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     Milwaukee (800) 236-0878 - Pensacola (800) 851-3618 - Memphis (800) 757-6884 - Tampa (727) 564-3997 - Miami/West Palm Beach (561) 319-1475

Clear-Com encore™
Clear-Com Encore™ delivers improved audio performance and offers a more streamlined, contemporary and user-intuitive design. Components are
constructed and proven to withstand rugged usage in fast-paced, demanding and high intensity applications. Even under the most challenging conditions,
the noise attenuating headsets and noise-canceling microphones, combined with anti-sidetone circuitry, minimize acoustic noise and feedback to provide
superior sound quality.
interCom StationS                                                               HeadSetS and HandSetS
mS-702 rack-mount main Station: Compact, feature-laden, single rack-            CC-95: Durable, professional headset with smooth, full-range audio
space intercom main station supports up to 40 RS-601 beltpacks, 10 speaker      response and great comfort. Flexible boom arm features a specially designed,
stations or 12 headset stations on two channels. Other features include:        noise-cancelling mic; rotate for left- or right-side use. Custom foam-filled
Channel A-B linking; program input with individual channel level controls;      ear cushion provides acoustic isolation
Remote Mic Kill switch, and external                                            in moderate-noise-level environments.
relay circuit. (Enhancement of MS-232).                                         5.5-foot (1.67 meter) cord with 4-pin
$1,383.35                                                                       female XLR connector. (CC-95-X5 5 pin
                                                                                Male XLR connector) $250.00
CS-702 portable main Station: The CS-702 is a
portable main station with a power supply and a                                 CC-260: Double-ear, noise-attenuating
versatile intercom monitoring system. It supports up                            headset with same features as CC-95.
to 40 beltpacks or 7 speaker stations on 2 channels.                            Separate wires for each earphone allow stereo or “split ear” use. $290.00
CS-702 accepts mic or line-level audio program input, assignable to either
or both channels, with interrupt switch to override program. (Enhancement       CC-40 and CC-60: Single- or double-ear
of CS-222) $1,188.90                                                            general-purpose intercom headsets.
                                                                                200/400 Ohms, with excellent noise
BeltpaCkS                                                                       attenuation. Straight 5.5-foot cord (1.67
rS-601: Single channel with 3-pin female and male XLR,                          meter) with 4-pin female XLR
4-pin male XLR headset connector and an RS-232 data on-                         connector.
nector. Allows use on a TW line (Audio on Channel B without                     SC-40 $172.25          CC-60 $205.55
loading down channel A). $322.20

rS-602: Dual channel with 6-pin female and male XLR,                            power SupplieS
4-pin male XLR headset connector, 2.5 mm AUX headset                            pS-702 2-channel power Supply:
connector and a RS-232 connector. Allows audio program                          The PS-702 can supply up to 2 amps at 30 volts DC to two channels. This
connected through pins 5 and 6 of the intercom line connector                   is sufficient to power up to 40 beltpacks, 10 speaker stations, or 12 headset
to be looped through to other RS-602/622’s in a daisy chain.                    stations even under the most demanding conditions. Either channel is ca-
A separate volume control sets program level. AC and DC                         pable of supplying up to 1.2 amps. The full current capacity may be divided
Call signaling on both channels. $438.90                                        between the two channels. (Enhancement of PS-232) $626.25

Digital wireless intercom system that uniquely blends digital matrix technology with a locally distribured wireless “network”. Operates
license-free in 1.9 GHz frequency band. Does not interfere with other wireless products such as PC’s talent mics, IFB or in-ear monitors.
Adds broad connectivity to party-line and digital matrix intercom systems. Allows beltpack-to-beltpack and group communications within
a wireless sytem in full duplex. Features 10 wireless beltpacks in 1RU, point-to-point and small group wireless communications, up to 6
communications routes per beltpack, frequency and channel hopping technology, local active antennas up to 3,200 ft from base. Plus,
call alert w/vibration function, improved party-line connectivity, Ethernet map retrieval and downloads, and remote battery monitoring.
Also available: CellCom50/FreeSpeak50. Call for more information and pricing.

                                                                anchor audio
Flexible high-performance wired intercom system. 2 Channel. Expandable           packages - cables not included unless specified
up to 20 headsets, portable or rack mounted. Uses standard mic cable/3pin                      PC-2000 power console, 4 dual H-2000 headsets
XLR connectors.                                                                  #Com-40FC
                                                                                               or 4 single H-2000 headsets, 4 PB-2000 belt packs $2,513.00
                                                                                               and Sturdy cardboard carrying case.
#pC-2000   Power Console        $444.00
#B3-2000   Branch Box            141.00                                                        PC-2000 power console, 6 dual H-2000 headsets
#H-2000S   Headset-Single        244.00                                                        or 6 single H-2000 headsets, 6 PB-2000 belt          3,690.00
#H-2000    Headset-Dual          244.00                                          #Com-60FC
                                                                                               packs, 1 Sturdy cardboard carrying case.
#Bp-2000   Belt Pack             273.00
                                                                                               PC-2000 power console, 6 dual H-2000 headsets
                                                                                 #Com-60FC/C or 6 single H-2000 headsets, 6 PB-2000 belt
                                                                                               packs, 1 B3-2000 branch box, 7 EX 50M cables,
                                                                                               Sturdy cardboard carrying case

                            Pricing subject to change without notice. Check our website for updated catalog pricing.

