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					Let’s go with me
   -On vacation-
             Ⅰ. Theme
   Students can talk about many
    kinds of leisure activity and know
    many beautiful place.
    Throughout this, students make
    plan for their winter vacation and
    talk about last summer vacation.
    Students also can learn many
    expressions through discuss about
                Ⅱ. Language foci
1. Past tense
   - Where did you go to last summer?
    -> I went to Manila.
   - Who did you go with?
    -> I went to there with my family.
  - What kind of tourist place in Manila?
   -> There are many kinds of tourist place, such as
 Pagsanjan                                Falls, Hidden Valley,
 Tagaytay, Taal Volcano & Lake, Puerto Azul.

2. Future tense
  - When will you go to Spain?
   -> I'm going to go to Spain on JAN. 14th
 - What will you do?
   -> I will sailing in the Caribbean.
 - How long will you stay there?
   -> I will stay 4 weeks.
3. interrogative
 - Are you going to go to Jeju Island this winter?
  ->Yes, I'm going to go to Jeju Island / No, I'm not.
 - Are they studying right now?
   -> No, they aren't. They're climbing in the Alps

4. negative
 - Didn't you visit to Cung-ju last summer?
 - Don't you go to Paris with me?
1. Students will be able to know many tourist
2. Students will be able to make plan for
   their vacation.
3. Students will be able to use "Types of
 - Past tense, Future tense, interrogative
4. Students will be able to searching various
   places through the internet
           Ⅳ. Prerequisites

* Students already know

-" wh" words (who, what, where, when, How)
- How to use and connect the Internet.
- declarative sentence (more easy to
   understanding change interrogative)
               Ⅴ. Procedures.
♦Activity 1 ( Listening)

    Hi mom! I'm lying in the sun having a nice, tall, cool
  drink. It's lovely weather today. Betty is swimming in
  the pool. She has a good tan. I don't like tan but it's
  not bad. we drive every two days and usually stay at
  inexpensive hotels. Mexico is beautiful and Puebla is
  a fascinating town with lots of interesting churches.
  Mexican is very passionate and kind. They always
  smile at me and say hello to us. I send some photo
  which is wonderful.
Next week, We are going to go to Vancouver in Canada.
  Maybe that place will be exciting and wonderful. I will
  drop you a line as soon as you get there.
I missing you, mom. Take care*^^*

Teacher play the script twice or more.
And teacher check how many key
sentences or words. And tell students that
they are going to write similar postcard.
They should write about what they are
doing at the moment (on their imaginary
vacation) and what they do every day.
 ♦Activity 2 (Match words with pictures)
- Warm up
  Teacher write words about leisure activity and
  shows the pictures (leisure activity) and bottom
  of each picture write has name and occupation.
 -Step 1
  Match these words with the pictures
*camping *driving *climbing * sailing *skiing
  *wind surfing *skydiving *hiking
* bud - actor    * Joan - teacher Tom - doctor
* sharon- writer

-Step 2: Ask and answer, like this
        (1) What does bud do?
             - He's a actor.
         (2) Is he visiting a movie director right now?
     - No, he isn't. He go skiing in the gangwon province.

* Assessment*

 Tell students to look at the postcard. And apply to their
next vacation plan or last vacation. Teacher or students
prepare more pictures.
   ♦Activity 3 (searching for Internet
                 - Group work)
-Warm up
   Teacher asks some question about students winter
    vacation plan. And Find good place which suit their
-Step 1
     First, teacher shows some picture that he/she went to
    last summer vacation. There are good informations for
    vacation. (ex: Japan)
- country :
- Hotel :
-place :
- tourist place :
-Step 2
Student search for Interesting country and find
out tourist attraction.
-Step 3
 And each group sharing their information.
Students will be help their next
winter and summer vacation.

After sharing their information, students can ask
each other Use Past tense, Future tense,
interrogative sentence. And find out more
beautiful and nice place (include in Korea). And
make some question with blank or Q & A,
exchange other group and find out the answer.
              Ⅵ. Follow up

- Students also find out which country has
  famous leisure activity and tourist place.
- They tell interesting story to other
  students when they experienced last
- Student can explore to many
  government, city-hall sites.
           Ⅶ. List of helpful websites
*Can search basic information*

*About Japan*


Thank you~~~~♥