Cumulative Vocabulary for Chapters 1–24

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					                             Cumulative Vocabulary for Chapters 1–24

 A                                                                    e o
                                                                 app´ll¯ (1) to speak to, address, call, name
                                                                 a       a
                                                                 ´qua, ´quæ (f ) water
¯ (before consonants), ab (before vowels or conso-                   u e                u e ı
                                                                 arg¯ m´ntum, arg¯ m´nt¯ (n) proof, evidence, ar-
 nants) (prep + abl ) away from, from, by                         gument
acc´ o, acc´
    ıpi¯                        ´ ı,
                                e          e
                 ıpere, acc¯p¯ acc´ptum (3) to take                    a
                                                                 ars, ´rtis (f ) art, skill
 (to one’s self), receive, accept                                      a
                                                                 arx, ´rcis (f ) citadel, stronghold
¯cer, ¯cris, ¯cre (adj ) sharp, keen, eager, severe,
        a         ´
                  a                                              ´       ´
                                                                 Asia, Asiæ (f ) Asia, commonly referring to Asia
 fierce                                                            Minor
   e             e            e
ac´rbus, ac´rba, ac´rbum (adj ) harsh, bitter,                   a        a         a
                                                                 ´sper, ´spera, ´sperum (adj ) rough, harsh
 grievous                                                        at (conj ) but; but, mind you; but, you say
ad (prep + acc) to, up to, near to                               a
                                                                 ´tque, or ac (only before consonants) (conj ) and,
a       o            ´
                     a      a      ı,      ´
´diuv¯, adiuv¯re, ´diuv¯ adiutum (1) to help,                     and also, and even
 aid, assist; please; see also iuv¯      o                       a´ ctor, auct´ris (m) increaser; author, originator
                                                                   u             ¯
adm´  ıtto, adm´                      ´
                     ıttere, adm¯ ı, adm´     ıssum (3) to                     ´
                                                                   u o         e       u
                                                                 a´ de¯, aud¯re, a´ sus sum (2) to dare
 admit, to receive, to let in                                      u o
                                                                 a´ di¯, aud¯  ´         ´
                                                                               ıre, aud¯ ı, aud¯
                                                                                         ıv¯       ´
                                                                                                   ıtum (4) to hear, to
      ´ e
      e                    e e
adul¯sc¯ns, adul¯sc´ntis (m/f ) young man,                        listen to
 young woman                                                     aud¯ ıtor, aud¯ ´ris (m) hearer, listener, member of
                                                                      ´            o
      e e                    e e
adul¯sc´ntia, adul¯sc´ntiæ (f ) youth, young                      an audience
 manhood; youthfulness                                             u       u
                                                                 a´ ris, a´ ris (f ) ear
  e           e           e
a´quus, a´qua, a´quum (adj ) level, even; calm;                  aut (conj ) or; aut . . . aut, either . . . or
 equal, just; favorable                                            u
                                                                 a´ tem (pospositive conj ) however; moreover
  e a         ´
a´t¯s, aet¯tis (f ) period of life, life, age, an age,              ´         ´
                                                                    a         a
                                                                 av¯rus, av¯ra (adj ) greedy, avaricious
 time                                                            a e o a e               a e ı, a e
                                                                 ¯v´rt¯, ¯v´rtere, ¯v´rt¯ ¯v´rsum (3) to turn
a       a ı
´ger, ´gr¯ (m) field, farm                                         away, avert
a o a            ´ ı, ´
                 e      a
´g¯, ´gere, ¯g¯ ¯ctum (3) to drive, to lead, to do,
                                       a a
 to act; to pass, to spend; gr¯ti¯s agere + dat, to
 give thanks to                                                   B
agr´ ıcola, agr´  ıcolæ (m) farmer
a           a
´liquis, ´liquid (indef pn) someone, somebody,                    a           a ı
                                                                 b´sium, b´si¯ (n) kiss
 something                                                          a           a      a
                                                                 be´tus, be´ta, be´tum (adj ) happy, fortunate,
a        a      a                               a ı   a ı,
´lius, ´lia, ´liud (adj ) other, another; ´li¯ . . . ´li¯         blessed
 some . . . others                                                e          e ı
                                                                 b´llum, b´ll¯ (n) war
ao a             a ı, a
´l¯, ´lere, ´lu¯ ´ltum (3) to nourish, support,                   e          e      e
                                                                 b´llus, b´lla, b´llum (adj ) pretty, handsome,
 sustain, increase, cherish                                       charming
a         a           a
´lter, ´ltera, ´lterum (adj ) the other (of two),                 e
                                                                 b´ne (adv ) well, satisfactorily, quite
 second                                                          benef´               ıci´
                                                                       ıcium, benef´ ı (n) benefit, kindness, favor
am¯ ´
    ıca, am¯   ´ (f ) friend
               ıcæ                                                     ıll´
                                                                 bis m¯ ¯simus (indec adj ) two-thousandth
    ıc´            ıc´
am¯ ıtia, am¯ ıtiæ (f ) friendship                                o         o     o
                                                                 b´nus, b´na, b´num (adj ) good, kind
am¯ ´
    ıcus, am¯   ´
                ıca, am¯    ´
                            ıcum (adj ) friendly                   e          e
                                                                 br´vis, br´ve (adj ) short, small, brief
am¯ ´
    ıcus, am¯   ´ ı (m) friend
¯m´ o, ¯m´
a ıtt¯ a ıttere, ¯m¯ ı, ¯m´a ´ a ıssum (3) to lose, to
 let go
a o         ´
            a            ´ ı,
                         a         ´
´m¯, am¯re, am¯v¯ am¯tum (1) to love, to like
´mor, am¯    ´ris (m) love
             o                                                   c´d¯, c´dere, c´cid¯ c¯s´ rum (3) to fall
                                                                  a o a          e ı, a u ¯
a                   ´
´nimal, anim¯lis (n) a living creature, animal                    ´         ´    ´
                                                                 cæcus, cæca, cæcum (adj ) blind
a      ı, a          o
´nim¯ ´nim¯rum (mpl ) high spirits, pride,                        ´          ´ ı
                                                                 cælum, cæl¯ (n) sky, heaven
 courage                                                           ´         ´
                                                                 Cæsar, Cæsaris (m) Cæsar
´nimus, ´nim¯ (m) soul, spirit, mind
a           a       ı                                             a o a            ´ ı, a
                                                                 c´pi¯, c´pere, c¯p¯ c´ptum (3) to take, capture,
a          a ı
´nnus, ´nn¯ (m) year                                              seize, get
´nte (prep + acc) before                                          a         a
                                                                 c´put, c´pitis (n) head; leader; beginning; life;
ant¯ ´
     ıqua, ant¯   ´
                  ıquæ (adj ) ancient, old-time                   heading; chapter

 WWW.JohnLoux.US                                             1                                      February 23, 2011
c´re¯, car¯re, c´ru¯ carit´ rum (2 + abl of sep-
 a o           e        a ı,           u
                                       ¯                           ıdit¯           ´
                                                               cup´ as, cupidit¯tis (f ) desire, longing, passion;
 aration) to be without, be deprived of, want, lack,            cupidity, avarice
 be free from                                                   u o u                ´
                                                               c´ pi¯, c´ pere, cup¯ ı, cup¯
                                                                                     ıv¯      ´
                                                                                              ıtum (3) to desire, to
