First Choice Neudosan Insecticidal Soap by gdf57j


									                                                                                                                                   Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements:
FIRST AID                                                                                                                         Some materials that are chemical-resistant to this product
IF IN EYES              -Hold eye open and rinse slowly                                                                           are listed below. If you want more options, follow the
                        and gently with water for 15-20                                                                           instructions for category A on an EPA chemical resistance
                        minutes. Remove contact lenses, if                                                                        category selection sheet. Applicators and other handlers
                        present, after the first 5 minutes,                                                                       must wear: long-sleeved shirts, long pants, chemical
                        then continue rinsing eye.                                                                                resistant gloves made of any waterproof material, such as

                        -Call a poison control center or                                                                          polyvinyl chloride, nitrile rubber or butyl rubber, and shoes
                        doctor for treatment advice.                                                                              plus socks.
IF ON SKIN OR -Take off contaminated clothing.                                                                                    Follow manufacturer's instructions for cleaning/maintaining
CLOTHING                -Rinse skin immediately with plenty
                        of water for 15-20 minutes.
                        -Call a poison control center or
                                                                        FUNGICIDE                                                 PPE. If no such instructions for washables, use detergent
                                                                                                                                  and hot water. Keep and wash PPE separately from other

                        doctor for treatment advice.
IF SWALLOWED            -Call a poison control center or                                                                          User Safety Recommendations
                        doctor immediately for treatment                                                                          Users should:
                                                                                                                                  • Wash hands before eating, drinking, chewing gum, using
                        -Have person sip a glass of water if
                                                                                                                                  tobacco or using the toilet.
                        able to swallow.
                                                                     Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute             • Remove clothing immediately if pesticide gets inside.
                        -Do not induce vomiting unless told
                                                                           (OMRI) for use in organic production                   Then wash thoroughly and put on clean clothing.
                        to by a poison control center or                  TM
                                                                    Cueva is a trademark of W. Neudorff GmbH KG                   • Remove PPE immediately after handling this product.
                        -Do not give anything by mouth to        Active Ingredient:                                               Wash the outside of gloves before removing. As soon as
                        an unconscious person                       Copper Octanoate………………….….10.0%                               possible, wash thoroughly and change into clean clothing.
IF INHALED              -Move person to fresh air.               Inert Ingredients…………………………...90.0%                              Environmental Hazards
                        -If person is not breathing call 911     Total………………………………………..100.0%                                     This product may be toxic to fish and aquatic organisms.
                        or an ambulance, then give artificial                                                                     Do not apply directly to water, to areas where surface water
                        respiration, preferably mouth-to-                     metallic copper equivalent      1.8%                is present or to intertidal areas below the mean high water
                        mouth, if possible.                                       Net Contents: 5 gallons                         mark. Do not contaminate water by disposal of equipment
                        -Call a poison control center or                                                                          washwaters.
                        doctor for further treatment advice.      EPA REG. NO. 67702-2 EPA EST. NO. 48498-CA-1
                                                                             CA Reg. No. 67702-2-ZA                               STORAGE AND DISPOSAL
Have the product container or label with you when calling a
poison control center or doctor or going for treatment.                                                                           Do not contaminate water, food or feed by storage or
                                                                   KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN                                  disposal.
Hazards to Humans and Domestic Animals
                                                                                    CAUTION                                       Storage: Store in a secure place, away from open fire or
                                                                                                                                  flame. Keep container closed and reseal after use. Product
Caution: Harmful if swallowed, absorbed through skin or                                                                           may be damaged by freezing. Do not store product below
                                                                NOTICE TO BUYER                                                   4°C. If spilled, use absorbent materials and dispose of in an
inhaled.   Wash thoroughly with soap and water after            Seller warrants that this product conforms to the chemical
handling. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Avoid                                                                        approved manner.
                                                                description on this label and is reasonably fit for purposes      Disposal
breathing spray mist. Remove contaminated clothing and          stated on this label only when used in accordance with
wash clothing before reuse.                                                                                                       Pesticide Disposal: Waste resulting from the use of this
                                                                directions under normal use conditions. This warranty does        product may be disposed of on site or at an approved waste
                                                                not extend to use of this product contrary to label directions,   disposal facility.
Registrant: W. Neudorff GmbH KG,                                or under abnormal use conditions, or under conditions not
            Postfach 1209, An der Mühle 3,                                                                                        Container Disposal: Triple rinse container (or equivalent).
                                                                reasonably foreseeable to seller. Buyer assumes all risk of       Then offer for recycling or reconditioning, or puncture and
            D-31860 Emmerthal, Germany                          any such use. Seller makes no other warranties, either            dispose of in a sanitary landfill, or by incineration, or, if
                                                                expressed or implied.                                             allowed by state and local authorities, by burning. If burned,
US Patent Number: 5,246,716
                                                                                                                                  stay out of smoke.
