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					25th Anniversary/Reunion

   MCMA WWII & Current Marines

 MCMA Group Shot & Current Marines
                             MCMA Leadership
President: Jay Rice, Jacaludix@aol.com, (949) 492-8291
Vice President: Ray Priest, RPriest3@aol.com, (936) 441-7947
Secretary: Steve Schweitzer, Allegro40@aol.com, (760) 224-5519
Treasurer: Mark Price, Mark.Price@hq.doe.gov, (703) 368-0502
Administrator: Matt Stevenson, boom1954@att.net, (920) 676-1260
Awards Chairman: Connie Sixty, cs8336@wi.rr.com, (262) 523-0852
Historian: Chris Debow, cdebow@worcester.edu, (352) 504-0370
Chaplain: Gordon Bennett, gojobennett@cableone.net, (228) 769-8077
Newsletter Editor: Matt Stevenson, boom1954@att.net, (920) 676-1260
Trustee (3-year): Gerald Kuborn, gkkuborn@gmail.com (920) 687-6176
Trustee (2-year): Dick Melikian, d.melikian21@att.net, (413) 733-5598
Trustee (1-year): Paul Durso, pjdurso@hotmail.com, (714) 529-3225
2011 Reunion Chairmen:

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                   MCMA Chaplain’s Minute
                         By Gordon Bennett
Ever wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we
treat our cell phone?

What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?

What if we flipped through it several times a day?

What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?

What if we used it to receive messages from the text?

What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?

What if we gave it to Kids as gifts?

What if we used it when we traveled?

What if we used it in case of emergency?

This is something to make you go....hmm...where is my Bible?

Oh, and one more thing.

Unlike our cell phone, we don't have to worry about our Bible
being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill.

Makes you stop and think, "Where are my priorities?" And no
dropped calls!

When Jesus died for us, he was thinking of you!

God Bless our Country, our Armed Forces, or Elected Officials
and You,
Semper Fidelis,
Gordy Bennett MCMA Chaplain

From the President; Reunion recap, observations & comments.
    This years' 25th Anniversary reunion was a tremendous and
memorable success due to the hard work and diligence of our Reunion
Chairman, Frank Gagliardi and his committee. Paul Durso, CWO-4 Mike
Edmonson, Richard Oldenburg, Ray Priest, Steve Schweitzer, John
Wyman, Frankie Oldenburg, Carole Rice and Cindy Guthrie (from the
Holiday Inn Staff) were instrumental in the success of this reunion. Further,
we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the staff & members of the First Marine
Division Band at Camp Pendleton, under the direction of CWO-4 Mike
Edmonson, for the supreme efforts demonstrated to make this reunion one
to remember. The band treated the MCMA members to a wonderful and
delicious barbecue at the band facility immediately following the dedication
   Among the highlights was the fact that at least three generations of the
McClung family attended the reunion and participated in the dedication and
naming of the Camp Pendleton Band Building in honor of MSgt William
McClung, Navy Cross awardee from the Korean Conflict. Your newsletter
has previously, and proudly, spread the word regarding the career activities
and endeavors, in and out of combat, of this Marine musician. Mary
McClung was granted, and accepted, honorary membership for life in the
Marine Corps Musicians Association at our banquet.
    The MCMA has elected Gerald Kuborn to the position of Trustee for a
three year term. Deacon Kuborn also served as our MCMA Chaplain for the
Silver Anniversary event. He was called upon multiple times and
admirably performed the duties of the Chaplaincy position in the absence of
our own Gordon Bennett who was unable to attend this year. Deacon
Kuborn has also accepted the position of secondary Chaplain and will
interact with Gordon Bennett throughout the year and at our future events.
He is a welcome member to the MCMA staff.
    The MCMA received a warm invitation from CWO-5 Robert Jacob,
Commanding Officer of the Marine Corps Detachment, School of Music at
Virginia Beach, Va. inviting the MCMA to convene the 2011 annual reunion
at that facility. The matter was presented to the membership and the vote
was unanimous so the 2001 East Coast reunion site will be in the Virginia
Beach area.
    While on this topic, we will need to select a reunion Chairman from that
area to get things underway for our next event. I am appealing to the
membership at large for a volunteer(s) to step forward to help us with this
project. It cannot be done from the West Coast without great expense.
    Proclamations of appreciation were drafted by the MCMA Board to honor
two of our "founding fathers." The proclamations honoring Members Bill
Black and Charlie Pearson were read, and presented, at the opening
reception from a grateful membership.
    The reunion attendees enjoyed a marvelous concert presented by the
First Marine Division Band at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido
on April 23. It was a first class show in every respect and was performed to
a near capacity audience for two consecutive nights.