 a            a
c´rmen, c´rminis (n) song, poem                                 wish, to long for
        ´ o
        a                 ´
Carth¯g¯, Carth¯ginis (f ) Carthage                             u
                                                               c¯ r (adv ) why
 ´rus, c¯ra, c¯rum (adj ) dear
c¯         ´
           a        ´
                    a                                           ´
                                                                ¯      ´
                                                               cura, curæ (f ) care, attention, caution, anxiety
 a       a
c´sa, c´sæ (f ) house, cottage, hut                             u o u               u       u
                                                               c´ rr¯, c´ rrere, cuc´ rri, c´ rsum (3) to run, rush,
   u         u
ca´ sa, ca´ sæ (f ) cause, reason, case, situation              move quickly
 e        e            e
c´ler, c´leris, c´lere (adj ) swift, quick, rapid
 ´ o e a
 e            ´        e ´ ı, e ´
c¯n¯, c¯n¯re, c¯n¯v¯ c¯n¯tum (1) to dine
                           a          a                         D
cent¯simus (indec adj ) one-hundredth
cent¯simus pr¯       ´
                     ımus (indec adj ) one-hundred first          e
                                                               d¯ (prep + abl ) down from, from; concerning, about
c´ntum (indec adj ) C; a hundred                                 e
                                                               d´a, deæ (f ) goddess, dat and abl pl de¯bus    a
                                                                 ´ o e ´
                                                                 e             e       ´ ı, ´
                                                                                       e        e
                                                               d¯be¯, d¯b¯re, d¯bu¯ d¯bitum (2) to owe, ought,
c´ntum ´ nus (indec adj ) CI; one hundred one
 e         u¯
 e o e                      ´ ı, ´
c´rn¯, c´rnere, cr¯v¯ cr¯tum (3) to distinguish,
                            e        e                          must
 discern, perceive                                               e
                                                               d´cem (indec adj ) X; ten
c´rtus, c´rta, c´rtum (adj ) definite, sure, certain,
 e          e          e                                         e
                                                               d´cimus (indec adj ) tenth
 reliable                                                        ee o          ee              e e ı, e ´
                                                               d¯f´nd¯, d¯f´ndere, d¯f´nd¯ d¯f¯nsum (3) to e
C´ o, Cicer´nis (m) Marcus Tullius Cicero
  ıcer¯             o
                    ¯                                           ward off, defend, protect
c´ (adv ) quickly                                              de´ ınde (adv ) thereupon, next, then
 ´       ´ (m/f ) citizen                                        ee o e             ´
                                                                                    a        e    ´
                                                                                                  a ı, e     ´
                                                               d¯l´ct¯, d¯lect¯re, d¯lect¯v¯ d¯lect¯tum (1) to
 ıvis, c¯ıvis
 ´ as, c¯ ¯tis (f ) state, citizenship
c¯           ıvita ´                                            delight, to charm, to please
  ´rus, cl¯ra, cl¯rum (adj ) clear, bright, renown-
                        ´                                        ´ o e´
                                                                 e           e        e ´ ı, e ´
                                                               d¯le¯, d¯l¯re, d¯l¯v¯ d¯l¯tum (2) to destroy, to
                                                                                        e         e
cl¯          a          a
 ed, famous, illustrious                                        wipe out, to erase
cl¯m´ntia, cl¯mentiæ (f ) mildness, gentleness,
  e e                e
                                                               d¯m´nstr¯, d¯m¯nstr¯re, d¯m¯nstr¯v¯ d¯-
                                                                 e ¯  o      o     e o         a       e o      ´
                                                                                                                a ı, e
                                                                    o      ´tum (1) to point out, to show, to demon-
cœp¯ cœp´
  ´ ı,         ısse, cœptum (defective verb) began
                          ´                                     strate
 o o                ´
                    a               ´
c´git¯, cogit¯re, cogit¯v¯ cogit¯tum (1) to
                                    a ı,         ´
                                                 a               e ´ o, d¯s¯
                                                               d¯s¯ ıder¯                 ´
                                                                                 e ıder¯re, d¯s¯
                                                                                          a             ´ ı,
                                                                                                  e ıder¯v¯ d¯s¯        ´
                                                                                                                 e ıder¯-
 think, to ponder, to consider, to plan                         tum (1) to desire, to long for, to miss
comm´ o, comm´
        ıtt¯                                   ´
                             ıttere, comm¯ ı, comm´
                                               ıs¯   ıs-         e       eı                         ı,
                                                               d´us, d´¯ (m) god, nom pl d¯ dat and abl pl d¯         ıs
 sum (3) to entrust, commit                                      e          e           e
                                                               d´xter, d´xtra, d´xtrum (adj ) right, right-hand
                                                                 ıc¯ ´
                                                               d¯ o, d¯             ´
                                                                                    ıx¯ ıctum (3) to say, to tell, to
                                                                         ıcere, d¯ ı, d´
communis, comm´ ne (adj ) common, general, of/
        ¯                  ¯
 for the community                                              speak; to name, to call
                                                                 ı¯      ´ı
                                                               d´es, di¯¯ (m) day
coni¯ r¯t¯ coni¯ r¯t´rum (m pl ) conspirators
     u a ı,           u a ¯   o
 o e o            o          ´
c¯ns´rv¯, c¯nserv¯re, c¯nserv¯v¯ c¯nserv¯-
                             a        o      ´
                                             a ı, o   ´
                                                      a        diff´ ıcilis, diff´ ıcile (adj ) hard, difficult, troublesome
                                                                 ılig¯ ıl´               ıl´ ı, ıl´
                                                                                           e        e
                                                               d¯ o, d¯ ıgere, d¯ ¯x¯ d¯ ¯ctum (3) to esteem,
                                         e o
 tum (1) a stronger form of s´rv¯—to preserve, to
 conserve, to maintain                                          love
                                                                     ´ o
                                                                     e           ´
                                                                                 e              e ı,     e
                                                               disc¯d¯, disc¯dere, disc´ss¯ disc´ssum (3) to go
 o ılium, c¯ns´ ı (n) plan, purpose, counsel, ad-
c¯ns´             o ıli¯
 vice, judgement, wisdom                                        away, depart
c´nsul, c´nsulis (m) consul
 ¯          ¯
            o                                                  disc´ ıpula, disc´  ıpulæ (f ) learner, pupil, student
      ıne¯               ´
                         e           ınu¯
cont´ o, contin¯re, cont´ ı, cont´ntum (2) to    e             disc´ ıpulus, disc´ ı (m) learner, pupil, student
 hold together, contain, keep, enclose, restrain                 ısc¯ ıscere, d´ ı (3) to learn
                                                               d´ o, d´               ıdic¯
c´ntr¯ (prep + acc) against
       a                                                         ı¯
                                                               d´u (adv ) long, for a long time
                                                               d¯ ıtiæ, d¯
                                                                 ıv´               ´
                                                                             ıvıti¯rum (fpl ) riches, wealth
c´pia, c´piæ (f ) abundance, supply
 ¯        o
                                                               d¯, d¯
                                                                 o a   ´re, d´d¯ d´tum (1) to give, to offer
                                                                               e ı, a
c´piæ, c¯pi¯rum (fpl ) supplies, troops, forces
 ¯         o a
