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					                       Singapore Work Visa Application Services Offered by Rikvin

May 18, 2011 - Rikvin processes the work visas of foreign workers in Singapore. Apart from the
Entrepreneur Pass, which can be directed by the investor, all other work passes are directed by
registered companies, which in turn, conduit the submission through a company like us.

If you are a shareholder, you can apply either an Entrepreneur pass or Employment Pass. If your
intention in Singapore is to find Employment however, you can seek Employment Pass, Personalized
Employment Pass, and S pass.

The Entrepreneur Pass is conceived solely for investors who have earned entrepreneurial know-how
instead of a Bachelor of Arts degree. When it is selected by a shareholder, it should be searched first
before the business is registered. Amidst its requirements apart from exceptional entrepreneurial
experience are the capital investment worth S$50,000, and 10 sheets of enterprise plan, which will
summarize the commercial undertakings, merchandise or service, trading strategies. At Rikvin, we
support businessmen in drafting the business design.

There is also the needed Total Business Spending, which is the company’s ability to appoint local
employees. The allowance of the TBS, its acronym, works out the kind of Entrepreneur pass the Ministry
of Manpower matters. If the business uses a smallest of 2 local employees, the TBS is S$100,000 and the
kind of Entrepreneur Pass is Q1. 4 local employees need S$150,000 TBS and the work visa is P2. If the
company will employ 8 localized workers, the TBS should be S$300,000 and the work visa is P1.

Meantime, an Employment Pass is restricted for foreign nationals who are professional by learning.
Therefore, it can be applied both by employees and investors. The salary receive shall work out the kind
of Employment pass handed out. If the foreigner obtains S$2,800 monthly wages, the Ministry of
Manpower issues a Q1 type. A P2 type of Employment pass requires a monthly wages of S$4,000, while
P1 needs S$8,000 monthly wages.

Additionally, the Employment Pass is restricted to the employing company. Workers, whose agreement
of service may end, should cancel their visa, and the new employing company shall sponsor a new one.
Such is not the case in Personalized Employment Pass as it is a free visa. This means you can modify
employers anytime in its 5-year validity time span without having to cancel and improve it. On the other
hand, once you have this kind of work visa, you will not list a business since it is solely for workers.

The S Pass furthermore requires high educational achievement. However, not like the other work
Passes, the S Pass depends on points from criteria such as salary—which is set at S$2,000—educational
background, applicable work experience, and expert skills.

About the Publisher:

Rikvin has successfully helped foreign and local entrepreneurs form a Singapore company. The company
provides complete corporate solutions to investors and entrepreneurs both local and abroad. Among its
specializations are Singapore company registration and providing professional services relating to
financing and compliance services.
Rikvin assures its clients of confidence in dealing with every transaction. Its employees maintain
competence and above all, Rikvin’s principles adhere to business ethics and all applicable laws. Its goal is
to provide a highly personalized and professional service worthy of our clients’ loyalty.

“Our phones are answered during business hours by specialists and not by an answering machine. We
appreciate the value of your time and understand that a person cannot be replaced by technology. This
is especially true when it comes to making important business decisions.”

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Description: If your intention in Singapore is to find Employment however, you can seek Employment Pass, Personalized Employment Pass, and S pass.