carbohy-     30. The gypenosides 3, 4, 8 and 12 are          in the Orient to build strength and
drate metabolism, and                         virtually identical to ginseng saponins Rb1,    extend life. Jujube is slightly sedative
(2) mineralocorticoids which affect water     Rb3, Rd and F2 in structure, respectively.      and laxative and removes obstructions of
and salt metabolism. It is fairly well                                                        the energy flow. The juice of jujube is
established that GP influences the                                                            one of the wonderful and delicious
glucocorticoids produced in the innermost     Jujube Date                                     specialties of Chinese tonic herbalism. It
zone of the adrenal cortex, the zona          Products Featuring This Herb:                   is often used as a base for other herbal
reticularis, and has a regulatory influence   500 Ginsengs Drops                              extracts.
on the secretion of the glucocorticoids,      Ginseng Sublime
hormones that influence carbohydrate                                                          Jujube is a very commonly used herb,
and protein metabolism. Cortisol, also        Supreme Creation                                especially in formulas that use Ginseng. It
known as hydrocortisone is the most           Easy Qi (formerly Smooth Flowing Qi)            is the classic side-kick to Ginseng.
important glucocorticoid, its secretion       Shou Wu Formulation                             Anytime you use Ginseng, you can use
being regulated by ACTH. The drug             Ant Essence Formula                             Jujube. The date is believed to enhance
cortisone is the synthetic cortisol           Imperial Garden                                 the activity of Ginseng while smoothing
analogue. GP may help regulate the            Super Adaptogen                                 out any rough edges the Ginseng may
secretions of the outermost zone of the       Endocrine Health                                have. It harmonizes the ingredients in a
adrenal cortex as well, including the         Ginseng and Astragalus Combination              formula, making the whole formula smooth
mineralocorticoids, the most important of     Ten Complete Supertonic Combination             in both taste and action. However, it is
which are aldosterone and deoxycorticos-      Ginseng and Longan Combination                  much more than just an adjunctive herb.
terone, which regulate the water and          Ginseng Nutritive Combination                   It provides excellent energy and is a
electrolyte metabolism of the body.           Return to Youth                                 powerful Qi tonic in its own right.
                                              Platycodon and Fritillary
26. Gynostemma can help adjust and            Bupleurum and Dragon Bone Combination           It is an excellent tonic to the Spleen and
regulate blood sugar levels.                  Activated Minor Bupleurum                       Stomach, helping these organs extract
                                                                                              the energy from food and drink at
27. In the test in vitro where 0.38-0.75%     Other Common Names                              maximum efficiency. It is also an excel-
Gypenoside is used directly to kill S-180     Red Date                                        lent blood tonic. Jujube also has an
sarcoma cell, the killing rate is 54~87.5%                                                    emotionally calming effect. It is a mild
while the control group only has 28.84%       Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese         Spirit stabilizer.
death rate.                                   Tonic Herbs
                                              212                                             Primary Combinations
28. Zhe Jiang Traditional Medical Re-                                                         Combine with:
search Institute used Gynostemma              Pharmaceutical Latin
instant granule (each bag contains 400 mg     Fructus Jujube                                  1. Ginseng to tonify the Spleen and to
Gypenoside) on cancer patients after                                                          build Qi
their operation. All the patients improved    Pinyin
their conditions. The total effectiveness     Hong Zao                                        2. Dang Gui and White Peony Root to
rate reaches 89.47%. It improves the cell                                                     tonify blood
immune function, lowers the IgG, IgM. It      Treasures
can also induce the thymus dependent          Qi and Spirit                                   Varieties and Grading
lymphocytes to differentiate and sensi-                                                       The smaller the dates, the better. Be
tize so that they can kill the relevant       Treasure Rating                                 sure that the dates are fresh and free of
target tumor cells on contact.                ***1/2                                          insects. They are highly nutritious and are
                                                                                              easily and readily infested with moths and
other creatures. Throw them out if you        Qi                                            some cases hypertension. Occasional large
find any larvae. Where there’s one, there                                                   doses are not considered to be a problem
are usually many more hidden away. The        Treasure Rating                               for most people when used for specific
skin of a good quality Jujube should be       ****                                          purposes and under a doctor’s watchful
firm, radiant and deeply wrinkled. If the                                                   eye.
dates are too large or too moist, they will   Atmospheric Energy
not be powerful. Remember, an herbalist       Neutral                                       Licorice is an excellent Qi tonic. It
can judge you by how you pick your                                                          increases vital energy. This herb is
Jujubes. If you select small ones, they       Organ Meridian Systems                        frequently used to strengthen the
will know that you know what you are          Spleen, Stomach and Lungs                     digestive and metabolic functions. It aids
doing, they will respect you and they will                                                  in the assimilation of nutrients and thus
start showing you better quality goods.       Primary Functions                             contributes to the building of blood.
Most novices, of course, think that big,      Regulates the function of the Stomach,        Licorice is universally believed, in Asia, to
juicy dates are best.                         invigorates the Spleen, Qi tonifying, lung    build large, strong muscle tissue. It is
                                              clearing, latent-heat clearing, detoxicant,   thus widely used by athletes, dancers,
Contraindications                             anti-inflammatory, harmonizing and            etc. It is used as an ingredient in numer-
Do not use when you are suffering from        regulating to the twelve organs               ous Qi tonic formulations as both a Qi
excessive phlegm, food retention, abdomi-                                                   tonic and as the harmonizing ingredient.
nal bloating and parasites.                   Qualities
                                              Chinese Licorice root, or Glycyrrhiza, is     It is often used as an anti-inflammatory
Licorice                                      one of the greatest herbs known to            agent. Licorice contains chemical compo-
Products Featuring This Herb:                 mankind. Licorice root builds energy and is   nents which act similarly to cortisone, but
                                              an excellent digestive tonic. It is the       without the side effects. It is useful for
Easy Qi (formerly Smooth Flowing Qi)          most broad spectrum natural detoxifying       all sorts of inflammation, but usually it
Shou Wu Formulation                           agent known, ridding the body of over         depends on the other herbs in a formula
Ant Essence Formula                           1200 known toxins without any distressful     to determine where the formula will act.
Strong Bones                                  side-effects. It also helps regulate the
Strength Builder                              blood sugar level, helping counteract         This herb has a reputation as an excellent
Golden Air                                    hypoglycemia, a very common imbalance.        expectorant in the case of lung conges-
Profound Essence                                                                            tion. Furthermore, it is widely used as a
Young Lungs                                   Licorice root provides basic nutrients to     tea to help relieve sore throat and
Will Power                                    the adrenal glands. Licorice helps build      pharyngolaryngitis. Millions of smokers
Super Adaptogen                               and strengthen muscle, and it is a natural    use it to soothe their dry throats since
Endocrine Health                              muscle relaxer. It is very sweet and adds     Licorice root improves secretion of the
Immunity Booster Formula                      a delicious flavor to herbal teas. Licorice   throat mucosa. It is also used as an
Isatis Supreme                                is included in most Chinese herbal teas       ingredient in teas used by singers, public
Lights Out                                    and formulations because it is said to        speakers and others who utilize their
Golden Voice                                  harmonize all the ingredients in an herbal    vocal cords excessively.
Calmers                                       formula. Licorice root is very powerful
Small Volcano                                 and should be used in small quantities        Licorice root has acquired the name in
Ginseng and Astragalus Combination                                                          China of “the Great Detoxifier.” It is
Ten Complete Supertonic Combination           Licorice root is used as a harmonizing        considered to be one of the primary
Ginseng and Longan Combination                ingredient in many Chinese herbal formu-      detoxifying herbs in the Chinese herbal
Ginseng Nutritive Combination                 lations. It is used in more formulations      arsenal. Its reputation for this action
Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination              than any other herb in Chinese herbalism.     goes back to the time of Spirit Nong. It
Dang Gui and Gelatin                          Though it is considered to be the quintes-    is widely believed that low level consump-
Bupleurum and Rehmannia Combination           sential “servant” herb, it is often re-       tion of Licorice root will rid the body of
Platycodon and Fritillary                     ferred to as the King of Herbs, in spite of   poisons that would otherwise accumulate
Yin Qiao                                      the fact that Ginseng also bares the title.   and cause disease or functional disorder
Gentiana Combination                          Its sweet and pleasant flavor help make       if not cleaned out. In particular, it is
Bupleurum & Cyperus Combination               some unsavory formulations palatable, and     believed to clean the blood and the liver.
Bupleurum and Peony Combination               otherwise bland tasting formulas excel-       Though there are many detoxifying
Activated Minor Bupleurum                     lent.                                         agents used in Chinese herbalism, most of
                                                                                            them are harsh. Licorice root, on the
Other Common Names                            It is believed that Licorice root “harmo-     other hand is mild and devoid, for most
Licorice Root                                 nizes” the ingredients in an herbal           people, of side effects. It can of course
                                              formulation, eliminating harshness of         be used preventively, which makes it more
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       action and promoting smooth activity of       generally useful than medicinal herbs.
Tonic Herbs                                   the herbs. It is therefore called “the
168                                           Great Harmonizer.” It is thus extremely       Many people use Licorice root internally
                                              important in the Chinese herbal system,       as a general anti-inflammatory. It is used
Pharmaceutical Latin                          both tonic and medicinal. It is used in       for redness and swelling anywhere in the
Glycyrrhizae Uralensis, Radix                 small quantities in a very wide number of     body. Of course, if inflammatory condi-
                                              formulations as a harmonizer. The herb is     tions exist, one should consult a physician,
Pinyin                                        powerful and small doses are usually          but for low grade inflammations, Licorice
Gan Cao                                       sufficient to achieve excellent results.      root may prove to be extremely effective.
                                              Large quantities are uncommon because         It is also used as an antispasmodic. When
Treasures                                     excessive use can cause edema, and in         combined with White Peony Root, it is a
superb antispasmodic. These two herbs            actions. Glycyrrhizin has been shown to          role in the herbs anti-ulcer by relieving
combined work synergistically to relax           prolong the action of cortisone.. It is          spasms of the smooth muscle of the
both smooth muscle and striated muscle.          believed to inhibit the metabolism of the        gastrointestinal tract. The removal of
It is especially famous for relieving            steroids, thus maintaining higher corti-         glycyrrhizin from the extract both
cramps in the gastrocnemius and feet.            sone levels for a longer duration.               improves this action and reduces the side
However, it is almost equally as useful for                                                       effects, including primarily edema. De-
cramps and contraction anywhere in the           Licorice root extract, as well as the raw        glycyrrhinated licorice root is available
body.                                            powder, glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetinic          for those who cannot use normal licorice
                                                 acid exhibit deoxycorticosterone-like            due to the edemic side effects. FM 100,
Another condition for which Licorice root        action. They reduce the urinary volume           the anti-ulcer component of Licorice root,
is famed is for the relief of gastric and        and sodium excretion while increasing            has also been shown to have mild anticon-
duodenal ulcers. It has been used to             potassium excretion. This action has             vulsant, anti-spasmotic and analgesic
relieve hyperacidity for thousands of            produced edema in laboratory animals and         actions. When Licorice root is combined
years and is a superb anti-ulcer agent. A        in humans.                                       with Paeonia albiflora, or when FM 100 is
small quantity in tea can quickly help heal                                                       used with paeonin (the active component
ulcers in most cases. It is especially           Human clinical studies have demonstrated         of Paeonia albiflora), the antispasmodic,
effective when combined with herbs like          that the hormone-like actions of Licorice        anticonvulsant and analgesic actions are
Gynostemma and White Peony, which                root are therapeutically useful, strength-       greatly increased, confirming the famous
themselves help relieve ulcers.                  ening resistance, enhancing adrenocortical       combination in traditional Chinese herbal-
                                                 function, improving the regulatory               ism.
Licorice root is an indispensable compo-         function of hormones drugs, reducing the
nent of the Chinese herbal system. It has        dependence of patients on the steroidal          The detoxicant action that has classically
powerful tonic benefits and at the same          hormones and mitigating the withdrawal           been attributed to Licorice root has also
time has a wide range of healing effects         symptoms from steroidal hormones.                been verified. The administration of
that have been time-proven innumerable                                                            Licorice root, its extract or of
times. The trick in using Licorice root lies     Licorice root has anti-inflammatory action       glycyrrhizine have all demonstrated
in watchful moderation. Don’t use too            similar to hydrocortisone. Glycyrrhizin          powerful detoxicant actions against
much — it’s unnecessary and excessive            and glycyrrhetinic acid are believed to be       toxins such as cocaine, chloral hydrate,
quantities can have the side effect of           the components responsible for this              strychnine, urethane, arsenobenzene and
causing water retention. Small doses are         activity.                                        mercurous chloride. It has also been
very unlikely to have any results but                                                             shown to have detoxicant action against
excellent ones.                                  Liquiritigenin and isoliquiritigenin, found in   caffeine, nicotine and barbiturates. It
                                                 the alcohol extract of Glycyrrhiza               has also been used to detoxify snake and
                                                 uralensis, have been found to be MAO             spider venom. Given along with snake
Scientific Data                                  inhibitors, that is, they inhibit monoamine      antiserum, the results were better than
Glycyrrhiza uralensis contains two major         oxidase in the liver. Synthetic MAO              snake antiserum alone. However, Licorice
triterpenes, glycyrrhizin (glycyrrhizic          inhibitors have been used in the treat-          root is not effective in detoxifying
acid) and glycyrrhetinic acid. Glycyrrhiza       ment of psychotic patients who have mild         morphine, ephedrine and epinephrine
uralensis usually contains 6-14% glycyr-         or severe depression. Both Liquiritigenin        toxicity. Various Licorice root prepara-
rhizin, which exists for the most part as        and isoliquiritigenin are spasmolytic            tions are now being experimentally used
salts of glycyrrhizic acid and ammonia,          agents, that is, they relieve spasms (they       with antineoplastic (cancer) drugs to
calcium potassium, iron or barium.               are muscle relaxants). Isoliquiritigenin is      reduce their toxicity and to improve their
                                                 5 times as potent as liquiritigenin. It is       effects. Excellent results have been
Licorice root is rich in flavonoids. The         being examined as a natural substitute           reported in China and Japan. All this
primary one is liquiritin, with isoliquiritin,   for the synthetic MAO drugs used in              detoxifying activity is now believed to be
liquiritigenin and isoliquiritigenin also        clinical practice for depression.                due to the improvement of the regulative
playing important pharmacological roles.                                                          activity of the adrenal-pituitary system,
Licorice root contains a substance called        Licorice root has been demonstrated to           and to direct adrenocorticomimetic
FM 100, which is a component of the              have powerful anti-HIV action in vitro. An       actions of glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetinic
flavonoids of the cortex. It has been            herbal drug utilizing Licorice root is being     acid, among other mechanisms.
demonstrated to have anti-ulceration             tested in Japan. In addition, Licorice root
action.                                          has been found to induce the production          Glycyrrhetinic acid has an antitussive
                                                 in human beings of g-interferon.                 (anti-cough) action similar in action to
Other components include amino acids,                                                             codeine, but without the drowsiness.
biotin, b-sitosterol, berniarin,                 Numerous reports confirm Licorice root’s         Licorice root extract or an herbal tea
umbelliferone, ferulic acid and sinapic          traditional use as an anti-ulcer agent. It       containing sufficient quantity of the herb,
acid.                                            has shown significant inhibition on              can relieve irritation of inflamed pharyn-
                                                 experimental ulcers as well as in human          geal mucosa. Licorice root also promotes
The various species of Glycyrrhiza used          clinical settings. It protects the mucosa        pharyngeal and bronchial secretion, which
as Licorice root have adrenocorticomi-           against damage. One mechanism is by              in turn promotes expectoration.
metic action. Most authorities on                inhibiting abnormal gastric secretion by
Glycyrrhiza believe that glycyrrhetinic          the gastric mucosal cells. FM 100 is the         Licorice root extract has been shown in
acid produces adrenocorticomimetic               primary component involved in this action.       laboratory animals to significantly protect
action. Its chemical structure is similar to                                                      the liver from damage due to strong liver
that of the corticosteroids. Pharmacologi-       Licorice root has a well-known antispas-         toxins.
cal studies indicate, for example, that          modic action. The flavonoids in licorice
glycyrrhetinic acid has sodium-retention,        root are responsible for this action. This       Licorice root has a significant antidiuretic
antidiuretic and anti-inflammatory               antispasmodic effect plays an important          action, due to the action of glycyrrhizin.
This action produces the one overt side        Bupleurum and Rehmannia Combination            many benefits to the heart muscle. Its
effect of Licorice root — edema.               Bupleurum & Cyperus Combination                action in this regard is similar to that of
                                                                                              Ilex and Notoginseng. It significantly
Primary Combinations                           Other Common Names                             enhances myocardial circulation and is now
Combine with:                                  (sometimes called “Cnidium” — not to be        being widely used clinically in China to
                                               confused with Fructus Cnidium)                 treat and prevent heart disease. Ligusti-
1. Ginseng, Codonopsis, Astragalus and                                                        cum is related to Dong Gui and they share
Atractylodes to tonify Spleen and build        Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese        many of the same characteristics. They
Qi                                             Tonic Herbs                                    also share significant components.
                                               213                                            However, Dong Gui is a stronger blood
2. White Peony to relieve spasms and                                                          tonic and Ligusticum is a stronger Blood
cramps                                         Pharmaceutical Latin                           vitalizer and analgesic.
                                               Rhizoma Ligustici
3. Ginger and Aged Citrus to regulate                                                         It is also widely used to relieve the pain
Stomach Qi                                     Pinyin                                         associated with invasion of wind and in
                                               Chuan Xiong                                    formulations to treat colds, flus, sinus
Varieties and Grading                                                                         congestion and various skin disorders.
Large, very sweet licorice root is the         Treasures
best. Very high quality Licorice root, when    Blood                                          Ligusticum has been found to induce
sliced, has a smoother, finer texture than                                                    interferon production in human beings.
cheap, low grade Licorice. Good Licorice       Treasure Rating
root is pleasant to chew. Licorice root is a   ***1/2                                         Preparation and Utilization
soft pulpy wood, yet it becomes pulpy                                                         It is usually used in formulas with Dong
when chewed. Cheaper Licorice root tends       Atmospheric Energy                             Gui, Rehmannia, Peony, etc. It is one of
to be more splintery when chewed and           Warm                                           the “four things” in the most famous of
doesn’t taste as good. Sometimes small,                                                       women’s formulas, “Four Things Combina-
splintery Licorice root is quite sweet. This   Taste                                          tion.” Combine with Notoginseng, Ilex and
type of Licorice is fine for extraction,       Pungent and bitter                             Qi tonics to create a formula beneficial
but the larger Licorice root has better                                                       to the heart. Do not cook Ligusticum for
chemical harmony and is simply better in       Organ Meridian Systems                         more than a few minutes. Add it to an
most cases. All Licorice root is inexpen-      Liver, Gall Bladder, Pericardium, Heart        infusion only at the end. Overcooking boils
sive, and it goes a long way because you                                                      off and destroys the aromatic oils, which
will be using small quantities, so purchase    Part Used and Form                             are essential components of the herb.
the best you can find.                         Rhizome                                        Overcooking destroys the herb and it will
                                                                                              not do its job.
It should be noted that Chinese herbal-        Primary Functions
ists sometimes use Licorice root that has      Vitalizes the blood, promotes the circula-     Primary Combinations
been roasted in honey. This is usually         tion of blood and Qi, nourishes blood,         Never used alone. Combine with:
called Honey-fried Licorice or prepared        relieves wind conditions, analgesic
Licorice. This kind of Licorice is usually                                                    1. Dang Gui, Rehmannia (steamed) and
used either in the winter or by people who     Qualities                                      White Peony Root to build blood, stimu-
have a cold constitution or cold condition     Ligusticum wallichi, sometimes referred        late blood flow, regulate the menstrual
where they feel chilled all the time.          to as Cnidium, is a very widely used blood     cycle and relieve abdominal pain
                                               tonic. It is especially common in women’s
Contraindications                              blood tonic formulations. Ligusticum is a      2. Salvia and Notoginseng to invigorate
Large doses of Licorice root can result in     superb “blood vitalizing” herb used to         blood circulation and protect the Heart
side effects associated with the adreno-       improve blood circulation and to disperse
corticomimetic action of the herb. The         blood stagnation. It has recently been         Varieties and Grading
symptoms associated with Licorice root         found to improve blood circulation in the      The stronger Ligusticum’s fragrance, the
include edema and hypertension. Patients       heart. It is sometimes called Cnidium on       more powerful its activity inside the body.
prone to, or suffering from, these             some product labels, and should not be         If it is old, it will have lost much of its
disorders should use Licorice root only        confused with Cnidium seed, a Yang             fragrance
sparingly, as a low level adjunctive herb in   essence tonic.
other formulations, or they should use de-
glycyrrhinated licorice root extracts. In      Ligusticum is one of the primary blood         Ligustrum
addition, they should seek the advice of       vitalizing herbs used in Chinese herbalism.    Products Featuring This Herb:
their doctor. Elderly patients in particular   It is very widely used in treating men-        Microcosmic Orbit
should use Licorice root sparingly and         strual disorders because it is so effective    Women’s Jing
under the supervision of an herbalist.         at activating blood flow and relieving pain    Young at Heart
                                               associated with blood and Qi stagnation.       Immunity Booster Formula
Ligusticum                                     It warms the uterus and decongests
Products Featuring This Herb:                  swelling in the pelvic basin. In addition to   Other Common Names
Remove Stagnation                              its blood vitalizing effects, Ligusticum is    Ligustrum
Golden Voice                                   a good blood tonic.
Cardiovascular Protector                                                                      Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
Eagle Vision                                   Though it was not classically recognized       Tonic Herbs
Four Things Combination                        as a major heart tonic, it has recently        190
Dang Gui and Gelatin                           been discovered that Ligusticum provides
Pharmaceutical Latin                                                                           despair. However, in this regard it is
Fructus Ligustri lucidum                        2. Lycium fruit, Raw Rehmannia and             weaker than Lily flower.
                                                Moutan for deficient yin and heat
Pinyin                                                                                         Primary Combinations
Nu Zhen Zi                                      3. Astragalus, Ganoderma and Gy-               Combine with:
                                                nostemma to counteract the side effects
Treasures                                       of chemotherapy and radiation, provided        1. Ophiopogon, Raw Rehmannia, Fritillaria
Yin Jing                                        the doctors involved agree. Fairly large       and Anemarrhena to moisten dry Lungs
                                                doses are more effective in building and/      and relieve cough
Treasure Rating                                 or protecting the immune system
****                                                                                           Varieties and Grading
                                                Varieties and Grading                          The bulbs or cloves should be smooth and
Atmospheric Energy                              All Ligustrum sold in the United States is     moist, and certainly not dried out and
Cool                                            of approximately equivalent quality and is     brittle.
                                                generally quite good.
Taste                                                                                          Contraindications
Bitter and Sweet                                Contraindications                              Lily bulb should not be used when experi-
                                                Do not use when you have diarrhea due to       encing cough due to invasion of wind-cold
Organ Meridian Systems                          cold. In cases of Yang deficiency it is        for those with cold Spleen with diarrhea.
Kidney and Liver                                often better to use Polygonum.
                                                                                               Lily Flower
Primary Functions                               Lily Bulb                                      Other Common Names
Tonifies Kidney and Liver Yin, enhances         Products Featuring This Herb:                  Lily Flower
immune functions, clears heat, brightens        Yin Replenisher
the eyes                                                                                       Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
                                                Other Common Names                             Tonic Herbs
Qualities                                       Lily Bulb                                      214
Ligustrum is a Yin Kidney tonic which is
said by the Chinese to prolong life. It has     Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese        Pinyin
been found to be a significant immune           Tonic Herbs                                    jin zhen hua
enhancing agent. It is also used as a blood     213
tonic.                                                                                         Treasures
                                                Pharmaceutical Latin                           Spirit
Ligustrum is a very good Yin essence            Bulbus Lilii
tonic. It’s action is very similar to that of                                                  Treasure Rating
Polygonum, except that it is a cool herb.       Pinyin                                         ***1/2
It is used for all the same purposes as         Bai He
Polygonum, including blackening the hair                                                       Atmospheric Energy
or preventing premature graying. Thus it        Treasures
is considered to be an antiaging, rejuvena-     Yin                                            Qualities
tive herb. It strengthens the back and                                                         The Chinese call Lily “the plant for
relieves soreness in the lower back and         Treasure Rating                                forgetting care and sorrow.” They believe
knees, and helps relieve aching in other        **1/2                                          that by eating or drinking a tea of Lily
joints. It is said to improve hearing and       Atmospheric Energy                             Flower, one is able to forget unpleasant
sharpen vision.                                 Slightly Cold                                  memories and sorrow. Lily flower is high in
                                                                                               iron and builds blood, and also contains
Ligustrum has gain quite a reputation in        Taste                                          several vitamins.
the past decade due to the discovery that       Slightly cool
it has powerful immune enhancing effects.
In a study done in the United States,
                                                Organ Meridian Systems                         Products Featuring This Herb:
supported by the National Institutes of         Lung and Heart
Health, it was found to prevent break                                                          Supreme Spirit Drops
down of the immune system when cancer                                                          Magu’s Treasure
                                                Primary Functions                              Magu’s Secret
patients were given chemotherapy and            Moisten the Lungs, relieve cough, clear
radiation therapy. Subsequent studies                                                          Ginseng and Longan Combination
                                                heat in the Heart, calm the Mind and
around the world have supported this            stabilize the Spirit
action. It is now used clinically for this                                                     Other Common Names
purpose in Japan and China.                                                                    Longan fruit
                                                Lily bulb is primarily used to moisten the     Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
Preparation and Utilization                     Lungs. It is very effective at relieving dry
It may be used in Kidney and Liver tonics.                                                     Tonic Herbs
                                                cough and dry throat. It thus is excellent     191
                                                for smokers, singers, public speakers, fire
Primary Combinations                            eaters and those who use their voices
Combine with:                                                                                  Pharmaceutical Latin
                                                excessively for any other reason.              Arillus longan
1. Lycium fruit, Polygonum or Rehmannia         It has mild but effective influence on the
(steamed) to build blood, to tonify Kidney                                                     Pinyin
                                                emotions. It is capable of calming agita-      Long Yan Rou
yin, and to prevent premature aging             tion and relieving anxiety, grief and
                                              by every Chinese late each summer when         prevent or treat premature ejaculation,
Treasures                                     it is in season. It may be consumed alone      spermatorrhea, and is also used in
Blood and Qi                                  as an herb as well. However, it is usually     women’s formulas to treat leucorrhagia.
                                              combined with other tonic herbs:               For these purposes, it is often combined
Treasure Rating                                                                              with other astringent herbs such as
****                                          1. Ginseng and Dang Gui to strengthen the      Dragon Bone, Cuscuta, Euryale, Cuscuta,
                                              Spleen and Heart                               Cnidium, Astragalus seed, etc.
Atmospheric Energy
Warm                                          2. Dang Gui and White Peony to build           It is also commonly used in formulas
                                              blood                                          designed to firm up the stool in individu-
Organ Meridian Systems                                                                       als with weak Spleen functions. It is
Heart and Spleen                              3. Zizyphus, Spirit Poria and Polygala to      usually combined with herbs such as
                                              calm the mind, stabilize the nerves and        White Atractylodes and Poria for this
Primary Functions                             develop Spirit                                 purpose.
To nourish the Blood, calm the mind,
strengthen the Spleen and tonify Qi           Varieties and Grading                          Lotus seed has Spirit stabilizing proper-
                                              This is an herb that must be selected          ties. It is therefore combined with other
Qualities                                     very carefully. The aril, which is the         Spirit stabilizers to calm the mind and to
Longan is a wonderful and delicious tonic     sweet fleshy fruit meat is extremely           help overcome emotions such as chronic
fruit used by the Chinese as a blood tonic,   delicious. The dried fruit obtainable at       worry, fear, anger, etc. It is usually
to build energy, to nurture the heart, and    herb shops is priced based on its flavor       combined with Dragon Bone, Polygonum
to add luster and beauty to the skin. It is   and sweetness. So producers soak the           stem, Albizzia bark or flower, Biota, etc.
believed among the Chinese people that        Longan in sugar water to enhance its           for this purpose.
Longan is not only great for the skin, but    sweetness. Buy from a reputable herbalist
is also a fantastic sex tonic. For that       and ask him or her if the Longan has been      Primary Combinations
reason, Longan is considered as a special     sweetened. Buy unsweetened Longan — it         Combine with:
tonic for women who wish to be both           is sweet enough without the sugar and is
beautiful and sexual — it has a 2000 year     much better for you. I prefer dried            1. Ginseng, Poria and Dioscorea to tonify
reputation as a special love tonic. It is     Longan that is lighter in color. It is less    the Spleen and Kidney
said that the most beautiful women in         often artificially sweetened and pre-
China eat Longan. Longan is equally           serves better.                                 2. Astragalus Seed, Euryale seed, Cornus,
beneficial to men. It is believed to have a                                                  Dragon tooth, Oyster shell, Cnidium and
calming effect and to add radiance to the     Contraindications                              Cuscuta to astringe the Kidneys and
eyes.                                         Don’t eat so much you become ill.              prevent premature ejaculation and to
                                                                                             treat chronic vaginal discharge
Longan is an excellent Blood and Qi tonic     Lotus Seed
that can be used to relieve heart palpita-    Other Common Names                             Varieties and Grading
tion, insomnia, forgetfulness and anxiety     Lotus Seed                                     Select fresh, clean lotus seed.
associated with Blood and Qi deficiency,
especially when combined with Qi tonics       Pharmaceutical Latin                           Contraindications
such as Ginseng, Codonopsis and Astraga-      Semen Nelumbinis                               Not to be used by those who are experi-
lus. It is one of the premier blood tonics                                                   encing constipation.
of Chinese tonic herbalism, and is often      Pinyin
combined with other blood tonics such as      Lian Zi
Dong Gui and Peony to build blood. Dragon     Treasures                                      Lotus Stamen
Eye Fruit has a high content of iron,         Jing and Qi                                    Other Common Names
about 20 times that of grapes and 15                                                         Lotus Stamen
times that of spinach.                        Treasure Rating
                                              ***                                            Pharmaceutical Latin
Combined with Spirit tonic herbs such as                                                     Stamen Nelumbinis
Ganoderma and Fu Spirit, it promotes          Atmospheric Energy
tranquility. This herb has been found to      Neutral                                        Pinyin
promote deep, refreshing sleep. For this                                                     Lian Xu
purpose, it may be combined with              Organ Meridian Systems
Zizyphus. It increases physical stamina       Kidney, Spleen and Heart                       Treasures
and promotes peripheral circulation,                                                         Jing
warming up cold hands and feet.               Primary Functions
                                              Astringent to control Jing, to reinforce       Treasure Rating
Preparation and Utilization                   the Kidney, to tonify the Spleen and firm      *
Blend with Qi tonic, Blood tonics or Spirit   up the stool, and to stabilize Spirit and
tonics according to your needs. You may       calm the mind                                  Atmospheric Energy
eat Longan by itself so long as you don’t                                                    Warm
eat them in excess, since they can cause      Qualities
an upset stomach when over eaten. Try         Lotus seed is used primarily as an astrin-     Organ Meridian Systems
mixing them with walnuts.                     gent in Kidney and Spleen tonic formula-       Kidney and Heart
                                              tions. It is in own right a good mild tonic.
Primary Combinations                          It is useful for preventing the leakage of     Primary Functions
Longan Fruit is a fruit which is consumed     essence, and thus is commonly used to          Astringent to control Jing, to reinforce
the Kidney, to stabilize Spirit and calm      Lung, Spleen                                  elderly people, once a day for 3 weeks,
the mind                                                                                    more than 67% of the patients’ T cell
                                              Primary Functions                             transformation functions tripled and the
Qualities                                     moistens and cools the Lungs, used for        activity of the patients’ white cell
Lotus stamen is an excellent astringent.      hot coughs, especially in cases of defi-      interleukin-2 doubled. In addition, the
It is stronger as an astringent than Lotus    cient Lung Yin.                               results showed that all the patients’ spirit
seed, but does not have the tonic qualities                                                 and optimism increased significantly,
of the seed. It is very useful for prevent-   Qualities                                     appetite improved in 95% of the patients,
ing the leakage of essence, and thus is       Luo Han Guo is a very sweet fruit is a        95% of the patients slept better and 35%
commonly used to prevent or treat             superb Lung tonic used to relieve lung        of the patients at least partially recov-
premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea,         congestion and to cool the lungs, thus        ered their sexual function.
and is also used in women’s formulas to       “clearing heat” such as one might experi-
treat leukorrhia. For these purposes, it is   ence on a hot smoggy day. A special           Lycium fruit contains a powerful polysac-
often combined with other astringent          extract of this herb can provide a            charide which has been shown to have
herbs such as Dragon Bone, Cuscuta,           wonderful flavor to any tea.                  potent immune enhancing activity. This
Euryale, Cuscuta, Cnidium, Astragalus                                                       same polysaccharide has been found to be
seed, etc.                                    Lycium Fruit                                  a secretagogue, that is, a substance that
                                              Products Featuring This Herb:                 stimulates the secretion in the pituitary
Primary Combinations                          Schizandra and Lycium Drops                   gland of human growth hormone, a
Combine with:                                 8 Immortals Adaptogenic Elixir                powerful innate anti-aging hormone.
1. Astragalus Seed, Euryale seed, Cornus,     Yin Replenisher
Dragon tooth, Oyster shell, Cnidium and       Ron Teeguarden’s Super Pill                   This delicious fruit is very widely used
Cuscuta to astringe the Kidneys, prevent      Supreme Creation                              throughout Asia as a superb Yin essence
premature ejaculation and to treat            Magu’s Treasure                               and blood tonic. It is one of the most
chronic vaginal discharge                     Magu’s Secret                                 popular herbs in the world. Regular
                                              Microcosmic Orbit                             consumption of Lycium is traditionally
2. Radix Scrophulariae and Tuber              Women’s Jing                                  believed to lead to a long, vigorous and
Ophiopogonis for excessive sweating and       Imperial Garden                               happy life. And it is said that prolonged
thirst, loss of consciousness, and delirium   Strength Builder                              consumption of Lycium will promote
caused by high fever associated with          Super Adaptogen                               cheerfulness and brighten the Spirit.
warm-febrile diseases                         Endocrine Health                              Lycium is also said to brighten the eyes
                                              Protector 2000                                and improve vision. Lycium strengthens
Varieties and Grading                         Eagle Vision                                  the legs and has long been a favorite herb
Lotus stamen should be fresh, sweet           Return to Youth                               of Chinese martial artists and athletes.
smelling. Its aroma is quite pleasant. The    Spring Dragon Longevity Tea                   Lycium fruit is widely believed to increase
fresher it is the better. If it is dry to                                                   sexual fluids and enhance fertility.
the point of being brittle, look elsewhere.   Other Common Names                            Lycium, like Ginseng and Ganoderma, is a
                                              Lycium barbarum L.                            quintessential tonic herb.
Not to be used by those who are experi-       Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       Lycium has long been used as a longevity
encing constipation.                          Tonic Herbs                                   herb. It is one of the premier anti-aging
                                              140                                           herbs of Asian herbalism and is believed
                                              Pharmaceutical Latin                          to fortify the system against disease and
Luo Han Guo                                   Fructus Lycii                                 to provide the energy to overcome
Products Featuring This Herb:                                                               difficult obstacles.
Spring Dragon Longevity Tea                   Pinyin
                                              Gou Qi Zi                                     This herb is now being used in clinical
Other Common Names                                                                          settings for a number of common mala-
Luo Han Guo, Arhat Fruit                      Treasures                                     dies. Lycium is used in the treatment of
                                              Yin Jing, Blood                               consumptive disease accompanied by
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese                                                     thirst such early-onset diabetes and
Tonic Herbs                                   Treasure Rating                               tuberculosis, dizziness, blurred vision, and
220                                           *****                                         chronic cough.

