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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ARAB TIMES, WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 2011


                                                                                                          Veer is too small, Infuse is too big

For smartphones, what’s too big or small?                                                                                                      software, which was developed by Palm           restaurant, checking email, updating           quickly and responded well to my taps on
            By Rachel Metz
                                                                                                                                               before Hewlett-Packard Co bought it last        Twitter or any other simple task.              the screen. Over AT&T’s 4G network, it
W       ith scores of smartphones avail-
        able, one obvious way for them to
stand out is with size. Two new phones
                                                                                                                                               year. The webOS is clean, intuitive and
                                                                                                                                               smartly designed. You can see open appli-
                                                                                                                                               cations as little “cards” that you can slide
                                                                                                                                                                                                   But trying to use it extensively for a
                                                                                                                                                                                               single task is difficult and not worth the
                                                                                                                                                                                               trouble. Although Web pages looked
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              was fine at streaming videos and loading
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              webpages. The Infuse is rated for up to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              eight hours of talk time, so there should
take that to extremes: HP’s tiny Veer 4G                                                                                                       across the screen, tap to enlarge or flick to   sharp on the screen and videos streamed        be plenty of juice for checking emails,
and Samsung’s massive Infuse 4G.                                                                                                               dismiss. There’s also a search feature for      well over AT&T’s “4G” network, I didn’t        updating Facebook and making calls
   Both have the foundations of good                                                                                                           quickly searching data stored on the            really want to read full news articles or      (which sounded decent).
smartphones, including great operating                                                                                                         phone and on the Internet.                      watch clips on such an itty-bitty screen.         It’s probably best at playing videos,
software and the ability to run on AT&T’s                                                                                                         The Veer’s tiny screen, however, made        My fingers felt cramped on the tiny key-       which I really enjoyed doing on the
high-speed “4G” network. But their sizes                                                                                                       my hands feel enormous. I also felt clum-       board, so I didn’t have the patience to        Infuse because its screen is so sharp and
present some major weaknesses, too.                                                                                                            sy holding the phone, especially with the       send extensive messages.                       big. More so than many smartphones, the
   Spending some time testing these                                                                                                            keyboard closed, as it felt too small for           While the Veer is too small, in some       display seems appropriate for watching
phones made it clear that size does matter.                                                                                                    my hand. Like a slippery bar of soap, it        ways the Infuse is too big. This               TV episodes or even full-length films
Picking a phone that’s too large or too                                                                                                        almost flew out of my hands several             Frankenphone has a brilliant 4.5-inch          (which you can rent or buy from the built-
small can make the experience dismal.                                                                                                          times as I tried to slide open the key-         (11.4-centimeter) display, more massive        in Samsung Media Hub).
   I started on the smaller end of the spec-                                                                                                   board. Calls sounded OK, but it was             than nearly every other smartphone on             One cool perk: It includes an HDMI
trum with the pint-sized Veer, which                                                                                                           weird holding such a tiny nugget of a           the market. It made a great media player,      adapter, which fits into its charging port
comes in black or white and is cuter than                                                                                                      phone up to my ear.                             but it felt awkward to make calls on since     so you can connect the phone to your
a cache of cat videos on YouTube.                                                                                                                                                              it is so wide and tall.                        high-definition TV with an HDMI cable
                                                                                                                                                                  Apps                                                                        and watch videos on the larger screen.
   Styled like a mini version of its bigger                                                                                                                                                        Typing on its large virtual keyboard
sibling, the Pre, the Veer is about the size                                                                                                      The phone includes access to HP’s App        was often error-free, though sometimes         The adapter also has a charging port on it,
of a stack of credit cards with a bright                                                                                                       Catalog, which has Foursquare,                  uncomfortable because the phone felt so        so you can charge your phone simultane-
2.6-inch (6.6-centimeter) screen on top.                                                                                                       Facebook and some other popular apps            large in my hands.                             ously.
