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					Answers of 2nd psychometrics test:

      The organisation with which I am having work experience used to have collaboration with
       several organisations. As I know norms regarding working with different overseas
       organisation which will help me for this job.
      I used to deal with 62 subordinates and have never failed to achieve the targeted goal within
       the specific time period. My work in the organisation was always appreciated because of my
       punctuality by my superiors.
      Time to time performance appraisal was there in my previous job . As well as proper
       feedback was given by the concerned super ordinates.
      My organisation’s name was “Jana Sadhana” NGO,Team Supervisor was my position. I used
       to supervise 62 team members and also office management.
      My expectations were completely collaborated with the benefits of the company norm. I even
       got 3 promotions in the organisation’s hierarchy.
      According to company norm.


      I am very punctual by nature and time is one of the most important aspect in aviation
       industry. It is my strongest point for the job.
      My performance appraisal was done in two aspects.
       i)       Whether the fixed target of enrolling the client has been achieved or not.
       ii)       Whether our awareness campaign by my team has been successful or not.
      Rating was quite good because it used to rate both individual and team achievement. This
       helped us to know gap between individual and team performance.
      Whenever I used to face a problem in the job, I tried to solve it individually at first. If I didn’t
       succeed I took the help of my team members or subordinates. I was lacking experience and
       organisational climate. I took the help of my superiors and team members to cope with the
      It depends in structure. If the work relates to my sole responsibility than I would like to work
       individually. If the nature of the work is like that where I should work with team, I accept it
       with pleasure.
      People who consider only individual goal not organisational goal. I find it most difficult to
       work with because the wont be co-operative by nature in a team.
      My visionary capacity regarding the organisational goal was always appreciated by any
       superior s. I insisted my superiors to expand some wings in potential areas for the
       organisational growth it was accepted and became successful also.
      62 subordinates were there under my supervision and my team always achieved the goal in
       stipulated time period.
      Unnecessary interference by unwanted people in my job. I really like to avoid. It reduces my
       effectiveness in the job as well as hindrances in my free flow of work.
      Job satisfaction is the most important thing in the job for me because it is created by both
       individual pleasure and achievement in the job as well as it is the reflection of organisational
      Initially I faced problem to cope with the organisational climate but later on I managed with
       the help of my superior and colleagues.
    Career goals

   To start up my career in professionally managed organization where my interpersonal skills
    and administrative acumen can be utilized and routed towards my professional growth leading
    to organizational growth.
   After five year I would like to see three steps ahead in the hierarchy where ever I’ll be
   I want to establish myself in a managerial position having appropriate responsibility with my
    qualification and experience after five year of span.
   If my organisation and my clients are happy with my performance & service provided
    respectively I’ll be happy enough and will consider myself successful. I’ll achieve this
    success with the help of my dedication,hardwork,honesty and learning ability with frequent
    changing environment.

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