                                                                See back label for additional precautions and use
DIRECTIONS FOR USE                                               CONCENTRATE to plants. A spreader may be used to                                   spot),  Downy      by ground equipment
It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a        improve the spreading of CUEVA FUNGICIDE                                           mildew,  Gray      or with 2 to 5 gallons
manner inconsistent with its labeling.                           CONCENTRATE on hard to wet plants.                               Corn              mold               of water for application
Do not apply this product in a manner that will contact                                                                                                                by aircraft, and apply
workers or other persons, either directly or through drift.      Tank Mixing CUEVA FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE with                                       Southern   leaf    to one acre.          Use
Only protected workers may be in the area during                 Other Pesticides                                                                   blight,            sufficient water to
application. For any requirements specific to your State or                                                                       Lettuce,          Cercospora leaf    ensure               good
                                                                 Read and follow all applicable directions and precautions on
Tribe, consult the agency responsible for pesticide                                                                        TM     Chicory,          blight             coverage.      For best
                                                                 the label of other products, before mixing with CUEVA
regulation.                                                                                                                       Endive,                              control,            begin
                                                                 FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE.
                                                                                                                                  Artichoke         Downy mildew,      treatment 2 weeks
Read and follow all applicable directions and precautions on     CUEVATM FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE can be applied up                                    Septoria  leaf     before           disease
this label before using.                                         to day of harvest. When tank-mixed with products, do not         Pome      Fruit   spot               normally appears or
Agricultural Use Requirements                                    apply that product closer to harvest than is permitted or        Trees (Apple,                        when             weather
Use this product in accordance with its labeling and with the    stated on the other product’s label.                             Pear, Quince)     Scab,      Sooty   forecasts predict a
Worker Protection Standard, 40 CFR part 170. This                              TM                                                                   blotch, Flyspeck   long period of wet
standard contains requirements for the protection of             Pour CUEVA        FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE into spray               Tomato,                              weather. Alternatively,
agricultural workers on farms, forests, nurseries, and           tank at least half filled with water using adequate agitation.   Potato,                              begin treatment when
greenhouses, and handlers of agricultural pesticides. It         When mixed with other products proven or known to be             Eggplant,         Anthracnose,       disease first appears,
contains requirements for training, decontamination,             compatible, wettable powders should be added first,              Pepper            Bacterial speck,   and repeat at 7 to 10
notification, and emergency assistance. It also contains         followed in order by flowables (such as CUEVATM                                    Bacterial spot,    day intervals for as
specific instructions and exceptions pertaining to the           FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE), and then emulsifiable                                      Cercospora leaf    long as needed. Use
statements on this label about personal protective               concentrates.                                                                      spot,      Early   the 2.0-gallon rate of
equipment (PPE), restricted-entry interval, and notification     CUEVATM FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE can be mixed with                                    blight,    Gray    CUEVA
to workers. The requirements in this box only apply to uses      Bravo® (WP, 720, 500), Captan, Daconil® 2787, Ferbam,                              mold,       Late   FUNGICIDE
of this product that are covered by the Worker Protection                                                                                           blight,     Leaf   CONCENTRATE,
                                                                 maneb (WP or Flowable), Dithane® M-45, Manzate® 200,
Standard (WPS).                                                                                                                                     mold, Septoria     applied every 7 days
                                                                 sulfur (wettable or flowable), organo phosphates, Thiodan®,
Entry-Restrictions: Do not enter or allow worker entry into                                                                                         leaf spot          or     less,    following
                                                                 Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner, Guthion®, Pydrin®,
treated areas during the restricted-entry interval of 4 hours.                                                                                                         heavy rain or when the
                                                                 Diazinon®, malathion for use on the crops listed on this                                              amount of disease is
PPE required for early-entry to treated areas that is            label, in accordance with the most restrictive of label                                               increasing rapidly. If
permitted under the Worker Protection Standard and that          limitations and precautions. No label dosage rates should                                             possible,             time
involves contact with anything that has been treated, such       be exceeded. This product cannot be mixed with any                                                    applications so that 12
as plants, soil, or water, wear: coveralls, shoes, socks and     product containing a label prohibition against such mixing.
                                                                                      TM                                                                               hours of dry weather
chemical-resistant gloves made of any waterproof material,       Do not mix CUEVA FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE with oil
                                                                                                              TM                                                       follow application.
such as polyvinyl chloride, nitrile rubber, or butyl rubber.     when applied to citrus. Do not mix CUEVA FUNGICIDE                                                    Use       2.0     gallons
                                                                 CONCENTRATE with chelated or liquid fertilizers. Use                                                  CUEVA
Non-Agricultural Use Requirements
                                                                 caution when using product with other fungicides and                                                  FUNGICIDE
The requirements in this box apply to uses of this product
                                                                 insecticides. Observe all cautions and limitations on all                                             CONCENTRATE in 50
that are NOT within the scope of the Worker Protection
                                                                 products used in mixtures.                                                                            to 100 gallons of water
Standard for agricultural pesticides (40 CFR Part 170). The
WPS applies when this product is used to produce                                                                                                                       when      spraying       to
                                                                  Directions for use on Vegetables, Herbs, Field Crops,                                                control late blight.
