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					                                                                                                               MARCH 2003

News for the members of the Madison Nordic Ski Club                                              Vol. 22             No. 6

                                  • A WORD FROM JIMMY •                                             OUR NEXT MEETING
                         A Word with                                                            Monday, March 10th, 2003
                                                                                                  Shorewood Community
                                                                                                   Center — POT LUCK!
                        Mr. Wonderful                                                                    Agenda
                                                                                                6:30: Potluck/beverages
BY DR. PHIL A.K.A. “JIMMY” VANDEN BROOK                                                         7:30: Business meeting:
                                                                                                      Budget, Summar y of
                                                                                                      season projects,

                   R       ecreational skiing
                           with your signifi-
                     cant other should be
                                                to talk to a pair of cross-country newbies
                                                who, though struggling a bit, were doing it
                                                together, stopping frequently, and not get-
                                                                                                      Discussion of 2003/4,
                                                                                                      club priorities, Finland
                                                                                                      Repor t, Election
                                                                                                8:00: Awards & Recognition
                     fun. Sometimes it’s not.   ting frustrated despite the cold temps and
                     Occasionally, one side     new, slow snow. They asked for a few
                     of the partnership has     pointers and then continued with big            MNSC BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                     expectations about a       smiles. They were enjoying being on a trail        Jimmy Vanden Brook
                     proposed outing that       together, learning. At ABR, in Ironwood, we                President
                     isn’t met. This is true of ran into another pair of first-timers on the           (608) 437-4192
many joint ventures that look good on           trail who were also having a slow but fun
                                                                                                       Willi VanHaren
paper but suffer in the execution. Over-        ski. Our excursion to the Swedetown trail               Vice President
booked contractors are testimony to the         system in Calumet was another story alto-              (608) 437-3782
inability of couples to work                                   gether however.
                                                                                                       Hans Herweijer
through even the simplest                                        It was a blustery Sunday
home improvement projects          S     KIING SHOULD morning in Calumet and the                           Treasurer
together. Skiing should be more                                temps were right around 0              Mike Cockrem
fun than hanging wallpaper but           BE MORE FUN           degrees Fahrenheit. And, of               Trips Chair
inattention to the needs and                                   course, it was blowing snow
                                                                                                       Nancy Hoene
desires of your mate can lead          THAN HANGING as it almost always does up in                        Publicity
to the same place.                                             the Keweenaw in January.               (608) 226-9994
  By it’s nature, cross-country                                Despite lots of new snow, the
skiing involves exertion in the         WALLPAPER    …         course had been Pisten Bully          Scott Bachmeier
cold. As long as you properly                                  groomed just a couple hours            (608) 233-9336
thermo-regulate and exercise within your        before we arrived. We got our classic skis
aerobic limits, you can enjoy a smoothly        ready and hit the trails. A sharp wind blew            Karen Wesley
unrolling winter panorama. But, over or         right into our faces as we did the climb            New Member Chair
under dress, or ski so hard that your lungs     right from the chalet. It was bordering on
                                                                                                        Ned Zuelsdorff
burn and quads seize, and what started          nasty until we got into the protective woods               Race Chair
out to be fun turns into a death march.         and warmth returned to our extremities. If              (608) 231-1876
                                                you could get past the first kilometer it    
And for all of us, there comes a point when
another 5 kilometers is more than we care       was just fine. About 90 minutes later we                   Harry Lum
                                                                                                   Adver tising/Promotions
for. Unless your ski buddy is exactly           were back at the chalet, warming up and                 (608) 273-2821
matched to you in strength, stamina, tech-      fussing with our skis on the lower level.             hlum@convenience
nique, and temperament, adjustments and         Suddenly, the atmosphere IN the chalet
                                                                                                            Kay Lum
communication are needed to balance the         got nastier than a lake-effect whiteout.                   Newsletter
scales. Which takes us to a recent example         A woman burst in the door and                  (608) 249-0186 ext. 110
of communication breakdown.                     exclaimed, “I’m going to kill my husband.”
  A few weeks ago, Ned Z. and I escaped         Ned, a real new-age guy with a keen sense               Pete Anderson
                                                                                                          KidSki Chair
the snowless south and spent a few glori-       for impending trouble, displayed his best                  222-1928
ous, though chilly days skiing in the U.P   .   conflict resolution skills and bolted up the
We skied the Michigan Tech trails in            stairs leaving me with a brewing tempest.                 John Taylor
Houghton and ran into several couples           She went on to explain that this was her                 Social Director
that were gliding along at leisurely paces      first time skiing and that her husband just
and having a very good time. Ned stopped                (SEE WONDERFUL, CONTINUED ON PAGE 13)
                                     What's Up
                                     With Wax ?
            Storing Your Cross
               Country Skis
                     BY   ERIC   MITTELSTEADT, TOKO TECH TEAM

 H      ow does the old saying go, “An
        ounce of prevention is worth a
 pound of cure”? Most cross country
                                          extend the life of your investment:
                                             1.) Using a waxing-specific brush
                                          (preferably copper but the basic
 skiers realize the benefit of exercise   white nylon will also work), firmly
 to their overall physical health and     brush from tip to tail several times
 well-being. The same approach
 applies to our cross country skis.
                                          to remove any dirt and dust that
                                          may have accumulated onto the ski
    I like to think of my ski equipment
 as an investment in my health and
                                          bases. In the case of waxable classic
                                          skis, remove the kick wax first, let       Women Pile
 happiness. We invest both time and
 money in preparing our skis to per-
                                          dry, then brush.
                                             2.) Apply one generous coat of hot      On the Pork
 form well so why not take a few min-     wax (using a waxing iron set at a low          HEADLINE      AND MOST OF ARTICLE
 utes at the end of the ski season to     temperature) to your ski bases                             BY   JIM COORS
 protect our investment. Applying a       using a “warm conditions” wax such
 “cover coat” of storage wax to ski
 bases is important for
 two reasons.
                                          as yellow. One or two passes with
                                                          the iron should leave
                                                          the wax nice and even
                                                                                   T    he Seeley Hills Classic race was
                                                                                        moved to Feb. 1, then cancelled
                                                                                   at the last minute. But some Mad-
    First, ski bases,                                     on the ski base. You
 when exposed to oxy-
                                 I LIKE TO THINK          don't have to get
                                                                                   NorSkis found a good alternative: the
                                                                                   Porkies Classic, which was held on
 gen for extended peri-                                   fancy at this point      Feb. 1 in the Porcupine mountains.
 ods (e.g., over the                OF MY SKI             with expensive waxes.    There was a 40K and a 20K race.
 summer), can become                                      The idea is to protect      Of the top five women’s finishers,
 dry which reduces the         EQUIPMENT AS AN the bases so just use a             MadNorSki women took four places!
 ski base's ability to                                    basic inexpensive wax    Pictured (left to right) are JoEllen Tor-
 absorb wax. Reduced                                      such as Toko World-      resani who was 1st, my own precious
                                 INVESTMENT IN            loppet yellow, Swix
 wax absorption means                                                              Ann who was 3rd, and Carol Ricker,
 that, while skiing, the                                  CH-10 or any other       who was 2nd. Not pictured was Made-
 wax will wear off of           MY HEALTH AND             “warm” wax. Techni-      line Uranek, who was 5th. Quite an
 your skis more quickly                                   cally, you can use any   achievement.
 and you will be waxing             HAPPINESS     .       kind of ski wax as a        JoEllen won a $300 gift certificate to
 more frequently (if you                                  “storage” wax but I      the ski shop at the Porkies! ❄
 want your skis to per-                                   prefer a "warm condi-
 form well). For any skis with a sin-     tions” wax like yellow because it’s a       WANT YOUR CAR WASHED?
 tered base (which is most “sport”        lot easier to remove next season           OR PERHAPS YOUR POCKETS
 skis and better on the market) that      than a “cold conditions” hard wax                 CHECKED?
 have significantly oxidized, the only    such as blue. DO NOT REMOVE THE
 solution to refresh the base material    WAX as you would normally do for
 is to have the skis stone ground         skiing. Just leave it cool (about 20
 which will cost about $40 (more on       minutes) and you're done. Store
 stone grinding in a future issue).       your skis someplace that is cool and
    Second, applying storage wax to       dry. This process of brushing and
 ski bases also prevents scratches to     “cover coating” should take no more
 the bases, collection of dust and        than five minutes per pair of skis. A
 dirt, insect droppings, etc. Following   small amount of time that's well
 are two quick and simple steps that      worth your investment.
 will keep your ski bases healthy and        Have a great summer. ❄

