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					Tommie Twilight / Family Day Meet
University of St. Thomas
Wednesday, April 29, 2009


      Entries        Entries are due Monday April 27, at 6:00PM. An email entry form can be found at:
            You will need a password for the online entries.
                     If you have not used Raceberryjam previously, please request your password at least a day in
                     advance of the entry deadline.

      Entry Fee      Teams: $100.00 per team, payable when picking up your team packet. Open athletes: $10.00 per
                     athlete, payable in the press box.

      Eligibility     Open to all collegiate and post collegiate athletes. Women only.

      Facility        400-meter polyurethane 8-lane track. 1/4" spikes recommended. Javelin will be contested
                     on grass infield. Dashes to be run with most advantageous wind.

      Scoring         No scores will be kept.

      Kids Race      Kids are encouraged to participate in either the pre-school 50m dash, the elementary school 100m
                     or the middle school 400m run. Participants should report to the infield 10 minutes prior to the
                     event. Prizes will be awarded to all participants.

      Advancement Athletes in dash events will advance by time.

      Heat Sheets    Heat/Section and Flight Sheets will be posted to the Web and emailed to coaches by Tuesday

      Implement      All implements must be weighed prior to competition. Implements will be weighed
      Weigh In       underneath the South end of the stadium beginning one hour prior to the start of the first event.
                     Weigh-in will conclude with the beginning of the meet.

      Check- In      Athletes should check in with the Clerk of Course 15 minutes prior to their event.

      Hip Numbers    Hip numbers shall be worn on the left hip by all athletes in
                                                                                      POP INFORMATION
                     running events that do not finish in lanes. Athletes will        Tommie Twilight
                     receive hip numbers from the Clerk when checking in for          April 29, 2009
                     their event.
                                                                                      Meet Director   Steve Mathre
     Results         Results will be posted throughout the meet at south end          Office phone    651-962-5915
                                                                                      Cell phone      651-338-6723
                     of the stadium. Results on the web at:                           Email 

     Trainers        Athletic trainers will be on duty throughout the meet.
Tommie Twilight
University of St. Thomas
Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE: Posted March 21, 2009
The ’08 schedule is listed below. A finalized ’09 schedule will be included with the heat sheets.
The number of heats and flights listed below are based on 2008 data only.


          Time                 Heats     Events
          5:00 PM              3         100M Hurdles Prelims
          5:10                 3         100M Dash Prelims
          5:25                 1         3000M Steeple
          5:40                 1         4 x 100
          5:45                 4         1500M Run
          6:10                 1         Pre School 50M
          6:15                 1         Elementary School 100M
          6:20                 1         Middle School 400M
          6:25                 3         400M Dash
          6:35                 1         100M Hurdles Final
          6:40                 1         100M Dash Final
          6:45                 5         800M Run
          7:05                 2         400M Hurdles
          7:15                 2         200M Dash
          7:25                 1         5000M Run
          8:00                 2         4 x 400 Relay

          FIELD EVENTS

          Time                 Flts      Event
          4:00                  3        Hammer
          4:30 PM              1         Triple Jump
          4:30                 1         Pole Vault
          5:00                 1         High Jump
          5:00                 2         Javelin
          5:00-7:00            1         Shot Put championship flight first to start at 5:00 or immediately after championship flight of Hammer
          5:30                 2         Long Jump (to follow TJ)
          5:45                 3         Discus to immediately follow hammer , championship flight first

          Hammer, Disc and Shot
          Championship flight first, 3 throws, 9 to finals. All others get 3 throws. If athlete betters 9 th place throw, they get 3 more attempts. First
          throw measured for everyone. Scratch line placed at 20th place mark on MIAC Honor roll after that.

          Shot Put: Open circle following championship flight
          Triple and Long Jump: flights and finals
          Javelin: flights and finals: contested on south campus just west of softball field

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