                                                                 o o          ´
                                                                              e        o ı, o
                                                               d´ce¯, doc¯re, d´cu¯ d´ctum (2) to teach
 o u o u
c´rn¯ , c´rn¯ s (n) horn
c´rpus, c´rporis (n) body
             o                                                   o            o          o
                                                               d´ctus, d´cta, d´ctum (adj ) taught, learned,
cr¯s (adv ) tomorrow
   a                                                            skilled
   eo       ´
            a            ´
cr´¯, cre¯re, cre¯v¯ cre¯tum (1) to create
                         a ı,       ´
                                    a                          d´num, d´n¯ (n) gift, present
                                                                 o           o
                                                                             ¯ ı
c´ lpa, c´ lpæ (f ) fault, blame
           u                                                         e ı,        e             e
                                                               duc´nt¯ duc´ntæ, duc´nta (indec adj ) CC; two
 u o             ´
                 a             ´ ı,
                               a          ´
c´ lp¯, culp¯re, culp¯v¯ culp¯tum (1) to blame,                 hundred
                                                                 ´ o ´
                                                               duc¯, ducere, d´ x¯ d´ ctum (3) to lead; to con-
                                                                 ¯        ¯           ¯
                                                                                      u ı, u
cum (prep + abl ) with                                          sider, to regard; to prolong
                                                                 u         u
                                                               d´ lcis, d´ lce (adj ) sweet, pleasant, agreeable

 WWW.JohnLoux.US                                           2                                        February 23, 2011
dum (conj ) while, as long as, at the same time that;           ´
                                                               f¯                                               ´
                                                                       ´ (m) end, limit, boundary, purpose; f¯ es,
                                                                ınis, f¯                                        ın¯
 + subj, until                                                  f¯´ esium boundaries, territory
d´ o, d´ æ, d´ o (pl adj ) II; two
        u      u                                                 ´
                                                                 ¯          ´
                                                               flumen, fluminis (n) river
duocent¯simus (indec adj ) two-hundredth
          e                                                      uo u           ´ ı, ´
                                                                                ¯      ¯
                                                               fl´ ¯, fl´ ere, flux¯ fluxum (3) to flow
du´decim (indec adj ) XII; twelve
   o                                                            ´rma, f´rmæ (f ) form, shape; beauty
                                                               f¯         ¯
duod´cimus (indec adj ) twelvth                                 o        o
                                                               f´rtis, f´rte (adj ) strong, brave
      e ıc´ e
duod¯v¯ ¯simus (indec adj ) eighteenth                               ´
                                                                     ¯         ´
                                                               fortuna, fortunæ (f ) fortune, luck
      e ´
duod¯v¯  ıgint¯ (indec adj ) XVIII; eighteen
              ı                                                fort¯ n¯´tus, fort¯ n¯ta, fort¯ n¯tum (adj ) lucky,
                                                                     u a             ´
                                                                                   u a         u a´
 u      ´
d´ o m¯ (indec adj ) MM; two thousand                           fortunate, happy
dux, d´ cis (m) leader, guide; commander, general                 ´
                                                                  a        ´
                                                               fr¯ter, fr¯tris (m) brother
                                                               fru           ´ u
                                                                  ´ ctus, fruct¯ s (m) fruit, profit, benefit, enjoy-
                                                                  ¯          ¯
 E                                                              ment
                                                                u o u            ´ ı, u u
                                                               f´ gi¯, f´ gere, fug¯ f´ git¯ rum (3) to flee, to hurry
e      o e
¯duc¯, ¯duc¯re, ¯duc¯v¯ ¯duc¯tum (1) to bring
               a     e    ´
                          a ı, e      ´
                                      a                         away; to escape; to go into exile; to avoid, to shun
 up, educate
¯´ o, ¯´         e ´ ı, eıectum (3) to throw out, to
eıci¯ eıcere, ¯i¯c¯ ¯´                                          G
 drive out
´nim (postpositive conj ) for, in fact, truly                     u o           ´
                                                               ga´ de¯, gaud¯re, g¯v¯
                                                                                e      a ´
                                                                                         ısus sum (2) to be glad,
e o      eı
´g¯, m´¯ (pn) I                                                 rejoice
e        e ı
´quus, ´qu¯ (m) horse                                           e       e
                                                               g¯ns, g´ntis (f ) clan, race, nation, people
e ıpi¯ e ıpere, ¯r´ ı, ¯r´ptum (¯-rapi¯) (3) to
¯r´ o, ¯r´         e ıpu¯ e e             e      o              e u e u
                                                               g´n¯ , g´n¯ s (n) knee
 snatch away, take away, rescue                                 e         e
                                                               g´nus, g´neris (n) origin, kind, type, sort, class
e o         ´
            a        ´ ı,
                     a         ´
´rr¯, err¯re, err¯v¯ err¯tum (1) to wander; to                  e o e            e ı, e
                                                               g´r¯, g´rere, g´ss¯ g´stum (3) to carry; to carry
 err, to go astray, to make a mistake, to be mistaken           on, to manage, to conduct, to wage, to accomplish,
est (v ) is                                                     to perform
et (conj ) and; even; et . . . et, both . . . and                o         o
                                                               gl´ria, gl´riæ (f ) glory, fame
´tiam (adv ) even, also                                            ´          ´        ´
                                                               Græcus, Græca, Græcum (adj ) Greek
ex, ¯ (prep + abl ) out of, from, from within; by                  ´          ´ ı
                                                               Græcus, Græc¯ (m) a Greek
 reason of, on account of                                        a          a
                                                               gr´vis, gr´ve (adj ) heavy, weighty, serious, impor-
exc´ o, exc´
    ıpi¯                   ´ ı,
                           e         e
               ıpere, exc¯p¯ exc´ptum (3) to take               tant, severe, grievous
 back, regain, admit, receive                                      ´          ´
                                                               Græcia, Græciæ (f ) Greece
ex´           ıti¯
   ıtium, ex´ ı (n) destruction, ruin
     e o       e               ı,    u
exp´ll¯, exp´llere, expul¯ exp´ lsum (3) to drive
 out, expel, banish
      e o              ´
                       a                ´
exsp´ct¯, exspect¯re, exspect¯v¯ exspect¯-
                                        a ı,       ´
                                                                a o         ´
                                                                            e       a ı, a
                                                               h´be¯, hab¯re, h´bv¯ h´bitum (2) to have, to
 tum (1) to look for, expect, await
                                                                hold, to possess; to consider, to regard
 F                                                              a       a
                                                               h´sta, h´stæ (f ) spear
                                                               her¯ (adv ) yesterday
 a          ´
f¯bula, f¯bulæ (f ) story, tale, play
            a                                                  hic, hæc, hoc (pn) this; the latter; he, she, it, they
f´cilis, f´cile (adj ) easy, agreeable
           a                                                    o e
                                                               h´di¯ (adv ) today
 a o a             ´ ı, a
f´ci¯, f´cere, f¯c¯ f´ctum (3) to make, to do, to
                   e                                            o o o
