Annexure to Enquiry by mikeholy


									                    Annexure I to Enquiry
             BC/RM4/EQP/1000800349 dt 30.04.2011

                    SPECIFICATIONS & NOTES FOR

  Supply, Installation and Commissioning of NC Controlled Direct Current
   Foil roll Butt Seam Welding Machine type 3 Phase Thyristorised with six
   phase Rectification consisting of :

                              Part Description                      Qty
   1        NC-Controlled Foil Butt Seam Welding Machine             1
   1.1      Machine housing                                          1
   1.2      Welding Head                                             1
   1.3      Power Source                                             1
   1.4      Pneumatic Installation                                   1
   1.5      Cooling Water Installation                               1
   1.6      Machine Cabling                                          1
   2        Weld sliding carriages ( positioning system X )          2
   3        Roller heads                                             2
   4        Magnet Plates / Magnetic Table
   5        Seam end Foil cut-off system
   6        System control PC based
   6.1      Axes control Cabinet                                     1
   6.2      Control cabinet                                          1
   6.3      Weld processor control and Welding Monitor               1
   6.4      Hand held operator panel                                 1
   6.5      Remote assistance package
   7        Operating Instructions


   Sl.No.                     Part Description                      Qty
   1        Water Cooled Welding Transformers                        6
   2        Centralised Lubrication System                           1
   3        Water Cooling Unit ( Chilling Unit )                     1
   4        CNC / PLC System (reputable make)                        1
            Down holder devices for holding during welding of
   5                                                                 4
            Stainless Steel
                                         .. 2 ..
A.   General Working Range :

                                                   Upto 18 KA welding current and
     Foil Butt Seam Welding application
                                                   4 KN welding force.
     Weld Seam Length                              4000 mm max.
                                                   Carbon Steel - 0.8 to 2 mm
     Metal thickness
                                                   Mild Steel - 0.7 to 4 mm
     Foil strip thickness 0.6 upto 2 mm            0.20 mm

B.   Welding Speed or Butt Seam Welding :

       Carbon Steel
      1 mm thick                                   Speed 1.6 m / min
      1.6 mm thick                                 Speed 1.1 m / min
      2 mm thick                                   Speed 0.9 m / min

C.   Working Method      and Working Sequence :
C-1 : Working Method
       A current concentration is effected by the narrow foil strip and reduces the heat
       dissipation from the work piece. This results in a weld-joint not only of the
       joining edge together but also of the sheet metal surface with the foil strip.

       Weld joints achieve at least the static strength of the basic material. With the
       exactly defined and concentrated heat input, the distortion of the work piece is
       kept in such restricted limits that the same can be disregarded for most
       applications. The weld joint should have smooth surface and as little as 0.1 -
       0.2 mm additional thickness.

C-2 : Working Sequence
         The actuated magnetizable plates fix the sheets on their position
         A foil strip, which is automatically fed from delivery spools via a guide
            system, is running between the electrode wheels and the work piece on
            both sides
           After pushing the start button the welding carriages will approach and the
            work piece will be stitch or seam welded automatically
           At the end of the seam weld the foil will be burned off automatically
           Reset of the welding carriages automatically in quick motion.
                                       .. 3 ..

C-3 : Working Programs

   The machine has to be equipped as below:

   (a) For butt seam welding
        Continuous seam welding forward, backward in quick motion
        Continuous stitch welding forward, continuous foil seam welding
   (b) For overlap seam welding
          Continuous stitch welding forward, backward with continuous overlap seam
          Intermediate seam welding for both welding methods (example for window

   Machine Description:

   1.1 - Machine Housing
   The machine housing is made of a solid welded construction, which is build up on
   a machine base frame.

   Technical Data :

    Passage width                                4800 mm Approx
    Weld seam length                             4000 mm Approx
    Working height ( above floor level )         850 mm Approx
                                                 Min. 280 mm Approx
    Electrode Diameter
                                                 Max 315 mm Approx
    Welding Speed Range                          0.5 to 4.0 m/min
    Return travel speed                          12.5 m / min
    Welding Force programmable
                                                 0.4 to 4.0 KN 30 mm
    between Electrode / Stroke

   1.2 : Welding Head
   Welding head consisting of a pneumatically operated system for welding force
   and electrode approach stroke.
   The ram is guided in antifriction bearings.
   Technical Data :

    Welding force programmable between 0.4 - 4.0 kN
    Electrode stroke
                                             30 mm
                                        .. 4...

