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					                                   ISSUE 1/2010

innovative         UPPER AUSTRIA

Innovative Upper
Austria 2010plus
Clear Strategy

Borealis invests
EUR 75 million

                       Economic Driving Force

                                                       Upper Austrian

                                                                                                     The magic innovation triangle.

                             10                                                                      Education, research, business.
                                                                                                              For all high-wage countries, education is the key
         Driving Force                                                                               to survival in ever-stiffer global competition. Therefore,
                   Environmental                                                                     innovation leadership represents a superordinated item
                                                                                                     on the agenda of the new Upper Austrian strategic eco-
                                                                                                     nomic and research programme “Upper Austria 2010plus”
                                                                                                     (see page 3).

                                                       17                                            With the 2010plus programme, Upper Austria intends to
                                                                                                     systematically continue to pursue the successful path
                                                       Location                                      adopted with the Upper Austria 2010 programme and
                                                       Borealis invests                              has thus retained its faith in the magic innovation triang-
                                                       EUR 75 million
                                                                                                     le formed by education, research and industry. In the
                                                                                                     2010plus programme, these three cornerstones of inno-
                                                                                                     vation have been supplemented by networks, in order to
                                                                                                     accelerate the dissemination of know-how, as in our
                                                                                                     modern knowledge society speed is of the essence when

             Miba Group
                             20                                                                      it comes to success.

                                                                                                     One example of these Upper Austrian networks is “ENER-
         Innovation in Motion
                                                                                                     GY EFFICIENCY”, which was newly founded in 2009 and
                                                                                                     the Environmental Cluster (see page 10 to 13).

                                                                                                     The fact that Upper Austria’s innovation programmes are
                                                                                                     reflected by concrete facts and figures is evidenced by
                                                                                                     the “Austrian Research and Technology Report 2010”,
                                                       22                                            which was published in May 2010. This shows that
                                                                                                     investments in R&D in Upper Austria passed the billion
                                                       Provincial                                    euros mark for the first time in 2007.
                                                       Exhibition 2010
                                                       Renaissance and
                                                                                                     We wish you an interesting reading!

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                                                                                              INNOVATIVE UPPER AUSTRIA


A clear strategy
for Upper Austria
As a result of its strategic economic and innovation policy and related programmes, Upper Austria has evolved
into one of Europe’s most creative regions. However, the intention is that it should become even more inno-
vative and competitive by means of the new “Innovative Upper Austria 2010plus” strategic economic and
research programme, which combines all the region’s strengths and competences.

                                                                                                                 tee for Research
                                                                                                                 and Technology will
                                                                                                                 now scrutinise the
                                                                                                                 “2010plus”       pro-
                                                                                                                 gramme and provi-
                                                                                                                 de an assessment.
                                                                                                                 The programme will
                                                                                                                 then be passed on
                                                                                                                 to the political deci-
                                                                                                                 sion-making pro-
                                                                                                                 cess for considerati-
                                                                                                                 on by the Upper
                                                                                                                 Austrian parliament.
                                                                                                                 Subsequently, the
                                                                                                                 content of the pro-
                                                                                                                 gramme will be pre-
                                                                                                                 sented to the public
                                                                                                                 in the course of a
                                                                                                                 launch event.
The five topic areas number among the responsibilities of Viktor Sigl, the Upper Austrian
Economics Secretary and Doris Hummer, the Upper Austrian Research Secretary.                            

         “2010plus” constitutes a                                     “Innovative Upper Austria 2010plus” – the facts
further development of the current
“Innovative Upper Austria 2010”
strategic, economic and research                     Committee for Research and Technology and with the assistance of numerous
programme. Following an evaluati-                    experts, 14 strategies and 37 measures were determined in five thematic areas
on by recognised experts, 20 mea-                    (R&D, education and careers, networks, Upper Austria as an economic and
sures from the original “2010” pro-                  technology location, Upper Austria and EU networking).
gramme were adjudged as having
been successfully implemented                        2010 onwards and will run until 2013.
and thus concluded. 23 measures
were further developed in the new                    be provided by the Upper Austrian government.
programme and 14 new, future-ori-
ented measures were added.                           in the Upper Austrian economic and research location.

Presentation in autumn. The                          responsible for the programme, while TMG will accompany the realization process.
Upper Austrian Advisory Commit-

                                                                                                                        Issue 1/2010    03


COMET lights up
the whole of Upper Austria
intensify its systematic approach to R&D, innovation and technological progress.

The focus of the Eco Power Drive project is on pollutant minimisation and research into hybrid drives for the automotive industry.

          In February 2010, a high-             consist of smaller, innovative initiati-        aluminium applications in the auto-
level COMET jury approved six                   ves, in which business and science              motive sector. The aim is the creati-
K-projects with Upper Austrian par-             work closely together. COMET is a               on of light metals, which answer the
ticipation. The focus of these                  joint initiative of the Federal Ministry        strictest requirements regarding
research projects lies on the areas of          of Transport, Innovation and Techno-            crash resistance characteristics and
analysis/chemistry, bonding techno-             logy (BMVIT) and the Federal Minis-             energy absorption and thus increa-
logy, innovative materials/lightweight          try of Economic, Family and Youth               se vehicle safety.
structures, drive technology, agricul-          Affairs (BMWFJ). Austria’s federal
tural technology and plastics.                  provinces furnish the COMET pro-                APMT - Advanced Polymeric
COMET is a competence centre pro-               jects with supplementary funding                Materials and Process Techno-
gramme (Competence Centers for                  from their own budgets                          logies. In the course of this project,
Excellent Technologies), which was                                                              Eight Upper Austrian scientific part-
launched in 2006 as a replacement               The Upper Austrian projects in                  ners (JKU Linz: six plastics institutes,
for the predecessor programme                   detail. AdvAluE - Advanced Alu-                 Fachhochscule Upper Austria (Wels),
dating from 1998 (Kplus, Kind,Knet).            minium Application within Eco-                  Transfercenter Kunststofftechnik
COMET incorporates the three K2                 Transport. The focus of the seven               (TCKT Wels) and eight corporate
and K1 centre and K-project pro-                project partners around the Ransho-             partners (thereof five from Upper
gramme lines. The K-projects have               fen Light Metal Competence Centre               Austria: Borealis, ENGEL, Greiner,
a duration of three to five years and           is on research into highly developed            Poloplast, SML) will develop new,

