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					       The Magic Treehouse Series
                   By Mary Pope Osborne

#1 Dinosaurs Before Dark-- Jack and Annie discover the magic treehouse,
and find themselves back in the days of the dinosaurs.

#2 The Knight at Dawn-- Jack and Annie travel back to the Middle Ages
and explore a castle.

#3 Mummies in the Morning-- Jack and Annie go back to ancient Egypt.

#4 Pirates Past Noon-- Jack and Annie have a seafaring adventure,
complete with a secret map and hidden gold.

#5 Night of the Ninjas-- Jack and Annie travel to feudal Japan and learn
the ways of the Ninja.

#6 Afternoon on the Amazon-- Jack and Annie visit the Amazon rain
forest and run into giant ants, piranhas, crocodiles, and jaguars.

#7 Sunset of the Sabertooth-- Jack and Annie travel back to the Ice Age
and meet Cro-Magnons, cave bears, sabertooth tigers, and woolly

#8 Midnight on the Moon-- Jack and Annie visit a moon base in the future.

#9 Dolphins at Daybreak-- Jack and Annie go under the sea to try to solve
an ancient riddle.

#10 Ghost Town at Sundown-- Jack and Annie visit the old West.

#11 Lions at Lunchtime-- Jack and Annie meet many wild animals on an
African adventure.

#12 Polar Bears Past Bedtime-- Jack and Annie go to the Arctic.

#13 Vacation Under the Volcano-- Jack and Annie travel to ancient Pompeii,
just before Mount Vesuvius erupts.
#14 Day of the Dragon King-- Jack and Annie go to ancient China and try to
save an ancient legend before the Imperial Library is destroyed.

#15 Viking Ships at Sunrise-- Jack and Annie visit an Irish monastery in
the Middle Ages.

#16 Hour of the Olympics-- Jack and Annie visit ancient Greece in time
for the original Olympic Games.

#17 Tonight on the Titanic-- Jack and Annie go aboard the Titanic and try
to free a dog from a mysterious spell.

#18 Buffalo Before Breakfast-- Jack and Annie visit the Great Plains and
learn about the Lakota people.

#19 Tigers at Twilight-- Jack and Annie travel to India.

#20 Dingoes at Dinnertime-- Jack and Annie try to save animals from a
wildfire in Australia.

#21 Civil War on Sunday-- Jack and Annie meet Clara Barton when they
find themselves in the Civil War.

#22 Revolutionary War on Wednesday-- Jack and Annie help George
Washington cross the Delaware River.

#23 Twister on Tuesday-- Jack and Annie travel to Kansas and experience
pioneer life and a very scary tornado.

#24 Earthquake in the early morning-- The magic tree house takes Jack
and Annie to San Francisco in 1906, in time for them to experience one of
the biggest earthquakes the United States had ever known.