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									Three Person Teams                  Group Project Topic Areas

Alden, Alexander Thomas             Why C++? Discuss the evolution of computer languages. Where are we headed?
Altonen, Benjamin Mark
Anderson, Scott Thomas
Anderson, Steven Paul               60 Hz is the U.S. power line frequency standard. What other standards exist in the world. What are the
Ardren, Robert Rundle               advantages and disadvantages? How did these standards evolve?
Atkins, Christopher Steven
Batt, Christopher Donald            What is HDTV? How does it compare with the NTSC TV?
Beech, Steve Matthew
Billings, Daniel Thomas
Boeder, John D.                     There are several types of computer video display formats. Describe and compare them.
Boen, Shane Michael
Bosshart, Troy Edward
Bowers, James Charles               What are the differences between analog and digital computing? Discuss advantages and
Boyce, Brady Jameson                disadvantages of each.
Carlson, Michael David
Carpenter, Dan D.                   What is meant by yield in the semiconductor industry? Provide examples and don't forget about economics.
Carpenter, Nicholas Adam
Challberg, Curtis Alan
DeChaine, Eric Lee                  What are the energy density differences in batteries? What battery types are most suited for
Dorau, Cynthia Louise               some representative applications? Do not forget about electric vehicles and peak storage.
Drilling, Benjamin Joseph
Erickson, Blake Walter              How close is the use of photovoltaics as being economically viable?
Erickson, Joseph Phillip
Ettl, Adam Elliot
Fadyak, Nickolas Adam               Describe the different technologies and structures of photovoltaic arrays. Provide comparisons.
Fanning, Ben Scott
Felton, Christopher Lee
Fondevilla, Jaciel Ian Puertollan   Discuss the key technical issues in the Microsoft Antitrust case.
Garrett, Thomas D.
Gierczic, Richard James
Glass, Luke Morgan                  Describe the physics behind the use of III-V materials as opposed to Si.
Goffinet, Shawn Steven
Gores, Timothy Alan
Gowreesunker, Baboo Vikrham         Ge was originally used in transistors but then was superceded by Si. Ge is now emerging as an
Hackbarth, Alan Lee            interesting material for devices. Why? Discuss the devices and performance attributes.
Halvorson, Joshua James
Harp, Victoria Kathryn         How does a DVD work? What are the differences between a CD and DVD? What similar technologies
Haselbauer, Joseph David       are in development?
Haselman, Jonathan Thomas
Haugen, Joel Arthur            How does a color LCD display work?
Haworth, Justin Christopher
Hayes, Justin Bryant
Huynh, Thai Thien              How does the GPS satellite system provide position information?
Jackson, Lucas Gerald
Jenkins, Christopher Michael
Johnson, John Clifford         What is meant by spread spectrum technology? Where is it used? What are the advantages and
Jones, Jason Chasse            disadvantages?
Judson, Nicholas Paul
Kardelis, Daniel Leonard       How does a CD audio player work? In doing so, provide an overview of sampling.
Karls, Geoffrey Scott
Karyah, Albert B.
King, Jonathon Marshall        What is your vision of the textbook in 10 years? Provide technical support for your predictions
Knoepke, Benjamin Lee
Kolz, Justin L.
Kompelien, Jacob Brian         Besides LCD displays, what other options exist or are being explored for flat panel displays?
Krause, Andy Scott             Provide pixel descriptions and compare.
Kroeger, Michael Leonard
Krosch Jr., Eldon J. (Donny)   SPICE is now the circuit analysis program of choice. Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages
Larsen, Stephen Michael        of SPICE. What are some alternative simulation approaches?
Litwinczuk, Stefan Alexander
Long, Matthew John             How good are speech recognition systems? Where are we now and where will we be likely in ten years?
Louis, Kyle Joseph
Maki, Kevin John
Markie, Jerry Vernon           Bioengineering is a developing field. What are some of the topic areas associated with this discipline?
Martinson, Robert A.
McGowan Sean Michael
Meyers, Patrick Michael        Fuzzy logic and digital logic each have strengths and weaknesses and areas of best application. Provide
Michog, Andrew Douglas         a comparison of some of these applications and explain why either fuzzy or digital logic would work best.
Nelson, Erik Eugene
Netzel, Timothy Brian          Why is power system stability an issue in the utility industry? Define the terms and discuss what is being
Neumann, Christopher Jason     done to improve power system stability. Provide some classic examples of failures.
Nguyen, Hai Tan
Nordgren Eric Daniel        Safety is in issue in attaching electronic systems to the human body. What are the standards and discuss
Nordgren, Kirk David        some technolgical approaches to minimizing hazards.
Ogrodnik, Samuel Robert
Paton, John Robert          What are some of the circuit techniques used to monitor signals generated by physiological processes in
Pavek, R. James             the human body, I.e electrocardiagrams, etc. These signals are weak and in a very electrically
Pederson, Aaron Wesley      noisy environment.
Reistad, Jason Bruce        The semiconductor industry s moving towards 300 mm wafers. What are the technical problems and
Revering Bill John          non-monetary issues associated with this move?
Shearen, James Michael
Silverstein, Adam Richard   What are the advantages and disadvantages of parallel processing. How does this approach compare to the
Sommerfeld, John Daniel     standard von Neumann architecture.
Sullivan, Devon Ross
Tavernier, Mitchell Marc    What is meant by a sampled-data system? Provide some examples.
Tisdell, Nicholas Joseph
Vu, Minh Cat
Vue, Ge                     Compare digital and analog PCS.
Wendle, David Charles
Wendt, Jerod Jerome
Yang, Kae Shinger           BJTs and FETs are used differently and in different appications. Discuss the different applications and
Zeitler, Nathan Aaron       why one technology is better than another.

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