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					Summer Housing for Summer Internships

[Preview/Summary: Looking for summer housing to go along with your summer internship?
Here’s a list of options if your summer internships find you Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia or
Washington, D.C. ]

You have survived the Spring semester and have the summer internship of your dreams lined up.
The problem? It’s in a city that you or anyone you know does not live in and you do not have
anywhere to stay. While living in a strange city for the summer may seem like a daunting task,
there are ways to find housing and get your feet wet in the city that will make you feel like a
native. So what’s the answer? Summer housing.

So if you have your 2011 summer internship waiting for your in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia or
Washington, D.C., this will have you covered. Here’s a list of places in these four major U.S. cities
that will put you and your housing needs on track.


Summer Sublets -
For those who want to get away from campus life and simply venture out into the city, finding an
apartment to lease in the city has become an easy task to handle with the help of websites such
as The website features apartment listings all over the entire Boston metro area.
Summer house hunters can explore different neighborhoods all over Boston, then narrow their
search depending on their price range and housing preference.

Choosing a sublease offers more options for the independent summer intern, but it may also
require more effort. Not all of the apartments available for lease are furnished, and unlike staying
in a residence hall there is no 24 hour security or meal plan available. So interns choosing a
sublease need to be sure that they are equipped for independent living. Boston College also
produces a great list of available sublets with information such as availability of washers and
dryers in the unit or access to public transportation.

Boston University -
Boston University opens up its doors to college students participating in summer internships in
Boston. The residence halls are located on Boston University's South Campus, close to the
subway, and are comprised of multiple occupancy rooms. Both the dormitory style and apartment
residences are fully furnished, and the apartment style residences have fully equipped kitchens
and bathrooms. The university offers 6 and 12 week housing options with meal plans. While there
may be restrictions to living in an on campus residence hall, living on one of the local university
campuses may provide you with a viable option that will take the stress out of house hunting for
the summer.


Airbnb -
Airbnb is a jewel amongst those traveling on a budget. While the website is not necessarily
geared towards students or interns, it does offer a bevy of alternatives in which summer interns in
Chicago can take advantage depending on their price range and housing needs. There are no
long term leases, and every location is unique. Airbnb allows Chicago interns an opportunity to
get to know the true heart of the city where they will be living and working.

Chicago Summer Housing -
Chicago Summer Housing opens its doors to interns from May until August, and offers flexible,
short term leases. The apartment building is located in Downtown Chicago’s Loop neighborhood
close to the lakefront and Michigan Avenue. There is also a public train and bus system close by
that makes it easier for summer residents to find their way around town when commuting to and
from work. The apartments are similar to residence halls in that they offer furnished units with the
option of adding a meal plan. You can also make a roommate request if you and a buddy are
staying in the area doing your Chicago internships together.


Sheraton Philadelphia Center City -
Many may overlook the option of staying in a hotel while completing a summer internship in
Philadelphia, but with luxury amenities like the ones available at the Sheraton Philadelphia Center
City, staying in a hotel for the summer may not seem like a bad idea. The hotel is located in the
heart of the city in walking distance from some of the city's main attractions, including
Independence Hall and the Franklin Institute. The rooms boast top of the line bedding and
furniture, and have Golden Door Spa amenities. Guests can also enjoy the convenience of sports
facilities, laundry, valet service, and a fully equipped Business Center.

Penn State -
This university offers fully furnished multiple occupancy guest suites for college students from
other universities who will be participating in internships in Philadelphia. The summer intern
residence hall is located in Hamilton Village on Penn’s campus; which is conveniently located in
Universal City, Philadelphia. Summer interns staying on the campus will enjoy access to
University athletic facilities, the Philadelphia Museum of art, and University City World Cuisine.
There is a four-week minimum stay at the residence halls, and meals plans are also offered.

Washington, D.C.:

Capitol Hill Stay –
For a more flexible term lease with options for living in the heart of the DC center, check out
Capitol Hill Stay. Apartments, townhouses, and carriage houses are offered for long or short term
leases, and are fully furnished. This historic neighborhood is in walking distance from the US
Capitol, and only 6 blocks away from the Eastern Market. There is also a large amount of security
in the area due to its proximity to government offices. Washington, D.C. interns looking to add
some spice to their summer living arrangements without compromising convenience and security
will find that Capitol Hill Stay offers them a myriad of options.

Columbia Plaza -
Located just minutes from the Foggy Bottom metro, Columbia Plaza provides luxury, charm, and
views of the Potomac River. Washington DC interns looking for a place to experience luxury and
unique layouts will be pleasantly surprised with Columbia Plaza. Unlike residence hall living,
apartments in Columbia Plaza offer spacious rooms and upgrades such as terraces or walk in
closets. Choose from the most basic and least expensive efficiency apartment to the more
expensive but spacious duplexes and 2 bedroom apartments.

Description: Looking for summer housing to go along with your summer internship? Here’s a list of options if your summer internships find you Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia or Washington, D.C.