Pharmaceutical Latin                          Atmospheric Energy                            Lycium has been tested as an anti-obesity
Momordicae Grosvenori, Fructus                Neutral                                       drug. Patients were given 30 grams each
                                                                                            morning and each afternoon to be made
Pinyin                                        Organ Meridian Systems                        into a tea. Results were excellent. Most
Luo Han Guo                                   Liver, Kidney                                 patients lost significant weight.

Treasures                                     Primary Functions                             Lycium is commonly used in the treatment
                                              To tonify the Kidneys and promote the         of diabetes. 8-10 grams of fruit is
Treasure Rating                               production of essence, to strengthen the      steamed and eaten each time, three times
                                              legs, to nourish the Liver and brighten the   daily (steaming softens the fruits). The
Atmospheric Energy                            eyes, to moisten the lungs                    daily dosage range of 8-30 grams is
neutral                                                                                     typical of medical applications in China.
Organ Meridian Systems                        When Lycium extract was provided to 20        Lycium fruit, as an ingredient in prescrip-
tions, has been used in a number of recent                                                  of herbal connoisseurs. It is big, has thick
clinical trials for treatment of bone          Lycium has been undergoing intense           fruit meat, has few seeds and its taste is
marrow deficiency conditions (low produc-      scrutiny as a cancer drug in China and       sweet and exquisite. Ning Xia Lycium is
tion of red blood cells, white blood cells,    Japan. Lycium fruit, as well as an extract   further graded according to size, larger
and platelets).                                from its leaves, can kill many kinds of      ones selling for considerably more than
                                               cancer cells in vitro. In vivo studies and   smaller ones. The larger ones tend to be
It has been reported that Lycium has           human studies are proving to be highly       sweeter, and have a juicier texture.
been used in the treatment of atrophic         promising. Ning Xia Lycium contains 124      Grade 1 Ning Xia Lycium has no more than
gastritis weakened digestion due to            ppm of organic Germanium. Germanium has      370 fruits per 50 grams. Grade 2 has no
reduced stomach activity. Patients             been demonstrated to have anti-cancer        more than 580 grains per 50 grams. Grade
consume 10 grams of the whole fruits           activity. Japanese studies indicate that     4 has no more than 1100 grains per 50
each time, twice daily before meals for        organic Germanium is effective in treating   grams and no more than 15% damaged
two months or longer.                          liver cancer, lung cancer, uterine cancer,   fruit.
                                               cervical cancer, and testicular cancer
Lycium is commonly used by first trimes-       when combined with other drugs. Lycium       A second variety is known as Blood
ter mothers to prevent morning sickness.       has been found to induce the production      Lycium. Blood Lycium is of a lower quality
50 grams of Lycium is boiled along with 50     in human beings of g-interferon. Inter-      than Ning Xia Lycium. The Blood Lycium
grams of Scute for 30 minutes. Drinking        feron can depress and even kill cancer       Fruit tends to be relatively small, has
this tea is a quick and effective remedy       cells. Germanium possesses the power to      numerous seeds, has a bright glossy skin
for morning sickness.                          take over the hydrogen ion from cancer       that is thicker and tougher than that of
                                               cells. Losing hydrogen ions can cause        Ning Xia Lycium, and is considerably less
Blended with Yang tonic herbs such as          depression and even death to cancer cells.   sweet. Often, Blood Lycium has a distinct
Deer Antler, Morinda and Cordyceps, with       Besides Germanium, Lycium has other          tartness that overwhelms the sweetness.
Qi tonics such as Astragalus and Ginseng,      components that act against cancer.          Grade 1 Blood Lycium contains no more
and with Astringent herbs such as              These other components appear to be          than 600 fruit grains per 50 grams. Blood
Schizandra and Cornus, Lycium is one of        able to depress or block the synthesis of    Lycium is OK, and it still has the tonic
the fundamental sexual tonic herbs in          the cancer cells DNA, which interferes       benefits associated with Lycium, but it is
Chinese herbalism.                             with the cell’s ability to divide and thus   far inferior to Ning Xia Lycium.
                                               lowers the reproductive capacity of the
It is said in China that eating a handful of   cancer cells.                                Blood Lycium is very commonly found in
Lycium a day will make you happy for the                                                    Chinese herb markets, but it is not
entire day. Such a practice has a cumula-      Primary Combinations                         commonly found in America. Almost all of
tive effect. Eventually, you can’t stop        Preparation and Utilization                  it is picked up commercially in China by
smiling.                                       May be consumed alone, but mostly used       Asian or American manufacturers who
                                               in formulas. Combine with:                   process the herb into off-the-shelf
Scientific Data                                                                             products. Premium manufacturers will still
Fresh Ning Xia Lycium has the highest          1. Rehmannia (steamed) to strengthen         use Ning Xia Lycium, but the lower cost of
content of beta-carotene among all foods       Jing, nourish Kidney yin, and build blood    Blood Lycium tempts most producers to
on earth. Beta-carotene can be trans-                                                       select it for packaged products.
formed into vitamin A under the influence      2. Ginseng Root to strengthen the Heart
of human liver enzymes. Therefore,             and Kidney                                   There are other minor varieties of Lycium
vitamin A ultimately plays a major influ-                                                   available in America. Shandong Lycium is
ence in Lycium’s actions. Lycium’s function    3. Chrysanthemum flower and Ophiopogon       similar to Ning Xia, but is not as sweet
on the eyes is related to this factor.         to tonify Kidney yin, nourish Jing, dis-     and are not usually as plump. They are
Lycium’s vitamin B1 and B2 contents are        perse Liver heat and clear the eyes          thus less expensive.
significant and the vitamin C content of
freeze-dried Lycium has been measured          4. Schizandra to tonify Kidney and Liver     At the herb shop, you may select your
to be 73 mg/100 grams.                         yin and strengthen Jing                      Lycium by looking at it, feeling it and
                                                                                            tasting it. It should have a uniform color
The fruit also contains vitamin C, beta-       Varieties and Grading                        that is not too bright. Some suppliers in
sitosterol (an anti-inflammatory agent),       Because of Lycium’s great fame over          Asia dye the fruit red to make it more
linoleic acid (a fatty acid),                  many, many centuries, it has been col-       “attractive” to naive buyers. It should not
sesquiterpenoids (cyperone, solavetivone),     lected and cultivated in almost every        have any dark fruit mixed in — dark fruit
tetraterpenoids (zeaxanthin, physalin),        region of China. It grows on hillsides and   is oxidized and spoiled. The fruit should
and betaine (0.1%).                            ridges in most areas of China. The best      be firm and not mushy. Mushy fruit is
                                               Lycium grows in cool climatic areas. The     spoiled. Larger fruit is best. Always taste
Lycium contains 18 kinds of amino acids,       Lycium is collected in the summer and        Lycium before you buy it. It should be
of which 8 are indispensable amino acids       autumn when the fruit is mature. It is       delectable. Great Lycium is very sweet
for the human body (such as isoleucine         spread thin on bamboo mats and dried in      and a total pleasure to eat raw or cooked.
and tryptophan). 50% of Lycium’s amino         semi-shady sunlight. The farmers must be
acids are free amino acid. Lycium contains     very careful not to touch the fruit with     Contraindications
numerous trace elements, of which the          their hands during the drying process        Lycium has absolutely no toxicity. How-
main ones are zinc, iron and copper.           because this will cause the fruit to turn    ever, it should not be used in the cases of
Mature fruits contain about 11 mg. of iron     very dark, which is unacceptable.            hyperactive fire due to an exopathogen,
per 100 grams. Ning Xia Lycium contains                                                     or if you are suffering from Spleen
45% glucose, 7% fructose and 5.5%              There are two primary varieties of           deficiency with dampness and diarrhea.
glucose.                                       Lycium. The first is called Ning Xia
                                               Lycium. This Lycium is the preferred herb    History
Lycium has been considered a major            multiflorum is not yet well-known here,       inhibiting tumor growth, preventing tumor
antiaging herb for over 2500 hundred          but is highly prized in the Orient as a       metastasis, and working together with
years. It was described as a superior herb    longevity herb, in the same class with        chemotherapy to relieve side effects.
in the Spirit Farmer’s Herbal. Tao Hong       ginseng. He continued to consume his          Maitake has also been shown to have the
Jing (456-536 AD), a Taoist master and        Lycium soup daily.                            ability to lower high blood pressure.
physician, wrote in his famous herbal                                                       Animal studies indicate that Maitake is
classic “Commentary on the Spirit             It is said that Master Li also changed his    effective for diabetes and human studies
Farmer’s Herbal,” that “Lycium tonifies       diet so as to consume little meat or root     have shown that Maitake can help reduce
Jing and Qi and strengthens the Yin Tao       vegetables and limited his consumption of     body weight in overweight individuals.
within a human.”                              grain. Instead, he lived mainly on steamed    Maitake has recently been categorized as
                                              above-ground vegetables and herbs. He         an adaptogenic herb, thus helping to
There is an incredible Chinese story in       lived to be 252 years old, dying in 1930,     normalize body functions.
which Lycium plays a major role. The very     reportedly after a banquet presented in
widespread knowledge of this story in         his honor by a government official. He had    Male Silk Moth Drops
Asia has made Lycium even more popular        married during his lifetime fourteen          Male silk moth has a long history in China
in China in the past century. One man, Li     times and lived through eleven genera-        of being used as a male sex tonic. Rich in
Qing Yuen, is said to have lived to be 252    tions of his own descendants, of which he     protein, cephalin and male hormones, male
years old. His life span has been verified    had almost two hundred during two and a       silk moth is conducive to the normal
by modern scholars. Born in 1678 in the       half centuries of life.                       growth of the body, and the formation
mountainous southwest of China, he ran                                                      and evolution of the male reproductive
away from home at the age of eleven with      Though Li Qing Yuen’s case is rare, in that   organs. It is used to nourish the Kidney,
three travelers. These travelers were in      it has been reasonably authenticated by       accelerate the growth of sperm and
the herbal trade. Together the boy and        both Eastern and Western scholars,            marrow and stimulate the nervous system.
his three teachers traveled throughout        tradition is rich in the Orient in the lore   Male silk moth is considered in Asia to be
China, Tibet, and Southeast Asia, encoun-     of Taoists living to ages unimaginable by     an extremely potent male sexual stimulant
tering many dangerous situations, but all     us. It is well known that among the           and tonic. It is very Yang.
the while studying the herbal traditions      Chinese population, the Taoists far
of all the various regions.                   outlived all other people. Many lived to be   Description
                                              centurions and few died prematurely. The      Use with Super Yang Jing Drops or by
As Li Qing Yuen became older, he became       Taoist art of longevity, known as the “Art    itself. An 8:1 concentrate.
a practicing herbalist, and was well known    of Radiant Health” is one of the great
for his amazing vigor and excellent health.   legacies of the East. And Lycium has          Primary Traditional Functions
Then one day, when he was around fifty        played a major part in Taoist health          Tonifies Primal Yang
years old, while out on a hike, he met a      practice since ancient times. Though it is
very old man who, in spite of his venerable   a common herb, it is one that the Taoists     Who Can Use This Formula
old age, could out-walk Li Qing Yuen. This    consider to be transcendental.                Those who wish to supplement their yang
impressed Master Li very much because                                                       energy and increase sexual drive and
he believed that brisk walking was both a     Maitake Mushroom                              potency.
way to health and longevity and a sign of     Products Featuring This Herb:
inner health. Li Qing Yuen inquired as to     Four Kings                                    Typical Usage
the old sage’s secret. He was told that if                                                  1 to 2 squirts per day
every day he consumed a “soup” of Lycium      Other Common Names
he would soon attain a new standard of        Maitake Mushroom                              Morinda Root
health. Li Qing Yuen did just that and                                                      Products Featuring This Herb:
continued to consume the soup daily until     Pinyin                                        Supreme Creation
he was over one hundred and thirty years      hui shu hua                                   Strong Bones
old !                                                                                       Strength Builder
                                              Treasures                                     Return to Youth
Naturally, he was greatly revered by all
those who knew him and he had many            Treasure Rating                               Other Common Names
disciples who followed him. Even at this                                                    Morinda
very old age, his sight was keen and his      Atmospheric Energy
legs were strong, and he continued to                                                       Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
take his daily vigorous walks. One day, he    Qualities                                     Tonic Herbs
was on a journey through treacherous          Maitake mushroom is a powerful health         143
mountains. In the mountains he met a          promoting mushroom that is currently
Taoist hermit who claimed to be five          extremely popular in Asia because of its      Pharmaceutical Latin
hundred years old. Humbled by the great       life-promoting benefits. Like Agaricus,       Morindae Officinalis, Radix
illumination of the old Taoist, Li Qing       Shitake and Reishi, it is rich in the beta-
Yuen begged the Taoist sage to tell him       D-glucan polysaccharides that have been       Pinyin
his secrets. The old Taoist, recognizing      demonstrated to be potent immune              Ba Ji Tian
the sincerity of Li, taught him the           potentiators. Maitake has been clearly
secrets of Taoist Yoga (also known as Nei     demonstrated to possess immune stimu-         Treasures
Gong, “the Inner Alchemy”) and recom-         lating, tumor inhibiting qualities. Recent    Jing
mended that Li consume a daily dose of        research indicates that Maitake D-
Panax Ginseng combined with Polygonum         fraction provides a number of immune          Treasure Rating
(Radix Polygonum multiflorum). Ginseng is     actions: activating cellular immunity,        ****1/2
well-known in the West; Polygonum             stopping normal cells from carcinogenesis,
Atmospheric Energy                             3. Cinnamon bark and Aconite for irregu-        the root
Warm                                           lar menstruation due to cold uterus and
                                               for impotence due to cold Kidneys in men        Primary Functions
Taste                                                                                          cooked: as a blood and yin tonic; raw: to
Pungent and Sweet                              Varieties and Grading                           stop bleeding, and transform congealed
                                               Morinda comes in a range of qualities.          blood
Qualities                                      Really good Morinda is large, very pliable
Morinda is an excellent Yang essence           and slightly moist. Poor quality Morinda is     Qualities
tonic. It is considered to be highly           small, brittle and tasteless.                   The Notoginseng plant looks similar to
nutritious and is used in superior tonic                                                       Siberian Ginseng and contains saponins
formulas for strengthening the body. It is     Contraindications                               similar to those of Panax Ginseng. It is
widely used in primal essence formula-         Not to be used in cases of Yin deficiency       commonly called by its Chinese name, San
tions, often as the main ingredient, and       with excessive fire, or in cases of damp-       Qi. Li Shi Chen, Chhina’s most renowned
sometimes secondarily to Yang tonics of        heat.                                           herbalist, said that “San Qi is more
animal origin, such as Deer Antler,                                                            valuable than gold,” and since that time
Cordyceps, Sea Dragon and/or Gecko.            Notoginseng                                     this herb has often been referred to as
                                               ‘`The miracle root for the preservation of      “Not to Be Exchanged for Gold.” It has
Morinda is often used to increase sexual       life,” as it is called by the Chinese, stands   also been called the Miracle Root for the
strength in men and women. It is used for      as one of the great health preserving           Preservation of Life.
impotence, premature ejaculation,              herbs known to mankind. Notoginseng,
soreness of the lower back and knees, and      also called Tienchi ginseng, is a relative of   Scientific Data
infertility. In this case it would be          Panax Ginseng. It is a superb blood tonic       Panax Notoginseng root is rich in saponins.
combined with herbs such as Deer Antler,       and blood cleanser when cooked. It is a         It contains a mixture of more than 12
Ginseng, Cistanche, Cuscuta, Cnidium seed,     powerful blood vitalizing agent when            saponins, and approximately 12% of the
Epimedium, etc.                                consumed raw, and is believed by the            root extract are saponins. The primary
It is used by women for infertility and        Chinese to protect the heart and vascular       saponin fractions are arasaponins A and B,
frigidity. It would be combined with           system. It can be used externally to stop       which are dammarane derivatives and are
Ginseng or Codonopsis, Mantis Egg Case,        bleeding. It is widely used in Chinese          very similar, or in many cases identical, to
Astragalus, Placenta, Dong Gui, Lycium,        herbalism internally as a tonic after           ginsenosides derived from Panax Ginseng.
Schizandra, etc. It can be used for            traumatic injury. It is one of China’s
irregular menstruation, pain and cold          premier longevity herbs.                        Because of its reputation for benefiting
sensation in the lower abdomen and                                                             the circulatory system, the action of this
chronic fatigue, especially when combined      Products Featuring This Herb:                   herb on the cardiovascular system have
with these same tonic herbs plus Cinna-        Heaven Drops Wild Ginseng                       been extensively investigated,. Panax
mon bark and Evodia, both warming herbs.       Earth Drops Wild Ginseng                        Notoginseng has been shown to dilate the
                                               500 Ginsengs Drops                              coronary artery and to increase coronary
Morinda is widely believed in China to         Ginseng Sublime                                 blood flow and thus providing more blood
increase mental power. It is also consid-      Young at Heart                                  to the cardiac muscle in humans. The herb
ered to be beneficial to the heart. And        Cardiovascular Protector                        reduces cardiac load and lowers arterial
like many other Yang tonic herbs, it has                                                       pressure. It improves collateral microcir-
been shown to be effective in treating         Other Common Names                              culation in and around damaged heart
hypertension.                                  San Qi, Tian Qi, Pseudoginseng.                 tissue in humans.

