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					                                                                                     DEFEND LIFE • Sept. - Oct., 2009

The Fr. Norman Weslin story

 An unlikely
                                                In the fifth grade he
                                            met a pretty little girl
                                            named Mary Lou. The
priest displays                             fact that she was
                                            Catholic and he was

  unbridled                                 Lutheran didn’t deter
                                            him – he fell madly in
                                            love, and stayed that
     valor                                  way until he graduated
                                            from high school and
                                            joined the army at age
    Of all the well-publicized scenes at    17.
the      Notre       Dame      University   But Mary Lou said she
commencement protests last May,             wouldn’t marry him
probably none was more poignant than        unless      he      made Fr. Norman Weslin is tagged during his arrest for
the arrest by police of the feeble, 78-     something of himself trespassing at Notre Dame University last May.
year-old priest struggling under the        and became an officer.
weight of a wooden cross.                   So after getting off to a dismal start, couple adopted two Japanese-
    But getting arrested at abortion                                    	
                                            he pulled his act together, graduating American children, a 2½-month-old
protests was nothing new for Fr.            from Officer Candidate School in boy and an 11-month-old girl.
Norman Weslin.                              March of 1951.                          Then it was back to Ft. Bliss for the
    As the founder of Lambs for             Then it was on to artillery and officers’ advanced course in their
Christ, described by Time magazine in       missile school at Ft. Bliss, Texas. nuclear missile school. Weslin
1992 as perhaps “the most zealous and       While there, the smitten young graduated second from the top of his
aggressive of the pro-life organizations    second lieutenant converted to class.
that seek to shut down ‘killing             Catholicism.                            He became a missile operations
centers,’” Weslin has been arrested         Norman and Mary Lou were married officer, responsible for the army
and jailed over 70 times.                   in August, 1951.                        nuclear missile air defense of New
    A more devout, dedicated, and           Airborne school at Ft. Benning, York City and New Jersey against
downright feisty pro-life priest would      Georgia, followed, then paratrooper Soviet Russian air attack.
be hard to find.                            duty at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, More high-level positions followed.
    It would also be hard to find a man                 nd
                                                                                    All the while he continued to drink
                                            with the 82 Airborne Division.
seemingly less likely to become a
                                            It was there, Weslin relates, that he heavily.
priest in the first place.                                                               In 1963, drunk after a party at
                                            began a 20-year run as a “hopeless
    Norman Weslin was the son of                                                    his house, he accidentally set
Oscar and Hilma Weslin, both                Stationed in Panama in 1952, he         himself on fire while trying to
immigrants from Finland who met and         nearly killed Mary Lou while            relight the barbecue grill and nearly
married in Michigan, settling down in       driving drunk. The doctor told him      burned himself to death.
Iron City to raise 18 children.             she had suffered a massive brain        Weslin retired from the army in 1968
    The first ten died in infancy.          concussion and was going to die.        with the rank of lieutenant colonel.
Norman, baby number 16, grew up to                                                      That same year he came to grips
                                            A nurse gave him a green scapular,
be a little rascal in school, and came in                                           with     his    alcoholism,     joined
                                            told him to pin it on Mary Lou’s
for his share of whippings from the                                                 Alcoholics Anonymous, turned his
                                            pajamas and pray, “Immaculate
school principal.                                                                   life and his will over to God, and
                                            Heart of Mary, pray for us now and
    “I was never a sarcastic kid or one                                             never drank again.
                                            at the hour of our death.”
always looking for trouble,” Weslin                                                     In retirement, his religious faith
                                            Weslin did so. His wife sat up in bed
wrote in his book, The Gathering of                                                 deepened. He delved into the
                                            and asked when she could leave the
the Lambs. “I just always happened to                                               writings of Teresa of Avila, St.
                                            hospital. She left three days later.
be there when it happened.”                                                         John of the Cross, and especially St.
                                            During his assignment in Japan, the
Louis de Montfort’s True Devotion         Corners, Wisconsin, to study for the    and therefore, according to Catholic
to Mary.                                  priesthood.                             teaching, no laws at all.
