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					                                                                                                                      Bryan Barton
                                                                                                                      900 N. 21st AVE
                                                                                                                      Ozark, MO 65721

The items listed below will be needed for loan processing and underwriting. Please collect all                        Cell: (417) 773-4981
items which are checked as required. If you have any questions please contact your consultant.                        E-Mail:

 Church:                                                                                                                            Date:
   City:                                                                                       State:                                Zip:

  Required   Date Received

                             1.   Church First Loan Contract         (form included)
                             2.   Completed Application (form included)
                             3.   History of Organization (Please put on church letterhead)
                             4.   Purpose and Need of Loan Request (Please put on church letterhead)
                             5.   Church Vision ( what will the purposed financing do for your ministry?)
                             6.   Appraisal / Collateral Value of all properties (past appraisals or brokers opinion letter if available)
                             7.   Signed Purchase Contract of proposed purchase (if applicable)
                             8.   Current Photographs of all properties to serve as collateral on the loan
                                  exterior - all views and parking / interior - foyer, offices & classrooms, sanctuary (back to front, front to back, side to side)
                             9.   List of 10 largest Contributors (monetary totals only)
                             10. Balance Sheets Current year and prior 3 fiscal years
                             11. Income/Expense Statements Current year and prior 3 fiscal years
                             12. Comparative Financial Statement for prior year (i.e. June 31, 2008 vs. June 31,2007)
                             13. A balanced 2008 Budget with projected debt service included
                             14. Biographical Resume of Senior Pastor (s)
                             15. List of Members of Church Governing Board (include board title, years on board, outside employment))
                             16 List of key staff employees (include position, salary or hourly rate paid, full-time or part-time)
                             17. Articles of Incorporation (with all amendments)
                             18. Constitution and Bylaws (with all amendments) - Please Include the Church's Statement of Faith

If Construction / Improvements / Renovation:
                             19. Schedule of Values (SOV) form (cost breakdown of project)
                             20. Architectural Plans & Elevation Drawings - 8 1/2" x 11" drawing of Floor Plan (each floor) & Elevations (all views)
                             21. Resume of General Contractor/Construction Company

                 Additional information and documentation may be necessary for loan processing.

               Thank you for your interest in beginning a relationship with Church 1st Financial Solutions, LLC.

                                                     WE LOOK FORWARD to SERVING YOU

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