              A Big Swag of Thanks!
   would like to give a special thanks to all our sponsors this year. Lots of
 I Swag was won!
 24 Hours of Telemark        Decorah Bicycles          Noquemanon Ski Marathon
 Badger State Games          Don Miller Subaru         New Moon
 Bike Doc                    Erehwon                   Planet XC
 Charter Communications      Fast Wax                  REI
 Cross Country Skier         Fontana                   Silent Sports
  Magazine                   Infinity Ski Poles        Telemark Lodge              The Juniors were busy “checking (kick) pockets” for
                                                                                   fellow ski club members at the January meeting.
2 ❄ MNSC MARCH 2003
                                                   • A SMALL BUT MIGHTY MADISON CONTINGENT •
                        Reflections On the Telemark
                                                                BY BRENDA ARMSTRONG

T    he Telemark Rendezvous might
     be more accurately be described
as “The Telemark search for any other
MadNorSkis” rather than the Tele-
mark Rendezvous! The Noquemanon
Race was the same weekend, so we
cozied up to the notion that it was just
the four of us; Ruth and Scott Bach-
meier, Carol Gosenheimer and me.
And not that that’s a bad thing --- just a
surprise upon arriving. Carol and I
arrived about 3 PM on Friday and were
notified the trails closed at 4. Carol,
being the dedicated skier that she is,
was bound and determined she was
going to SKI and ski she did… for an
hour. There were hors d’oevres
served Friday evening as the Madison
contingent from MadNorSkis mingled
with Milwaukee’s Nordic Ski club and
the North Star Club from Minneapolis-
all hundred or so of them.
  Saturday morning arrived and there       The small, but mighty MadNorSki contingent, from Left to Right: our very own meteorologist/Membership Chair, Scott
was a lightly falling snow as we ven-      Bachmeier, and his assistant/wife, Ruth, author Brenda Armstrong and Carol Gosenheimer.
tured out into the frigid 7 below tem-     the North Stars.
peratures with a cordial group of             We went out Sunday morning for
about fifteen. Arriving                                        yet another round of
back various times
around early afternoon,
                                        ELEMARK                fun. This time the sun
                                                               was shining and it was a
the MadNorSkis met up                                          beautiful morning of ski-
and enjoyed good food         WILL BE FIGHTING ing, but it was now 10
and conversation in the                                        below zero! Trail condi-
bar/restaurant. We               TO SURVIVE ITS                tions were poor due to
were left fascinated and                                       cold temperatures, mak-
nearly speechless hear-           TROUBLESOME                  ing skating difficult, at
ing tales of Scott’s                                           best. In conversation
aneurysm experience                                            with the General Man-
last summer! We could            FINANCIAL PAST                ager at Telemark, I
only conclude what a                                           learned that Telemark
lucky guy he is and how            FOR SEVERAL                 will be fighting to sur-
happy we were to have                                          vive its troublesome
him out there skiing            YEARS TO COME                   .
                                                               financial past for several

                                                                                                                                                                Photos by Brenda Armstrong
with us!                                                       years to come. And
  Carol and I headed back out in the       although the décor is dated, the staff
late afternoon, I with my skate skis       was very accommodating, the skiing
and Carol with her snow shoes, for         was literally right outside the door,
one more round of fun! Then there          the view from our room was lovely                            Who are these masked MadNorSkis? Below Zero temps
was a dinner Saturday evening, fol-        and the trails were great… which                             called for drastic measures! Could that be Carol and
lowed by a little entertainment from       made for an nice weekend of skiing. ❄                        Brenda?

     2002-03 MadNorSki Meeting Schedule
     Board                       Club                        Meeting                  Meeting            Club Meeting                 Newsletter/
    Meeting                     Meeting                      Theme                    Agenda               Location                   Ad Deadline
   Wednesday                    Monday                       Racing                   Awards &              Shorewood
    Feb. 26                     Mar. 10,                     wrap up                   Potluck              Community                  February 19
      TBA                       6:30 pm                                                                       Center
                                                                                                                                 MNSC MARCH 2003 ❄ 3
                                                              • A VIRGIN NOKIE EXPERIENCE •
                                            Wow, that Was Hard!
                                                                        BY JOHN ERICSSON

