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									                     Office Clerk Intern Position Description
                   Governor’s Affirmative Action Office (GAAO)


The Governor of the State of Oregon is dedicated to the belief that the state has a
commitment to the right of all persons to work and advance based on merit, ability, and

In so doing, the Governor has delegated authority to oversee the implementation of the
State Affirmative Action Program to the Director of Affirmative Action. The Governor
also charges and holds accountable Agency Directors and Administrators, with the
responsibility of ensuring that principles of affirmative action are met.

Each agency is to submit to Governor’s Affirmative Action Office (GAAO) an
affirmative action plan to create a work environment that will attract and retain
employees who represent the broadest possible spectrum of society, which includes, and
is not restricted to, women, people of color, and the disabled and other protected classes.
We in turn submit an Affirmative Action Summary Report to the Governor and

The GAAO consists of three people: the Affirmative Action Director, Program Manager
and the Executive Assistant. This office monitors and provides technical assistance to
state agencies on developing and implementing their Affirmative Action Plans and
monitor the process, communicates the Governor’s viewpoint on issues related to
affirmative action and diversity and advises the Governor on policy issues related to
affirmative action, diversity of the state work force and equal opportunity as they apply to
women, people of color, persons with disabilities, and the other protected classes.


The Governor’s Affirmative Action Office Intern will assist the Affirmative Action
Office in the administration of the Affirmative Action program and operations and in the
coordination of communications internally and externally.

Job duties will entail researching and updating by phone, email, and in person the

1.       Updating GAAO website
2.       Assist in the development of the Affirmative Action Summary Report
             a. Data Analysis
             b. Charts & Graphs
3.       State Outreach List
4.       National Outreach Lists

Office Clerk Intern Position Descript ion                                            5/18/2011
5.       Community Diversity Calendar
6.       Ethnic Community Resource Lists
7.       Events Attended List

8.       Attend the following meetings and events if available:
             a. Affirmative Action Workgroup
             b. Human Resource Directors
             c. State Recruitment Managers
             d. Oregon Business Leadership Network (OBLN)/GAAO Brown Bag
             e. Community related events (e.g., ethnic chambers, organizational lunches
                and/or banquets and events)
9.       Other duties as assigned


    Ability to maintain appearance and demeanor appropriate for working in a
     professional office environment.
    Good listening skills.
    Ability to communicate well verbally and in writing.
    Experience speaking in a public venue is helpful.
    Word processing and computer skills are necessary.
    A security check is required of all interns.

TYPE OF POSITION:                   Paid _____   Unpaid _X_


TO APPLY: Submit a resume and a letter of application explaining your interest in
being an intern for the Governor’s Affirmative Action Office and how your education
and experience would be helpful to our office. Please send resume, cover letter and two
personal references to Peggy C. Ross, Director, Governor’s Affirmative Action Office,
155 Cottage Street NE, Salem, OR 97301

For more information about the Governor’s Affirmative Action Office please visit the
following website:

Office Clerk Intern Position Descript ion                                        5/18/2011

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