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					CyClinG Embassy
    oF Denmark
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CyClinG Embassy oF DEnmaRK
Cycling Embassy of Denmark is a comprehensive network of
private companies, local authorities, and non-government
organizations. our mission is to encourage cycling all over the
world. We work together to promote Denmark as a cycling
country through continued exchange of ideas, development,
and communication of bicycle culture in Denmark.

The network was established in January 2009 as a response to
a rising demand from abroad for knowledge of Danish cycling
culture and solutions.

 The vision of Cycling Embassy of Denmark is to be the pri-
 mary source when it comes to knowledge, dialogue, and in-
  novation in the field of cycling, and that Denmark shall be
  the world’s leading cycling country.

  in order to honor this vision, Cycling Embassy of Denmark
  unites knowledge of cycling from the private, public, and
  voluntary sectors, and we hold the best knowledge of all
   areas related to bicycling - ranging from bicycles and
    bicycle equipment to bicycle tourism, bicycle cam-
     paigns, parking facilities, bicycle infrastructure, city
       planning, and much more.


                                                                  page 2
FaQ       how come so many
          people ride a bike in
                                             how can we get more
                                             people to ride a bike in
                                                                                what do danish cyclists
                                                                                do when it rains?

on        denmark?
          We would love to tell you that
                                             our country?
                                             Riding a bike is a choice. if
                                                                                We wear rain clothes. of
                                                                                course, some cheat and

CyClinG   the Danes are more idealis-
          tic than others - unfortunate-
                                             you want more people to
                                             become cyclists, you must
                                                                                take the bus or a taxi, but
                                                                                really stormy weather and
in        ly we’re not. The Danes ride       make it attractive to ride a       big amounts of ice or snow

DEnmaRK   bikes because it is practical,
          easy, and makes their every-
          day lives work. no parking
                                             bike. make it safe, easy, fun,
                                             and economically attractive.
                                             look at your infrastructure,
                                                                                are the only kinds of weath-
                                                                                er that don’t go along with
                                                                                cycling. many Danish cyclists
          problems, no long traffic lines,   your tax system, and what          also ride a bike in the winter.
          no waiting for the bus. but for    you teach your children at
          the vast majority of Danes,        school. last but not least: tell
          the benefits to health, envi-      the cyclists that what they
          ronment,congestion,climate,        do is cool.
          and so forth, are certainly
          welcome side effects.
how much do the danes              how many people in              is cycling mainly for               how do children learn
ride their bikes?                  denmark own a bike?             low income groups?                  to ride a bike?
a lot. one in four trips shorter   most people will tell you       no.Cars are very pricy in Den-      mom and dad. most kids in
than five kilometers is done       there are as many bikes as      mark, but average income is         Denmark ride a bike before
by bike. but that covers great     people. in reality, some have   high, and most families have        they start school - anything
variation between the big          none and others have two        at least one car. still, a lot of   else would be a bit embar-
cities and the countryside. in     - but most have one. it may     people choose to ride a bike        rassing for the family. We
cities like Copenhagen and         stand in the back of the ga-    on a regular basis. Riding a        don’t run school programs
odense, the bicycle is the most    rage in unknown condition,      bike is something enjoyed           on how to ride a bike as we
common means of transport          but it’s there.                 by everybody - top leaders,         do on swimming. instead we
for people going to work or                                        nobel Prize winners, and            focus on building up good
educational institutions.                                          even the Danish crown               transport habits on traf-
                                                                   prince rides a bike.                fic rules and safety. This is a
                                                                                                       great strength, but some-
                                                                                                       times a problem for people
                                                                                                       who don’t grow up here, as
                                                                                                       they need attention not be
                                                                                                       excluded from this important
                                                                                                       part of Danish culture.