It is one of the finest Yang tonics since it   Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese         Laboratory animals fed this herb had
is not only powerful but extremely well        Tonic Herbs                                     increased ability to tolerate and survive
tolerated by almost everyone. It is a          171                                             hypoxia (reduced oxygen supply) and
superb athletes herb and ranks among the                                                       anoxia (minimal oxygen supply).
most important vitalizing herbs of the         Pharmaceutical Latin
tonic system. It is likewise considered a      Pseudoginseng, Radix                            The herb is widely used clinically in Asian
major longevity herb and is a regular                                                          countries for angina pectoris and other
ingredient in Taoist formulations.             Pinyin                                          coronary disease. It is often given in
                                               San Qi (Tian Qi)                                conjunction with western-style drugs and
Primary Combinations                                                                           always under a doctor’s supervision.
Morinda is a premium herb which may be         Treasures
used by itself, but is most often found in     Blood                                           The uncooked powder as well as the
combination with other tonic, wind                                                             infusion of San Qi shortens the clotting
dispersing and blood vitalizing herbs.         Treasure Rating                                 time of blood in laboratory animals. The
Combine with:                                                                                  herb has been proven to have significant
                                               Atmospheric Energy                              hemostatic, anticoagulant and platelet
1. Ginseng, Cistanche, Lycium and Cuscuta      Slightly Warm                                   function-suppressing action in animals and
seed to tonify Kidney yang, and to treat                                                       in humans.
impotence, premature ejaculation,              Taste
infertility, frigidity, irregular menstrua-    bitter and slightly sweet                       Preparation and Utilization
tion                                                                                           For cooking, as a blood tonic or to build
                                               Organ Meridian Systems                          strength after surgery or while recover-
2. Eucommia bark, Dipsacus and Drynaria        Heart, stomach and large intestine              ing from an illness, whole roots may be
to treat soreness of the lower back and                                                        cooked with chicken or with other tonic
knees                                          Part Used and Form                              herbs (traditionally, in China, San Qi is
almost always cooked with chicken              an old story about how the herb came to      Mai Men Dong
because the chicken eliminates the bitter      be named Three Seven (San Qi). A long
flavor of the San Qi — the resultant soup      time ago, there was a famous doctor          Treasures
is mild and delicious, especially if other     named Tian who was an expert at curing       Yin
vegetables have been added). Among the         bleeding diseases. One time he cured a
tonic herbs, San Qi is one of the least        gentleman named Zhang Xiao Er whose          Treasure Rating
pleasant tasting. It has a bitter flavor       nose and mouth bled constantly. He used      ****1/2
that is difficult to get used to. For this     the ground fine powder of San Qi root
reason, capsules and pills are generally       and, since Zhang Xiao Er lived fairly far    Atmospheric Energy
most palatable and are overall the best        away, he gave Zhang Xiao Er some seeds       Cold
way to take San Qi unless it is a minor        telling him to grow some in his garden so
ingredient in an herbal formula that           that he can have some for later use. One     Taste
overwhelms its flavor.                         year later, the only daughter of an          Sweet and bitter
                                               official developed a bleeding disease and
For those who wish to use raw San Qi to        all the local famous doctors had been        Organ Meridian Systems
benefit the cardiovascular system,             brought in, but no progress occurred.        Lung, Heart and Stomach
capsules are best. San Qi is an ingredient     When Zhang Xiao Er heard of this, he
in many commercial cardiovascular tonic        brought some of the herb that he grew in     Part Used and Form
formulations. As always, if you suffer         his backyard for the official’s daughter.    Tuberous root
heart disease, consult a physician or other    But the daughter died soon after. The
primary care practitioner before using         father was so angry that he arrested         Primary Functions
raw San Qi for medical purposes.               Zhang Xiao Er and tortured him seeking       Provide cooling Yin to the Heart, Lungs
                                               information. Finally, Zhang Xiao Er told     and Stomach, to promote production of
Primary Combinations                           them where the herb came from. Doctor        body fluids, to clear heat in the heart and
Notoginseng is one of the few herbs that       Tian was arrested and was accused of         relieve irritability, to relieve dry cough,
is more commonly used alone rather than        murder. Doctor Tian defended himself:        dry mouth and tongue, and to moisten the
in combination with other herbs. However,      “This herb has a magic effect on bleeding,   bowels
it is combined with Dang Gui in blood          but it has to have grown between 3 and 7
tonics and with other blood vitalizing         years before it can have this effect. The    Qualities
herbs in cardiovascular tonics. In that        one Zhang Xiao Er used had been growing      This herb is very similar in its actions to
case, combine with: Ligusticum rhizome         for just one year and that’s why it didn’t   wild Asparagus root, a close relative. It is
and Salvia root. It is combined with musk      work.” He then took out a sharp knife and    primarily used as a Yin tonic, and espe-
in the famous trauma treating formula          cut deeply into his own leg. The bloods      cially as a Yin tonic to the heart and lung.
known as Yunnan Baiyao.                        sprang out. He then leisurely took out the   It is excellent for moistening any dryness
                                               San Qi herb powder and scattered it on       in the body. Being a cold herb, it can cool
Varieties and Grading                          the cut. It stopped the bleeding immedi-     down hot symptoms and relieve Yin
San Qi is available in its unprocessed         ately. The official apologized to Tian and   deficiency conditions such as Yin-defi-
form at Chinese herb shops. If you want        set him free immediately. The story does     ciency insomnia and irritability, especially
the raw San Qi, you can obtain both            not relate the fate of Zhang Xiao Er. The    when blended with herbs such as fresh
capsules and powdered San Qi at Chinese        herb, however, acquired its permanent        Rehmannia, Asparagus root and Coptis.
herb shops. Also, sliced raw San Qi can be     name because now it became well known
obtained from the herb shop and ground         that for it to have its great power of       It is a great herb for people who experi-
in a coffee grinder. Whole San Qi is           stopping bleeding, it must be collected      ence hot, dry lungs. Smokers and people
generally available at Chinese herb shops      between three and seven years after it is    exposed to smoke, smog, desert heat and
as well. My view is that these are usually     planted.                                     dust will benefit from a daily dose of this
the best San Qi available. Larger roots                                                     herb. Singers and public speakers will find
are considered premium. They are hard,         Ophiopogon                                   that Ophiopogon moistens the throat and
so you should have the herb shop crush         Products Featuring This Herb:                vocal cords, improving vocal quality. It
them or slice them for you for efficient       Yin Replenisher                              helps relieve sticky sputum For dry throat
cooking or easy grinding.                      Essence Restorative                          and lungs, Ophiopogon can be combined
                                               Super Essence Restorative                    with herbs such as Fritillaria, Asparagus
Contraindications                              Golden Air                                   root, Glehnia and fresh Rehmannia.
San Qi should never be taken during            Young Lungs
pregnancy. San Qi has the capacity to          Will Power                                   When blended with Dong Gui and
“dissolve” and cause the expulsion of          Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination             Cistanche, Ophiopogon is very useful for
blood clots lodged anywhere in the body.       Platycodon and Fritillary                    relieving dry-type constipation.
It is especially useful for dissolving and
eliminating blood clots in the pelvic basin.   Other Common Names                           The Taoists perceived an even deeper
However, it has been found that San Qi         Ophiopogon                                   level of purpose for consuming the this
treats an embryo as a blood clot, and can                                                   herb. They considered Ophiopogon a
therefore result in an unwanted miscar-        Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese      major Spirit tonic herb. Like Asparagus
riage.                                         Tonic Herbs                                  root, it was considered extremely valuable
                                               215                                          for mastering one’s own heart. It is found
History                                                                                     in a wide number of Taoist formulas. By
Recorded history of the use of Notogin-        Pharmaceutical Latin                         cooling down the heat in the heart it helps
seng goes back over a thousand years in        Radix Ophiopononis                           to steady the emotions and control the
China. It was particularly well established                                                 mind. Combine with major Spirit develop-
in Southwest China and in Tibet. There is      Pinyin                                       ing tonics such as wild Ginseng,
Ganoderma, and Asparagus root, etc.           Liver, Kidney, Stomach                        uneasiness of the heart and mind, to
                                                                                            benefit reproduction, to relieve “wander-
Ophiopogon root is an ingredient in an        Pearl                                         ing arthritis,” to relieve internal fever, to
extremely popular tonic preparation called    Products Featuring This Herb:                 clear sputum, to remove visual obstacles
Formula for Restoring Pulse Beating,          Magu’s Treasure                               and improve eyesight, to promote muscle
which consists of relatively equal parts of   Pearl Capsules                                development and to invigorate blood
Panax Ginseng, Ophiopogon root and            Pearl Spirit                                  circulation.
Schizandra fruit. This formula is famous
for quickly rebuilding energy in those that   Other Common Names                            As a beauty tonic, pearl is hard to beat.
have experienced trauma or surgery and        Mother of Pearl                               The components in pearl powder help heal
for those recovering from illness.                                                          blemishes and maintain the health of the
                                              Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       skin by participating in the metabolic
Primary Combinations                          Tonic Herbs                                   activities of the skin. Pearl promotes the
Combine with:                                 175                                           regeneration of new cells and makes the
                                                                                            skin smooth, fine, elastic and naturally
1. Glehnia root, Asparagus root, Raw          Pharmaceutical Latin                          beautiful. High quality pearl powder can
Rehmannia to tonify Lung yin                  Margarita                                     promote the activities of the important
                                                                                            natural antioxidant enzyme, SOD, and can
2. Glehnia root, Asparagus root, Raw          Pinyin                                        help prevent the development of melanin,
Rehmannia and Fritillary bulb to treat dry    Zhen Zhu                                      which causes freckles and dark patches
cough due to Lung yin deficiency                                                            on the skin. It can help prevent the skin
                                              Treasures                                     from becoming old looking, wrinkled and
3. Raw Rehmannia, Zizyphus seed and           Spirit                                        sagging. This is partly due to its stimula-
Coptis to treat irritability and insomnia                                                   tion of SOD activity and partly due to
due to pathogenic heat entering the heart     Treasure Rating                               other capacities and nutrients. Consistent
Varieties and Grading                         ****1/2                                       use of pearl powder can eliminate blem-
Most Ophiopogon available in America is                                                     ishes such as colored spots and even
of similar quality. But fresher               Atmospheric Energy                            pimples and boils. Constant use can help
Ophiopogon, which is gummier and more         Cold                                          assure that the skin will age much more
pliable is better than stiff, hard, dry                                                     slowly and that it will not be easily
tubers.                                       Taste                                         harmed by either time or the elements.
                                              salty, sweet                                  Pearl is one of the great secrets of the
Contraindications                                                                           most beautiful women of the Orient.
Use moderately in cases of cold, deficient    Organ Meridian Systems
Spleen resulting in diarrhea.                 Heart and Liver                               Pearl is also a powerful Spirit stabilizer.
                                                                                            It is among the elite substances of this
Oyster Shell                                  Part Used and Form                            type known. It can relieve uneasiness,
Oyster shell is an important mineral          Whole pearl                                   nervousness, anxiety and tension. Pearl
sedative commonly used in Spirit stabiliz-                                                  promotes sound sleep, prevents nerve-
ing formulations, generally in combination    Primary Functions                             disorders and nerve weakness, and is
with Dragon Bone. It is also an astringent,   Spirit stabilizing, generate beautiful skin   commonly used to prevent or overcome
preventing the leaking of Kidney energy.      and clear toxins                              fatigue. Consistent use helps a person
                                                                                            maintain their energy and vitality. It is an
Products Featuring This Herb:                 Qualities                                     ideal Spirit tonic and is the main ingredi-
Strong Bones                                  Pearl is a very special herbal substance      ent in the finest Spirit tonic formulations.
Bupleurum and Dragon Bone Combination         used since ancient times. Powdered Pearl
                                              is used as a Spirit tonic to stabilize the    Hydrolyzed pearl powder, which is pearl
Other Common Names                            emotions, allay fright, ease frustration      that has been broken down for easy and
Oyster Shell, Prepared                        and anger, brighten the eyes and help         complete absorption, has been shown in
                                              regenerate tissue. Pearl is also used as a    China to help the growth of children’s
Pharmaceutical Latin                          major beauty tonic, because it is believed    teeth and bones and to improve children’s
Ostreae, Concha (cooked/calcined)             that oral consumption of Pearl powder         intelligence. Hydrolyzed pearl has also
                                              results in lustrous, pure, beautiful skin.    been shown to be beneficial for habitual
Pinyin                                        Pearl powder is also used topically in skin   constipation, acting quickly, gently and
Shou Mu Li                                    creams to purify the skin. The best           effectively. Studies indicate that hydro-
(Duan Mu Li)                                  pearls, for herbal purposes, are wild sea     lyzed pearl can lower blood pressure,
                                              water pearls that come from cold north-       increase endurance, and can prevent
Treasures                                     ern waters. The smaller the pearls, the       osteoporosis and various cardiovascular
                                              more powerful their effect. Hydrolyzed        diseases. Recent studies indicate that
Treasure Rating                               Pearl, which is almost totally water          hydrolyzed pearl is effective in healing
                                              soluble, is also now available. This hydro-   inflammation of the uterus.
Atmospheric Energy                            lyzed pearl is highly assimilable and
Neutral                                       extremely effective.                          Pearl is extremely safe. Safety studies on
                                                                                            hydrolyzed pearl have shown it to be
Taste                                         Pearls have a tremendous reputation in        absolutely harmless. It can be taken by
Salty, Sour,                                  China as both a beauty tonic and as a         anybody for the course of a lifetime
                                              Spirit tonic. Recent Chinese medical texts    without side effects.
Organ Meridian Systems                        credit pearl with the ability to relieve
                                              expensive, costing between $100 and           the Pharmacopoeia of the People’s
Scientific Data                               $1000 an ounce at Chinese herb shops in       Republic of China.” Pearl was made
To many people’s surprise, pearl is not       Hong Kong. They are rare and are very         especially famous as a beauty tonic by the
just a mineral. It contains dozens of         hard to find in mainland China. They are      Dowager Empress Xi who consumed pearl
amino acid (eight of the amino acids are      generally sold to overseas Chinese who        every day to maintain her stunning beauty.
“essential,” in other words, cannot be        can afford them.                              She has been regarded as one of the
produced in the body but are required for                                                   great beauties in the history of China,
health), and dozens of minerals, including:   Cultivated pearls are not considered to be    which is saying a lot. She maintained her
calcium, magnesium zinc, iron, strontium,     of the same herbal quality as natural         beauty until she was very old and always
copper, selenium, silicon, titanium, etc.     pearls. They tend to be large and difficult   looked younger than her years.
Pearl contains calcium carbonate, magne-      to grind into fine powder. However, over
sium carbonate, calcium phosphate, ferric     the last decade a new technology has          Peony Root, White
oxide, silica.                                been developed in China whereby the           Products Featuring This Herb:
                                              cultivated pearls are “hydrolyzed.”
Various components in pearl participate in    Through modern advanced biochemical           Magu’s Treasure
DNA and RNA metabolic activities, and         technology, pearl can now be made             Magu’s Secret
thus can promote and accelerate cell          virtually totally water soluble. The result   Women’s Jing
renewal.                                      is pure instant pearl powder. The solubil-    Easy Qi (formerly Smooth Flowing Qi)
                                              ity rate of this hydrolyzed pearl is 98%,     Strong Bones
Mucopolysaccharides in Margarita have         and of this, studies have shown that 95%      Strength Builder
been shown to prevent wrinkling and to        is absorbed into the blood stream through     Profound Essence
increase libido and sexual potency in         the digestive tract. This absorbability is    Will Power
humans.                                       approximately four times the                  Remove Stagnation
                                              bioavailability of normal ground pearl, and   Calmers
Preparation and Utilization                   double that of the finest ground natural      Daily Regulator
Pearl can be fed to the skin both through     pearl. This increased bioavailability and     Eagle Vision
external application and by taking it as a    the enormous reduction in cost makes the      Four Things Combination
supplement. Many women are familiar with      hydrolyzed pearl an extraordinary value       Ten Complete Supertonic Combination
pearl creams, but few are aware that          for all but the richest of herbal consum-     Ginseng Nutritive Combination
pearl is even better utilized by consuming    ers — and even for the rich and famous, a     Dang Gui and Gelatin
it and letting it nourish the skin through    blend of hydrolyzed pearl and premium         Bupleurum and Rehmannia Combination
the blood stream. The best pearl creams       natural is probably best.                     Cinnamon and Poria Combination
now use hydrolyzed, dissolvable pearl                                                       Bupleurum & Cyperus Combination
since it is easily absorbed into the skin.    Natural pearls have more magnesium            Bupleurum and Peony Combination
Use according to instructions.                carbonate than cultured pearls, and
                                              cultured pearls have more calcium             Other Common Names
If you buy high grade natural pearls and      carbonate than natural pearls.                Peony Root, White
have them ground into a fine powder,
consuming between two to five grams a         In buying supplements with pearl powder,      Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
month is sufficient to improve the beauty     be sure that you are buying a brand that      Tonic Herbs
of the skin and to adjust Spirit. Simply      you can trust.                                192
place a little of the pearl powder on your
tongue and swallow with a drink. If you       If you are buying your own pearls to          Pharmaceutical Latin
buy hydrolyzed pearl powder, consuming        grind, do not use cultivated pearls unless    Radix Paeoniae alba
between 500 mg. (1/2 gram) and 1 gram         they are hydrolyzed (dissolvable). Do not
per day is usually sufficient to achieve      buy dissolvable, hydrolyzed pearl powder      Pinyin
the best results. Be consistent and the       from a dealer that you do not know and        Bai Shao
results will amaze you.                       trust. Some pearl powders on the market
                                              are not real pearl, or contain pearl mixed    Treasures
Varieties and Grading                         with adulterants. Some of these counter-      Blood
Basically there are two types of pearls:      feits come in lovely boxes, but they are
natural and cultivated. Natural pearls are    worthless. Good pearl powder costs a          Treasure Rating
much more expensive and are considered        little more than the cheaper brands, but      ****
to be superior to cultivated pearls for       is well worth the added expense. My
both external, cosmetic use, and for          advice in buying pearls: buy high quality     Atmospheric Energy
internal, nutritional use. The natural        natural pearls or buy the most expensive      Slightly Cold
pearls used in herbalism are very small.      hydrolyzed pearl you can find.
The smaller the pearl, the more potent                                                      Taste
and effective the pearl is as an herb.        Contraindications                             Slightly cold
Some pearls are not much larger than a        None. Safety studies have shown pearl
grain of salt. These very small pearls,       powder to be extremely safe at all            Organ Meridian Systems
which are softer, can be easily crushed       reasonable doses.                             Liver and Spleen
and ground into very fine powder which
can be absorbed with relatively high          History                                       Primary Functions
efficiency by the digestive tract. Larger     Pearls have been used in Chinese herbal-      To nourish blood and consolidate Yin, to
pearls tend to be much harder to grind        ism for more than three thousand years.       soothe the liver, to cleanse the blood and
into fine powder and are thus harder to       They were described in detail in the Ben      to stop pain
digest. Small natural pearls are quite        Cao Gong Mu and are currently listed in
Qualities                                                                                  in the body by life itself, but most
White Peony root is a famous and highly       3. Dang Gui, Schizandra, Pearl, Longan and   especially by chronic and acute stress and
prized tonic herb used to build and           Coix to clear the complexion and beautify    excessive behavior, including overwork,
cleanse the blood. It is one of the most      the skin                                     excessive emotionalism, substance abuse,
highly prized women’s herbs used tradi-                                                    chronic pain or illness, and sexual excess
tionally to help regulate the female          4. Bupleurum to cleanse the Liver            (especially in men). Excessive menstrual
hormonal cycle and to tonify and purify                                                    patterns, pregnancy and childbirth can
the blood, to help regulate menstruation      Varieties and Grading                        result in a dramatic drain on the Jing of a
and to improve the quality of the skin.       The best quality White Peony root is said    woman, especially in middle aged women.
Men use it as a blood tonic as well. White    to come from the Eastern region of           There are special tonics that fortify Jing,
Peony is commonly combined with Dang          Hangzhou. It is now known that the           and these are found among the Yin and
Gui, Rehmannia, Ligusticum and other          chemistry of White Peony grown near          Yang tonics. Jing tonics are used to
blood tonics.                                 Hangzhou is richer than that of other        replace the spent energy and to build up
                                              sources. Good White Peony is smooth and      large reserves for future use.
It is also used to relax muscles, both        smooth and though it is fundamentally
striated and smooth. It is said to relieve    white, it will have a pink hue. Larger       Because of its original role of nurturing
cramps and spasms anywhere in the body.       pieces are always considered best.           new life, Placenta is considered to be the
But in particular, it is considered to be                                                  most profound substance for replenishing
very highly effective in relieving men-       Contraindications                            Yin and Yang essence and blood. It is also
strual cramps, cramps in the gastrocne-       Since the herb is cold, it should be used    considered to be a major Qi tonic. It is
mius and in the feet. White Peony con-        cautiously in cases of excess cold or        the dominant ingredient in a number of
tains components which make it an             deficiency of Yang.                          the greatest “restorative” formulations,
effective pain-reducing agent. White                                                       where quick and powerful replenishment
Peony has a calming effect and is widely                                                   of spent essence is required. It is used
used as an emotional stabilizer, especially   Placenta Hominus                             along with Tortoise shell, Turtle shell,
by women. When combined with Licorice         Products Featuring This Herb:                Polygonum, Lycium, Ginseng, Morinda,
root, White Peony’s anti-spasmodic,           Supreme Creation                             Astragalus, Cordyceps, Deer Antler, Ant
analgesic qualities are magnified. This       Magu’s Treasure                              and other major tonics to restore lost
combination is better than the sum of the     Super Essence Restorative                    essence.
                                              Other Common Names                           It is routinely used, naturally, after
                                              Placenta                                     childbirth. But it may also be used after
White Peony root is considered to be one                                                   any extremely draining experience,
of China’s premium antiaging herbs and is     Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese      including injury, trauma and surgery. In
very widely used to promote beauty. It        Tonic Herbs                                  addition, it can be rejuvenating to some
purifies the blood which in turn purifies     219                                          one who has experienced a long period of
the skin. There is an old Chinese saying                                                   extreme stress, such as is experienced in
that “a woman who consumes White Peony        Pharmaceutical Latin                         chronic abuse, overwork, imprisonment,
root every day becomes as beautiful as        Placenta hominis                             war, trauma or deep grieving, etc.
the Peony flower itself.” The Peony flower
is the national flower of China and the       Pinyin                                       Most importantly, it can be used preven-
symbolism of the statement illustrates        Zi He Che                                    tively during such experiences to prevent
how effective the Chinese believe White                                                    exhaustion and to resist the sped-up
Peony root is in generating beautiful skin    Treasures                                    aging process that generally accompanies
and radiant health. Women who use White       Jing, Qi and Blood                           such stress.
Peony for an extended period of time find
that their skin becomes finer, smoother,      Treasure Rating                              Primary Combinations
softer and cleaner. The skin develops a       *****                                        Placenta is marketed as a Chinese patent
soft radiance that looks young and alive.                                                  medicine by itself, but historically is
For beautiful skin, White Peony root is       Atmospheric Energy                           always used as part of a formula. Combine
usually combined with other anti-aging,       Warm                                         with:
beauty-enhancing herbs such as Dang Gui,
Pearl, Placenta, Schizandra, Astragalus,      Taste                                        1. Ginseng, Deer Antler and Cordyceps to
Royal Jelly, Asparagus root, Gynostemma,      Sweet and Salty                              tonify primal Qi and Kidney yin and yang
                                              Organ Meridian Systems                       2. Dang Gui and White Peony to tonify
Primary Combinations                          Kidney, Heart and Lung                       blood
White Peony is always used in combination
with other tonic herbs. Combine with:         Part Used and Form                           3. Tortoise Plastrum to tonify Kidney yin
                                              Cleaned, boiled placenta
1. Dang Gui, Rehmannia and Ligusticum to                                                   Varieties and Grading
build blood, regulate the female hormonal     Primary Functions                            Human placenta is a product mainly
system and relieve menstrual pain             To tonify Yang and nourish Yin Jing, to      produced in the People’s Republic of China.
                                              build Qi and Blood                           The placenta is provided by healthy, young
2. Licorice Root to relieve spasms and                                                     mothers. The fresh placenta is cleaned,
cramps in the gastrocnemius, feet and         Qualities                                    cooked and processed at a special bio-
internal organs, especially the pelvic        Placenta is the quintessential Jing          technology laboratory under the scrutiny
organs and digestive tract                    restorative substance. Jing is burned up     of the Ministry of Health. Each placenta
is individually tested for any viral or      was believed to be an empowering sub-        regulate the functions of the body-mind.
other contamination. This is a highly        stance in the class with wild Ginseng and    It is called a “psychic channel” by the
refined process and the end result is a      Ganoderma in this regard. This root is       Taoists. Commonly, this vessel is blocked,
unique, absolutely safe and incredible       traditionally used as a Spirit tonic to      resulting in a de-linking of our sexual
tonic substance.                             relax the mind, calm the emotions and to     energy and our emotional feelings. It is
                                             aid in the sleep process. However, it does   essential for our true health and well
Only buy placenta from a dealer you know     not relax the mind in entirely the same      being that feelings of love and the
and only purchase placentas that are in      manner as many Spirit stabilizing herbs —    functions of sex are united. Consuming
perfect condition. As sold in America,       Dragon Bone and Polygonum stem for           Polygala for a period of time will have this
they look very much like puffed rice         example.                                     result. The Will Strengthener thus has a
cakes. They are a light yellow color and                                                  unique power to deepen our experience
should be individually packaged. Each        Instead, many people claim that it           and our feelings, and to bring new levels
placenta should be perfectly circular.       enhances dreaming and aids in creative       of happiness into our lives.
                                             thinking. And it not only aids creative
Polygala Root                                thinking, but the ability to manifest our    Primary Combinations
Products Featuring This Herb:                ideas. In fact, the ancient name for this    Combine with:
Supreme Spirit Drops                         herb is the “Will Strengthener.” The herb
Supreme Creation                             is believed to have the ability to           1. Zizyphus Seed, Albizia Bark, Spirit
Microcosmic Orbit                            strengthen that part of the psyche which     Poria, Biota Seed, Polygonum Stem,
Imperial Garden                              we call the “Will.” Taoists have long        Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell to stabilize
Will Power                                   claimed using Polygala to strengthen the     Spirit and treat insomnia caused by
Lights Out                                   focus of the mind and to empower our         anxiety
Calmers                                      thoughts so that they may be made real.
Ginseng and Longan Combination               The Taoists taught that our creative         2. Ganoderma, Albizia Flower and Wild
Ginseng Nutritive Combination                visualization, which they called Yi, could   Red Asparagus Root to nurture Spirit
Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination             be brought to reality by the Will. Thus      3. Lycium, Morinda, Rehmannia, Albizia
Return to Youth                              the Will had to be strengthened. In fact,    Flower and Biota to open the channel of
                                             the Will was virtually considered to be      communication between the Heart and
Other Common Names                           the fourth Treasure in what was other-       Kidney
Polygala                                     wise called the Three Treasures system.
                                             Thus Polygala, as a Will-strengthening       Varieties and Grading
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese      herb, ranked extremely high on the list of   Fresh, pliable Polygala is much more alive
Tonic Herbs                                  important herbs in the Taoist pharmaco-      and potent than old, dry, brittle roots.
194                                          poeia. These days, Polygala may be used to   Larger roots are better.
                                             strengthen the Will of the spiritual
Pharmaceutical Latin                         seeker, or it may be used to strengthen      Contraindications
Radix Polygalae                              the Will of the more earth-bound. It is      Do not use excessively at first. Polygala
                                             used in formulations to build enough         root is used to stabilize excessive
Pinyin                                       willpower to overcome obstacles and to       dreaming, but in rare, extremely creative
Yuan Zhi                                     achieve greater heights. For example, it     individuals, Polygala may have a paradoxi-
                                             can be used a the main ingredient in         cal reaction at first and actually increase
Treasures                                    formulas to help stop smoking, or even to    the intensity of dreaming for a short
Spirit                                       break other habits, such as drug abuse,      period of time.
                                             overeating, or compulsive behavior of any
Treasure Rating                              sort. Polygala has the unique power to       Polygonatum Sibericum
****1/2                                      provide the energy (the “power”) to our      Products Featuring This Herb:
                                             Will, so that we can overcome the ob-        Diamond Mind
Atmospheric Energy                           stacles that block us from becoming all
Slightly Warm                                that we can become. And it not only helps    Other Common Names
                                             us break old, bad habits, it also helps      Siberian Solomon Seal Root
Taste                                        strengthen our will to do new things, to
Pungent and Bitter                           achieve new heights. It strengthens our      Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
                                             Will so that we can start to work on a new   Tonic Herbs
Organ Meridian Systems                       project, to start exercising, to start and   216
Heart and Lung                               continue whatever we need to do to grow,
                                             to become a great human being. That is       Pharmaceutical Latin
Primary Functions                            the magic of Polygala, the “Will             Rhizome Polygonati
To calm the heart and mind, to clear the     Strengthener.”
orifices, to resolve phlegm and to                                                        Pinyin
strengthen the Will                          Polygala has another unique quality that     Huang Jing
                                             sets it apart from most other herbs,
Qualities                                    including the tonic herbs. It has the        Treasures
Polygala is one of the truly extraordinary   ability to connect the Kidney (sexual)       Qi and Yin Jing
tonic herbs in the entire Asian tonic        energy with the Heart (love) energy. It
herbal system. This herb first attained      does this by opening the energy flow         Treasure Rating
wide use in Taoist circles because it was    between the Heart and Kidney known as        ****
believed to have powerful mind and spirit-   the Penetrating Vessel. The Penetrating
developing power. In fact, Polygala root     Vessel is one of the energy channels that    Atmospheric Energy
Neutral                                        to tonify the brain                            Prepared Polygonum is one of the most
                                                                                              important and widely used Chinese tonic
Organ Meridian Systems                         Varieties and Grading                          herbs. It shares the position as the
Kidney, Heart, Spleen and Lung                 All Polygonatum Sibericum I have come          primary essence tonic of Chinese herbal-
                                               across in America is of equivalent quality.    ism with Lycium.
Primary Functions                              In spite of the fact that its name indi-
To nourish the Qi of the Heart, to             cates that the herb is yellow, it is not. It   Constant consumption of this famous
strengthen the mind, to nourish the            is black and looks almost exactly like         “longevity herb,” also known as Fo Ti, is
marrow, to moisten the Lung                    prepared Rehmannia.                            said in the Orient to help return an aging
                                                                                              person to youthfulness. It is a classic Yin
Qualities                                      Contraindications                              essence (Jing) tonic, as well as a major
Polygonatum Sibericum is used as a Qi and      This herb may be difficult to digest by        blood tonic. It is said to increase energy
Yin Jing tonic and is said to have a           people with damp, deficient or cold Spleen     and to clean the blood. Polygonum is
specific benefit on the energy of the          conditions. In that case, add the Qi tonics    believed to be a powerful sexual tonic
heart and brain. It is used in Spirit and      to the formula.                                when consumed regularly. Polygonum is
Jing tonics to nourish the brain and                                                          widely believed in China to increase sperm
strengthen the mind. Polygonatum Siberi-       Polygonum Multiflorum Root                     production in men and to increase fertility
cum is believed to be restorative to           Products Featuring This Herb:                  in women. Polygonum is used in almost all
mental vitality, especially when the mind      Super Yang Jing Drops                          tonics that are believed in the Orient to
has been overworked, over-stressed or is       Shou Wu Formulation                            nurture the hair and teeth.
in a state of exhaustion. It is not a          Ant Essence Formula
stimulant, and thus does not have instant      Strength Builder                               Polygonum is tonic to the kidney and liver
effects. However, taken over a relatively      Super Adaptogen                                functions. It is a potent and sure fire yin
short period of time (a week to a month),                                                     essence tonic. As such it strengthens the
this herb is a potent mind tonic. Its          Other Common Names                             tendons, ligaments and bones, and pre-
effects are long lasting. And if consumed      Polygonum, Shou Wu, and sometimes              vents premature aging. It reputedly has
regularly, Polygonatum can prevent mental      erroneously as Fo Ti                           the capacity to return gray hair to black.
and emotional breakdown when you are                                                          This is one of its most popular attributes
experiencing heavy mental loads. Regular       Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese        and is used throughout Asia for this
use sharpens memory, mental power,             Tonic Herbs                                    purpose.
concentration, creativity, wakefulness and     151
focus. It is a great herb for students,                                                       It is also capable of increasing sperm and
executives, airplane pilots, emergency         Pharmaceutical Latin                           making the ova more vital. It is therefore
room personnel, etc. It is especially          Radix Polygoni Multiflori                      considered to be a primary fertility-
restorative to individuals who have                                                           enhancing herb. Many men have claimed
exhausted themselves mentally.                 Pinyin                                         that consuming Polygonum has noticeably
                                               He Shou Wu                                     increased their sperm production. One
It can be combined with Panax Ginseng,                                                        client of mine, who was trying to impreg-
Siberian Ginseng (Acanthopanax), Deer          Treasures                                      nate his wife, told me that after taking
Antler, Ganoderma, Walnut, Ginkgo biloba,      Essence and blood                              Polygonum for one month that his sperm
Schizandra, Lycium, Ant, Gynostemma,                                                          count had tripled, according to lab tests.
and various Spirit tonics such as Aspara-      Treasure Rating                                Polygonum is likewise famous for increas-
gus root, Spirit Poria and Pearl, etc., as a   *****                                          ing the fertility of women. Traditionally
component in a super brain tonic.                                                             this herb is said to increase essence and
                                               Atmospheric Energy                             blood. This combination of attributes
For people with weak digestion (deficient      Slightly Warm                                  indicates that it would increase fertility
Spleen), the herb may be mixed with                                                           in a woman, since essence and blood are
Astragalus, White Atractylodes, Poria and      Taste                                          the two necessary qualities required to
Codonopsis. These herbs may be added to        Bitter, sweet and pungent                      bare a child. Both men and women at-
the above described formulas to improve                                                       tempting to have children take Polygonum.
digestion of the Kidney tonic formula-         Organ Meridian Systems
tions.                                         Liver and Kidney                               Another attribute of the herb, associated
                                                                                              with its Kidney and Liver tonic effects, is
Primary Combinations                           Part Used and Form                             its ability to strengthen the lower back,
Combine with:                                  Root tuber                                     the knees and tendons, ligaments and
                                                                                              bones throughout the body. Thus
1. Lycium fruit to tonify Kidney yin           Primary Functions                              Polygonum is not only useful for maintain-
                                               As a tonic to the kidney and liver func-       ing youthfulness but also for providing
2. Codonopsis to tonify Spleen Qi              tions, toning up the vital essence and         added strength to the body. It is also
                                               blood, fortifying the muscles, tendons and     used to strengthen muscle. Polygonum is
3. Glehnia and Ophiopogon root to tonify       bones, and to prevent premature aging,         therefore very widely used by athletes
the yin of the Stomach and Lungs               maintaining the youthful condition and         and martial artists in Asia. It is a perfect
                                               color of the hair, strengthening sperm         essence tonic for the athletically inclined,
4. Astragalus root, Ophiopogon root, Raw       and ova, fortifying the back and knees         providing strength, resilience and stamina
Rehmannia and Trichosanthes root for           and as the premier longevity herb of           to the body. Alone, or properly combined
diabetes                                       Chinese tonic herbalism.                       with other tonic herbs, Polygonum is an
                                                                                              ideal longevity-promoting, anti-aging tonic
5. Polygonum, Salvia, Acorus and Polygala      Qualities                                      herb.
                                             material.                                       But Polygonum is an inexpensive herb and
Scientific Data                                                                              even the old stuff is cheap relative to its
Polygonum multiflorum had a calming          Primary Combinations                            value as a life-enhancing tonic.
effect on the hearts of various labora-      Polygonum is one of the rare herbs that is
tory animals. Laboratory animals who were    often consumed by itself. However, it is        Contraindications
fed Polygonum multiflorum showed fewer       still better used by combining with other       Rare cases of gastrointestinal distur-
atherosclerotic lesions and lower blood      tonic herbs such as Ginseng, Acantho-           bance are the only side effects associ-
cholesterol levels than animals of the       panax (Siberian Ginseng), Lycium, Dang          ated with Polygonum multiflorum. Soft
control group fed with cholesterol only.     Gui, Astragalus, etc.                           stool is the result. However, moderate
Clinical evidence supports the moderate                                                      doses of Polygonum multiflorum rarely
anti-hypercholesterolemia effect of          Combine with:                                   result in such an effect. The effect can
Polygonum multiflorum.                       1. Ginseng Root and Dang Gui to build           be corrected by combining with herbs
                                             blood, tonify yin and yang and to increase      that remove dampness through the
Because of Polygonum multiflorum’s           Qi.                                             urinary pathway, such as Poria, Atracty-
reputation and an anti-aging, longevity                                                      lodes (red or white), etc.
herb, various studies have been conducted    2. Lycium fruit and Cornus fruit to tonify
to determine the nature of this activity.    the kidney, strengthen the sexual organs        Polygonum Stem
Studies have demonstrated that various       and calm the nerves                             Products Featuring This Herb:
laboratory animals fed Polygonum                                                             Lights Out
multiflorum in their diets lived longer      3. Lycium fruit, Cuscuta seed and               Calmers
than control animals.                        Achyranthes root to tonify the Kidney
                                             and Liver, strengthen the bones and             Other Common Names
Research has demonstrated that               prevent spermatoria                             Polygonum Stem
Polygonum multiflorum can very signifi-
cantly increase superoxide dismutase         4. Eucommia bark, Ligustrum fruit and           Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
(SOD) activity. SOD is a powerful natural    Rubi fruit to strengthen the Kidneys,           Tonic Herbs
antioxidant and free radical scavenger       nourish Jing and blood, strengthen and          216
that has been demonstrated to have           relieve pain in the lower back and knees,
powerful anti-aging benefits in humans.      to turn the hair dark and to prevent            Pharmaceutical Latin
Polygonum multiflorum also inhibits          spermatoria.                                    Caulis Polygoni Multiflori
bmonoamine oxidase (bMAO). Both of
these factors contribute to the anti-aging   5. Acanthopanax to build energy, blood          Pinyin
effects of this herb.                        and Jing.                                       Shou Wu Teng

