; Register for your Courses Online Using eSIMS through CUNY Portal at cunyedu
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Register for your Courses Online Using eSIMS through CUNY Portal at cunyedu


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									                        Register for your Courses Online Using eSIMS
                              through CUNY Portal at cuny.edu

• You still register via eSIMS, but now you access eSIMS through CUNY Portal.
• If you do not have an account, first create a Portal Id and password. If you get an error
  message, contact the ICIT Help Desk at (212) 650-3624.
• Once you have your Portal ID, select Log-in from the left navigation bar.

                                                                                 When logged into
                                                                                 the CUNY Portal,
                                                                                 scroll down to SSO
                                                                                 Applications for
                                                                                 Students and look
                                                                                 for eSIMS.

                                                                                 NOTE: Before you
                                                                                 access eSIMS, you
                                                                                 should already have
                                                                                 your 4 digit course
                                                                                 registration code
                                                                                 before you begin

                                   Course Registration Codes can be found on the Registrar’s web site
                                   http://registrar.hunter.cuny.edu/index2.shtml under Schedule of
                                   Classes  Searchable Schedule of Classes. See next page for
                                   screen shots from the Registrar’s web site.

                    The eSIMS link will take you to the page below.

                                                                           A pop up box will inform
                                                                           you when your registration
                                                                           appointment is.
                                                                           You cannot register before
                                                                           this date and time.
                                                                           When you have your
                                                                           course code, select
                                                                           Registration to begin.
                                                                                       You will need the 4 digit
                                                                                       Course Registration Code to
                                                                                       Under the Searchable
                                                                                       Schedule of Classes, you
                                                                                       must select the appropriate
                                                                                       Department of your program:
                                                                                       •EDUCATION: CURRICULUM
                                                                                       AND TEACHING;
                                                                                       •EDUCATION: EDUCATIONAL
                                                                                       FOUNDATIONS; and
                                                                                       •SPECIAL EDUCATION.

                                                                                      Any course requiring
                                                                                      permission must be obtained
                                                                                      from the Department or
                                                                                      Program Advisor prior to
                                                                                      registering on eSIMS.

                                                                                      If you have registered
                                                                                      correctly, your status will
                                                                                      display as Currently
                                                                                      Registered. Wait listed
                                                                                      courses will not appear on the
                                                                                      list below.

Enter the Code
from the Schedule of
Classes to the Registration
page on your eSIMS. You may
add up to 5 classes at once.
Other useful links include
Schedule/Grades which
displays your class schedule in
a weekly calendar format. You
can also print an unofficial bill.
This is not, however, the
official bill used for payment.

 Please remember to pay your bill. You are not considered officially registered until payment has
 been received. Payment must be received by the specified due dates to avoid registration
 cancellation. Course cancellation is reflected on eSIMS several days after cancellation.
           **If your registration is cancelled, you may re-register during a later registration period.**

            Registration Calendar is available on the Hunter College Office of Registrar Web site at:

          Follow the link to the Registration and Payment Schedule to check on current deadlines.

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