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									                                 Request for Proposals
                       Real Estate Services for Scattered Site Sales
                                       May 8, 2009

1. Overview
The Housing Authority of the City of Loveland (HACOL) is requesting proposals from
Colorado-licensed real estate brokers/firms to assist HACOL in the sale of 25 residential
properties, consisting of 29 units located throughout the City of Loveland. The properties will be
divided into four groups based on geographic location in Loveland (see Exhibit A). HACOL
will select a real estate firm/brokerage firm for each group of properties based on several criteria.
A real estate broker/firm may bid on and be awarded more than one group. Only one proposal
per property group will be accepted from a real estate broker/firm.

Responses to this Request for Proposals are due to HACOL no later than June 1, 2009. See
section 6 for complete submittal process and requirements.

2. The Housing Authority of the City of Loveland
The mission of the Housing Authority of the City of Loveland is to provide opportunities for
home and community, through affordable housing. HACOL manages several housing programs
to ensure that low and moderate income residents of Loveland have access to safe, decent, and
affordable housing. In partnership with our 501(c)3 partner, the Loveland Housing Development
Corporation, HACOL owns and manages nine apartment complexes in Loveland, two apartment
complexes in Estes Park, and one senior duplex community in Milliken. In total, HACOL
manages nearly 600 units in Loveland. HACOL also manages 671 Section 8 Housing Choice
vouchers in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Housing Authority of the City of Loveland is governed by a five-member Board of
Commissioners, which is appointed to five-year terms by the Loveland City Council. The
programs operated by HACOL are funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD), local and state grants, Low Income Housing Tax Credit partnerships, and
rental income. Additional background information can be found at HACOL’s website at

3. Disposition of Public Housing Homes
After extensive consultation and examination of various options, HACOL has determined it is in
the best interest of its participants and the fiscal health of the Authority to sell its scattered-site
public housing properties located throughout Loveland. In March of 2009, HACOL received
permission from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to sell said
properties. These are not considered “HUD Homes.” Approval from HUD was based on
HACOL’s plan to sell the properties at fair market value and maximize proceeds. HACOL
intends to use sales proceeds to build additional affordable housing properties in Loveland, in
conjunction with Low Income Housing Tax Credits.

As part of the sale of these properties, HACOL will assist the current residents to find new
housing. Per HUD regulations, each family will have 90 days from the date of notification to
relocate. HACOL has applied to HUD for Section 8 Housing Choice vouchers for each affected
household. Current occupying families may or may not be relocated before the home is put on
the market.

Many of the current residents have expressed a desire to remain in their homes, utilizing their
Section 8 voucher. While it is not a requirement for sale, for these properties HACOL prefers to
sell to a landlord that will accept Section 8 vouchers, to allow the resident to remain in place.

Please note: The Housing Authority of the City of Loveland will not proceed with the
disposition of Public Housing properties until affected households are assigned Section 8
vouchers. This is likely to occur but is not guaranteed, and the exact date is not known. HACOL
expects to receive vouchers from HUD in approximately June, 2009.

4. Proposal Purpose
The purpose of this request is to gain expert assistance in all phases of the sale of real property.
The primary objectives for these services are to:
    Identify property improvements needed for marketing/sale.
    Market properties for maximum disposition price.
    Optimize sale proceeds to HACOL.
    Represent HACOL in real estate transactions.

5. Scope of Work
The selected Real Estate Broker/Firm will be expected to perform the following services:
 Advise HACOL of any suggested physical improvements to each property, that would
   enhance the Broker’s ability to market the property and improve HACOL’s net sales revenue.
 Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for a particular group of properties to achieve
   HACOL’s objectives.
 Represent HACOL in real estate transactions as a Seller’s Agent.
 Facilitate Buyer’s due diligence inspections.
 Advise HACOL on issues that arise between the Buyer and HACOL, and other duties
   customarily provided by a full-service Real Estate Broker/Firm.
 Adhere to all federal, state and local laws, as well as all Colorado Real Estate laws and

HACOL reserves the right to enter into contracts with more than one Broker/Firm. The
properties will be divided into four groups based on geographic location in Loveland (See
Exhibit A). HACOL will select a Real Estate Firm/Broker for each group of properties based on
several criteria. Each applicant may bid on one, several, or all groups of properties. An

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applicant may not choose some properties within a group and not others. A Broker/Firm may be
awarded more than one group.