04   Issue 1/2010
                                                                                               RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT

multifunctional polymers with impro-            output of agricultural food and raw              production of innovative products of
ved, characteristic and performance             materials production through the                 the highest quality and thus open up
profiles defined according to appli-            development of new agricultural                  entirely new possibilities and applica-
cations in the construction and auto-           technologies and the improvement                 tions, which will secure the internati-
motive industries.                              of existing methods, This area has a             onal competitiveness of the partners
                                                high innovation requirement and                  involved (e.g. Fronius, voestalpine
ECO Power Drive. The aim of this                therefore agricultural technology is to          Linz, MCE, Johannes Kepler Univer-
project is to make a significant con-           be linked with competences from the              sity Linz, LKR).
tribution to the “greening” of small            fields of mechatronics and material
and sports engine applications                  technologies. The project involves               PAC - Process Analytical Che-
(2-wheelers, leisure vehicles, garden           eight scientific organisations (inclu-           mistry. Process Analytical Che-
equipment) and the related products.            ding the Johannes Kepler University              mistry (PAC) is aimed at the direct
Research is concentrated of the                 Linz and the Upper Austrian Facho-               obtainment of valid chemical infor-
development of technologies for the             chschule) as well as eleven corpo-               mation from production processes in
minimisation of CO2 and pollutant               rate partners (e.g. Alois Pöttinger              real time. This information is inten-
emissions, as well as the support of            Maschinenfabrik, Messrs Kneidin-                 ded to open the way to new optimi-
hybrid concepts. The participation of           ger).                                            sation potential for chemical proces-
the Upper Austrian Fachochschule,                                                                ses in a diversity of branches and
model companies such as BRP-                    JOIN4+. This project is targeted on              thus raise the cost-efficiency, safety
Powertrain and leading international            making welding simpler and safer, as             and environmental compatibility of
corporations such as BMW guaran-                well as the enhancement of its quali-            production capacity. In this project,
tees thematic and technological syn-            ty through the use of supportive tech-           the Upper Austrian Research GmbH
ergies for the development of com-              nology. Innovative materials and bon-            (UAR) is coordinating the efforts of
petitive,     cost-efficient      and           ding processes are to be analysed                numerous partners including Borea-
environment-friendly technologies.              with the help of experimental and                lis, Lenzing, Nycomed, Brau Union,
                                                numerical methods and then further               Salinen, ACCM, Upper Austrian
FFF-Future Farm Technology.                     developed by means of an improved                Fachhochschule, RECENDT, JKU,
Future Farm Technology is intended              understanding of fundamental mecha-              SCCH, WOOD).
to raise the efficiency, quality and            nisms. This will facilitate the reliable

The Future Farm Technology project is targeted on the perfection of agricultural technology and involves universities,
the Upper Austrian Fachhochschule and eleven corporate partners.

                                                                                                                         Issue 1/2010   05

                                         LIFETOOL COMPUTER AIDED COMMUNICATION

 Research works                          Self-determined existence
           Upper Austrian compa-
 nies seeking research grants are        The objective of the newly founded “Life ACE” consortium is to pro-
 in a fortunate position, because        vide disadvantaged persons with a self-determined life of equal stan-
 owing to the close cooperation          ding through the use of top quality medical technology. In order to
 between the Upper Austrian              achieve this target numerous, successful companies from the areas
 government and the Federal              of design, electronics, injection moulding, R&D and certification have
 Research Funding Company
                                         joined forces.
 (FFG), they can receive finance
 from two differing sources with just
 one application. This slashes the
 administrative requirement and
 quickly provides the cash needed
 for investment in R&D. Upper Aus-
 trian companies seeking research
 grants are in a fortunate position,
 because owing to the close
 cooperation between the Upper
 Austrian government and the
 Federal Research Funding Com-
 pany (FFG), they can receive
 finance from two differing sources
 with just one application. This sla-
                                         Martin H. operates his PC with the LifeTool IntegraMouse®,
 shes the administrative require-
                                         an accredited medical product for disadvantaged persons.
 ment and quickly provides the
 cash needed for investment in                      A traffic accident can change      LifeTool gemeinnützige GmbH com-
 R&D. During 2009, Upper Austria         lives completely, as was the case with        panies and the AIT Austrian Institute
 further strengthened its pioneering     Martin H. from Perg in Upper Austria,         of Technology GmbH. COIN is an ini-
 role with commitments to provide        who through no fault of his own has           tiative of the Federal Ministry of Eco-
 EUR 132 million in grants for           been a paraplegic since 2003. Today,          nomic, Family and Youth Affairs
 research projects and thus in a         Martin lives in a barrier-free house and      (BMWFJ) and the Federal Ministry of
 national comparison, it leads the       has established a reputation as an            Transport, Innovation and Technology
 way before Vienna and Styria.           expert for PCs and computing. Using           (BMVIT). The aim is to further develop
 With over a quarter of total funding    the patented IntegraMouse® von Life-          high-quality life tool, medical products
 (26.2 per cent), in 2009 Upper          Tool, which is registered as a medical        such as the IntegraMouse® in Upper
 Austria received the bulk of the        product and has captured a number             Austria, using a multidisciplinary team
 support available from the FFG.         of international awards, Martin is able       and the involvement of disadvantaged
 Indeed, as opposed to 2008, this        to control his computer orally and can        persons along the entire value added
 figure actually constituted an incre-   operate it at the same speed as other         chain.
 ase (25.1 per cent). At 31 per cent,    users.
 Upper Austria also has a particu-                                                     Helpful technologies. As David
 larly strong interest in the COMET      Life ACE. Life ACE is intended to be          Hofer, the LifeTool gemeinnützigen
 competence center programme             of assistance in precisely this type of       GmbH CE explains, “The newly crea-
 and is closely involved with other      situation. The consortium was found-          ted LifeACE consortium combines the
 FFG programmes. Moreover, with          ed in September 2009 ?? using fun-            special know-how from several com-
 some 90 per cent, Upper Austria         ding from the national COIN structu-          panies in a multidisciplinary team, in
 demonstrates a strikingly high cor-     ral promotion programme and                   order to develop first class, certifica-
 porate participation with regard to     combines the expertise of the Abatec          ted solutions with the assistance of
 FFG funding, as the company ave-        Electronics AG, Beneder Werkzeug-             disadvantaged people.”
                                         bau GmbH, Ottinger EMV Consulting,  

06   Issue 1/2010
                                                                                      RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT


Noise prevention in the workplace
According to EU estimates, around 60 million employees across Europe are subject to high noise levels.
Therefore, noise prevention is a current priority and in this area the Software Competence Center Hagen-
berg is on hand with new, innovative software.