     Milwaukee (800) 236-0878 - Pensacola (800) 851-3618 - Memphis (800) 757-6884 - Tampa (727) 564-3997 - Miami/West Palm Beach (561) 319-1475

#wH-6000   Handheld       $384.00 #wB-6000 Belt Pack            $290.00
#eF-ta4F   UltraLite        94.00 #Cm-60      CollarMic           94.00
#lm-60     Lapel Mic        94.00 #HBm-60 Headband Mic            94.00                                    uHF wireleSS paCkageS
#miC-90    Pro dynamic cadiod pattern handheld mic               123.00                                    64 channels, PLL synthesized, tone key noise
#miC-50    Pro dynamic handheld mic                              107.00                                    suppression, rack-mountable. Microphone
#lm-618    Lectern Goosneck                                      207.00                                    transmitters rechargeable from receiver
                                                                                                           (batteries/cable included). Headphone jack

                                                                            #uHF-64000uS/HH Receiver/Transmitter w/Handheld Mic        $527.00
                                                                                            Receiver/Transmitter w/Beltpack and choice
                                                                            #uHF-64000uS/Bp                                            $527.00
                                                                                            of body mic (collar, lapel or headband)

                                                                            aCClaim leCtern
                                                                            Portable lectern sound system with tilt-n-roll casters.
                                                                            Base is also a portable transport case. Built-in UHF
Seville leCtern                                                             wireless receiver option, 24” gooseneck mic, detachable
Has a rich oak finish and a built-in sound system                           12v LED reading light, universal input mic jack, output
w/107db SPL from 70W amplifier and high efficiency                          powers companion speaker, runs 7 hours using
speaker, shock mounted mic input, Electret 24”                              rechargeable battery. Reaches crowds up to 500 with
gooseneck mic, bass & treble tone controls and reading                      114 dB of crystal clear sound. 6 year warranty!
light. Add wireless with the external UHF-6400 for
freedom of mobility.
#lp-7500 Lectern                       $2,314.00                                                                                                     $
                                                                            #aCl-7500       Lecturn only
#lm-618 Gooseneck Mic                      207.00                                                                                             1,134.00
#lC-650 Seville Cover                      233.00                           #aCl-7500u1 Lecturn w/built in wireless receiver                  1,423.00
                                                                            #aCl-BaSe Lecturn Base Module                                       506.00
                                                                            #aCldp-7500 Pkg: includes lectern, base, handheld wireless        2,985.00

xtreme Sound SYStem
AC powered system that delivers 123dB of crystal clear speech projections. Built-in CD player,   wireless microphones, 16 user-selectable channels and
more. 6 year warranty.
#xtr-6000          Xtreme only                               $1,070.00      #xtr-6001            Unpowered speaker                           $ 326.00
#xtr-6000Cu1       Xtreme w/CD, 1 wireless receiver           1,524.00      #xtr-6000u1          Xtreme w/1 wireless receiver                 1,297.00
#xtr-6000Cu2       Xtreme w/CD, 2 wireless receivers          1,699.00      #xtr-6000u2          Xtreme w/2 wireless receivers                1,524.00
packages include choice of: transmitter - wH6000 handheld or wB-6000 body; mic: lm-60 lapel, HBm-60 headband,
Cm-60 collar or em60t ultralite
Xtreme Basic: CD, wireless receiver, SS-550 speaker stand, transmitter and mic    #xBp-6000           1,972.00
DUAL Xtreme Basic: Xtreme Basic plus 1 wireless receiver and 1 microphone         #xBp-6000 dual      2,466.00
Xtreme Deluxe: CD, wireless receiver, XTR-6001 companion speaker, SC-50 connection#xdp-6000           2,483.00
cable, two SS-550 speaker stands, transmitter and mic
DUAL Xtreme Deluxe: Xtreme CD, (2) wireless receivers, XTR-6001 companion speaker,#xdp-6000 dual      2,977.00
SC-50 connection cable, two SS-550 speaker stands, transmitter and (2) mic

liBertY Sound SYStem
W/2 wireless microphones, speech projection switch, built-in CD and UHF receiver options w/16 user selectable channels, external speaker output.
#liB-7500           Liberty only                                  $1,580.00 #liB-7500HC          Liberty w/MP3                             $1,821.00
#liB-7500HCu1       Liberty w/MP3, 1 wireless receiver             2,159.00 #liB-7500Hu1         Liberty w/1 wireless receiver              1,866.00
#liB-7500mu2        Liberty w/MP3, 2 wireless receiver             1,835.00 #liB-7500u1&2        Liberty w/2 wireless receivers             2,176.00

packages include choice of: transmitter - wH-6000 handheld or wB-6000 body; mic: lm-60 lapel, HBm-ta4F headband,
Cm-60 collar or em-ta4F ultralite
Liberty Basic: MP3, wireless receiver, SS-550 speaker stand, choice of transmitter, choice
                                                                                            #lBp-7500     $2,700.00
of microphone
DUAL Liberty Basic: Liberty Basic Package-MP3w/2 wireless receiversand 2 microphones #lBp-7500 dual $2,602.00
Liberty Deluxe: MP3, wireless receiver, LIB-6001 companion speaker, SC-50 connection
                                                                                            #ldp-7500     $3,370.00
cable, two SS-550 speaker stands, choice of transmitter and choice of microphone
DUAL Liberty Platinum Package w/2 wireless receivers and 2 microphones                     #ldp-7500 dual $3,920.00

                           Pricing subject to change without notice. Check our website for updated catalog pricing.

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