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									                                                                        KVM & AV EXTENSION

                      E XTE NS ION
                                                           Professional KVMA Extension Solutions

                DV I       .   VGA .           USB            .      Audi o   .   R S2 3 2

         CATx Extension Experts
         Professional AV Solutions for Integrators, Installers,
         Public Exhibitions, Digital Signage, Education, and Media

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             Quick comparison matrix              Please refer to product datasheets for specific details

             Part Number      Description          DVI          VGA          Multi-       USB          RS232    PS/2   Audio       Deskew/   KVM       Rack     Extension
                                                                             Screen                                    (Maybe an   Video     Switch    Mount-   Distance
                                                                             Support                                   optional    Compen-   Capable   able     (m / ft)
                                                                                                                       function)   sation

                              Extender, Switch,
                              Multicast, Share
                                                         •                                    •             •               •        N/A        •         •       N/A

             X-DVI            Extender                   •                                    •                                      N/A                  •      50/150

             X-50             Extender                               •                        •                             •         •                   •      50/150

             X-50 MS          Extender                               •            •                         •               •         •                   •      50/150

             X200             Extender, Switch                       •                        •                             •         •         •         •     300/1000

             X2 Gold          Extender                               •                                      •      •        •         •                   •     300/1000

             X2 Silver        Extender                               •                                      •      •                  •                   •     300/1000

             X2 MultiScreen   Extender                               •            •                         •      •                  •                   •     300/1000

             X2               Extender                               •                                      •      •                                      •     300/1000

             X100             Extender                               •                                             •        •                             •     100/330

             X USB            Extender                               •                        •                             •         •                   •     120/390

             X KVM            Extender                               •                                             •                  •                   •     200/650

             X Dual           Extender                               •            •                                •                  •                   •     200/650

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            What is an Extender?                                             How are Extenders Installed?
            AdderLink Extenders enable you to increase the distance          Extenders are made to be as simple as possible to install.
            between your computer (or similar signal source) and the         AdderLink Extenders come with a range of connectivity
            point of use/display.                                            options to perfectly suit your requirements. The first
                                                                             consideration is ‘what connections will be needed?’. The
            Extenders come in a variety of formats which include some        AdderLink range offers analogue VGA and digital DVI
            or all of; Video, Keyboard, Mouse, USB, Audio and RS232          video connectivity together with a choice of PS/2 or USB
            Control. Essentially, extending all devices which sit external   for keyboard and mouse. Some extenders also support
            to the computer.                                                 other USB devices e.g. peripheral devices such as printers,
                                                                             scanners and web cams to name a few. The AdderLink
                                                                             range also provides audio and RS232 connectivity amongst
                                                                             the range.
            Who uses Extenders?
                                                                             Once you have considered the connection types required,
            There are a large number of scenarios which call for the         you then need to consider the extension distance needed.
            benefits of peripheral extension.                                AdderLink Extenders range from 40m to 300m extension
                                                                             distance dependant upon the type of connections used.
            In a server room/data centre environment, extenders can
            be used to create remote consoles quickly and cheaply.           Most extender ‘pairs’ (transmitter and receiver) use low cost
                                                                             CAT5 cable to connect across long distances. The reason we
            In public installations, an extender allows you to protect       use CAT5 cable as the signal transport medium is that it is
            the computer system, minimising potential damage                 low cost, easy to install through cable duct, walls, ceilings
            (either accidental or vandalised) by locating it in a secure     etc and it is highly reliable. CAT5 cable has been in use
            environment. Co-locating such systems also give greater          across LAN networks for decades and during that time has
            installation flexibility, you no longer need to house a          proven to be an ideal routing cable. Furthermore, many
            computer, consider heat dissipation, or insulate the effects     commercial buildings already have CAT5 cable installed for
            of fan noise.                                                    use in local area networks which means many users do not
                                                                             need to install cable at all.
            Work environments benefit similarly from co-location.
            For example, sound/signal sensitive environments such as         The AdderLink DVI extender (X-DVI) is slightly different in
            Audio/Video Post Production or controlled areas in scientific    that we recommend the use of shielded CAT6 cable. This
            laboratories can eliminate noise, and minimise heat impact       is because of the enormous amount of uncompressed data
            from computers. Environmentally sensitive areas such as          that is carried, and ensures signal isolation from external
            server/machine rooms can be kept undisturbed reducing            RF devices which can have a significant impact on digital
            the need for additional cooling by extending control             data streams. CAT6 cable is as easy to install as CAT5, and is
            elsewhere.                                                       commonly used across Gigabit Ethernet networks.

