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									                         Hire Android 3.0 Developers from AADI

Now Android users can hire Android 3 developer from the professional team of Android
developers/programmers for the comprehensive Android 3 development solutions at affordable rates.

The leading Android application development company feels pride to announce the hire Android 3
developer/programmer services for the Android 3 users. The services of hire Android 3 developers are
offered under specially designed hire dedicated developer program for the offshore clients. Actually
company is especially established for the Android application development services for the offshore clients.
The company is committed to update the knowledge and innovations from Google Android regularly for
providing most advanced and high quality services to its clients. The new Google Android 3 is released with
various new features that give great opportunities to Android developers/programmers for developing and
designing different apps.

The team of Android developers/programmers is highly experienced and able to handle simple to complex
project of the Android development through optimum utilization of advance technologies and Android SDK.
The personal technical experience of every Android professional is high that helps them meeting the needs of
offshore clients on hiring basis for Android development solution. The every Android developer of the team
is highly motivated and proficient enough to handle the Android projects independently. The Android 3
developers on hire basis are those who have strong experience in Android application development. They
can provide various services of Android development on hire basis. The main services that Android
developers can provide are many such as Android application development for the new platform of Android
3, Android game development, Android wireless apps development, Android web development and Android
social networking app development.

According to specially hire Android developer program of the AADI, one can hire Android 3 developer on
hourly and monthly basis, the developer on hire are committed to work eight hours per day and five days a
week, one can select the developer from the team of developers, 24*7 client support through working in
shifts, the Android developers provide day-to-day updates on project to clients, uninterrupted communication
through emails and instant messengers and source code rights and resell rights are exclusive for clients. The
hire Android developer program is client-centric that assures the affordability and customization.

To learn more about AndroidApplicationDevelopmentIndia.com - AADI and its Hire Android 3 Developer
services visit http://www.androidapplicationdevelopmentindia.com/hire-android-developer.html and please
contact us.

About AADI - AndroidApplicationDevelopmentIndia.com

AADI is a leading Android solution provider at global level. The company specializes in absolute Android
solutions and mobile application development that meet business and mobile consumer needs. The
company’s Android development services are available for the millions of people using Android based hand-
held devices in various countries. http://www.androidapplicationdevelopmentindia.com/

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