agricultural plants on farms, forests, nurseries, or
                                                                         Nuts, Fruits including Citrus and Berries
greenhouses.                                                                                                                      Bean, Pea         Powdery            Mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons
                                                                                                                                  Crucifer Crops    mildew             of            CUEVATM
Keep unprotected persons out of treated areas until sprays                                                                        (Broccoli,                           FUNGICIDE
                                                                                    Disease(s)          Application Notes
have dried.                                                                                                                       Brussel                              CONCENTRATE with
                                                                 Crop               Controlled
DIRECTIONS FOR USE                                                                                                                sprouts,                             50 to 100 gallons of
                                                                 Bean, Pea          Anthracnose,        Mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons    Canola,                              water and apply to one
Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation                            Ascochyta leaf      of          CUEVA         Cauliflower,                         acre. Use sufficient
system.                                                                             and pod spot,       FUNGICIDE                 Cabbage,                             water to ensure good
                                                                                    Bacterial blights   CONCENTRATE with          Kale, Kohlrabi,                      coverage.      For best
Shake well before use. Most conventional liquid pesticide                           (halo, common       50 to 100 gallons of      Mustard, Pak-                        control,            begin
plant sprayers can be used to apply CUEVA FUNGICIDE                                 and       brown     water for application     Choi,    Rape,                       treatment 2 weeks
Rutabaga,                             before          disease      Brussel                                CUEVA                                        blight, Botrytis     CONCENTRATE         2
Turnip),                              normally       appears.      sprouts,                               FUNGICIDE                   Hop              blight,              times per week in the
Cucurbits                             Alternatively,    begin      Canola,                                CONCENTRATE            at                    Phytophthora,        first 2 weeks after
(Cucumbers,                           treatment          when      Cauliflower,                           25% bloom. Use 0.5                           Powdery              emergence, followed
cantaloupe,                           disease first appears,       Cabbage,                               to 2.0 gallons per acre                      mildew               by sprays every 7
squash,                               and repeat at 7 to 10        Kale, Kohlrabi,                        in sufficient water for     Onion, Garlic,   Anthracnose,         days.
pumpkin,                              day intervals for as         Mustard, Pak-                          adequate      coverage,     Leek, Shallot,   Cercospora leaf
zucchini)                             long as needed. Use          Choi,    Rape,                         usually 5 to 10 gallons     Chives           spot,     Downy
Currant,                              the 2.0-gallon rate of       Rutabaga,                              per acre by aircraft or                      mildew
Gooseberry                            CUEVA                        Turnip)                                50 to 100 gallons per       Parsley          Botrytis     leaf
Hop                Bacterial spot     FUNGICIDE                                                           acre      by     ground                      blight,   Downy
Lettuce,                              CONCENTRATE,                                                        equipment.                                   mildew,     Neck
Chicory,                              applied every 7 days         Beet, Chard,      Cercospora leaf      Mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons                       rot,     Bacterial
Endive,                               when the amount of           Spinach           spot,     Downy      of            CUEVA                          soft rot
Artichokes                            disease is increasing                          mildew, White        FUNGICIDE                                    Leaf      scorch,
                                      rapidly.    If possible,                       rust                 CONCENTRATE with                             Leaf spot
Stone      Fruit                      time applications so         Carrot            Alternaria leaf      50 to 100 gallons of        Beet, Chard,     Powdery              Mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons
Trees                                 that 12 hours of dry                           blight, Bacterial    water and apply to one      Spinach          mildew               of             CUEVATM
(Almond,                              weather           follow                       leaf       blight,   acre. Use sufficient                                              FUNGICIDE
Apricot,                              application.                                   Cercospora leaf      water to ensure good                                              CONCENTRATE with
Cherry,                                                            Celery     and    blight               coverage.     For best                                            50 to 100 gallons of
Nectarine,                            On plants that are very      Celeriac          Bacterial     leaf   control,           begin                                          water and apply to one
Peach, Plum)                          susceptible             to                     spot,                treatment 2 weeks                                                 acre. Use sufficient
                                      powdery mildew, such                           Cercospora           before          disease                                           water to ensure good
                                      as greenhouse-grown                            (early)    blight,   normally appears or                                               coverage.      For best
                                      cucumber, it is best to      Crucifer Crops    Septoria (late)      when            weather                                           control,           begin
                                      spray the plants twice       (Broccoli,        blight               forecasts predict a                                               treatment 2 weeks
                                      a week during the first      Brussel           Alternaria           long period of wet                                                before           disease
                                      2       weeks        after   Sprouts,          blight, Bacterial    weather. Alternatively,                                           normally        appears.