            Dangerous industrial environments can also be controlled
            remotely, minimising the risk of damage to the user
                                                                             Other Considerations
            from very loud noise, temperature, moving machinery or
                                                                             When an extender is installed across a very long distance,
            dangerous/poisonous atmospheres.
                                                                             an effect of the cable called ‘cable skew’ can become
                                                                             apparent. Cable skew is caused by the strands of wire
            In military/defence, extenders are often used to allow
                                                                             within the CATx cable having slightly different lengths.
            greater protection of computing equipment. In a ship for
                                                                             The amount of skew is entirely dependent upon the cable
            example, the machine room can be located in a secured
                                                                             itself and may differ between manufacturers. In practice,
            and resilient structure deep within the ship’s core, and
                                                                             the skew results in some signals experiencing increased
            functionality fed out across the ship via extenders.
                                                                             delay (because they need to travel through more wire than
                                                                             other signals components). As an example, in an analogue
            AV only extension is used throughout the Digital
                                                                             VGA signal, split into RGB components and sent through
            Signage industry as a low cost, highly resilient method of
                                                                             separate wire pairs, the effect would be a slight shift in
            distributing Audio and Video content to large numbers of
                                                                             colour field at the receiver. To counteract this, AdderLink
            remote screens. AV extension combined with RS232 also
                                                                             extenders are available with ‘De-Skew’ functionality to
            gives system operators the ability to remotely control and
                                                                             bring the component signals back into perfect alignment.
            interrogate individual screens around the installation,
                                                                             Once set, this does not need to be changed unless you
            scheduling power and channel automatically using
                                                                             connect a different CATx cable.
            software such as Adder’s Display Manager.
                                                                             The other option available when installing CATx cable is
                                                                             to use ‘skew-less cable’ which is carefully manufactured to
                                                                             ensure consistent wire length and twist.

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         ADDERLinkUSB,VGA & Audio KVM Extender
                                          X50 & X50-MultiScreen
         High density, small form factor,

         V G A             .   T r a nspa r ent             US B         .     Audi o           .   50m       .   RS232

         ADDERLink                                         Fully platform independent
                                                           As the AdderLink X50 supports fully
                                                           transparent USB connections it is able to
                                                                                                                    Quick Key

         X50 & X50-                                        support all common hardware platforms
                                                           including PC, Sun and MAC and their
                                                           associated peripherals.

         MultiScreen                                       Digital audio
                                                           Adder’s unique digital transmission of audio
         Extenders                                         signals means the AdderLink X50 delivers
                                                           clickless, 44.1kHz CD quality, stereo audio
                                                           without the need for an additional CATx
         Fully featured, fully transparent
         low/full speed USB, high quality                  Dual Access
                                                           For local control of extended computers the
         video and 44.1kHz digital stereo                  AdderLink X50 provides both a local video
         audio extender over a single                      and audio output at the transmitter unit.
         CATx cable.                                       (USB devices can be plugged directly into the

         AdderLink X50s have been designed for             Extended common mode input range
         use in applications where computers               To ensure full operation in all environments
         can have their USB peripherals including          and avoid problems such as screen blanking in
                                                           industrial environments caused for example
         keyboards and mice, high quality video            by large electrical equipment switching,
         and audio control extended up to 50m              the AdderLink X50 implements a special
         (150 ft.) across CAT5 or higher UTP               termination system that allows the common
         cable. The AdderLink X50 provides                 mode range to be extended.
         sharp, bright and ultra high-resolution                                                              •   Transparent USB
                                                           AdderLink X50-MultiScreen                          •   50M High Bandwidth
         video over a VGA interface and ensures            The AdderLink X50-MultiScreen adds a sec-
         total USB compatibility regardless of             ond video and transparent, high speed RS232            Transmission
         the computer being controlled or the              up to baud rates of19200. This extra function-     •   Exceptional Video Performance
         peripheral being extended.                        ality adds to the diverse range of solutions for   •   Digital Audio Transmission
                                                           which the AdderLink X50 can be utilised in-        •   Multiscreen Version Available
                                                           cluding the extension of computers with dual       •   RS232 support on Multiscreen
         FEATURES                                          monitors and allow it to be used in touch
                                                           screen and interactive kiosk applications.             Variant
         Fully transparent low/full speed USB
         Utilising a unique method of USB                  High density rack mount option
         communication, the AdderLink X50                  Being part of Adder’s X series range of KVM
         delivers the highest possible levels of USB       extenders, the AdderLink X50 units can be
         compatibility. With an integrated 4 port hub      mounted into a chassis that will allow 16
         the X50 supports all USB 1.1 and 2.0 low/full     (X50) or 8 (X50-MS) units to be housed in
         speed devices.                                    2U of rack space.