     Our keynote speaker for the banquet was retired Major General Carl
Hoffman whose military biography was presented in the last edition of our
newsletter. His spirited and patriot descriptions of personal wartime events
that transpired on Guadalcanal and Tarawa were spellbinding. Of special
interest were the stories of how he came to acquire a souvenir bugle from a
deceased Japanese bugler on Guadalcanal and how he was able to recover
his sunken trumpet beneath fifteen feet of sea water on a coral reef at
Tarawa. He demonstrated his musical proficiency on the captured bugle and
also on his trumpet to the delight and amazement of the MCMA
membership. Major General Hoffman was also made a lifetime honorary
member of the Marine Corps Musicians Association at the banquet. The
general was given a mounted & inscribed Presentation-Grade Director's
Baton in appreciation for his gracious contribution of time and talent to
ensure our banquet's success.
     John Wyman presented a program which featured the march "Esprit de
Corps" written by General Hoffman. This lively march was flawlessly
performed by the First Marine Division Band.
     Paul Durso presented a program detailing his tour in Okinawa and his
interaction with the Okinawain people.
    The reunion was not without the usual "glitches" which tended to figure in
the ten percent bracket. Our reception was intended to be hosted outside at
the hotel but the choice was made to relocate to a banquet room inside due
to impending inclement weather. Needless to say, this caused delays in the
start-up time due to room set up with tables, chairs, buffet service, P. A.
system, etc.
   Our business meeting was delayed due to a scheduling problem wherein
the hotel served a breakfast to patrons until 1000 hours in the room
reserved for our 0900 meeting. The room had to be vacated, cleaned and
reset up with tables and chairs for our meeting. Needless to say, the
meeting did not get underway until 1045. The delay rippled out and the
usual after-meeting auction did not transpire as usual. The "goods" were
displayed in the reception room and were dispatched via a "silent auction"
     Technical audio-visual glitches delayed the Sunday night banquet
programs involving the "house" systems at the South Mesa Club which were
beyond our control.
    All factors considered, the MCMA was able to accept the "glitches" in
stride, adapt, and then overcome the problems as they arose with few
injuries sustained.
     To those of you, who made the voyage to Carlsbad for the MCMA Silver
Anniversary thanks! To those who were unable to make the trip our
condolences. I'm not sure of the total numbers in attendance but I was told
that we served 181 dinners at the banquet on Sunday night. By that time;
however, the total numbers had diminished somewhat due to personal
scheduling conflicts and other commitments for the coming work week.
   I'm sure that there are many important items that I've overlooked on
recapping the 25th that will occur to me later. We look forward to meeting

with everyone the last week in April (exact dates not yet determined) in 2011
on the East Coast in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
   Until that time, Semper Fidelis,
         Jay Rice – MCMA President

Thursday evening reception with a meet and greet of the McClung Family.

Some of our own sitting in with the music Earnie Draffen (key board) & Jim
Franklin (Drums)

Editors Note: The following article is a recap of MCMA Reunion 2010 for a
Marine Corps League newsletter. It was submitted by MCMA Vice President
Ray Priest and is a fair run down of what happened.

Last month I attended the 25 Annual Reunion of the Marine Corps
Musicians Association (MCMA), a 325-member nationwide organization for
retired, former, and active duty U. S. Marine Musicians. During the reunion,
we dedicated the new 1st Marine Division Band Hall at Camp Pendleton in
memory of Master Sergeant William J. McClung, III, for making the ultimate
sacrifice in combat for his country on December 7, 1950 during the Korean
War. McClung was killed in action while engaged in saving wounded
Marines from a burning truck which had been attacked. He was
posthumously awarded the Navy Cross, the nation's second highest award
for heroism. McClung served as a Marine Musician in the course of his
distinguished military career, which extended over three decades and two
wars. He was a Prisoner Of War during World War II, taken captive at
Corregidor by the Japanese.

