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                              CIVICS & ECONOMICS COURSE OUTLINE

                                   1608 CAMDEN ROAD
                                 FAYETTEVILLE, NC 28306

                                    SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT
                                        CIVICS & ECONOMICS
                                          FALL Semester 2010

TEXTBOOK(S): Civics Today: Citizenship, Economics & You by Richard C. Remy, Ph.D.
INSTRUCTOR(S): Ms. Jenkins

The Content of this course focuses on the politics, economics, and legal systems in our nation. During this
course, students will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become responsible citizens and consumers
in an interdependent world. To accomplish this goal we will utilize the North Carolina Standard Course of
Study. This is the best instrument to prepare students for the End-of-Course Exam. This is a state mandated,
state created exam that will count towards 25% of your students overall grade. All students must earn a level 3
or 4 on the End-of-Course exam to receive credit for the course. It is my goal to ensure all students gain the
knowledge essential for furthering the higher education goals. To accomplish this goal, expectations for all
students are set high. I believe when students, parents, and teachers work together everyone is more successful.
I am looking forward to a rewarding semester.

Conferences will be held by appointment only. It is best to email me at: I will
check my email several times a day. You may also call me 485-1634. I will return phone messages as soon as I

   Foundations of American Citizenship
   The National Government
   Political Parties and Interest Groups
   The Tarheel State
   The Individual, the Law, and the Internet
   The Economy and the Individual
   The Free Enterprise System
   The United States and the World


20% Classwork/Participation                           A = 93 - 100
20% Homework                                          B = 85 - 92
20% Quizzes/Interactive Notebook                      C = 77 - 84
40% Tests/Projects                                    D = 70 - 76
                                                      F = 69 - 0

This does not include the End of Course Exam, which counts as 25% of the grade.

SUPPLY LIST                          PLEASE PICK ITEM(S)                  NOTEBOOK DIVIDER
1. 3” Binder                         FROM CLASSROOM WISH                  TOPICS
2. 5 Notebook Dividers               LIST TO CONTRIBUTE
3. I Provide 1 Spiral Notebook       1. 1 Box of Facial Tissue            Place the following topics on
   and 1 Composition Book,           2. 1 Bottle of Sanitation wipes      the 5 Notebook Dividers from
   $0.40 or at Cost                  3. 1 Roll of Paper Towels            Supply List
4. 1 Glue Stick                      4. 1 Bottle of Antibacterial Gel
5. 1 Roll of Transparent Tape        5. 1 Bottle of Window cleaner        1.   Reference
6. 1 Pair of Scissors                6. 5 or more felt squares (Any       2.   Interactive
7. 100 Index Cards                   Color)                               3.   Vocabulary
8. 1 Ream of Paper to Copy           7. 1 Pack of Construction Paper      4.   Handouts
   Notes, Projects, and              8. 1 Box of Color Pencils            5.   Review
   Computer Lab Work, etc.           9. 1 Box of Magic Markers
9. Endless Supply of Loose Leaf      10. 1 Can of Air Freshener
   Paper, Pencils, and Pens

Students are to maintain a well-organized notebook throughout the semester. This will help to ensure each
student maintains or improves their organizational skills while creating a necessary study guide. Notebooks
will be checked for a grade throughout the semester. Students will need to set up a Civics and Economics
notebook. The Civics and Economics notebook/section will need to be divided into five (5) sections, see
Notebook Divider Topics listed in MATERIALS section.

Students will complete numerous projects throughout the semester to successfully earn the honors credit for the
course. These projects are listed in the Pacing Guide Calendar and each student will be give specific directions
and ample time to finish each project. Students should work on these projects throughout the time allotted and
not wait until the last minute. Late projects will receive a reduction of grade of 20% per day late.

Students will be assigned seating at the beginning of the semester. This seating may change during the course
of the semester. Students must seat in assigned seats.