Polygonum multiflorum has been demon-        Varieties and Grading                           Treasures
strated to help strengthen the mem-          There are two varieties of Polygonum sold       Spirit and Blood
branes of erythrocytes (red blood cells)     on the Chinese market: prepared and
and to promote the growth and develop-       unprepared. Prepared Polygonum is tonic,        Treasure Rating
ment of erythrocytes. Polygonum              with the properties described above.            ***
multiflorum has been found to induce the     Unprepared Polygonum has a mild atmo-
production in human beings of g-inter-       spheric energy and functions quite              Atmospheric Energy
feron.                                       differently from the prepared variety.          Neutral
                                             Unprepared Polygonum is a laxative which
Polygonum multiflorum is being used          is also used to treat sores. It is thus used    Organ Meridian Systems
clinically in China for patients suffering   to treat constipation, acne, etc. It is not     Heart and Liver
from Schizophrenia. It is generally          to be confused with the prepared
combined with Spirit stabilizing herbs       Polygonum. Unprepared Polygonum is              Primary Functions
such as Ziziphus and Polygonum stem.         though unmistakably an excellent cleanser       Nourish Heart blood, steady the mind,
Reportedly, results have been good.          of the body.                                    stabilize Spirit, promote sound sleep

The tuberous root, the part of the plant     Polygonum is prepared by boiling it in a        Qualities
used herbally under the name Polygonum       soup of black beans. This preparation           Polygonum stem, the stem of its more
multiflorum, contains lecithin and an-       changes the characteristic of the herb.         famous root, Polygonum, is a powerful
thraquinones, free or conjugated. The                                                        Spirit stabilizing agent used in many
tuberous root also contains more than        The older the tuber, the higher the             formulas to calm the Spirit, steady the
1.2% of a substance known as 2,3,5,4-        quality of the herb. Typical Polygonum is       mind and promote sound sleep. It has a
tetrahydroxystilbene-2-0-b-D-glucoside,      not very old these days. Good Polygonum         smooth action and is very safe to use. It
which is considered to be the principle      should be at least four years old. Older        is generally combined with other Spirit
active constituent.                          Polygonum, however, is available to those       stabilizing herbs such as Zizyphus seed,
                                             who seek it, and this older stock is far        Biota, Dragon Bone, Oyster Shell and Fu
Preparation and Utilization                  superior. Older Polygonum not only tastes       Spirit, and with other Heart blood tonics
Polygonum is found in a very large variety   much better, but it is a much more potent       such as Longan to treat insomnia due to
of products. It is most commonly the         tonic. It is invariably prepared much more      Heart Blood deficiency. Such insomnia is
primary herb in essence-building, blood      carefully. Generally, it is sliced thinly and   characterized by difficulty in falling
tonifying longevity formulas. Remember       laid out neatly for sale. Befriend your         asleep, as opposed to Heart Yin deficiency
that there are different grades of this      herbalist so that he or she gives you the       insomnia, which is characterized by
herb and the quality of a product is         old Polygonum. The older Polygonum is           difficulty staying asleep.
dependent upon the selection of raw          fairly rare and therefore will cost more.
Primary Combinations                                                                      mind
Combine with:                                Primary Combinations
                                             Combine with:                                Qualities
1. Zizyphus Seed, Albizia Bark, Spirit                                                    Poria is very widely used in Chinese
Poria, Biota Seed, Polygala, Dragon Bone     1. Poria, Red Atractylodes, Corn Silk and    herbalism. It is traditionally used as a Qi
and Oyster Shell to stabilize Spirit and     Alisma to promote the flow of moisture,      tonic to benefit the internal organs. It is
treat insomnia caused by anxiety             promote urination and relieve inflamma-      a solid fungus which grows on the roots of
                                             tion and infection in the urinary tract      old pine trees. The Spirit Farmers
Varieties and Grading                                                                     Pharmacopoeia said that Poria is tranquil-
Polygonum stem is fairly standardized and    2. Ganoderma, Poria, Astragalus, Coriolus    izing to the mind, and that long term
all of it works about the same.              and Shitake to fortify the immune system     taking of Poria can relieve hunger and
                                                                                          lengthen the life.
Contraindications                            Varieties and Grading
Polygonum Stem may cause drowsiness          The Polyporus available in American all      It is a mild, safe and effective diuretic.
                                             appears to be of similar quality.            It is used in hundreds of classical formu-
Polyporus                                                                                 las to improve the flow of water through
Products Featuring This Herb:                Poria                                        the body. It is commonly used in Qi tonics
Poria Five Combination                       Products Featuring This Herb:                for this purpose.
                                             Supreme Creation
Other Common Names                           Imperial Garden                              Poria is also mildly sedative, and is
Polyporus Mushroom                           Endocrine Health                             considered to be highly nourishing. It is
                                             Immunity Booster Formula                     one of the primary longevity herbs and is
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese      Frame Builder                                included in most longevity tonics. Recent
Tonic Herbs                                  Ten Complete Supertonic Combination          research has discovered that Poria is a
219                                          Ginseng and Longan Combination               powerful immune system tonic. Poria has
                                             Ginseng Nutritive Combination                been found to induce the production in
Pharmaceutical Latin                         Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination             human beings of a-interferon. It is
Sclerotium Polypori Umbellati (Grifola)      Return to Youth                              commonly used in Fu Zheng therapy in
                                             Rehmannia Six Combination                    China and Japan formulas to build the
Pinyin                                       Poria Five Combination                       immune system of cancer patients.
Zhu Ling                                     Platycodon and Fritillary
                                             Cinnamon and Poria Combination               There was a tradition in the Imperial
Treasures                                    Bupleurum and Dragon Bone Combination        Palace during the Qing Dynasty of “taking
Qi                                           Bupleurum and Peony Combination              Poria in the winter and drinking plum soup
                                                                                          in the summer.” A very popular tonic herb
Treasure Rating                              Other Common Names                           among the common folks, Poria was also
**1/2                                        Hoelen (note: the name Hoelen is not used    commonly used in the imperial cuisine
                                             in China but has recently taken hold in      during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It
Atmospheric Energy                           America only                                 was made into buns, which was eaten daily
Neutral                                                                                   as a snack. “Black fish and Poria soup” was
                                             Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese      a famous dish in the imperial cuisine.
Taste                                        Tonic Herbs                                  There is also a famous imperial cake: Poria
Bland or slightly sweet                      207                                          sandwich cake. This was invented by Ci Xi,
                                                                                          the last Empress of China. Ci Xi ruled
Organ Meridian Systems                       Pinyin                                       China for over fifty years in the latter
Kidney and Bladder                           Fu Ling                                      half of the nineteenth century. The
                                                                                          palace used to make plain Poria cake,
Part Used and Form                           Treasures                                    without any fillings. But one time, Ci Xi
Fungal mass                                  Qi                                           was very sick, and the normal Poria cake
                                                                                          (snow white, paper thin, round cakes ) was
Primary Functions                            Treasure Rating                              tasteless to her palette. She was about to
Dispersing moisture, promoting water         ****                                         show her famous temper when all of
metabolism, improving immune functions                                                    sudden, she caught sight of her honey
                                             Atmospheric Energy                           preserved fruits, so she asked her
Qualities                                    Neutral                                      servant to add some honey pine nuts and
Recent research conducted in Japan                                                        walnuts between two cakes. This was how
indicates that Polyporus is a very potent    Taste                                        the famous Poria sandwich pancake was
immune system potentiator, similar in this   Bland or very mildly sweet                   invented. You can still buy this famous
regard to Reishi, Shitake and Agaricus                                                    imperial cake at stalls in Beijing and in
mushrooms. It too contains a potent range    Organ Meridian Systems                       Beijing’s grocery shops. Since Poria was a
of polysaccharides which activate the        Heart, Spleen and Kidney                     popular food among the imperial concu-
human immune response. Polyporus has                                                      bines, there are still two huge Poria from
been found to induce the production in       Part Used and Form                           Qing Dynasty kept on display in the
human beings of a-interferon. Polyporus is   Whole fungus                                 Forbidden City.
a woody mushroom which is a Qi tonic
traditionally used in medicinal formula-     Primary Functions                            Primary Combinations
tions to treat various urinary tract         To strengthen the Spleen and transform       Combine with:
infections, leukorrhea and diarrhea.         dampness, to stabilize Spirit and calm the
Atractylodes (white and red), Ginseng                                                         with hemp seed, Cistanche, Dong Gui and/
Root, Codonopsis, Astragalus and Ginger        2. Dang Gui, Schizandra, Placenta and          or Polygonum, it can help relieve constipa-
to tonify the Spleen, build Qi and elimi-      Cynomorium to tonify Kidney yang and           tion.
nate excess moisture                           blood in women
                                                                                              Traditionally, Prince Ginseng was consid-
Varieties and Grading                          Varieties and Grading                          ered to be a good mild substitute for
Poria is not an expensive herb. But some       Fresh looking, whole egg casings are best.     Ginseng. In fact, it is an excellent and
Poria is better than others. Try to find                                                      inexpensive substitute for American
large, white pieces. The best Poria is still   Contraindications                              Ginseng. However, it is a different kind of
slightly moist — or at least, not very dry     Like all Yang tonics, this herb should be      herb — it does not contain ginsenosides.
and brittle. There is also a variety known     avoided when their is a deficiency of Yin      Some people now are using Prince Ginseng
as pink Poria, which has stronger Spirit       and an excess of Fire. It should also be       and American Ginseng in the same
tonic effects. It has a slight pink tint.      avoided when there is heat in the urinary      formula.
                                               bladder manifesting as frequent urination.
Contraindications                                                                             Primary Combinations
Poria is a very safe herb.                     Prince Ginseng Root                            Combine with:
                                               Products Featuring This Herb:
Praying Mantis Egg Case                        Young Lungs                                    1. Ginseng, Astragalus and Licorice Root
Other Common Names                                                                            to tonify Qi
Praying Mantis Egg Case                        Other Common Names
                                               Prince Ginseng                                 2. Ophiopogon, American Ginseng and
Pharmaceutical Latin                                                                          Schizandra to tonify Lung yin
Ootheca Mantidis                               Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
                                               Tonic Herbs                                    Varieties and Grading
Pinyin                                         217                                            Prince Ginseng is almost always of equiva-
Sang Piao Xiao                                                                                lent quality.
                                               Pharmaceutical Latin                           Contraindications
Treasures                                      Radix Pseudostellariae                         Prince Ginseng is a very nutritious and
Yang Jing                                                                                     mild herb. It is very safe.
Treasure Rating                                Tai Zi Spirit                                  Psoralea
***1/2                                                                                        Other Common Names
                                               Treasures                                      Psoralea
Atmospheric Energy                             Qi and Yin
Neutral                                                                                       Pharmaceutical Latin
                                               Treasure Rating                                Fructus et Semen Psoraleae Corylifolia
Taste                                          ***1/2
Sweet and salty                                                                               Pinyin
                                               Atmospheric Energy                             Bu Gu Zhi
Organ Meridian Systems                         Neutral
Liver and Kidney                                                                              Treasures
                                               Taste                                          Yang
Part Used and Form                             Sweet and slightly bitter
Whole Prepared Egg Case                                                                       Treasure Rating
                                               Organ Meridian Systems                         ***1/2
Primary Functions                              Spleen and Lung
Astringent, tonify Kidney Yang                                                                Atmospheric Energy
                                               Part Used and Form                             Very warm
Qualities                                      Tuberous root
The egg casing of the Preying Mantis is a                                                     Taste
very useful Kidney/Liver tonic used            Primary Functions                              Sour and Bitter
primarily to conserve essence while            To build Qi and generate body fluids
building Yang. It is one of the Kidney Yang                                                   Organ Meridian Systems
herbs most suitable and beneficial to          Qualities                                      Kidney and Spleen
women. It is often found in women’s            Prince Ginseng is an excellent Qi tonic
formulas where Kidney Yang is deficient        that is often substituted for Ginseng.         Primary Functions
manifesting in sluggishness, obesity, low      Being Yin, it can be used much as Ameri-       To tonify Kidney and strengthen Yang
sexual drive, infertility and premature        can Ginseng is used. As a Qi tonic, it can
aging. Many women claim that Mantis Egg        be combined with Dioscorea and other Qi        Qualities
Case is a female sexual stimulant.             tonics to tonify Qi while not creating         Psoralea is your classic Yang tonic herb.
                                               excess heat. As a Yin tonic, it can be         It is very warm, and thus stimulating, and
Primary Combinations                           combined with Glehnia, Dendrobium,             is used primarily to strengthen sexual
Combine with:                                  Polygonatum and/ or Ophiopogon to              energy, and to strengthen the back, legs
                                               nourish the Lungs. Used with these herbs,      and knees. It is routinely used in formulas
1. Dragon bone and Oyster shell and            it can generate fluids and allay thirst.       with Eucommia, Cistanche, Cuscuta,
Cuscuta seed and Psoralea to tonify            With the same herbs, and with the              Epimedium, etc. to strengthen male sexual
Kidney yang and to prevent seminal             addition of Fritillaria, it is excellent for   functions. It is considered to be too warm
emissions                                      dry coughing and difficult breathing. Used     for most women’s formulas. This herb was
very popular in the imperial formulas of       minor ailment for which Pueraria Root is
the Ming and Qing dynasties and was used       helpful.                                     Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
in formulas prescribed for the emperors.                                                    Tonic Herbs
                                               Rehmannia Root, Raw                          179
When blended with astringent herbs,            Products Featuring This Herb:
Psoralea itself acts as an astringent. It is   Essence Restorative                          Pharmaceutical Latin
used to prevent nocturnal emissions and        Super Essence Restorative                    Radix Rehmanniae praparatae
premature ejaculation in men. It is often      Profound Essence
mixed with Dioscorea, Astragalus seed,         Primal Yin Replenisher                       Pinyin
Schizandra, Cornus, etc. for this purpose.     Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination             Shu Di Huang (Shu Di)
                                               Gentiana Combination
Varieties and Grading                                                                       Treasures
There is no grading of this herb in            Other Common Names                           Yin Jing and Blood
America.                                       Rehmannia Root, Raw
                                                                                            Treasure Rating
Contraindications                              Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese      *****
Being very warm, it should be avoided in       Tonic Herbs
cases of deficiency of Yin with excessive      215                                          Atmospheric Energy
fire, and in cases of constipation. Psorolea                                                Slightly Warm
should not be used by those who become         Pinyin
sunburned very easily.                         Spiritg di huang                             Organ Meridian Systems
                                                                                            Kidney, Liver and heart
Pueraria                                       Treasures
Products Featuring This Herb:                  yin jing                                     Part Used and Form
Easy Qi (formerly Smooth Flowing Qi)                                                        Tuberous root
                                               Treasure Rating
Other Common Names                             **1/2                                        Primary Functions
Pueraria                                                                                    To tonify the Kidneys and nourish yin jing.
                                               Atmospheric Energy
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese        cool                                         Qualities
Tonic Herbs                                                                                 Rehmannia is said to be the “Kidney’s own
217                                            Qualities                                    food.” It is a fundamental Kidney tonic in
                                               Fresh Rehmannia is used in formulas that     Chinese tonic herbalism, and is considered
Pharmaceutical Latin                           require yin tonifying benefits of Rehman-    to be a primary longevity herb. It is found
Radix Puerariae                                nia but also require a cooling or anti-      in a great many common “anti-aging”
                                               inflammatory effect. Fresh Rehmannia is      formulations. It is considered rejuvenat-
Pinyin                                         often used in cases where a person is        ing and life lengthening.
Ge Gen                                         experiencing such warming symptoms as
Treasures                                      hot flashes. It is used less commonly than   Steamed Rehmannia is a fundamental Yin
                                               Prepared Rehmannia in tonic herbalism        Jing tonic, providing Yin directly to the
Treasure Rating                                but can be very useful in cases of yin       Kidney. It is quick and effective. Steamed
1/2*                                           deficiency.                                  Rehmannia is said to benefit sexual
                                                                                            functions in men and women and is
Atmospheric Energy                                                                          included in almost every formula that is
                                               Rehmannia, Prepared                          designed to strengthen reproductive
Cool                                           Products Featuring This Herb:                functions, including fertility. It forms the
                                               Supreme Creation                             Yin base of many men’s potency formulas.
Taste                                          Essence Restorative
Sweet, Acrid, pungent                                                                       In such formulas, Steamed Rehmannia
                                               Super Essence Restorative                    may be combined with a whole range of
                                               Women’s Jing                                 tonic herbs, including super tonics such as
Organ Meridian Systems                         Shou Wu Formulation
Spleen, Stomach                                                                             Deer Antler, Gecko, Ginseng, Astragalus.
                                               Ant Essence Formula
                                               Imperial Garden                              Prepared Rehmannia is a major blood
Qualities                                      Primal Yin Replenisher
This herb is a Yin tonic, famous in the                                                     tonic. This is of special importance to
                                               Super Adaptogen                              women, who always need to rebuild blood.
Orient for its ability to relax the neck       Endocrine Health
and shoulders. It is also commonly used to                                                  Steamed Rehmannia, when combined with
                                               Four Things Combination                      Dang Gui, Ligusticum and Peony forms the
relieve sinus congestion and headaches.        Ten Complete Supertonic Combination
Pueraria is among the most important of                                                     quintessential women’s herbal combina-
                                               Ginseng Nutritive Combination                tion. Prepared Rehmannia is said to be
the medicinal herbs used in Chinese            Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination
herbalism. It is very widely used, it is                                                    warm in nature and warms up the uterus in
                                               Return to Youth                              women. A “cold uterus” will result in
particularly important in the treatment of     Rehmannia Six Combination
many common ailments, from headaches                                                        painful menstruation and infertility.
                                               Dang Gui and Gelatin
and stiff shoulders to fevers and the          Bupleurum and Rehmannia Combination
common cold. It is an herb that everyone                                                    Steamed Rehmannia, when used as a tonic,
familiar with Chinese herbs uses from                                                       is usually combined with Qi tonics to
                                               Other Common Names                           improve its assimilation. It is routinely
time to time. Chinese doctors use it daily.    Rehmannia, Prepared ; Steamed Rehman-
In tonic herbalism, it is only used on the                                                  combined with Dang Gui to produce blood.
                                               nia                                          It is also commonly combined with
rare occasions when one is suffering a
Astragalus, Gecko, and Deer Antler, as         Reishi                                       availability of this amazing health prod-
well as more common tonic herbs in tonic                                                    uct. Reishi has been the object of
formulations.                                  Other Common Names                           intensive scientific studies to discern its
                                               Reishi mushroom, Ling Zhi, Ganoderma         many health functions from a modern
Primary Combinations                                                                        perspective. Traditionally, Reishi is
Prepared Rehmannia is never used alone.        Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese      believed to be a tonic to all of the body’s
Combine with:                                  Tonic Herbs                                  energies. It was revered as a major tonic
                                               88                                           to each of the three Treasures, Jing, Qi
1. Tang Gui and White Peony to build blood                                                  and Spirit.
and Kidney yin                                 Pharmaceutical Latin
                                               Ganoderma                                    As a Jing (Essence) tonic, Reishi is
2. Asparagus root to tonify yin, build                                                      believed to have major life-lengthening
blood and calm the heart                       Pinyin                                       effects when consumed over a long period
                                               Ling Zhi                                     of time. It is believed to build primal
3. Ophiopogon to build Kidney yin and to                                                    power and to replenish energy spent
remove heat in the upper warmer                Treasures                                    handling stressful situations.
                                               Jing, Qi and Spirit
4. Cuscuta seed to tonify the Kidney and                                                    As a Qi tonic, Reishi is used to build
Liver                                          Treasure Rating                              energy, although it is slightly sedative in
                                               *****                                        the short run. It is most famous as an
5. Ophiopogon and Cuscuta seed to tonify                                                    herb used to build the immune system.
the Heart, Kidney, Jing and blood              Atmospheric Energy                           Many studies done in Japan have shown
                                               Neutral or slightly warm                     Reishi to have a powerful effect on the
Varieties and Grading                                                                       body’s overall resistance to disease.
There are two fundamental varieties of         Organ Meridian Systems                       Reishi is believed by Japanese and
Rehmannia used in Chinese herbalism:           Heart, Liver, Lungs, Kidney                  Chinese researchers to have a regulatory
prepared and raw. Raw Rehmannia has                                                         effect on the immune system, bringing up
simply been dried. It has a cold nature        Part Used and Form                           immune functions in cases of immuno-
and is not particularly tonic (its tonic       Fruiting body, spores, mycelium              deficiency and reducing the excesses
nature has not been activated). Raw                                                         associated with auto-immune conditions.
Rehmannia is used primarily in medicinal       Primary Functions                            Reishi is a superb tonic for people who
herbalism to cool down inflammatory            Nourishing tonic, tonic to the three         suffer from chronic allergies. Reishi is
conditions. Prepared Rehmannia is highly       treasures (Jing, Qi and Spirit), builds      also believed to have major benefits on
tonic. It has been prepared by soaking in      body resistance, detoxifying, aphrodisiac,   the lungs and liver. Studies done in Japan
a special blend of wine (which itself has      sedative, prolongs life and enhances         have shown that Reishi protects the liver
been specially prepared with Amomi and         intelligence and wisdom                      from damage due to toxic chemicals,
Tangerine peel), and then steaming and                                                      including pharmaceutical metabolites.
sun drying. The Rehmannia becomes deep         Qualities                                    Furthermore, studies done in Japan and
black, soft and sticky. It is sold in slices   The Reishi mushroom, also known by its       elsewhere have also demonstrated that
in most markets for easily handling. Most      formal name of Ganoderma and its             Reishi is beneficial to the cardiovascular
Prepared Rehmannia sold in America is of       Chinese name Ling zhi, has attained an       system, since it appears to help regulate
high quality. It may be tasted raw. It will    unparalleled reputation in the Orient as     coronary and cerebral blood flow and also
be soft, easily chew, fine in texture and      the ultimate herbal substance. For over      seems to help reduce levels of blood lipids
very sweet.                                    three thousand years it has been the         and in lowering elevated cholesterol.
                                               most sought-after product of nature by
Contraindications                              mountain sages and by the emperors and       As a Spirit tonic, nothing compares to
Rehmannia is considered to be “greasy”         empresses of all Eastern nations. In the     Reishi. It is simply the greatest Spirit
and “slippery,” which means that it can        first Chinese herbal text (Spiritnong’s      tonic of them all. It is believed by the
cause loose stool in people with weak          Pharmacopoeia) written about 2400 years      Chinese to protect the Spirit and to
digestive systems. That is why it should       ago, Reishi was classified as a “superior    nurture the growth of intelligence,
be combined with Qi tonics. Use cau-           herb” which is defined as one that “serves   wisdom and spiritual insight. Reishi is a
tiously if prone to diarrhea and replace it    to maintain life, promote radiant health     superb anti-stress herb. Everyone who
with Polygonum if loose stools continue to     and long life because of its normalizing     takes Reishi notices the peacefulness
occur.                                         action, and to cause no side effects, even   that seems to accompany its use. Many
                                               when used continuously.” That ancient        people are able to stop using chemical
Reishi                                         book said that “continuous consumption of    drugs. And Reishi seems to be cumulative,
Products Featuring This Herb:                  Reishi makes your body light and young,      gradually strengthening the nerves and
Wild Reishi Drops                              lengthens your life and turns you into one   actually changing how we perceive life.
Duanwood Reishi Drops                          like the immortal who never dies.” Thus
Supreme Spirit Drops                           Reishi was traditionally called “the         Studies done in Asia indicate that Reishi
8 Immortals Adaptogenic Elixir                 mushroom of immortality.”                    is a supreme health food supplement that
Supreme Protector                                                                           has virtually no toxicity or side effects.
Ron Teeguarden’s Super Pill                    The Reishi Mushroom grows wild only upon
Super Adaptogen                                old trees and roots of certain types of      There are many Reishi products coming to
Immunity Booster Formula                       trees in remote mountain forests of          the market at this time, but very few are
Protector 2000                                 China, Japan and Korea. Only in the last     truly excellent. Reishi must be extracted
CardioPro 2000                                 fifteen years have we seen the cultivation   to be digestible and assimilable. Unfortu-