                                      emergence,            and    Canola,           leaf        spot,    begin treatment when                                              Alternatively,     begin
                                      weekly thereafter. On        Cauliflower,      Downy mildew         disease first appears,                                            treatment           when
                                      outdoor          plants,     Cabbage,                               and repeat at 7 to 10                                             disease first appears,
                                      reapply after rain.          Kale, Kohlrabi,                        day intervals for as                                              and repeat at 7 to 10
Bean, Pea,         White       mold   To      prevent     floral   Mustard, Pak-                          long as needed. Use                                               day intervals for as
                   (Sclerotinia)      infection,          apply    Choi,     Rape,                        the 2.0-gallon rate of                                            long as needed. Use
                                      CUEVATM                      Rutabaga,                              CUEVA
                                                                                                                                                                            the 2.0-gallon rate of
                                      FUNGICIDE                    Turnip)                                FUNGICIDE                                                         CUEVA
                                      CONCENTRATE             at   Cucurbits                              CONCENTRATE,                                                      FUNGICIDE
                                      25% bloom. Use 1.0           (Cucumbers,       Alternaria           applied every 7 days                                              CONCENTRATE,
                                      to 2.0 gallons of            cantaloupe,       blight,     scab,    or    less,    following                                          applied every 7 days
                                      CUEVATM                      squash,           Angular       leaf   heavy rain or when the                                            when the amount of
                                      FUNGICIDE                    pumpkin,          spot,                amount of disease is                                              disease is increasing
                                      CONCENTRATE in 50            zucchini)         Anthracnose,         increasing rapidly. If                                            rapidly.    If possible,
                                      to 100 gallons of water                        Downy mildew,        possible,           time                                          time applications so
                                      for    application     by                      Gray        mold,    applications so that 12                                           that 12 hours of dry
                                      ground equipment or          Currant,          Ulocladium leaf      hours of dry weather                                              weather            follow
                                      with 2 to 5 gallons of       Gooseberry        spot                 follow application.                                               application.
                                      water for application                          Anthracnose,                                     Citrus           Melanose,            Mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons
                                      by aircraft, and apply                         Phyllosticta,        For cucumbers grown         (Grapefruit,     greasy      spot,    CUEVA
                                      to one acre.                 Ginseng           Septoria      leaf   in a greenhouse, apply      Lemon, Lime,     citrus      scab,    FUNGICIDE
Crucifer Crops     White       mold   To      reduce      floral                     spots                CUEVATM                     Orange,          alternaria brown     CONCENTRATE in 10
(Broccoli,         (Sclerotinia)      infection,          apply                      Alternaria           FUNGICIDE                   Pummelo,         spot                 gallons of water and
Tangerine)                       apply to one acre by                                            per 100 gallons of         varieties                              stage until 30 days
                                 aircraft. Use 0.5 to 2.0                                        water and apply to one     where                                  after petal fall. The
                                 gallons in 100 gallons                                          acre. For best control     russeting    is                        disease can also be
                                 of water if applied by                                          begin treatment at the     not a concern.                         reduced by removing
                                 ground spray. Apply 1                                           end of bloom and           On apples, do                          nearby eastern red
                                 to 3 weeks after petal                                          repeat at 7 to 14 day      not exceed the                         cedar             plants
                                 fall. Repeat every 2                                            intervals.                 rate of 1.0                            (Juniperus virginiana
                                 weeks if necessary         Lettuce,           Bacterial  soft   Mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons     gallon       of                        L.) On juniper, cedar
             Red          alga   until the fruit is 3       Chicory,           rot and bottom    in 100 gallons of water    CUEVA                                  apple rust can be
             (florida),          inches in diameter.        Endive,            rot               for    application    by   FUNGICIDE                              controlled by spraying
             Melanose      on    Do not mix CUEVA           Artichoke                            ground equipment or        CONCENTRA                              plants at least 4 times
             fruit               FUNGICIDE                                                       with 2 to 5 gallons of     TE per 100                             between late August
                                 CONCENTRATE with                                                water for application      gallons      of                        and late October.
                                 oil when applied on                                             by aircraft, and apply     water.                                 Use 0.5 to 2 gallons of
                                 any citrus.                                                     to one acre. Begin                                                CUEVA
                                 Mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons                                          treatment         before                                          FUNGICIDE
                                 in 100 gallons of water                                         disease is expected or                                            CONCENTRATE per
                                 when applied as a                                               when            weather                                           100 gallons of water
                                 dilute ground spray.                                            conditions         favor                                          for   application     by
                                 Apply in spring as a                                            disease development.                                              ground equipment or
                                 preventive        spray.                                        Repeat every 7 to 10                                              with 2 to 5 gallons of
                                 Repeat in late summer                                           days as needed. Use                                               water for application
                                 to control new algal                                            lower      rate    when                                           by aircraft, and apply
                                 colonies. Do not mix                                            disease pressure is                                               to one acre. Spray at
                                 with oil when applying                                          low or on copper                                                  silver tip and bud
                                 on citrus.                                                      sensitive varieties of                                            break and repeat on 3
Grapes       Downy mildew,       Note:      Do not mix                                           lettuce.                                                          to 5 day intervals as
             Black       rot,    CUEVA                      Pome       Fruit   Anthracnose       Use 0.5 to 2 gallons of                                           needed, up to petal
             Phomopsis           FUNGICIDE                  Trees (Apple,                        CUEVA                                                             fall.  Use the lower
             cane, Leaf spot,    CONCENTRATE with           Pear, Quince)                        FUNGICIDE                                                         rate     if     disease
             Powdery             lime. Certain Vinifera     NOTICE:                              CONCENTRATE per                                                   pressure is light and
             mildew              and French Hybrid          CUEVA                                100 gallons of water                                              higher     rate    when
                                 varieties    may      be   FUNGICIDE                            for    application    by                                          conditions favor heavy
                                 sensitive to copper        CONCENTRA                            ground equipment or                                               disease pressure.