 1.3 : Power Source:

  Three thermostat-protected transformers are incorporated in the two columns located on
  both sides of the machine front.
  The current is rectified by a six-phase rectifier circuit arranged in each group on the
  secondary side. The adjustment of the weld current is stepless and initiated over a
  microprocessor controlled weld processor as well as a special thyristor circuit.
  Welding with six-phase rectified weld current means:
            better weld quality
            practically no spatters
            longer electrode and weld tooling life
            less heat deformation
            Three phase main power connection 415 V ± 10%, 50 Hz ± 2%

   2 Rectifier groups GR 25, with
   each Nominal power at 50% duty                 150 KVA ( approx ) or Higher
   cycle of Nominal current
   Secondary at 50% duty cycle                    17 KA ( approx ) or Higher
   Secondary open circuit voltage                 7.1 V ( approx )

1.4 : Pneumatic Installation:

   Working pressure ( gauge )                     5.5 bar
   Intake Volume app.                             1 m² / Hr.
      Equipment to be provided with air cleaning modules as well as the
       complete casing , Filter, Regulator, Lubricator, Indicator, etc.,
      Dedicated compressor with suitable drier to be procured along with the

1.5 : Cooling Water Installation :

     The equipment to be provided with cooling system for the rectifier groups
     with transformers and thyristors, current duct parts and electrodes. Water
     pressure and flow equipments to be included in the scope of supply.
     Cooling water characteristics to be as follows :
   Flow rate to limit temperature increase
                                               26 – 40 L / min
   to 10deg C ( 50deg F )
   Heat quantity to be dissipated                 20,000 kcal / h (approx.)
   Inlet pressure                                 3 – 4 bar
   Outlet pressure                                0 bar
                                                  Min above the dew point
   Inlet temperature
                                                  Max 30 deg C

   PH Value                                       7–8
                                       .. 5 ..
1.6 : Machine Cabling :
      The machine control & Power Cabling shall be completely wired and distributed
      via a bus-oriented wiring system (ASI-technique)

      Electrical Energy
      Three-phase connection to a three-phase mains supply 3 Ph x 415 V ± 10%,
      50 Hz ± 2% . Connection data based on general working range
              with a welding current of                :     18 kA or higher
              and a duty cycle of                      :     66.7 %
       with built-in circuit breaker for protection of the machine
2. Weld Sliding Carriages :
    The top and bottom weld sliding carriages are each equipped with 4 ball
    bearings which guide the carriages on the ground steel shafts. Weld current
    transmission is absolutely independent of the carriage guide and is effected
    over three sliding contacts. These sliding contacts are pressed against three
    copper current rails by means of three individual cylinders. The contact force
    of these cylinders is constant and continuously supervised.

    Owing to this sliding carriage guide system with ball bearings and a strict
    separation of current transmission and carriage guide, it is sufficient that a
    central lubrication pump is actuated once a day only. This sturdy weld sliding
    carriage guide - responsible for a perfect weld quality as well as the electrode
    heads carried in roller bearings guarantee for high weld quality results even
    after years of intensive operation.

    Each weld sliding carriage is equipped with its individual NC linear axis The
    carriage advance is effected by a rack and pinion gear. The travel of the weld
    sliding carriages shall be 200 mm longer than the maximum length of the
    weld seam indicated, to drive out the weld carriage into a service position
    where it is easily accessible without being obstructed by the magnet plates /
    table or a deposit table.
3. Roller Heads:
    The roller heads shall have a fluid current conductor transmission on to
    the roller shaft which is carried in roller bearings on one side only. A
    scraping device shall keep the electrodes clean.
4. Magnet Plates:
    Equipment to be supplied with magnet plates / table to serve for holding
    the steel sheets. The electrical circuit shall be capable of taking care of
    For the clamping of stainless steel sheets several blank sheets with handles
    have to be provided. They have to be placed on top of the work pieces and will
    hold the parts through the magnetic field

5. Seam End Foil Cut-Off System :
   At the seam end the foils are automatically burnt off and the weld carriages are
   passed back with high speed.
                                         .. 6 ..