                           A  s I sent off my
                              entry fee for
                          my first full ski
                                                       soon. We took off smoothly and I was
                                                       skiing fast, close behind the leaders in
                                                       my wave. At 10K in I remember think-
                                                                                                 my glide, strength and attitude got
                                                                                                 worse and worse and worse. With 10K
                                                                                                 to go I felt like the most miserable per-
                          marathon, the ’03            ing, “this is really fun.” That thought   son out there and I began the frus-
                          Noquemanon Ski               left me soon as we started the climb-     trated swearing — directed at the trail
                          Marathon, I                  ing. As we climbed and climbed and        conditions, my skies, my decision to
                          thought, “how hard           climbed to the                                                   do the race, etc.
                          could this ski               halfway mark I                                                   Sounds amusing
                          marathon thing               started to realize, I               I
                                                                                     REMEMBER THINKING                  now, as I must   ,
                          be?” I am a pretty           am getting a “little”                                            have looked
The author, who has fully good recreational            fatigued. I decided                 “
                                                                                     THIS IS REALLY FUN                                .”
                                                                                                                        pretty funny out
recovered, rests at the skier and a pretty             to ease up a bit,                                                there swearing at
Jan. MadNorSki meeting. good bike racer —              but when many
                                                       people started to
                                                                                     HAT THOUGHT LEFT ME                myself like an
“it will be fun.” Two years ago my                                                                                      idiot. With some
                                                       pass me my racer
indoctrination to XC ski racing was
the Noquemanon 12 Ski Marathon                         mind kicked in and
                                                                                  SOON AS WE STARTED THE longLOTS of    and
                                                                                                                             rest stops

(~23K). It was a great year with tons                  picked the pace up                                               Hammer Gel I
of snow and I had a great time with a                  again. Bad idea! As                  CLIMBING                         .
                                                                                                                        managed to keep
respectable finish time for my first ski               we neared the mid-                                               my head up just
race.                                                  course point, the trail started to dete-  enough to keep myself focused on
   With only one day of skiing under                   riorate and so did the glide wax on my    trudging all the way to the finish line.
my belt for the season we headed                       bases. Forward glide, my stamina and         After a hot shower, a beer, and a
North to Marquette for the big event.                  my positive mental attitude were          soak in the hot tub I started to realize
Race officials promoted how Mother                     starting a fast downward trend. We        I really did have a good time, and I
Nature blessed them with last minute                            ⁄
                                                       hit the 12 marathon start point and       will be back for more. Plus, I got a
snow and the course was looking                                              ⁄
                                                       fresh skiers in the 12 marathon started   really cool Noquey V hat.
great. I lined up in the last wave with a              to pass me like I was standing still.        Thanks to all the MadNorSki skiers
positive mental attitude, fresh legs,                  Plus, with more skiers on the second      that cheered me on as they passed
and a smile on my face. It was cold,                   half of the course, the conditions        me by on various parts of the course.
around 10° F, but I knew I’d be warm                   started to deteriorate further. Again,    It helped! ❄

                                     Noquemanon Highlights
                                                                  (IN   OUR HUMBLE OPINION)

                                                                                                                                                           Lorie Wesolek
                                                                                                                                                           and Yuriy Gusev
                                                                                                                                                           checking results.
                                                                                                                                                           Lorie was 5th
                                                                                                                                                           overall and 3rd in
                                                                                                                                                           30-34 age class in
                                                                                                                                                           55 km Freestyle
                                                                                                                                                           Way to go
                                                       Tom Richner heads up on stage to                                             Don
                                                       receive his award for winning 3rd in the                                     Fariss
                                                       16-17 age class for 25 km Classical race.                                    (L) and
                                                                                                                                    first in
                                                                                                    age classes for 25 km Classical race
Madeline Uranek donned the bell she won for placing                                                 patiently wait to be called to podium.
2nd in her age group for the 25K classic race at the                                               Kristin Gallagher (L) won 1st and
Noquemanon! (It just so happens to go perfectly                                                    Mikaela Robertson (R) 2nd in 16-17 age Louise Jones took 3rd in 16-17 age
with her earrings!)                                                                                class for 25 km Classical race.           class for 25 km Freestyle race.
4 ❄ MNSC MARCH 2003
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                   Located in Hayward, Wisconsin,
                         home of the Birkie.
    HIGHWAY 63 NORTH       IN   HAYWARD. • OPEN 9-6 M-SAT. 10-4 SUNDAY
                                               • WHAT ARE THE SILVER SKIERS DOING?•
                          Silver Skiers Go To State
                                                            BY GREG JONES

T    he annual Wisconsin
     State High School
Championships were held
                                  s s-c
                                        ountr kiing our three girls. They were
                                                             the only full team in the
                                                              middle school girl’s divi-

at the Schwan Center just                                     sion. With all of the great
outside of Trego Wiscon-                                      ski communities across

sin on February 8th and                                      the state, Madison was the

9th. Races were held for        for
                                     . 5 t h - 8th  g r a only area that could put
the middle school division                                together a girl’s team!
both days. There was a                                  In the boys division we had 2
Freestyle race held on Saturday and             boys cracking into the top ten. Noah
the Classic race followed on Sunday.            Kenoyer was fourth place in the
The Silver skiers had 5 boys and 3              Freestyle division and he was very
girls competing in both races. Medals           impressive second place in the Clas-
were awarded to the top ten finishers           sic division. Birkin Schimpff was 9th
in both races.                                  place in the Classic race. Birken is        Silver Skiers win medals at Wisconsin State High School
  In the girls division we had all three        currently a 6th grader with 3 more          Championship’s middle school division. From left:
girls winning medals in both races.             years to compete in the middle              Corrina Jones, Noah Kenoyer, Rachel Fanny, Hannah
Rachel Fanney took a third in both              school division. Keep an eye on this        Fanny, and not pictured Birken Schimpff.
races. Corrina Jones was right behind           guy! There were 5 teams competing in        strep throat. Way to go boy’s! Kudos
her in 4th place for both races.                the boys division. The Madison Area         to all eight of them that made the trip.
Rachel’s up and coming sister, Han-             Middle school boy’s team finished in          The Silver Skiers will continue
nah Fanny, was 8th in the freestyle             first place in the Classic division. Also   meeting and skiing as long as we
race and 7th in the Classic race. Team          skiing on the boy’s team were Eric          have snow to ski on. All of us from
scores are also kept track of at the            Delain and Erik Pederson both skiing        the Silver Skier’s would again like to
event. The top 3 skiers on each team            in their first races. Rounding out our      thank the Madison Nordic Ski Club,
score points to make a combined                 boy’s field was Ross Nordenberg who         and the Madison area ski community
team score. The Madison area ski                gave a brave performance skiing             for all of the support that you have
community should be very proud of               while just recovering with a bout of        shown us. ❄

