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									Macquarie University generates new insights with Yellowfin Business

Macquarie University today launched the first phase of a university-wide
reporting and analytics program, Datamart.

Austin, TX, May 19, 2011 -- Datamart, powered by Yellowfin’s Business
Intelligence (BI) solution, delivers self-service data analysis to
Macquarie University academic and business decision-makers anywhere,
anytime, on any device.

Macquarie University, based in Sydney’s northwestern high-tech corridor,
seeks to surface deep insight into its wide range of operational data,
used to support the strategic direction of the university.

"Macquarie has a strategic goal – to be one of the top 200 universities
in world rankings by 2014, and to be one of the top eight research
universities in Australia," said Macquarie University Chief Information
Officer (CIO), Marc Bailey. "To get there, we need to understand how
we’re performing. To achieve that, we need great data. Actually we have
the data, but we weren’t able to surface it. Now Datamart, with
Yellowfin technology underpinning it, provides us capability to expose
that data and leverage it."

Bailey said that implementing a BI rollout, in an era of greater
competition due to the uncapping of student places, would give Macquarie
a significant advantage over other higher education providers. He
explained that university rankings and research funding were heavily
dependent on the type of data submitted to government and regulatory
bodies. Bailey also said that Yellowfin would allow Macquarie to improve
the quality of teaching and student services based on the analysis of
student and survey data.

"Data is a competitive issue for universities. Universities are engines
of data, producing endless amounts of statistics and numbers everyday.
We’ve both a capacity to produce it, and a thirst to consume it. When
you’re trying to compare and assess the performance of organizations in
the private sector, you’ve got dollars and shareholder value as the
ultimate bottom line. When you’re trying to compare the performance of a
university, you have data as a bottom line. So good data that points in
the right strategic direction can help you understand how you’re doing
compared to another institution. If you can deliver that data with high
veracity and faster timeliness then you’ve got a competitive edge. That’s
exactly what Datamart is doing for Macquarie."

Macquarie University currently has three key data sets available for
Yellowfin to report from – student data, research data and Australian
graduate survey data.

"These are data sets that universities throughout Australia use to report
to the government regulators to explain or justify performance, which are
directly linked to funding and to student experience," said Bailey.
"These are three of the most critical data sets for government reporting
and for providing the people at Macquarie with the information they need
to offer the best services possible and develop winning research,
teaching and business strategies."

Bailey said that as a university, with many people, located in many
different places, all using different technologies to access information,
Yellowfin’s multi-platform, multi-device self-service capabilities were

"Widespread self-service access to reporting and analytics is vital for
our success as a university, and Yellowfin delivers that."

Bailey also said that Yellowfin offered the features necessary to
accomplish Macquarie’s goal of "democratizing data."

"When we looked at Yellowfin, we saw something simpler than the
alternatives. It’s highly intuitive and 100 percent Web-based, so it’s
easier to consume, but without compromise. Ease of use is crucial. The
second thing that we saw as a major benefit was the fact that Yellowfin
is one of the only BI products on the market with the ability to utilize
HTML 5, and therefore receive information on any device or platform –
Windows, Linux or Mac; iPad, iPhone or Android – it doesn’t matter."

According to Macquarie University’s Information Director, Dr Neil Fraser,
using Yellowfin to collate, analyze and report on the university’s
different data sources, will remove the reliance on spreadsheets,
eliminating inconsistencies in organizational data, the uncertainty
surrounding data accuracy, and uncover new opportunities.

"Yellowfin gives us a common frame of reference," said Fraser. "Everyone
is receiving the same information from the same source, analyzed in the
same way. Establishing a single source of truth for data within a
university is a significant accomplishment, given the complexity and
diversity of operations. By breaking-down departmentalized information
stores, Macquarie will be able to understand its operations like never

"We can now accurately map where our students are coming from and develop
effective marketing strategies accordingly. For example we can monitor
student intake around the world or traffic flow around the campus. We can
even analyze where our funding comes from based on locality – the
opportunities are limitless. Yellowfin’s geospatial intelligence
technology uncovers questions, answers and opportunities at a micro level
and at a macro level. Being able to visualize our data is key to
discovering these types of problems and opportunities."

Yellowfin will be progressively rolled-out to a wider population,
eventually offering most staff and even students access to a wide range
of operational university data, subject to security.

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About Yellowfin
Yellowfin is a global Business Intelligence (BI) software vendor
headquartered and developed in Melbourne, Australia. Yellowfin is a
highly intuitive 100 percent Web-based reporting and analytics solution.

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