The screen slides up to reveal a small                                                                                                         you’d find on the iPhone or a phone run-                                                          The Infuse’s 8-megapixel camera is
                                                Shown at left is a Samsung Infuse 4G smartphone and at right is an HP Veer                     ning Google Inc.’s Android software.                              Sharp                        good, though I sometimes had trouble
keyboard. Its battery is rated for a not-so-
generous maximum of five hours of talk                          4G smartphone in San Francisco, May 9. (AP)                                    There are only about 6,000 apps in all,            It’s not big all over: The phone is a bit   focusing it. It had a bright flash and a
time, and it includes 8 gigabytes of stor-                                                                                                     though, so the selection is much slimmer        thicker than an iPhone, which seems pret-      number of adjustable settings. You can
age. It costs $99 with a two-year service       have a built-in headphone jack, a stan-        doubles as a connector for a headphone          than iPhone’s or Android’s. You won’t           ty thin given its enormous display. And        always add a camera app from the
contract with AT&T.                             dard smartphone feature that must have         adapter, which is included. I kept worry-       find an app for eBay or the “Words With         it’s fairly light, too, at 4.9 ounces (139     Android Market if you want more options
                                                seemed too big to cram into its little pack-   ing that I’d lose the adapter – until I real-   Friends” game here.                             grams), which is just a fraction of an         such as color filters. There’s also a much
                 Feature                        age.                                           ized I could just stick it on the fridge.          The Veer seems most well-suited for          ounce bigger than Apple’s device.              lower-resolution camera on the front for
  The Veer is so tiny that it doesn’t even        Instead, its magnetic charging port             The Veer uses the webOS operating            “snacking.” You’ll be fine looking up a            The phone is fast. It opened apps           taking photos or videos. (AP)


              Apple, Google to attend hearing

     Winklevosses taking
     Facebook to top court
     SAN FRANCISCO, May 17, (AFP): Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are tak-
     ing their beef against Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg to the US
     Supreme Court.
        An attorney for the twin brothers said they will ask the top court in the
     nation to give them another shot at getting out of a deal they made, in a law-
     suit charging that Zuckerberg stole their idea for the social network.
        Attorney Jerome Falk Jr said the Supreme Court is the next stop since the
     US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
     on Monday rejected a bid by the                 Defective software
     identical twin brothers to have a
     panel of 11 judges second guess a
     ruling made in April by a three-jus-           RIM recalls 1,000
     tice panel.
        The three-judge panel said that lit-        PlayBook tablets
     igation in the case “must come to an
     end” and threw out the bid by the              SAN FRANCISCO, May 17,
     Winklevosses to review the settle-             (AP): BlackBerry smartphone
                                                    maker Research In Motion Ltd
     ment.                                          has recalled about 1,000 of its
        Facebook said in a concise state-           BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
     ment that it was pleased with the              computers due to defective
     court’s decision.                              operating software that can
        The Supreme Court, which is                 make it impossible for users
     called upon when lower federal                 to set up the device.
     courts render conflicting decisions               The Waterloo, Ontario-
     regarding points of law, would have            based gadget maker said in a
                                                    statement Monday that it
     the option of not hearing the matter.          learned that the affected
        An attorney for the twins has               tablets were shipped with soft-            Emerson Spartz the defendant in a federal lawsuit over rights to the Twitter feed @OMGFacts poses on the stairs of his home, May 13, in Chicago. Adorian
     argued that Facebook held back                 ware “that may result in the               Deck the founder of @OMGFacts is suing Spartz, a business partner who promised to take Twitter feed to the next level, but who the Northern California teen
     information about the estimated                devices unable to properly                                                             says deceived him into turning over the rights to his creation. (AP)
     value of the California-based social           load software upon initial set-
     networking firm while reaching a               up.” Only PlayBooks with 16
                                                    gigabytes of memory were
                                                                                                                                                            Teen seeks rights to his creation
     $65 million dollar settlement with
                                                    affected, RIM said, and the
     the brothers.                                  majority of them had not yet
        The twins inked a settlement two
     years ago that got them $20 million
     in cash and $45 million worth of
     stock valued at $36 per share.
                                                    been sold to customers.
                                                       RIM said it is working to
                                                    replace the affected tablets.
                                                    Customers that did end up
                                                                                               Twitter feed suit shows power of tweet
        The value of that yet-to-be-issued          with one that can’t load the               SAN FRANCISCO, May 17, (AP):                    ence.                                           gate, though no such probe was ever con-          Because tweets are so short, it can be
     stock has skyrocketed along with               software correctly during
                                                    setup can contact the compa-               When Adorian Deck was home sick from               Spartz says that since partnering with       firmed.                                        hard to compose them in a way that earns
     Facebook’s estimated market value,                                                        high school, he entertained himself like        Deck in February 2010, Spartz Inc. built           In Chicago, a property management           them full copyright protection, said Eric
                                                    ny for help, RIM said.
     which was placed at $50 billion                   The issue was reported on               countless other teenagers have in recent        a popular OMG Facts website, developed          company filed a libel lawsuit against a        Goldman, a professor of Internet and
     early this year.                               Saturday by tech blog                      years: He started a Twitter account.            a heavily subscribed YouTube channel            tenant who complained on Twitter about a       intellectual property law at Santa Clara
        The brothers challenged the settle-         Engadget, which said the                      Unlike other teenagers, Deck’s               and researched and wrote nearly every           roof leak that led to mold in her apart-       Law School.
     ment, which was supposed to be                 affected PlayBooks had been                account became a sensation. Deck, under         tweet on (at) OMGFacts.                         ment. A judge dismissed the suit last year.