         2003 Wisconsin HS Championships
                                                 ARTICLE   AND PHOTOS BY   DON FARISS

T    wenty-three of our
     25 MadNorSki
Juniors attended the
                                                                courses would chal-
                                                                lenge the skating skills
                                                                of our beginning skiers
                                                                                            10th. Since our races are interval start,
                                                                                            you never know your place until the
                                                                                            results are posted.
22nd annual Wisc. High                                          as they had only a pal-        I wish I hadn’t been so prophetic.
School Nordic Ski                                               try few chances to prac-    Tom skated a fine race, but ended up
Championships held at                                           tice on snow-covered        agonizingly close to his goal; in 11th,
the Schwan Conference                                           hills at home. Our most     just 9 seconds out of 10th! Dang!
Center (of Schwan ice                                           committed skiers spent      There were 13 more males in the next
cream fame) near                                                9 to 12 hours in vehicles   60 seconds; a competitive field.
Trego, WI. Race volun-                                          driving north to snow &     Kristin was 15th, just 5 seconds back
teers pulled off a nearly                                       races each of the seven     of her teammate sophomore Louise
flawless race after                                             previous weekends           Jones. Louise was just 25 seconds
miraculously grooming                                           prior to the Feb 8-9        from 10th. We had 3 more girls in the
7 inches of light fluff                                         event.                      top 30 (Amanda & Nicole Zach &
into a passable skating                                            Entering Saturday’s      Emily Dunn).
course for the Saturday                                         freestyle race. Seniors        Surprisingly, we had 20 practice
freestyle race. I think                                         Tom Richner and             sessions on classical skis in Madison.
they surprised even themselves by             Kristen Gallagher Kristin Gallagher had       Thanks to all you adult MadNorSkis,
laying more than adequate classical           and her proud     hopes of cracking the       we have an adequate supply of classi-
tracks for Sunday’s pursuit style race.       dad, Tom.         top ten and thereby         cal no-wax rock skis we use when
The Schwan facility itself was a fabu-        winning a medal. Neither knew how                            ⁄
                                                                                            there is just 12 inch of snow covering
lous site to hold the event with its          realistic their chances were because          the grass. Hitting grass clumps, mud
brand new group lodges and motel              with all the cancelled races in the last      and skiing through dips makes for
rooms that housed nearly all of the           2 years, there have been few chances          slow, rough skiing, but helps improve
280 competitors. They fed us in style         to feel out the competition. I knew           balance, strength and skiing outside
and staged our huge awards cere-              they would both be close, so I sug-           of the track. What is lacking is prac-
monies.                                       gested they race as though they were          tice gliding and handling speed on
   We knew the rolling terrain of the 6K      in 11th place just 3 seconds out of                 (SEE CHAMPS, CONTINUED ON PAGE 10)

6 ❄ MNSC MARCH 2003
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                                   The Ski Spa:
                        Moving Beyond the Hotbox Treatment.
                                                                          BY CAROL RICKER

                     R      ecently I was invited to go on
                            what was enticingly called the
                     “Ski Spa” in Northern Minnesota.
                                                                                                                Fresh pine needles were sprinkled
                                                                                                                across the bottoms to release my
                                                                                                                skis’ Nordic roots. A short session of
                     Envisioning a weekend of relaxing ski-                                                     gentle thwacking with birch branches
                     ing followed by massages, mud baths,                                                       stimulated the fine hairs. That was fol-
                     and saunas, I eagerly packed up my                                                         lowed by aromatherapy, as reindeer
                     skis and took off on the 7 hour trip to                                                    moss and lingonberry scented can-
                     reach my dream destination.                                                                dles filled the room. I decided to skip
                        It wasn’t long before I realized that                                                   the natural wax exfoliation session.
                     this vacation was not what I had                                                             Then it was off to the ski therapy
                     anticipated. At check in, I was ques-                                                      room. Here, they were laid on a
                     tioned as to the age of my skis, how                                                       white sofa and asked to talk about
                     many scratches were on the bases,                                                          bad races and misunderstandings
                     and their race history; the highs, the                                                     with their skier. Here I watched from
                     lows, the in-between ski experiences.                                                      a one way mirror, filled with guilt and
                     What this had to do with my weekend                                                        remorse and my skis rambled on
                     of bliss was beyond me. I was then                                                         about the resentment they felt when I
                     asked which treatments I would like                                                        had once blamed them for a bad
                     to sign my skis up for. My SKIS? Wait                                                      race, as they had valiantly strained
                     a minute. This was all for my skis?                                                        up the hills under my extra 10
                     Completely at a loss, I asked what                                                         pounds. I vowed to never blame my
                     they recommended. After some dis-                                                          skis again. This was followed by a
                     cussion and agreement of terms I                                                           group sharing session. It was interest-
                     reluctantly signed up for the basic                                                        ing to listen while skis of all makes;
                     Nordic treatment.                          From there they were wrapped in                 Fischers, Atomics and Rossignols
                        My skis and I started out the next      terry cloth robes and transported to            alike, found a common ground while
                     morning with a short “wake up” ski         the massage room. I listened to the             they compared waxing
                     and then some basic stretching. This       soothing Norwegian music as 2 hefty             techniques(soft nylon brushes; yes,
                     consisted mostly of lying flat on the      women disrobed my skis, laid them               rotobrushes; no), and the feeling of
                     floor with arms stretched out above        on the massage table, careful to keep           despair when their owners suddenly
                     my head, as well as the “standing ski”     the bindings covered with a towel at            retired them to the status of “rock
                     pose, the same pose done vertically.       all times. Here they poured warm                skis”. It was almost too much to bear.
                        Next, I watched as my skis were         waxes on their black bases and gently             The Ski Spa brought new life to my
                     taken away from me and down to the         massaged, from tip to tail, releasing           skis. Next time you are considering a
Photo by Jim Coors

                     steam room. There they spent a full        any stress or tension that had accu-            mere stonegrinding and hot box treat-
                     30 minutes in a “steam shower”, the        mulated in their structure.                     ment, go for the whole works, at the
                     wax oozing out of their clogged pores.       Next, the pine needle treatment.              Ski Spa! ❄

                                                                          Meanwell Makes it To
                                                                             The Big Time
                                                                                  IN THE MINING JOURNAL OF MARQUETTE, MI

                                                                                                            BY KAY LUM

                                                                                                         M    adnorski member Walter Meanwell has
                                                                                                              done the Noquemanon ski race for all 5
                                                                                                         years of its existence— and therefore earned
                                                                                                         a spot on the front page of the January 26,
                                                                                                         2003 issue of The Mining Journal of Mar-
                                                                                                         quette, MI. Walter’s quote: “This is just a fun
                                                                                                         course to race. Marquette is a nice place to
                                                                                The online version of
                                                                                                         be and the people here are nice. The race
                                                                                Walter’s 10 minutes of
                                                                                                         officials amaze me because no matter how
                                                                                fame shown here.         poor the snow conditions are, they always
                                                                                                         pull off a fantastic race for us.”
                                                                                                           There were a total of 240 Legacy skiers
                                                                                                         who were honored with a special gift and a
                                                                                                         special green Noquemanon hat! Keep up the
                                                                                                         good work Walter! ❄