                                                               h´m¯, h´minis (m) human being, man
 accomplish                                                    h´ra, h´ræ (f ) hour, time
                                                                ¯      ¯
f´ctum, f´ct¯ (n) deed, act, achievement
 a           a ı                                                o        o
                                                               h´stis, h´stis (m) an enemy
f¯ma, f¯mæ (f ) rumor, report; fame, reputation
 a        ´
          a                                                     u a          u a
                                                               h¯ m´nus, h¯ m´na, h¯ m´num (adj ) pertaining
                                                                                        u a
fam´ ılia, fam´ ıliæ (f ) household, family                     to man
 ´ ıx,
 e             e´
f¯l¯ gen f¯l¯ (adj ) lucky, fortunate, happy
 e           ´
f¯mina, f¯minæ (f ) woman
             e                                                  I
    e            e
fen´stra, fen´stræ (f ) window
f´rrum, f´rr¯ (n) iron; sword
 e           e ı                                                a o a          ´ ı, a
                                                               i´ci¯, i´cere, i¯c¯ i´ctum (3) to throw, hurl
 ıd¯ ıde¯
f´ es, f´ ı (f ) faith, trust, trustworthiness, fidelity;       iam (adv ) now, already, soon
 promise, guarantee, protection                                ıbi
                                                               ´ (adv ) there
f¯      ´                                   ıli¯
 ılia, f¯
        ıliæ (f ) daughter; dat. and abl. f¯ abus              ´
                                                               ıdem, ´adem, ´
                                                               ¯       e       ıdem (pn) the same
f¯        ´
 ılius, f¯ ı (m) son                                           ıgitur (conj, postpositive) therefore, consequently

 WWW.JohnLoux.US                                           3                                      February 23, 2011
ıgnis, ´
´          ıgnis (m) fire                                         e       e
                                                                l´vis, l´ve (adj ) light, easy, slight, trivial
ılle, ´
´       ılla, ´ ıllud (pn) that; the former; the famous;            e         e ı
                                                                lib´llus, lib´ll¯ (m) little book
  he, she, it, they                                              ıber, l´ ı (m) book
                                                                l´       ıbr¯
immort¯lis, immort¯le (adj ) not subject to death,
                              a                                  ´
                                                                 ıber, l¯´
                                                                         ıbera, l¯´
                                                                                  ıberum (adj ) free
  immortal                                                       ´ o, l¯
                                                                 ıber¯ ıber¯
                                                                l¯             ´re, l¯
                                                                               a           a ı, ´ ¯tum (1) to free,
                                                                                           ´     ıber´
                                                                                      ıber¯v¯ l¯      a
imper¯tor, imper¯t´ris (m) general, commander-
           a                  o
                            a ¯                                   to liberate
  in-chief, emperor                                             l¯ ert¯s, l¯       ´
                                                                 ıb´ a ıbert¯tis (f ) liberty
       e                  e ı
imp´rium, imp´ri¯ (n) power to command,                          ıttera, l´
                                                                l´         ıtteræ (f ) a letter of the alphabet,
  supreme power, authority, command, control                    l´               ´
                                                                 ıtteræ, litter¯rum (fpl ) a letter (epistle), litera-
in (prep + abl ) in, on                                           ture
in (prep + acc) into, toward; against                            ´
                                                                 ıtus, l¯´
                                                                         ıtoris (n) shore, coast
inc´rtus, inc´rta, inc´rtum (in-certus) (adj )
     e               e           e                              l´ca, loc´rum (npl ) places, region
                                                                 o         o
  uncertain, unsure, doubtful                                   l´c¯ loc´rum (mpl ) passages in literature
                                                                 o ı,      o
inc´ o, inc´
     ıpi¯                      ´ ı,
                   ıpere, inc¯p¯ inc´ptum (3) to begin
                               e      e                          o        o ı
                                                                l´cus, l´c¯ (m) place; passage in literature
ıng¯                      e
´ ens, (gen) ing´ntis (adj ) huge                                o          o       o
                                                                l´ngus, l´nga, l´ngum (adj ) long
ınquit (def v ) he says/said                                    l´ dus, l´ d¯ (m) game, sport, school
                                                                 u        ¯
                                                                          u ı
ıns´           ıns´ a
¯ ıdiæ, ¯ ıdi¯rum (fpl ) ambush, plot, treachery
ınsula, ¯    ´
             ınsulæ (f ) island                                  M
     e       o          e            ´ ı,
                                     e         ´
int´lleg¯, intell´gere, intell¯x¯ intell¯ctum (3)
  to understand
ınter (prep + acc) between, among
´                                                               mag´                ıstr¯
                                                                     ıster, mag´ ı (m) schoolmaster, teacher,
     e o
inv´ni¯, inven¯       ´ inv¯n¯ inv´ntum (4) to come
                      ıre,      ´ ı,
                                e      e                         master
  upon, to find                                                  mag´ ıstra, mag´   ıstræ (m) schoolmistress, teacher,
ıpse, ´   ıpsa, ´  ıpsum (intensive pn) myself, yourself,        mistress
  himself, herself, itself etc., the very, the actual             a           a
                                                                m´gna, m´gnæ (adj ) large, great; important
´ ´ (f ) ire, anger
¯ ¯
ıra, ıræ                                                               a                  a            a
                                                                magn´nimus, magn´nima, magn´nimum (adj )
is, ´a, id (pn) this, that; he, she, it
     e                                                           great-hearted, brave, magnanimous
ıste, ´  ısta, ´ ıstud (pn) that of yours, that; such             a         a       a
                                                                m´lus, m´la, m´lum (adj ) bad, evil, wicked
                                                                  a o            ´
                                                                                 e       ´
                                                                                         a ı, ´  a
                                                                m´ne¯, man¯re, m¯ns¯ m¯nsum (2) to remain,
   a           a
It´lia, It´liæ (f ) Italy
ıtaque (adv ) and so, therefore                                  stay, stay behind, abide, continue; see also re-
ıterum (adv ) again, a second time
´                                                                mane¯  o
 u o              ´
i´ be¯, iub¯re, i´ ss¯ i´ ssum (2) to bid, order,
                          u ı, u                                  a          a u
                                                                m´nus, m´n¯ s (f ) hand, handwriting, band
  command                                                         a       a
                                                                m´re, m´ris (n) sea
                                                                  a          ´
                                                                m¯ter, m¯tris (f ) mother
 u u              u u          u u
i¯ c´ ndus, i¯ c´ nda, i¯ c´ ndum (adj ) pleasant, de-
  lightful, agreeable, pleasing                                   e
                                                                m¯ (pn) me, myself
i¯ d´
 u ıcium, i¯ d´ ı (n) judgement, decision, opinion,
                  u ıci¯                                          e      e
                                                                m´a, m´æ (adj ) my
  trial                                                           e           e
                                                                m´dica, m´dicæ (m) doctor, physician
 ¯           ´
iudex, iudicis (m) judge, juror
             ¯                                                    e             e ı
                                                                m´dicus, m´dic¯ (m) doctor, physician
                          ´ ı, u