     confidential, on the grounds that              shipped to Staples Inc stores.                                                                                                                                                                            Copyright
                                                                                               the handle (at) OMGFacts, tweeted ran-             “Mr Deck has hardly lifted a finger             Politics can further complicate Twitter
     Zuckerberg suckered them during                Staples spokeswoman Carrie                 dom bits of celebrity gossip and quirky         throughout most of the growth of OMG            clashes. Twitter’s one-time practice of           “Copyright protects the ways in which
     settlement talks by not revealing              McElwee confirmed that the                                                                                                                                                                we express ourselves,” Goldman said. “It
                                                    devices had been sent to the               trivia. In less than a year, he had attract-    Facts, but people have been telling him         suggesting new users follow certain
     Facebook internally valued the stock                                                      ed more than 300,000 followers.                 he’s a genius for so long now that he’s         prominent tweeters drew the attention of       doesn’t protect the underlying facts or
                                                    company’s stores.                                                                                                                                                                         ideas we are expressing.”
     at $9.                                            The PlayBook – which                       Now Deck, 17, is suing a business            starting to believe it,” Spartz said.           California’s campaign watchdog when
        The lower figure would have                 costs $499-$699, depending                 partner who promised to take OMG                   Deck disputes that he stopped tweet-         several 2010 Democratic gubernatorial             What’s more, Twitter by its very
     resulted in the Winklevoss twins get-          on the amount of built-in stor-            Facts to the next level, but who the            ing. Undisputed is the ongoing surge in         hopefuls appeared on the list but no           nature, which includes a button to
     ting many more shares.                         age space – received mixed                 Northern California teen says deceived          (at)OMGFacts’ popularity.                       Republicans. Twitter put an end to the         “retweet” or repost another user’s tweet
        Facebook has said it was under no           reviews when it was released               him into turning over the rights to his            Since      Spartz      got     involved,     feature.                                       to your own feed, may imply a right to
     obligation to volunteer the stock              in April. The device marks                 creation.                                       (at)OMGFacts grew from fewer than                  Along with the potential of Twitter’s       reuse someone else’s material.
     option information during settlement           RIM’s first effort to branch out                                                                                                                                                             The law gets murkier when talking
                                                    from its smartphone base and                  “It was kind of a slow process of real-      400,000 followers to nearly 1.9 million         outsize influence to lead to legal entan-
     negotiations and that the information                                                     izing what exactly was going on,” Deck          followers, making the feed the 126th            glements, the OMG Facts case highlights        about a collection of tweets, or the brand
                                                    capture a portion of the tablet                                                                                                                                                           identity itself, as in the case of the OMG
     was not intentionally withheld.                computer market. Apple Inc                 said. “I was starting to lose more and          most followed account out of more than          the tricky question of who can claim to
        “The Winklevosses are not the               popularized the tablet when it             more control.”                                  200 million Twitter users, according to         own a tweet.                                   Facts lawsuit.
     first parties bested by a competitor           released its first iPad last                  A federal lawsuit over rights to a           Twitter          statistics         website                                                       Deck’s complaint contends that the
     who then seek to gain through litiga-          year, and the device – which               Twitter feed might sound like a case of The (at)OMGFacts                                                           contract he signed with Spartz was
     tion what they were unable to                  was recently upgraded – has                bringing a grenade launcher to a squirrel       feed ranks just below musician and                                                             predatory and designed to dupe the teen
     achieve in the marketplace,” the               dominated that market ever                 hunt. But the court fight over OMG Facts        would-be Haitian presidential candidate                                                        into turning over his rights to the OMG
     three-judge panel said in their ruling.        since.                                                                                                                                                                                    Facts trademark without realizing what
                                                                                               reminds that the power of a tweet can           Wyclef Jean and just above actor Peter
        “With the help of a team of                                                            extend well beyond 140 characters.              Facinelli, who appeared in the Twilight                                                        he was doing. Deck’s attorney, Glenn
     lawyers and a financial advisor, they                                                        For both sides, the dispute is not so        movies.                                                                                        Peterson of Roseville, argues that the
     made a deal that appears quite favor-      Davidson, Google’s director of pub-            much over who can claim any of the                 A large number of Twitter followers                                                         intellectual property issues are moot in
     able in light of recent market activi-     lic policy for the Americas.                   more than 5,500 tweets to the (at)              can feed not just egos but bank accounts.                                                      any case because California law allows
     ty.”                                          Davidson appeared before the                OMGFacts account as who owns the                Top tweeters like Kim Kardashian (7.4                                                          individuals to disavow any contracts
                                                Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on                                                                                                                                                              signed when they were minors.