6. System Control
    PC-based control with a built-in visualization screen for CNC-axes control, PLC
    functions as well as for programming the weld process control unit. This system
    control combines the latest trends of machine control concepts.
         All operator inputs are entered into the system by means of a touch-screen,
          keyboard or mouse.
         On-line workpiece-programming (Teach-in)
         Off-line programming by means of a PC possible
         Simple integration in higher or subordinated controls\
         Failure indications in clear text
         Diagnostic mode, Input and Output Status, Servo Status of the machine

     The system control consists of:
      6.1. Axes control cabinet:
           The axes control cabinet (protection with integrated ventilation) is installed
           directly on the machine housing containing all CNC-axes servo drives.
          The following axes are controlled:
          X1-axis This axis progresses the top weld sliding carriage
          X2-axis This axis progresses the bottom weld sliding carriage
          Both axes are driven by maintenance free AC-servomotors of make Siemens /
          Fanuc.    All position and servo feedback systems should be of make
          Heidenhein / Siemens / Fanuc

     6.2. Cell control cabinet
          The control cabinet (protection with integrated ventilation) is directly
          installed on the machine frame of the welding cell. No loose or pluggable
          control cables enable a speedy set up of the cell on site. Built-in are:
                Operating unit (screen, keyboard and mouse)
                Power circuit breaker
                Main switch
                Energy switch, signal lamp and button
                1 network-interface TCP/IP
                2 USB connections
                Powerlink “Feldbus” (real time Ethernet)
                Integrated CD writer for data back-up

      6.3 Weld Processor and Welding Monitor
          Programmable weld processor for control, closed loop control and
          supervision of complex DC-welding applications.Seam welding with
          constant current, current program or current / break program.
          Special features
          The "Superdelta"-power circuit for the generation of welding current results
          in a smaller load on the mains supply and less harmonic distorsion compared
          to the usual current sources.
          Input of welding parameters by using physical units
          Welding time in ... ms, cycles, half cycles, 1/6 cycles
          Welding current in ... kA (with constant current regulation)
          Memory for welding programs
          which are assigned to the corresponding CNC workpiece program.
                                    .. 7 ..

     6.4. Handheld Operator Panel
          For programming and operation of the machine a modern ergonomically
          designed panel with built-in touch-screnn-display and permission key is
          used. Functionality:
              Graphic machine operating via TFT Touch-Screen
              Electronic hand wheel for a hand operated displacement of all NC-axes
              Status and malfunction indication
              Writing of user programs referring to workpieces (Teach-In)
              Read-in and read-out of workpiece programs
              Offline-programming
              Permission-button (dead man’s control)

     6.5. Remote assistance package
          The welding cell can be equipped with a remote assistance package.
          The built-in modem is to be connected to a regular telephone line (with an
          analog or ISDN-signal) to establish a computer-computer link between the
          machine control and the PC of trouble shooting supporter. The supporter has
          the identical display as the operator on site.

            Analysis and modification of the running NC/PLS-program
            Modification on the weld parameter settings
            Trouble shooting, e g. localisation of a defective part
            Software update
            Adaptations on NC-machine parameters
            external data record
            a.o.

            Analog V.90 telephone line, with suitable connector

7 Operating Instructions :
  An online manual may be called up at any time on the screen of the
  machine control sensor functions for keywords. In addition an electronic
  machine description and documentation to be included.
                                     .. 8 ..