                                 sprays resulting in        TE as used in      Cedar     Apple   with 2 to 5 gallons of     Small     fruits   Gray      mold,     Use 0.5 to 2.0 gallons
                                 marginal leaf burn.        this               Rust,    Quince   water for application      (Blackberry,       Mucor fruit rot,    in 100 gallons of water
                                 Before spraying these      recommendati       Rust              by aircraft, and apply     Blueberry,         Rhizopus fruit      for   application     by
                                 varieties, consult your    on may cause                         to one acre. Apply in      Raspberry,         rot                 ground equipment or
                                 State       Experiment     russeting     of                     mid-July.                  Strawberry)                            with 2 to 5 gallons of
                                 Station or make test       Golden                               Use 0.5 to 2 gallons of                                           water for application
                                 sprays.                    Delicious and                        CUEVA                                                             by aircraft, and apply
                                 Mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons     similar                              FUNGICIDE                                                         to one acre. Apply at
             Gray mold           per 100 gallons of         susceptible                          CONCENTRATE per                                                   the start of flowering
                                 water and apply to one     apple                                100 gallons of water                                              and continue every 7
                                 acre. For best control,    varieties. Mild                      for    application    by                                          to 10 days until
                                 begin treatment when       russeting     of                     ground equipment or                                               harvest.
                                 new growth reaches ½       other varieties                      with 2 to 5 gallons of     Stone      Fruit   Bacterial canker    Mix 0.5 to 2 gallons
                                 inch and repeat at 7 to    may       occur.                     water for application      Trees              (Pseudomonas        per 100 gallons of
                                 14      day    intervals   Preferred use                        by aircraft, and apply     (Almond,           syringae),          water for application
                                 throughout           the   is on non-                           to one acre. Apply         Apricot,           Brown        rot,   by ground equipment
                                 growing season.            bearing      or    Fireblight        every 7 to 10 days         Cherry,            Blossom blight,     or with 2 to 5 gallons
                                 Mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons     processing                           from the pink bud          Nectarine,         Leaf and fruit      of water for application
Peach, Plum)   spots              by aircraft, and apply                         CONCENTRATE can                                            Make first application
                                  to one acre.          For                      be used on tobacco in                                      when leaflets start to
                                  bacterial canker, apply                        transplant beds or on                                      unfold (prior to, but not
                                  as a dormant spray as                          field grown plants. For                                    later      than,      1%
                                  buds begin to swell,                           transplant beds mix                                        pistulate bloom) and
                                  repeating at the bud                           0.5 to 2.0 gallons with                                    repeat      weekly     as
                                  burst      stage,    and                       50 to 100 gallons of                                       needed,        especially
                                  weekly thereafter as                           water and thoroughly                                       until seasonal rainfall
                                  needed, up to six                              spray all leaf surfaces.                                   stops.       When rain
                                  sprays.      In the fall                       For field grown plants                                     threatens, additional
                                  spray again at 10 and                          mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons                                     applications          are
                                  80% leaf fall.        For                      with 50 to 100 gallons                                     important,        applied
               Anthracnose,       brown rot blossom                              of water for application                                   before or immediately
               Coryneum           blight apply full cover                        by ground equipment                                        after the rain.
               blight,   Peach    spray      at    delayed                       or with 2 to 5 gallons       Peanuts   Leaf       spots    Mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons
               leaf curl          dormant (bud swell),                           of water for application               (early and late),   of            CUEVATM
                                  popcorn, full bloom                            by aircraft, and apply                 web blotch          FUNGICIDE
                                  and petal fall stages.                         to one acre.          Use                                  CONCENTRATE with
                                  During wet weather                             sufficient water to                                        50 to 100 gallons of
                                  additional         bloom                       ensure               good                                  water for application
                                  sprays        may      be                      coverage.      For best                                    by ground equipment
                                  necessary.                                     control,            begin                                  or with 2 to 5 gallons
                                  Use 0.5 to 2.0 gallons                         treatment 2 weeks                                          of water for application
                                  in 100 gallons of water                        before           disease                                   by aircraft, and apply
                                  for    application     by                      normally appears or                                        to one acre.         Use
                                  ground equipment or                            when             weather                                   sufficient water to
                                  with 2 to 5 gallons of                         forecasts predict a                                        ensure              good
                                  water for application                          long period of wet                                         coverage.          Begin
                                  by aircraft, and apply                         weather. Alternatively,                                    spray when disease
                                  to one acre. Apply as                          begin treatment when                                       first appears, or for
                                  a dormant spray in                             disease first appears,                                     best control begin
                                  late fall during a period                      and repeat at 7 to 10                                      early, usually 25 to 40
                                  of dry weather.                                day intervals for as                                       days after emergence
Strawberry     Angular     leaf   Use 0.5 to 2.0 gallons                         long as needed. Use                                        and repeat at 10 to 14
               spot,      Leaf    in 100 gallons of water                        the 2.0-gallon rate of                                     days until harvest.
