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									   Course: Quest                                                MSD Curriculum Map                                                      Grade Levels: 3-5

  Time                                                                                           Performance
  Frame        Content/Topic         Observable Proficiencies/Skills       NJCCCS           Benchmarks/Assessment            Materials and Activities
4 months   Inventions- What does Interview others to determine          Sci 5.2; LA 3.2 Observable participation,         Read the series, Who Was?
           it take to be an      needs that should be addressed         3.4; Math 4.4, written and oral presentation of   eg Who Was Thomas
           inventor?             by new inventions; analyze names       4.5; Tech 8.1; invention model, rubric scoring    Edison? read Mistakes that
                                 of inventions such as root words,      SS 6.3; Career                                    Work, field trips, eg.
                                 prefixes, suffixes; research past      Ed 9.1-9.2                                        Glenmont/Thomas Edison's
                                 and present inventors/inventions;                                                        Laboratory, library collection,
                                 view print and nonprint texts and                                                        computers, craft supplies as
                                 sources; create a prototype of an                                                        needed
                                 original invention; create a rubric
                                 to judge student inventions

4 months   How would you have      Create map of original 13          LA 3.2-3.5; SS    Map of 13 colonies, observable Library collection, computers,
           survived in Colonial    colonies; explore colonial crafts, 6.1-6.5; Tech     participation, written and oral   craft supplies as needed
           America? Why were       skills, and professions; study     8.1               presentation of colonial life and
           some colonies more      American Revolution including the                    work
           successful than         founding of the government

4 months    How did the native     Write a creative story about the     LA 3.2-3.5; SS Write and illustrate a story,      Library collection, computers,
           cultures adapt to their day in the life of a Native American 6.1-6.5; Tech create crafts, and present          craft supplies as needed;
           environment?            as a culmination to studying         8.1; V/P 1.2-1.5 research                         environmental education
                                   Native American life; create                                                           activities, i.e. Children of the
                                   samples of Native American                                                             Earth Foundation (Tracker
                                   crafts; research various tribes                                                        Program)
   Course: Quest                                               MSD Curriculum Map                                                              Grade Levels: 3-5
 4 months How did the ancient     Research ancient civilizations         V/P 1.1- 1.5;       Written original report and oral     Library collection, computers,
          civilizations evolve?   using multiple sources; use            LA 3.1-3.5;         presentation, narrative              craft supplies as needed;
                                  dramatic arts to extend                Math 4.1-4.4;       translated into hieroglyphics,       residencies relating to The
                                  mythology; research basic              Sci 5.1-5.2, 5.7-   topical/political maps, scientific   Odyssey and Romulus and
                                  elements of architecture and           5.8; SS 6.5;        process for mummification,           Remus; Ancient Civilizations
                                  create geographic maps; apply          Tech 8.1            mosaic design, teacher               Day
                                  ancient written expression                                 observation, rubric assessment
                                  (Hieroglyphics and numeral
                                  notation); analyze similarities and
                                  differences between ancient daily
                                  life and today; create art projects
                                  including mosaics and sculpture;
                                  study the political/military systems
                                  of the ancient civilizations; learn
                                  the mummification process and its
                                  cultural importance
4 months What is an               Apply key vocabulary                   LA 3.1-3.5;         Develop Frayer/Semantic              Trip to Columbia University
         earthquake? How do       (implicit/explicit) from multiple      Math 4.3-4.5;       mapping vocabulary board.            Seismology Lab, Earthquake
         earthquakes impact       written texts; observe and identify    Sci 5.1-5.8; SS     Create an authentic graphic          Day. library collection,
         daily life? How has      wave mechanics for primary,            6.1-6.5; Tech       organizer; map skills with data      computers, craft/building
         the study of             secondary, and surface waves;          8.1-8.2; Career     collection summarized on an          supplies as needed,
         earthquakes evolved      use principles of physics to           Ed 9.1; V/P 1.3     Excel sheet, earthquake              earthquake simulator,
         since the introduction   understand/analyze the five                                simulation test, self evaluation     Symour Simon Series.
         of advanced scientific   fundamental stresses including                             summary (infusion of prior
         instruments?             tension, torsion, shear, bending,                          content and skills)
                                  and compression; use numerical
                                  data from seismic stations to pin
                                  point exact epicenter locations
                                  and magnitudes for specific
                                  earthquakes; design an original
                                  blue print applying principles of
                                  architecture and design; construct
                                  an earthquake resistant building
                                  using various materials; use self
                                  assessment to determine
                                  individual effectiveness of
                                  building (tested on the simulator);
                                  write an "Individual Improvement
                                  Plan" to improve building design
   Course: Quest                                                  MSD Curriculum Map                                                          Grade Levels: 3-5
4-6        How does the              Demonstrate understanding of the       V/P Arts 1.2-    Observable participation,          Tour a local law firm; guest
months     American legal system     Constitution, Bill of Rights,          1.4; LA 3.1-     create and perform mock trial      speakers from NJ State Bar;
           impact individual civil   amendments, and the federal and        3.5; SS 6.1-     meeting intermediate               attending Law Fair
           rights?                   state judicial systems; students       6.4;Tech 8.1;    indicators; critical analyses of   sponsored trip by NJ State
                                     will create and perform a mock trial   Career Ed 9.1-   previous winning mock trials       Bar Foundation, as well as
                                                                            9.2              and real cases                     viewing materials prepared
                                                                                                                                by it; read books such as You
                                                                                                                                be the Jury
4 months   How does a business       Develop a basic understanding of       V/P 1.2; LA      Research marketability of a        Visit local restaurant, guest
           thrive in a free          the difference between wants and       3.2-3.5; Math    restaurant in the US; create a     speakers, resource material
           enterprise economic       needs; identify factors that           4.1, 4.2, 4.4;   business plan including            from Foundation for Free
           system?                   influence consumer behavior;           Science 5.1;     knowledge of customer base,        Enterprise, computers, art
                                     understand the components of           SS 6.4; Tech     theme, price points,               supplies
                                     establishing a business                8.1, Career Ed   advertising, present plan to The
                                                                            9.1-9.2          Foundation for Free Enterprise