Four Kings                                     of Reishi, and thus the commercial           nately, most Reishi products are not
extracted and most are made from               defense in order to eliminate them. A          caused by a retrovirus closely related to
inferior quality hot house mushrooms or        healthy immune system is capable of            HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. It has
use inferior cultivated Ganoderma              resisting most such intruders and a very       been an approved drug for cancer in
mycelium.                                      hardy system may be able to resist             Japan since that time and has been used
                                               invasions that many other people’s             safely and effectively, often in conjunc-
Ganoderma is arguably the most revered         systems cannot. If the immune system is        tion with other drugs or radiation. It has
herbal substance in Asia, certainly ranking    weakened or malfunctioning, the invading       been demonstrated that Reishi can help
with ginseng as the elite substance for        microbes can easily establish a foothold in    reduce the side-effects of many kinds of
the attainment of radiant health, longev-      our body and disease sets in. Antibiotics      chemotherapy and radiation treatment
ity and spiritual attainment. It has           can often be used to stop the invasion at      and simultaneously contribute to the
maintained that position for at least 2000     this time, but chronic use of antibiotics      rebuilding of the immune system — an
years, and its reputation and value are        further weakens the immune response.           essential part of the recovery from
only increasing. Numerous legends provide      Furthermore, antibiotics are useless           cancer. Ganoderma stimulates the
a rich and extensive record of Ganoderma       against viruses, pollens and most para-        production of interferon and interleukins
in Asian society.                              sites. They are certainly useless against      I and II, all being potent natural anti-
                                               malignant (cancerous) cells generated in       cancer substances produced in our own
Reishi has traditionally been used as an       our own bodies. It is much better to           bodies. Reishi may well prove to be the
anti-aging herb and has been used for          resist the invasion from within with a         greatest prevention against cancer
many diseases and disorders as well. It        fully fortified immune system and not          because it helps us to protect ourselves
has long been a favorite tonic food            become ill in the first place. This is where   by our own power.
supplement by the Chinese Royal family         herbs like Reishi are now attracting the
and virtually anyone who could obtain it.      attention of scientists and consumers          It has also been approved in Japan and
Ganoderma was particularly revered by          alike.                                         China for the treatment of myasthenia
the followers of the Taoist tradition as                                                      gravis, a serious auto-immune disease.
the “Elixir of Immortality.” Taoists have      Many chemical constituents play a role in      Besides that, it is commonly prescribed
continuously claimed that Reishi promotes      GL’s immune-modulating capacity. The           by M.D.’s in Japan for chronic bronchitis,
calmness, centeredness, balance, inner         polysaccharide components in particular        memory loss, insomnia, hyperlipidemia and
awareness and inner strength. They have        seems to play an important role in attack-     a whole range of degenerative diseases of
used it to improve meditative practices        ing cancerous cells, but not healthy ones,     the elderly, including disorders associated
and to protect the body, mind and spirit       while simultaneously strengthening the         with senility.
so that the adept could attain both a long     body’s overall immune functions. The
and healthy life and spiritual immortality.    polysaccharides appear to help the body        Reishi is a superb anti-stress herb.
Due to its rarity, the common people could     attack microbial invaders such as viruses,     Throughout history, it has been used to
rarely obtain a Reishi mushroom, but it        bacteria and yeast.                            bring balance into the lives of people who
was popularly revered as a greater                                                            needed help in this department, and that
treasure than any jewel.                       But Reishi does not just “stimulate” the       means most everyone. Deep in antiquity, it
                                               immune system — it regulates it. And that      was routinely used by mountain hermits,
Since Reishi has been known to have many       is what makes Reishi so precious. If the       monks, Taoist adepts and spiritual
functions, it has been the subject of a        immune system is excessive, as is the case     seekers throughout Asia because it was
great deal of research in recent years. It     with auto-immune diseases and allergies,       believed to help calm the mind, ease
ranks in Asia with Ginseng, Deer Antler,       Reishi can have significant positive           tension, strengthen the nerves,
Astragalus and Cordyceps as a preeminent       influence. A group of chemicals known as       strengthen memory, sharpen concentra-
tool in the attainment of radiant health.      the ganoderic acids help fight auto-           tion, improve focus, build will-power and,
                                               immune diseases such as allergies.             as a result, help build wisdom. That is why
The health benefits of Reishi are ex-          Ganoderic acids inhibit histamine release,     it was called the “Mushroom of Spiritual
tremely broad and it is virtually non-toxic.   improve oxygen utilization and improve         Potency” by these seekers. The people of
Though it is now used much like Ginseng,       liver functions. Ganoderic acids are also      Asia have never lost their faith in Reishi.
Eleutherococcus and Astragalus as a            potent antioxidant free-radical scaven-        They believe more than ever in Reishi’s
general tonic to help develop energy, to       gers.                                          power to improve the quality of life by
improve digestion and to improve sleep,                                                       improving the inner life of a human being.
scientists are exploring its potential in      Still another component, Beta-1, 3-glucan,     All the scientific validation only explains
their terms of benefits.                       helps regulate and stabilize blood sugar       the physical nature of Reishi, but it is the
                                               levels. Not only that, but these same          profound ability of Reishi to improve one’s
Ganoderma is a profound immune poten-          components have been shown to have             life on every plane that makes it so
tiator. It has been found to significantly     powerful anti-tumor properties.                miraculous. Reishi is indeed calming and
improve the functioning of the immune                                                         centering. Everyone who takes Reishi
system whether the immune system is            Reishi is widely used in Asia to improve       notices the peacefulness that seems to
deficient or excessive. In this sense, it is   the cardiovascular system. It helps lower      accompany its use. Many people are able
an immune “modulator” — that is, it helps      HDL (the “bad” cholesterol) and reduce         to stop using chemical drugs. And Reishi
to modulate, or regulate, and fine tune        excess fatty acids. It has been found to       seems to be cumulative, gradually
the immune system. Our immune system is        prevent and treat hardening of the             strengthening the nerves and actually
a virtually miraculous network of activi-      arteries, angina and shortness of breath       changing how we perceive life.
ties designed over millions of years to        associated with coronary heart disease.
protect us from viruses, bacteria,                                                            Reishi is a substance that builds health on
parasites, molds, dust, pollen and malig-      In 1977, it was discovered in Japan that       all levels. It is the rarest of jewels in
nant cells. It is the responsibility of the    Reishi had potent anti-cancer activity. It     Nature. Life itself is based on the ability
immune system to detect the intrusion, or      was first used to treat, and quite suc-        to adapt to the stresses, the attacks, the
invasion, of these entities and to mount a     cessfully, hairy-cell leukemia, which is       challenges that come our way every day.
Reishi seems to provide an incredible         conducted on three strains of Reishi; red     absorption: A sterol derivative of Gano-
resource of the full range of energies we     (sekishi), purple (shishi) and black          derma identified as sterol IV with 7-oxo
need to meet these challenges. Reishi is      (kokushi). The red and purple strains         and l5x-hydroxy groups potently inhibited
indeed “the great protector,” protecting      analyzed had similar triterpenoid pat-        cholesterol synthesis [48]. One mecha-
us on every level — physically, immunologi-   terns. The black Ganoderma analyzed           nism of action is due to the ability of
cally, mentally, spiritually. It helps us     contained little acid material. Others have   Ganoderma triterpenes, which contain
adapt to the world and provides additional    also reported on the significant constitu-    oxygenated functionalities at C- I5 and a
power for us to achieve a superior level of   ent variation in the different parts of the   hydroxyl group at C-26' to effectively
life. When we are so protected and so         mushroom including the pileus, stalk and      inhibit the rate-limiting enzyme 3-
provided for, we can achieve things that      underground portion. (upton)                  hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-co-enzyme A
otherwise would be impossible. That is                                                      reductase (HMG-CoA) in the cholesterol
why Reishi has been called the “herb of       1.4. Germanium fortification. In an effort    biosynthesis pathway. This has been
good fortune.”                                to yield higher organic-germanium             demonstrated in both in vitro and in vivo
                                              contents of Ganoderma, some producers         assays using mevinolin as a positive
Scientific Data                               enrich the growing substrate with             control. HMG-CoA also begins the synthe-
1. Constituents                               germanium dioxide. Wild Ganoderma             sis of CoQ10. Some researchers consider
                                              yields                                        low levels of CoQ10 to be a cardiovascular
1.1. The primary constituents responsible     1.3-17.8 ppm of germanium. Enriching the      disease risk factor in itself. Therefore, it
for Ganoderma’s medicinal actions are         substrate with germanium dioxide at 1.5       may be advantageous to supplement with
polysaccharides and highly oxygenated         ppm, 5 ppm and 10 ppm yielded germanium       CoQ10 when using Ganoderma. In addition,
lanostanoid triterpenes, including multiple   contents of 5.1 ppm, 15.3 ppm and 24.6        other similar triterpenes are structurally
pairs of C-3 stereoisomers and C-3/C-15       ppm respectively. (upton)                     similar to the post-lanosterol intermedi-
positional isomers. More than 100 differ-                                                   ates in the cholesterol biosynthetic
ent triterpene molecules have been            1.5. At least two particular characteristic   pathway of mammals, and inhibit lanos-
identified in Ganoderma. In addition,         constituent patterns have been identified     terol 14x-methyl-demethylase. Compounds
constituents of Reishi fruiting body          in Ganoderma-C27 strains richer in            1, 8 & 9 have been shown to be more
include: b & x glucans, beta sitosterol,      lucidenic acid, and C30 strains richer in     effective at reducing cholesterol absorp-
heteropolysaccharides composed of D-          ganoderic acid. The fruiting body has also    tion than b-sitosterol. However, these
glucose, D-galactose, D-mannose, L- (or D-    been classified as being rich in ganoderic    triterpenes are poorly absorbed in the
)arabinose, D-xylose, and L-fucose            acid A, while the mycelium has been most      gastrointestinal tract. (upton)
(soluble in water), heteroglycans, steryl     noted for its concentration of ganoderic
esters, adenosine[, ergosterol, uridine,      acid T [18]. Two other strains, an antlered   2.4. The tincture of fruiting body extract
oleic acid, cyclooctasulphur[4], fungal       form and a full cap (Nagano) were rich in     of G. lucidum had a significant cardiotonic
lysozyme, acid protease and amino acids.      ganoderic acids, but showed no definitive     effect on the isolated frog heart, as well
Amino Acids: Serine (15.2), alanine (14.8),   signs of lucidenic acid. (upton)              as on the pentobarbital sodium-inhibited
glycine (12.7), threonine (12.4), aspartic                                                  heart. Using an i.p. injection of 3g/kg of
acid (9.9), glutamic acid (8.1), proline      1.6. Identification: The mapping of           an alcohol extract of both the fruiting
(6.9), valine (5.3), and other minor amino    twenty-five well characterized                body and mycelium, the following actions
acids. (Upton)                                triterpenoid using high-performance liquid    were observed: increased contractility of
                                              chromatography (HPLC), has been used as       the in situ rabbit heart, an increase of
1.2. Constituent Variation: Constituent       a standard reference for compositional        41.08% in contraction amplitude, reduc-
content varies between different strains      comparison of constituents between            tion of the heart rate, an increase of
of Ganoderma. Differentiation’s include a     different strains and species of Gano-        44%-66% in coronary blood flow with
change in both the amount and pattern of      derma. (upton)                                concomitant increase in cerebral blood
triterpenes. Several triterpenes, not                                                       flow, and coronary dilation. (Upton)
present in the mycelium, increase in          2. Effects on Cardiovascular System
concentration as the cap of the fruiting                                                    2.5. At 0.8 mg/kg-1, 5’deoxy-
body develops. This includes ganoderic        2.1. Ganoderma contains a water soluble       5’methylsulphinyladenosine lowered blood
acid A. Quantitatively, the caps provide      derivative of adenosine (5’deoxy-5'-          pressure in cats by 30%.(Upton)
the richest source of triterpene acids,       methylsulphinyladenosine), a platelet
followed by the stem and then the spores.     aggregation inhibitor. At 50 mg/ml-1          2.6. In a clinical study at Tokyo University
The underside of the outer layer of the       5’deoxy-5’methylsulphinyladenosine            hospital, patients with essential hyperten-
cap yields a higher concentration of          exhibited a 20-50% inhibitory rate. This      sion (genetically inherited) were given six
triterpenes than the other sections of        action is reportedly due to the activation    240-mg Reishi tablets each day. After six
the cap. Qualitatively, the HPLC patterns     of platelet phospholipase. Adenosine          months on this regimen, they showed
are similar for each. Samples grown on        content varies dramatically among             normal systolic and diastolic readings.
cherry wood yield higher amounts of           different strains of G. lucidum. (upton)      (Upton)
triterpenes but grow more slowly and
produce less than samples grown on the        2.2. Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE)      2.7. Searching for herbs that benefit the
oak Quercus variabilis. During the initial    Inhibition: ten lanostane triterpenes with    heart, researchers at the Cardiology
fruiting stage of an antlered strain          ACE inhibiting effects have been identi-      Research Center at the Academy of
(Saegusa), ganoderic acids and lucidenic      fied in Ganoderma. Ganoderic acid F           Medical Sciences in Moscow tested 21
acids were not present, however they          exhibited the highest inhibitory effect,      herbs to see which most effectively
began to develop within one week of           while the others were relatively mild.        prevented and corrected the buildup of
fruiting, subsequently becoming major         These were identified in a 70% MeOH           atherosclerotic plaque in the arteries.
constituents. (upton)                         extract of Ganoderma. (upton)
                                                                                            2.8. Ninety-two patients with myocardial
1.3. Comparative constituent analysis was     2.3. Effects on cholesterol biosynthesis &    infarction and chest pain were treated
with GL extract and 72% of these               asthma patients after oral administration
patients felt the symptoms were relieved.      of GL for four months. (Tsung)                   4.5 Fifty-two leukopenia patients were
Hyperlipemia patients treated with GL                                                           treated with GL extract and 44 patients
extract also showed decreased blood            4.2. Immunostimulating Polysaccharides           showed increased leukocytes of about
cholesterol levels in 14 out of 15 patients.   and Anti-Cancer Activity. The immuno-            1028/mm3 after treatment. The effec-
(Tsung)                                        stimulating polysaccharides isolated from        tive rate was 84.8%. (Tsung)
                                               Ganoderma lucidum have shown b-(123)
2.9. It has been reported that Ganoderma       and b-(124) linkages in the polysaccharide       4.6. The extract of Ganoderma lucidum
lucidum has cholesterol-lowering proper-       structures Miyazaki et al, 1981, 1982).          has been used for leukopenia patients
ties (Xian Medical College, 1978; Shanghai     The functions of the polysaccharides             (Jiangsu New Medical College, 1978).
Medical Supply Station, 1978; Peng,1983;       include intensified phagocytosis of              Since AIDS patients frequently develop
Chen, Liao, Xiao, 1988). The effective         reticuloendothelial systems, activation of       leukopenia, it is worthwhile to research
rate was about 86% for 12 weeks to 6           macrophages, activation of T-lympho-             which component of Ganoderma lucidum is
months of treatment for hyperlipidemia         cytes, enhancement of cell-mediated              the functional compound. (Tsung)
patients. Arichi, et al (1979), also re-       immune response, and activation of the
ported that the extract of Ganoderma           alternative pathway of the complement            4.7. Liu, et al (1980) reported that the
lucidum is clinically effective for hyper-     system. The most immunologically active          extract of Ganoderma lucidum was
lipemia treatment. (Tsung)                     polysaccharides have an anti-cancer              effective for the treatment of muscular
                                               activity. Miyazaki, et al (1981) showed          dystrophy. (Tsung)
2.10. Morigiwa, et al (1986) have isolated     that the anti-cancer arabinoxyloglucan
10 antihypertensive lanostane triterpenes      has (123)-b-D-glucan moiety in the               4.8. The effect of Ganoderma lucidum on
from Ganoderma lucidum. Among the 10           structure. Mizuno, et al                         induction of differentiation in leukemic
triterpenes, ganoderic acid F had the          (1984) also showed that the anti-cancer          U937 cells. Ganoderma (G.) lucidum is a
highest anti-hypertensive effect. How-         water-soluble b-D-glucan contains a              herbal medicine with tumoricidal activity
ever, Anchi, et al ( 1979) have found that     backbone of (123)-linked D-glucose               capable of inhibiting the proliferation of
compounds responsible for anti-hyperten-       residues having single D-glucosyl                mouse Sarcoma 180 cells both in vitro and
sive activity have molecular weights of        branches. The attachment of polyol               in vivo. In this study, we investigated the
more than 100,000 daltons. (Tsung)             groups to the (123)-linked backbone              effect of the polysaccharide fraction of
                                               significantly enhances its host-mediated         G. lucidum (PS-G) on the proliferation and
2.11. Isolation of an Inhibitor of Platelet    anticancer activity (Sone, Okuda, et al          differentiation of human monocytic
Aggregation. The water-soluble fraction        1985). However, Mizuno, Kato, et al              leukemia cell line, U937. Using an in vitro
of Ganoderma lucidum was found to              (1984)showed that the host-mediated              liquid culture system, we found that the
suppress platelet aggregation. From            anti-cancer polysaccharides fraction was         conditioned medium from PS-G-stimulated
physico-chemical and biochemical analysis,     composed of a backbone of b(123)-linked-         human blood mononuclear cells (PSG-
this fraction was identified to be adenos-     D-glucosyl residue with a single branch of       MNC-CM) contained an activity that could
ine. (Tsung)                                   b-(126)-linked-D-glucosyl group in every         significantly inhibit the growth of U937
                                               four to six residues of backbone chain.          cells and induce them to differentiate
2.12. GL also markedly improved pancre-        Acidic b-glucan isolated from Ganoderma          into mature monocytes/macrophages
atic blood flow rate in rats (18). GL was      lucidum also showed an anti-cancer               which had functions of phagocytosis and
also effective in treating abnormal            activity. (Tsung)                                producing cytoplasmic superoxide.
cardiac impulse in rats (18). By using                                                          Neither PS-G nor normal (untreated)
radioactive 86Rb uptake as a marker in         4.3 Natural Killer Cell Activating Factor.       MNC-CM was found to have a differenti-
the rat heart muscle, the blood flow in        In most of the cancer-host relationships,        ating effect on the target cells. The
the rat heart muscle was increased with        cancer cell destruction is accomplished by       optimal condition for stimulating the in
the increase of the administration of GL.      many different ways. The one mechanism           vitro production of MNC-derived differ-
(Tsung)                                        of immunoactivation and anti-cancer              entiation-inducing activity was to use PS-
                                               action is to kill cancer cell through            G at a low concentration of 50 micro-
3. The Effect on the Central Nervous           activation of natural killer cells. The hot-     grams/ml and to incubate MNC for a
System                                         water extract of ganodenna lucidum               short period of 24 hours. Long-term
                                               showed the ability to activate natural           (greater than 3 days) incubation resulted
3.1. The extract of GL was able to             killer cell activity (Murai, Yamashita, et al,   in a decrease in the differentiating
suppress the central nervous system and        1987). The natural killer cell activating        activity of the conditioned media.
relaxed the muscles in an experimental         factor is distributed in the fruit body of       (Internet 1)
mouse. An hour of sleep induced by             Ganoderma lucidum. The concentration of
cyclohexabarbital was extended after           natural killer cell activating factor is         4.9. Effect of Japanese Ganoderma
injection of GL extract. The extract also      higher in the early budding stage and in         Lucidum on production of interleukin-2
had an anodyne effect on animal subjects.      the completion of fruit body growth stage        from
(Tsung)                                        (Tsubokura, Ogita, et all, 1988). (Tsung)        murine splenocytes. The purpose of this
                                                                                                study was to determine the effect of
4. Immunostimulating Activity                  4.4 Interferon-Inducing Activity.                Ganoderma lucidum (GL) planted in Japan
                                               Interferons are a family of small protein        on the production of Interleukin-2 (IL-2)
4.1. The injection of GL extract or GL         molecules secreted naturally by human            from murine splenocytes. It was observed
polysaccharides in mice resulted in the        cells to fight viral and other infections.       that hydrocortisone (HC) 0.025-1 micro-
activation of the phagocytic activity of       Interferon has been touted as a potential        gram /ml could significantly antagonize
macrophages. Macrophages play an               cancer-treating drug for nearly 30 years.        the inhibitory activity of HC and CSA to
important role in the immune system. The       Ganoderma lucidum has been found to              increase the production of IL-2 in vitro, P
increase of immunoglobulin A was ob-           have interferon-inducing activity (Meng,         < 0.01. When the splenocytes pretreated
served in the phlegm of chronic bronchial      1983). (Tsung)                                   with GL alone or in combination with HC, it
was shown that pretreatment alone had no     addition of neutralizing antibodies to both     homogeneous polysaccharides were
significant effect on IL-2 production, but   IL-2 receptor and TNF alpha blocked             separated and purified. Chemical studies
preincubating splenocytes with HC and GL     aggregate formation, cellular prolifera-        on the main components BN3B1 and
resulted in a significant increase of IL-2   tion, and ICAM-1 expression. These              BN3B3 indicated that BM3B1 contained
production when compared with that of        findings demonstrate that LZ-8 is a             only glucose and should be a glucan
HC group, P < 0.01. In vivo, GL 300 mg/kg    potent T cell activator, mediating its          containing beta-(1 — — 6) and (1 — —
could increase the production of IL-2        effects via cytokine regulation of integrin     3)glycoside bonds and that BN3B3 was an
when orally taken GL alone or in combina-    expression. (Internet 4 — Genentech)            arabinogalactan containing beta-(1 — — 6)
tion of HC. (Internet 2)                                                                     and (1 — — 3)glycoside bonds. (Internet
                                             4.12. Effect of Ganoderma polysaccha-           7)
4.10 Effects of Ganoderma polysaccha-        rides on T cell subpopulations and produc-
rides on the activity of DNA polymerase      tion of interleukin 2 in mixed lymphocyte       5. Anti-allergic Activity
alpha of splenocytes and immune function     response. Mixed lymphocyte response was
in aged mice. The activity of DNA poly-      used as a main model through all the            5.1. GL suppressed histamine and other
merase alpha in splenocytes of 24-month-     experiments. In a series of concentra-          chemical mediator release from mast
old mice was about 35.6% lower than that     tions (25, 50, 100, and 200 micrograms/         cells.
of 3-month-old mice. Aged mice were          ml), Ganoderma polysaccharides (GL-B)           Hirai, Takase, et al (1983) showed that
intraperitoneally administered Ganoderma     promoted the production of interleukin 2        the extract of Ganoderma lucidum has an
polysaccharides (GL-B) once a day for 4      (IL-2) in a concentration-dependent             inhibitory action on histamine release
days and then the activity of the enzyme     manner after initiation of culture for 12 h     from rat mast cells. A Japanese research
was assessed. The results showed that        and increased the total cell recovery as        group at Kinki University also found that
GL-B at doses of 25 and 50 mg/kg-1           well as that of Lyt 2+ and L3T4+ cells          the hot-water extract of Ganoderma
enhanced the activity of the enzyme in       after 4 days of culture. The data also          lucidum has a strong suppressive activity
aged mouse splenocytes by 44.0 and           shows that the polysaccharides markedly         on histamine release from mast cells
58.8% respectively. In addition, the         enhanced the cytotoxicity of cytotoxic T        (Kubo Lab, 1984). The extract also
mixed lymphocyte response to alloantigen,    lymphocytes, which was increased by             suppressed the passive cutaneous anaphy-
automatic proliferation and IL-2 produc-     100% at the concentration of 200                laxis (PCA) reaction. Since the Ganoderma
tion of splenocytes in aged mice declined    micrograms/ml. (Internet 5)                     extract can suppress histamine release
as compared with that in young adult mice.                                                   from mast cells and suppress PCA reac-
GL-B (50, 100, 200 was      4.13. Ganoderma tsugae mycelium en-             tion it is expected to do well against type
found to restore those parameters to the     hances splenic natural killer cell activity     I allergies, including anaphylactic shock,
levels of that of young mice in vitro.       and serum interferon production in mice.        atopic dermatitis hay fever, hives, drug
(Internet 3)                                 Effects of the water-soluble extract of         allergies, and bronchial asthma.
                                             Ganoderma tsugae mycelium (GT), its
4.11. Ling Zhi-8: a novel T cell mitogen     alcohol-insoluble subfraction (GTI), and        5.2. In the animal model for immune-
induces cytokine production and              its alcohol-soluble subfraction (GTS) on        complex disorders (type III allergies),
upregulation of ICAM-1 expression. Ling      splenic natural killer (NK) cell activity and   nephritis is induced by successive injec-
Zhi-8 (LZ-8) is a protein purified from      serum interferon (IFN) production were          tions of rabbit serum protein into rats,
Ganoderma lucidum, a Chinese medicinal       assessed in mice. Intraperitoneal adminis-      causing antigen-antibody complexes to
fungus thought to possess potent effects     tration of GT (4-200 mg/kg) or GTI (1-50        develop in the blood stream and to be
on the immune system. When examined          mg/kg), but not GTS, augmented the NK           deposited in the kidneys. In nephritis,
for its effects on lymphocytes, LZ-8         cytotoxic activity in a dose-dependent          both protein concentration in urine and
exhibited potent mitogenic effects on        manner in C3H/HeN mice. This augmenta-          cholesterol concentration in serum are
human peripheral blood lymphocytes           tion of splenic NK cytolytic activity was       increased. With treatment by Ganoderma
(PBL), inducing a bell-shaped dose-          not mouse-strain-dependent. The serum           extract, protein and cholesterol concen-
response curve similar to that caused by     IFN titers of mice were also elevated           trations were reduced to normal levels.
PHA and other lectin mitogens. Fraction-     after i.p.-doses of GTI. The GTI-induced        Morphological observation of the kidney
ation experiments indicated that the         serum IFN was reduced by either IFN-            also showed recovery, and hypertension
proliferative response in the PBL cultures   (alpha+beta) antiserum or IFN-gamma             due to nephritis was returned to normal.
was primarily due to T cells, but was        monoclonal antibody in vitro. The treat-
monocyte dependent. Stimulation of PBL       ment with antiserum neutralizing IFN-           5.3. Ganoderma extract also did well
with LZ-8 resulted in the production of      (alpha+beta) resulted in a 70% reduction        against such cell-mediated allergies as
IL-2 and a corresponding upregulation of     of GTI-induced IFN, while monoclonal            picryl
IL-2 receptor expression. In addition to     antibody against mouse IFN-gamma,               chloride-induced dermatitis in mice. Cell-
T cell proliferation, microscopic examina-   moderately neutralized the GTI-induced          mediated allergies include contact
tion of LZ-8-stimulated PBL revealed that    IFN (50%). These results demonstrated           dermatitis, tubercular lesions, chronic
LZ-8 induced cellular aggregate forma-       that both the splenic NK activity and           hepatitises, auto-immune disorders and
tion. The aggregate formation correlated     serum IFN [IFN-(alpha+beta) and IFN-            Hashimoto thyroiditis. In addition, the
with a dramatic rise in ICAM-1 expression    gamma] titers are elevated by Ganoderma         extract showed great enhancement of
and an increased production of IFN-          tsugae mycelium extracts in mice.               steroid-drug effect in the treatment of
gamma, TNF alpha, and IL-1 beta, mol-        (Internet 6)                                    dermatitis. Due to steroid drug’s consid-
ecules associated with regulation of                                                         erable side effects, any herb which could
ICAM-1 expression. Both the aggregate        4.14. Chemical studies on immunologically       bring about a decrease in steroid dosage
formation and the proliferative effects      active polysaccharides of Ganoderma             is beneficial to patients. The anti-allergic
of LZ-8 were blocked by addition of          lucidum (Leyss. ex Fr.) Karst. BN3B, the        activity of Ganoderma lucidum extract
monoclonal antibody to either CD18 or        polysaccharide component of the fruit of        has been identified to be four triterpenes
CD11a, the counter-receptor complex          Ganoderma lucidum, has been shown to            ganoderic acids: A, B, C, and D (Kohda,
components for ICAM-1. Furthermore,          have immune activity. From BN3B four            Tokumoto, et al, 1985). (Tsung)
                                              was 90.5%. (Tsung)                           ganoderan C with molecular weight of
6. Antioxidant Activity                                                                    5800 and containing D-glucopyranosyl
                                              8.3. Antihepatotoxic Activity. Six           b(123) and b(126) linkages and a D-
Free radical reactions are believed to be     triterpenoid, ganoderic acids U, V, W,X,     galactopyranosyl b(126) linkage in the
the cause of various aging-associated         Y, and Z, isolated from Ganoderma            polysaccharide structure. (Tsung)
diseases. The anti-oxidant activity in the    lucidum have been found to have cyto-
body decreases with age. In order to keep     toxic activity in vitro on hepatoma cells    14.2. Kimura, et al, (1988) also showed
us younger for a happier and healthier        (Toth, Lu, et al, 1983). Hirotani, et al,    that the water extract of Ganoderma
life, we need an antioxidant substance to     (1986) also observed that ganoderic acids    lucidum reduces the blood glucose level in
suppress the aging process. GL extract        T, S, and R, isolated from Ganoderma         experiments with rats. (Tsung)
has been found to have an antioxidant         lucidum, have a strong antihepatotoxic
activity. (Tsung)                             activity. (Tsung)                            15. Dental Caries Preventive