1. Be on time.
2. Bring required materials every day (notebook, pen or pencil, paper, etc.)
3. Students must have their name, date, and class period in the upper right hand corner of ALL work to receive
4. Students cannot work on another teacher's work in class. All outside work will be confiscated.
5. A paragraph is at least five sentences.
6. An essay is a minimum of 5 paragraphs.
7. The following behaviors will result in a detention:
     Unexcused tardy
     Excessive talking during class
     Disrespect to a teacher or student
     Classroom disruptions
8. Students must have permission to leave their seats (i.e. bathroom, trash, sharpening of pencils, etc.). Failure
to adhere to this rule is considered a classroom disruption.
9. Do not lay your head down or sleep in class.
10. Use polite speech and body language. No profanity or racial slurs.

NOTE: Failure to maintain these expectations may result in a teacher assigned detention or administrative

Students will utilize the Library and Computer Lab during class. In addition, we will watch some curriculum
based videos and programs. This medium is used to enhance the learning process, not as a substitute. There are
many historically accurate videos, documentaries, and programs that give students appropriate audio and visual
enhancements. When correctly coupled with classroom instruction, most students will possess a better
understanding of the lessons.

Classroom attendance and participation are required. Students must make up all work that was missed within
five days of return to school after an absence. Assignments and test not made up will be graded as zero.
Students are expected to provide a note for the absence the day following the absence to the front office
otherwise the absence may be coded unlawful. Absences as a result of approved school activities are NOT
recorded (example: field trip, school meeting, school sponsored community service, etc.)

A homework-pacing guide is provided. The homework is organized to ensure students obtain the necessary
vocabulary and core subject knowledge. This basic knowledge will be enhanced in the classroom through
hands-on projects, cooperative learning, guidance, and reinforcement. A reduction of 20% will be assigned
each day the assignment is late.

Directions: Due to a few R ratings, to be eligible to receive extra credit for these assignments I must have a
parent/guardian signature below, no exceptions. Note: Not all movies are completely historically accurate as
writers/directors sometimes take liberties for entertainment purposes. Students may earn up to four (4) extra
credit grades or one each grading period. To receive extra credit the student must complete a Motion Picture
Analysis Worksheet which is available on my website or upon request. Parents are encouraged to sign each
Motion Picture Analysis Worksheet.


Students present in class are expected to participate. Failure to do so will result in a participation grade of zero
(0) .

Students will need to sign up on the tutoring sheet posted in the classroom. I need to know students needs and
intentions so that I can ensure I am available and prepared. Students can utilize this time to ask questions,
review lessons/concepts, work on a Civics & Economics Honors lesson, project, or homework assignments.

Classroom computers will be available for use at appropriate times that do not interfere with lessons on a first
come first served basis. The school computer lab is available for student use during posted hours.

School wide Parent/Teacher Conferences are held at designated times throughout the school year. All other
conferences will be made by appointment.
We will work hard in our classroom. I have high expectations of all of my students. I also like to
incorporate and recognize students birthdays, achievements, and holidays. I often:

1. Give a brief lesson explaining and recognizing the history of various holidays.
2. Post students birthdays (not age) so that we can recognize students on their special day. Please do not send in
food/drinks or plan a celebration during class time as instructional time is valuable and limited. Remember,
food and drink, with the exception of water, are not permitted in the classroom.
3. We will celebrate the end of the semester with a school-wide celebration. I will acknowledge students with
certificates in areas such as (Highest Classroom Grade Point Average, Most Improved, Perfect Attendance,
Most Respectful, Highest End-of-Course Exam score, etc.).



Parents/Guardians and Students please sign and date this Course Outline. All students that return the signed
Course Outline the next school day will receive Extra Credit. The Course Outline will be the first document
filed in the notebook behind the Reference Tab.

Students Signature                                                              Date

Parent/Guardians Signature                                                     Date
                                Extra Credit Motion Picture Listing

Extra Credit (Participation is not required and will not affect the grades of those that do not participate).