                                          project on behalf of Allgemeine Unfall-     ble date. In the course of the project,
                                          versicherungsanstalt (General Acci-         software has been created that allows
                                          dent Insurance Fund) for the preven-        these consultations to be completed
                                          tion of noise-related, industrial           in optimum fashion and supports the
                                          illnesses. The project involves the         AUVA’s business processes to perfec-
                                          measurement of noise impact at dif-         tion. The SCCH experts have develo-
                                          ferent points and the subsequent cal-       ped a workflow-based, client-server
                                          culation of the individual burden in line   application, which the AUVA specia-
                                          with the periods of subjection to the       lists employ during their working pro-
                                          various noise ranges. Should the noi-       cedures, reporting and measurement
                                          se impact on an employee exceed 85          processing. Significant parts of the
                                          decibels (A), the specialists on site       application are available on- and off-
         "Electronic Prevention Orga-     carry out a hearing test using an           line and can be utilised both in-house
nisation System Noise/Audiometrics        audiometer, in order to determine           and during company visits.
(EPOS-LA)" represents a cooperative       possible damage at the earliest feasi-

PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER CENTER                                                   UPPER AUSTRIAN RESEARCH

                                                                                      Management change 1
New mobility                                                                                     On May 1,
A joint project between Hammerschmid Maschinenbau GmbH, the                           2010, Wilfried Enzen-
Plastics Technology Transfer Center (TCKT) and the Institute of Polymer               hofer became the
                                                                                      new CEO of Upper
                                                                                      Austrian Research
weight of electric vehicles and hence more efficient energy use.                       GmbH (UAR). The
                                                                                      UAR, a fully owned
          The project involves the ini-                         Moreover, the         TMG subsidiary, is
tial production of 3D, polypropylene                            employment of         the owner and joint
sandwich elements with a unique                                 multicolour           owner of ten research
weight-rigidity ratio, increased pres-                          powders and           companies. These work on themes in
sure resistance and excellent energy                            masks, as well        the areas of computing and commu-
absorption, which offer the advan-                              as tool structu-      nications technology, lightweight
tage of suitability as supportive ele-                          ring, mean that       design and innovative materials,
ments in lightweight vehicles. Both                             the skin can          mechatronics, life sciences and ven-
the related production process and                              be designed in        ture foundations, all of which consti-
the product itself are the result of      any number of optical forms, which          tute local strengths. Dr. Enzenhofer is
entirely new approaches.                  offers enormous design freedom. It          a recognised expert in the field of
                                          is also the case that using this pro-       research and technology manage-
Major future potential. A combi-          cess, small part batches can be             ment and his last appointment was as
nation of 3D formed skin production       manufactured in a cost-efficient            the CATT Innovation Management
and the use of foam as a core mate-       manner.                                     GmbH CEO.
rial in a single material is unique.                       

                                                                                                             Issue 1/2010   07


Concentrated innovation
continues to place a strong emphasis on R&D, innovation and technological advances. At the K1-MET, key
companies from the metallurgy branch have joined forces with university partners.

                                                                                  between the business and scientific
                                                                                  communities. K1-MET is intended to
                                                                                  further consolidate the strong partner-
                                                                                  ship between industry and the univer-
                                                                                  sities and Austria’s leading global
                                                                                  position with regard to metallurgy and
                                                                                  environmental engineering. The five
                                                                                  main thematic issues (see box) of the
                                                                                  research programme offer major deve-
                                                                                  lopment potential.

                                                                                  ... and global success. The majori-
                                                                                  ty of the strong, internationally orien-
                                                                                  ted, industrial partners are global
                                                                                  market leaders in their core areas
                                                                                  and invest some EUR 80 million
                                                                                  yearly in R&D in Austria alone. Moreo-
                                                                                  ver, in national terms, they employ
                                                                                  over 19,000 people. More than 80
          K1-MET constitutes Upper      K1-MET has a clear focus … The            per cent of the products of the com-
Austria’s most significant and lar-     K1-MET is focused on the modelling,       panies involved are exported.
gest research hub for metallurgical     simulation and optimisation of metal-
and environmental technology pro-       lurgical processes along the entire
cess development. Seven compa-          production chain from the raw mate-                 Research focal points
nies from Austria’s metallurgical       rial to semi-finished. The aim is to
industry comprised by Böhler Edel-      achieve optimum control over the pro-
stahl GmbH & Co KG, Ebner Indus-        duction process and thus further              cessing) in the metallurgical field
trieofenbau Gesellschaft m. b. H.,      enhance the quality of the high-tech
Montanwerke Brixlegg AG, RHI AG,        metals manufactured in Austria, achie-        of fireproof materials for
Siemens VAI Metals Technologies         ve zero waste, and minimise energy            metallurgical applications
GmbH & Co, voestalpine Stahl            and raw material consumption.
GmbH and voestalpine Stahl Dona-                                                      on of metallurgical processes
witz GmbH & Co KG have linked up        … strong core areas …. The emer-
with two University institutes, among   gence of Linz as the world’s cleanest         material employment
them the Leoben University of Tech-     steel industry location would have
nology and the Johannes Kepler          been impossible without new plants,           of new processes and plants
University Linz, to form a powerful     which to a significant extent owe their       for metallurgical plants
network.                                existence to cooperative research

08   Issue 1/2010
                                                                        PROFESSION & CAREER


Gateway to a global IT career
An exciting career in the booming global telecoms market beckons graduates of the new Master's

            Special focus of the Master’s                                           the FH OÖ early on ventured into the
cutting-edge curriculum is on mobile                                                personal telecoms sector which now
operating systems and communica-                                                    sees an explosive worldwide growth
tion technologies, all within the context                                           sparked by Apple’s iPhone and other
of an in-depth grounding in IT know-                                                smartphones. And the study program-
how – and, since last autumn, taught                                                me offered at the School of Informa-
in the world’s lingua franca, English.                                              tics, Communications and Media in
Combining technical expertise with                                                  Hagenberg has been forging ahead
confidence in the language currency                                                 since it began in 2003. It has establis-
of international commerce gives Mobi-       The FH OÖ Master’s degree in Mobile     hed partnerships with global players
le Computing graduates an unbeata-          Computing equips you with both the      like Nokia, BlackBerry, mobilkom and
ble edge. “We want to best prepare          technical know-how and language         T-Mobile, links that have reinforced the
our students for the international envi-    skills for a leading-role career in a   reputation of the degree internationally
ronment they will be working in, by         globally booming sector.                and guarantee high-level education at
equipping them with all the relevant                                                the cutting-edge of practice-focused
skills”, says Head of Studies, Dr. Chris-   language competence.” With its pio-     IT expertise.
toph Schaffer. "These include English       neering “Mobile Computing” degree,


Skills to take on key management roles
Cutting-edge training for leadership roles in manufacturing is at the heart of the

          Formidable challenges are         know-how to solve tomorrow’s
facing manufacturers in our increa-         complex problems facing any enter-
singly globalised world. The Steyr          prise. Andreas Muther, CEO at SAP
School of Management Master’s in            Austria, said: “This degree offers
Operations Management (OMT)                 ideal training for the challenges of
addresses the organisational issu-          today’s networked economy, parti-
es businesses need to deal with in          cularly in manufacturing.”A varied
the heightened competitive, custo-          range of elective courses – inclu-
mer-focused environment of the              ding corporate restructuring, flexib-
market place. The degree’s main             le working model practices, and
focus is development of the skills          even overseeing a start-up enterpri-
necessary for successful leadership         se in Asia – allow students to
in strategic planning and the opti-         deepen their knowledge in areas of
misation of manufacturing proces-           their choice. Graduates also have
ses. The OMT curriculum, devised            the opportunity to qualify for a SAP    Studying at the Steyr School of Manage-
with industry experts, thus ensures         certificate during their studies.       ment gives you a head start for a leader-
graduates acquire the very latest                        ship role in manufacturing .