7. Effect on the Respiratory System           9. Radiation Protection Effect               A primary cariogenic bacterium has been
                                                                                           identified as Streptococcus mutans
7.1. The GL extracts showed anti-asth-        Radiation protection can be obtained with    (Montville, Cooney and Sinskey, 1978;
matic effects during experiments with         administration of GL extract to mice prior   Hamada and Slade, 1980). Membrane-
guinea pigs’ 12-14)- The GL extracts also     to irradiation. (Tsung)                      bound or extracellular glucosetransferase
showed anti-histamine and anti-acetylcho-                                                  from Streptococcus mutans produces
line effects. (Tsung)                         10. Effect on Total Oxygen Consumption       water-soluble and water insoluble glucans
                                                                                           from sucrose. The glucans facilitate the
7.2. There was also a decrease of blood       The administration of GL to mice for 14      accumulation of microorganisms on smooth
cholinesterase activity in 29 chronic         days resulted in decrease of whole body      tooth surfaces and subsequently dental
bronchitis patients after treatment with      oxygen consumption (3). The result           caries is developed (Montville et al, 1778;
GL for 4 months. (Tsung)                      suggests that GL can help the body to        Hamada and Slade, 1980). Ganoderic acids
                                              have more endurance capability during        S 1 and C2, isolated from Ganoderma
7.3 Peritoneal injection of GL extract for    oxygen deficient conditions. (Tsung)         lucidum, have been identified to have
14 days resulted in an increase of cyclic                                                  inhibitory activity on glucosyltransferase
AMP in serum and heart muscles of             11. Effect on Adrenocortical Hormone         from Streptococcus mutans (Hada,
experimental rats (18) (Table 2 and 3).       Secretion                                    Hattori and Namba, 1989). The result
Cyclic AMP is a regulator of many meta-                                                    suggests that the anti-plaque activity of
bolic systems. GL extract also showed a       After administration of GL extract to        Ganoderma lucidum is due to ganoderic
stimulatory effect on the production of 2,    rabbits for a week, the serum cortisol       acids S 1 and C2 if not all. (Tsung)
3-Diphosphoglyceric acid in human             concentration was increase from 1.21 +
erythrocytes (27). This indicates that        0.2897 ug/100 ml to 3.47 + 0.548 ug/100      16. Comparative Polysaccharide
aerobic metabolism can be improved by         ml ( 18). The increment of cortisol          Bioavailability:
the use of GL extract. (Tsung)                secretion was about 2.9-fold in GL
                                              extract-treated rabbits. (Tsung)             It appears that Ganoderma polysaccha-
7.4. Two hundred and eighty-eight                                                          rides are better absorbed orally than
patients were treated with GL extract         12. Protective Effect on Burns               those from most other mushrooms. When
for 1-3 months. The effective rate was                                                     the edible mushroom Shitake (Lentinus)
88.2%. In 27 cases of pediatric bronchial     In burn experimentation mice, the            was provided to laboratory animals with
asthma, 23 patients showed that cough         survival rate of GL extract-treated mice     tumors, tumor regression could be
and asthmatic symptoms were gone after        was 40% in comparison to a 0% survivor       induced at a significant levels only when
one month of treatment with GL extract        rate in non-treated mice. (Tsung)            they were provided as 20-30% of the
injection. The effective rate was 85%. A                                                   diet. By contrast, Ganoderma seems to be
similar result was obtained when GL           13. Anti-microbial Effect                    highly effective at relatively low oral
extract was used to treat allergic asthma.                                                 dosages in both animals and humans.
(Tsung)                                       Water extract of GL has an antibacterial
                                              and anti-virus effect on pneumococcus,       Primary Combinations
8. Effect on the Liver                        streptococcus, staphylococcus and            Reishi is commonly consumed by itself. In
                                              influenza virus. Alcohol and acetone         addition it may be combined with other
8.1. GL extract showed anti-hepatotoxic       extract of GL also have an antibacterial     tonic herbs. Combine with:
activity with administration of the           effect on Escherichia coli Shigella
extract to mice with carbon tetrachlo-        dysenteriae, and Bacillus. (Tsung)           1. Astragalus to protect the body and to
ride-induced liver damage (3). An alcohol                                                  strengthen the immune system
extract of GL also stimulated regenera-       14. Hypoglycemic Effect
tion of liver cells after part of liver was                                                2. Zizyphus, Pearl, Asparagus Root and
removed by surgery. (Tsung)                   14.1 Blood Sugar Reducing Agent.             Polygonum Stem to build Spirit
                                              Ganoderans A and B, a glycans of Gano-
8.2. Twenty-one hepatitis patients were       derma lucidum, was shown to have blood       3. Cordyceps to tonify primal essence and
treated with GL extract. For nineteen         sugar reducing properties (Hikino, Konno,    to fortify immune functions
patients the major symptoms were gone         et al. 1985). Later the same group
within 10 days after GL extract treat-        demonstrated that ganoderan B has a          4. Schizandra to tonify and cleanse the
ment and the hepatitis marker enzyme          molecular weight of 7400 and contains D-     Liver and beautify the skin
serum glutamic-pyruvic tansaminase value      glucopyranosyl b(123) and b(126)) linkages
was returned to normal 45 days after the      in the polysaccharide structure (Tomoda,     5. Schizandra and Polygonatum Sibericum
GL extract treatment. The effective rate      Ganda, et al. 1986). They also isolated      to strengthen the mind
                                                 There are a few superior sources of hot        throughout Asia. Just as “we are what we
Varieties and Grading                            house Reishi available in America. These       eat,” a Reishi mushroom, too, is what it
Spirit Nung said that there are at least         are from folks that have obtained special      eats. Depending upon the kind of wood a
six varieties of Ganoderma. He noted red,        strains of Reishi from the Japanese            Reishi grows upon, the Reishi may be
purple, black, white, green and yellow.          scientists such as Yoshi, who first            powerful and medicinally marvelous, or it
Currently, one mainly finds red and black        developed the modern strains of Red            may be weak or even useless. The best
Reishi available in herb shops. Occasion-        Reishi. Then they are grown in superior        Reishi grows on certain kinds of old
ally, a purple Reishi can be obtained, but       media. These mushrooms tend to be large        hardwood trees that are indigenous to
usually not through normal channels.             and red and look like real Reishi mush-        certain regions of China. The Chinese have
Purple Reishi is extremely rare.                 rooms. They smell fresh and rich. When         made a very thorough study of this,
                                                 you break one open, they have a pulpy          including conducting years of pharmaco-
The Black Reishi, Ganoderma sinensis, is         interior that has a more subtle texture        logical studies on laboratory animals to
fairly commonly available and can be found       than the cheap cultivated varieties. These     determine which Reishi is the most
in most Chinese herb shops that carry            mushrooms can even be obtained in their        potent, based on what kind of wood it is
bulk herbs. The older it is, the larger it       mycelial state from some mushroom mail         grown on.
becomes. But old age is not necessarily a        order houses, in which case you can grow
virtue in Reishi. Reishi is at its best when     your own fresh Reishi mushrooms. This is       The appropriate Duan wood trees are cut
it is still fresh and moist inside, not when     a real treat that I recommend very             down and cut into short logs, usually about
it is old, dry and brittle. This species of      highly.                                        ten inches long. They are inoculated with
Ganoderma tends to be unevenly shaped                                                           Reishi spores that have been specially
and can measure up to ten inches in              Reishi Mycelium: The actual fungus is not      prepared to assure successful growth.
diameter, though about six inch diameters        in fact the mushroom that we associate         These logs are then planted in soil in
are more common. If its skin is still highly     with Reishi. The mycelium is a whitish         mountainous regions of China. In the
glossy, it is good enough to use.                blob that grows into a piece of wood or        spring, Reishi mushrooms shoot up
                                                 consumes some sort of nutrient until the       through the soil in great abundance.
This variety is considered inferior, though      nutrient is gone. At a certain time of         Gradually over the period of a few months
it is certainly still a fine herbal tonic. Its   year, the mycelium puts out its sexual         they mature. Growing Duan wood Reishi
polysaccharide content is low in compari-        apparatus, which is the mushroom that we       requires no pesticides or chemicals of any
son to the high quality red Reishis.             see projecting out of the ground. The          sort. In fact, chemicals ruin Reishi, so the
Though the black variety is wild, it lacks       function of the mushroom is to reproduce.      government forbids it. Farmers who try
potency and should be used only if higher        Reishi mycelium was not traditionally used     to use chemicals are not allowed to grow
quality Reishi is not available. The major-      as a tonic herb by the Chinese or Japa-        Reishi again. All Duan wood Reishi is
ity of Reishi products that claim to be          nese. However, it has recently been            tested. The farmers I have talked to say
using “wild” Reishi are using this black         discovered that the mycelium is very rich      they don’t ever use chemicals because
variety.                                         in the same polysaccharides that make          they are totally unnecessary. Therefore,
                                                 the mushroom an effective health               all Duan wood Reishi is totally organic.
Wild Red Reishi is rare, but not as rare as      product. In fact, the mycelium has been
Purple Reishi. This Reishi, which is the         found to contain much more polysaccha-         Eventually the mushrooms produce a thick
Reishi that Spirit Nong was talking about,       ride than the mushroom, since the              coating of spores. In June, one day in a
is much more potent and effective than           mycelium is much larger than the mush-         great unison, all the mushrooms release
the black variety. Red Reishi is Gano-           room. This has led to many people using        their spores into the air. It is at this
derma lucidum, the primary Reishi. It is         the mycelium in products. These products       moment that the Reishi is perfectly ripe
unlikely that you will find wild Red Reishi      usually do not include the mushroom, but       for harvesting. The farmers stay with the
for sale in herb shops in America, but           are simply ground mycelium. This has been      mushrooms day and night collecting them,
there are a few superior products                widely accepted in America, but is looked      and collecting the spores on plastic tarps
available which utilize these mountain-          upon with disdain in China and Japan.          that they spread out over the Reishi. I
collected mushrooms. The extraction              Specialists there point out that all the       have seen the farmers during this
yield from wild red Reishi tends to be           research has been done on the mushroom,        harvest, and they become completely
very low, so the extracted products tend         not the mycelium and that the virtually        brown as they are coated by spores. This
to be very potent. This is a sublime             miraculous health benefits of Reishi are       is perhaps the most joyous harvest I have
product. The Red Reishi commonly found           found primarily in the mushroom. The           ever witnessed. The farmers seem to be
in Chinese herb shops is not wild Red            mycelium is, to this day, not used in China    in some kind of ecstasy during this ritual.
Reishi — it is most likely hot house Reishi.     or Japan. Though the mycelium may be           The mushrooms are sun dried and ready
                                                 useful, it does not match the efficacy and     for consumption. A second, but smaller,
Hot house Reishi can be of good quality or       balance of the mushroom. They are not in       harvest takes place about two months
poor quality, but most of it is poor. Reishi     the same league. This is especially true       later.
can now be grown in hot houses in a              since virtually all mycelium is grown in hot
medium of saw dust and a nutrient such as        houses on less than optimum nutrients.         Duan wood Reishi is grown from a genetic
rice. Most Reishi products sold in America                                                      stock that was developed in Japan about
are of the hot house variety. In my              Duan Wood Reishi. The real deal, when it       twenty years ago by a Professor Yoshi.
opinion, most of this hot house Reishi is        comes to Reishi mushrooms, lies in the         The Japanese government supported Dr.
almost useless. These mushrooms tend to          domain of what is known as “Duan Wood”         Yoshi’s research to determine the most
be small and lumpy in appearance and             Reishi. Reishi that is grown on certain        powerful genetic line of Reishi after it
often grow irregularly. They are not really      specific varieties of wooden logs, without     was discovered that Reishi could cure a
red, but tend to be a light, dull brown.         any chemicals, in a pristine mountain          type of cancer that was prevalent in
They are inexpensive, but are worth              environment, is known as “Duan wood”           Japan at that time. Yoshi collected
almost nothing. Don’t waste your money.          Reishi. In nature, Reishi grows on a large     hundreds of samples of wild Red Reishi
                                                 variety of trees in mountain forests           from China and led a research team that
studied the pharmacological effects of       “elixir of life” to Asian herbalists. Spores   tale, “The White Snake,” wherein a
the various strains. The most potent         are just now becoming commercially             magical Reishi is stolen from the gods by
strain, the champion of Reishi genotypes     available in the West, albeit in small         a magical female being in order to save
from a health promoting and medicinal        quantities and only through special            the life of her human lover. The celestial
perspective, was then made available to      sources. The spores must be purified,          battle for the Reishi rivals the battles
Chinese farmers by contract with the         which is a difficult task because of their     portrayed in Homer’s Iliad and is a story
Chinese government. The farmers were         fineness. Traditionally, spores were           known by virtually every Chinese.
taught a new method of cultivating Duan      believed to not only provide Jing, but to
wood Reishi by these Japanese scientists.    be the most subtle aspect of the Reishi        In the 16th Century pharmacopoeia Ben
The Japanese subsequently bought all of      and thus to develop Spirit.                    Cao Gang Mu, which contains hundreds of
the Duan wood Reishi for use in Japan.                                                      natural medicines the Chinese have used
Only recently has a small amount of this     History                                        for thousands of years, compiler Li Shi
extraordinary Reishi become available        Ganoderma was first described more than        Chen described the uses of Reishi. “It
outside of China.                            2400 hundred years ago during the Shu          benefits the life energy, or Qi of the
                                             Dynasty. The first detailed description        heart, repairing the chest area and
Duan wood Reishi is more than twice as       was written in Spirit Nong’s Herbal,           benefiting those with a knotted and tight
potent as any other variety of Reishi        attributed to the legendary herbalist-         chest.” He wrote that it also increases
mushroom available anywhere, with the        emperor Spirit Nong (Han Dynasty, 206          intellectual capacity and banishes forget-
possible exception of some wild Red or       B.C.~ 8 AD). Reishi was classified by          fulness. “Taken over a long period of time,
wild Purple Reishi. The Chinese and          Spirit Nong as a superior herb that may        agility of the body will not cease, and the
Japanese make extracts of it for injec-      be taken continuously without side             years are lengthened to those of the
tion and use it as a treatment for various   effects. A “superior herb” was defined as      Immortal Fairies.”
forms of cancer. They also use it to treat   a substance that serves to maintain life,
hepatitis, arthritis and other immunologi-   causes no side effects by continuous use,      Reishi can be seen depicted everywhere in
cal dysfunction’s. It is also sold as a      and promotes radiant health and long life      Asian art, architecture and design.
premium, and rather expensive, tonic for     by helping to harmonize the functions of       Paintings, embroideries, buildings, sculp-
domestic use in China and Japan, and more    the body, mind and spirit.                     ture and carvings of the gods and immor-
recently in America. Research revealed                                                      tals virtually always included Reishi as a
the exact moment to harvest the Reishi       Spirit Nong said of Reishi that “if eaten      symbol of the divine, as a symbol of
to maximize the quantity and potency of      customarily, it makes your body light and      longevity and good luck. Reishi was a
the active constituents. These Reishi,       young, lengthens your life and turns you       favorite ornamental design feature of the
however, should be used within one year      into one like the immortal (a Taoist           royalty and the wealthy, sometimes as
of harvest or they lose much of their        hermetic adept) who never dies.”               much for good luck as for its actual
potency.                                                                                    health benefits. Depiction’s of Reishi are
                                             Specifically, regarding Red Reishi (which      seen everywhere in the Forbidden City
Wild Purple Reishi. These wild mushrooms     is the variety that is prevalent today),       and the Summer Palace in Beijing, a
grow in the Chang Bai Mountains, north of    Spirit Nong said:                              testimony to how highly valued it was
North Korea in Jilin province. They are                                                     everywhere in Chinese society throughout
extremely rare. They are beautiful           “The taste is bitter, its atmospheric          history. Even the traditional scepter of
specimens. They are not entirely purple.     energy is neutral, it has no toxicity, it      the emperors of China was a stylized
They have both red and purple elements.      cures (removes) the accumulation of            Reishi, called a Ru Yi. Undoubtedly, the
In fact they look like red Reishi at first   pathogenic factors in the chest, it is good    first scepter was indeed a real Reishi.
glance, but upon examination they have a     for the Qi (functional activities) of the      There is a display in the Summer Palace
significant purple coloration in the heart   heart including mental activities, it          of the history of the imperial scepter. It
of the mushroom cap. These are revered       tonifies the Spleen, increases wisdom,         displays scepters back to deep antiquity,
in much the same way as wild Chang Bai       improves memory so that you won’t              and sure enough the earliest existent
Mountain Ginseng. Many people believe        forget, long-term consumption will lighten     scepters were precise wooden copies of a
that Reishi originated in the Chang Bai      your body, you will never become old, it       Reishi mushroom. Traditionally in China,
Mountains and that Purple Wild Reishi is     lengthens years, it has spiritual power,       Ganoderma was considered to be among
the great ancestor of all Reishi. It is a    and it develops Spirit so that you become      the most valuable possessions a new bride
Purple Wild Reishi upon which the White      a “spirit-being” like the immortals.”          could bring into a marriage because of its
Snake legend was based. It is considered                                                    many benefits.
to be the ultimate Spirit tonic.             The first Emperor of the Chin Dynasty,
                                             sometime around 214 BC heard rumor that        Rhodiola
Reishi spores have recently become a         the “herb of immortality,” which was           Products Featuring This Herb:
major source of interest in China and        considered to be one and the same as           Supreme Spirit Drops
Japan. Reishi spores contains huge           Ganoderma, grew abundantly in the              Ron Teeguarden’s Super Pill
quantities of polysaccharides and other      “Eastern Paradise.” The Emperor sent 500       Young at Heart
ingredients which strengthen the immune      men and 500 women (the women being             Golden Air
system. The spores are now being used to     selected for their beauty), by ship to find    Diamond Mind
treat liver and stomach cancer in China.     this mystical island and its magical herb.     Tao in a Bottle
As a health tonic, it is believed that the   The party never returned, but legend           Super Adaptogen
spores are even more potent that the         asserts they landed in Japan and colo-         CardioPro 2000
mushroom cap itself. The spores, being       nized the island.
seed, are believed to contain an abun-                                                      Other Common Names
dance of Jing and are, therefore, consid-    Reishi was further immortalized as the         Rhodiola Root
ered to be an anti-aging substance. The      ultimate healing substance and spiritual
spores are considered to be the virtual      herb of China in the classic Chinese fairy     Pharmaceutical Latin
Radix Rhodiola sacra or R. crenulata                                                          for adapting to stressful conditions and
                                              Evidence has shown that Tibetan Rhodiola        adjust physiological functions for resto-
Pinyin                                        is in many ways more powerful than              ration. It has double-direction adjusting
hong jing tian                                Ginseng. It is a superb herb for people         effects on the nervous system and
                                              who work very hard, either physically or        endocrine system, and possesses many
Treasures                                     mentally. Tibetan Rhodiola has been shown       kinds of physiologically active components
Jing, Qi and Spirit                           to improve endurance and mental capacity,       which studies have shown have
                                              including memory enhancement. It has            anticarcinogenic, antiviral, and antimicro-
Treasure Rating                               been shown to be a superb tonic and             bial activity.
*****                                         energizer for those into physical fitness,
                                              and a superior tonic for those stuck            Primary Combinations
Atmospheric Energy                            behind a desk or at a computer terminal         1. Schizandra, Ginkgo, Polygonatum and
Slightly warm                                 for long periods of time. Consumption of a      Acanthopanax for increased mental
                                              small amount of Rhodiola extract signifi-       power, better memory and improved
Taste                                         cantly improves a person’s capacity to          creativity
Astringent                                    absorb and utilize oxygen.
                                                                                              2. Salvia, Ligusticum, Crataegus leaf
Organ Meridian Systems                        Tibetan Rhodiola is especially beneficial       extract standardized, Panax
Heart, Kidney, Liver, Spleen, Lung            to those who live under stressful condi-        Pseudoginseng, Ligusticum, Dang Gui,
                                              tions. It has been proven that Tibetan          Astragalus to benefit the cardiovascular
Part Used and Form                            Rhodiola reduces the body’s stress              system
Primarily the root, but to some degree        reactions, and thus relieves mental stress
the stem may be included                      as well. People stay focused and suffer         3. Wild Ginseng, Wild Reishi, Spirit Poria,
                                              far less from fatigue even under severe         Wild Asparagus, Wild Ophiopogon,
Primary Functions                             stress. It is the ideal herbal supplement       Steamed Rehmannia, Wild Polygala to
Rhodiola is nourishing to the lungs and       for the modern world.                           benefit the psyche and tonify Spirit
respiratory functions, it is antipyretic,
and vitalizing. It was said by “Supernatu-    Tibetan Rhodiola has been found to be           4. Siberian Ginseng, Gynostemma, Ginseng
ral Peasant’s Materia Medica Classics”        extremely beneficial to the cardiovascu-        Root, Astragalus, Lycium, Schizandra to
that “Rhodiola will make the body light       lar system, and has been found to prevent       tonify Qi and as an adaptogenic.
and relaxed, and will make the eyes           heart disease, the number one cause of
bright.” As a tonic, it strongly increases    death in the United States. It is also a        Varieties and Grading
vitality. It is good for strengthening the    powerful immune modulator, building the         Rhodiola sacra and Rhodiola crenulata are
body and mind, resisting fatigue, resisting   immune system into a well tuned fighting        from Tibet and are considered in the
a lack of oxygen and excessive radiation,     machine.                                        Orient to be the most powerful varieties
and for prolonging life. It is especially                                                     of Rhodiola in the world. Rhodiola rosea
well known for increasing the intelligence    Tibetan Rhodiola also is being used as a        from Europe and Russia is also beneficial
of those who consume it regularly. It is      powerful and safe antidepressant. It is         but is not as potent as the Tibetan
used as cardiovascular tonic, and to          believed to be more powerful than St.           varieties.
promote the regulation of blood sugar.        John’s Wort, currently the world’s
                                              number one selling natural antidepressant       Contraindications
Qualities                                     substance.                                      Rhodiola is very safe.
Tibetan Rhodiola is an extraordinary
herb, now available outside of Asia for       And Tibetan Rhodiola is a very safe, non-       Royal Jelly
the first time at Ron Teeguarden’s Herb       toxic herbal nutrient. It may be consumed       Products Featuring This Herb:
Garden. It is a relatively rare substance     daily as a tonic and health maintaining         Magu’s Treasure
that grows in one of the harshest envi-       supplement.
ronments in the world. In the Orient, it is                                                   Other Common Names
called “Plateau Ginseng,” and the Tibetans    Scientific Data                                 Royal Jelly
considered Rhodiola to be a sacred herb.      Rhodiola’s root and stem are mainly used
It has been used by the Tibetan people as     for medicine or as a precious tonic.            Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
a powerful adaptogenic vitalizer and as a     However, the whole plant body can also be       Tonic Herbs
substantial medicinal agent since the         used for the same purpose. The major            219
beginning of Tibetan civilization. Rhodiola   effective contents are Salidroside
has also been prized by the Chinese and       (C14H20O9), Tyrosot (C8H10O2), P-               Pinyin
was very positively reviewed in the first     Sitosterol, Ethyl Gallate, Gallic Acid,         Feng Wang Jiang
Chinese herbal classic over two thousand      flavones, phenol compounds, 35 kinds of
years ago. It was regarded as a life-         biologically active trace elements (i.e., Fe,   Treasures
prolonging, wisdom enhancing “superior        Al, Zn, Ag, Co, Cd, Ti, Mo, Mn, etc.), as
herb.” However, the rarity of Tibetan         well as volatile oil. Rhodiola crenulata also   Treasure Rating
Rhodiola has prevented it from becoming       contains 18 amino acids which are needed        ****1/2
a well-known commodity outside of Asia        by the human body, 7 of which cannot be
until now. This incredible herb was used      produced by the body. Such a spectrum of        Atmospheric Energy
by the Tibetan monks to enhance their         bio-nutrients is seldom seen in any other
inner spiritual power, the power of           natural plant.                                  Qualities
concentration and physical endurance. It                                                      A natural food substance produced by
has undoubtedly played a major role in the    Salidroside, Tyrosot and Sitosterol mainly      worker bees for their queen. This incred-
development of Tibetan culture.               enhance the resistance of the human body        ibly nutritious whole food is rich in a very
broad spectrum of important vitamins,          Other Common Names
minerals and other substances essential        Salvia                                        It is one of the primary herbs used to
to radiant health. Royal Jelly is popular                                                    treat hot skin diseases, including acne and
natural food substance produced by             Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       boils. Such sores are hot (they are
worker bees for their queen. This incred-      Tonic Herbs                                   inflamed and red) and stagnant. Salvia is
ibly nutritious whole food is rich in a very   218                                           used to clear them out and cool the area
broad spectrum of important vitamins,                                                        down. Salvia can be used with Dong Gui,
minerals and other substances essential        Pharmaceutical Latin                          Pearl, White Peony, and Scute to help
to radiant health. Royal Jelly is believed     Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae                   clear the skin.
to be an important beauty aid and is said
to beautify the skin, eyes and hair. It is     Pinyin                                        It is also extremely valuable for treating
available in many commercially prepared        Dan Spirit                                    menstrual problems, including irregular,
products or can be obtained fresh,                                                           absent or painful menstruation. For this
straight from the hive. It is often            Treasures                                     purpose it would be combined with some
combined with super-tonic herbs such as        None                                          of the following herbs: Dong Gui, Ligusti-
Ginseng, Dang Gui and Schizandra.                                                            cum, Carthamus, Moutan, Red Peony,
                                               Treasure Rating                               Achyranthes and White Peony.
Rubus Fruit                                    *
Rubus Fruit is an excellent astringent                                                       Schizandra
herb. It also has antioxidant activity.        Atmospheric Energy                            Description
                                               Cool                                          Spray dried concentrated powder in
Products Featuring This Herb:                                                                capsules. This is made from wild Schizan-
Microcosmic Orbit                              Organ Meridian Systems                        dra and is highly concentrated. It doesn’t
Imperial Garden                                Heart, Pericardium, Liver                     get any better than this.