         Video performance
         Crisp, clear and industry leading video quality
         at very high resolutions of 1920 x 1200 to
         50m (150 ft.)

         Video compensation
         The AdderLink X50 allows for a great range
         of very smooth and fine adjustments enabling
         the user to adjust the video picture to their
         exact preference.

         True DDC Emulation
         Unless an extender actively supports DDC
         some high performance video cards cannot
         be used at high resolutions. The AdderLink
         X50 fully supports 2-page DDC ensuring all
         possible resolutions are supported.

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          CASE STUDY - SSL                                cost efficient solution to the various         In most installations, there’s a single
                                                          challenges. A key technical obstacle was       source of Video sync and Wordclock and
          Audio Production                                how to deal with Mac and PC display,           that is distributed throughout the whole
          Solid State Logic’s (SSL) Product               keyboard and controller technology, par-       facility. A complex demand on SSL’s
          Demonstration Area (PDA) is a suite of          ticularly the need for hi-resolution video     resource is the need to work in differ-
          6 fully functioning production studios,         and USB 2.0 serial connections. The so-        ent studios using different standards, for
          used for demonstrations, training, testing      lution came in the form of Adder’s new         example, PAL and NTSC, Tri-Level sync
          and product development. Built over             AdderLink X50 module. This combined            for HD and also often at different digital
          two floors, each of the studios is acous-       the required video resolutions, with USB       audio sample frequencies. To resolve
          tically designed by some of the world’s         2.0 capability and common Cat5e based          this challenge the facility has multiple
          finest acoustic designers, including Sam        wiring. At the machine end, each Mac           master sync sources that are used to
          Toyashima, WhiteMark, Neil Grant Asso-          and PC is connected to it’s own X50            create all the house sync signals. Each
          ciates and Munro Acoustics. The studios         transmitter. Cat5e is then wired to a          studio can then be patch isolated to al-
          are all wired for video and 5.1 audio and       manual Cat5e Patch and in each studio,         low any console and associated worksta-
          with the development of HD video and            the displays, keyboards, mice and USB          tion to work independently of another.
          audio, digital workstations and computer        ports are taken from the X50 receiv-           In normal operation, the whole facility
          based production technology, SSL saw an         ers. To provide additional video only          is locked to a master clock source to
          opportunity to develop even more flex-          feeds to HD projectors and secondary           ensure complete synchronicity.
          ibility and capability for this showcase        TFT displays, the installation uses parallel
          facility.                                       AdderLink AV100 units, again via a Cat5e       In Summary
          Central to the vision for the develop-                                                         From HD video production to film dub-
          ment was the need to give complete              The central machine area is on the             bing, from evaluating the latest process-
          flexibility to all resources in the facility.   ground floor, meaning that the long-           ing plug-in to training the basics of mix-
          Customer demands mean that at any               est cable runs to first floor studios are      ing console operation, SSL’s PDA is now
          time there may be a need to do 5.1 au-          approximately 40 metres (130 ft.), initial     equipped for a huge variety of produc-
          dio demo mix production in one room,            testing proved that the X50 would be           tion tasks for today and into the future.
          at the same time providing a HD, mix-           capable of all the video resolutions           Along the way, facility power consump-
          to-picture training session in another.         needed, even at the longest distances.         tion has reduced enough to eliminate
          The combination of six multi-channel            Also the USB performance gave snappy           the need for two significant AC systems
          console rooms having free access to five        pointer and keyboard reactions. Projec-        and more space liberated for future ex-
          Mac and PC based workstations and               tor video feeds also had great resolution      pansion. The combination of Cat5e, Fibre
          their associated display screens, pointing      performance, all the video and control         MADI, Adder KVM technology and SSL
          devices, keyboards and HD video feeds           problems were solved.                          MORSE routing have brought a new era
          were a complex problem to solve.                                                               to the development of SSL’s products
                                                          Result                                         and services.
          Initially, SSL’s PDA had three machine
          rooms to house tape machines, power             Audio at the Speed of Light With a solu-
          supplies and all the other paraphernalia        tion to the challenges of workstation
          that studios need. With SSL’s develop-          control and display, the next hurdle was
          ment of more green, energy efficient            how to deliver the same flexibility for
          technology and the use of PC and Mac            SSL’s audio. Key to solving this challenge
          workstations, it looked feasible that all       were SSL’s MORSE fibre MADI router
          studios could be fed from one machine           and Alpha-Link Fibre MADI Conver-
          area. It also seemed feasible that the          tors. Each room was wired for several
          majority of the installation could be fu-       fibre MADI feeds all connected to the
          ture proofed by flood wiring with Cat5e         MADI router in the machine area.
          and Fiber to carry all audio, video and
          control signals. These became further           All consoles, processors and worksta-
          design goals for the project, reducing          tions were also connected to the fibre
          power consumption, machine space and            router, creating the world’s largest
          liberating copper stuffed cable ducts           MORSE routing system and eliminating
          to be freely accessible and capable of          approximately 10km of multi-core and
          significant expansion, when necessary.          co-axial wire in the process.