4 months   What makes one            View various American artists and      V/P 1.1-1.5;     Write an essay critiquing two      Computers, art supplies,
           American artist more      periods to develop an overall          LA 3.2-3.5; SS   American artists; create a         library collection, group art
           influential than          perspective; select two artists to     6.2, 6.5; Tech   painting in the style of one of    show and critique
           another?                  compare and contrast both their        8.1              the artists; participate in a
                                     style and period; understand                            group art critique
                                     critiquing artistic technique,
                                     expression, and materials

3-4        Extend intellectual       Select a topic of interest to          TBD including    Present research paper and         Computers, library collection,
months     development by            research, determine best               LA, Tech; may    project, including work cited      art supplies as needed,
           pursuing an               resources to utilize; analyze and      include any      (bibliography); respond to         outside periodicals,
           independent research      synthesize data in their own words     other subject    questions and comments from
           project                                                          standard         peers and teachers
     Course: Quest                                             MSD Curriculum Map                                                     Grade Levels: 3-5
4 months How do                    Create an original time line of      Math 4.1-4.5;    Presentation of original       Computers, graphic
         environmental,            events to trace significant          SS 6.1- 6.3;     timeline, concept attainment   organizers, library collection,
         political, and judicial   developments (milestones) in the     Tech 8.1-8.2;    chart w/ original headings,    guest speakers, trip to NY
         ramifications impact      US financial system; apply           LA 3.1-3.5;      Excel sheet, individual        Stock Exchange
         the global financial      essential vocabulary to create an    Career Ed 9.1-   business ranking systems,
         markets? How has          original concept attainment          9.2; V/P 1.4     authentic mutual fund
         trading US securities     graphic organizer; apply                              prospectus, national essay
         evolved dating back       mathematical data to organize,                        contest, oral presentation
         from the Buttonwood       classify, and rank United States
         Agreement?                companies on an Excel sheet; use
                                   current events (national and
                                   global) to infer market trends;
                                   design and construct a mutual
                                   fund project based on personal
                                   investment strategies using
                                   fundamental analysis, quantitative
                                   research, and technical analysis;
                                   create an authentic PowerPoint
                                   presentation for an audience
                                   (Mutual fund prospectus);
                                   participate in a national essay
                                   contest sponsored and
                                   coordinated by a national
                                   organization called Invest Write
Supplemental Units/Events
                                   G&T Consortium trips as an                                                           Math Marathon; Learning
NA        NJCGTP                   extension of G&T curriculum                                                          Carnival; Spelling Bee
                                   Literature based themes that are
NA        Junior Great Books       woven in other units
          10 Things All            Science themes that are woven in
          Scientists Should        other units
NA        Know

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