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									How Computers Work
   - presentation by Professor Allen Debren, Fairleigh Dick inson University
                How Computers Work
                             - presentation by Professor Allen Debren, Fairleigh Dick inson University
                                                               Internal Components
  interface…              Workstation
                           (client)                                                                      Click to see

                                                                                                     Note: Internet
                                                                                                     connection required to
                                                                                                     access the “How Things
                           Tower                                                                     Work” Website.

                          or CPU                                                                                Click on diagram
                                                                                                                text after your
                                                                                            Monitor             b rowser opens.

Component parts                                                                              (output
of the machine:                                                                              device)
• Hardware
• Software
     • Operating System
     • Applications
• Firmware                                                                                      Mouse
• Input ports
• Input devices                                                                            (input device)
                                          Keyboard (input device)                                                        END
• Output ports
• Output devices
• Memory (RAM)                           Output to Computer                                                    Click to run
• Storage devices                        Network, or to the                                                    Web server
      • Internal                         World-Wide-Web…                                                       animation
     • External
     • Removable

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Internet” Network Presentation
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Website for more detail about
computer hardware

This brief animated presentation will introduce students
of professor Debren’s “Internet for Educators” and
“Computers as a Teacher’s Aid” classes to the basic
concepts of transferring files to and from the FDU
School of Education’s Web server.

Please click on the image above to begin…

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           The Language of the Internet                                                                                   Computers Work”

                    HTML – Hypertext Markup Language                                                                                  END
          Software language used to author and view Web pages on the Internet
                           FTP – File Transfer Protocol
         Process used to move files across the Internet to or from a Web server
                     HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol                                          For additional information please
                                                                                                contact professor Debren by email
                     Process the browser uses to download Web pages                                    at

                                                                                                      The Internet
                                                                             A communication system designed to allow
                        Web Server                                          computers to be connected together across the world
                                                                              in order to access and share digital information.
A special computer designed to display HTML
pages & download files to any computer with a                               SOE Web server domain name:
connection to the Internet and the software                                    This name identifies the server’s unique IP address.
required to download and read the Web files.                                                 Download files from the Web server to
                     Internet Service                                                        any computer on the Internet using an
Upload files         Provider required
                     to connect to the
                                                                                             FTP client, or a Web browser such as
                                                                                                     Netscape or Microsoft
to the SOE           Internet.
                                                                                                       Internet Explorer.
                                         Use FTP client software tool to
Web server               ISP             copy files and send them to the                                                      Click on the
                                           Web server via the Internet.                                                       hyperlink below
                                                                              Download                                         to go to
                                                                             files to any                                       Debren’s
                        C-drive                                                                                                   EdWeb
                                                                            computer on                                            homepage.

                                                                             the Internet
                                                             L-drive       Web address…
                              Network                              The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to your Web site
  FDU Computer Lab                       FDU Novell Server          homepage is

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