Other Common Names                             Primary Functions:                            Primary Traditional Functions
Fructus Rubi                                   1. Circulation enhancer.                      Tonifies all three treasures (Jing, Qi and
                                                                                             Spirit), tonifies and regulates all five
Pharmaceutical Latin                           2. To dispel heat.                            elements, tonifies and regulates all twelve
Rubi, Fructus                                                                                organ-meridian systems. Astringent.
                                               3. To remove blood stagnation or blood        Improves memory.
Pinyin                                         stasis accompanied by heat.
Fu Pen Zi                                                                                    Typical Usage
                                               4. Affects the Heart function.                2 or 3 capsules, 2 or 3 times per day
                                               5. Treats hot skin diseases.                  Note
Treasure Rating                                                                              The herb that does almost everything.
                                               6. Treats menstrual problems.                 Schizandra develops the primary energies
Atmospheric Energy                                                                           of life and is thus of great use to any one
Slightly Warm                                  Qualities                                     who consumes it. Schizandra generates
                                               Salvia is not a tonic herb because it does    vitality and radiant beauty when used
Taste                                          not nourish any of the three treasures.       regularly for some time. It is a safe and
Sweet, Astringent,                             However, it is a very important herb in       powerful tonic herb which is mildly
                                               the tonic health system because of its        calming and possessing pain-alleviating
Organ Meridian Systems                         critical adjunctive role as a circulation     properties. Schizandra develops the
Liver, Kidney                                  enhancer. Salvia has the capacity to          primary energies of life and is thus of
                                               activate blood circulation and to dispel      great use to any one who consumes it.
Primary Functions                              blood stasis, or blood congestion. It is      Schizandra generates vitality and radiant
Astringent                                     used in much the same manner as raw           beauty when used regularly for some time.
                                               Notoginseng, except that Salvia is a          It is a safe and powerful tonic herb which
                                               cooling herb which can dispel heat. As a      is mildly calming and possessing pain-
Salvia                                         cooling herb, it can be used to treat
Salvia is a “blood vitalizing” herb used to                                                  alleviating properties. If used for 100
                                               problems where there is blood stagnation      days successively, Schizandra is said to
improve circulation. Recent research in        (areas where blood flow is sluggish) or
China and Japan indicates that this herb                                                     purify the blood, sharpen the mind,
                                               blood stasis (areas where blood flow is       improve memory, rejuvenate the Kidney
can improve the condition and functioning      entirely blocked or impeded) accompanied
of the cardiovascular system. It is a                                                        energy (especially the sexual energy and
                                               by heat, as is the case in heart disease      functions in both men and women), and
famed longevity herb.                          and skin eruptions. Salvia has a bitter       cause the skin to become radiantly
                                               taste and affects the Heart function.         beautiful.
Products Featuring This Herb:
Young at Heart                                 It is the perhaps the primary herb now
Cardiovascular Protector                                                                     The very name of Schizandra in Chinese
                                               used in Chinese herbalism used to prevent     tells us a great deal about the qualities of
Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination               and treat heart disease, including angina
Salviq                                                                                       this herb. Wu Wei Zi means “Five Taste
                                               pectoris. Salvia can be combined with         Fruit.” Due to the fact that Schizandra
Gecko Rockclimber                              Ligusticum and Notoginseng to improve
Hair and Nails                                                                               possesses all five of the classical “tastes”
                                               circulation in the myocardium, or it can be   (sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty) and
Pearl Spirit                                   used alone. It is now believed in China to    thus possesses the essence of all five of
                                               have preventive action.                       the elemental energies (wood, fire, earth,
metal and water), Schizandra is respected     dra, the skin tends to hold its moisture       ing for Schizandra in Northern China, I
as a health-providing tonic in the same       and becomes full and beautiful. It has         have always found that Schizandra tends
class with Ginseng and Ganoderma.             always been very popular with the wealthy      to grow in relatively inaccessible areas,
                                              men and women of China because of its          often near cliffs and streams. It is almost
The Taoists especially revered Schizan-       youth preserving and rejuvenating              impossible to cultivate Schizandra and
dra. Schizandra was my teacher’s, Sung        effects. It is said that those who use         very few farmers try. However, wild
Jin Park’s, favorite herb. This is because    Schizandra consistently will remain            Schizandra is not overly abundant and the
Schizandra contains all five elemental        youthful in both appearance and physiol-       end users should appreciate the difficulty
energies in abundance, contains all three     ogy. I have seen the benefits of this herb     that collectors experience in collecting it.
treasures in abundance, and enters all        with my own eyes hundreds of times in my
twelve meridians. Master Park considered      life. People who start taking Schizandra       High quality Schizandra, as we see it in
it to be the quintessential herbal sub-       regularly all change for the better. Their     American herb shops, is dried and dark
stance.                                       skin virtually glows and becomes clear and     purple with some pinkish tone left.
                                              fine after several months.                     Freshly dried Schizandra has a luster and
Though Schizandra is believed to benefit                                                     the flesh is still plump and tender. If the
all the functions of the body, its has        This herb is considered to be one of the       fruit is dark black, brown or has white
traditionally been considered to have the     premium mind tonics of herbalism. It is        patches everywhere, it is probably too old
most influence on the Kidney, Lung and        used to sharpen concentration, improve         to be fully useful. Freshly dried Schizan-
Liver functions.                              memory and increase alertness. Yet,            dra still has a very pleasant sweet-sour
                                              unlike caffeine-like stimulants, Schizan-      aroma. With experience you will be able to
Schizandra is said to increase the Water      dra does not produce nervousness. In           select premium Schizandra with your eyes
Qi in the Kidney. In particular, it is said   fact, some people consider Schizandra          closed. The fruit has a wonderful flavor
to vastly increase the “water of the          mildly “calming” while producing wakeful-      and fresh Schizandra has a smoother,
genital organs,” referring to the sexual      ness and improved focus.                       sweeter fragrance. Be careful to select
fluids. Schizandra is said to promote the                                                    good Schizandra. Schizandra is often
production of semen. It is famous for its     Schizandra is one of the primary cleans-       stored for years before it is sold in herb
ability to relieve sexual fatigue and for     ing tonic herbs used in Chinese herbalism.     shops. I have seen Schizandra that is
increasing the sexual staying-power in        Schizandra stands along with Reishi as         barely recognizable. It was shriveled,
men. It is thus an ingredient in the vast     the primary liver cleansing agents used in     black and lifeless. This Schizandra would
majority of men’s sexual tonics in Asian      tonic programs. Schizandra does not have       be herbally useless. Keep the Schizandra
herbalism.                                    the side effects that are associated with      in a well-closed container in a dark closet,
                                              many of the “medicinal,” or “inferior” liver   or better yet, refrigerate it. When you
Women benefit from the same capacity to       cleansing herbs. It is believed that by        find great Schizandra, stock up — it is
increase Water Qi of the Kidney. Schi-        taking Schizandra regularly, it is possible    the quintessence of everything good
zandra is said to increase circulation and    to rid the body of toxins before they          about tonic herbalism.
sensitivity in the female genitals. Many      have a chance to do serious damage.
women claim increased genital warmth and      Schizandra, especially alcohol extracts,       Scientific Knowledge: The fruit of
sensation after using Schizandra for a        are widely believed to protect the liver       Schizandra chinensis contains numerous
period of time. The Chinese sexual            from damage due to poisons, as well as         lignin’s, schizandrins A, B and C,
classics claim that continuous use by a       the by-products of living.                     deoxyschizandrin, g-schizandrin, pseudo-
woman will increase the amount of “female                                                    g-schizandrin, schizandrol and Schizandra
elixir,” a euphemism for vaginal secre-       Schizandra is among the most popular           esters. Fructus Schizandra contains
tions, during intercourse. On the other       tonic herbs in Asia and is frequently          approximately 3% volatile oil. It also
hand, Schizandra is used clinically to help   pictured in ancient art as a symbol of         contains vitamins C and E, citral, b-
counteract vaginal discharge.                 longevity, and even the ability to attain      sitosterol and citric acid.
For both men and women, Schizandra is                                                        Schizandra is considered to be one of the
considered to have “aphrodisiac” qualities,   Varieties and Grading:                         premier adaptogens. Just like Ginseng,
especially when combined with other           There are two varieties of Schizandra:         Acanthopanax and Gynostemma, Schizan-
Kidney tonifying herbs like Lycium,           Northern and Southern. Northern                dra increases resistance of the body and
Cistanche, Deer Antler, Epimedium, etc.       Schizandra is generally considered to be       mind against nonspecific stimuli. It can
Furthermore, Schizandra is one of the         superior to the southern variety. It is        protect the body from damage due to
most important astringent herbs used in       stronger tasting and more potent. The          extreme or chronic stress. In particular,
Chinese herbalism. An astringent herb         skin and meat of the Schizandra fruit are      it can protect the adrenals and prevent
conserves fluids, and in the case of          sweet and sour, the core is pungent and        atrophy due to extreme stress.
Schizandra, it tends to contain sexual        bitter, the whole fruit salty. Virtually all
fluids until the appropriate time of          Schizandra is collected wild in the            Schizandra has been demonstrated in
release. Thus, consuming Schizandra for a     mountains and hills away from cities and       laboratory animals and in humans to have
period of time, one tends to build up         industrial areas. Dragon Herbs uses only       a stimulant action on the central nervous
sexual fluids. Schizandra is used in sexual   northern Schizandra collected in the           system. The herb works directly on the
formulations to prevent premature             pristine Chang Bai Mountains of north-         nervous tissue. Many studies now indicate
ejaculation and to help promote incredible    eastern China.                                 that Schizandra actually has a powerful
endurance.                                                                                   balancing, or regulating, action on the
                                              The fruit, which is mature in the fall, is a   central nervous system. It can result in
Schizandra is widely used to beautify the     beautiful, radiant violet-red. The plant       accurate and optimal balancing between
skin and to protect the skin from the         grows by entwining itself around short         the excitatory and inhibitory control
damaging effects of the sun and wind.         trees in dense areas where forest and          functions of the cerebral cortex.
Due to the astringent quality of Schizan-     grassland meet. In my experience search-
It has been demonstrated that human             humans, comparable to similar effects         Signathus, or Sea Dragon, is an extremely
intellectual activity can be enhanced and       well established for Panax Ginseng,           powerful Yang tonic. It provides signifi-
work efficiency increased by consuming          Astragalus and Ganoderma.                     cant Yang to the Kidney, which results in
Schizandra. Various tests have shown                                                          sexual power. It is mainly used to increase
that moderate therapeutic doses of              Fructus Schizandra is an ingredient in an     sexual strength. It is used as a primary
Schizandra can improve various activities       extremely important tonic preparation         herb in many Yang tonic preparations
requiring concentration, fine coordination,     called Formula for Restoring the Pulse,       aimed at keeping older men in peak sexual
sensitivity and endurance. The tests in         which consists of Panax Ginseng,              condition, and even by younger men to
humans confirming Schizandra’s efficacy         Ophiopogon root and Schizandra fruit.         maximize potential.
in these areas range from threading             This formula has been broadly studied in
needles to running marathons.                   China as an example of how tonic formula-     Preparation and Utilization
                                                tions work and because it is very widely      Sea Dragon, be it Sygnathus or
Human studies have also shown that              used in Chinese hospitals. Experiments        Solenognathus, may be used with any
Schizandra can improve vision, even             have shown that this formula has the          other tonic herbs. It is commonly com-
enlarging the field of vision, and can          effect of dilating blood vessels, increas-    bined with Kidney tonics, both Yin and
improve hearing. It also improves the           ing the coronary blood flow, enhancing the    Yang.
discrimination ability of the skin recep-       anoxic tolerance, and reducing toxicity of
tors. It has been determined that this          toxins to the body. It is effective for       Primary Combinations
increased sensitivity is due to improved        cardiac shock, acute myocardial infarction    Combine with:
function of the central nervous system’s        and myocarditis, and is tonifying to the      1. Deer Antler, Sea Horse, Gecko, Gin-
ability to analyze data flowing to it from      heart and effective at raising blood          seng, Lycium, Schizandra, Cuscuta,
the peripheral sensors.                         pressure in patients with low blood           Cynomorium, Morinda, etc. to tonify the
                                                pressure.                                     sexual organs
Schizandra has been shown to have
significant respiratory-strengthening                                                         2. With Jujube and Cordyceps for
capacity. It can cause the breathing to be      Sea Dragon                                    scorfula and goiter
both deeper and more powerful. Schizan-         Products Featuring This Herb:
dra also has significant expectorant and        Super Yang Jing Drops                         3. With Gelatinum Asini to tonify the Yin
antitussive action.
                                                Other Common Names                            Varieties and Grading
Fructus Schizandra has been shown to            Signathus , Sea Dragon, Pipe Fish             Common Sygnathus is about 5 to 6 inches
have significant hepatic protective                                                           long. So long as they look like they are in
effects. It can promote the regeneration        Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese       good shape, they will do the job. There is
of liver tissue, protein synthesis, and         Tonic Herbs                                   another version of Sea Dragon that can
nucleic acid synthesis. It is believed that     212                                           occasionally be found in Chinese herb
the protective action of Schizandra is                                                        shops that is even better. These larger
partly due to its ability to promote the        Pharmaceutical Latin                          Sea Dragons are actually Solenognathus
regeneration of mitochondria in hepatic         Sygnathoides biaculeatus                      hardwickii (Gray), a close relative of
cells. Also, it can improve the function of     Zoological Names: Solenognathus               Sygnathus. Solenognathus is always
the cell membrane, lowering its perme-          hardwickii, Syngnathoides biaculeatus,        considered premium and is much more
ability which, in turn, minimizes enzyme        Syngnathus acus L.                            expensive. They provide absolutely
leakage into the blood stream.                                                                awesome Kidney Yang power. Solegnathus
                                                Pinyin                                        gets a five-star rating. Sea Dragon is a
It can reduce elevated 0 in patients with       Hai Long                                      close relative of Sea Horse. Sea Horse
chronic hepatitis. In a clinical study                                                        has almost identical functions, but is
conducted in China, more than 5000              Treasures                                     generally not quite as strong as
people suffering from various types of          Yang                                          Sygnathus.
hepatitis were given Schizandra and the
results were very good. The aggregate           Treasure Rating                               Contraindications
effective rate was 84-97.9%. 0 was              ****                                          Men, do not use if you are mateless.
normalized in about 75% of the cases.                                                         Women should use this herb only in very
                                                Atmospheric Energy                            small quantities and only for short periods
In another clinical study, Schizandra was       warm                                          of time. Do not use when experiencing
proved to be very effective in treating                                                       pathogenic fire (e.g., the flu, a herpes
various neurotic symptoms, including            Part Used and Form                            outbreak, etc.). It is best not to use Sea
insomnia, headache, dizziness, blurred          whole dried fish                              Dragon during pregnancy.
vision, palpitations and nocturnal emission.
It has even been used in cases of psycho-       Primary Functions                             Sea Horse
sis, with symptoms of hallucination,            Yang tonic, sexual tonic                      Other Common Names
paranoia and neurosis, with good results.                                                     Sea Horse
Schizandra chinensis has been found to          This variety of fish, known as Sea Dragon     Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
induce the production in human beings of        is a close relative of the Sea Horse. It is   Tonic Herbs
g-interferon. It contains shizandrin,           an extremely yang and powerful Essence        212
schizandrol, volatile oil, chamigrenal, malic   tonic, reputed in China to have “aphrodi-
acid citric acid, tartaric acid, Vitamin C,     siac” qualities. Large, wild Sea Dragons      Pharmaceutical Latin
etc. Extracts of Schizandra have been           are rare and highly prized. The larger the    Hippocampus
shown to induce non-specific resistance in      Sea Dragon, the more potent its energy.
Pinyin                                        small quantities and only for short periods   physical and mental performance, endur-
Hai Ma                                        of time. Do not use when experiencing         ance and adaptability.
                                              pathogenic fire (e.g., the flu, a herpes
Treasures                                     outbreak, etc.). It is best not to use Sea    It has been demonstrated that Acantho-
Yang Jing                                     Horse during pregnancy.                       panax has an anabolic action which can
                                                                                            result in an increase in lean body weight.
Treasure Rating                               Shitake Mushroom                              Acanthopanax, however, differs from the
****                                          Pharmaceutical Latin                          steroid anabolic hormones. It does not
                                              Lentinus edodes                               have a masculinizing effect.
Atmospheric Energy
warm                                          Pinyin                                        Acanthopanax is highly effective in
                                              xiang gu                                      treating and preventing altitude sickness.
Part Used and Form
Whole dried fish                              Treasures                                     History:
                                              Qi                                            Acanthopanax senticosus (the Latin name
Primary Functions                                                                           for Siberian Ginseng) has been used in
Provides Yang to the Kidney, aphrodisiac      Treasure Rating                               China for over 2,000 years. It is believed
                                              ****                                          to have been first described in the Spirit
Qualities                                     Atmospheric Energy                            Nong Ben Cao where the Spirit Farmer
This is a species of Sea Horse This                                                         graded it a general herb and described it
variety of fish is a close relative of the    Qualities                                     as being useful for promoting energy and
Sea Dragon. It is an extremely yang and       This edible mushroom has been prized for      curing rheumatism. Later, Li Shih Chen, in
powerful Kidney tonic, reputed in China to    its tonic and therapeutic value for           his great Catalog of Medicinal Herbs,
have “aphrodisiac” qualities. Large, wild     thousands of years. It is used to reduce      upgraded it to a superior herb, indicating
Sea Horses are highly prized. The larger      cholesterol and to fortify the immune         he believed that Acanthopanax is a
the Sea Horse, the more potent its            system. Shitake contains polysaccharides,     primarily tonic, with an anti-aging nature
energy.                                       including the all-important Beta-1,3-D-       rather than a medicinal effect. He
                                              glucan, which powerfully activates the        describes it as follows: “Its action is to
Sea Horse is considered to be a powerful      human immune system. It has been shown        invigorate physical energy, regulate vigor,
sex tonic. It is very similar to Sea          to have antiviral, antibacterial, anti-       strengthen the skeleton and tendons and
Dragon, but is slightly weaker. It provides   parasitic and liver protective qualities.     increase one’s ambition. If administered
Yang to the Kidney and has a reputation       Scientific research has demonstrated          over a long period of time, it can delay
as an aphrodisiac. It is used in a wide       that Shitake has significant antitumor        weakness and aging. Indications for its
variety of men’s tonic formulations to        effects. Shitake has also been shown to       use include sexual debility, overly-
build sexual strength. It is quite effec-     have cardiovascular benefits, including       frequent urination, lumbago (low-back
tive.                                         the ability to lower blood pressure.          pain), rheumatic pain in the legs and
                                              Shitake helps lower elevated sugar levels     weakness of vigor and vitality.”
Preparation and Utilization                   and promotes urination.
Sea Horse may be used with any other                                                        Historically, there has been some confu-
tonic herbs, but it is most commonly                                                        sion as to which species is really the tonic
combined with Kidney tonics, both Yin and
                                              Siberian Ginseng                              and which are more medicinal. Studies
Yang. You can make a tea of it, or you can    Description                                   done in the Soviet Union and in China
grind it into powder and add it to cap-       Mild tasting, yet potent in effect, our       clearly identified the correct species
sules. Also, Sea Horse is commonly            Siberian Ginseng is made from wild roots.     during the 1960’s. Acanthopanax, re-
extracted, with other tonics, in alcohol to   An 8:1 concentrate.                           ferred to as Eleutherococcus in Soviet
make a tonic jiu.                                                                           sources, has become one of the most
                                              Primary Traditional Functions                 popular and widely respected herbal
Primary Combinations                          Tonifies Qi, adaptogen, immune modulat-       tonics in the world.
Combine with:                                 ing
                                                                                            According to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.
1. Deer Antler, Sea Dragon, Gecko,            Typical Usage                                 Acanthopanax is used for: hypofunction
Ginseng, Lycium, Schizandra, Cuscuta,         1 or 2 squeezes of the dropper (~35 70        of the Spleen and the Kidney marked by
Cynomorium, Morinda, etc. as a Kidney         drops), 13 times per day, or as desired       general weakness, lassitude, anorexia,
yang tonic and to tonify the sexual                                                         aching of the loins and knees; insomnia
functions                                     Recognized the world over as one of the       and dream-disturbed sleep.
                                              ultimate adaptogenic agents, Siberian
Varieties and Grading                         Ginseng, also known as Acanthopanax and       Qualities Attributed to the Root:
Larger Sea Horses are better. Some-           Eleutherococcus, helps provide long term      The herb has developed a major reputa-
times, very large Sea Horses are available    energy and the ability to cope with a         tion as a premier supplement for those
and these tend to have strong aphrodisiac     world of stress.                              who require additional physical strength
power. If they still smell like the sea,                                                    or who suffer as a result of low resis-
they are fresh. That is usually better so     Siberian Ginseng is especially popular        tance to the side effects of extreme
long as they are well dried and in good       among athletes or physical workers who        exertion. It aids in the recovery from
condition.                                    require substantial sources of adaptive       hard exercise, as well as from extreme
                                              energy and endurance, such as long            mental exertion. It is now routinely used
Contraindications                             distance runners, rock climbers, bicy-        by people required to engage in high
Men, do not use if you are mateless.          clists, scuba divers, dancers, tennis         stress, high energy-demanding activities
Women should use this herb only in very       players and by others seeking to enhance      such as high altitude flying, long-distance
sailing, working in high or low temperature
environments or in deep water. Acantho-       Acanthopanax increases respiratory            In addition to this, Acanthopanax has
panax is used by all Russian cosmonauts.      power by improving the ability of the         been shown to improve mental alertness
The use of the extract of this herb in        body to absorb and efficiently use            and work output. Numerous studies have
these endeavors has been reported to          oxygen. For this reason, Russian cosmo-       demonstrated that Acanthopanax has the
increase physical strength, sharpen           nauts use it during space travel. Mountain    ability to enhance sensorial perception,
concentration, improve various param-         climbers who scale peaks where oxygen         improving visual acuity and night vision,
eters of mental power, increase visual        becomes scarce commonly use Acantho-          heightening auditory awareness, all while
acuity, improve color vision and to pro-      panax to reduce the stress on the body        protecting the eyes and hearing apparatus
mote healing power.                           caused by the adverse conditions, and to      from damage due to excess stimulation.
                                              absorb oxygen more efficiently. For the       In addition, considerable research and
Acanthopanax has been used regularly as       same reasons, any one engaged in hard         clinical evidence has demonstrated that
a tonic by the people of far northern         physical activity will benefit from the       Acanthopanax is a powerful immune
China for over two thousand years, but        consumption of Siberian Ginseng. It is a      modulator. It helps to build resistance to
was not used widely in the full Chinese       superb athlete’s tonic, especially for        infectious disease and can prevent auto
system until the latter half of this          athletes who rely on respiratory endur-       immune reactions. Studies have shown
century when phyto-biologists in the          ance.                                         that Acanthopanax is especially useful in
Soviet Union discovered that this herb,                                                     reducing the incidence of influenza in
which they called Eleutherococcus             Acanthopanax helps regulate functions so      groups of people who consume it regularly.
senticosis, had profound adaptogenic          that optimum physiological efficiency is
functions, similar to those of ginseng.       achieved. Used regularly, the energy of       All this adds up to one of the most useful
Acanthopanax has grown enormously in          the whole body will increase. This herb       and powerful health supplements known to
reputation, importance and popularity in      has been shown to reduce the activation       mankind. In an era when workloads are
the Chinese and Western herbal systems        of the adrenal cortex in response to          intense, stress is ubiquitous and competi-
in the last few decades. In fact, Acantho-    stress, which means that it helps to          tion is the name of the game, Acantho-
panax, which is better known in the           prevent excessive stress reactions, which     panax is the perfect adaptogenic sub-
Western world as Siberian Ginseng, has        can in term damage other components of        stance to make part of your daily regimen.
exploded in usage throughout the world,       the endocrine and nervous systems and         Those who use high quality Acanthopanax
including Asia. Acanthopanax is now one of    result in exhaustion. In clinical trials in   quickly discover that it is one of the
the most commonly available, and widely       which Acanthopanax was administered to        great tools in natures herbal arsenal. It
used Chinese tonic herbs on the American      healthy human subjects, results showed        provides an abundance of both quick and
market. It is especially popular among        that Acanthopanax increases the ability       long-term energy that results in an
athletes or physical workers who require      of humans to withstand a wide range of        improved ability to handle stress, and
substantial sources of adaptive energy        adverse physical and mental conditions,       further results in the improvement of
and endurance, such as long distance          such as exercise, increase in workload,       one’s capacities, both physically and
runners, rock climbers, bicyclists, scuba     noise, heat, motion and decompression. It     mentally. Acanthopanax has been demon-
divers, dancers, tennis players and by        was also shown in the same studies to         strated to be a remarkably safe sub-
others seeking to enhance physical and        improve athletic performance and the          stance.
mental performance, endurance and             quality of work under stressful conditions.
adaptability.                                                                               There is considerable confusion in the
                                              Besides being characterized as a tonic        world market as to how to determine true
Acanthopanax is a very powerful adapto-       herb, Acanthopanax is, in fact, also          Siberian Ginseng. True Acanthopanax
genic agent. It is among the most famous      regarded as a mild, but significant           comes either from Soviet Siberia or the
and important adaptogenic herbs in the        “stimulant.” This stimulating action refers   northernmost province of China,
world. It helps expand the dimensions of      to the pharmacological ability of Acantho-    Heilongjiang, which is a frigid area
work that one can perform, improving          panax to increase the work capacity of a      adjacent to Soviet Siberia. The plant is
work capacity in both the short and long      person after a single dose of the prepara-    common in Heilongjiang, but does not grow
term. Athletes and workers all over the       tion. This is in some contrast to its tonic   in any abundance elsewhere in China. It is
world have found that regular consump-        action, which refers to its ability to        very difficult to find Acanthopanax root
tion of the extract of this herb provides     increase work capacity after prolonged or     in herb stores in America. The herb itself
endurance and the capacity to handle          continuous use of the substance. Work         is the woody root of the above-ground
heavy work loads with less strain on the      capacity is increased as a result of taking   shrub. Because of its woody nature, it
body. Although Acanthopanax is an             a tonic, not just during the time period      takes a large quantity of the root to yield
extremely safe herb that has been clearly     when the substance is being used, but for     even a small amount of extract. Generally,
demonstrated to have no negative side         a sustained period of time afterwards.        it takes fifty pounds of Acanthopanax
effects, it has been banned for use by        Acanthopanax has the rare ability to both     root to produce one pound of finished
Olympic athletes because it provides an       increase immediate energy and long-term       extract powder. For this reason, it is
“unfair competitive advantage.” This          energy, and is thus known as a “stimulat-     generally found only as a finished product
should not deter other athletes from          ing tonic.” It increases the general tone     as an extract. Most Acanthopanax is
using it. It contains no steroids or other    of the body, while adjusting and normaliz-    processed in China and sold in America as
dangerous chemical agents. Its benefits       ing arterial blood pressure and blood         either concentrated powder in capsules
are derived from its broad spectrum of        sugar levels. It does not possess the         and pills or as liquid concentrates. High
eleutherosides, chemical agents that help     negative side effects, depressing qualities   quality Acanthopanax roots are large (0.5
the nervous and endocrine systems to          or addictive potential of most other          ~ 1.5 inches thick). The best extracts are
perform at a higher level. These eleuth-      pharmacological and biological stimulants     dark in color and are strongly bitter in
erosides are saponins, which are very         such as coffee, guarana, amphetamines, or     flavor. Do not get this herb confused with
similar to the saponins found in Panax        cocaine, etc. It is the safest and healthi-   Acanthopanax gracilistylus (Chinese: Wu
Ginseng, Notoginseng and Gynostemma.          est known stimulant.                          Jia Pi), which is the root bark of a related
species used specifically in Chinese                                                         phenylhydrazine. Similarly, Acanthopanax
herbalism to treat rheumatism, but which      Laboratory experiments have demon-             normalized blood pressure in laboratory
does not have the tonic qualities of          strated that Acanthopanax has marked           animals, whether the blood pressure was
Acanthopanax senticosus. This medicinal       detoxicant action, protecting animals          high or low to start with. This regulatory
Acanthopanax is the herb sold at Chinese      against various poisons.                       effect of Acanthopanax has been ob-
herb shops in Chinatowns throughout                                                          served clinically in humans. Therefore
America.                                      The antistress action of Acanthopanax          Acanthopanax is used clinically in China,
                                              has been studied in great depth. This          Korea, Russia and Japan to regulate blood
Scientific Knowledge:                         herb has been found to be capable of           pressure. After profuse bleeding, Acan-
Radix Acanthopanax contains glycosides        altering the stress response mechanism in      thopanax promoted the recovery of
including resin glycosides and phenolic       such a way as to prevent severe pathology      hemoglobin and stimulated antibody
glycosides. Five primary glycosides, which    associated with the mechanism. Labora-         production. Blood pressure in either
are called eleutherosides, have been          tory results have demonstrated reduction       hypertensive or hypotensive patients
isolated from the root. Many others of        in adrenal hypertrophy, maintenance of         generally normalizes after oral adminis-
lesser quantity have been isolated.           vitamin C content in the adrenal glands,       tration of Acanthopanax, according to
Experiments have demonstrated that this       prevention of atrophy of the thymus            numerous clinical reports.
herb exerts control functions over            gland and reduction of gastric bleeding —
excitatory and inhibitory control mecha-      all signs of stress syndrome progression.      Acanthopanax has been shown to promote
nisms of the central nervous system.          This antistress action has been proven to      antibody formation and to protect the
Numerous experiments have shown that          be due to the activities of eleutherosides     immune system, in particular to prevent
this herb improves both the excitatory        E and B. Acanthopanax also prolonged the       leukopenia (depressed white blood cell
control mechanism and the inhibitory          resistance to stress. Laboratory animals       count) due to various cytotoxins. When
control mechanism. Its central excitatory,    were subjected to extreme stress,              the herb, as well as its polysaccharides,
or stimulant, action has been reported to     resulting in exhaustion. Those given           were administered to tumor-bearing mice,
be quite similar pharmacologically to that    Acanthopanax did not experience choles-        the average number of splenic macroph-
of Panax Ginseng.                             terol reduction, and shrinkage or weight       ages was markedly increased, as was the
                                              loss of the thymus, spleen, liver, kidneys     splenic weight of the animals. Oral
Extensive work has been conducted in the      and heart. The animals which did not           administration of Acanthopanax provided
former Soviet Union as well as in China on    receive the herb did experience signifi-       prophylactic and therapeutic actions
the herb’s capacity to regulate the body      cant cholesterol reduction and shrinkage       against Ehrlich ascites carcinoma and
reaction to non-specific stimuli. Both the    of the vital organs associated with severe     sarcoma 180. It has also been shown to
root extract and the total eleutherosides     exhaustion resulting from the extreme          reduce the transplantation rate of other
have shown significant anti-fatigue           stress.                                        forms of experimental cancer in labora-
activity. Eleutherosides have been shown                                                     tory animals. The herb consistently
to have a stronger anti-fatigue effect        Acanthopanax prevents damage to various        inhibited induced tumors in laboratory
than ginsenosides (the glycosides present     endocrine glands. In laboratory animals, it    animals. For example, the extract of the
in Panax Ginseng). The stimulant and anti-    prevented adrenal hyperplasia due to           root, when added to drinking water,
fatigue actions of Acanthopanax have          ACTH, and reduced adrenal atrophy due          inhibited the metastasis of SSK sarcoma
been proven in both animals and in            to the administration of cortisone.            and Walker carcinoma in rats.
humans. For example, animals subjected        Similarly, it prevented thyroid enlarge-
to extreme exertion were tested after         ment due to the administration of              The extract of the root as well as the
one hour’s rest to determine their oxygen     thyroxin, and prevented thyroid atrophy        eleutherosides isolated from the root
deficit. Those that had been given            due to administration of methylthiouracil,     have been found to have gonadotrophic
Acanthopanax root showed that the             a drug that normally causes atrophy of         action. When the root extract or total
oxygen deficit had been absolutely            the thyroid. And again, it lowered blood       glycosides (as well as certain specific
abolished, whereas those of the control       glucose to normal in drug induced hyperg-      eleutherosides) were administered to
group, tested under the same conditions,      lycemic animals while increasing the blood     young male mice, the RNA content
still had an oxygen deficit 62% higher        glucose in insulin-induced hypoglycemic        increased as did the weight of the
than normal. Also, laboratory animals fed     animals.                                       prostate gland and testicles and total
this herb had significantly increased                                                        body weight. The eleutherosides pre-
tolerance to oxygen deprivation, as           Acanthopanax has been found to exert a         vented testicular and prostatic atrophy in
compared to animals not provided the          stimulant action on the endocrine func-        castrated laboratory animals. Acantho-
herb. The herb is very widely used by         tions of the gonads and adrenals of            panax effected females similarly. It
humans to prevent altitude sickness, a        laboratory animals, resulting in significant   promoted early maturity and increased
disorder associated with oxygen defi-         increases in mating activity.                  body weight in female mice and increased
ciency. It is commonly used by mountain                                                      the number of eggs laid by hens, as well
climbers.                                     The remarkable normalizing ability of          as increasing the total nitrogen and
                                              Acanthopanax was again demonstrated            protein contents of the fallopian tubes.
Acanthopanax has been shown to exert a        when it was shown to regulate the red and
powerful protective action against            white blood cells and blood pressure.          It has been demonstrated that Acantho-
numerous injuries that result from            Cobalt nitrate is known to cause an            panax has anabolic action which can result
radiation, both chronic and acute. It         increase in erythrocytes (red blood cells).    in an increase in lean body weight. Acan-
doubled the survival time of animals          Acanthopanax normalized the red blood          thopanax, however, differs from the
exposed to lethal doses of irradiation, and   cell count in cases of increased erythro-      steroid anabolic hormones. It does not
when combined with antibiotics, tripled       cyte as a result of cobalt nitrate. Phenyl-    have a masculinizing effect. Acanthopanax
the survival period. It protects the          hydrazine decreases erythrocyte count.         has been found clinically useful for
erythrocytes from damage due to irradia-      Acanthopanax normalized erythrocyte            chronic bronchitis, where it has proven
tion.                                         counts in the case of the increase due to      antitussive, expectorant, bronchodilatory,
anti-asthmatic and antibacterial actions.       Spirit and Qi                                  1. Zizyphus Seed, Albizia Bark, Biota
Its effects on chronic bronchitis has                                                          Seed, Polygonum Stem, Dragon Bone and
been found to be especially useful for          Treasure Rating                                Oyster Shell to stabilize Spirit and treat
elderly patients. Patients taking daily         ****1/2                                        insomnia caused by anxiety
doses between 8-22 grams (given in three
doses) showed a 50% increase in vital           Atmospheric Energy                             2. Ganoderma, Pearl, Wild Red Asparagus
capacity, compared to 29% in the control        Neutral                                        Root and Albizia Flower to nurture Spirit
group. The herb also improved the
reaction of the pituitary-adrenal system        Taste                                          Varieties and Grading
in these patients. The patients became          Bland or very mildly sweet                     Select Poria that has substantial pieces
stronger and had a strong recovery rate.                                                       of wood still in it. Try to find large, white
                                                Organ Meridian Systems                         pieces with nice pieces of wood. The best
Acanthopanax is highly effective in             Heart, Spleen and Kidney                       Spirit Poria is still slightly moist — or at
treating and preventing altitude sickness.                                                     least, not very dry and brittle.
One experiment, involving over 200              Part Used and Form
soldiers in Tibet, resulted in a 97.3%          Whole fungus with host wood                    Contraindications
effective rate.                                                                                Poria is a very safe herb.
                                                Primary Functions
The extract of Radix Acanthopanax is            To stabilize and lift Spirit, to help          Stevia
widely used clinically in Asia. It is broadly   develop spirit and calm the mind, emotion-     Products Featuring This Herb:
used as an adjunct in the treatment of          ally balancing. To strengthen the Spleen       Spring Dragon Longevity Tea
chronic diseases, where numerous reports        and transform dampness, to move water
indicate that the herb increases physical       and to tonify the immune functions as          Other Common Names
strength of patients, especially those who      regular Poria.                                 Stevia
have undergone surgery, severe acute
illness and exhaustion. The root extract is     Qualities                                      Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
commonly used clinically to relieve the         This special variety of Poria is considered    Tonic Herbs
symptoms and pain due to rheumatic              a premium Spirit tonic herb. It is the part
arthritis. The herb is also used clinically     of the Poria mushroom which contains the       Pharmaceutical Latin
in China during the treatment of diabetes       root of the old pine tree, upon which it       Stevia Rebaudiana, Herba
mellitus.                                       has grown. Spirit Poria is said to benefit
                                                the heart, to nourish the Spirit and to        Pinyin
Acanthopanax has been demonstrated to           lead to a long and happy life. It is often     tian ye ju
be a remarkably safe substance. No              used by those wishing to overcome
abnormalities resulted from administra-         anxiety, worry, fear, etc. This is a very      Treasures
tion of Acanthopanax to mice at 350 g/          special herb traditionally used by Taoist
kg., a very high dosage. When mice were         adepts to help attain enlightenment.           Treasure Rating
given doses 220 times the clinical dose,
they showed no abnormalities after seven        It is primarily the same herb as Poria,        Atmospheric Energy
days. The animals were able to tolerate         except that it is the center of the
administration of the herb extract              mushroom, where the host wood root
throughout their life span without toxic        runs. The pine root is allowed to remain
                                                                                               Tortoise Plastron
reactions. In fact, continuous treatment        and represents about 20% of each slice         Products Featuring This Herb:
for six months prolonged their average          of Spirit Poria. The chemistry and the         Essence Restorative
life span, and did not adversely affect         energy of the wood has been changed by         Super Essence Restorative
ensuing offspring.                              the mushroom and is no longer simply pine      Profound Essence
                                                root. It was used by Taoists and has been
                                                held in the highest esteem by spiritual        Other Common Names
Spirit Poria Mushroom                                                                          Tortoise Shell
Products Featuring This Herb:                   seekers. It is believed by the Taoists to
Supreme Spirit Drops                            have a very special power to lift Spirit
                                                and to help develop the Spirit. It is one of   Pharmaceutical Latin
Will Power                                                                                     Plastrum Testudinis
Lights Out                                      the major Spirit tonic and Spirit stabiliz-
Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination                ing substances and has acquired a special
                                                reputation for it overall emotional            Pinyin
                                                balancing benefits. By stabilizing the         Gui Ban
Other Common Names
Spirit Poria                                    emotions, the true mind is able to develop
                                                fully, unhindered by emotional distraction.    Treasures
                                                Unlike Biota and Zizyphus, it is drying and    Yin Jing
Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
Tonic Herbs                                     can be used by people who suffer from
                                                fluid stagnation. Besides these Spirit         Treasure Rating
208                                                                                            ****
                                                actions, Spirit Poria still has the same
Pharmaceutical Latin                            actions as regular Poria with regard to its
                                                ability to move water and tonify the           Atmospheric Energy
Sclerotium Poriae Cocos Pararadicis                                                            Cold
                                                immune functions.
Pinyin                                                                                         Taste
fu Spirit                                       Primary Combinations
                                                Combine with:                                  Sweet and salty