                                                                                                              Issue 1/2010   09


Environmental technology is
an economic driving force
Annual sales revenues in the global environmental technology branch are estimated to amount to some
presents a highly respectable key indicator. In Upper Austria, these developments have been lent timely
support from any early stage by means of cluster and network initiatives.

10   Issue 1/2010
          During the past 15 years,     Energy Efficiency Network laun-                 Industry says “Yes!”. The Cluster
the number of Austrian companies        ched. The Energy Efficiency Network             and the Network are thus under way,
that can be classified as belonging     founded in May 2009 works closely               but what is industry’s reaction? In
to the environmental technology         with the Environmental Technology               order to find out, interviews were
branch has risen from 248 to 375.       Cluster. The Network has a clear                held during the period from May to
In addition, numerous companies         focus on the efficient use of energy in         September 2009 with a total of six-
are expanding their portfolios and      “commercial and industrial production           ty representatives from leading com-
will move into this segment in the      processes”, as well as “complete                panies in six industrial branches
coming years. In Upper Austria          company plants”. The number one                 (plastics, chemicals, paper and wood
around 100 companies with annu-         premise is that company thinking                processing, construction, mechani-
al sales revenues of around one bil-    should be diverted away from end-of-            cal engineering and steel, and foods).
lion euros are active in related are-   pipe concepts towards integrated,               Those questioned were asked about
as and thus secure some 18,000          and therefore efficient, environmental          the current situation and develop-
skilled jobs. These encouraging         technology solutions, which provide             ments in the environmental techno-
economic statistics are indicative of   return on investment in only a few              logy branch and they also commen-
the long-term support for the seg-      years. The ability to employ such tech-         ted on their own applications of such
ment provided by the Upper Aust-        nologies in a targeted manner depends           technology and their energy efficien-
rian government. The Environmen-        on an initial analysis of the complete          cy levels. The survey results proved
tal Technology Network was              production process, which facilitates           to be highly encouraging as all the
founded in 2006 and in view of          the optimisation of the cost/benefit            replies demonstrated great open-
increasing, special branch demands      calculation and the simultaneous con-           ness towards an interactive, intra-
was converted into a cluster on         servation of resources.                         branch exchange of experience for
November 17, 2009, by the Upper                 the sustainable design of a reasona-
Austrian Economics Secretary, Vik-                                                      ble energy household. In this con-
tor Sigl.                                                                               nection, efficiency was seen as an
                                                                                        absolute priority, especially with
Environmental Cluster establis-                                                         regard to raw material and energy
hed. The focal points of the new                                                        recovery.
Environmental Cluster are the esta-
blishment of national and internati-                              Environmental technology includes ...
onal cooperation projects and the
organisation of events for know-            Waste management: collection, utilisation and disposal,
how exchanges and the forming of            e.g. recycling, composting, sewage sludge drying.
new contacts. Viktor Sigl: “The
Cluster has three main functions. It        Water and wastewater management: drinking water and wastewater treatment, e.g.
should act as the initiator and pro-        filter technology, oil separators, biological wastewater plants, sewage plant upgrades.
moter of bilateral, inter-company
relationships, a hub for their inno-        Air pollution prevention and climate protection: processes for the prevention of
vations, and a platform for intensi-        atmospheric pollution, e.g. flue gas desulphurisation, waste gas cleaning
ve knowledge transfers.” Above all,         and dedusting processes.
the groups addressed or involved
in dialogues have altered. To date,         Safeguarding of the soil and groundwater through the retention of soil functions
activities extended to other bran-          and groundwater protection measures, e.g. contaminated site remediation,
ches, but now the focus is clearly          renaturation measures, groundwater improvements.
on the segment itself and in parti-
cular SMEs.                                 Noise and vibration protection, e.g. technical noise studies and measurements, noise                protection solutions, technical vibration measurements, adherence to current values

                                            Engineering services, e.g. planning of environmental technology measures, concepts
                                            for production-integrated environmental protection, emission and immission expertises.

                                            Production of environmental technology equipment.

                                                                                                                   Issue 1/2010   11


                    Learning from the best
                    Under this motto, an Upper Austrian delegation from the fields of
                    business and industry, politics and research visited the Energy Re-
                    search Center of the Netherlands (ECN) in Petten near Alkmaar. TMG
                    was responsible for organising the trip.

                              The Nether-
                    lands has concentra-
                    ted a large amount of
                    energy research capa-
                    city within the ECN.
                    Indeed with a research
                    staff of 650 and an
                    annual budget of EUR
                    80 million, the ECN
                    is clearly in the Euro-
                    pean energy research
                    “premier league”. Its
                    range of activities
                    extends from biomass
                    and solar and wind        A link already exists between ECN and the
                    power to alternative      Johannes Kepler University of Linz in the
                    automotive drive sys-     form of an organic solar cell, which is
                                              composed of plastic rather than silicon.
                    tems, intelligent pow-
                    er grids and nuclear
                    energy. Accordingly, the Upper Aus-       was able to gather a wealth of ins-
                    trian delegation, which was headed        piration regarding energy-related
                    by Economics Secretary, Viktor Sigl,      research.

                                               For the sixth time in succession

                     “Inventorland” No. 1 in Austria
                     Austria’s business and industry leads the way with regard to protective rights for

                     Viktor Sigl have confirmed: “Upper Austria thus remains unchallenged in the lead
                     ahead of Vienna and Styria. Indeed, the gap to the runners-up has increased.”
                     ding federal province with regard to patents for six years in succession. Moreo-
                     ver, it is especially pleasing that in the national rankings for the country’s most
                     innovative companies, three Upper Austrian companies consisting of Fronius

                     (11 inventions) are among the top ten.

