Contextual learning is a learning process that relates a subject matter with students


    (1) Contextual learning is a learning process that relates a subject matter with students’
         concrete life. Some of its strategies are emphasized to problem solving, students
         become independent learners, and having a relationship with learners’ home,
         school and society. Most of the learning strategies has been associated with
         contextual learning. Among of them are problem solving learning, cooperative
         learning, inquiry based learning, work based learning, project learning, and in-
         service learning.

    (2) In cooperative learning there are some elements which are involved one another.
         (1) positive dependent. (2) face to face interaction (3) individual accountability and
         (4) interpersonal and intrapersonal skill or social interaction which is meant to be
         learnt.. (Abdurrahman & Bintoro, 2000 : 78-79 ).

    (3) Social interaction happens when students perform togetherness in working their
         task, communicate to one another, trust and appreciate others and manage a

    (4 ) The learning goals will be easy to reach if the learning process is set such
         condition of PAKEM atmosphere. ( the learning condition which are active,
         creative, effective and fun ). The Students activities can be seen when the
         students do mental activity which is followed by physical activity in solving
         mechanistic problem that had never been done before. Students seem to be
         creative in processing and producing things, through problem solving,
         critical thought, analyzing and synthesis information. Furthermore they will
         be giving explanation with the reasons, and communicating their finding
         broader and reflecting what they have done. (Pesek and Krisner 2000) . The
         learning process will be effective when the learning activities are valuable.
         Teacher should understand the class condition and realize the ability of
         their students in absorbing the lesson , motivate and encourage students to
be able to face challenges, observe and evaluate the effort. A fun
atmosphere of learning activities should be set and conditioned so that the
students are motivated to be actively participated.

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