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					                           Published by Pakistan Herald Publications (Pvt) Limited

                           Dawn Franchise Expo 2007

DAWN newspaper - the flagship publication of the PHPL is the leading and most widely
circulated English language newspaper of Pakistan.

Since its inception Dawn has evolved into the most credible source of information
and a leading advertising medium in Pakistan. A claim substantiated by the fact that
DAWN is the first choice for all sectors of advertising.

Over the period Dawn Group of Newspapers has expanded with other publication under
its wing, namely

   •   Dawn Internet Edition
   •   Aurora
   •   Herald Magazine
   •   Spider Magazine

Apart from these publications Dawn Group of Newspapers has been active in organizing
events that are now referred to be as platforms and benchmarks for the industry that the
event is intended for and caters to.

Dawn All About Lifestyles   - Consumer Products Exhibition
Dawn Wedding Extravaganza   - Wedding related industry Exhibition
Dawn Education Expo        - International Education Exhibition
Dawn Conferences           - Ranging from Financial sector to the Advertising
                            Industry related conference
Dawn Exhibitions and Awards – CNG and Alternative Energy exhibition and
Advertising Awards etc.

Similarly in line with our quest to cater to a wider array of consumers, The Dawn Group
of Newspapers is now planning to organize Pakistan’s first ever FRANCHISE EXPO
2007 on the 26th and 27th of May 2007 at the Marquee, Pearl Continental Hotel
Karachi, Pakistan.

The first one of its kind, Dawn Franchise Exhibition 2007 is an international exhibition which
will be one of the most significant channels of expanding your business across Pakistan.
This exhibition will show case the leading franchises in Pakistan as well as highlight the
immense business opportunity for foreign firms for franchises in Pakistan

Pakistan has over a period of time proven to be the most lucrative venue for franchise
business in South Asia with an unparalleled growth, branding and rate of return over

Profile of Expected Exhibitors
Automobile Services               Education                                Real Estate
Beauty Aids / Saloons             Fashion Institutes                       Sports & Fitness
Business Services                 Finances Services                        Retailing
Cafes                             Fast Food, Restaurant and Catering       Travel
Child Care Services               Footwear                                 Walk-in-retail
Cleaning Services                 Gifts and Greetings
Consumer Goods                    Healthcare / Hospitals                   OTHERS
Clothing / Designer Wear          Hotels / Motels                          Corporate Executives
Consultancy Services              Leisure / Entertainment                  Education / Trainer
Courier Services                  Pharmacy                                 Entrepreneurs
Distribution / Logistics          Property / Home Care services            Financiers

Profile of Visitors
Entrepreneurs                Franchise Owners and Buyers                        Suppliers
Business Developers          Marketing & Direct Selling Companies               Franchise Consultants
Accountants                  Media Representatives                              Franchisors / Franchisees
Bankers                      Retailers                                          Government Agencies
Builders                     Small / Medium Enterprises                         Investors
Building Contractors         Students                                           Lawyers
Franchise Consultants        Venture Capitalists                                Professionals
Buying Agents                Corporate Management                               Construction Houses
Construction Material        Active Executives
Business Developers          Sales and Marketing Franchise Companies

The Dawn Franchise Exhibition will be promoted through a comprehensive promotional campaign
designed to reach out to your exact target audience.

This campaign will include:

         Print advertising                                   Direct Marketing

         E-marketing campaign                                Corporate Marketing

         PR activities
Some of the special attractions of the Dawn Franchise Exhibition 2007 will
      Business match-making opportunities

      Franchising Redressal Forums

      Franchising Consultancy

The Current Scenario

Pakistan has witnessed strong, rapid and sustained economic recovery with growth averaging at
7.0 percent per annum during the last four years. This has positioned Pakistan as one of the fastest
growing economies in Asia. The economic landscape of Pakistan has changed altogether
therefore; its challenges are also different today.

Pakistan’s economy has grown at an average rate of almost 7.0 percent per annum during the last
four years (2002/03 – 2005/06) and over 7.5 percent in the last three years (2003/04 –
2005/06), thus positioning itself as one of the fastest growing economies of the Asian region.

Consumption Trends

Per capita income in dollar term registered an increase of 14.2 percent over last year – rising from
$ 742 to $ 847. The main factor responsible for the sharp rise in per capita income include: a
sharp pick up in real GDP growth. The real private consumption expenditure has grown at an
average rate of 10.9 percent per annum during the last three years. (11.5% in 2003/04, 13.1% in
2004/05, and 8.1%
in 2005-06).

Population Distribution following shows a very strong underlying sentiment of future demand
and consumption.