12   Issue 1/2010

TECHNOLOGY FOR CLEAN AIR                                                                          Information

                                                                                      Eco-Energy Cluster
Environmental technology                                                              (OEC)
companies in Upper Austria                                                                      In order to further consoli-
                                                                                      date Upper Austria’s market posi-
                                                                                      tion in the field of renewable ener-
The family-owned Scheuch company currently numbers among the                          gy and energy efficiency, the
leaders in the European air and environmental technology industry                     Eco-Energy Cluster (OEC) was for-
and is regarded as a pioneer in the field of air pollution protection.                med in 2000 in a first initiative in
Scheuch has always employed a policy of systematic and intensive                      the environmental and energy sec-
research and development, and as evidenced by a diversity of pa-                      tor. The Upper Austrian govern-
                                                                                      ment then entrusted the cluster
tents, this remains a priority. Around three per cent of sales revenues
                                                                                      management to the Upper Austri-
are invested in R&D every year.                                                       an Energy Savings Association. In
                                                                                      recent years, Upper Austria has
                                                                                      established itself as a competence
                                         pressure-cleaned bag filter and in the       centre for eco-energy and energy
                                         course of optimisation and technical         efficiency and can point to an
                                         advances has registered numerous             impressive record of success. The
                                         patents. Scheuch bag filters are ideal       more than 150 companies in the
                                         for throughflow volumes of 500 –             OEC have grown strongly and
                                         3,000,000 m3/h.                              some are active well beyond
                                                                                      Europe’s borders. At present, the
                                                                                      companies employ a joint work-
                                         State-of-the-art for generations.            force of over 6,200; have core area
                                         Scheuch GmbH was founded in 1963             sales revenues of around EUR 1.7
                                         and has thus been working on inno-           billion and an export quota that
                                         vative technological developments            clearly exceeds 50 per cent. Inde-
                                         and process techniques in the air pol-       ed, the European Commission has
                                         lution prevention area for over forty        presented the Eco-Energy Cluster
                                         years. The company has a workforce           with the “European Cluster Award”
                                         of 640 and annual sales revenues of          as the best EU cluster organisati-
                                         EUR 150 million. Its extensive portfo-       on. The OEC not only incorporates
                                         lio includes extraction, dedusting and       the global market leader in the field
                                         flue gas cleaning systems for the            of biomass-fired boilers and solar
                                         wood, wood material, metals, stone           energy systems, but also compa-
                                         and earth and energy industries. The         nies that offer innovative products
                                         production programme incorporates            and services in the energy efficien-
                                         filters, ventilators, gates, sorption sys-   cy field. The latter include the plan-
                                         tems, pipe components and plant              ning of energy-efficient buildings,
          Scheuch offers complete        accessories. These technologies and          energy consulting for commercial
solutions ranging from consulting,       systems greatly reduce fine dust and         and industrial enterprises, innova-
planning, production, assembly, start-   pollutant emission levels and thus           tive financing and operator models,
up, to plant service and emission        Scheuch makes a valuable contribu-           and energy contracting.
measurements. The systems and            tion to both environmental and clima-
plant components are manufactured        te protection. Moreover, energy-saving
in the company production centre in      design and integrated heat recovery
Aurolzmünster/Upper Austria and          systems further enhance energy effici-
thanks to ongoing, practice-related      ency, which results in a marked cut in
further development are state-of-the-    CO2 emissions.
art. In 1979, Scheuch built the first

                                                                                                             Issue 1/2010   13

                Editorial                  NEW PLATFORM FOUNDED WITH STRONG PARTICIPATION

                                           Wood-plastic composites
                                           on the march
                                           In March, Austria launched a new platform for wood-plastic composi-
                                           tes. Among those involved are global market leaders from Upper Aust-
                                           ria such as Internorm, Greiner Tool. Tec, PPI, ART Asamer and Econ.
 Werner Pamminger, CEO, Clusterland
 Oberösterreich GmbH

           A further successful step
 towards the national networking of
 Austria’s clusters has been taken
 with the cooperation agreement
 between Upper Austria and Lower
 Austria regarding the Mechatronics
 Cluster. This is most important as
 inter-company teamwork clearly
 does not stop at political borders.
 The trend in the EU is also towards
 supra-regional clusters under the
 motto of attaining critical size in
 order to secure success.


 Immediate diagnosis                       Caption. New and innovative products. A tool designed by the specialists from Greiner
                                           Tool.Tec has enabled the production of the WPC pencil, which has received the acco-
          The diagnosis of infectious      lade of “Top Bio-material of the Year”.
 diseases normally requires com-
 plex laboratory testing. Accordingly,                The activities of the new         was initiated by the Plastics Cluster
 the Health Cluster’s “Point of Care”      platform are focused on R&D, tech-           in Upper and Lower Austria, the
 cooperation project is focused on         nology development, cost efficiency,         Plastics Technology Transfer Center
 a new type of platform, which in          markets, compounding and public              in Wels and Cincinnati Extrusion
 future will allow the direct analysis     relations. Platform members are to           GmbH in Vienna and is being
 of bacterial and viral illnesses in the   be found along the entire value              financed by the participating compa-
 surgeries of general practitioners.       added chain from raw material/wood           nies.     Wood-plastic composites
 This will save precious time and          processing, to tool production,              (WPC) are thermoplastically pro-
 allow decisions concerning thera-         mechanical engineering and proces-           cessed composites, which are for-
 py to be taken quickly. “Point of         sing (injection moulding and extrusi-        med from wood and synthetics. With
 Care” is a project involving the          on), and scientific institutes. In the       annual growth rates of 25 per cent,
 Lambda, CompuGroup, Software              final analysis, the resulting synergies      this materials group numbers among
 Competence Center Hagenberg               result in new and innovative projects        the most rapidly expanding seg-
 and Software Engineering Weich-           and products, which help to secure           ments in the European plastics
 selbaum organisations.                    Austria’s position as an economic            industry.                location and position it as a “WPC
                                           competence centre”. The platform   

14   Issue 1/2010


Innovation monitor
From now on the „Innovation Monitor“ provides you regularly
with core messages to innovation studies.

         Experts are of the unani-                                                 provinces in 2007. It shows that
mous opinion that innovation lea-                                                  during the year, Upper Austria
dership is vital to highly industria-                                              passed the billion euro mark for the
lised regions such as Europe, in                                                   first time with R&D spending. Upper
order that their products and servi-                                               Austria was also the only federal
ces retain the capacity to comple-                                                 province to have clearly exceeded
te in increasingly predatory world                                                 the target set by the EU and the
markets. Numerous analyses of the                                                  Austrian Council for Research and
key performance indicators (KPIs)                                                  Technology Development that the
relating to innovation have been            lead to exciting discussions. In May   expenditure on R&D by business
produced and in future, this publi-         2010, the “Austrian Research and       and should amount to more than
cation will contain an “Innovative          Technology Report 2010” was pub-       two-thirds of total spending in this
Upper Austria” column, which will           lished in conjunction with the Fede-   area. The high figure of 77 per cent
contain the key findings from selec-        ral Economics and Transport, Inno-     derives from the many highly inno-
ted studies on this topic. The con-         vation and Technology ministries.      vative companies in Upper Austria.
clusions of such papers are not             This report provides an overview of    Vienna (36 per cent) and Styria (38
always congruent and this should            the R&D expenditure of the federal     per cent) lagged well behind.