                     8 ❄ MNSC MARCH 2003
        MadNorSki Finds Snow                                                                                    MadNorSkis
           — in Sweden                                                                                           Escape to
                                              BY CHUCK CALLENDER
                                                                                                                Black River
M    adnorkis Jim Fenster and
     Chuck Callender hit the
snowy trails of Mora, Sweden
for a Nordic ski weekend in late
January with a work associate
from Stockholm. A snow depth
of 25 to 30 cm and excellent con-
ditions were found on the 90 km
Mora Vassaloppet trail. The
snow covered trails were a
refreshing change from our Wis-
consin tundra. Mora is located 4
hours drive north and west of
Stockholm. A lively hamlet with
21,000 residents, many trailside
rental cabins and some modest
alpine skiing opportunities. If                  Jim Fenster and Stockholm colleague, Owen Whittaker, on the
you can’t get enough kilometers Vasaloppet trail near Oxberg.
in during the short daylight                                 hours, some trails are lit during the
                                                                            Jim and Karen Fenster are
                                                                         stationed in the Netherlands
                                                                         for three years by Jim’s Mid-
                                                                         dleton employer. If your work
                                                                         or holiday plans take you to
                                                                                                               Gail Van Haren enjoys the “classic” beauty of the woods
                                                                         Europe, Jim would welcome
                                                                                                               on the trails at Black River State Forest, a mere 2 hour
                                                                         your advance notice and
                                                                         potential rendezvous in a
                                                                                                               drive from Madison, near Millston.
                                                                         Nordic location. Jim can be
                                                                         reached at
                                                                Jim has
                                                                         gathered some experience
                                                                         and information on the XC
                                                                         opportunities in Germany,
                                                                         Norway and Sweden during
                                                                         the past two winters. There
                                                                         are some great late season XC
                                                                         opportunities in Scandinavia
Many rental cabins within meters of the Vasaloppet trail. Admit it guys, when the long daylight hours
was the stretching just for the camera?                                  begin. ❄

                                                               THE MORA VASALOPPET IS THE MOST
                                                             POPULAR AND WELL KNOWN SPORTING
                                                             EVENT INSWEDEN. IT IS HELD THE FIRST              Gail Van Haren and Gail Van Sluys find a comfortable spot
                                                             WEEK OF MARCH. IT’S A 90 KM CLASSIC-              to rest (ironically NOT on a “Van”) after a good ski.
                                                             ONLY SLOG FROM SÄLEN TO MORA, SWE-
                                                             DEN. THE ENTRIES ARE CAPPED AT 15,400
                                                             WITH MANY ADDITIONAL PARTICIPANTS
                                                             ALLOWED DURING THE WEEK PRIOR TO THE
                                                             RACE.  ACCORDING TO THE VASALOPPET
                                                             WEB SITE, 350,486 SKIERS HAVE CROSSED
                                                             THE FINISHING LINE, EQUIVALENT TO 787
                                                             JOURNEYS AROUND THE WORLD OR 41
                                                             RETURN TRIPS TO THE MOON. THE FIRST
                                                             RACE WAS HELD IN 1922, IN REMEM-
                                                             BRANCE OF GUSTA VASA’S ESCAPE IN
                                                             1521. MEN FROM DALARNA FOLLOWED IN
                                                             VASA’S TRACKS PERSUADING HIM TO BE
                                                             FUTURE KING, HELPING THEM TO DRIVE THE

On the Vasaloppet trail at Eldris. During the race, Eldris   DANES FROM PRESENT DAY SWEDEN.
                                                                FIND OUT MORE AT THE VASALOPPET                Gail Van Haren, Tim Dirkx, and Jim Martyn take a
is the last timing and feed station before the
                                                             SITE: WWW.VASALOPPET.SE/ENGLISH                   moment to reflect (and pose) on the trail.
finish at Mora.
                                                                                                                                       MNSC MARCH 2003 ❄ 9
(CHAMPS, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 6)                  Louise and began steadily passing             17th and up & coming sophomores
the downhills.                                   other skiers. As she skied by me 1K           Mikaela Robertson and Emily Dunn
  Sunday dawned at -10° F.,                                      from the finish she had       were 23rd and 25th. Senior Tom Rich-
but we were well prepared.                                       a huge grin plastered         ner didn’t have the day he had hoped
We had glide waxed every-                                        on her face and said          for in his preferred technique and
one with the hardest glid-                                       she was having “the           slipped to 14th in a valiant effort.
ers before leaving Madison                                       race of her life”. Know-          Other significant results were
and had kick waxed with                                          ing it “ain’t over ’til the   Ansel Schimpff and Emily Ricker
the old standby Rex                                              fat lady sings”, all I        who were 8th & 12th among their fel-
turquoise (“Mantaranta”)                                         could yell was,               low freshmen. First year skier
from a group of waxes I call                                     “Focus!”,                                       Shanna Bodilly moved
“crazy waxes” — You’d                                            thinking                                        up 40 places in the
have to be crazy to go out                                       that she                                        classical race! (Hey
& ski in their suggested                                         thought                                         Shanna — we need to
temperature ranges. As the Tom Richner           a 10th place pursuit fin-                                       spend more time on
girl’s 10:00 A.M. start time   in full stride!   ish would get her a                                             your freestyle!). Our
approached, Yuriy rushed             Go Tom!     medal. In fact, medals                                          girls’ teams were 5th,
in to report that Toko green base                are given for your                                              8th and 10th out of a
binder both kicked and glided better             speed in the second                                             field of 11 (Memorial,
than the Rex. We scurried to get a few           day’s classical event                                           West and Middleton)
of our skiers on this wax and most               and the pursuit results                                            With only 2 of our
thought it was a slight improvement.             are only used for scor-                                         team members gradu-
Although no skier complained after-              ing teams. Although                                             ating & several more
ward as grip wax is usually not a fac-           Kristin was glowing, we                                         coming up from the Sil-
tor at our race temp. (now +10° F).              didn’t know for sure                                            ver Skiers ranks next
  Kristin & Louise started nearly side           until results were                                              year, we have a bright
by side in the pursuit format. They              posted.                                       Louise Jones and future. Come see us
had decided to work together as a                  She truly did have a breakthrough           Kristen Gallagher kick northern skier butt
team and pull each other. However,               race and pulled herself up to 8th in          line up for the   Feb 9-10 in Iola for the
Kristin quickly pulled away from                 the classical for a medal. Louise was         pursuit race.     2004 HS Champs. ❄

10 ❄ MNSC MARCH 2003
       We Take Bikes As
         Seriously As
          We Do Skis!
    We’re your road bike specialists!
Custom fits
on all bikes
John Huenink —
Serotta Fit
                   CERVE’LO       ROCKY MOUNTAIN                    FELT           MERLIN

                              And of course,                   •Weekly

     ver 100
                                we have a                   Training
    O                         great selection                  (call or e

    Road k!
                               of mountain
                              bikes, tandems
                                                        •Right N
                                                                  ext to
     in Stoc
                                                        Glacial D
                                     and                         rumlin
                                                         Bicycle T
                              recumbents…                          rail
                                                        ALONG THE GLACIAL DRUMLIN STATE TRAIL!
                                                            STEP OUR OUR DOOR AND GO…

                                Refuel Yourself
                                 and stop by
                                for a Latté in
                                our coffee bar!

