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abbility of communication


learning communication

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									   The chosen competence was communication ability in which students must be able to
perform interpersonal and intrapersonal communication written and orally to express idea,
opinion, and thought. The language focus were formed in some indicators so that the students
were hopefully able to

   (1) express idea and opinion about the use of modern electrical media

   (2) asking questions of any factual information about modern electrical media

   (3) answering and giving factual information about modern electrical media

The reasons of the chosen competence were

   (1) Most students could not express their idea, opinion, thought well since they feel
       hesitate, not confident, shame and fear to make mistakes and are not certain of their
       speech ability..

   (2) Most students often made mistakes to use sentence phrases in asking and giving
       factual information.

   (3) Language is a habit. It is necessary to create an atmosphere where the fixed patterns
       of the language are used directly in a conversation atmosphere whereas the students
       also practice to speak

To overcome such learning problems the writer tried to present a learning process used
cooperative learning approach in Pakem conditions that was a set of learning condition in
which the students seemed to be active, creative and curious in following learning activity, and
the process of learning was effective and fun.
      The topic was focused on the practice of doing interpersonal and or transactional
personal communication orally in order to express idea, opinion and thought, and asking and
giving factual information about the role of electrical media.. The subject of the research was
the third grader students of SMP Nasional KPS Balikpapan, in academic year 2005/2006.

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