House Renting Contract

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					Checklist for Renting a House

Is there a written contract?

Is it a joint tenancy?

How long is it for?

What is included in the rent? Check what utility bills?

How is the rent to be paid? Monthly or quarterly? Direct debit?

Is the property clean?

Do any repairs or decorating need doing before you sign?
Are there any signs of damp or condensation
– peeling wallpaper, mould or flaking paint? Is there a smell of damp?
Will the landlord provide you with an inventory?

Are there tools to enable you to maintain the garden?

Do all taps and plumbing work?

Have you seen a copy of the landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate?

Is there adequate heating?

Are there enough sockets in all the rooms?

Are there smoke detectors or fire alarms? Fire blanket in kitchen?

Is there adequate parking?

Do the external doors have good strong locks fitted?

Are there window locks on all accessible windows?

Is the area safe?

Have the current tenants had any problems?

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