     At age 49, he decided to see if he   He estimates that at Sacred Heart,      When arrested, they would assume
could abandon everything to Jesus,        located     in   Bishop     Rembert     the helplessness of an unborn child,
through Mary, as Louis de Montfort        Weakland’s diocese, about 40            refusing to speak or assist in their
advised – literally.                      percent of the seminarians were         arrest.
     He hitchhiked to Denver and hired    practicing homosexuals.                 They would go limp when arrested,
himself out as a sheepherder, ending      After two years at the seminary, the    refuse to give their names or
up in the Black Mountains on the          academic dean kicked him out for        respond in court, and refuse to pay
Colorado-Wyoming border with “one         refusing to go to a class with          bail or any fines.
thousand sheep faces all looking at       heretical teachings.                    They would offer up their suffering
me,” and having no idea what to do.       Weslin continued his studies at         as “victim souls” to satisfy God’s
     A Basque sheepherder from Spain      Mater Dei Seminary in Spokane,          justice so that He would intercede
appeared from nowhere and taught          Washington.                             and stop the killing.
him the ropes, probably rescuing him      Following his priestly ordination at    Gathering       together      Catholic
from death by starvation or other         age 56, he joined a small, orthodox     followers of like mind, Weslin and
mishap.                                   order called the Oblates of Wisdom.     his Lambs of Christ crisscrossed the
     He was hooked: abandonment to                                                country, staging blitzkrieg abortion
Jesus through Mary worked.                Weslin had “rescued” – blockaded mill blockades in one city after
     After the sheepherding episode he    the doors at abortion clinics – another.
received his Master’s degree in           several times, beginning in 1976, Whenever possible, they actually
Theology at the Roman Catholic            once with Bishop Austin Vaughan, entered the clinics. But inside or
School of Applied Theology, part of       his         spiritual                                      out, using heavy
the Graduate Theological Union at         director.                      Jail officials              kryptonite locks,
Berkeley, California – but not without    On retired status
                                                                      clapped him in                 they would chain
being utterly appalled by the often       from his order in                                          themselves       to
heretical and blasphemous teaching        1988, he took part       solitary for offering concrete blocks or
going on at the school.                   in a rescue in           Mass while in prison	
   inside                  old
     His participation in the pro-life    Atlanta and went                                                 automobiles,
movement began in 1969 when he led        to Key Roads prison with 260 making it as hard as possible for
a fight to defeat a bill in Colorado to   others.                                 police and firemen to remove them.
legalize abortion.                        Jail officials clapped him in solitary      Often, it would take police all
     Weslin and Mary Lou had been         confinement for nine days for day, a full day in which no baby
planning to teach the Indians about       offering Mass while in prison.          deaths occurred. And as Weslin
Christ on the reservations in             The Lambs of Christ concept came points out, Center for Disease Con-
Wyoming.                                  to him while he was in solitary.        trol studies show that 20 percent of
All their plans came to a screeching      Shaping his philosophy and method mothers who are turned away from
halt on July 2, 1980, when a car rear-    for fighting abortion was the abortion mills never return to kill
ended the Weslin’s car – their daughter   theology he had found in St. Louis their babies.
was driving – and Mary Lou was            de Montfort’s “total abandonment            The Lambs employed various
killed.                                   to Jesus through Mary,” combined methods for pumping up their esprit
After 28 years of marriage to his         with the mystical theology of the de corps, including humor.
beloved Mary Lou, Weslin was like a       victim soul exemplified by Blessed          They had their own lingo: their
lost soul, wandering from the home of     Josefa Menendez.                        leaders were “shepherds” and
one relative after another.               He decided that the “scrawny “shepherdesses.” They traveled in a
But finally accepting his loss as         Lambs of Christ” would confront “Bedlamb” bus or a “Lambousine.”
God’s will, he turned his home in         satanic worldly authority as proxies        Locked together in the clinic
Colorado Springs into The Mary            for the helpless babies killed by entry way, they would sing:
Weslin Home for Pregnant, Unwed           abortion.
Mothers. The home would eventually        They would perform acts of civil            Paul and Silas went to jail,
house over 250 mothers.                   disobedience; Weslin reasoned that          Had no money for the bail.