                                                                                                                                    page 4

CyClE aCTion Plan sETs hiGh ambiTions
aarhus Cycle City is the name given to all cycle-related ac-        cycle routes, Denmark’s first ‘cycle streets,’ projects to reduce
tivities initiated by aarhus municipality. in aarhus, almost 25%    accidents involving cyclists and trucks, high-grade parking
of residents use a bicycle to get to work, but the ambition is      facilities, high-grade path and route signage, cycle barom-
to increase this proportion considerably.                           eters, electronic info displays, massive upgrading of cyclist
                                                                    safety and movement through various improvements at in-
a large-scale Cycle action Plan sets out completely new am-         tersections, and Park & bike terminals.
bitions for cycle traffic with projects totaling 34 million Euro.
This will put aarhus on the national map as one of the most         key words:
cycling-friendly municipalities in Denmark - if not the world!      Cycle city; cycling; planning; municipality; promotion; safety
new projects to be implemented include new, high-grade

                                                                             uRban CyClE soluTions
Vekso was founded 60 years ago with the purpose of devel-           We integrate communications technology in many of our so-
oping and producing cycle parking facilities for Danish             lutions, which also include cyclist service equipment for the
schools. Today, Vekso is an international brand in the market       urban space - such as bicycle air pumps, bicycle barometers,
of urban furniture and lighting, and we strive to combine de-       cyclist counters, signage, and locking devices.
sign, quality, usability, and sustainability in all our products.
                                                                    our knowledge of urban cycling gives an edge to our competi-
in order to have a cycle-friendly city where people choose          tive advantage, and we employ two skilled mobility experts with
the bicycle as a means of transportation, we must have safe         Danish and international experience with promoting cycling.
and cyc-list-friendly facilities. Vekso has more than 60 years of
experience in the development and production of a variety           key words:
of different high quality cycle parking solutions for different     Cycle parking solutions; cyclist service equipment;
needs and places.                                                   Danish cycling culture; promotion of cycling                 page 6

ThE FiRsT CiTy To FoCus on CyClinG
Ten years ago, odense took the lead in pioneer work as the       The vision for future initiatives is to keep odense a first-rate city
Danish national Cyclist City; today, cycling is the strongest    for cyclists - because odense makes cycling easier, safer, and
landmark of odense. now, cyclists in odense benefit from 500     more comfortable. because of its knowledge in the field of
km of cycling lanes, tire pumps, cycle-counters, indoor and      cycling, odense has been chosen to participate in the urban
secured parking spaces, and many street intersections with       best Practice area at EXPo shanghai 2010.
first priority for cyclists. apart from continuously improving
cycling facilities, our focus is aimed on campaigns with a       key words:
motivating effect and we want to reach out to as many tar-       Parking; urban planning; campaigns; innovative solutions
get groups as possible.                                          Contact by e-mail:

                                                             biCyClE RETailERs assoCiaTion
The Danish Two-wheel Retailers association (DaTRa) is a trade     and improves the professionalism in the retailer’s business
association for bicycle retailers. We were founded in 1901 and    through education and certification of the people working
today we represent the interests of many of the bicycle retail-   in the business. We also take part in bicycle campaigns and
ers in Denmark. our headquarters are in the cycling city of       in communication to cyclists about traffic rules, safety, and
odense.                                                           maintenance of bicycles.

DaTRa promotes cycling and safety in Denmark through co-          key words:
operation with relevant partners on politics, lobbying, and       statistics; bicycles and helmet use; bicycle maintenance;
counseling. in addition to this, DaTRa supports innovation        diversity of bicycles; gear; accessories

                                                                                                                             page 8

ThE mosT WEll-KnoWn biKE bRanD
boerge Kildemoes Cykelfabrik a/s was established in 1942,        We are a part of the group Cycleurope ab, represented in
and today we’re the only bicycle manufacturer in Denmark.        Europe by other well-known brands such as Crescent, Dbs,
We have about 100 dedicated employees who produce                Gitane, and the worldwide-known italian bicycle brand
qua-lity bicycles for Danish cyclists - a quality to match the   bianchi, represented by Kildemoes in Denmark.
special Danish weather conditions.
                                                                 a wide range of accessories and spare parts for bicycles is
The key brand is Kildemoes - the most well-known bicycle         distributed under our group brand spectra.
brand in Denmark, and the most preferred bicycle brand
among Danish consumers - elected as a Danish “superbrand”        key words:
several times. Kildemoes also manufactures Everton bikes, an-    bicycles, bicycle Parts & accessories
other well-known Danish bicycle brand.