                                                   105 N. Main Street • Dousman, WI 53118
                                                  Phone: 262-965-4144 • Fax: 262-965-5214
                                                          e-mail:’s a lifestyle!                          HOURS: M-F 10-8 Sat. 10-5 Sun. 12-4.
                                  • JUNIORS SPEAK UP! •                                                        • LET’S HELP A GREAT GUY •
                      “Thanks Don!”                                                                       MadNorSkis
                      WORDS    OF THANKS TO       DON       FROM THE     JUNIORS                           Bike Too!
                                                      y s kii n g
                                             oun tr
                                    ss -
                                                                          “DON HAS SPENT SO MUCH OF      I    first met Dave Calhoon on the
                                                                                                             Best Dam Bike Tour, a fundraising

                                                                         HIS TIME AND HAS PUT SO MUCH    ride for Multiple Sclerosis — a ride he
                                                                                                         has participated in for over ten years.
                                                                          EFFORT INTO HELPING US SKI-

                                                                                                         Dave was the illustrious President of

                                                          a                 EVEN WHEN WE DON’ T GET
                                  fo                                                                     Madnorski for two years before being
                                       r 8 t h -12t h g r                          ANY SNOW!”            ousted out by the current regime of
                                                                              BRITTANY ALIOTO                       .
                                                                                                         Jimmy V Dave also volunteered for
                                                                                                         the ski for light program (spending a
                                 “THANKS FOR ALL YOU HAVE                                                weekend guiding blind skiers) for 3
                                 DONE (AND CONTINUE TO DO)
                                                                           “YOU HELPED ME BECOME A       years. He finds time to help others,
                                                                         BETTER SKIER AND PERSON THAN    even though his family has concerns
                                 FOR THE JUNIORS PROGRAM.
                                                                           I EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE!      of their own.
                                 WE KNOW IT TAKES HOURS OF                                                  When I first met Dave’s wife Laurie
                                PLANNING AND EMAILS TO MAKE               THANKS FOR ALWAYS PUSHING      and his 16 year old daughter Maddie,
                                   IT ALL HAPPEN. JUNIORS                     ME TO DO MY BEST!”         Laurie was walking. She has MS, a
 THAT YOU DO. YOUR TIME AND                                                                              crippling disease that attacks the cen-
                                   WOULDN’ T BE A PROGRAM                    KRISTIN GALLAGHER
 ENERGY IS MUCH APPRECIATED.                                                                             tral nervous system. Currently, Laurie
                                         WITHOUT YOU.”
I WOULDN’ T HAVE HAD AS MUCH                                               “THANKS FOR TEACHING ME
                                                                                                         is in a wheel chair. Dave and Laurie
   FUN AS I DID THIS SEASON             JEFF SCHACHERL                                                   have recently celebrated 20 years of
                                                                             HOW TO SKI THIS YEAR,       marriage.
                                                                            EVEN THOUGH I FOUND IT          Due to Laurie’s illness, the Calhoon
           ‘SKI YA’”             “THANKS FOR MAKING SKIING                                               family has had many new expenses
                                                                             CHALLENGING YOU MADE
      SARA EZKRICH               ONE OF THE BEST PARTS OF MY                                             which insurance does not cover. The
                                                                                      IT FUN.”           biggest expenditure is for nurses aides
                                 LIFE! BECAUSE OF THE JUNIOR
                                                                                   JENNA   ACKER         to assist Laurie in day to day living.
  “DON, YOU ARE AWESOME!           TEAM, IT IS MY ALL TIME                                                  Last year Dave needed to replace
    THANKS SO MUCH FOR           FAVORITE ACTIVITY — THANKS                                              the old van and bought a new van
                                                                           “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR
INTRODUCING ME TO THE SPORT      FOR ALL YOU DO TO MAKE THE                                              with a wheel chair lift for Laurie. I
                                                                          BEING A SKI COACH. YOU HAVE    asked the MS Society if they had any
                                                                          HELPED ME SO MUCH OVER THE     program to help out the Calhoon’s
                                                                          PAST TWO YEARS TO BECOME A     but they do not have a program to
   MANY JOKES TO KEEP US               AND LOVE OF SKIING.”                                              assist them. (they focus more on find-
                                                                            BETTER SKIER AND INTO A
ENTERTAINED. THANK YOU FOR                                                                               ing a cure)
                                   MIKAELA ROBERTSON
                                                                          WHOLE NEW GROUP OF PEOPLE.        The biggest challenge is the unpre-
STARTING FROM SCRATCH AT THE                                              I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL THE   dictability of MS. No one can predict
                                   “I HAVEN’ T SEEN A CROSS                 WORK YOU HAVE PUT INTO
                                                                                                         how Laurie is going to feel or what’s
 BEGINNING OF THIS SEASON.                                                                               going to happen next.
                                 COUNTRY SKI COACH THAT IS AS             MAKING A TEAM AND RUNNING
YOU HAVE DEDICATED SO MUCH                                                                                  So, how can you help? Come partic-
                                DEDICATED TO HIS SKI TEAM AND               PRACTICES AND HOW MUCH       ipate in the first bike ride of the year,
                                 THE SPORT OF CROSS COUNTRY                ENERGY YOU USE TO HELP US.    a benefit ride for the Calhoon Family
                                        SKIING AS DON IS.”                                               on April 26th, (tentatively) starting
   SEASON A LOT OF FUN. I                                                  JUST WANT TO SAY THANKS.”     and ending at Christy’s Bar on lake
APPRECIATE ALL THE COUNTLESS              GREG JONES                          NICOLE SCHIESSER           Waubesa. Registration will start at
  HOURS AT PRACTICE YOU’ VE                                                                              10:00 and the ride will start at 11:00.
   SPENT WITH ME AND I’M                                                   “THANKS FOR TEACHING US       We will have a long and short route.
                                “THANKS A BUNCH FOR ALL OF                                               Registration will be $20.00 individual
  LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT                                                 TO RESPECT OURSELVES WHILE
                                 THE AMAZING THINGS YOU DO                                               or $40.00 for a family of 3 or more.
 YEAR. (ALSO, WATCH OUT FOR                                                   HELPING US ACHIEVE            We will have a flyer with more
                                 FOR US, I KNOW I’LL ALWAYS
THOSE WOOD MANTELS AT HIGH                                                          OUR GOALS.”          details at the March MadNorSki meet-
                                    REMEMBER EVERYTHING
SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS, THEY                                                      LOUISE JONES             ing… including extras for you to take
                                        ABOUT OUR TEAM!”                                                 and spread around. This ride is open
                                          EMILY DUNN                                                     to anyone. For more information, or
WHEN YOU PULL UP ON THEM)                                                 “THANK YOU SO MUCH —I          to have a flyer emailed to you (when
     SHANNA BODILLY                                                        REALLY APPRECIATE ALL THE     available) or if you can’t do the ride
                                    “THANK YOU FOR YOUR                   TIME YOU’ VE SPENT WORKING     but want to donate to the Calhoon
                                       DEDICATION TO DOING                                               family, e-mail Harry Lum at
“THANK-YOU FOR HELPING ME                                                     WITH OUR TEAM, YOU
BECOME THE BEST SKIER THAT I     EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO HELP                  CHALLENGE US TO BE         or call him at 608-273-2821.
    COULD BE THIS YEAR.”               ME REACH MY GOALS.”                      BETTER SKIERS!”             Who knows, there might be a little
       EMILY RICKER                      TOM RICHNER                        KAREN STOLTZENBERG           swag there also. (EDITORS NOTE: KNOWING
                                                                                                         HARRY, THERE WILL BE!) ❄
12 ❄ MNSC MARCH 2003
(WONDERFUL, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1)           that instant what that was. My role as
bolted up the trail and left her to her
own devices. In less than one kilome-
                                             Dr. Phil was over. Within microseconds
                                             the pair appeared headed for their car
                                                                                                For the Dogs
ter she had exhausted herself trying         with the husband groping for his skis                       BY WILLI VANHAREN
to climb into the wind, frozen her           and inadequate excuses for dumping
hands once she got on top, and then
didn’t know where to go since her
husband was nowhere in sight. Now
                                             her on the trail. They might not ever
                                             ski together again. Too bad, especially
                                             when you live in Nordic heaven.
                                                                                               W     hile skiing last month in the
                                                                                                     Lake Tahoe Area (the things I
                                                                                               have to do for the newsletter) I
her skis were implements of torture             So, you can draw your own moral                noticed that a number of the XC
not pleasure so she took them off and        from this story. I’m sure Dr. Phil would          ski areas had special trails for
walked back with the wind and snow           have something profound to say                    skiers with dogs. No, not like the
fueling her discontent. What was             about Mars and Venus. I like to think             dogs I skied on in the 2001 Birkie.
going to be a fun little ski turned into a   that Mr. Wonderful and his wife each              But four legged snow sniffers.
nightmare.                                   bear some responsibility for their                These trails were also open to
   She asked if skiing was always this       communication breakdown. I’ll let you             other skiers but were mainly used
frustrating and I told her that the con-     assign the percentages. So, If your               by dog/skier combos. Lots of
ditions were tough even for veterans. I      abilities or proclivities differ, just take       smiles out there and these trails
was convinced though, that it wasn’t         a little time to check in and don’t be            seemed to be getting a lot of use
the conditions or her gear that led to       afraid to make your feelings known                during the weekdays that I was
her frustration. I suggested she try it      before it starts getting personal. Life is        around. I’m not owned by a dog,
another day and added as much                too short not to have fun when you go             but I wonder if there is something
encouragement as I could. Her mood           skiing. And skiing with somebody to               like this in our area, or if the local
lightened as we talked. Then her hus-        share it with is even better.                     dogs would like us to look into the
band skied up to the window and pre-            By the way, Ned is NOT my signifi-             possibility for Dane County. If the
pared to come inside. Suddenly, her          cant other. I have the honor of being             dogs are happy with the way
face darkened and she broke off our          the First Lady's S.O. And no, Judy and            things are, great! However, if you
conversation with, “I need a word with       I have never had a spat over skiing               would like to explore the idea fur-
Mr. Wonderful.” This time, I knew            thank goodness. In fact, our first date           ther, talk to me or another board
when to take a powder and rushed for         was on the ski trail at Nine-mile Forest          member and we can begin to sniff
the door to do something important           and we often refer to that occasion as            out the possibilities. ❄
out in the car, though I didn’t know at      our anniversary. ❄

