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									Economic Research Center

       Annual Report

                  Baki, Caspian Plaza,
                      March 11, 2010

   Programs
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        Our Mission

ERC is dedicated to strengthening
participatory governance and overall economic
growth. ERC’ mission is to nurture the
economic growth and improved administration
practices throughout the country, especially in
areas of participatory democracy amplifying
the voices and opinions of lower government
tiers and ordinary people.
  Strategic Goals

ERC’s vision is of effective and
sustainable civic engagement in all
levels of public administration and
thus more citizens’ access to the
related information through building
favorable interactions between the
government and civil society.
Economic Research Center
     What is ERC?

    ERC is in the pursuit of policy
     environment change via the following

 o   ERC   is   a   policy research organization
 o   ERC   is   a   convener
 o   ERC   is   a   preferred reference point
 o   ERC   is   a   whistle-blower
 o   ERC   is   a   bridge between knowledge and policy
Economic Research Center
   Research principles
 The Center’s major research dimensions cover the issues on
   popularizing the economic and business knowledge in the
   society, enhancing transparency and accountability, public
   participation and decentralized governance issues. The
   research dimensions are grounded in the following fundamental

 o   That the Effective teaching Methodology should entail a holistic
     approach to education issues, whether in economic field or
     otherwise, which can go far beyond conventional method
 o   That the new public management under decentralized
     governance should be based on inclusive policies and
 o   That it is vital to keep people aware of evolving issues of
     nationwide interest or concern to ensure timely accountability
     on the side of public officials
 o   That it is the indication of state policy on effective expenditures
 Economic Research Center
Recent research and initiatives

    “ Budget Transparency and Budget Control” program ( 2004-
     ongoing). The project is supported by Oxfam Great Britain and
     Open Society Institute’s Assistance Foundation. In the first phase
     of the program, the monitoring and analysis of funds allocated for
     initial health care from state budget through increasing budget
     transparency has been conducted. The second phase of the
     program aims increase awareness and interest among various
     groups of society towards budget through publications ( “ The
     budget guide of citizen”) concerning the budget.

    “ Support to Economic Education” Program ( 2004-still
     continues). The project aims at promoting active economic
     education methods and increased teaching quality at schools.
     Financed by CEE and held in various regions across the country,
     the annual workshops involve teachers to develop their skills in
     teaching of economics.
  Economic Research Center
Recent research and initiatives

      “ Alternative Inflation Rate and Model Development”
       project has been launched since 2009. The project is
       financed by the Switzerland's State Secretariat for
       Economic Co-operation ( SECO). One of the main project
       directions is to build econometric model for forecasting of
       inflation and measuring impact level of factors influencing
       to inflation level in Azerbaijan. Nevertheless, carry out
       observations of changes occurred in consumer price index
       in 22 regions.
      “ Strengthening Local Self-Governance in Azerbaijan”
       program. The project acquired financial support from
       Oxfam ( Great Britain) and ICCO ( Holland) organizations.
       The aim of the project is raise trust of communities
       toward municipalities, improve the position of
       municipalities in dialogue with government and attain
       enhancement of municipalities through increasing financial
       resources in Azerbaijan.
      Economic Research Center
    Recent research and initiatives

   “ Evaluation of Impact of State Budget Expenses On Social Field from
    Macroeconomic Equilibrium Perspective” project. It has been launched
    since 2009 and financed by the Civil Society Project of Counterpart
    Organization and Open Society Institute’s Assistance Foundation. It has
    been started to analyze social related state budget expenditures.
    Furthermore, essence, efficacy of pension reforms and their impact on
    pensioners implemented in the country has been researched.

   “ Household Budget Survey Methodology Development” project ( 2008-
    2010) implements with financial assistance of USAID and
    organizational support of Counterpart and World Learning
    organizations. The main activity carried out within the project has been
    survey among 3 thousand households. The survey aimed evaluation of
    access possibilities of population to social services. The project will serve
    for strengthening of Azerbaijan state’s poverty reduction and regions
    development program strategy, as well as methodological development
    of household budget survey.
 Economic Research Center
Recent research and initiatives

   “Dutch Disease in Azerbaijan: A Disease After All?” is a
    researched based project financed by US Department
    of State. The project has been implemented by the
    University of North Carolina and Economic Research
    Center. Impact of the “ Dutch Disease” on Azerbaijan
    has been researched within the project. Moreover, a
    special survey has been conducted among business
    parties operating in Azerbaijan. More than 500
    enterprises participated at the survey. The survey
    results were presented on December 10, 2009 at the
    University of North Carolina.