MC launched in Lower Austria
April 6, 2010 saw the start signal for the expansion of the Mechatronics Cluster (MC) to a second federal
province. With immediate effect, the MC, which was founded in Upper Austria in 2003, is now represented
by an office in Lower Austria.

                                            mechatronics cooperation agree-        and Lower Austria in the Plastics Clus-
                                            ment concluded between Cluster-        ter area since 2005. This teamwork
                                            land Oberösterreich GmbH and eco-      has now been extended to the mecha-
                                            plus, Lower Austria’s business         tronics sector, which already demons-
                                            agency. Upper Austrian Economics       trates an impressive balance with 285
                                            Secretary, Viktor Sigl, “This means    companies currently benefiting from
                                            that an important step towards a       the advantages of the network. The
                                            pan-Austrian network has been          Cluster incorporates partner compa-
                                            taken.” 180 company representati-      nies from the mechanical engineering,
Caption. Upper Austrian Economics Sec-      ves attended the kick-off event in     plant building, equipment and appara-
retary, Viktor Sigl and his Lower Austri-
                                            St.Pölten in order to determine the    tus construction, technology/compo-
an counterpart, Petra Bohuslav during
the launch press conference for the         content and direction of the MC in     nent manufacture, services and R&D/
inter-province MC cooperation.              Lower Austria.                         educational sectors. Some 48,000
                                                                                   employees achieve annual sales reve-
          The foundation stone for          Positive balance. Successful coope-    nues of EUR 8.2 billion.
this development was provided by a          ration has continued between Upper

                                                                                                          Issue 1/2010   15


The Haidl window and door plant secures 70 jobs
berg, Upper Austria. The company, which is a full-liner in the wood, wood-aluminium and plastic window segment, is

           The “Bavarian-Innviertel                                                                        Managing
window marriage” between the                                                                               Director Max
Lederbauer and Haidl companies                                                                             Haidl (second
                                                                                                           from right)
has been completed with the ope-
                                                                                                           and National
ning of a plant at a new production                                                                        Council Peter
location in Reichersberg in the Inn-                                                                       Mayer (right)
viertel and as CEO, Maximilian Haidl,                                                                      at the opening
says: “Full production can now start.”                                                                     of the new
He has invested around EUR 8.1 mil-                                                                        window plant.
lion in the new plant and thus in the
future of his innovative company and
the securing of 70 jobs. The com-
pany was supported with its expan-
sion plans by the location experts           ted what can be achieved with pro-     sents a major priority in our new
from TMG and as Upper Austrian               fessional company location and loca-   “Innovative Upper Austria 2010plus”
Economics Secretary, Viktor Sigl             tion development for the company       strategic economic and research
stresses:“ The HAIDL-Lederbauer              and the local population. Accordin-    programme.”
project has once again demonstra-            gly, company location again repre-,


New R&D centre
Celum GmbH is a globally active manufacturer of software for automated marketing, communications and sales

long-term existence of future-oriented jobs.

          Celum GmbH, which was                                                     d
                                                                                    ding year. In view of this expansion
founded in 1999, currently employs a  s                                             a
                                                                                    and the fact that capacity at the com-
workforce of more than 45 at three    ree                                           pany facilities in Linz was already
locations and serves over 300 custo-  to-                                           exhausted, a solution was sought with
mers in 25 countries. These include    de                                           the help of TMG regarding a centrally
leading companies such as Goodye-     ye-                                           positioned R&D centre. A site was
ar, L’Oreal, Volkswagen, or Magna      na                                           quickly found in the Linz “Südpark”
Steyr. The past year was highly suc-  uc-                                           and in the long-term the company’s
cessful with a 50 per cent increase in                                              entire R&D capacity is to be concen-
orders, a 25 per cent rise in sales    es                                           trated in a spectacular new building
revenues and a considerable impro-    ro-                                           surrounded by lakes, a golf course
vement in profits. In the first quarter of   Caption. Celum solutions include       and a great deal of greenery. etenz
2010 sales were up by a further 70           savings potential for every branch     des Unternehmens gebündelt.
per cent as compared to the prece-            and size of company.        

16   Issue 1/2010
                                                                                              LOCATION UPPER AUSTRIA


Borealis invests
EUR 75 million in Linz
nal research centre has been located in Linz.

                                                                                             research funding, the strengthening
                                                                                             of plastics competence at the JKU
                                                                                             and general economic grants. Ger-
                                                                                             hard Roiss, the chairman of the
                                                                                             Borealis AG supervisory board: “Linz
                                                                                             was involved in a European location
                                                                                             competition and once again the
                                                                                             Upper Austrian government demons-
                                                                                             trated its ability to recognise forward-
                                                                                             looking developments and thus took
                                                                                             the necessary supportive decisions
                                                                                             in a quick and non-bureaucratic

                                                                                             New institutes for more R&D. The
                                                                                             excellent cooperation between Bore-
                                                                                             alis, the Johannes Kepler University
                                                                                             Linz and the political sphere, together
Das weltweite Forschungszentrum von Borealis wurde im November in Linz eröffnet.             with the professional support of
                                                                                             TMG, furnished the basis for the
           An investment of EUR 75           Upper Austria wins location                     choice of location. Four plastics ins-
million in the area of catalyst              competition. Upper Austria made                 titutes were founded at the Johan-
research, development and pro-               major efforts to ensure that Borealis           nes Kepler University (see box)
duction will result in a considerab-         would select it as a location. Within           during the past year and an indust-
le expansion of Borealis’ research           the scope of its possibilities, the pro-        rial catalyst and process technology
activities in Linz and a major con-          vincial government sought to accom-             centre is planned to follow.
tribution to the future of Upper Aus-        pany and support Borealis with a      
tria as an economic location. To             range of measures that included       
quote the Upper Austrian governor,
Josef Pühringer and Economics                             New plastics institutes at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz
Secretary, Viktor Sigl: “The decisi-
on for Linz provides the entire eco-
nomic region with both economic
and labour market policy impetus.
In particular, the strengthening of
the high-potential plastics branch
furnishes the basis for jobs with a               (Head: Prof. Georg Steinbichler)
long-term future.”