i´ ng¯, i´ ngere, iunx¯ i´ nctum (3) to join
 u o u                    ¯       ¯                               e            e
                                                                m´dius, m´dia, m´dium (adj ) middle
 ´ s, iuris (n) right, justice, law
iu      ´¯                                                            o             o
                                                                mem´ria, mem´riæ (f ) memory, recollection
i´ v¯, iuv¯re, i´ v¯ i´ tum (1) to help, aid, assist;
 u o            ´
                a      u ı, u ¯                                   e
                                                                m¯ns, m´ntis (f ) mind, thought, intention
  please; see also adiuv¯      o                                  e          e u
                                                                m´tus, m´t¯ s (m) fear, dread, anxiety
                                                                  ıles, m¯ ´
                                                                           ılitis (m) soldier
 L                                                              m¯´
                                                                  ılia, m¯´
                                                                          ılium (n pl ) thousands
                                                                m¯´ (indec adj ) M; thousand
l´bor, lab´ris (m) labor, work, toil; a work, pro-
 a         o
           ¯                                                      ıll´
                                                                m¯ ¯simus (indec adj ) thousandth
 duction                                                          ısce¯          ´
                                                                m´ o, misc¯re, m´ ı, m´  ıscu¯    ıxtum (2) to mix, to
lab´r¯, lab¯r¯re, lab¯r¯v¯ lab¯r¯tum (1) to la-
    ¯ o     o a´         o ´ ı,
                            a        o ´
                                       a                         stir up, to disturb
 bor; be in distress                                            m´ıser, m´  ısera, m´  ıserum (adj ) wretched, miser-
    ınus, Lat¯´
              ına, Lat¯  ´
                         ınum (adj ) Latin                       able, unfortunate
  u o
la´ d¯, laud¯            ´ ı,
             ´re, laud¯v¯ laud¯tum (1) to praise
             a           a          ´
                                    a                           m´ o, m´
                                                                  ıtt¯                 ´
                                                                            ıttere, m¯ ı, m´  ıssum (3) to send, to let
laus, la´ dis (f ) praise, glory, fame                           go
 e o e            ´ ı, ´
                  e      e
l´g¯, l´gere, l¯g¯ l¯ctum (3) to pick out, to                     o           o ı
                                                                m´dus, m´d¯ (m) measure, bound, limit; manner,
 choose, to read                                                 method, mode, way

 WWW.JohnLoux.US                                            4                                      February 23, 2011
  o o           ´
m´ne¯, mon¯re, m´nu¯ m´nitum (2) to remind,
                     o ı, o                                   ´ e
                                                              ¯        ´
                                                             nub¯s, nubis (f ) cloud
 to advise, to warn                                                    ´
                                                              ´ llus, nulla, n´ llum (adj ) not any, no one
                                                             nu        ¯      ¯
  o        o
m¯ns, m´ntis (m) mountain                                     u           u     ı
                                                             n´ merus, n´ mer¯ (m) number
  o        o
m´ra, m´ræ (f ) delay                                         u
                                                             n´ mquam (adv ) never
  o           o ı
m´rbus, m´rb¯ (m) disease, sickness                          nunc (adv ) now, at present
m´r¯s, m´rum (mpl ) habits, morals, character
  ¯ e
  o         o
            ¯                                                 ´
                                                             nuper (adv ) recently
mors, m´rtis (f ) death
      a           ´
mort¯lis, mort¯le (adj ) mortal                               O
m¯s, m¯
  o      ´ris (m) habit, custom, manner
m´ve¯, mov¯re, m´v¯ m´tum (2) to move, to
  o o           e     ¯ ı, ¯
                      o       o                              ¯
                                                             O (conj ) O!, Oh!
 arouse, to effect                                                ´
                                                             oct¯vus (indec adj ) eighth
  u         u
m´ lta, m´ ltæ (adj ) much, many                                         ´
                                                             octingent¯simus (indec adj ) eight-hundredth
  u            u ı
m´ ndus, m´ nd¯ (m) world, universe                          oct´        ı
                                                                 ıngent¯ (indec adj ) DCCC; eight hundred
  ´ o
  ¯        u ´a       ´
                    u a ı, u ´  a
mut¯, m¯ t¯re, m¯ t¯v¯ m¯ t¯tum (1) to change,               o o
                                                             ´ct¯ (indec adj ) VIII; eight
 alter, exchange                                                 o ´e
                                                             oct¯g¯simus (indec adj ) eightieth
                                                             oct¯´gint¯ (indec adj ) LXXX; eighty
                                                                 o     a
                                                             o        o ı
                                                             ´culus, ´cul¯ (m) eye
                                                             ´d¯ ¯d´
                                                             o             o ´¯
                                                             ¯ ı, o ısse, ¯surum (defective) to hate
nam (conj ) for
 a o        a a  ´           ´
                         a a ı, a a
n¯rr¯, n¯rr¯re, n¯rr¯v¯ n¯rr¯tum (1) to tell,
                                      ´                      off´ıcium, off´ ı (n) duty, service
                                                             ´lim (adv ) at that time, once, formerly, in the future
 report, narrate
  a ´
n¯tura, n¯turæ (f ) nature
     ¯        a ´
                ¯                                            ´mnis, ´mne (adj ) every, all
                                                             o        o
na´ ta, na´ tæ (m) sailor
    u         u                                              ´pprim¯, oppr´
                                                             o        o        ımere, oppr´ss¯ oppr´ssum (3)
                                                                                             e ı,        e
 a´ o              ´             ´ ı, a  ´
n¯vig¯, n¯vig¯re, n¯vig¯v¯ n¯vig¯tum (1) to
              a    a       a     a                            to supress, overwhelm, overpower, check
 sail, to navigate
                                                             ¯r¯tor, ¯r¯t´ris (m) orator, speaker
                                                             o a      o a ¯o
 a´        ´
n¯vis, n¯vis (f ) ship, boat                                 ¯s, ´ris (n) mouth, face
                                                             o ¯  o
-ne (enclitic) suffix added to the emphatic word                   e o        e            e ı,       e
                                                             ost´nd¯, ost´ndere, ost´nd¯ ost´ntum (3) to
 placed at the beginning of a sentence to indicate            exhibit, show, display
                                                             ´tium, ´ti¯ (n) leisure, peace
                                                             o        o
                                                                      ¯ ı
 a question the answer to which is uncertain
  e o        ´
             a          ´
                        a ı,      ´
n´c¯, nec¯re, nec¯v¯ nec¯tum (1) to murder, to
 kill                                                         P
  e      o         e             ´ ı,
                                 e      ´
n´gleg¯, negl´gere, negl¯x¯ negl¯ctum (3) to
 neglect, to disregard                                                   ´         ´       ´
                                                             p´r¯, par¯re, par¯v¯ par¯tum (1) to prepare, to
                                                              a o        a         a ı,    a
  ´ o
n¯m¯, n¯ ll¯ u ´         ´     ı, ´ e
                 ıus, n¯min¯ n¯minem, null¯ or
                         e                    ´ o
                                              ¯               provide, to get, to obtain
 nu´ lla (m/f ) no one, nobody; The genative and ab-
    ¯                                                                 a
                                                             pars, p´rtis (f ) part, share, direction
 lative forms of n¯ llus are usually found in place of        a          a       a
                                                             p´rvus, p´rva, p´rvum (adj ) small, little
 n¯minis and n¯mine. e                                        a        a