Submittal Process and Requirements
Please submit one original copy of proposal by the close of business June 1, 2009.
       Housing Authority of the City of Loveland
       375 West 37th Street, Suite 200
       Loveland, CO 80538
       Attn: Jeff Feneis

Please include email contact information with your submission.

Questions from Prospective Respondents:
Any prospective respondent desiring an explanation or interpretation of the solicitation, etc.,
must submit a written request (electronic email is acceptable) to Jeff Feneis at email
jfene@lovelandhsg.org by May 26, 2009. A written reply to each request will be posted within
48 hours on the HACOL website at:
It is the responsibility of prospective respondents to visit HACOL’s website to locate posted
updates. Verbal explanations or instructions given will not be binding.

Completed proposals must include the following information:
To facilitate evaluation, proposals should address and be organized in the order of the outline
given below and include the following information. The format for responses in each section is
not specified.

    1. Broker Qualifications: (Relates to Evaluation Criterion 1)
       Proposals shall describe the Broker’s (and all key team members) qualifications,
       including information demonstrating the following:
            Broker has an active and current, unsuspended license as a Real Estate Broker in
              the State of Colorado.
            Supervising/Firm Broker has a minimum of five years of current experience in
              selling residential properties in Loveland, Colorado, including single family and
              multifamily properties, with at least two years experience as a real estate agent.
            Broker’s knowledge of the Loveland residential real estate market, current land
              values, prevailing rents and particular areas of specialization, e.g., neighborhoods
              or types of property.
            Broker’s experience in the particular geographic area for which you are applying.
              (See Exhibit A for “groups”).
            Ability to successfully sell residential properties that have been owned and
              maintained as rental properties.
            Capacity to conduct effective marketing of the properties, including production
              and distribution of materials and use of appropriate communication tools.
            Skills in negotiation and market/financial analysis.

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          A copy of the Broker’s resume and licensure, and a copy of the resume and
           licensure of any other key team members.
          Broker’s experience working with government agencies, non-profit housing
           providers, or public-private partnerships in selling residential properties (Housing
           Authorities), if any.
          Broker’s experience with first-time home buyers.
          Broker is able to list any and all properties on the Multiple Listing Service.
          Broker’s involvement in the Loveland community.

2. Project Management Plan (Relates to Evaluation Criterion 2)
        Provide a project management plan that addresses the company’s overall
           approach, including tasks necessary to complete scope of work. Each item
           identified in Section 5, Scope of Work, should be addressed.
        Based on the past year’s (2008) performance, please provide the average days on
           market for properties you listed (one average figure for all properties). We
           understand that market conditions have played a significant role in this statistic.

3. Fee and Commission (Relates to Evaluation Criterion 3)
    Proposals shall describe in detail the Broker’s complete fee structure for performing the
    Scope of Work outlined in Section 5, and the proposed commission for selling the
    properties listed in Exhibit A. Brokers may submit different fee structures based on
    different sale groups.

4. References (Relates to Evaluation Criterion 4)
   Provide the name, address, phone number and email for a minimum of three references
   with which you have done similar work. The Firm/Broker may provide three references
   for the entire team.

   Any company/team selected for final consideration will be required to provide evidence
   of the following:
        Professional registration/certification, if required.
        Proof of insurance coverage.