               scorch,            and apply to one acre.                         CUEVA                        Peanuts   Sclerotinia         Mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons
               Mycosphaerella     Spray 1 month after                            FUNGICIDE                              blight              of            CUEVA
               leaf       spot,   planting (or before                            CONCENTRATE,                                               FUNGICIDE
               Phomopsis leaf     flowering              on                      applied every 7 days                                       CONCENTRATE with
               blight, Powdery    established       plants)                      or     less,    following                                  50 to 100 gallons of
               mildew,            and twice more at 7 to                         heavy rain or when the                                     water for application
               Septoria    leaf   10 day intervals.                              amount of disease is                                       by ground equipment
               spots                                                             increasing rapidly. If                                     or with 2 to 5 gallons
               Anthracnose                                                       possible,             time                                 of water for application
               fruit rot, Gray    Use 0.5 to 2.0 gallons                         applications so that 12                                    by aircraft, and apply
               mold               of water and apply to                          hours of dry weather                                       to one acre.         Use
                                  one acre. Apply at the                         follow application.                                        sufficient water to
                                  start of flowering and      Walnuts   Blight   Mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons                                     ensure              good
                                  continue every 7 to 10                         per 100 gallons of                                         coverage. Make first
                                  days until harvest.                            water and apply at 500                                     application at first
Tobacco        Blue      mold     CUEVATM                                        gallons per acre in                                        bloom and repeat
               (Downy mildew)     FUNGICIDE                                      mature         orchards.                                   every 7 to 14 days
                                     until harvest.    Use                                                RHIZC, BLS,                                                  BOT,
                                     higher     rates     of                                              SOFTROT                                                      LEAFSPOT,
                                     CUEVA                     Anthurium species      Tailflower          ANTH, BLS,                                                   RHIZC
                                     FUNGICIDE                                                            LEAFSPOT,         Hoya carnosa           Wax plant           BOT,
                                     CONCENTRATE                                                          RHIZC,                                                       LEAFSPOT,
                                     where       Sclerotinia                                              SOFTROT                                                      RHIZC
                                     blight  infection    is   Aphelandra             Zebra plant         BOT,              Maranta                Prayer plant        LEAFSPOT
                                     expected to be heavy.     squarrosa                                  LEAFSPOT,         leuconeura
                                                                                                          RHIZC             Monstera deliciosa     Swiss cheese        BLS, ANTH,
Directions for Use on Ornamentals                              Araucaria              Norfolk Island      Colletotrichum                           plant               RHIZC,
                                                               heterophylla           pine                needle blight                                                SOFTROT
Shake well before use.                                         Asplenium nidus        Bird’s nest fern    BLS               Nephrolepis            Boston fern         BSL, BOT,
                                                               Brassaia               Schefflera          ANTH, BLS,        exaltata                                   RHIZC
ORNAMENTAL PLANTS                                              actinophylla                               LEAFSPOT,         Peperomia species      Peperomia           LEAFSPOT,
The ornamental species listed below may be treated with                                                   RHIZC                                                        RHIZC
CUEVA       FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE. The diseases                Caladium species       Caladium            BLS, RHIZC        Philodendron           Philodendron        ANTH, BOT,
controlled have been designated with the following codes.      Calathea species       Rattlesnake plant   BLS,              species                                    LEAFSPOT
                                                                                                          LEAFSPOT          Pilea species          Aluminum plant      BLS, ANTH,
Code          Common           Causal Pathogen                 Caryota mitis          Fishtail palm       BLS,                                                         LEAFSPOT,
              name                                                                                        LEAFSPOT                                                     RHIZC
ANTH          Anthracnose      Colletotrichum, Glomerella      Chamaedorea            various palms       LEAFSPOT          Platycerium            Staghorn fern       BLS, RHIZC