                                                             p´ter, p´tris (m) father
n´que, nec (conj ) and not, nor; neque . . . neque                e            e
                                                             pati´ntia, pati´ntiæ (f ) suffering; patience, en-
 or nec . . . nec, neither . . . nor                          durance
    u          u         u
ne´ ter, ne´ tra, ne´ trum (adj ) not any, no, none           a         a
                                                             p´tria, p´triæ (f ) fatherland, native land, (one’s)
n´ (indec n) nothing                                          country
n´ (n) nothing                                                  u ı,     u
                                                             pa´ c¯ pa´ cæ (pl adj ) few, afew
n´ımis, n´ ımium (adv ) too, too much, excessively            a      ´
                                                             p¯x, p¯cis (f ) peace
n´ (conj ) if . . . not, unless, except                          ´
                                                                 ¯           ´
                                                             pecunia, pecuniæ (f ) money
n´men, n´minis (n) name
  ¯           o
              ¯                                               e o e             e     ı, u
                                                             p´ll¯, p´llere, p´pul¯ p´ lsum (3) to strike, push;
n¯n (adv ) not                                                drive out, banish
  o a ´ e
n¯n¯g¯simus (indec adj ) nintieth                            per (prep + acc) through
  o ´ a      a
n¯n¯gint¯ (indec adj ) LXXXX; XC; ninety                          u             u ı
                                                             perf´ gium, perf´ gi¯ (n) refuge, shelter
  o        ´
n¯ngent¯simus (indec adj ) nine-hundredth
           e                                                 per¯´             ´
                                                                 ıculum, per¯ ı (n) danger, risk
n´ngent¯ (indec adj ) DCCCC; CM nine hundred
  ¯        ı                                                       e             e           e
                                                             perp´tuus, perp´tua, perp´tuum (adj ) perpet-
n´nus (indec adj ) ninth
  ¯                                                           ual, lasting, uninterrupted, continuous
n´ster, n´stra, n´strum (adj ) our, ours
  o          o         o                                      e o e               ´
                                                             p´t¯, p´tere, pet¯ ı, pet¯   ´
                                                                                          ıtum (3) to seek, aim at,
n´vem (indec adj ) VIIII; IX; nine                            beg, beseech
  o         o        o
n´vus, n´va, n´vum (adj ) new; strange                               o               o
                                                             philos´phia, philos´phiæ (f ) philosophy

 WWW.JohnLoux.US                                         5                                      February 23, 2011
pl¯nus, pl¯na, pl¯num (adj ) full, abundant, gen-
            e        ´
                     e                                            ı,
                                                               qu¯ quæ, quod (rel pn) who, which, what, that
 erous                                                         quid (pn) what
pœna, pœnæ (f ) penalty, punishment; pœnas
  ´         ´                                     ´            qu¯´
                                                                  ındecim (indec adj ) XV; fifteen
 d´re (idiom) to pay the penalty
   a                                                           qu¯´      ı
                                                                  ıngent¯ (indec adj ) D; five hundred
po¯ta, po¯tæ (m) poet
            e                                                  qu¯     a ´e
                                                                  ınqu¯g¯simus (indec adj ) fiftieth
p´pulus, p´pul¯ (m) the people, a people, a nation
 o            o   ı                                            qu¯     ´
                                                                       a     a
                                                                  ınqu¯gint¯ (indec adj ) L; fifty
p´rta, p´rtæ (f ) gate, entrance
 o        o                                                    qu¯´
                                                                  ınque (indec adj ) V; five
p´ssum, p´sse, p´tu¯ (irreg v ) to be able, can,
 o            o       o ı                                      qu¯´
                                                                  ıntus (indec adj ) fifth
 could, have power                                             qu¯´        e
                                                                  ıntus d´cimus (indec adj ) fifteenth
post (prep + acc) after, behind                                quis?, quid? (inter pn) who?, whose?, whom?,
 o a
p´ste¯ (adv ) afterwards                                        what?, which?
 o e                    e
p´t¯ns, (gen) pot´ntis (adj ) able, powerful,                  qu´ısque, qu´ ıdque (indef pro) each one, each per-
 mighty, strong                                                 son, each thing
   e o       e            e ı,    e
pr´m¯, pr´mere, pr´ss¯ pr´ssum (3) to press;                   qu´ısquis, qu´ıdquid (indef pn) whoever, whatever
 press hard, pursue                                            quod (conj ) because
pr¯ımus, pr¯  ıma, pr¯ ımum (adj ) first                           o
                                                               qu´ndam (adv ) formerly, once
   ınc´           ınc´
pr¯ ıpium, pr¯ ıpia (n) beginning                                 o
                                                               qu´nium (conj ) since, inasmuch as
pr¯ (prep + abl ) in front of, before, on behalf of, for          o
                                                               qu´que (adv ) also, too
 the sake of, in return for, instead of, for, as
   o a              ´
pr´bit¯s, probit¯tis (f ) uprightness, honesty                  R
      ıbe¯           ´
                     e          ıbu¯
proh´ o, prohib¯re, proh´ ı, proh´          ıbitum (2)
 to keep (back), prevent, hinder, restrain, prohibit            a o a               a ı, a
                                                               r´pi¯, r´pere, r´pu¯ r´ptum (3) to seize, snatch,
   o ´ o
pr¯nunti¯, pr¯n¯ nti¯re, pr¯n¯ nti¯v¯ pr¯n¯ n-
                 o u ´   a       o u a ı,´       o u            carry away
   ´tum (1) to proclaim, announce, declaim, pro-
 ti¯                                                           r´ti¯, rati´nis (f ) reckoning, account; reason, jud-
                                                                a o         ¯
 nounce                                                         gement, consideration; system; manner, method
pr´pter (prep + acc) on account of, because of                 re- or red- (prefix ) again, back
pr´tinus (adv ) immediately
   o                                                            e o            ´
                                                                               a           ´
                                                                                           a ı,      ´
                                                               r´cit¯, recit¯re, recit¯v¯ recit¯tum (1) to read
    e        e
pu´lla, pu´llæ (f ) girl                                        aloud, to recite
 u       u ı
p´ er, p´ er¯ (m) boy; pl. boys, children                       e ´
                                                               r¯g¯        e ´
                                                                   ına, r¯g¯  ınæ (f ) queen
 u             u           u
p´ lcher, p´ lchra, p´ lchrum (adj ) beautiful,                 e o e              ´ ı, ´
                                                                                   e     e
                                                               r´g¯, r´gere, r¯x¯ r¯ctum (3) to rule, guide, di-
 handsome; fine                                                  rect
                                                                  ınqu¯, rel´
                                                                         o                      ´
                                                                                 ınquere, rel¯ ı, rel´ ıctum (3) to
                                                                leave behind, leave, abandon, desert
                                                                    a o              ´
                                                                                     e         ´
                                                                                               a ı,     ´
                                                               rem´ne¯, reman¯re, rem¯ns¯ rem¯nsum (2) to
       a ´e
quadr¯g¯simus (indec adj ) fourtieth
quadr¯gint¯ (indec adj ) XXXX; XL; forty
       a      a                                                 remain, stay, stay behind, abide, continue; see also
quadringent¯simus (indec adj ) four-hundredth                   mane¯  o
quadr´ ıngent¯ (indec adj ) CCCC; CD; four hundred
                ı                                                   e               e ı
