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Contextual learning is a learning process that relates a subject matter with students

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									       Global era has reached almost every country in the world. It brings great impacts in all
aspect of life. The more capable men the easier for them to find job opportunities at any fields.
People should be competent and skillful to be able to get better lives in fully competitive
world. One can not count on his/her knowledge but he/she must be able to own life skills.
Today life skills are spoken more often in education. School students do not only have to learn
knowledge but also gain some life skills. Communication ability is one of the most important
life skills that should be mastered in facing competitive world.. The ability to state and express
idea, thought and opinion, to analyze, discuss, describe and take appropriate decisions are
really needed , as the development of science, technology and information, increase rapidly
day by day.

       In many work fields most people can not state their ideas and opinion well since they
are not accustomed to speaking, feel ashamed, hesitate and fear to make mistakes. It is
caused by the education style (pattern) that do not give them any chance to support and
encourage their bravery. Moreover, many school learning still tend to transfer knowledge in
one way communication style. It seldom involves students to actively participate in sharing
idea, expressing opinion and thought.

       English as international language is spoken all over the world. In the global era,
English takes an important role as communication language used in many sectors of life, such
as trading, bilateral relationship, politic, science, technology and many others. People should
understand and master English in order to gain broader knowledge, information and
technology. The problems the people meet are they know English a little, just as a foreign
language lesson they got in school and it is nearly forgotten. That would not happen if they
knew that English would be used in almost any field someday. On the other hand, most of the
language teaching and learning processes in classrooms do not develop contextual
communication atmosphere whereas students can not use contextual fixed expressions in
communicating with one another. Teachers just ask students to arrange a dialogue, memorize
the dialogue then perform it in front of the classroom.

       Teaching English as a foreign language should be directed to be lively communicative
process. The view of language as a social communication means, states that the language
model used as a based theory for curriculum is a language model of cultural and situational
contexts. In reality, teaching and learning activity is often disturbed by several factors i.e. the
thought that English is difficult to learn , has complex grammar and strange speech, and most
of the students are lack of vocabulary. Those make students speak less. In learning activity,
students seldom get an opportunity to express idea, opinion, and thought , the activities often
seem monotone, there are less interaction between teacher to students, students to teachers
and students to students. Those could happen since English is foreign language that has
different grammatical rules, and cultural sense with our language. Besides English is not a
second language in this country, although it has been used in almost job opportunities, public
places, and even some good schools.

       To solve the problem, teachers should think and do some innovative learnings that use
some approaches and strategy to empower students’ competences. Today some teaching
models are focused on processing approach, whereas in class activity students are involved
to actively participate, do cooperation, share experiences, work together, analyze, summarize
and evaluate the activity. The teaching learning process are more students oriented, while the
role of the teacher is to be a facilitator. Students are directed to be able to do and think. The
aim of the learning activity emphasizes not only to the substances and knowledge but also its
values so that it feels more meaningful. This shows there is an active learning among
students in class. The active learning is important to do as it was stated in brain-based
learning i.e. : (a) the learning process involves all human dimension aspects, (b) people who
are always eager to find out the meaning of something is nature, (c) people easily understand
if they know the facts naturally or spatial mind (the form or pictures). In active learning , the
concrete and contextual experience involve all aspects ( cognitive, emotional and physical )
so that it increases /develops physical, creativity, emotional, social and academic abilities.
Active learning also develops the ability of students’ language and social. Doing the
assignments in grouping will create communicative atmosphere in which students are able to
exchange their thought and learn to negotiate one another. Vygotsky (1978) said that students
need an opportunity to express their verbal ability. By involving students to speak , they will
internalize and reflected what they had told to be a thought and reflection and evaluate their
weakness and strength. In line with the above point of view, Vernon A Magnesen said that
people learned 90% from what they said and did. The basic principal of active learning which
involves students’ participation was constructivism theory. Piaget also said that students learn
through concrete experience by reflecting his experience.

       Based on the above matters, the writer tried to present a teaching learning model for
English in SMP Nasional KPS Balikpapan based on Contextual Teaching Learning . One of
the techniques of contextual learning used, was Cooperative Learning. The learning process
was conducted in a PAKEM atmosphere. PAKEM is a condition of active, creative, efficient,
and fun learning. The topic was about the advantages of using modern electrical media since
students use them almost everyday and are often influenced with the pictures or program
offered. The reasons of this research were (1) the writer is a teacher at this school. (2)
Students were less motivated to speak. (3) Most students could not express their idea,
opinion, thought well. ( 4) Students should be wise to use modern electrical media and get
good things from them for their life. (5) Students can get daily value messages from modern
electrical media .

       The theme of ‘Light Technology’ and sub theme ‘Electrical Media” was chosen with a
reason it was related to human life which is developing rapidly and should be concerned since
it has had a great impact to human life. Besides that, in facing global era , students must be
prepared to get in touch with the various information and knowledge that can be accessed
easily from some electrical media. On the other hand most electrical media has a great
tremendous effect to school students’ habit, behavior and mind set. It must be concerned that
the various information should be followed by having deep understanding and self controlling
to separate the good and the bad influence.

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