   “ Agricultural Input Market” launched since 2009. The
    project has been financed by Oxfam Novib. Current
    condition of agricultural system of Azerbaijan has been
    researched through statistical analyses and economic-
    mathematic methods within the project.
       Management Structure

                                   Advisory Board

                                    Management Board


    Office for Research Planning                        Administrative Office
          and Coordination
Macroeconomic Policy and Researches                      Monitoring Group

         Public finance and
           state budget                                Public Relations
        Local Finance and
                                                       External Communications
        Municipality Budget
                                                         Human Resources

                                                        Quality Control
     Policy and Rules

   Accounting Policy

   Rules on Public Relations

   Quality Control Standards

   Rules on Human Resources

   Rules on External Relations

   Communication strategy
       Economic Research Center
         Information resources

   ERC has rich and reliable information
    base. The major part of this base is
    formed through Center’s own researches
    (outcomes of statistical observation for 3
    years on Consumer Price Index within 22
    regions, conducted survey among 3000
    households, including conducted survey
    among 300 business firms for the aim of
    learning affects of global financial crisis
    to the business sector).
                  Economic Research Center
                     Public Discussions
   ERC has held 9 conferences(
    including 1 international conference),
    9 round table discussions, 12
    presentations and public discussions,
    2 seminars and trainings and 1 radio
    debate. Over 30 local and foreign
    specialists, as well as representatives
    of international organizations and
    foreign embassies, including roughly
    15 Mass Media took place.

   Department on public affairs of ERC
    divulged 14 press releases. The opinions
    and interviews of ERC experts in different
    matters elucidated between 70-80 times
    in a month at mass media. At the same
    time 9 informational bulletin related to
    ERC’s activities was published in two
    languages ( Azerbaijan and English) and
    including 7 editions of “ Expert” magazine
    has been published and distributed
    among partners.
          Economic Research Center
             Event                2007   2008   2009

          Conference               11     11     9

    Round Table Discussion         2      6      9

    Presentations and public       3      10     12
    Seminars and trainings         7      50     2

         Press Release             5      18     14

Radio/TV talk shows and debates    15     3      3
      “Ekspert” magazine           11     10     7

          Newsletter               3      12     9
Economic Research Center
     Public affairs

                 Training & Seminars

  Round tables
                   2        Press Release
         9                             14
   Conferences           Presentation & public discussion
Economic Research Center
Economic Research Center
  Information Bulletins
                Economic Research Center
               Participation on International
   December 05, 2008 – January 06, 2009, USA Laurence, Mississippi, Kansas
   January 11– May23, 2009, USA Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina
   March 06-11 2009, Philippines, Manila, Conference of ADBI
   March 23-29 2009, Turkey, İstanbul, Soros Foundation –NY office
   July 20 - August15 2009, Bulgaria, Open Society Institute Fellowship
   October 22-23 2009, Turkey, İstanbul, NATO advanced research workshop
   October 24-25 2009, Ukrain, Lvov, PASOS annual conference
   October 29-30 2009, Romania, Bukharest, Blacksea NGO Forum
   November 16-17 2009, Belgium, Brussels, Eastern Partnership NGO Forum
   November 16-8 2009, Canada, Montreal, Publish What You Pay annual
   December 05-11 2009, USA Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina
   December 18-21 2009, Kazakhstan, Almaty, NUPİ seminar.
Economic Research Center

Inflation Calculator

                 It is possible to
                calculate Consumption
                Price Index with the
                inflation calculator
                individually. List of
                goods and comparison
                period are chosen for it.
                The result shows
                inflation rate of goods
                used at the chosen
                   Economic Research Center
   ERC is the member
    of Publish What You
    Pay, PASOS,
    ALDA and Black Sea
    Ngo Forum. The
    Center is one of the
    establishers of local
    civic public
    coalitions, such as
    National Budget
    Group, Call for
    Health NGO Alliance,
    Municipal Alliance,
    Extractive Industries
    Initiative, and Global
    Call To Action
    Against Poverty
    Azerbaijan National
Municipality Tax Calculator

                    With the help of
                   municipality tax
                   calculator each
                   person could
                   calculate local taxes
                   as land and property
                   taxes, field taxes of
                   local importance on
                   construction materials
                   paid to municipality
Economic Research Center
Economic Research Center

   Limitation of participation in state programs
   Weakness of partnership opportunities with private
   Existence of problems in development of Civil Society
   Lack of human and financial resources
   Lack of journalism professionalism on writing economic
   Difficulties on placing information about ERC’s
    researches at electron Mass Media websites and
    telecasts due to their dependence from political power
    Several conservative governmental officials avoiding
    from open discussions and debates with ERC experts
   Persecutions on to journalists and mass media
    structures who disseminate independent information
      Economic Research Center
   References to ERC’s research outcomes are being
    increased ( for instance: The Economist, Financial
    Times, CNN, AlJaazera etc. )
   External relations are being expanded (ENTO,
    Chatam House, WTTN etc.)
   Cooperation with diplomatic structures, international
    organizations, civic society institutions, including
    Mass Media has been broaden;
   Relations with academic spheres, universities and
    research institutions are developing
   Opportunities on cooperation with state bodies and
    as well as influencing to political decision making are
    being increased
     Economic Research Center
          Future Plans

   Expansion of economic and
    commercial activities
   Appeals for state tenders
   Focusing more on research
    initiatives and programs
   Increase the quantity and quality of
    intellect products
   Establishment of bilateral ties with
    world analytics centers
Thank you for attention
        Baku, Azerbaijan AZ1065
Jafar Jabbarli 44, Caspian Plaza 3, floor 9
     Telephone: (+99412) 437 32 30
        Fax: (+99412) 437 32 40

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