                                                               rem´dium, rem´di¯ (n) cure, remedy
   ´ o       ´              ´
quær¯, quærere, quæs¯ ı, quæs¯         ´
                                       ıtum (3) to seek,        e
                                                               r¯s, r´¯ (f ) thing, matter, business, affair
 look for, strive for; ask, inquire, inquire into               e ´  ¯           eı ´¯
                                                               r¯s publica, r´¯ publicæ (f ) state, commonwealth,
quam (adv ) how                                                 republic
qu´ndo (interrogative and relative adv and conj )
   a                                                               e o         e            e ı,     e
                                                               rev´rt¯, rev´rtere, rev´rt¯ rev´rsum (3) to turn
 when; si qu´nd¯, if ever
               a o                                              back
   ´                                                            e     ´
                                                               r¯x, r¯gis (m) king
qu¯re (adv ) because of which thing, therefore,
                                                                ıde¯ ıd´           ´
                                                                                   ıs¯ ´
                                                                ´ o, r¯ ¯re, r¯ ı, r¯
                                                               r¯           e           ısum (2) to laugh, laugh at
 wherefore, why
   ´                                                           R¯´ma, R´mæ (f ) Rome
                                                                 o         ¯
qu¯rtus (indec adj ) fourth
   ´                                                             o a ´          o a ´
                                                               R¯m¯nus, R¯m¯na (adj ) Roman
   a        e
qu¯rtus d´cimus (indec adj ) fourteenth
quattu´rdecim (indec adj ) XIIII; XIV; fourteen
        o                                                       o      o
                                                               r´sa, r´sæ (f ) rose
qu´ttuor (indec adj ) IIII; IV;four
-que (enclitic conj ) and. It is appended to the sec-           S
 ond of two words to be joined: f¯ma gl¯ri´que,o a
 fame and glory                                                sac´rd¯s, sacerd´tis (m) priest
                                                                  e o               o
qu¯ quæ?, quod? (inter pn) what?, which?, what                 sæpe (adv ) often
 kind of?                                                      s´l¯ s, sal´ tis (f ) health, safety; greeting
                                                                au        ¯

 WWW.JohnLoux.US                                           6                                        February 23, 2011
 a o              ´
s´lve¯, salv¯re (2) to be well, to be in good health           sin´ıster, sin´          ıstrum (adj ) left, left-hand,
                                                                              ıstra, sin´
 a           a        a
s´lvus, s´lva, s´lvum (adj ) safe, sound                        harmful, ill-omened
s´nus, s´na, s´num (adj ) sound, healthy, sane
            a        a                                          o´ a            ´
                                                                              oa ı
                                                               s¯l¯cium, s¯l¯ci¯ (n) comfort, relief
sapi´ntia, sapi´ntiæ (f ) wisdom
      e               e                                         ´lus, s´la, s´lum (adj ) alone, only, the only; n¯n
                                                                o       o
                                                                        ¯      ¯
                                                                               o                                   o
 a o           ´
s´ti¯, sati¯re, sati¯v¯ sati¯tum (1) to satisfy, to
                           a ı,    ´
                                   a                            s´lum . . . sed ´tiam, not only . . . but also
                                                                 ¯                e
 sate                                                          s´ror, sor´ris (f ) sister
                                                                o           ¯
s´tis (indecl noun, adv and adj ) enough, suffi-                    e      eı
                                                               sp¯s, sp´¯ (f ) hope
 cient(ly)                                                     sp¯´           ´
                                                                  ıritus, sp¯ us (m) breath, breathing, spirit,
 a           a
s´tura, s´turæ (f ) satire                                      soul
sc´lus, sc´leris (n) evil deed, crime, sin, wickedness
   e          e                                                  o     ´
                                                                       a       e ı, a
                                                               st¯, st¯re, st´t¯ st´tum (1) to stand, stand still,
    e             e
sci´ntia, sci´ntiæ (f ) knowledge                               stand firm
sc´o, sc¯ ıre, ´
          ´ sc¯ ı, sc¯
                    ıv¯     ´
                            ıtum (4) to know                     u            u ı
                                                               st´ dium, st´ di¯ (n) eagerness, zeal, pursuit, study
scr¯´ o, scr¯
    ıb¯         ´            ´
                ıbere, scr¯ ı, scr¯  ´
                                     ıptum (3) to write,         u          u       u
                                                               st´ ltus, st´ lta, st´ ltum (adj ) foolish
 to compose                                                      u          u ı
                                                               st´ ltus, st´ lt¯ (m) a fool
scr¯ıptor, scr¯ ´ris (m) writer, author
    ´              ıpt¯o                                       sub (prep + abl with verbs of rest, + acc with verbs
s´cundus (indec adj ) second                                    of motion) under, up under, close to
     u               u          u
sec´ ndus, sec´ nda, sec´ ndum (adj ) second; fa-               uı
                                                               s´¯ (refl 3p pn) himself, herself, itself, themselves
 vorable                                                              e       uı,    ´
                                                               sum, ´sse, f´¯ futurum (irreg) to be, exist
sed (conj ) but                                                s´ per¯, super¯
                                                                u     o          ´re, super¯v¯ super¯tum (1) to
                                                                                            ´ ı,         ´
                                                                                 a          a            a
s¯decim (indec adj ) XVI; sixteen                               be above, have the upper hand, surpass; overcome,
s´mper (adv ) always                                            conquer
     ´             ´
sen¯tus, sen¯t¯ s (m) senate
     a             a u                                          u       u      u
                                                               s´ us, s´ a, s´ um (refl 3p poss adj ) his own, her
     e u                ´¯
sen´ct¯ s, senectutis (f ) old age                              own, its own, their own
 e                  e
s´nex, (gen) s´nis (adj ) old, aged, old man
 e           ´ u
s¯nsus, s¯ns¯ s (m) feeling, sense
             e                                                  T
      e               e
sent´ntia, sent´ntiæ (f ) feeling, thought, opinion,
 vote, sentence                                                 a
                                                               t´men (adv ) nevertheless, still
 e o
s´nti¯, sent¯     ´ s¯ns¯ s¯nsum (4) to feel, to per-
                  ıre, ´ ı, ´
                         e      e                               a o a                 e ı, ´
                                                               t´ng¯, t´ngere, t´tig¯ t¯ctum (3) to touch
 ceive, to think, to experience                                 e
                                                               t¯ (abl and acc sg) you; yourself
                                                                     e a                  ´
                                                               temp´st¯s, tempest¯tis (f ) period of time, season,
s´ptem (indec adj ) VII; seven
sept´ndecim (indec adj ) XVII; seventeen
      e                                                         weather, storm
s´ptimus (indec adj ) seventh
 e                                                              e                 o
                                                               t´mpus, temp´ris (n) time; occaision, opportunity
                                                                e o          ´
                                                                             e      e ı, e
                                                               t´ne¯, ten¯re, t´nu¯ t´ntum (2) to hold, keep,
 e               e
s´ptimus d´cimus (indec adj ) seventeenth
septingent¯simus (indec adj ) seven-hundredth
                e                                               possess, restrain
sept´ ıngent¯ (indec adj ) DCC; seven hundred