Organ Meridian Systems
Kidney, Liver and Heart                         Tortoise Plastron is also used to tonify       Treasure Rating
                                                the bones. For this it is blended with         ****
Part Used and Form                              herbs like Deer Antler, Drynaria,
The plastron (undershell) of a fresh            Dipsacus and Morinda.                          Atmospheric Energy
water Tortoise                                                                                 Neutral
                                                Primary Combinations
Primary Functions                               Combine with:                                  Taste
To nourish Yin and subdue fire (hyperac-                                                       Sweet and Bland
tive Yang), to tonify the Kidney and to         1. White Peony root and Uncaria stem to
strengthen the skeleton, and to cause the       subdue hyperactive yang due to deficient       Organ Meridian Systems
Qi to ascend                                    Liver, manifesting as dizziness, headache      Lung, Stomach, Kidney
                                                and blurred vision
Qualities                                                                                      Part Used and Form
Tortoise plastron is an important tonic,        2. Fresh Rehmannia, Oyster shell and           Fungus fruiting body
used routinely in “restorative” formulas        Donkey skin glue for convulsions due to
for people who are experiencing exhaus-         dehydration and exhaustion of yin              Primary Functions
tion. It replenishes bodily fluids, and                                                        Nourishes Yin of the Stomach, moistens
settles unruly wind, which manifests in         3. Rehmannia (steamed) and Dragon Bone         Lungs, generates fluids.
Yin-deficiency cases as inflammation,           for low back pain due to yin deficiency
pain, cramps, fever, dehydration, insom-        and to prevent premature ejaculation           Qualities
nia, etc. Due to its Yin nourishing ability                                                    Used for Deficient Yin patterns with
and to the fact that it is a cold herb, it is   4. Ganoderma, Polygala and Spirit Poria        ascendant Yang, especially with such
capable of extinguishing false fire             for confusion due to exhaustion                symptoms as emaciation and sensations of
conditions anywhere in the body.                                                               heat in the five centers. Tremella is a
                                                Varieties and Grading                          great Yin tonic. It is a staple in Chinese
Yin Jing is easily depleted by excessive        There are many kinds of Tortoise Plastron      health food cooking. It is not only used to
stress, over work, and particularly by          available in China, but the selection is       treat the problems associated with Yin
excessive sexual activity (beyond the           extremely limited in America. Genuine,         deficiency and unruly fire, but is used to
body’s actual capacity) and drug abuse. As      first grade tortoise plastron will be 3 to 6   beautify the skin. It is without question
the Yin Jing becomes depleted, Yang is          inches long and 2 to 3 inches wide. It is a    one of the premier beauty herbs of Asia.
left uncontrolled and false fire conditions     light yellow and purplish-brown elliptical     It has a special affinity to the skin. When
can easily develop, resulting in hyperac-       plate with purplish-brown radial veins         consumed regularly, the skin becomes
tive Yang. If the condition is left un-         lines. Each plastron is composed of 12         soft, moist and pliant. Tremella is prob-
treated, severe damage will (not might)         smaller plates. The inner surface is           ably the most widely used internal beauty
result. Yin Jing is synonymous with life        yellow. Be sure to obtain the plastron         supplement used in China.
itself. It protects our youthfulness.           from a reliable herb dealer, since plastron
When a person runs low on Yin Jing, they        from some species is not very useful.          For typical Yin deficiency conditions, us
age very quickly. When a person runs out        There are many fakes and some of them          with some of the following herbs: Ameri-
of Yin Jing, they die. Therefore, Yin Jing      look very much like Chinemys reevesii.         can Ginseng, Asparagus root, Lily bulb,
deficiency is very serious and must be          Most of the time, you will be obtaining        Glehnia root, Prince Ginseng and
avoided at all cost. That is where herbs        Tortoise Plastron as a component of a          Ophiopogon. Traditionally, Tremella is
like Lycium, Polygonum and Steamed              prepared formula and you won’t have to         almost always combined with rock sugar
Rehmannia come into play. But if Yin Jing       worry about selecting it.                      (the natural yellow kind). The sugar
deficiency does occur, it must be treated                                                      activates the Yin tonic effects of the
as quickly and effectively as possible.         Contraindications                              Tremella (and makes it taste very good).
That is where Tortoise plastron comes in.       The herb should be used with caution
It is powerful, effective, and quick. If        during pregnancy.                              To beautify the skin, the same Yin herbs
the symptoms of exhaustion do include                                                          can be used, and several other herbs may
hyperactive symptoms, such as afternoon         Tremella                                       be added, such as: Pearl powder, Schizan-
fevers, inflammation, sore throat, swollen      Products Featuring This Herb:                  dra, Lycium, Longan, Dang Gui and White
lymph glands, etc., blend the Tortoise          Young Lungs                                    Peony.
Plastron with cold herbs like Dendrobium,
raw Rehmannia, Philodendron, Red Peony,         Other Common Names                             Primary Combinations
Anemarrhena, etc. This combination will         White Wooden Ear                               Tremella is often combined by itself, by
replenish fluids (Yin) and Kidney Yin (Yin                                                     adding just enough sugar to make a sweet
essence).                                       Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese        soup. It may be combined with other
                                                Tonic Herbs                                    herbs. Combine with:
If someone is thoroughly exhausted but is       251                                            1. American Ginseng and Asparagus root
not yet showing such hot symptoms, or if                                                       to tonify Kidney, Stomach and Lung yin
the hot symptoms have already been              Pharmaceutical Latin
overcome but more restorative therapy is        Fructifatio Tremella Fuciformis.               2. Bulbus Lilii, Radix Glehniae and rock
required, then Tortoise Plastron and a                                                         candy for consumption, coughing up blood,
variety of cooling Yin herbs may be             Pinyin                                         and lung abscess
blended with Placenta hominis, Astragalus,      Bai Mu Er
Ginseng (Panax or American, depending on                                                       3. To beautify the skin, the same Yin
conditions) and other Qi tonics to create       Treasures                                      herbs can be used, and several other
an awesome restorative formula.                 Yin                                            herbs may be added, such as: Pearl
powder, Schizandra, Lycium, Longan, Dang                                                      Pharmaceutical Latin
Gui and White Peony.                           1. Dioscin, protodioscin, diosgenin, etc.      Carapx Trionycis
                                               This first group has an effect on sexual
Varieties and Grading                          performance and may treat various sexual       Pinyin
Tremella is a cultivated jelly fungus. The     disorders, sexual energy level and             Bie Jia
Tremella with more flavor is best, but you     strength by increasing the percentage of
generally won’t know that until you cook it.   free testosterone level for men, and           Treasures
So usually, the most expensive is the          effects pregnenolone, progesterone,            Yin and Yin Jing
best. The best Tremella may cost a dollar      estrogen, etc. The hormone balancing
or two more per pound. Good Tremella is a      effects of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris       Treasure Rating
pure creamy white color, with no discol-       for women makes this product best for          ****
oration. Be sure to buy relatively fresh       premenstrual syndrome and menopausal
Tremella. Though it is dried like all herbs    syndrome.                                      Atmospheric Energy
in the herb shops, it will appear clean and                                                   Cold
fresh. When Tremella becomes old, it           2. Sterols - betasitosterols, stigma, etc.
crumbles — a sign of nutritional degen-        This second group protects the prostate        Part Used and Form
eration (and a sign that it has lost its own   from swelling and in combination with the      Shell of freshwater turtle
Yin!).                                         X steroidal saponins (third group listed
                                               below), protects the prostate from             Primary Functions
There is also a Black Wooden Ear, but it       cancer.                                        To nourish Yin and subdue fire (“unruly
is not as highly prized as the white                                                          Yang”), to soften hardness
variety. The White Wooden Ear is               3. Proprietary steroidal saponins currently
traditionally believed to be much more         referred to as X steroidal saponins.           Qualities
tonic. However, recent analysis has shown      These X steroidal saponins effect the          The shell of several species of freshwa-
that the calcium content of the black          immune system. They have been demon-           ter turtle is a very special and potent Yin
variety is approximately equivalent and        strated to possess anti-bacterial and          Essence tonic that also builds blood. It is
the black variety tends to be richer in        anti-viral (especially anti-herpes) effects.   said to increase fluids, build hormones
protein and iron. Therefore, it is certainly   Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris may be used      and to replenish substances lost due to
worth using for tonic purposes.                internally and externally to treat herpes,     stress and excessive behavior. Turtle
                                               and virus infections such as influenza and     shell is thus included in “restorative”
Contraindications                              the common cold.                               formulas. These are formulas designed to
None, Tremella is extremely safe. It is a                                                     rejuvenate some one who has aged
highly nutritious food which may be            Chinese and Indian Tribulus Terrestris         themselves prematurely by living exces-
enjoyed by the whole family any time.          are made from a different part of the          sively or because they have experienced
                                               plant and is harvested at a different time     severe stress. The same formulas can also
Tribulus Leaf, Bulgarian                       of the year. The phytochemistry of             be used as an occasional replenisher. The
Products Featuring This Herb:                  Chinese and Indian Tribulus Terrestris is      Yin essence is constantly drained by life
Tribulus Drops                                 considerably different from that of            itself, and since restorative formulas are
Tribulus Capsules                              Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris.                 quick and effective, they can be used
Trilovin PMS/Menopause                         Chinese and Indian Tribulus Terrestris is      from time to time to slow down aging.
Trilovin                                       used as a diuretic, and is used to treat
                                               kidney stones. Chinese and Indian Tribu-       Turtle shell is also used to in formulas
Other Common Names                             lus Terrestris does not have the same          designed to soften masses and nodules.
Tribulus                                       pharmacological and physiological func-
                                               tions as Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. At     Primary Combinations
Pinyin                                         the best, Indian and Chinese Tribulus          Combine with:
                                               Terrestris have but a trace of group 1 and
Treasures                                      1 phytochemicals, and contain virtually no     1. Raw Rehmannia, Donkey skin glue and
                                               X steroidal saponins. The Indian and           White Peony root to tonify body fluids
Treasure Rating                                Chinese producers extract for furo-            due to febrile disease or exhaustion of
                                               stanols, which has no equivalent pharma-       Kidney yin
Atmospheric Energy                             cological effect to the Bulgarian Tribulus
                                               Terrestris. Furostanols are not the active     2. Prince Ginseng and Dendrobium for
Scientific Data                                ingredient used to effect sexual physiol-      deficient yin with fever and dehydration
Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris differs          ogy and to regulate hormone balance. As
significantly from the Tribulus Terrestris     they exist in Indian and Chinese Tribulus      Varieties and Grading
extracts from India and China.                 Terrestris, they are not absorbed and          The species used is cultivated for food
                                               utilized by the body. However, the all of      and is not endangered. Be sure to pur-
Using a special method of harvesting and       the active Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris       chase Turtle shell from a reliable herb
pharmaceutical preparation, Bulgarian          are readily absorbed and utilized in the       dealer.
Tribulus Terrestris has a very high            body. This explains the radical difference
concentration of steroidal saponins;           in the effects of Tribulus Terrestris          Contraindications
Indian and Chinese Tribulus Terrestris do      from different sources.                        This is a cold herb, so it should not be
not.                                                                                          used in cases of deficiency where cold
                                               Turtle Shell                                   symptoms such as cold diarrhea are
There are three groups of active phy-          Other Common Names                             occurring. Use during pregnancy only
tochemicals in Bulgarian Tribulus Terres-      Turtle Shell                                   under a doctor’s supervision.
Uncaria Hook                                Qualities                                     Varieties and Grading
Uncaria is a powerful sedative that         Walnuts are well-known here in the West       There are several varieties of Walnut.
eliminates anxiety, fear and anger. It is   as a delicacy. However, to the Chinese,       Most walnuts are equivalent. However, in
thus a potent and important Spirit          Walnut kernels are an important tonic         China the black walnut is often favored
stabilizing herb.                           herb which has significant strengthening      since black is the color of the Kidney.
                                            qualities. In particular, it is used to       Also, organic walnuts are sometimes
Products Featuring This Herb:               strengthen the Kidney functions, and          available — these are best. The thin outer
Easy Qi (formerly Smooth Flowing Qi)        therefore it is used to strengthen the        skin of the kernel is considered to be
Golden Voice                                lumbar region of the back, the legs and       slightly toxic. If you are the fastidious
                                            the sexual organs. It is commonly com-        type, you may scrub this off to improve
Other Common Names                          bined with other Kidney tonics to enhance     both the effect and the taste of the
Uncaria Hook                                this action — in particular, Lycium,          walnuts (this skin has a bitter taste).
                                            Eucommia, Morinda, Polygonum, Psoralea,       Some Chinese suppliers have organically
Pharmaceutical Latin                        Cynomorium, Cistanche, etc.                   grown, peeled walnuts. These are the
Uncariae Cum Uncis, Ramulus                                                               connoisseurs choice.
                                            In addition, the brain is believed to be
Pinyin                                      controlled by the Kidney function. So         Contraindications
Gou Teng                                    most Kidney tonics are believed to help       Do not use in cases of Yin deficiency with
                                            strengthen the brain to one degree or         excessive fire, or in cases of cough due to
Treasures                                   another. However, Walnuts, which are          phlegm-heat, or when experiencing
                                            shaped like a brain, are believed to have a   diarrhea.
Treasure Rating                             more powerful effect on the brain than
                                            many other Kidney tonics. It is especially    Zizyphus Seed
Atmospheric Energy                          powerful when combined with Deer Antler       Products Featuring This Herb:
Cool                                        (Pantocrin), Lycium, Polygonatum Siberi-      Lights Out
                                            cum, Acanthopanax (Siberian Ginseng),         Calmers
Organ Meridian Systems                      Schizandra, Gynostemma, Cordyceps,            Ginseng and Longan Combination
Liver, Heart                                Ganoderma and/or appropriate Spirit           Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination
Primary Functions                                                                         Other Common Names
Stabilizes Spirit                           When combined with Panax Ginseng,             Zizyphus
                                            Walnut is beneficial to cough due to
Walnut Kernel                               deficient Lung Qi. Combine with Astraga-      Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese
Other Common Names                          lus, Gynostemma, Ganoderma and Schizan-       Tonic Herbs
Walnut                                      dra to strengthen the Lungs.                  196

Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese     Walnut helps moisten the intestines and       Pharmaceutical Latin
Tonic Herbs                                 improves their function. This herb may be     Semen Zizyphi spinosae
220                                         combined with Hemp seed, Cistanches and
                                            Polygonum to tonify the Large Intestine.      Pinyin
Pharmaceutical Latin                                                                      Suan Zao Ren
Semen Juglandis                             Many people appreciate Walnut’s benefit
                                            to the skin above all else. Regular,          Treasures
Pinyin                                      moderate consumption improves the             Blood and Spirit
Hu Tao Ren                                  complexion and the condition of the skin.
                                            It may be combined with Lycium, Longan,       Treasure Rating
Treasures                                   Pearl, White Peony and Schizandra.            ***1/2
Yang and Yin
                                            Walnuts may be blended into formulas          Atmospheric Energy
Treasure Rating                             just as any Chinese herb may, or they may     Neutral
***1/2                                      be eaten raw or roasted. The Chinese use
                                            them in cooking much more than we do in       Taste
Atmospheric Energy                          the West, both for their flavor and for       Sweet and sour
Warm                                        their health benefits.
                                                                                          Organ Meridian Systems
Organ Meridian Systems                      Primary Combinations                          Heart and Liver
Kidney, Lung and Large Intestine            Combine with:
                                                                                          Primary Functions
Part Used and Form                          1. Eucommia bark and Psoralea fruit to        Nourish Heart blood, pacify Spirit,
Kernel (Seed)                               tonify the Kidney and strengthen the          benefits Yin
                                            lower back and knees
Primary Functions                                                                         Qualities
To tonify the functions of the Kidney,      2. Ginseng root for cough and asthma due      Zizyphus is one of the most commonly
strengthen the lower back, relieve cough    to lung deficiency                            used herbs in Chinese herbalism. It is the
due to Lung deficiency, relieve constipa-   3. Cistanche, Polygonum, Dang Gui and         quintessential tranquilizing herbal sub-
tion due to dryness, and to benefit the     Hemp seed for constipation due to             stance. Being neutral in energy and mild in
skin                                        dryness in the intestines                     nature, it is the most commonly used lead
                                                                                          herb in sedative formulas designed to
help relax the mind and induce sound
sleep. It is especially useful for people      Contraindications
who are experiencing restless sleep with       Do not use when experiencing diarrhea.
excessive, vivid dreams and/or night-          Zizyphus may cause drowsiness.
                                               Researched and copy written
It is categorized as a heart-blood tonic,      by Ron Teaguarden
therefore directly calming the heart,          Used with permission
which is the seat of Spirit and which
determines our emotional stability. This is    Posting information on this web site does
a very good herb for women who suffer          not necessarily mean we agree with all of
insomnia due to a slight or profound           it, particularly from a religious aspect.
anemic condition. It may be combined with      Spirit (Spirit) tonics have enabled us to
Dang Gui, White Peony and Polygonum to         get a closer walk with Jesus by cleansing
build heart blood.                             the body to eliminate the distractions
                                               that normally try to take us away from
For simple, occasional insomnia due to         our attention to Him. From our experience
stress or over-thinking, Zizyphus may be       as well as clients, we have found the
brewed simply by itself, or it may also be     physical benefits of these herbs to be
brewed as a tea with other Spirit stabi-       accurate. It is up to the individual to
lizing herbs such as Polygonum stem,           decide what is right and true for them
Spirit Poria and/or Ganoderma and              from a religious standpoint.
consumed at bedtime.

It is used with Biota, Polygonatum
Sibericum and/or steamed or raw Reh-
mannia for insomnia, fright or anxiety
caused by deficiency of the Kidney and
Yin deficiency with hyperactive Yang.

It can also be used to stop excessive
perspiration. In this case it is combined
with tonic astringents such as Schizandra,
Cornus and Dragon Bone, and with Qi
tonics such as Codonopsis and/or Astraga-
lus. For spontaneous sweating or night
sweating due to weakness (as occurs in
people who are exhausted or are infected
with a chronic virus), mix Zizyphus with
Ginseng, Astragalus and Schizandra.

It also helps the bowels to move. Mixed
with Biota, it is both a sedative and a mild

Primary Combinations
Combine with:
1. Zizyphus Seed, Albizia Bark, Spirit
Poria, Polygonum Stem, Dragon Bone and
Oyster Shell to stabilize Spirit and treat
insomnia caused by anxiety

2. Astragalus, Schizandra and Ginseng as
a Heart Qi tonic and to stop night

3. Biota for insomnia and as a mild

Varieties and Grading
Zizyphus seed is not the seed of the
Jujube Date, as many people think.
Zizyphus jujube (Chinese Red Date)and
Zizyphus spinosa are different species
and have different herbal effects. The
seed must be roasted to be effective and
mild in action. Freshly roasted Zizyphus
has a very pleasant aroma.

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