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									                             March 6, 2011                   March 13, 2011
Call to Worship              W. Davis/ J. Redic              W. Davis/J. Redic                 Suitland Road Church of Christ
Scripture                    G. Baker                        R. Eldridge
Prayer                       D. Shobe                        J. Jones                      4815 Suitland Road, Suitland, MD 20746
Song Leader
                             T. Maxwell
                             E. Maxwell, Sr.
                                                             M. Jackson
                                                             E. Maxwell, Sr.
                                                                                                         (301) 420-5371
Offering                     D. Ruffner                      L. Boykin
Communion                    D. Ruffner                      L. Boykin                  Volume 27 Number 10                 March 6, 2011
Announcements                R. Goode                        E. Sykes
Closing Prayer               L. Maxwell                      A. Norfleet

                   Evening Worship- March 2011
Call to Worship              W. Davis
Scripture                    T. Hawkins, Jr.
Prayer                       J. Bernola
Sermon                       E. Maxwell, Sr.
Song Leader                  A. Bryant
Offering/Communion           D. Brice
Announcements                D. Brice
Closing Prayer               T. Hawkins, Sr.

              Contributions-February 27, 2011
                    Gen: $3,983.00 Bldg: $190.00
                       Weekly Budget $ 4,500.00
Donations are still being accepted for our bus transportation.

