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					To make leases, manage property, collect rents, etc. By this agreement, I appoint you my authorized and exclusive agent, to take charge of and manage my property at No. _________ _________ Street, _________, for a period of one year from _________[date], and annually until this agency is terminated on any annual date subsequent to this date, by either of us, giving to the other party a _________ days' written notice previous to such date on which termination is intended. In event of such termination of this agency, I am, at the time such termination takes effect to pay you on all existing leases written by you at the rate of _____% of the rental of such leases for the unexpired term of same, after such termination. All leases renewed by the automatic renewal provision and so renewed prior to the date of the termination of this agency, shall be deemed to have been made or renewed during this agency, and compensation will be made to you according to the above terms. This authority pertains to the procuring of all tenants; collection of all rents; drawing of leases; assisting (but in no sense as attorney-at-law) in the institution or prosecution of all suits for possession, in default or otherwise; making all necessary repairs, decorating and painting; cleaning catch basins; paying all taxes, gas and electric bills; purchasing all supplies; employing and paying janitors; but in agreeing to render such services you assume no obligation except to act as my agent, nor do you agree to make advancements of your own money in my behalf. You are to remit the rents so collected less _____% on the gross collections for your services, and less also all expenditures made by you on my behalf. You are also requested to place all fire, plate glass and liability insurance on the premises. [Signature] We accept the above agency and agree to perform the obligations assumed by us in it. [Signature]

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