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					Contact: Mike Glezos           15707 Rockfield Blvd.
Name5Fish                      Suite 105
Phone: (714)585-1072           Irvine, CA 92618                   Name 5 Fish

PRESS RELEASE Delivers a Business Name No One Will Dare
to Forget
Irvine, CA March 2, 2011 -- Can a business name be memorable enough to survive a
nipple pinch?

It can if would-be entrepreneurs and product developers use the new name
generator at to create an attention-grabbing name that will
withstand any rigor.

The site, itself unforgettably named after a game young men play -- one that
involves a painful surprise nipple pinch inflicted on a victim that lasts until he can
“name five fish” -- offers a one-stop website shop for new business owners to dream
up and brand the next Google, Pizza Hut or eBay.

How does it work?

Site visitors first feed the Name5Fish generator some self-chosen key words that
relate to their business, product or brand ideas. The generator then goes to work
and returns a comprehensive list of potential name combinations relevant to the
user’s ideas, as well as ready-to-buy domain names that match the name results.

The name combinations available are endless, limited only by an entrepreneur’s
imagination as he or she enters favorite or experimental key words into the
generator. Site users can challenge the generator again and again until they hit upon
the perfect name and corresponding available URL -- each memorable enough to
survive a nipple pinch!, though, doesn’t stop at name generation and matching domain
purchase opportunities. The site is a full-service branding research portal that offers
users a diving platform from which potential new business names can be researched
via Google for existing trademarks, connotations, competitors using the same
phraseology, and for unintended or unfavorable uses of any chosen name.

One thing is for sure: Business-minded web surfers will find that name generation
and research goes swimmingly at There’s no pain involved at all!
And using the generator is addictive. Searching for a business name does not
obligate a user to adopt any of the generator’s results or purchase a matching
domain name, so entrepreneurs and product developers can feel free to cast their
lines repeatedly until they catch a keeper.

The generator is live and ready to try now at If the only thing
holding up a new venture is the lack of a name, it’s time to fish or cut bait at!
About BizNameWiz:
BizNameWiz is a free online business name generator and business name search
tool. Its purpose is to provide people with the necessary tools to help name their
businesses and then research those names online. Developer Mike Glezos
( is the co-founder and president of topLingo Development,
Inc., ( headquartered in Irvine, Calif. Glezos has crafted
specialized web solutions and drafted site architecture for over 400 projects that
have promoted efficiency, reduced costs, attracted customers and generated profits.
His clients range from small startups to Fortune 500 companies including Chase,
CorpNet, Fidelity National Information Services, HSBC, Delta Creative, ZyZEL and
many others.