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									                                               Context Level DFD’s
For Tatton Homes House sales
This is the description of the process for selling a house from Tatton Homes. All the flows of data between
Tatton homes and external data sources and sinks are highlighted in blue. Each of these needs to go into the
level 0 DFD.

Sales System
The Sales & Marketing Department sends advertisements to local newspapers to promote each new
housing development.
Each housing development has a Sales Office and at least one show house. The Sales Advisor’s job is
to provide information about the houses to potential customers.
If a customer decides to purchase a house, the Sales Advisor completes a Sales Agreement form that
specifies which plot and house type the customer wants.
This form is given to the customer. The customer checks and signs the form, and gives the Sales
Advisor a cheque for £350 to secure the chosen plot.
The Sales Agreement form is in duplicate. One copy is retained by the Sales Advisor on site, and
another is sent, with the cheque, to the Commercial Department, so that legal aspects can be dealt
Once the Commercial Department has received its copy of the Sales Agreement form and the cheque,
a letter of confirmation is sent to the customer. A Customer Details form is enclosed for the customer
to complete and return. This form requests information about the customer’s solicitor and mortgage
After the customer has completed and returned the Customer Details form, the Commercial
Department sends a contract to the customer’s solicitor.
Once the customer’s solicitor has completed the necessary checks, a letter is sent to the customer with
an invitation to call into the solicitor’s office to sign the contract. This contract is then sent to the
Commercial Department at Tatton Homes Ltd. The customer’s solicitor also writes a letter to the
customer's mortgage provider.
On completion, the customer’s mortgage provider pays the outstanding balance to Tatton Homes Ltd’s
Commercial Department. The customer now owns the property.

In a Level 0 DFD you analyse all the data flows that occur between the organisation and any
external data sources or sinks. All internal processes are ignored. In the Tatton homes example
Tatton Homes is the central box and all information is external to that.


                                                          Reads Advert

                                                                                     Deposit Cheque, Sales
                                                                                     Agreement Form

                                                           Tatton Homes Sales
          Newspapers                                                                     Interest in
                                     House Details                                       house

                                                                                         Info on House

                                                                                         Confirm Ltr

          Mortgage                  Payment
          Provider                                                Contract
                                                                                        Cust Details             Customer

                                           Letter                            Solicitor                   Invitation

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For a simple loan system for a library a Level 0 DFD (Context Level) might look like this.


                              Book Loan

          Clients                                                                               Book Supplier

                                                                                   Book Order
                           Request Loan

                                                                                           Book Supply
                       Return Books

                                                               payment                         Payment
                                                               Book Supply

                                                         Council Finance

1. Draw a context level diagram for the bicycle shop for which you drew and ERD. At the
   context level (Level 0) it will have a rectangular box for the organisation (the shop) and
   oval boxes for customers and wholesalers. To save yourself time the basic components
   have been created in the diagram below and all you need to do is to copy it into a Word file
   and complete it as you think is right.

                                                                                    Order new stock
                                                     Bicycle Shop
                             Purchase                                                     Wholesaler


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