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Angela Cornall

Objective         To find a position related to my training and experience

Education         2004-2005               NSCC Akerley Campus                  Dartmouth NS
                  Continuing Care Assistant
                   Course included Communications, practical, Computer Applications

                  2004-2005               NSCC Akerley Campus                  Dartmouth NS
                   Fully Certified

                  1983-1985               Cole Harbour High                    Dartmouth NS
                   Full range of academic courses, plus various committees, teams

Work experience   2004                    Akerley NSCC Campus                  Dartmouth NS
                  Work Term
                   Trade related work experience

                  2004-present            Caladonia Homes Incorporated         Dartmouth NS
                  Small options Home
                   caregiver/home management

                  1996-2002               Gleneagle Bakery                     Dartmouth NS
                  Pastry cook/Manager
                   management

Courses taken     Introduction to computers, reiki healing, business management
                  Standard first aid/Cpr.

Skills            Practical, communication, volunteer, Microsoft Windows, Excel, Portfolio
                  development, human life cycle, Personal Care, body mechanics,
                  Household management, and Personal Care.

References        Available on request

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