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                                                                                                OTOLARYNGOLOGY deft.
                    DEFORMITY                                                                                                         California
                                                                                                            Los    Angeles,
         Washington, D.C. October 25, 26, 27, 1985
                                                                                         Challenging position available with an established and
      FACULTY: Robert Bushey, D.D.S.; Sten Linder-Aronson, D.D.S.;                       growing HMO. We are seeking a Chairman with clini¬
David Fairbanks, M.D.; Kenneth Grundfast, M.D.; H. Bryan Neel, 111, M.D.;                cal and administrative expertise to lead the department.
Harold B. Holden, M.D.; James Kerrigan, D.D.S.; Jerold J. Principato, M.D.
                                                                                         Excellent compensation and benefits including:
                                                                                                      paid vacation
                                                                                                    •       educational leave
                                                                                                        •   sick leave
Experimental and Clinical Evidence Regarding Airway/Orthodontic                                         •   retirement
   Relationship                                                                                         •
                                                                                                            profit sharing
Orthodontic and Otorhinological Assessment                                               Our insurance coverage includes:
Cephalometric X-rays and Nasal Resistance Determinations                                                •
Orthodontic and Otolaryngological Management                                                            •   life
                                SPONSORS                                                                •   medical
                                                                                                        •   dental
Children's Hospital National Medical Center, Section of Otolaryngology
                                                                                         Send curriculum vitae to Director of Physician Recruit¬
Georgetown University School of Dentistry, Graduate Department of
  Orthodontics                                                                           ment, CIGNA Healthplans of California, 700 N. Brand
George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences,                     Blvd., Suite 500-12, Glendale, CA 91203. An equal
   Section of Otolaryngology                                                             opportunity employer m/f.
Sibley Memorial Hospital, Section of Otolaryngology
                                                                                            C4GNA Healthplans of California
       Tuition: $350.00              Program   Coordinator:                                 a   CIGNA company
       Registration Deadline:        Jerold J. Principato, M.D.
         August 15th, 1985           10401 Old Georgetown Road
       CME I, 18                     Bethesda, Maryland, 20814
                                     (301) 530-5565                                                                                            CIGNA

                                                             INDEX TO ADVERTISERS

   American Biomaterials    Corporations                        16, 16A-B, 17          Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center                   22
   American V. Mueller    .
                          .                                           Cover 3          Eli Lilly Industries, Ine. 25                    .

   Beaver Creek Clinic   .               36                                            Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Alumni Association 36
   Beecham Laboratories     .         30-32                                            Medical Seminars Abroad, Ine. 32                               .

   The Billings Clinic  .                18                                            The Memorial Hospital       .                          20
   Bioproducts for Medicine, Ine. 23                                                   Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Ine. 8A-H
   Bivona Surgical, Ine. 9                                                             Methodist Hospital. 28
   Boots Pharmaceuticals, Ine. Cover 2
   Burroughs Wellcome Company   10, Cover 4

                                                                                       New York Eye & Ear Infirmary             .                           18
                                      C                                                Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals                               20-21, 28-29
   Cadwell Laboratories, Ine. 27                                                                                      O          .

   Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh  28  .

   Ciba Pharmaceutical Company       7-8
                                     .                                                 Oberlin Clinic, Ine. 14
   CIGNA.32,38                                                                                                        R
   Colorado Permanente Medical  Group, P.C.                                 22
                                                                                       Richards Medical Company                24
   CooperVision Surgical/Natural Eyes.                                      14                                            .

                                                                                       Roerig, A Division of Pfizer, Ine. 3
   Denver Splint Company, Ine. 1
                                                                                       Schering Corporation. 5-6
                                E                                                      The Seventh British Academic Conference 18           .

   Eckel Industries, Ine. 6                                                            Syntex Laboratories, Ine. 34-36
   Fallón Clinic   .               6                                                   Treace   Medical, Ine. 15
                                G                                                                                               U
   Glaxo, Ine. 12-13                                                                   University of Cincinnati     .                                       22
   Grason-Stradler, Ine. 33                                                            University of Michigan      .                                         6
                                                                                       University of Texas     .                                            14
   Johns Hopkins University     . 22
                                                                                       Ventrex Laboratories, Ine. 26
                                I                                                      Veterans Administration Hospital. 18
   Industrial Acoustics Company   27 .
                                                                                       Wallace Laboratories. 19-20
   Kaiser Permanente. 20                                                               Wildwood Medical Center. 38

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