                                                                               bETTER CiTiEs FoR PEoPlE
Gehl architects’ vision is to create better cities for people. our   tive, equitable, and sustainable city. in new york City, we have
approach to design extends beyond the use of sustainable             worked to integrate bicycling into the wider transport net-
materials and the advocating walking, cycling, and alter-            work, inviting all people - young and old, male and female –
native transport - we work to promote a holistic sustainable         to bicycle in the city and, in turn, promote economic activity
lifestyle, and thereby to improve people’s quality of life. We       and diverse street life.
believe there is more to cycling than cycling. in short, a bike-
able city is a good city for people.                                 key words:
                                                                     human dimension; multi-modal strategies; equity; public
in mexico City, our mobility strategy Plan promotes energy-          space network; holistic planning; lively; healthy; diverse;
efficient mobility to all income groups to ensure a competi-         sustainable; safe cities for people

                                                                                                                                   page 10

PRomoTinG CyClE TouRism
VisitDenmark strengthens tourism to Denmark and adds value         modation options that provide the best facilities for cyclists.
for partners by creating greater global awareness and              look for the red cycling symbol if you are searching for cycle-
attracting visitors all year round.                                friendly experiences in Denmark.

active Denmark is one of VisitDenmark’s close partners respon-
sible for promoting and developing theme tourism in Denmark.       key words:
active Denmark has developed six quality label schemes. one        marketing; theme tourism; cycling holidays in Denmark
of them, Cycling Denmark, focuses on developing and pro-
moting the best cycling experiences for cycle visitors. The qua-
lity label scheme leads the way to the regions and accom-

                                                                                     baTTERy-FREE biKE liGhT
Reelight is a permanent bike light. Reelight does not use batteries,   Reelight provides safety and mobility to cyclists: the safety of
but produces its own environmentally-friendly energy by means          always being visible in traffic. Reelight is also about freedom:
of induction. Reelight is permanently mounted, so you always           the freedom of never having to remember to take our bi-
have your lights with you. They are on whenever you cycle, which       cycle lights with us; the freedom of never having to worry
makes you more visible and safe in traffic - day and night.            about the impact of bike light batteries on the environment.

according to a study conducted by Reelight, odense Cycle               key words:
City, TrygFonden, and the university of aalborg, permanent             battery-free bike lights; reducing bicycle-related accidents;
bike lights reduce accidents by 32% while boosting a cyclists’         bike light campaigns; freedom and safety for cyclists
sense of security by up to 85%.

                                                                                                                                     page 12

inTERDisCiPlinaRy aPPRoaCh To biKinG
The municipality of ballerup has approximately 50,000 resi-       in 2009, the municipality of ballerup adopted a bicycle poli-
dents and is situated in the greater Copenhagen area.             cy. The process involved all departments of the municipa-
                                                                  lity, because we believe that biking can only be successfully
ballerup promotes biking to advance goals related to a di-        promoted by use of an interdisciplinary approach. This year,
verse set of themes, including health, social issues, and the     we were also appointed Cycle City of the year 2009 by the
environment. our goal is that people choose the bike as their     Danish Cyclists Federation.
everyday means of transportation to work, school, and recre-
ational activities, and that the state of health of the general   key words:
public is improved through biking.                                interdisciplinary approach to biking

