The Fastest Way to Know Who Opened Email: Email Tracking Service Review

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					                   The Fastest Way to Know Who Opened Email:
                          Email Tracking Service Review

        Nearly all online businesses use email is the primary form of communicating with their clients.
There is a good reason for it. Email is the quickest and cheapest way of reaching people around the world.
You can send a sales or promotional email to millions recipients in minutes.

        But how do you know whether your email was delivered and read? The answer is email tracking.
Email tracking is a way to estimate the recipient interest in the mailings. Email tracking helps the email
marketers know if the recipient opened the email and clicked the links inside the message.

        Email campaign tracking is useful for individual email marketers as well as for small and large
online businesses. You can track email campaigns to determine the overall attitude of the subscribers to
your emails. If email tracking software reports a high open rate, you are a happy marketer. If your email
open rate is low, it's a signal that something is wrong with your email sending program.

        Often email tracking can help you identify the recipient specific area of interest. If you promote
several products, or include several offers into the message, you can get a clear picture about what people
like more by analyzing your link click report.

        To track email opens, the email tracking program uses a web beacon. This is a small invisible
tracking image inserted into the HTML source of the message. You should remember that email opens can
be tracked only for HTML emails. The tracking image loads at the message opening and the email tracking
system counts an open.

         To track link clicks, the email tracking service provides the specific tracking code to the senders
which is then included into the links. When the reader clicks a link, the tracking code is activated and the
email tracking system registers this event.

        Email opens and link clicks events are calculated and the email tracking service is able to report
such tracking metrics as open rate, click rate and click-through rate. In addition to the general email
tracking report email marketers can see an individual recipient activity upon the message.

       So, if you want to know what happens to your message after it is sent and how your recipients treat
the message, it's time to look for a good email tracking service. There are numerous email tracking
systems on the Internet. Plus, some email service providers already have email tracking as a feature.

         Besides the standard email tracking metrics such as open rate and click rate, some email tracking
software provide you with the information about how many times your message was printed and forwarded.
It's great if the email tracker can show you the geographical location of the recipients so you can
understand what countries your clients are from.

        In addition, good email tracking software also identifies the email clients your recipients used to
open the message. You can use this information when creating your email newsletter. For example, you
can determine the top 5 mostly used email clients in the report and focus on optimizing your message for
those clients primarily. This will save you much time because you will eliminate the guess play from your
email sending campaigns.

         Ideally, you should be able to use an email tracking system with any email sending program be it
desktop email sender software or online email sending service. And when choosing an email tracker
program, check how email tracking reports are provided. If the reports are collected online, make sure that
you will be able to export the stats to a file and keep a copy on your computer for the use at a later time.

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