Finding Sweetness in a Gloomy Place by sdfgsg234


									                        From the Editor                        provide a sweet answer to this question. But to do so
                                                               we must first peer into a dark and terrible place — the
           Finding Sweetness                                   realm of tragically misplaced faith. A cruel fiend poses
           in a Gloomy Place                                   as a devoted nurse and is thus granted entrance to the
                                                               room of a helpless newborn babe. Once inside, she
    We have been contemplating this issue of Sri Krishna       manifests her real intention — to mercilessly kill the
Kathamrita magazine for a number of years. In 1994 we          child by offering him her poison-coated breast. This is
first came across Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati’s article
                                                               the false guru, Putana.
“Putana”. Therein, he compares the demoness Putana
                                                                  In exploring this topic, we felt a responsibility to
to a false or cheating guru, and he compares Kamsa to
                                                               examine the inherent problems in religious organizations
the materialistic head of a religious organization. Srila
                                                               frankly and philosophically, without institutional gloss
Bhaktisiddhanta’s thoughts were astonishing, and we
                                                               or sectarian bias, through the light of çästra and the
immediately felt a desire to develop his article into an
                                                               writings of our previous äcäryas. It is our hope that
entire magazine issue. Yet, the subject — a blood-sucking
                                                               the message herein will inspire devotees to steadfastly
witch whose purpose in life is to kill innocent children
                                                               serve the seva/saìga missions of their respective gurus,
— did not seem like a topic we could bring to a positive
                                                               in spite of the Putanas and Kamsas that are inevitably
conclusion. Srila Viswanath Chakravarti Thakur in his
                                                               found in such societies.
commentary on Bhägavatam 10.90.1-7 instructs:
                                                                  Finally, we must confess to having another
   One rule of poetic composition practiced by vaiñëava        more selfish motivation for presenting this subject.
   authors is madhureëa samäpayet — a literary work            Finding all of the tendencies of Putana and Kamsa
   should conclude in a mood of special sweetness.             in our own heart, producing this issue has been an
    After some years of contemplation, however, we             opportunity for self-purification. We pray to you,
felt that the brilliance of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta’s article,   dear vaiñëava readers, to kindly overlook our many
along with its philosophical implications, could be            shortcomings and bless us that we may give up
presented, provided we could satisfactorily address            pretension and duplicity and one day gain the rare
an important question: Why, knowing well the evils of          gem of çuddha-bhakti — pure unalloyed devotion
religious institutions, did Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati    for the Lord.
Prabhupada and his disciples create religious institutions        Çré guru, vaiñëava-kåpä-prärthé
like the Gaudiya Math and ISKCON?                                 Madhavananda Das
    This volume of Sri Krishna Kathamrita attempts to

   (Letters, continued)                                           The Krishna Kathamrita magazine on Mahaprabhu
                                                               taking sannyäsa is liquid nectar, very soothing for the
    I just received Sri Krishna Kathamrita issue number        soul! You are keeping the whole world alive with this
9. It was so enlightening; the best thing I have ever read.    nice kathä.
Thank you, and keep up the great work.                         — Purusottama Tirtha Das, Belgium
— Navanita Taskara Dasi
                                                                   Someone recently directed me to your site and it is
   Your magazine on Lord Shiva was excellent. This             encouraging to see this kind of preaching continuing some
method of picking a theme and developing it with an            years now after Sri Gour Govinda Maharaja’s departure.
entire issue is wonderful. The artwork was also a sweet        — Swami B.V. Tripurari
and attractive addition. Thank you for your first class            Please don’t send Krishna Kathamrita magazine to me
service to the Vaisnava community.                             ever again, as after reading it I was not able to sleep last
— Badrinarayan Das, San Diego                                  night, having “nightmares” of Gauranga Mahaprabhu
                                                               dancing in the ecstasy of prema-näma saìkértana. Are you
   Your letters are welcome. Write to :                        trying to finish my last hopes for a happy householder life
   Gopal Jiu Publications                                      with this kind of “illicit” kåñëa-kathä literature that is totally
   c/o ISKCON, National Highway No.5                           “poisoning” my consciousness with thoughts of surrender
   IRC Village, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, 751015 India
   Email:                                   to Sriman Mahaprabhu? Shame on you for trying to disturb
              Please include your name and address.            this worm mired in stool and forcing him to taste the nectar
     Published letters may be edited for clarity and length.   for which he is always anxious!
                                                               — Goloka Vrindavan Das, England

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