          When the time came to plan the new              Multiple Synchronization: As if this
          installation, SSL engineers sat round the       project weren’t complex enough, anoth-
          table with Adder to work out a flexible,        er challenge is system synchronization.

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                                                                                                      KVM & AV EXTENSION
         ADDERLinkUSB KVM via CATx extender & switch
                                          X200                                                        TECHNOLOGY
         High density, small form factor,

         V G A             .   USB    .     Au dio      .   300m             .   2    PORT            SW ITCH

         ADDERLink                                    computer, or two remote computers. The
                                                      user can quickly select between these ports
                                                      using keyboard hotkeys or mouse control.
                                                                                                              Quick Key

         X200 Switching                               Individual video brightness, compensation
                                                      and skew settings can be applied to each

         Extender                                     Flexible system configuration
                                                      Each receiver may be connected to one or
         Fully featured USB keyboard,                 two USB, PS/2 or Sun style computer access
                                                      modules. Furthermore, the X200 receiver
         video and mouse extender with                unit may be used as the remote user station
         44.1kHz digital stereo audio                 for any Adder CATx KVM switch.
         support and switching for two                Emulated DDC                                      •   300m Extension
         remote devices.                              Unless an extender actively supports DDC          •   USB,VGA & Audio
                                                      some well-known high performance video            •   Exceptional Video Performance
                                                      cards cannot be used at high resolutions. The
         AdderLink X200s have been designed           AdderLink X200 fully supports DDC.                •   Digital Audio Transmission
         for use in applications where up to                                                            •   Integrated 2 port KVMA Switch
         two computer systems can have their          Digital audio
         keyboard, video, audio and mouse             44.1kHz digital stereo audio delivers high
                                                      fidelity audio for speakers.
         control extended up to 300 m (1000 ft.)
         over CAT5 or higher UTP cable.
         The AdderLink X200 provides absolute
         real time keyboard and mouse
         performance along with hi-definition,
         hi-resolution video over a VGA interface.
         The AdderLink X200 receiver can be
         connected to the AdderView CATx
         range of KVM switches as well as to
         individual computers using Adder’s range
         of computer access modules.


         Video performance
         Industry leading resolutions of:
         1920 x 1200 to 50 m (165 ft.)
         1600 x 1200 to 200 m (650 ft.)
         1280 x 1024 to 300 m (1000 ft.)

         Video compensation
         The AdderLink X200 applies 128 steps of
         signal compensation enabling fine picture

         Brightness control
         The AdderLink X200 offers its own
         brightness correction to ensure images are
         crisp, clear and bright.

         Integrated De-Skew
         The AdderLink X200 AS/R model has
         integrated skew correction with a 300MHz
         bandwidth (1/4 of a pixel movement at 1600
         x 1200 resolution). This removes the video
         skew issues that can be caused by longer
         CATx cables.

         Two port integrated KVM switch
         Each receiver is fitted with two ports to
         enable connection to a local and remote

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                                                                                                                    KVM & AV EXTENSION
         ADDERLinkUSB & DVI extender      X-DVI                                                                     TECHNOLOGY
         High density, small form factor,

         D V I             .   USB   .   5 0 m        .   SINGLE             CABLE

         ADDERLink                                        Dependent upon cable type and quality,
                                                          distances in excess of those quoted by Adder
                                                          may also be achieved.
                                                                                                                      Quick Key

         X-DVI                                            DVI-D digital Video
                                                          The AdderLink X-DVI is specifically designed