                   ❑ ❑ ❑                                                                       rights to the potentially lucrative OMG         million followers) can command $10,000
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Spartz counters that Deck’s mother co-
                                                Privacy, Technology and the Law on             Facts brand.                                    per tweet to endorse a product.
     Mobile privacy: US lawmakers               May 10 along with an Apple execu-                                                                                                                                                             signed the contract as his legal guardian,
     have invited Apple, Facebook and           tive, Bud Tribble, vice president for                          Defendant                                      Regulators                                                                      and that Deck is simply hoping to exploit
     Google to attend a hearing on mobile       software technology at the California             Emerson Spartz, 24, the defendant in            Regulators have recognized a tweet’s                                                        Spartz Inc’s hard work for a quick gain.
     phones and privacy on Thursday —           gadget-maker.                                  the case, declined to comment on the            power. The Federal Trade Commission                                                               “Among other things, this agreement
     the second Capitol Hill appearance            During that hearing, Senator                ownership issue directly because of the         requires bloggers, including Twitter                                                           was designed to protect against Mr Deck
     in a week for executives from Apple        Patrick Leahy expressed “deep con-             pending litigation. But he says OMG             users, to disclose when they are being                                                         walking away with what we created,
     and Google.                                cern” about reports that Apple                 Facts would have nowhere near its cur-          paid to endorse products.                                                                      which is exactly what he’s trying to do,”
        Senator Jay Rockefeller said the        iPhones and Google’s Android                   rent popularity without his efforts.               Mixing tweets, money and the law can                                                        Spartz said.
     hearing of the Senate Consumer             phones were “collecting, storing, and             Spartz first caught the media’s atten-       raise other complex issues. When rapper                                                           Perhaps the only clear fact is that the
     Protection, Product Safety and             tracking user location data without            tion as the founder of,           50 Cent (4.5 million followers) in                                                             law is still racing to evolve at the blister-
     Insurance Subcommittee would               the user’s consent.”                           one of the world’s most popular Harry           January posted praise of a penny stock in                                                      ing pace of social media.
     focus on “industry practices with             Davidson and Tribble both said              Potter fan sites, which he started when he      which he was an investor, shares of H &                                                           “We’ve had 600 years to develop the
     respect to online mobile data collec-      their respective companies were                was 12. He went on to start Spartz Inc, an      H Imports Inc skyrocketed. The hot tip          In this photo taken May 12, 2011,              rules on books,” Goldman said. “We’ve
     tion and usage.”                           committed to privacy protection and            Internet media company that oversees a          led to speculation that the Securities and      Adorian Deck, a high school senior             had less than five years to develop how
        “The hearing will also explore the      were not tracking their users.                 network of sites aimed at a young audi-         Exchange Commission might investi-              and creator of @OMGFacts, who                  those rules apply to tweets.”
     possible role of the federal govern-          Tribble said popular location-                                                                                                              claims social media mogul Emerson
     ment in protecting consumers in the        based services on mobile devices                                                                                                               Spartz stole his idea, is seen in his
     mobile marketplace and promoting           such as the iPhone and iPad do                                                                 awards going for Most Valuable Player           home in Grass Valley, California.              Islamic courses are being conducted for
     their privacy,” the Democrat from          require some data collection, howev-                                                           (MVP), Most Improved Player (MIP),              Deck said he created @OMGFacts                 students from 8th to 12th Standard on
     West Virginia said.                        er, and users are able to opt out if they              click                                   Best Defensive Player, 1v1 Champion and         in 2009 as a Twitter feed providing a
                                                                                                                                                                                               steady stream of information, with an
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Saturdays at IPC Khaitan Branch from
        Among those listed as witnesses         wish with easy-to-use tools.                                                                   Hot Shot Champion. The Kuwait                                                                  8.00 am till 12.00 noon. Well trained
     are Catherine Novelli, Apple’s vice-          Davidson stressed that “location-                                                           Basketball Academy camps will be                emphasis on celebrities, pop culture,          instructors will conduct classes with the
                                                                                                                                                                                                    history and commerce. (AP)
     president for worldwide government         sharing on Android devices is strictly                                   Sprts                 coached by Chris Horrocks. If you wish to
                                                                                                                                               register your child on the camps or want
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              aid of multimedia and syllabus made for
     affairs, Bret Taylor, Facebook’s chief     opt-in for our users, with clear notice                                                                                                                                                       the over all development of the students
     technology officer, and Alan               and control.”                                           Continued from Page 26                 any further information, please email                                                          with Islamic Orientation includes various
                                                                                                                                                  KIG offers Islamic courses: Under              Islamic studies, Quran, Hadees and Fiqh.
                                                                                               win prizes during the 8 weeks with                          ❑        ❑       ❑                  the auspices of KIG Education Board,                     Continued on Page 28

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