   A 3 : Water Cooling Unit :
         Fully-hermetic cooling water refrigerating unit for the welding
         machine including electrode cooling :

   Technical Data :

    Nominal cooling capacity rating at
    + 42 deg C ambient temperature and           24’000 kcal/h ( approx )
    + 15 deg C preliminary flow Temperature
    Nominal cooling capacity rating at
    + 42 deg C ambient temperature and           27.4 kW ( approx )
    + 15 deg C preliminary flow Temperature
    Air capacity                                 11’000 m3/h ( approx )
    Mains power rating                           18.5 kW ( approx )
    Preliminary fuse                             50 A ( approx )
    Current                                      3/PE 400V+6/ -10%, 50 c/s
    Dimensions                                 Length       2’100 ( approx. )
                                               Width        950 mm ( approx. )
                                               Height       1’800 mm ( approx. )
    Water Tank Volume                            500 Litres ( approx. )

Features :
Compact design, equipped with a fully hermetic compressor unit, a cooling
water circuit with water tank and rotary pump.
  Housing is made of electrolytical zinced sheet steel
  100 mm floor clearance for fork lift transport
  Switch , protection and signal lamps ( reputable make )
  Water tank insulated
  Automatic water back feed over a mechanical float valve
  Grundfos pumps
  Frame in stainless steel.
  Tested low pressure and high pressure limiter
  Digital thermostatic valve for temperature control, digital set valve and
    actual value indication.
  Paint coating
  Copper evaporator coils

Accessories :
  Pressure controlled bypass valve for preliminary flow
  Stop valves mounted before and after the pump
  Water level gauge
                                        .. 9 ..

 8   Compressed Air Supply
      Working pressure (gauge)        min. (80 lbf/in2)          5.5 bar
      Air to be clean and free of excess water.
      Intake volume                   approx.                    1 m3/h

 9 Environment conditions
      Ambient temperature                                        + 5 bis + 40 ºC
      Air humidity                    at 20 ºC      max.         90 %
                                      at 40 ºC      max.         50 %

N O T E S:

 1. Delivery Schedule:
    The complete machine along with all accessories / attachments shall be
    delivered within 6 months from the date of release of purchase order.
 2. Guarantee:
      The complete machine and all other standard / optional accessories /
      attachments, shall be guaranteed for a period of 36 calendar months from the
      date of completion of commissioning, proving out and acceptance by BEML
      rep. at our site. During this period any part found defective shall be
      repaired/replaced by the firm at free of cost.

 3. Commissioning:
     The firm should depute their service personnel for erection, installation and
     commissioning of the machine. It should be the entire responsibility of the firm
     to supply, erect, install and commission, prove out the machine features and
     hand over to the entire satisfaction within the stipulated time from the receipt of
     the machine at BEML. BEML will only provide power (electricity), material-
     handling facility required for the installation. Rest of the things to be arranged
     by the firm.
     Installation and commissioning including civil works such as design and
     preparation of complete machine foundation i.e., machine and related
     equipments is to be commissioned on TURN-KEY basis. Civil foundation is
     included in the firm’s scope.

     The erection and commissioning should meet the provision of Factories Act as
     prevailing in India. All the workmen being employed for erection and
     commissioning should be covered under ESI and necessary safety precautions
     should be taken.

 4. Foundation:
     Special requirement if any, like isolation pad, vibration criteria, air conditioning
     requirement, dust free atmosphere & flooring requirement to be mentioned.
     Foundation drawing of the machine consisting of all details to be
     submitted by the firm along with the technical bid.
                                       .. 10 ..
5. Packing:       (a) Should be packed suitably for shipment abroad.
                     (b) Firm should ensure that the packing material used should be
                        eco-friendly as per ISO 14001 norms.
                    (c) A packing note detailing the stores to be enclosed
6. Inspection:
   Inspection of the machine at supplier’s premises by BEML engineers /
   technicians before dispatch is required. However final inspection and
   acceptance will be at our site on successful completion of erection,
   commissioning, proving out to entire satisfaction of our engineers and final
   acceptance by our reps. at our works. Along with the inspection call for the
   equipment, all the test charts pertaining to the indication of the performance of
   the equipment shall also be enclosed.
7. Training:
   Supplier should provide the following comprehensive training programme to six
   engineers / technicians for a period of 5 days without any additional cost at their
   works in the following area before dispatch of the machine:
             Machine operation / operator training.
             Programming
             Mechanical maintenance
             Electrical & Control maintenance.