Congressman Darrell Issa joined MCMA members and several others for
the dedication ceremony and presented a proclamation in honor of the
event. Congressman Issa’s district includes Camp Pendleton, and he is a
military veteran of the U.S. Army. The 1st Marine Division Band performed
as part of the ceremonies and afterwards, a barbecue luncheon open to all
participants and attendees followed the dedication.
 I and other MCMA members also attended a concert by the 1 Marine
Division Band at the California Center for the Performing Arts in Escondido.
This annual concert draws a crowd of over two thousand each of the two
nights it is held. The highlights of the evening were the outstanding music
played by the band, soprano Lillian Palmer who sang two beautiful songs,
and pianist GySgt. Anna Maria Mottola, a member of “The President’s Own”
U. S. Marine Band in Washington, D.C., who played Gershwin’s “Rhapsody
In Blue” accompanied by the band. GySgt. Mottola was given a five minute
standing ovation after her performance. (FYI: When Rhapsody In Blue was
played publicly for the first time in New York in 1927, the music was hailed
by critics as the most beautiful ever written and George Gershwin was
widely acclaimed as a genius)

The speaker at our annual banquet was Major General Carl Hoffman,
USMC Ret., age 90, who made us laugh while telling of his experiences
serving over forty years on active duty. He played the trumpet for us which
he carried in three wars and the bugle he took from a dead Japanese soldier
at Guadalcanal.
It was good to be back with the First Marine Division Band of which I was a
member in 1959-60. Several men I served with in those days were at the
reunion. It’s hard to believe that we have been friends for over fifty years.
The roads at Camp Pendleton go the same places, but the buildings and
housing on the base appear to be of recent construction. Most of the World
War II buildings and the Quonset huts have disappeared, gone with the
    Donna and I also spent a day in Palm Springs where we attended the
“Fabulous Palm Springs Follies”. This is a “must see” show if you are ever in
 the area. Performers ranged from age 56 to 86! www.psfollies.com. WOW!
                      See you on the counter march, Ray

MCMA President Jay Rice and 1 Marine Division Band Officer CWO4 Mike
Edmonson unveil the plaque dedicating the new 1 Marine Division Band
Hall in Memory of MSgt William McClung

 Highlights from the 2010 Annual Business Meeting
                            by Steve Schweitzer

The meeting was called to order by President Jay Rice at 1045 hours,
Friday, April 23, 2010.

A very nice blessing was rendered by member Gerry Kuborn, followed by
the Pledge of Allegiance, the reading of the names of 14 members who had
passed away in the last 12 months, and then a superb playing of Taps by
Bud Boyd.

The reading of the Minutes from the 2009 Business Meeting was waived by
a voice vote of the members present.

President Rice stated that the big MCMA banner that Irv Davis had made for
a reunion many years ago had as yet not been located. If anyone knows
the whereabouts of it, please let that be known.

Vice President Priest briefed about the Marine Corps Music Program's
(active duty) Annual Awards Dinner held in Chicago this past December.
He stated how well he and Deputy Administrator/Newsletter Editor Matt
Stevenson were received at the event, and how appreciative the active duty
Marines are of MCMA's support with the providing of the sword, k-bar, (and
now) perpetual trophy and two plaques.

Secretary Steve Schweitzer briefed about the background of the three new
awards for the active duty Marines (in addition to the sword for the SNCO
Marine Musician of the Year and the k-bar for the Marine Musician of the
Year). They are the: Band of the Year (perpetual trophy), Live Performance
of the Year (plaque) and Small Ensemble of the Year (plaque).

Reunion Co-Chairman lead Frank Gagliardi briefed about details of the

Historian Chris Debow briefed about his activities since being appointed, in
particular that he was going through pictures and "had a bunch of faces
starring back at him, with no idea who the Marines were." Chris asked that
if, in the future, members submit/donate pictures, to please list the names of
everyone in the photo (if at all possible). And, that any help to identify the
folks in photos already in MCMA's possession would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator Connie Sixty discussed administrative matters, in particular,
that some member's dues are in arrears. He asked that folks send in their

Trustee Dick Melikian briefed about the three Trustees' outreach to former
members conducted over the last year. He stated that he, Paul Durso and
Tony Arbisi had tried to contact about 140 former members. The Trustees
used information dating back to 2005. They met with minimal success,
having to deal with old/outdated information, etc. The effort will continue
though with trying to get former members "back into the fold."