          --Sermon CDs Available Free to Visitors & Guests--
                                                                                                   Schedule of Services
                                                                                                     Sunday Bible Class               9:30 A.M
                    What Must I Do To Be Saved?                                                      Morning Worship                 11:00 A.M
                                                                                                     Evening Worship                   6:00 P.M
                        Hear the Gospel- Acts 15:7
                    Believe the Gospel- Mark 16:15- 16                                               Wednesday Bible Class     Noon & 7:00 P.M
                        Repent of Sins – Acts 17:30
                    Confess Christ – Romans 10: 9-10                                                      Edward L. Maxwell, Sr., Minister
                Be Baptized for remission of sins- Acts 2:38                                                      (240) 691-9239
                                                                                         William C. Davis                        Elder (240) 691-9238
                                                                                         James Redic, Sr.                         Elder (240) 691-9237
                                                                                         Andrew Johnson                                  David Ruffner
►Please send all bulletin announcements &address/phone updates to this email address:
                                                                      ►9th Annual Youth Conference on Abstinence-PG
            Welcome to our Visitors                                   Church of Christ- Saturday, March 19th from 10:00 a.m.
Welcome to the Suitland Road Church of Christ. We                     to 4:00 p.m.- FREE-Registration required. - Contact Bro.
are truly blessed by your presence today. We thank                    Greg Baker for additional information & Registration.
God for your decision to worship with us. May the                     ►Youth Rally – March 26, 2011 - 8 AM to 4 PM hosted
praise, preaching and the prayers in today’s service give             by Capital church of Christ, 1790 Lincoln Drive,
                                                                      Annapolis, MD 21401-Theme:“I’ve Gone to Prepare a
you joy and confidence to face the week ahead. Please                 Place” John 14:2-Cost $10 Lunch; Please Register
feel free to ask questions if you need further                        EARLY! Contact: Bro. Lee Hamilton Jr., Youth
clarification, information and understanding regarding                Coordinator, 443-889-3798,
our service today. We pray that you will come back          ;
and worship the Lord with us.                                         ►37th Annual Ladies Day Spring Luncheon- Saturday
                                                                      March 26, 2011-hosted by East Capitol COC-Registration
                                                                      begins:11"15 a.m.- Program: 12 Noon- Theme:"Stop
           Prayer Request/Responses                                   Complaining and Act"-Speaker Sister Esther Smith-
Sisters: Jessie Fulwood, Connie Bingham                               Northern Virginia COC
Mildred Howard, Latoya Shobe                                          ►67th Annual National Lectureship of Churches of
              Special Prayer Request                                  Christ- March 29-April 2, 2011. Theme: "God's Today
Carla Camp, Sandy Sykes, Lucy Hewlett, Queen Duval,                   Truth, Ancient But Not Antiquated"-Location: New York
Annel Clark, Clarence Stafford, Betty Wilson & son,                   Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City, NY. Registration
Rose Wilkins & Son, Dorothy Eldridge, Tabitha Smith,                  cost: $185.00. Flyer on bulletin board .
Sis. Tabor & family, Jerome Jones, Robert James, Lisa                 ►April 2, 2011-Ladies’ Day – 8:30 AM-Manassas
Barnes & Ron, Eugene & Julia Clark, Brenda Farmer-                    Church of Christ- 8110 Signal Hill Road, Manassas, VA-
Cross, Andrew Johnson’s mother, Sandra Cypress’s                      phone 703-368-2622-Theme: “Come Grow Your
mother, Dorothy Simpkin's sister,                                     Garden"Speaker Denell Dennis from Garland, Texas
                                                                      ► April 2, 2011-Ladies’ Day – 8 AM-Laurel church of
    Suitland Road Announcements                                       Christ, - 7111 Cherry Lane, Laurel, MD 20707- phone
►The SRCOC youth will be participating in the Bible                   301-490-0777: Theme: “Treasures of the Heart”--
Bowl on March 12, 2011 at Laurel Church of Christ.                    Speakers: Lynn Birus and Renee Wharton of the Laurel
They have studied the chapters in the book of Acts and                congregation
are prepared to compete and show their knowledge of the               ►April 16, 2011-SONGFEST 2011 – SINGING A
Word of God. Please pray for our young people and                     CRUSADE FOR CHRIST-East Baltimore church of
come out and show your support. Contact Sister Mae                    Christ, 9420 Belair Road, Baltimore, MD 21236--Come
Johnson for additional information.                                   ready to sing, pat your feet, and praise God like a united
► Youth Building Clean-up - March 11, 2011                            army ready to head into the Crusade for Christ 2011!
►Ladies Building Clean-up, Friday, March 18, 2011@                    ►One PULSE Singles & Young Adults Conference-
5:30 p.m.                                                             April 8-10, 2011-Hosted by PG Church of Christ. Visit
►Ladies Bible Class Meeting - Sunday, March 20, 2011         for additional information.
after morning service. Sister Emma Stafford will be
hosting the meeting. Sister Mae Johnson will present a                 20 11 National Crusade for Christ Events
lesson on "The Inner Circle". All ladies are invited to               ►SRCOC Crusade Registration- Registration
attend.                                                               forms are available to all members who want to register
►Men's meeting/Building Clean-up- Date/Time to be                     and pay for the Crusade and Banquet. Information sheets
announced.                                                            and registration available in the side foyer. IF YOU
►Youth/Family Activity- Universal Soul Circus @                       WANT TO REGISTERED, PLEASE SEE SISTER
Capital Plaza Mall-Saturday, May 7, 2011 @ 12 noon                    WASHINGTON OR SISTER LEWIS
$20.00 -Please contact Bro. Baker or Sis. Cheryl Tabor if                **February onsite Crusade registrations will be
you are interested in attending. Payments due ASAP.                    mailed out this week. It is not too late to register and
                                                                           we will include it with the February mail-out.
              Birthdays & Anniversaries
         12- Kendall Powell, 13- Pearl Morrow,                        ► CRUSADE FOR CHRIST BANQUET- August 27,
 16- Valerie Lewis-Cleveland, , 29- Alvenia Washington                2011--Washington Hilton Hotel, 1919 Connecticut NW,
             Jerome & Connie Bingham -27th                            Washington, DC--Cost is $45.00 per person.
                                                                      ►CRUSADE FOR CHRIST- August 28- September 1,
► In case of inclement weather call church office @301-420-5371 for   2011--Washington Hilton Hotel, 1919 Connecticut NW,
                  service cancellation information                    Washington, DC; Registration Fee: Adults $30; $5 for
                                                                      children under 12 years of age; Hotel reservations must be
         CHURCHES OF CHRIST EVENTS                                    made directly with the hotel. Please notify the clerk when
►33rd Annual Ladies Day-March 12, 2011-hosted by                      making reservations of your affiliation and registration with
Sandy Lane COC, Richmond, VA- Theme: Heart Ready?                     the Crusade for Christ 2011 to receive special rates.
Lift up your Voice and Praise" See flyer on the bulletin              Washington Hilton Hotel (800) 445-8667, 202-483-3000.
board for additional information.

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