How Can the Internet and Internet Technology Facilitate Supply Chain Management by fqh12186


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									                           Take Home Final Questions for MGT6352
                             (Due: May 12, 2010 Total Score: 200)

The Take-Home Open-Book Exam is based on materials from Chapters 9, 10, 12, 14 and all the
related teaching notes and readings. There are EIGHT questions on this test. Please read each
question carefully and provide an answer using at most one page in a Word document. You are
encouraged to integrate related information from more than one chapter or more than one source
in answering a test question. All the answers will be evaluated in terms of relevance,
completeness, organization, and quality of communication. Please list all the questions before the
relevant answers throughout your test paper. Once you’ve completed the test, please submit your
test paper to my live email account under the subject ―Final Exam Submission‖. Please name
your file ―MGT6352 Final_<Your Name>‖. For your test document, please remember to include
MGT6352, Your Name/Take-home Final, and Page Number in the header or footer on each page.
Please use double space for body of text, Times New Roman and size12 for font, and leave 1‖ on
all sides of each page. In case of any questions, feel free to contact me through email. Good luck!

1. What is the bullwhip effect (10 points)? How can supply chain management systems (SCM
programs) deal with it (10 points)?

2. How can the Internet and Internet technology facilitate supply chain management (20 points)?

3. Please briefly describe the seven unique features of e-commerce technology (10 Points). Name
and describe six Internet business models for electronic commerce (10 points). Name and
describe three principal electronic payment systems used on the Internet (10 points).

4. The Internet may not make corporations obsolete, but the corporations will have to change
their business models. Do you agree (10 points)? Why or why not (10 points)?

5. Please download the Excel file OMT List.xls and use Excel’s PivotTable to help you answer
the following questions (20 points):

   Where are the average purchases higher? The answer might tell managers where to focus
    marketing and sales resources, or pitch different messages to different regions.
   What form of payment is the most common? The answer could be used to emphasize in
    advertising the most preferred means of payment.
   Are there any times of day when purchases are most common? Do people buy products while
    at work (likely during the day) or at home (likely in the evening)?
   What’s the relationship between region, type of product purchased, and average sales price?
If you need instruction on how to use Excel PivotTables, you may read the Learning Track
Chapter ―Building and Using Pivot Tables‖ in Chapter 12 on the Student CD-ROM. Or, visit the
textbook website at to go through the training. Or, use the
Internet to search for the free online training classes on Excel PivotTables. You need to answer
each of the four questions in the Word document and attach the completed Excel file named after
your own full name.

6. Improving decision making: Using a web-based DSS for retirement planning (30 points): The
Web sites for CNN Money and MSN Money provide Web-based DSS for financial planning and
decision making. Select either site to plan for retirement. Use your chosen site to determine how
much you need to save to have enough income for your retirement. Assume that you are 50 years
old and plan to retire in 16 years. You have one dependent and $100,000 in savings. Your current
annual income is $85,000. Your goal is to be able to generate an annual retirement income of
$60,000, including Social Security benefit payments.

   a. To calculate your estimated social security benefit, use the Quick Calculator at the Social
      Security Administration Web site (
   b. Use the Web site you have selected to determine how much money you need to save to
      help you achieve your retirement goal.
   c. Critique the site — its ease of use, its clarity, the value of any conclusions reached, and
      the extent to which the site helps investors understand their financial needs and the
      financial markets.

7. Please answer the following questions briefly:
    a. How can DSS help firms with supply chain management and customer relationship
        management (10 points)?
    b. Please use an example to explain how a DSS provide value for a business (10 points)?
    c. Why is project management so important for information systems projects (10 points)?

8. This question is based on the case study on page 543 – Why Can’t Biosense Take Off? Please
identify the risks in the BioSense project (10 points). What management, organization, and
technology factors explain why this project has been difficult to implement (20 points)?



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