Newsletter Editor Matt Stevenson discussed his activities over the last year,
and how the $1000 allocated last year for half of a new laptop computer for
MCMA's webmaster had been wisely utilized. Also, he spoke about the
numerous hits that MCMA's website gets monthly.

Trustee Paul Durso briefed about the MCMA 25th Anniversary patch that he
had made in honor of the event.

Nominating Committee Chairman Everett Rotenberry briefed about the
nominations process for the one open Trustee position. He stated that only
one member had been nominated: Gerry Kuborn.

The 2010 Election was held. Gerry Kuborn was elected unanimously
(by voice vote) by the members present. President Rice congratulated
newly elected Trustee Kuborn and welcomed him to the MCMA Board.

President Rice determined that a break was necessary. Therefore, one was
taken 1204-1217.

President Rice reconvened the meeting.

Everett Rotenberry rendered some post-election comments, stating that he
wished that more members had been nominated, had volunteered to serve,
etc., and that hopefully more members will step up in the years to come.

President Rice discussed the cost involved in the President of MCMA
attending the Annual Awards Dinner (with the active duty Marine musicians)
in Chicago on a yearly basis.

A motion was made by Secretary Schweitzer to allocate up to $750 for the
President of MCMA to attend the Annual Awards Dinner. As Vice President
Priest has on more than one occasion so aptly put it: "That hour that the
President of MCMA spends during happy hour with the active duty Marines
might just be the most important hour he spends all year." Hear, hear! The
motion was seconded, thoroughly discussed, subsequently voted upon and
enthusiastically passed. A concern was raised by Jimmy Franklin that
perhaps $750 was not enough in the way of funding? Also, that perhaps the
dollar amount should be changed to "up to $1000" for expenses? And, that

perhaps there should not be a cap put on the expenses at all? Where the
matter was left (since $750 had already been voted on and passed) was: if
$750 proves to not be enough for the President's roundtrip flight, airport
shuttle fee, hotel room, dinner fee and other required miscellaneous
expenses, the President may submit for additional funds, which could/will be
voted upon for approval by the membership at the next annual business
meeting following his travel to Chicago. Also, that the funding can always
be revisited at future annual business meetings.

President Rice entered into the 2010 Minutes the respective Founding
Member of MCMA Proclamations to the two still-living founding members of
MCMA: Charlie Pearson and Bill Black. (The proclamation to Bill was read
and presented by President Rice at the reception held the first night of the
reunion. Charlie was unable to attend this year. Therefore, his
proclamation was to be mailed to him.)

President Rice read the noteworthy Letter of Invitation from the
Commanding Officer of the Marine Detachment, Armed Forces School of
Music, CWO5 Robert Jacob, inviting MCMA to hold its 2011 Reunion at
"The School" in Norfolk, Virginia. A nicer letter has never been written to
MCMA, nor has a warmer invitation ever been rendered.

The proposed reunion location was voted upon and approved unanimously.
Also, the "week of April 25, 2011" for the reunion was voted upon and
approved, with exact dates to follow and an exact "headquarters" location
(city/hotel) to be determined. A Reunion Chairman was not named. MCMA
is, therefore, in the hunt for one, along with members to form a possible
Reunion Committee.

The meeting was adjourned by President Rice at 1307 hours.