                                                          to carry Digital video over 50 meters. By
         The AdderLink X-DVI is the                       maintaining the video in a purely digital
         first extender to transmit both                  domain, no loss of quality through D/A or
                                                          A/D conversion will be experienced, ensuring
         full DVI video as well as USB                    the display output (LCD panel for example)
         keyboard and mouse over a single                 is exactly the same as the signal produced by
                                                          the display adapter (video card).
         CAT 6 cable
                                                          Extended profile DDC EDID                             •    2 x USB ports
         The AdderLink X-DVI allows users                 The AdderLink X-DVI carries extended                  •    50m Uncompressed Extension
         to distribute control of any computer            profile DDC EDID data from your display               •    Absolute Digital Clarity
                                                          device to the display adapter to ensure that
         which uses DVI video and USB for                 your system is configured to deliver optimal
                                                                                                                •    Single Cable Connection
         keyboard and mouse interface. The                video performance. The extended profile               •    Embedded Cable Modelling
         X-DVI can deliver perfect digital video          DDC EDID is particularly important
         at distances up to 50 meters and                 when extending video to high
         resolutions up to 165 MPixels per                performance display devices. This is
                                                          essential for professional graphics
         second (e.g. 1920x1200 @ 60Hz or                 users such as post production,
         3840 x 2400 @ 17Hz). In operation, the           broadcast, architecture, graphic
         X-DVI is truly plug and play, delivering         design, medical imaging, CAD or
         full EDID data from computer to screen           any other applications where display
         ensuring your hardware is always setup           performance is critical.                                                 5
                                                                                                                                (1 0m
         to deliver optimal display performance.          Intelligent cable modelling
                                                          The X-DVI has been designed to be
         FEATURES                                         used in many different environments
                                                          across many different types and
         Full single link DVI extender                    makes of cable. To ensure the quality
         The AdderLink X-DVI extender is designed         of your DVI signal is always optimal,                              DDC EDID
         to deliver full single link DVI digital video    Adder have modelled a broad range

         resolutions up to 165 MPixels per second.        of cables and integrated these
         165MPixels per second is the maximum data        models into the X-DVI. As a result,
         rate available on single link DVI connections,   the user has greater flexibility over
         and is achieved without the need to              the CATx connection, allowing you to make
         compress data in any way. Resolutions            use of existing CATx infrastructure.
         supported by single link DVI range from 640
         x 480 @ 60 Hz (25 MPixels/s) through to          Interface/mains power options
         3840 x 2400 @ 17Hz (164 MPixels/s).              The AdderLink X-DVI transmitter can be
                                                          powered directly via the USB link, reducing
         USB keyboard and mouse extender                  cable clutter. If you prefer, a mains power
         Alongside fully un-compressed DVI video, the     adapter is also available.
         AdderLink X-DVI also delivers bidirectional
         USB HID data allowing you to extend
         keyboards and mice over 50 meters on the
         same CATx cable. This makes the X-DVI
         perfect for distributed workstations where
         you want to reduce environmental concerns
         such as heat and noise. A typical example
         of this would be post production suites. By
         centralising your workstations, you can also
         extend operational life-span by ensuring
         optimal temperature control, and minimal
         physical disturbance.

         Single CATx distribution
         AdderLink X-DVI requires just one CATx
         (CAT6 recommended) cable. Other solutions
         available require two cables to carry DVI
         and DDC EDID. The X-DVI delivers this
         alongside USB data over a single CATx cable.

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         Why do people                                 The Adder AV Series delivers on all these
                                                       points. We don’t mess around with the
                                                                                                        in a wall/ceiling cavity simply, ensuring the
                                                                                                        aesthetics of your installation are never
         choose our Digital                            signal resulting in artificial colours on
                                                       screen, we don’t want users to have to

         Signage solutions?                            purchase additional devices to adjust the
                                                       simplest controls, and we don’t want to
                                                                                                        Dual Screen Capability
                                                                                                        Despite its small size, the powerful AV
                                                       see customers disappointed, ever.                series receivers can drive two displays
         What makes Adder’s Signage                                                                     at the same time allowing back to back
         technology the installers and                 Reliable signal transport                        configuration, maximizing your visibility
         customers winning choice?                     The most reliable way to transport a             whilst minimizing space requirements.
                                                       signal from one point to another is over
         Purity & Clarity                              a physical medium. It forms a physical           Display Manager – Total control, totally
         The Adder AV series has been designed         bridge that cannot be obstructed by              free
         with a single purpose in mind; to deliver     other objects, is insulated from external        Fully Bi-directional RS232 is also available
         audio and video over extended distances       signals, and needs minimal power to              allowing you to communicate with each
         while maintaining ‘absolute’ clarity          maintain reliable communication.                 individual screen across your entire
         and signal purity. The AV series will                                                          network. Each receiver unit can control
         confidently transport your content from       In Digital Signage, the best solution is         and interrogate two screens at the same
         playout to display maintaining the best       to use CATx cable (eg. CAT5e) which              time, and each screen is fully addressable,
         video and audio quality possible.             offers low cost, excellent electrical            up to 64 screen’s. When combined
                                                       characteristics, and proven long term            with Adders Display Manager software
         Adder products don’t just solve               reliability. CATx is easy to route and has       (included), or any other third party
         problems, they solve them in the best         the flexibility to be installed in awkward       management software supporting RS232,
         way possible.                                 locations.                                       this becomes a hugely powerful addition.