                                                                                                                       Issue 1/2010   17

                                       NEW AT THE HAGENBERG SOFTWARE PARK

 CATT Innovation
                                       Cloud computing
          W i t h
 effect from May,
                                       research centre
 Gilbert Schreiber                     With the support of the Upper Austrian government, the Linz com-
 has taken over as                     puter manufacturer Quanmax is to move to the Hagenberg Software
 the new CATT                          Park and establish a new research centre. This means that another
 CEO as the suc-                       international company will be resident in the “Park” and a further
 cessor to Wilfried
                                       30 jobs have been created. This success is largely due to the opera-
 Enzenhofer (see page 7). Gilbert
 Schreiber is an expert in the tech-
 nology and innovation field and
 has worked at CATT Manage-
 ment GmbH for the past seven
 years, during which time he has
 helped to establish the technolo-
 gy transfer business area. CATT
 Innovation Management is a ful-
 ly-owned TMG subsidiary and
 supports Upper Austrian compa-
 nies and institutions in the areas
 of international innovation
 management, technology transfer
 and protective rights.


           An ageing population pre-
 sents the health services with
 new challenges, which include a
 sharp increase in prosperity-rela-    In recent years, over EUR 100 million have been invested in the Hagenberg Software Park.
 ted illnesses, a growing need for
 care of the older generation and                Cloud computing is regar-            virtually exclusively active in the hard-
 rising costs. Within the scope of     ded as a major IT trend and anyone             ware area, is looking to become a
 the EU project, “Innovation4Wel-      that has used Google’s calendar, or            leading supplier of computer securi-
 fare (I4W)”, TMG is sponsoring        sent an e-mail via GMX has been in             ty solutions, which will “float” on the
 eight international projects in the   contact with it. Programs are taken            global “computer cloud” and include
 teleservice, biotechnology, reha-     from the Internet and used as requi-           data coding. The fact that the Asian
 bilitation and industrial medicine    red with the obvious advantage that            parent company supported the
 sectors. Also taking part are part-   both costs and resources are saved.            choice of this location represents a
 ner regions from Catalonia (ES),                                                     clear signal and an important step
 Lombardy (IT), Northern Brabant       International location. The dan-               towards the internationalisation of
 (NL), South West Bohemia (CZ)         gers inherent to cloud computing               the Software Park.
 and Estonia (EST).                    relate to security and it precisely here             that Quanmax is active. The Taiwa-   ,
                                       nese concern, which until now was    

18   Issue 1/2010
                                                                                       LOCATION UPPER AUSTRIA

                                                                                       POLE POSITION

Wood gasifier as an                                                                     Pole position for
                                                                                       the Upper Austrian
energy transformer                                                                     economic location
                                             ting to mini energy transformer
                                             plants. This analytical process
                                             spotlighted wood gasification tech-
                                             nology, for although the related
                                             techniques have been known for
                                             many years; a modern approach is
                                             still in its infancy. In fact, small
                                             wood gasification plants could be
                                             used for the energy supply of remo-
                                             te buildings without the need to
                                                                                       Federal province ranking 2009
A mini-plant has already been designed at    resort to fossil fuels. The fuel sup-     (Average=100)
the TDZ Ennstal and will go into test ope-   ply derives from material that            In a direct location comparison Upper
ration in the next few weeks.                                                          Austria is in first place.
                                             comes directly from the vicinity and
                                             apart from efficiency; the main fac-
         A study completed by the            tor in isolated areas is the reliabili-            In 2009, 1,600 decision-
Ennstal TDZ focused on the tech-             ty of supply.                             makers from the fields of business
nologies and influential factors rela-                        and politics were questioned for
                                                                                       the Management Club’s location
                                                                                       RADAR and once again selected
RIED TECHNOLOGY CENTRE                                                                 Upper Austria as the nation’s lea-
                                                                                       ding economic location. In the
                                                                                       federal province rankings regarding

A basis for success                                                                    location quality, in spite of slipping
                                                                                       back, Upper Austria still retained a
                                                                                       clear lead of 11 points above the
          A good education                                                             national average. With 110.4 points
provides the foundation for                                                            Upper Austria clearly outstripped
a successful professional                                                              Lower Austria with 104.4 points
life. And when this founda-                                                            and Tyrol with 103.0 points. Upper
tion is built in the surround-                                                         Austrian governor, Josef Pühringer
ings of a Technology Centre                                                            and Economics Secretary, Viktor
with numerous innovative                                                               Sigl, in unison: “We are delighted
companies, then one can                                                                that we have again attained the
clearly refer to a win-win                                                             pole position even though as the
situation. Since September                                                             nation’s leading export region, as
2009, the Techno-Z Ried is Caption. The school project at the Techno-Z Ried            anticipated Upper Austria was
home to a Higher Technical was realised due to the close cooperation between           especially hard hit by the internati-
                               the Ried town council, the companies and the
College (HTL), which resi-                                                             onal financial crisis and had to
                               federal government.
des in a purpose-built edu-                                                            accept the largest economic
cational complex. The students            extent, as every year trainees are           downturn of all the federal provin-
receive teaching in the areas of          sought directly in the HHTL and the          ces. However, for us the study also
mechanical engineering, electronics       companies also sponsor partner               represents a clear assignment to
and software in close cooperation         classes and commission diploma               start to make up lost ground in
with Centre companies. Both these         studies.                                     various part areas.”
and the students benefit to an equal

                                                                                                              Issue 1/2010     19


Innovation in motion
Miba is an international company group, which manufactures technologically advanced drive components.
Miba technology raises the performance of vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft and power plants and makes
them more environment-friendly.

Customer satisfaction is an absolute Miba priority. Quality and reliability stand for an actively experienced corporate culture.