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Schweitzer

                                   Jesse Sunderland
  Well, our 25th anniversary reunion is over and I'm having my annual post-reunion
Special accolades to our reunion chairman, Frank (stand up, Frank!) Gagliardi,
CWO-4 Edmonson, and all the others that contributed to another memorable
gathering of Old Comrades.
  What a pleasure to listen to the General and his trumpet at the banquet. If they
gave combat awards to musical instruments then his trumpet would be well
bestowed. Thank you, General Hoffman, it was a pleasure and honor
to have you speak 'musician talk' to us and to meet you. You still have a great set of
chops! May you always have fair winds and a following sea.
  Of course our reunion focused primarily on the dedication of the 1st Marine
Division band hall to MSgt. McClung, a Marine musician in Korea who gave his life
after rescuing several wounded Marines from a burning truck and was rescuing more
when he was killed.
  It was a distinct honor to have his daughter, sister, and brother as guests of honor,
as well as other members of the McClung family.
  I had the pleasure of visiting with his daughter, Mary, some. I told her we now
consider her and her family as part of our Marine musician family now and
encouraged her to attend any of our reunions they wish, now that they are 'one of
  Of course being an honorary member of MCMA one needs to know a good Marine
musician sea story or two so I told her a couple of what I consider 'band field
classics', including the one about the sousaphone case swallowing up the blind man
in Tampa...but that's for another article!
  A rewarding highlight for me at the reunion was seeing the oldest Marines present
receiving their well earned pieces of cake-a couple of young 96 year olds! Wow.
  In talking to one of them I found out he had participated in the battles of
Guadalcanal, Tawara, and Peleliu. Another wow!
  One of the 97 year olds was a few months older than his buddy and I overheard
some of their conversation. I believe (now, I COULD be wrong) I heard the older one
telling his 97 year old 'younger' buddy how it was in the OLD Corps!!
  Speaking of how it was in the 'old' Corps: There are countless books written on the
war in the Pacific that contain all kinds of good and interesting information. But if
some one out there is interested in knowing how it REALLY was for the average
Marine in combat-the PFC that had his face down in the mud and winning the
battles-then forget all those 'other' books-all you need to read is "With the Old Breed"
by Eugene Sledge. I've just finished it and believe me, no one has better described
how combat REALLY is than Mr. Sledge. Remember, however, he tells it like it
REALLY is, so it's not for the feint of heart.
  Well, it's time to swab out my bore and put the flute in it's case. Have a good
summer-and start making plans NOW to come to the reunion at the chord factory
(Navy School of Music) in Virginia next year!
  6 bits...Jesse.

The D&B crew – sorry but do not know all the names and sure could use
some help.

CWO4 Mike Edmondson with sword, Tommy Reed (oldest Marine Present)
Art Wallace (Second Oldest Marine Present) and SSgt Carlos Garza
(Youngest Marine Present)
Ron Mason on the piano (a 50 Anniversary Butterfly Grand from China with
brown keys rather then black) Gene Belschner and others singing along with
some old favorites at the Museum of Making Music just before the fantastic
Trumpets R Us concert.

MCMA Reunion Chairman Frank Gagliardi on drums at the Trumpets R Us
concert at the Museum of Making Music.
            Taking Care of Business
                               By Matt Stevenson

   Since the reunion a number of things have transpired which directly affect
all MCMA members and all need to pay attention to these changes so future
membership renewals and correspondence go smooth.
    At the reunion MCMA President Jay Rice, Administrator Connie Sixty
and Deputy Administrator Matt Stevenson got together at different times and
discussed record keeping and duties. It was decided that for the best of
MCMA that Matt would become the Administrator and that Connie would
become the Awards Chairman as there is no need to have three people
keeping the records. The Administrator and Treasurer should have matching
membership records.
    Duties are to be as follows:
Administrator Duties: 1. Maintain an electronic copy of MCMA general
business records. 2. Receive all mail and handle correspondence.
3. Perform membership and basic record keeping duties along with all
reunion registration. Matt also agreed to stay on as newsletter editor.
Awards Chairman : Oversee MCMA award record keeping and develop the
protocol for presentation.
    Connie Sixty will be drafting an awards profile for presentation of the
Administrators Award. There may be a new Reunion Chairman's Award in
the future. The actual trophies will remain in the possession of the
Administrator for presentation at the reunion. An appropriate certificate will
be presented to the recipient for home display.
    The above decision was tough, but is good for MCMA and also fits good
for those involved that are volunteering their time.
Membership: The MCMA membership calendar year runs from January 1
to December 31. A renewal notice will be posted in the December
newsletter. Grace period for renewals will terminate on the final day of each
annual reunion.
    All renewals and new membership applications shall be directed to:
 MCMA Administrator, Matt Stevenson