                                                                          CAT SKI
                                                                                Classical All Terrain Ski “CAT” Ski
                                                                                                • This Ski can be used on your favorite
                                                                                                  ski trail during the summer, fall and
                                                                                                •This ski works well on grass, sand, dirt,
                                                                                                 gravel, ice (studded version), snow,
                                                                                                 slippery leaves etc.…
                                                                                                •Builds technique and muscle memory
                                                                                                 faster than any other roller ski or snow
                                                                                                •All ability skiers can ski together
                                                                                                 because it has variable speeds
                                                                                                •A great workout going up hills and safe
                                                                                                 coming down
                                                                                                •Builds strength much more rapidly
                                                                                                 than any other ski
                                                                                                •Poles don't slip because you are on
                                                                                                 grass not pavement
                                                                                                •Allows you to ski out your back door
                                                                                                 and across your back yard
                                                                        These may seem as bold statements, but this is a
                                                                       bold ski. Some more bold statements about the CAT
                                                                                 ski that were made by XC skiers.

                                                                                    “I‘D RATHER CAT SKI THAN SNOW SKI.”
                                                                                     “BEST INVENTION SINCE THE WHEEL.”
                                                                                 “I GOT THEM, SO I COULD TRAIN WITH MY BEST
                                                                                          TRAINING BUDDY, MY DOG.”

                                                                      E-MAIL:   SALES@PLANETXC.COM • WEBSITE: HTTP://WWW.PLANETXC.COM
                                                                                SISU CO./PLANETXC.COM, 120 SHOREWOOD TERRRACE,
                                                                                  WISC. RAPIDS, WI 54494 • TEL: 1-800-380-8412

                                                                                 Caution: You may become addicted

                                                                                                               MNSC MARCH 2003 ❄ 13
                Kortelopet Debut                                                                          THIS
                                     BY ANSEL SCHIMPFF