                                                                        EXPERTisE in CyClE TRaFFiC
CoWi is a leading northern European consulting group. We           cycle infrastructure  Design of cycle paths  safety for
provide state-of-the-art services within the fields of engineer-   cyclists  operation optimization  Planning of bicycle par-
ing, environmental science, and economics. We have com-            king  service for cyclists, including public bike sharing
panies and offices in 35 countries, and a total of 6,000 em-       systems  Campaigns and image  Reviews  impact calcu-
ployees.                                                           lations for health, health science, and health economics

CoWi offers cross-discipline consulting services for cycle traf-   key words:
fic, and we have great expertise in specific subjects:             Cycle planning; cycle parking; campaign concepts; health
                                                                   impacts; economical reviews; evaluations
Reflection and counseling       Planning and prioritization of

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small muniCiPaliTy - biG sCalE CyClinG
The municipality of Frederiksberg is the smallest municipality      The municipality has a dual approach to cycling:
in Denmark. at just nine square kilometers, and a density of         Continue improvements of the physical environment for
about 10,000 inhabitants per square kilometer, it is the most         cycling traffic
densely populated local authority in the country. This allows        strengthen the citizens’ own motivation for cycling

short distances, which in turn provide good opportunities for
cycling. in 2007, one third of all trips were by bicycle, and for   key words:
distances shorter than five kilometers it was nearly half.          urban planning; satisfaction and behavior of cyclists; safety;
                                                                    bicycle parking; campaigns

                             ThE CiTy WiTh innoVaTiVE CyClinG soluTions
For Copenhageners, cycling is as natural as brushing their      bringing the kids to kindergarten - is a key component for
teeth. Very few Copenhageners regard themselves as ”cyc-        urban planning in Copenhagen.
lists.” most see themselves merely as citizens who transport
themselves from a to b, using the fastest and most flexible     Get a first-hand experience with Copenhagen bicycling cul-
mode of transport, which the bicycle just happens to be in      ture in June 2010. Copenhagen will be the host city of Velo-city
most cases.                                                     Global 2010, a conference that focuses on the potential and
                                                                challenges of bicycling, and which is expected to attract
Copenhagen illustrates that cycling can become a modern         participants from all over the world.
metropolis’ preferred mode of transport. This has been
achieved, not least, because the bicycle - whether it is used   key words:
for commuting, going to the beach or the bakery, or for         innovation; prioritizing; diversity; mass transit
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sPECialisTs in DEsiGninG biKEs
hF Christiansen a/s is the oldest family-owned bicycle          hF Christiansen a/s specializes in designing bikes for specific
importer in the world, and has been on the bicycle market       markets and consumers. We are one of the biggest suppliers
since 1903. The company is renowned for being an efficient      of spare parts to Danish bicycle dealers.
distributor with control over stock and logistics.
                                                                key words:
We distribute several leading brands in the sector, including   Danish bicycle design
Principia, Raleigh, nishiki, Centurion, Winther, mbK, avenue,
Taarnby, Electra og bugatti.

                                                                                   WE maKE CyClinG Easy
Pleasure, safety, and mobility. For more than a century, Danish         and campaigns. The largest campaign is “cycle to work” -
Cyclist Federation (DCF) has been the voice of people                   when more than 100,000 Danes cycle to work for a full month
using the bicycle in their everyday lives. at present, we function      each spring. a similar campaign for children runs in one third
as the interface between all relevant players in the field of           of all schools in Denmark. new campaigns and other projects
cycling. Twenty people are employed at the headquarters                 are always in progress and under development.
in Copenhagen.
                                                                        key words:
DCF is successfully working for better safety and infrastruc-           Campaigns; bicycling promoting projects; bicycling events;
ture for cyclists - both on local and national levels. This effort is   bicycling lobbying; bicycle parking; bicycling for children
based on direct lobbying as well as consultancy, innovation,

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Cycling Embassy of Denmark
               General office:
   Danish Cyclist Federation
             Roemersgade 5
     DK-1362 Copenhagen K
         Tel.: +45 33 32 31 21

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