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									                  Pine Hills Business Redevelopment Task Force
                                 Meeting Summary
                              Monday, April 19, 2010
                  Wayne Densch YMCA Family Center, Spirit Room

The meeting was called to order by Chairman JaJa Wade at 10:30 am.

Present Members included:
Cherie Condrey            Henry Postell
Anderson Hill             Gwen Parrish
Kenneth Dwyer             Dave Ogden
Susan Fortini             JaJa Wade
Tim Haberkamp
Pinkie Freeman

Absent Members:
Allie Braswell
Herb Williams
Julie Salvo

Staff Present
Lavon B. Williams, Manger, Neighborhood Services Division
Yvette Luckett, Administrative Assistant, Neighborhood Services
Althea Jefferson, Assistant Manager, Planning Division
Manan Pathak, Senior Planner, Planning Division
Renee Parker, Environmental Protection Division

Guests Present
Tiffany Moore Russell, County Commissioner, District 6
Shirley Sharpe-Terrell, Office of Fred Brummer, County Commissioner, District 2
Rich Rollason, Florida Community Loan Fund
Bro. Delano, concerned resident
Michael Arrington, ACY Contractors, LLC
Bob Lipscomb, Williams Company
William Burrell, concerned resident
Darcey Brewster, concerned resident
Michael Kimbrogh, KNEC/Shine Performing Art
Pamela Carithers, Carithers Media Ministries
Denise Epps, The DNA Group/Pine Hills CAN
Jim Sellen, VAB-Miller Sellen
Steve Miller, VAB-Miller Sellen
Jannie Davenport, concerned resident
Renee Ligon, JP Morgan Chase

Welcome and Introductions
Chairman Wade welcomed everyone to the meeting.

General Discussion
Evans High School Update
The Chairman opened the meeting with general discussion concerning Evans High
School rebuild. Bob Lipscomb and Mike Arrington were present to provide an update on
the progress of the new high school. Construction is to start mid June 2010 and should be
complete by June 2012. There have been 150-200 applications received from citizens in
Pine Hills to work on the project.

Dunn Avenue & Main Street Corridor Revitalization
Steve Miller and Jim Sellen provided a presentation on their work in north Jacksonville.
The work is very similar to what the consultant will undertake with the Task Force.
Some of the lessons that come from the presentation were as follows:
    Set clear goals for what you want to accomplish
    Set a realistic vision for what you hope to see in the end
    Make sure to develop an action plan that lays out what needs to be accomplished
    Don’t underestimate the importance of public safety, especially for children
    Try to make a walkable community
    Way finding and imaging – help to create a community identity
    Consider administrative rezoning as a strategy to begin the process of land change
    Think about where the catalyst project might be
    Make sure to develop a mechanism early on that gets community input
    Think carefully about revenue sources

Redevelopment Workshop
The Planning Division and Neighborhood Services Division are looking to host a
Redevelopment Workshop. The workshop will center on the redevelopment of Pine
Hills. Business owners, planners and developers will be invited to participate in a half
day discussion about the process of redeveloping the area. Task Force members
suggested that an invitation be made to the student council at Evans High School.
Commissioner Moore-Russell suggested that the district offices pay the cost for the
breakfast so that the workshop can be free.

Approval of the Minutes
A correction was made to the minutes to indicate that Ken Dwyer recommended that a
Communications and Marketing committee be established by the Task Force. Staff also
corrected the first line in the third paragraph of the General Comments to read “Pine Hills
Community Council” rather than “Pine Hills Task Force”. A motion was made for an
approval of the minutes as corrected by Tim Haberkamp and seconded by Pinkie
Freeman. Lavon Williams indicated that minutes will be sent out to members before the
next meeting. However, members should reserve commenting or correcting the minutes
until the next meeting.

Update on RFP
Tim Haberkamp and Anderson Hill participated on the procurement committee to select
the consultant. The committee reviewed, scored and ranked each proposal. The proposals

will be sent forward to the Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, May 11. Once
the Board approved the highest ranked firm, staff will work with that firm to begin the
process. The consultant will attend Task Force meetings.

Committee Assignments
Ken Dwyer suggested that a communications and marketing committee be established.
Staff is to develop guidelines for each committee and email those guidelines to members
so that they can select committees.

Public Comment
Anderson Hill introduced Denise Epps with “Education is Cool-Get One!”. The
organization is launching a new program, Pine Hills CAN (College Access Network).
The program promotes higher education as an option for youth in Pine Hills. Ms. Epps
will provide more information to Task Force members at a later date.

It was brought to the attention of the Task Force that there are new sidewalks being
constructed on Silver Star. Members asked staff to reach out to the Department of
Transportation to get updates on the projects on Silver Star.

Anderson Hill asked for an update from Captain Dave Ogden on the crime statistics for
the area. Captain Ogden informed the Task Force that overall crime is down in Pine Hills.
In 2009 crime was down by 15% and there was a 26% decline in violent crimes. There is
a small concern about abandoned foreclosed homes.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 pm.

Minutes prepared by:____________________________________Date_______________
                     Lavon B. Williams, Manager, Neighborhood Services Division

Approved by: _______________________________________Date_________________
             JaJa Wade, Chairperson, Pine Hills Business Redevelopment Task Force


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