 T    icking clock,
      digital neon
                                                                           bend I see before
                                                                           me power lines
 yellow “Wave 10 to                                                        climbing up moun-            Fun Day at the Lussier
 the start!” the                                                           tainous hills. The           Family Heritage Center
 course captain                                                            cadence of
 calls out. I rush to                                                      garbage can drum-            SUNDAY, MARCH 2, 2003      AT   2 P.M.
 the head of the line                                                      mers keeps beat
 anxious to leap on
 my way. Clicking
 boots clipping into
                                                                           as I fly up the hills.
                                                                           In and out I weave
                                                                           through masses of
                                                                                                       T    he Madison Nordic Ski Club
                                                                                                            will host a “Farewell to Winter”
                                                                                                       party featuring skiing/hiking and
 bindings on bright                                                        people from ear-            snow activities for all ages at the
 plastic skis —                                                            lier waves We               Lussier Family Heritage Center on
 BOOM goes the                                                             reach the top and           March 2, 2003. This event is free
 cannon, flashing                                                          the first food sta-         and open to the public. We will
 orange fire. The         Ansel, with his award-winning family at races in tion. I slow down           have the entire facility open.
 starting gate                   Houghton. Ansel is 2nd from left.         but dare not stop           Please bring the whole family. We
 swishes up, nylon banners in the                   for fear of losing momentum. A cup of              will have skiing and hiking from 2-5
 breeze, and the crowd cheers 500                   Gatorade warms my hand before I                    p.m. Chili and beverages will be
 skiers as we flash over the field. A               slosh it down. Most if it spills on my             available in the lower level from 2
 frenzy of poles and skis clacking on               racing suit, now lime scented and                  to 5:00 p.m.
 soft snow passes through acrid                     cool, but I don’t mind. We turn into               At 5 p.m. we’ll move upstairs for a
 gunpowder smoke. My heart pounds                   the woods and I see a sign 5K. Oh joy,             potluck dinner. We’ll have a bon-
 and I’m out in front. Only freedom                 only 18K to go! ❄                                  fire from 4-7 p.m.
 ahead. I jump in the tracks for the first                                                                Contact Ned Zuelsdorff at 231-
 downhill. My skis hum over the white               Ansel Schimpff is member of the                    1876 or for more
 that blankets the ground. Round the                MadNorSki Juniors.                                 info. Hope to see you there! ❄

                                                    • SPONSORED BY DON MILLER SUBARU •
                              The Elver Tuesday Night
                                Race Series Lives!
                                                               BY NED ZUELSDORFF

I    t just looks a little different. After a
     painful start, the series can be                                   cou
                                                                              n t r y s ki
                                                                                                      thanks to the Madison Parks Depart-
                                                                                                      ment for their grooming efforts, and

                                                              C r oss

called a “series” for 2003. OK, so we                                                                 providing us with the flexibility to
haven’t actually raced on a Tuesday                                                                   move and hold races when condi-
yet this year. We’ve held two race                                                                    tions allowed.

events in the last week, including a                                                                     I almost forgot one big thank you.

“First-Timer” race Saturday morning.                              fo                                  That goes to our webmeister, Joe
The race scheduled for tonight may                                      r t h l-see                   King. He posted race results on the
get scrubbed due to warm temps and
                                                                             r il                     website almost instantaneously after I
the pending Birkie weekend. Sixty                  We’ll look at more options in prepara-             emailed them to him. The listserve
four participants have been involved               tion for next year.                                he set up allowed us to make last
so far. If we can, we’ll attempt to hold              Many thanks are in order related to             minute decisions on races and keep
a few more races in March.                         the races that were held, as well as               everyone reasonably informed. His
   I have several unpaid, highly quali-            those where folks were “on call” to                latest addition to the race effort
fied consultants who’ve helped me                  the last minute with hopes that we                 allows immediate release of “race
this year in search of a race. We con-             could pull one off. Thanks to the vol-             alerts” to phone numbers of people
sidered different venues for safe and              unteers who helped with registration,              who’ve signed up. Thanks Joe!
skiable snow. However, we found that               timing, keeping racers on course, and                 The Series lives! It will go on with
it’s difficult due to uncertain ice con-           picking up the course markers after                the goal of providing racers with a
ditions on the lakes, cold snow that               the race. Thanks to our major race                 fun and safe event, at a reasonable
doesn’t adhere to the lake ice, lack of            sponsor, Don Miller Subaru for their               cost. It’s the friendliest race you’ll
liability insurance that is required for           second year of financial support.                  find. What other race allows you to
some parks, and the availability of                Thanks to New Moon Ski-Shop, Hay-                  enter a 10K event, get tired and pull
sufficient background light to see the             ward, and Fontana Sports Specialties               in after 5K, and still get a finish time.
course especially when you’re out                  here in Madison for generously donat-              Keep coming back and we’ll keep
pouring it on with the other ski dogs.             ing door prizes for the races. Finally,            trying. ❄

14 ❄ MNSC MARCH 2003
                             Other Stuff…
                                                                                                                     Ads run free for
                                                                                                                   MNSC Club members!
                                                                                                                           FOR SALE
                                                                                                               Pilot Skate Boots For Sale. $100
                                                                                                               NEW Fischer RCS FlexComp2 Pilot
                                                                                                               boot, size 40 1⁄3 (7.5 men's).
                                                                                                               Call Carol at 231-6864
                                                                                                                     GOT SOMETHING YOU
                                                                                                                        WANT TO SELL?
                                                                                                               Looking for something? If you are a
                                                                                                               member of the Madison Nordic Ski
                                                                                                               Club, we will run your ad for free!
                                                                                                               Submit Classified ads to Kay Lum

v Yes, a group of guys can cook

                                                                         Ben Neff is auditioning as the
a gourmet meal, as Scott                                              Great Bear Chase mascot as he
Brandt, Ben Neff, Tom Gallagher,                                      cheers on Mark Plane in the 42K
Mark Plane, Dirk Mason and                                            Porcupine Classic race.                          zzzzzz. ..
Mike Ivey (photographer) refuel
after the Porcupine Ski Race and
get ready for a hard day at ABR.
(Doesn’t that food look                                                        Harry Lum after a full day of
delicious?)                                                                         gathering the proverbial
                                                                              “Swag” for the next meeting.
                                                                           (or did he just referee a game?)

    SPRING!       Just NOT YET…

                                      The Beauty of All Wheel Drive

          T               he all-new 2003 Forester. The ruggedness and versatility

                                   you need, without sacrificing the security, comfort and

                        performance you deserve. Full-time All-Wheel Drive,

          more interior room and more safety features than anything in its

            class. The new Subaru Forester — When you get it, you get it.

  801 East Washington Avenue • Madison 1-608-258-3500 •
                                                                                                                            MNSC MARCH 2003 ❄ 15
 M         A        D         I   S       O     N          N     O    R      D     I    C           S       K   I    C   L      U    B

                                                     MEMBERSHIP FORM
                                               Sign up now for the
                                        2002-2003 cross-country ski season!
                                      (you can also sign up on-line at

                                               Is this a       renewal or a      new membership?
                                                           What type of membership?
                                      Individual $15                           Family $20
                                      Junior $10 (18 or under)                           Kidski $25 plus club membership

                Additional donation $ ___ to support local ski groups, trails, and promote XC activities
              Name(s): ______________________________________________________________________
              City: _________________________________State: ____________Zip: ____________________
              Home phone: ________________________Work phone: _______________________________
              Email address: _________________________________________________________________
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                                  Madison Nordic Ski Club • PO Box 55281 • Madison, WI 53705

Madison Nordic Ski Club
P.O. Box 55281 • Madison, WI 53705
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