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					                              Chapter 13: THE IMPENDING CRISIS
     DQ #1: Write a brief synopsis of the causes, conduct, and results of the war between
the United States and Mexico from a Mexican point of view.
I.      Causes of the Mexican War:
        A. Manifest Destiny:
            Coined by John L. O’Sullivan
            Says America has right to expandGives Americans mentality that they are superior+have
                 right to encroach on others’ lands
        B. Mexico allows American immigration into Texas:
            Mexico thought having Americans in Texas good ideabuffer against Indians+stop America
                 from expanding
            Big mistake for MexicoAmericans take advantage+rebel again Mexico                              John L.
            Try to ban immigrationtoo many Americansattempts futile                                       O’Sullivan
        C. General Antonio Lopez de Santa Annadictator of Mexico:
            Santa Anna increase power of national gov’tdecrease power of state gov’t
                 o Texans overreacttake as personal attack
                       Texans try to attack Mexicanskeep failing, most flee to LA
                       Battle of San Jacinto: General Houston captures Santa Anna+forces him sign Texas’ independence treaty
                       Mexicans forced to leave/stuck with subordinate positions in Texas
        D. Texas wants to join Union:
            If Texas join: another slave state+more southern electoral votes
            Opposition from Jackson, Van Buren, and Harrison
        E. Polk annex Texas:
            Mexicans know that border is Nueces River, Americans insist its Rio Grande (Americans
                 trying to take advantage)Polk eventually agree with Mexico
        F. Slidell Mission
            Polk sends Slidell to try to buy disputed territoriesfails                                      James Polk
        G. Polk sends Taylor’s army from Nueces RiverRio Grande:
            Mexico refuse to fight for monthsgives in+attacks
II.     During the Mexican War:
        A. Congress declares war:
            Senate: 40 to 2, House: 174 to 14
        B. American wins:
            Taylor captures Monterrey, Kearny captures Santa Fe, Scott captures Mexican capital
        C. New Mexican gov’t takes over+offers to negotiate peace treaty
III.    Results of the Mexican War:
        A. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo:
            Mexico: cedes CA+NM, recognizes Rio Grande as borderhuge land loses for Mexico
                                                                                                               John Slidell
            US: assures any financial claims its new citizens has against Mexico, pay $15 million

CONCLUSION: Starting from the Manifest Destiny, which gave Americans the idea that they were above all other races and
were thus given the right to take their lands, Americans believed they could take what was Mexico’s starting with Texas.
Mexico allowed American immigrants into Texas as a buffer against Indians and as an attempt to prevent American
expansion into Mexican lands, Mexico also believed that in time the Americans in Texas would gain loyalty for the Mexican
government. However instead of loyalty there were many backlashes, which resulted in Texas being made an independent
nation, suppressing Mexicans that decided to stay in the area. During the Mexican War, the Americans pulled most of their
resources and power into defeating the Mexicans who ended up offering to negotiate a peace treaty. The Treaty of Guadalupe
Hidalgo gave Mexico 15 million dollars but gave America an enormous part of Mexico.

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