          Miba, which is a listed cor-           work of production locations and                  ging in its history, Miba achieved
porate group based in Laakirchen,                sales offices that covers three con-              sales revenues of EUR 311.8 milli-
Upper Austria, is a leading develop-             tinents from Europe to the USA and                on. The first three quarters were
ment partner to the international                China. The group develops and pro-                characterised by the global reces-
engine and vehicle industries. Since             duces sintered components, engi-                  sion, however Miba’s strategies
its foundation in 1927, Miba has                 ne bearings, friction materials and               proved effective and a positive
developed from a one-man under-                  coatings.                                         result was attained in the fourth
taking into an international concern                                                               quarter. As an owner-managed
with 2,600 employees. Miba is a                  A dynamic market environ-                         company, Miba development con-
global player with a presence in the             ment. In the 2009/10 financial year,              tinues to stand for profitable growth.
world’s growth centres and a net-                which was one of the most challen-                Investments are systematically

20   Issue 1/2010
                                                                                                        LEADING COMPANIES

                                                                                               High investments in R&D
Miba’s motivated and highly qualified employees represent the key to success.                  secure the future.

financed from cash flow and are               gical leadership remain high and in              bearings was launched at the bea-
thus from own resources, while an             spite of a fall in sales revenues, Miba          rings production centre in the USA.
equity ratio of 60 per cent secures           invested some EUR 19 million in                  Since last summer, the manufacture
financial independence.                       R&D during the 2009/10 financial                 of large bearings for marine engines
                                              year. Miba’s strategic focus lies on             has been continuing at pace in Chi-
Growth through technology.                    its product and technological leader-            na. Indeed, Miba has been active in
Especially in these turbulent econo-          ship as the basis for profitable cor-            growth markets such as China, India
mic times, Miba has clearly demons-           porate growth. This involves the                 and Brazil for many years. Miba is
trated its innovative strength and            development of high-tech solutions               also making major investments in
entrepreneurial spirit. Accordingly,          at competitive prices in close coope-            future-oriented technologies such as
Miba looks to the development of              ration with customers.                           wind power and e-drives.
components for high-performance,
efficient and alternative drives and is       New opportunities. In April, Miba                A strong team. Miba’s success
thus paving the way for coming                acquired the British coatings speci-             is based on the entrepreneurial skills
generations. The levels of expenditu-         alist company, Teer Coatings Ltd.,               and personal development of
re for the consolidation of technolo-         which is located in Droitwich, UK.               the entire workforce. As a result of their
                                              The group has thus extended its                  motivation, commitment and high
                                              competence and product portfolio in              qualifications, Miba is well equipped to
                                              the highly specialist surface coatings           face the future. Miba offers perspecti-
                                              sector. In June, the Miba Sinter                 ves within an international framework,
                                              Group opened its new sintering loca-             invests large sums in further training
                                              tion in McConnelsville, Ohio/USA                 and encourages its employees to
                                              and at the same time, the produc-                enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
                                              tion of high-performance engine        

                                                                                Fact box: Miba in figures

                                                Sales revenues 2009/10:
                                                R&D expenditure:                6% of sales revenues
                                                Global workforce:               approx. 2,600
                                                thereof in Upper Austria:       approx. 1,600
                                                Locations in Upper Austria:     Laakirchen, Vorchdorf, Roitham
                                                Products:                       sintered components, engine bearings,
                                                                                friction materials and coatings
Miba has 12 production locations in             Vision:                         no power train without Miba technology
six countries.

                                                                                                                         Issue 1/2010   21


Renaissance and Reformation

         With its theme, “Renais-
sance and Reformation” the focus
of this year’s exhibition is on an
epoch that is frequently misjudged.
Together with the Austrian Evange-
lical Church as a partner, an exhi-
bition with supra-regional impor-
tance has been dedicated to this
topic and documents the signifi-
cance of the Reformation for the
Upper Austria of both yesterday
and today.

Interactivity. In addition to Hart-
heim, Parz Palace numbers among
the most architecturally important
Renaissance palaces in Upper
Austria. The nucleus of the exhibi-      sources, but also by an interactive    make a visit an experience for the
tion is not only formed by innume-       communications programme and           entire family.
rable precious exhibits from local       extensive supporting events, which


Alpbach with Upper Austrian working group
           At the Alpbach Technolo-      cuss the future-oriented topic,        to steelworks. Other issues to be
gy Discussions 2010, Upper Aust-         “Mechatronics – the silent revoluti-   covered will include the approaches
ria will again be represented with its   on”. The group will be headed by       selected to answer product deve-
own working group, which will dis-       the LCM CEO, Gerald Schatz and         lopment challenges and the tensi-
                                                          in detail will deal   ons that can arise between design
                                                          with the fact that    and reality. Moreover, the questions
                                                          mechatronics is       as to whether the revolution will
                                                          changing and          come to a standstill and the contri-
                                                          improving our         butions that mechatronics can
                                                          lives, is interdis-   make to the solution of the major
                                                          ciplinary, and is     challenges of the future such as
                                                          omnipresent in        energy shortages and an ageing
                                                          everything from       society will also be scrutinised.
                                                          computer tomo-        More information will be published
                                                          graphy, aircraft      in the next edition of “Innovative
                                                          and hybrid cars       Upper Austria”.

22   Issue 1/2010
                                                                                      NEWS FROM UPPER AUSTRIA


A hold full of science
Every year in summer, a ship sets sail with an unusual freight. The MS Wissenschaft (MS Science) is the
craft and its cargo consists of a scientific exhibition. The vessel is scheduled to visit some 30 ports of call
along Europe’s waterways, which in 2010 will include Austria for the first time.

          The exhibition ship is suc-
cessfully established as a floating
science centre and in recent years,
during its four-month voyages, the
boat was boarded by between
75,000 and 115,000 visitors. In
2010, everything on the roughly
100m-long canal freighter will
revolve around the topic of

Stop-over in Linz. From Sep-
tember 17-20, the research ship
will drop anchor in Linz and be          The MS Wissenschaft offers an open invitation to test, participate and research.
open to anyone who is interested.
The MS Wissenschaft started its          after visiting some 30 German and               boat’s final destination is Würzburg.
journey in Berlin on May 18 and          three Austrian towns and cities, the  

                                         AN UPPER AUSTRIAN DELEGATION IN SOUTH AMERICA

                                         In Brazil for Upper Austria
                                         A high-powered economic delegation, which included the Upper
                                         Austrian Economics Secretary, Viktor Sigl, and Research Secretary,

                                         Upper Austria. The aim of the trip was to establish, cultivate
                                         and expand contacts.

                                                   In addition to a visit to             Important export market. Following
                                         Embraer, the world’s third largest              visits to Japan, China, India and Rus-
                                         aircraft manufacturer, the itinerary            sia in the course of “innovation trips”,
                                         also included VW Brazil, the AOLA               Brazil was selected as this year’s des-
                                         bio-ethanol plant and the local                 tination. The country has a populati-
                                         branch of the Linz railway construc-            on of 192 million and is characterised
                                         tion machinery producer, Plasser &              by strong economic growth, which
                                         Theurer. In addition, a cooperation             has made it Austria’s fourth most
                                         agreement was signed between the                important export market outside Euro-
The Brazilian economy offers Upper       Upper Austrian Fachhochschule                   pe and furnishes local companies with
Austrian companies major opportunities   and the Uninove University of Sao               excellent opportunities. The journey
for the future.                          Paolo.                                          was organised by TMG.

                                                                                                                   Issue 1/2010   23

Under you will find the latest racing bike tours
in Upper Austria with height profiles, GPS data and maps. Welcome to
a cycling fans paradise!