         De-Skew                                       Signal Confidence                                Open Architecture For Ultimate
         Extending media over long distances           The Adder difference is in the way we            Flexibility
         using standard CATx cable inevitably          treat the signal from transmitter to             The AdderLink AV series has been
         results in slight skew – the arrival of       receiver. Our philosophy is never to lose        designed to be hardware agnostic. It
         RGB signals at different times due to         detail in a signal, and if that is unavoidable   doesn’t matter if you use a PC, a media
         the differing lengths of wire in the cable.   due to natural cable attenuation, we take        player, media server or a DVD to drive
         This is a perfectly normal phenomenon.        care to rebuild it in the most accurate          your content, you just plug the VGA in,
         Adder deals with this using individually      way possible. The end goal is always to          and you’re ready. This means the system
         adjustable timing correction controls         deliver a picture as crisp, detailed and         is totally flexible, and can grow with your
         on the side of the unit. By building these    fully saturated as the one you fed in.           needs.You could have a full multipoint
         directly into the receivers, accurate                                                          cascaded network, or a simple point to
         adjustment can be made in the simplest        To ensure the best audio quality available,      point network driven by a local media
         way possible. No need for additional          the AV Series digitizes your audio to a          player, or any configuration in-between.
         specialist devices or tools. Once set, your   44kHz CD quality datastream. That way,           The choice is entirely yours.
         adjustments will not change over time, or     you can be assured your audio always
         be affected by power anomalies.               sounds detailed, never becomes flat, and         Test Patterns to ensure absolute quality
                                                       remains free from clicks and buzzes.             To ensure our customers get the very
         At Adder, we understand the users of          The end result is that your audio always         best experience from Adder signage
         our products very well. We make this our      grabs the customer attention as originally       technologies, we have put together a
         business. We know that digital signage        intended.                                        suite of test patterns which give you
         owners want to deliver the best picture                                                        greater confidence when making signal
         possible, and the best audio available.       Size                                             adjustments. The Adder test pattern suite
         We know that installation owners want         The AdderLink AV receivers have been             is available from www.adder.com
         centralized control. And we know that         designed to require a minimum footprint
         what everyone wants is a ‘fit and forget’     with a very low profile. Measuring just
         system.                                       9.5cm x 9.5cm x 2.5cm, the unit can be
                                                       hidden from view behind the screen, or

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                                                                                                                    DIGITAL SIGNAGE
         ADDERLink LPV150 Professional Signage                                                                      TECHNOLOGY
         Simple & Effective, LPV is the perfect introduction to

         V G A             .   15 0 M       .   L IN E       POWERED

         ADDERLink                                          Fit and forget
                                                            Adder digital signage products are the
                                                            professional choice because they give you the
         LPV150                                             ability to deliver, fit and forget installations.
                                                            The LPV is no exception. Rigorously tested in
                                                            Adder’s technology labs, so you can buy with              Quick Key
                                                            real confidence.
         The AdderLink LPV has been
         designed to deliver stunning                       Targeted Messages
                                                            Targeting messages to specific areas of your
         results at a really attractive price,              business is perfectly simple too. By using
         making it the perfect introduction                 a multihead graphics card, you can deliver
                                                            different messages around your installation
         to professional digital signage.                   with minimal additional investment.