In 1982, at age 52, Weslin entered        this was permissible because the            Keep your eyes on the prize
Sacred Heart Seminary in Hales            laws they would break were unjust           –hold on! Or:
     Mr. Policeman, tell me why             of the first order.”                       But Father Weslin soldiered on.
     Unborn babies got to die.              The Lambs spent over 100 days in           In 2002 he was back in McKean
     Keep your eyes on the prize            North Dakota jails. Stahl won an           Prison again, serving a 5-month
     – hold on!                             Emmy for the story.                        sentence – this time for criminal
                                            But Weslin’s worst jail experience         contempt – for praying inside a
    One     of   Weslin’s     roughest      came in Houston. There, a guard            court-ordered 60-foot buffer zone at
experiences occurred in 1989 at an          spotted pro-life attorney John             an abortion mill in Buffalo, New
abortion mill blockade in West              Broderick palming a Consecrated            York.
Hartford, Connecticut.                      Host to Weslin, which the priest           In 2007 a federal jury in Omaha,
    Under the direct supervision of the     slipped into his mouth.                    Nebraska, found him not guilty of
local police chief, police handcuffed       Three guards jumped him, kicked            violating the FACE Act. He had
Weslin behind his back.                     him in his back and handcuffed him,        entered an abortion clinic, knelt and
    Then two officers yanked him off        trying unsuccessfully to pry the Host      prayed, and offered help to pregnant
the ground by holding a nightstick          from his mouth.                            women and clinic workers.
between his handcuffed wrists               Then they stripped him naked and           More recently, he has traveled to
– a torture technique called the            left him lying on the floor for all to     Illinois, Washington, D.C., Colorado
strapado hold. They carried him to          see.                                       and Missouri.
the paddy wagon and then up the             After blockading the door of a             When Father Weslin is not on the
courtroom stairs hanging by his wrists      Planned Parenthood clinic with an          road, he spends hours praying at late-
in an inverted “V,” with his head and       old car in Rochester, New York,            term abortionist LeRoy Carhart’s
feet banging and dragging on the floor.     Weslin served 4 months in McKean           mill in Bellevue, Nebraska.
The hold caused excruciating pain,          Federal       Prison     near     Erie,    Father currently lives in Omaha.
stopping the blood circulation in his       Pennsylvania, in 1997, for violating
wrists and pulling his arms out of their    the FACE (Freedom of Access to                 SAVE	
sockets.    He     never      completely    Clinic Entrances) Act.
recovered the full use of his arms.         The food and treatment at federal              10th	
The other Lambs endured the same            prisons weren’t so bad, he found.                      Truth	
                                            While at McKean, he completed a
    The hold caused                         39-day water only spiritual fast and
excruciating pain, pulling                  wrote almost 300 pages of his book.
                                            Over the years, the Lambs of Christ’s
  his arms out of their                     ranks were thinning. Police brutality
         sockets.                           – breaking arms, beatings and torture
                                            holds took their toll. Long prison
                                            sentences did too.
CBS’s “60 Minutes” covered the
Lambs’ arrests in Fargo, North              Federal officials went after the
                                            property of pro-lifers using the RICO
Dakota, in 1992 in a report highly
                                            (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt
biased against the group.                                                               Show	
                                            Organizations) Act. And the FACE
Weslin, never one to mince words,                                                          evil	
                                            Act, passed in 1994, was a major
called reporter Lesley Stahl “the 60-
                                            factor in stopping the clinic
Minute Jezebel – a barracuda feminazi

By Missy Smith                             there a week later, commissioned to        the same time, and when he looked
                                           take pictures for Defend Life of the       across the desk in the St. Joseph
    I first saw Father Weslin when I       peaceful presence of Dr. Alan Keyes        County Jail, our eyes met and he said
was in South Bend, Indiana.                and of Father Norman Weslin                something that made my heart sing.