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7. Selection Process and Evaluation Criteria
Proposals will be reviewed by a team of Housing Authority staff, and candidates selected for
final consideration will be interviewed. A final selection will be made no later than June 14,

The primary criteria for evaluation are each assigned a point value based on relative importance.
These criteria include:
                             Evaluation Criteria                                    Points)
     Broker's Qualifications (including other proposed key team members
 1 and agents, if any)                                                                 25
     Broker's proposed plan (“Narrative”) for implementation of Scope of
 2 Work                                                                                40
     Proposed fee structure and commissions that are most advantageous to
 3 HACOL will receive the most points                                                  25
 4   References: Quality and direct applicability.                                     10
                              Maximum Total Points                                    100

8. Costs
The issuance of this solicitation does not obligate HACOL to pay any costs incurred by any
Respondent in connection with:
    Preparation and presentation of an Offer
    Any supplement or modification of this solicitation
    Negotiation with HACOL or other parties arising out of or relating to this solicitation or
       the subject matter of this solicitation

9. Attachments
The following attachments are included with this Request for Qualifications:
    Exhibit A: Describes properties to be disposed

10. Award of Contract
The Housing Authority of the City of Loveland reserves the right to make as many awards as it
sees appropriate. Notwithstanding any other provision of the RFP, the Housing Authority of the
City of Loveland Housing Authority reserves the right to:
     Waive any immaterial defect or informality, or
     Reject any or all bids or proposals, or portions thereof, or
     Reissue the RFP

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Timeline Review:
    May 8 – Issuance of RFP
    May 26 – Questions or inquires regarding RFP due to Jeff Feneis (see above email
    May 28 – Within 48 hours of receipt HACOL will post all submitted questions with
       HACOL’s responses, on HACOL’s website:
      June 1 - Final Proposals due to Loveland Housing Authority
      June 14 – Property listing contract awarded to selected realtor(s)

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                                            Exhibit A
                                   25 Properties for Disposition

All properties listed are currently occupied and prospective respondents shall not trespass on
these properties, take pictures of the properties or contact the residents of the properties or their
neighbors. Please contact Jeff Feneis at the Housing Authority of the City of Loveland if you
have a requirement to visit properties.

The 25 properties are divided into four groups as follows, based on geographic location within
Loveland. HACOL will select a Real Estate Firm/Broker for each group of properties. Each
applicant may bid to list and market one, several, or all groups of properties. An applicant may
not choose some properties within a group and not others. A Broker/Firm may be awarded more
than one group.

East Loveland
5 Properties
                                                Number of         Value
Address                                         Bedrooms        (May, 2008)
1416/1422/1428 East 6th Street (Tri-plex)         3 each         $250,000
1540/1542/1544 East 5th Street (Tri-Plex)         3 each         $250,000
1429 East 6th Street                                 4           $140,000
1431 East 6th Street                                 4           $140,000
1029 White Elm Drive                                 4           $170,000

South Loveland
6 Properties
                                                Number of         Value
Address                                         Bedrooms        (May, 2008)
1025 SW 21st Street                                 4            $153,000
1209 Eilene Place                                   4            $153,000
920 SW 21st Street                                  4            $148,000
928 SW 21st Street                                  4            $153,000
665 SW 18th Street                                  3            $166,000
730 SW 22nd Street                                  3            $155,000

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Northwest Loveland
8 Properties
                              Number of     Value
Address                       Bedrooms    (May, 2008)
1918 Buena Vista Drive            4        $167,000
2206 North Empire Avenue          3        $154,000
2562 Fleming Drive                4        $184,000
3007 North Sheridan Avenue        3        $154,000
3113 Colorado Avenue              3        $159,000
3312 North Birch Drive            3        $151,000
3816 Conifer Drive                4        $172,000
3978 Boulder Drive                4        $186,000

Southwest Loveland
6 Properties
                              Number of     Value
Address                       Bedrooms    (May, 2008)
1103 Ida Drive                    4        $153,000
833 South Del Norte Avenue        4        $148,000
1828 South Del Norte Avenue       3        $168,500
903 Heather Drive                 3        $140,000
126 Blossom Drive                 3        $142,500
1521 West 12th Street             3        $151,000

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