         The AdderLink LPV digital signage                  Choosing your signage technology
         extender is possibly the easiest to install        There are many types of signage technology
                                                            available on the market, from small players
         point to point extender available today.           which sit alongside the screen to streaming         •   Line powered video extender
         In addition to its simplicity, the LPV also        MPEG around large high bandwidth networks.          •   150 metre extension distance
         delivers fantastic video up to 150m away.          Adder’s solution is based upon reliability,
                                                            quality and simplicity. The three qualities most    •   Emulated DDC
         FEATURES                                           requested by professional users.                    •   Easy to install
                                                                                                                •   Fit and forget quality
         Video performance                                  Delivery of content over CATx cable is by
         Full HD 1080p, 1080i & 720p                        far the simplest and safest way to deliver
         Distances up to 150m (500ft)                       your message, requiring minimal disruption to
                                                            install, CATx cable can be routed invisibly to
         Line power                                         your screens.
         To help reduce cable clutter, the Adderlink
         LPV has been designed to be powered by a           There is often a huge amount of mystery
         USB port on your computer. What’s more             surrounding digital signage technology,
         though, is that this power is also transmitted     acronyms designed to make technologies
         alongside the video over CATx cable, in turn       seem more than they are, and terms used
         powering your receiver unit.                       specifically to make users believe they are
                                                            buying into something new. The reality is,
         Absolute simplicity                                you probably have the technology already
         Getting into professional digital signage          to deliver a simple digital signage system.
         has never been so easy. Simply plug the            Basically, all you need is a computer, a screen
         transmitters VGA port into your computer           and a way to join the two together. Line
         and plug in the USB port, then plug the            extension solutions simply allow you to keep
         receiver unit into your screen. Finally, connect   everything tidy and easy to use by locating
         the two units together with a length of CATx       the computer almost anywhere you like.
         cable, and your finished. Now start delivering
         your message to customers, clients, staff or
         who ever you wish.

         Advanced DDC Protocol
         Unless an extender actively supports DDC
         (Dynamic Data Channel), some well-known
         high performance video cards cannot be used
         at high resolutions. The AdderLink LPV fully
         supports DDC.

extenderbrochure3.indd 9                                                                                                                   21/01/2010 20:30:46
         Retail             .   Ho sp i t a l i t y     .   Medical            .   E ducation              .   T rans po r tatio n

         ADDERLink                                      DDC Cache
                                                        The DDC (Display Data Channel) EDID
                                                                                                         commands at preconfigured times
                                                                                                         and intervals.
                                                        cache carries information about the          •   Activity monitor – Allows you to
         AV Series                                      physical characteristics of the screen,
                                                        such as resolution or colour depth, back
                                                                                                         run offline simulations to ensure
                                                                                                         commands are being sent correctly
                                                        to the display adapter (graphics card) to        before making your digital signage
         High-resolution video and superb               ensure the resulting picture is correct,         network live.
         quality audio distribution for                 every time.
         Professional Digital Signage and                                                            Global IP Access To Your Entire Digital
         Media Streaming applications.                  Expansion via Cascade Links                  Signage Distribution System
                                                        The AdderLink AV series of products          With the addition of an Adder KVM
         The AdderLink AV Series is a range of          have been specifically designed to be        over IP solution to your digital signage
         audiovisual extenders delivering high          flexible in order to support both your       network, you can remotely manage your
         video resolutions and superb quality           immediate and future needs. The ability      entire digital signage solution. From
         audio up to 300m using standard CATx           to create small, medium and large digital    control and interrogation to transferring
         cable (x=5,5e,6,7). The innovative design      signage networks is made possible via        the last screen content or turning
         allows for flexible audiovisual distribution   cascading transmitters. This is achieved     displays on and off.
         that can be expanded to grow in line           by using the video, audio and serial out
         with project developments. Consisting of       ports to provide the inputs to the next      Rack-Mountable
         4 interchangeable units, the AdderLink AV      transmitter module, and so on, allowing      Transmitters can be rackmounted in a 3U
         Series makes the design of digital signage     for up to 64 remote displays across 32       chassis, saving valuable space. Due to the
         and narrow casting applications cost           separate CATx branches.                      small size of the receivers they can be
         effective, flexible and easy to plan.                                                       mounted directly behind the display out
                                                        Unprecedented Screen Management              of view, or tucked away in almost any
         AdderLink AV 200 Series                        Adder’s Display Manager software             location.
                                                        (included) provides a central control
         Reduce your Digital Signage Installation       point for your AdderLink AV installation,    Squid Cable
         Costs                                          simplifying the control of your entire       Cabling is made simpler and less power
                                                        digital signage system. The AdderLink        outlets are needed when using Adder’s
         The AdderLink AV Series allows you to          AV Series can also be used with any          unique squid cable, which enables four
         interrogate and control as many as 64          other third party management software        transmitters to be powered from one
         screens without the need for multiple          supporting RS232.                            single power supply.
         media players.
                                                        •   Topology map – Allows you to             Y-Cable
         One AdderLink receiver can support two             construct a schematic diagram that       When two connected displays both
         displays, back to back, reducing hardware          represents the physical layout of        require serial control, a special Y-cable is
         costs and installation time.                       installed Adder AV units and the         available. The Y-cable allows a connected
                                                            video displays that are attached to      receiver to provide a serial link to each
         Global IP access to your entire digital            them.                                    display.
         signage distribution system is also            •   Ports – Enter a screen name for each
         available (using AdderLink IPEPS for               display unit, as well as an optional
         example), eliminating the need to be on            group to which it may belong, e.g.
         site for system upgrades, maintenance              “42” monitors”.
         and content distribution updates.              •   Dates and times – Allows for
                                                            monitors to be turned off and on at
         Fully Bi-Directional RS-232                        predefined dates and times. Useful
         Communication                                      for turning in-store displays off
         The AdderLink AV200 Series allows you              while stores are closed, while leaving
         to communicate with individual screens,            window displays turned on for
         groups of screens or to broadcast                  window shoppers.
         commands across the network as a               •   Talk to port – Sends a preconfigured
         whole. Each receiver unit can control and          command to any port, ideal for
         interrogate two screens at the same time,          turning screens on and off, or
         and each screen is fully addressable.              querying screens.
                                                        •   Scheduling – Allows you to schedule