                ı                                               e       e
                                                               t´rra, t´rræ (f ) earth, ground, land, country
                                                                e o            ´
                                                                               e      e      ı, e
                                                               t´rre¯, terr¯re, t´rru¯ t´rritum (2) to frighten,
        a ´e
septu¯g¯simus (indec adj ) seventieth
septu¯gint¯ (indec adj ) LXX; seventy
        a       a                                               to terrify
s´rva, s´rvæ (f ) female slave
           e                                                    e
                                                               t´rtius (indec adj ) third
 e      u              ´
s´rvit¯ s, servitutis (f ) servitude, slavery
                       ¯                                        e          e
                                                               t´rtius d´cimus (indec adj ) thirteenth
                  ´re, serv¯v¯ serv¯tum (1) to pre-
                              ´        ´                        ıme¯         ´
                                                                             e       ımu¯
                                                               t´ o, tim¯re, t´ ı (2) to fear, be afraid of, be
 e o
s´rv¯, serv¯      a           a ı,     a
 serve, to save, to keep, to guard                              afraid
s´rvus, s´rv¯ (m) male slave
 e           e ı                                                ımor, tim´ris (m) fear
                                                               t´            ¯
                ´                                               o o
                                                               t´ler¯, toler¯re, toler¯v¯ toler¯tum (1) to bear,
                                                                               a            ´ ı,
                                                                                            a       ´
sescengent¯simus (indec adj ) six-hundredth
sescent¯  ´simus (indec adj ) five-hundredth
          e                                                     endure
                                                                o o o              u      ı,      ´
                                                               t´ll¯, t´llere, s´ stul¯ subl¯tum (3) to raise, lift
 e        ı
s´scent¯ (indec adj ) DC; six hundred
sex (indec adj ) VI; six                                        up; take away, remove, destroy
     a ´
sex¯g¯simus (indec adj ) sixtieth
        e                                                      t´tus, t´ta, t´tum (adj ) whole, entire
                                                                ¯        ¯
                                                                         o       ¯
     ´                                                            a o      a            ´
                                                                                        a ı, a
                                                               tr´h¯, tr´here, tr¯x¯ tr´ctum (3) to draw, to
     a      a
sex¯gint¯ (indec adj ) LX; sixty
s´xtus (indec adj ) sixth
 e                                                              drag; to derive, to acquire
s´xtus d´cimus (indec adj ) sixteenth
             e                                                    a
                                                               tr¯ns (prep + acc) across
                                                               trecent¯simus (indec adj ) three-hundredth
s¯ (conj ) if
 ıgnum, s´ ı (n) sign, signal, indication, seal
               ıgn¯                                               e     ı
                                                               tr´cent¯ (indec adj ) CCC; three hundred
s´ (prep + abl ) without
 ıne                                                              e
                                                               tr´decim (indec adj ) XIII; thirteen
                                                                  e     e       ıa
                                                               tr¯s, tr¯s, tr´ (pl adj ) III; three

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tr¯ ¯simus (indec adj ) thirtieth
     e                                                         v´ o, v´             ´
                                                                                    ıc¯ ıctum (3) to conquer, to
                                                                ınc¯ ıncere, v¯ ı, v´
  ıgint¯ (indec adj ) XXX; thirty
tr¯     a                                                       overcome
Tr´ia, Tr´iæ (f ) Troy
   ¯        o
            ¯                                                        ır¯
                                                               vir, v´ ı (m) man, hero
 u uı
t¯ , t´¯ (pn) you                                               ırg¯ ırginis (f ) maiden, virgin
                                                               v´ o, v´
t´ a, t´ æ (adj ) your
 u     u                                                        ırt¯          ´
                                                               v´ us, virtutis (f ) manliness, courage; excellence,
tum (adv ) then, at that time; thereupon, in the next           character, worth, virtue
 place                                                          ıs, ıs
                                                               v¯ v¯ (f ) force, power, violence
t´ rba, t´ rbæ (f ) uproar, disturbance, mob, crowd,
          u                                                     ıta, ´
                                                                ´ v¯ (f ) life; mode of life
                                                               v¯      ıtæ
 multitude                                                      ıtium, v´ ı (n) fault, crime, vice
                                                               v´          ıti¯
tuus, tua, tuum (adj ) your, yours                              ´
                                                               v¯ o (1) to avoid, shun
tyr´nnus, tyr´nn¯ (m) absolute ruler, tyrant
    a           a ı                                             ´
                                                                ıv¯ ´
                                                               v¯ o, v¯          ´
                                                                                 ıx¯ ´
                                                                        ıvere, v¯ ı, v¯ıctum (3) to live
                                                               v´c¯, v´c¯
                                                                o o      o a         ´        ´
                                                                            ´re, voc¯v¯ voc¯tum (1) to call, to
                                                                                     a ı,     a
 U                                                              summon
                                                                   u a             ´
                                                               vol´ pt¯s, volupt¯tis (f ) pleasure
ubi (1) rel adj & conj, where, when; (2) inter. adv.
´                                                               u         u ı
                                                               v´ lgus, v´ lg¯ (n sometimes m) the common people,
 & conj., where?                                                mob, rabble
ullus, ´ lla, ullum (adj ) any
¯      u
       ¯      ´¯                                                u
                                                               v´ lnus, v´ lneris (n) wound
´ a
ultr¯ (adv and prep + acc) on the other side of,
umquam (adv, in questions or negative clauses)
 ever, at any time
undecim (indec adj ) XI; eleven
¯ e
und´cimus (indec adj ) eleventh
¯ e ıc´   e
und¯v¯ ¯simus (indec adj ) nineteenth
¯ e ´
und¯v¯       ı
       ıgint¯ (indec adj ) XVIIII; XIX; nineteen
¯      ´
       ¯      ´
unus, una, unum (adj ) one, single, alone
urbs, urbis (f ) city
ut (conj + indic) as, just as, when
´             ´
uter, ´ tra, utrum (adj ) either, which (of two)
¯      ¯
       u       ¯
uxor, ux¯
´          ´ris (f ) wife


 a o        ´
            e        a ı,       ´
v´le¯, val¯re, v´lu¯ valit¯rum (2) to be strong,
 to have power, to be well
v´ni¯, ven¯
 e o         ıre, ´ ı, e
             ´ v¯n¯ v´ntum (4) to come
 e           e ı
v´rbum, v´rb¯ (n) word
 ´ a
 e          e ´   a
v¯rit¯s, v¯rit¯tis (f ) truth
 e         e u
v´rsus, v´rs¯ s (m) line of verse
 e o e                e ı, e
v´rt¯, v´rtere, v´rt¯ v´rsum (3) to turn; change
 e        ´
          e        ´
v¯rus, v¯ra, v¯rum (adj ) true, real, proper
 e         e          e
v´ster, v´stra, v´strum (adj pl ) your, yours
 ıa, ıæ
v´ v´ (f ) way, road, street
v¯ ¯simus (indec adj ) twentieth
v¯ ¯simus pr¯
   e             ´
                 ımus (indec adj ) twenty-first
v¯ ¯
 ıcına, v¯ ¯ ´
          ıcınæ (f ) neighbor
v¯ ¯        ıc´ın¯
   ınus, v¯ ¯ ı (m) neighbor
vict¯´ria, vict´riæ (f ) victory
     o           o
 ıde¯        ´
             e       ıd¯ ´
v´ o, vid¯re, v¯ ı, v¯      ısum (2) to see; to observe,
 to understand
v´            ´ ı, ´
 ıdeor, vid¯r¯ v¯                               o
                      ısus sum (passive of vide¯ ) to be
 seen, to seem, to appear
 ıgint¯ (indec adj ) XX; twenty
v¯     ı

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