     Having been arrested the week         carrying a cross.                              He said, “They are waiting for
before while saying the Holy Rosary            I had no idea who this beautiful       you in heaven!”
on the grounds of Notre Dame, I was        priest was. But we were arrested at            Having lost four beautiful
children, all I could think of was        “Divine set-ups” by Mother Mary           Father Weslin needs you to join him
seeing those precious children again.     which prepared you for your role in       and all the other Lambs of Christ in
    It turned out that I would have       her army.                                 our efforts to stop the killing. Will
the greatest honor of my life, which      Father Weslin hopes that you              you join him?
was to accompany Fr. Norman               will then be receptive to Mother          If you are not sure, read this book
Weslin to Washington from South           Mary’s interior promptings, which         from beginning to end.
Bend and spend hours in his               will cause you to recognize the           The devil will try to stop you. He
presence.                                 inspirations of her Spouse, The Holy      will move the book from your
   He had given me his book, The          Spirit.                                   bedside table. But he is a loser;
Gathering of the Lambs, and               These inspirations will then cause        Father Weslin will make that
although it is a full 500 pages, I        you to want to respond to His             abundantly clear to you in his book.
couldn’t put it down.                     urgings, which will move you to
    Father wrote this most exciting       come into the streets and shout the            I couldn’t recommend this book
book while he was in federal prison.      Gospel of Life from the rooftops!         more. It is not only a wonderful read
    He wrote it to bring readers out      This is now being done using              but a one of a kind book written by
of their comfortable lifestyle and into   legitimate, non-violent, direct action    truly a living saint.
the street as “victim souls” – to bring   in civil disobedience which risks         All donations are given to the Mary
you in front of the place of evil,        arrest – or by prayerful means which      Weslin Home for Pregnant, Unwed
where they are killing God’s              do not risk arrest – using the Rosary     Mothers, which was started by Father
children, and there to shout the          and the image of Our Lady of              Weslin after his wife Mary Lou was
Gospel of Life from the rooftops as       Guadalupe as our weapons of Divine        killed in a car accident.
Our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II,       Love to stop the killing of Jesus         He turned their home in Colorado
has asked him to do, as a missionary      Christ’s children while they are still    Springs, Colorado, into a home for
priest of Jesus Christ – and asked        in the womb, his old folks while they     unwed mothers and saved over 200
you, as a Roman Catholic – one of         are silent and defenseless, and his       babies.
“The Remnant.”                            retarded children while they are          To order the book or for more
Father Weslin has been trying to do       unaware of the evil being                 information, contact Missy Smith at
this for 25 years. He is now asking       done to them.                    or phone
you to join him. He has found God’s       Father Weslin says in this book that      her at 202-337-1966.
method of doing this by living out        if you have assets or are raising a       Or contact The Mary Weslin Homes
“The Mystical Theology of the             family, it is best that you do not risk   for Pregnant, Unwed Mothers, P.O.
Victim Soul” as a “Lamb of Christ.”       arrest.                                   Box 241281, Omaha, Nebraska
This means total abandonment of           There are those of us who are             68124, or phone 402-3336167 or
oneself to Jesus Christ, through          unattached – who do not have assets,      402-697-0533.
Mary, in the way of Divine Love.          nor are we raising families. We are       Email: or go
By means of this book of “lived           free to risk arrest in civil              to
experiences,” he shows you – the          disobedience to confront the tyranny
65.l million Roman Catholics of the       in our government and to stop the
United States – how to become one         killing.
of the millions of ordinary people        He explains that this is why they put
whom he is asking to come out into        Jesus in jail – He was civilly
the streets as God’s people did in        disobedient.
Russia just a few years ago.              He is asking you to join him in this
His writings show you that this is the    God-given method of defeating Satan
ultimate method of defeating Satan.       in this colossal war between good
To prove this, he draws a portrait of     and evil.
his own life in which he was              If you are reading this book, you are
prepared by Mary to “confront             very likely a member of “The
satanic worldly authority” with           Remnant” being called by the
“helplessness.”                           Blessed Lady to live out your role as
He draws this portrait of himself for     a “victim soul” – as a “Lamb of
you in the hope that you will look        Christ” – to fulfill the scripture
into your own life to recognize the       passage of Genesis 3:15.

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