extenderbrochure3.indd 10                                                                                                                21/01/2010 20:30:46
         Digital Signage and Extension Solutions       Part     Description                   Rack     Stereo   Cascade   RS232   Local   Dual Video   Deskew   Transmit       Transmit    Display
                                                       Number                                 Mount-   Audio    Port              Ports   Out                   to 4 receiv-   to 8        Manager
                                                                                              able                                                              ers            Receivers   Software

         Adder’s range of audiovisual extenders        AV100P   Transmitter & Receiver Pair
                                                                                                 •         •       •                  •
         deliver high-definition video, as well        AV100T   Transmitter
                                                                                                 •         •       •                  •
         as CD quality stereo audio across             AV100R   Receiver
                                                                                                 •         •       •                          •
         installations up to 1000ft, ideal for         AV104T   Transmitter
                                                                                                 •         •       •                  •                             •
         professional narrowcast digital signage       AV101R   Receiver
                                                                                                 •         •       •                                      •
         systems. The design enables flexible          AV200P   Transmitter & Receiver Pair
                                                                                                 •         •       •         •        •       •                                                •
         audiovisual distribution, management, and     AV200T   Transmitter
                                                                                                 •         •       •         •        •                                                        •
         interaction with display devices.             AV200R   Receiver
                                                                                                 •         •                 •                •                                                •
                                                       AV201R   Receiver
                                                                                                 •         •                 •                •           •                                    •
         Furthermore, the extension system is          AV204T   Transmitter
                                                                                                 •         •       •         •        •                             •                          •
         easily scalable and expandable to cope        AV208T   Transmitter
                                                                                                 •         •       •         •        •                                                        •
         with future moves and changes to your
         signage installations.. The AdderLink
         AV200 Series supports fully bidirectional
         RS232 to enable remote interrogation
         and control of video display panels and all
         AdderLink AV units support high quality
         video with resolutions up to HD1080p
         across at least 64 screens.

         The Adder Difference
         With 25 years of experience, Adder has
         an impressive track record for bringing
         innovative and successful products to
         market and a reputation for engineering
         excellence. Adder’s Digital Signage
         solutions give you the simplicity you need
         to get installations done on time and on

         Adder’s solutions offer a no-nonsense
         straightforward approach to Digital
         Signage installation and configuration.

         The AV Series is ideal for use in a variety
         of multimedia venues:

         • Retail
         • Hospitality
         • Medical
         • Education
         • Transportation

         AdderLink AV Series
         Adder’s AV series is comprised of
         interchangeable units that can be
         configured for a point-to-point or point-
         to-multipoint solutions at distances up to
         1000ft using standard CATx cable.

extenderbrochure3.indd 11                                                                                                                                                          21/01/2010 20:30:53
                                                                                                                                                        DIGITAL SIGNAGE

       Retail                  .    Ho sp i t a l i t y                            .     Medi cal                        .    E ducation                      .   T rans po r tatio n

                                                                                                             YOUR PRODUCT
                                                                                                                   YOUR SCREEN
                                                                                                      YOUR PROMOTION

                                                                                                                                                                     YOUR PRODUCT
                                                                                                                                                                       YOUR SCREEN
                                                                                                                                                                    YOUR PROMOTION
                                                                                                                                                                                      YOUR PRODUCT
                                                                                                                                                                                        YOUR SCREEN
                                                                                                                                                                                     YOUR PROMOTION
                                                                                                                                                                                                       YOUR PRODUCT
                                                                                                                                                                                                         YOUR SCREEN
                                                                                                                                                                                                      YOUR PROMOTION

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        YOUR PRODUCT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          YOUR SCREEN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       YOUR PROMOTION

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         YOUR PRODUCT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           YOUR SCREEN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        YOUR PROMOTION

                DigiTAl SignAgE
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