Title          Director      Genre        Rating      Time     Year    Summary
The Crucible   Nicholas      Drama        PG-13       124      1996    Arthur Miller’s timeless tale is centered
               Hytner        History                                   around the Salem, Massachusetts witch
                                                                       trials of 1692,
The Scarlet    Roland        Drama        R for       135      1995    In 1666, in a culture where passion is a
Letter         Joffe         Romance      Violence/                    sin, will commit the most defiant crime
                                          Sexuality                    of all?
The Crossing   Robert        Biography    TV 14       89       2000    A dramatization of George
- TV           Harmon        Drama        War                          Washington’s perilous gamble.
                             History      Violence
Patriot, the   Roland        Action       R for       165      2000    When his son enlists in the army to
               Emmerich      Drama        Strong                       defend their new nation, America,
                             War          War                          against the British, Benjamin reluctantly
                                          Violence                     returns to his old life.
Amistad        Steven        Drama        R Brutal    155      1997    1839 revolt aboard Spanish slave ship
               Spielberg     History      Violence/                    La Amistad and the uprising's tragic
                                          Related                      aftermath.
Glory          Edward        Drama        R for       122      1989    Follows the first group of African-
               Zwick         History      Violence                     Americans to serve in combat during
                             War                                       the Civil War.
Gone With      Victor        Drama        G           238      1939    A classic during the Civil War and
the Wind       Fleming       Romance                                   Reconstruction.
Little         Gillian       Drama        PG          115      1994    A family of young girls endures
Women          Armstrong     Family                                    squabbles and tragedies during the Civil
                             Romance                                   War.
The Red        John          Drama        PG          69       1951    A young man struggles with his feelings
Badge of       Huston        War                                       of fear and courage in this coming of
Courage                                                                age Civil War tale.
The Color      Steven        Drama        PG-13       154      1985    The film follows a young woman as she
Purple         Speilberg                                               struggles through life and numerous
                                                                       tragedies in the early 1900s.
Citizen Kane   Orson         Drama        PG          119      1941    This complex and technically stunning
               Welles        Mystery                                   film chronicles Kane's rise from poverty
                                                                       to become one of America's most
                                                                       influential men. It is considered one of
                                                                       the best movies ever made.
To Kill a      Robert        Crime        PG          129      1962    Atticus Finch is a lawyer in a racially
Mockingbird    Mulligan      Drama        Mature                       divided Alabama town in the 1930s.
                             Mystery      Thematic/
Mr. Smith      Frank         Drama        TV-G        129      1939    A naive and idealistic man is appointed
Goes to        Carpa                                                   to the US Senate and discovers many of
Washington                                                             the shortcomings of the political
Title           Director      Genre         Rating       Time     Year    Summary
Twelve          Sidney        Drama         PG- Brief    96       1957    A dissenting juror in a murder trial
Angry Men       Lumet         Mystery       Mild                          slowly manages to convince the others
                                            Language                      that the case is not as obviously clear as
                                                                          it seemed in court.
Twelve          William       Drama         PG-13 for    117      1997    Made for cable television remake of the
Angry Men       Friedkin      Mystery       Language                      1957 classic.
All the         Alan J.       Drama         PG           138      1976    In the run-up to the 1972 elections,
Presidents      Pakula        History                                     Washington Post reporter covers what
Men                           Thriller                                    seems to be a minor break-in at the
                                                                          Democratic Party National
                                                                          headquarters. The editor of the Post is
                                                                          prepared to run with the story and
                                                                          assigns Woodward and Carl Bernstein
                                                                          to it. They find the trail leading higher
                                                                          and higher in the Republican Party, and
                                                                          eventually into the White House itself.
American        Rob           Comedy        PG-13 For    114      1995    A widowed and popular President is
President       Reiner        Drama         some                          approaching the end of his first term
                                            Strong                        when he meets a lobbyist.

Flight 93       Paul          Crime         R for        111      2005    Sept. 11, 2001, was a dark day in the
                Greengrass    Drama         Language,                     history of America. But amid the tragic
                              History       and some                      events, many heroes emerged.
                                            of Terror

Extra Credit (Participation is not required and will not affect the grades of those that do not participate).

Note: These movies will be viewed outside of the school setting. To be eligible to receive extra credit for these
assignments I must have the appropriate ratings initialed along with a parent/guardian signature below, no
exceptions. Note: Not all movies are completely historically accurate. Parent/guardians are encouraged to
watch movies with student and sign the Motion Picture Analysis Sheet. Students may not turn in extra credit
that has not been approved by the parent.
Parent/Guardian gives student permission to watch movies with the following ratings (initial ALL that apply):

      R _____         PG-13 _____         TV-14 _____          PG-13 _____        PG _____        G _____

Students Signature                                                              Date

Parent/Guardians Signature                                                     Date

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