BOT           Botrytis         Botrytis cinerea                species                                                      bifurcatum
              blight                                           Chrysalidocarpus       Areca palm          LEAFSPOT          Polyscias species      Aralia              ANTH, BLS,
BLS           Bacterial leaf   Erwinia, Pseudomonas,           lutescens                                                                                               LEAFSPOT
              spot and         Xanthomonas                     Cissus species         Grape ivy           ANTH, BOT,        Rhapis species         Ladyfinger palm     LEAFSPOT
              blight                                                                                      DM, PM,           Rhoeo spathacea        Oyster plant        LEAFSPOT
DM            Downy            Plasmopara                                                                 RHIZC             Saintpaulia            African violet      BLS, BOT,
              mildew                                           Codiaeum               Croton              ANTH, BLS         ionantha                                   LEAFSPOT, PM
LEAFSPOT      Leaf spot        Acremonium, Alternaria,         variegatum                                                   Sansevieria            Snake plant         BLS, LEAFSPOT
              (fungal)         Cephalosporium,                 Cordyline terminalis   Ti plant            ANTH,             triafasciata
                               Cercospora, Colletotrichum,                                                LEAFSPOT          Schefflera             Dwarf Schefflera    BLS, LEAFSPOT
                               Corynespora, Curvularia,        Chryptanthus           Bromeliad,          ANTH              arboricola
                               Dactylaria, Drechslera,         species                earthstar                             Schlumbergera          cactus              LEAFSPOT
                               Exserohilium, Glomerella,       Dieffenbachia          Dieffenbachia       BLS,              species
                               Myrothecium, Phyllosticta,      species                                    LEAFSPOT,         Sedum species          Sedum               LEAFSPOT
                               Phytophthora                                                               RHIZC             Spathiphyllum          Spathe flower       LEAFSPOT,
PM            Powdery          Oidium                          Dracaena species       Dracaena, Corn      BLS, BOT,         species                                    RHIZC
              mildew                                                                  plant               LEAFSPOT          Syngonium              Nephthytis          BLS,
RHIZC         Rhizoctonia      Rhizoctonia                     Epipremnum             Pothos, Devil’s     BLS, RHIZC        podophyllium                               LEAFSPOT,
              blight                                           aureum                 ivy                                                                              RHIZC
SOFTROT       Soft rot         Erwinia                         Euphorbia milii        Euphorbia           RHIZC             Yucca species          yucca               LEAFSPOT
                                                               Fatsia japonica        Japanese fatsia     BLS,
Ornamental Plant     Common Name             Diseases                                                     LEAFSPOT,        CUEVA FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE can be used for
                                             Controlled                                                   RHIZC            controlling diseases on ornamentals grown under field
Aechmea faciata      Urn plant,              ANTH, BLS         Ficus benjamina        Weeping fig         LEAFSPOT         conditions, in nurseries, greenhouses, interior landscapes
                     bromeliad                                 Ficus elastica         India-rubber tree   LEAFSPOT,        and other sites. For control of these diseases on plants
Aeschynanthus        Lipstick vine           BOT,                                                         BOT              grown on a large scale, mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons in 100 gallons
pulcher                                      LEAFSPOT          Fittonia               Nerve plant         RHIZC            of water, and apply to 1 acre. For plants grown on a small
Aglaonema species    Chinese evergreen       ANTH, BLS,        verschaffeltii                                              scale, mix 0.5 to 2.0 fluid ounces in 1 gallon of water, and
                                             LEAFSPOT,         Hedra helix            English ivy         ANTH, BLS,       spray all plant surfaces thoroughly. When necessary,
repeat sprays every 7 to 10 days CUEVATM FUNGICIDE              To reduce Ascochyta leaf blight mow less frequently, only      plantings also promote powdery mildew. Powdery mildews
CONCENTRATE may cause some copper toxicity on some              as necessary to maintain recommended height. Water             commonly occur on the following plants: apple, bean, beet,
plant species. Before spraying a specific plant species,        before noon to allow grass to dry. Water thoroughly only       broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, cantaloupe,
consult your State Experiment Station or make a test spray.     as required to avoid moisture stress. Apply CUEVA              chard, chicory, chive, cucumber, currant, endive,
                                                                FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE when disease first appears,              gooseberry, grape, grasses, hop, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce,
PINE                                                            and repeat at 7 to 10 day intervals for as long as needed.     lilac, oak, pea, pumpkin, rose, rutabaga, spinach, squash,
                                                                In frequently diseased areas, prune adjacent trees and         strawberry, turnip, zucchini and many other plant species.
 Needle blight                                                  shrubs to reduce turf shading and to improve air               -Downy mildews tend to occur on the lower leaf surfaces.
 Mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons in 100 gallons of water and spray       movement.                                                      Downy mildews are much finer than powdery mildews, and
 until needles are thoroughly wet with spray. Apply when                                                                       appear as fine white cotton, similar to duck down. Downy
 new needles are just emerging. Make a second                   Rust                                                           mildews can rapidly kill plant leaves during wet, cool
 application 3 weeks later.                                                                                                    weather, but are inhibited by hot dry weather. Downy
                                                                To reduce rust, mow frequently to reduce rust spore            mildews commonly occur on the following plants: bean,
                                                                production. Water and fertilize lawn as required to avoid      beet, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage,
ROSE AND ORNAMENTAL SHRUBS (Such as Crape                       moisture and nutrient stress. Water before noon to allow
Myrtle, Forsythia, Hydrangea, Willow, Mock-Orange,                                                     TM                      cantaloupe, chard, chicory, chive, corn, cucumber, endive,
                                                                grass to dry.           Apply CUEVA          FUNGICIDE         garlic, grape, grasses, hop, kale, kohlrabi, leek, lettuce,
Deutzia, Pyracantha, Japanese quince, Abelia,                   CONCENTRATE when disease first appears, and repeat
Summersweet)                                                                                                                   onion, pea, pumpkin, rutabaga, shallot, spinach, squash,
                                                                at 7 to 10 day intervals for as long as needed. In             sunflower, tobacco, turnip, zucchini and many other plant
                                                                frequently diseased areas, prune adjacent trees and            species,
  Blackspot, Downy mildew, Gray mold, Leafspots,                shrubs to reduce turf shading and to improve air
Powdery mildew, Rust                                                                                                           -Leaf and fruit spots are small brown or black spots on the
                                                                movement.                                                      leaf or fruit. They commonly occur on apple and pear
                                           TM                                                                                  (scab), as well as on most of the plants grown around the
  Mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons CUEVA                  FUNGICIDE      -Fixed copper is one of the oldest fungicides and
  CONCENTRATE in 100 gallons of water and spray to                                                                             home and in the garden. These spots can be caused by a
                                                               bactericides, used to control a wide range of plant diseases.   range of fungi and bacteria. Leaf and fruit spots are
  point of run-off. Begin treatment when new spring growth     CUEVA
                                                                             FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE is a patented,
  emerges and repeat every 7 to 10 days for as long as                                                                         commonly caused by fungi belonging to the following
                                            TM                 fixed copper fungicide, made by combining a soluble copper      genera:       Alternaria,    Cercospora,      Colletotrichum,
  needed to control disease. CUEVA              FUNGICIDE      fertilizer with a naturally occurring fatty acid. The copper
  CONCENTRATE may cause copper toxicity on some                                                                                Cylindrosporium, Gloeosporium, Glomerella, Gnomonia,
                                                               and the fatty acid combine to form a copper salt of the fatty   Marssonia, Mycosphaerella (Didymella), Phomopsis,
  rose varieties. Copper toxicity appears as purple spots.     acid, known technically as a true soap. The copper soap         Phyllosticta, Septoria, and Sphaceloma. Spots on leaves
                                                               fungicide controls many common diseases using low               and fruit can expand and grow together.            Leaf spot
SYCAMORE                                                       concentrations of copper, down as low as 90 ppm. The net        pathogens require water to infect plants. During wet
                                                               result is an excellent vegetable, fruit and ornamental          weather, spots can develop into a blight, very rapidly, killing
  Anthracnose                                                  fungicide.       CUEVA
                                                                                             FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE             leaves, flowers and stems.
                                                               decomposes to form soluble copper, and fatty acid, both of      -Rusts are small orange blisters that appear on plant
  Mix 0.5 to 2.0 gallons in 100 gallons of water. Make first   which can be used by microbes and plants. CUEVATM
  application just before buds begin to swell, and repeat                                                                      leaves, and that are full of orange powder. The orange
                                                               FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE is suited for use in domestic             powder is rust spores. Towards the end of the season,
  twice at 7-day intervals.                                    circumstances, both indoors and outdoors.
                                                                             TM                                                black spores are often produced. Rust is commonly found
                                                               - CUEVA            FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE controls               on grasses, currants and many other types of plants.
Directions for Use on Turf                                     diseases of a wide range of plants, including many              -Fruit rots commonly occur on strawberries, raspberries,
          TM                                                   vegetables, fruit and ornamentals. As with most fungicides,     and other fruit. They appear as soft, rotten areas on the
 CUEVA       FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE is suitable for             CUEVATM FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE acts to protect
 controlling diseases of turf in golf courses, turf farms,                                                                     fruit. Often the causal fungus can be seen growing and
                                                               plants from infection. Therefore, it is important to have       producing spores on the surface of the rotting area. Rots
 home lawns and other sites. For large areas, mix 0.5 to                 TM
                                                               CUEVA FUNGICIDE CONCENTRATE on the leaf, flower
 2.0 gallons in 100 gallons of water and apply to 1 acre.                                                                      are often caused by fungi belonging to the following genera:
                                                               or fruit before the pathogen is able to cause an infection.     Aspergillus, Botrytis, Monilinia, Mucor, Penicillium,
 For small areas mix 1.5 to 6 fluid ounces with 2.5 gallons    -Powdery mildews tend to occur on the upper leaf
 of water and apply to 1000 ft2. For best control, begin       surfaces, as though a white powder was sprinkled onto the
                                                                                                                               Rhizopus and Sclerotinia.
 treatment 2 weeks before disease normally appears.            plant. Powdery mildews can form a dense, white, cottony
 Alternatively, begin treatment when disease first appears,    mass, making the whole leaf appear white. They are also
 and repeat at 7 to 10 day intervals for as long as needed.    commonly found on stems. Powdery mildews rarely kill                                                             4/06(06) asb
 Ascochyta leaf blight, Cercospora leaf spots, Dollar          plants. Most fungal diseases require water to infect plants.
 spot                                                          Powdery mildews are unique in that they do not require
                                                               water for infection. Hence, under greenhouse conditions,
                                                               powdery mildews can become severe. Shade and dense

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