   Also during commissioning visit supplier should provide six days training on
   machine operation and maintenance to BEML engineers / technician

8. Back ground details of the firm for having manufactured, erected,
   commissioned and proved out the similar or high capacity machine during the
   past 5 years to be supplied in the following format :
              a) Complete address, phone, fax, contact person of the user and email
                 address of the user.
              b) Major specifications of the machine supplied (only similar machine
                 or higher capacity.
              c) Year of supply
              d) Feedback received from the user on the performance.
9. Standard Documents / Work Instructions :        The firm has to furnish the
    following publications in Triplicate along with the Machine.
   (a)    Operating Instruction / Manual
   (b)    Maintenance Manual
   (c)    Spare Parts Manual including bought-out items manual.
   (d)    Electrical Pneumatic and Water supply arrangement drawings
   (e)    Electrical & electronic / control drawings
   (f)   Machine software details, NC/PLC Program machine data, part
         programs, etc., to be provided along with the machine with procedure
         / instructions for loading on the machine, incase of software problem.

   (g) System layout drawing, foundation drawing and installation details with
       all necessary information / requirements.
   (h) Firms should furnish catalogue / detailed drawing of the total system
       offered along with the quotation. Quotation received without these
       details are likely to be ignored / disqualified for consideration.

10. The firm should     furnish 3 Sets of G A Drawings indication all the
    Electrical and Mechanical details, specifications, etc., of the machines for
    BEML approval before taking up the manufacturing job, along with
    quality assurance plan.

11. Quality Assurance: Documents pertaining to the Quality Assurance system
    being followed in manufacturing the equipment including the various
    inspection reports, like geometrical test chart, reliability test chart, final
    assembly test chart indicating the accuracies expected and the actual readings
    achieved should be included as annexure along with technical bid so as to
    ensure the quality of the product.

12. The firm should ensure to provide Sales and Service support for a minimum
    period of 10 years.

13. The firm has to furnish the List of Spares parts required for Maintenance
    of the machine along with the offer. (It is BEML’s discretion to order
    for these spares separately or along with the machines).

14. The firm should provide free    supply of maintenance and consumable
    spares for a period of 6 months along with the machine considering 2 shift

15. Annual Maintenance Contract: The supplier or his authorized dealer should
    be ready to take up annual maintenance contract of the machine after the
    warranty period. For this the firm has to give the proposal along with the offer

16. Service backup/Performance Bank Guarantee:

    An undertaking should be submitted in the form of a performance guarantee
    /bank guarantee by all the bidders for the trouble free availability of the
    equipment through out the complete guarantee /warranty period of 36 months.
    Any breakdown of the equipment should be attended and equipment should be
    put back to operation within 24 hours on receipt of the information regarding
    the same. For any downtime of the equipment, suitable compensation
    calculated based on SMH loss/production loss should be compensated by the
    supplier. Performance guarantee in the prescribed format in line with this shall
    be submitted by the bidders before the release of formal PO.

      Bank guarantee for foundation also required to be obtained from the contractor.

17. Marking:

      The consignee’s addressed and contract number should be marked boldly on
      the packing case.

18.   For any additional technical details /clarifications the firm can contact BEML
      before submitting the offer.

19. Deviation Statements:

      The firm should furnish a detailed technical comparison statement (deviation
      statement) of our tender enquiry vis-à-vis the machine offered by the firm for
      specifications, features and all the points stipulated under the notes of our
      tender enquiry in the same order of our tender specifications against each of the

      The offer will be ignored / disqualified in case of not furnishing the above
      technical comparative statement along with the technical bid.

20. Colour: All sheet surfaces shall be thoroughly cleaned by disc grinding /
      sanding or shot / sand blasting and then immediately painted (except
      mechanical mating surfaces) with two coats of red oxide zinc chromate primer.
      All weld joints shall be cleaned of slag and spatters before painting. The paint
      surfaces of bought out items shall not be disturbed generally.      The machine
      / equipment accessories shall be painted with two coats of synthetic enamel
      paint in apple green / grey colour. The total dry film thicknesses on the steel
      surfaces shall be about 100 microns.

21. Before submitting the quotation, the firm should depute their technical
      personnel to study the above machine and also to study the components of
      our end wall, side wall and roof sheets of our Rail coaches to offer a
      suitable machine..

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