NWFP 13.54 (in million)
FATA 2.30
PUNJAB 55.50
SINDH 23.0

0-14 years: 39.3% (male 30,463,958; female 28,726,776)
15-64 years: 56.5% (male 43,571,093; female 41,651,872)
65 years and over: 4.2% (male 3,051,674; female 3,229,367) (2003 est.)
Foreign Investment

The inflow of FDI into Pakistan across all sectors attests to the importance of the Pakistan
consumer in the global arena. More and more companies are recognising the importance of
Pakistan as a key retail destination in their global plans. Franchising promises to be the ideal
model for entering the Pakistan subcontinent, as it brings together a tried and tested model in
association with local partners with capital, business acumen, and other necessary expertise
needed to set up or expand a successful business.

During the fiscal year 2005-06, gross fixed capital formation or domestic fixed investment in real
term grew by 10.3 percent as against 9.3 percent last year. The real private sector investment
grew by 11.0 percent this year as against an increase of 9.6 percent last year. Public sector
investment on the other hand registered a substantial increase of 22.5 percent as against a robust
growth of 10.0 percent last year.
Telecom, energy (oil, gas and power), financial services, trade, construction, chemicals, food and
personal services have been the major recipient of FDI, accounting for almost 94 percent or
$2.082 billion. Telecom sector has been the single largest recipient of FDI with $1.0 billion
followed by the energy sector ($304 million), financial services ($265.5 million), trade ($81.9
million), construction ($54.4 million), food ($52.7 million), personal services ($45.2
million) and cement ($33.6 million).

Franchising in Pakistan: An Overview

With the Pakistan economy poised to grow at a rate of approximately 7% over the next
few years, and the burgeoning Pakistan’s Middle Class promising to drive up nominal
retail sales by 10% per annum till 2010, the market is ripe for a franchising boom.
Franchising has been growing at a phenomenal rate during the last few years, but it still
represents a very small percentage of the overall retailing pie. As the Pakistani market is
maturing to the level of other developed economies, organized retailing will increase its
presence. Estimates indicate that by 2010, organized retailing will treble in size,
representing 10% of overall retailing in Pakistan. Moreover, franchising will continue to
grow within the retailing pie, until it represents 50% of overall organized retail trade (as
in major developed economies).

Pakistan has witnessed a huge growth in entrepreneurs. As a business model, franchising
is ideally suited for the Pakistan entrepreneurs, as Pakistan has a vast pool of
entrepreneurial energy and talent, and a pressing need for increasing self and other
employment opportunities that Franchising generates, while at the same time keeping the
overall risk relatively low.

While franchising made its foray in Pakistan in a small manner, in the recent years, it has
expanded exponentially to reach a level where franchising is no longer limited only to the major
metros and state capitals. Franchising is penetrating to the core of the Pakistan’s retailing
network, and is fast becoming the business model of choice, most noticeably in F&B, Apparel.,
education and real-estate to name a few.

In fact, many domestic companies have already adopted the franchising route to fructify their
expansion plans. Some salient points to consider about the Pakistani market are:
    •   Franchising accounts for a mere 2% of Pakistan’s’ total retail market, and is poised to
        grow to the levels operating in developed markets (franchising commands 50% portion of
        the entire retail market in developed economies

    •   The Franchise market in Pakistan is estimated to be USD 1 billion.

    •   Franchising in Pakistan is growing at a phenomenal rate.

    •   Over 100 franchise systems are already operating in Pakistan. Approximately 10% of
        these systems are by international companies and growing fast.

This change has been most noticeable in the last five years; with the young generation having a
significantly higher disposable income. Saving rate has come down substantially, and people are
now more prone to impulse buying and eating out than ever before

The country is home to one of the world's largest treasure of skilled manpower. An independent
judiciary, strong legal and accounting systems, free and vibrant press, very friendly investment
regime makes Pakistan business environment highly attractive.

Dawn Franchise Expo 2007 will provide an ideal forum for the international companies wanting
to franchise their brands in Pakistan

Masood Hamid
Senior General Manager- Marketing
For details and to avail opportunities in the Dawn Franchise Exhibition 2007 please contact:

Mr. Salman Ahmed Qurraishi

Cell:           92-345-2265244
Land Line:      92-21-5670001 Ext. 3184
Fax:            5683801, 5637278

Muhammad Ahsan

Cell:           03008258705
Landline        92-21-5670001 Ext. 3010
Fax:            5683801, 5637278

Package Details.

Package cost - US $ 3600

    •   3 Meters x 3 Meters Octonorm- inclusive of 1 counter, 1 shelf, 2 chairs along with spot

    •   One 27 cms. (Height) x 19.5cms. (Width) color advertisement in Franchise Exhibition
        2007 Dawn Special Report.

    •   150-200 words introductory write up about your company in Franchise Exhibition 2007
        Special Report.