1807 N. Irwin Ave

Green Bay, WI 54302-1621

   There were questions & discussions about processing members who
have been delinquent in dues paying for a number of years who want to re-
join. The answer is found in our Articles of Association and Regulations: To
Article one, Section 4: "Any membership in the Association may be canceled
for cause upon unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees. Non-payment of
dues shall be considered as just cause for cancellation of membership and
the Board of Trustees may cancel the membership of any member whose
dues fall more than two (2) years in arrears."
      Thus; from this point on, if a member is over two years in the arrears
on dues, they will need to rejoin MCMA.
Examples: Check your newsletter address label or email notice for
expiration date.
1. 12/31/2008 - You owe for 2009 & 2010 - $60.00
2. 12/31/2009 - You owe for 2010 - $30.00
3. Anything older than 12/31/2008; this MCMA member will only receive a
notice to rejoin MCMA at the current rate of $30.00 a year.
  The "six for five program" is still in effect which gives members a bonus of
one free year and the cost is $150.00.
  Please feel free to contact me at anytime about MCMA, even just to talk or
let me know that some is sick or has passed. I will make sure that the
information is passed on to Chaplain Gordon Bennett. I really enjoy hearing
from MCMA members, your stories, questions, comments and bitches are
all important. Those of us in leadership cannot correct a problem if we do
not know about it. We are always open to ideas and suggestions; however,
we also believe that if your suggestion means extra work for us, you will be
put in charge of that committee!

    In closing, I want to say thanks to all that worked so hard to make
reunion 2010 a success. Thanks for the great memories. It was truly a
homecoming event for me. It was great to be back at the 1 Marine Division
Band and to see Camp Pendleton once again after 35 years away.
    To CWO-4 Mike Edmonson and his wife Chrisanne: it sure was good to
be welcomed home and the personal tour of the base at main side was
bitter sweet.
    Mike: you have an outstanding group of young Marine/musicians and we
hope to see some of them in our ranks in the future.


I'm hoping some of you might be able to help me in identifying the band in
this photo. I assume it was taken back in the 40's or early 50's. This a
photo that Mary McClung had and couldn't identify. We think it might be the
5th Marine Regiment Band and maybe the Drum and Bugle Corps from the
1st Marine Division??

Semper Fi,

CWO4 Michael Edmonson
Director, 1st Marine Division Band
Box 555381
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5381

McClung Hall
Bldg. 33502

Phone: 760-763-2184
Cell: 760-468-9926
FAX: 760-725-5856

1 Marine Division Association Commandant & CWO4 Mike Edmonson with
MSgt William McClung’s medals and ribbons display for band hall.
Hollywood Marines and others:
March 17, 2010 – Dick Teresi - Passed
It is with deep regret that I inform you of the passing of our Marine
Bandsmen brother, Dick Teresi. Dick was a long time member of the
MCMA and a Charter member of the Hollywood Marines. He will always
hold a place in my heart for the love and concern him and his family showed
many of us while stationed at Pendleton by providing sleeping quarters,
meals and a home away from home atmosphere at his family home in Santa
Monica while we were there on week ends. Further, his older brother Frank
- also a former Marine - was a TV personality in San Diego during that time
and would host some of us on outings about the city from time to time.

Dick's family was a true Marine Corps one - aside from Dick and Frank, their
younger brother, Don was also in the Corps and Dick's son, Don followed
his Dad and uncles in this proud tradition.

Those of us who knew Dick truly loved him for his sweet, self-deprecating
manner, his love of life and his concern for his friends. He will truly be
missed and his loss will be hard to overcome, but Sousa's great band in
heaven has just gained another trumpet player and the old field music will a
welcome addition there.

Reunion 2010 MCMA Members Reporting for Duty
                    Sousa’s Band
Thomas Moran            Carroll D. Carson        Harry Dunlavy
Jerry Prescott          Samuel Pendleton         Phillip Meyer
Frank Benhke, Jr.       Lou Curtis               Charles Bartoloma
Charlie Beilfuss        Dick Teresi              Allan J. Clark
Al Charbonneau          Russ Brown

   Reunion 2010 Keynote Speaker
         Strutting His Stuff

General Hoffman displays the Japanese bugle which he obtained on
Guadalcanal during the Marines advance across the island.

General Hoffman is shown here playing his trumpet. Playing a musical piece
that he used to entertain his Marines at times when moral was down.

The above patch was designed by Paul Durso. He purchased a few for the
leadership of the organization as a thank you for thier time and commitment
to MCMA. We all say thank you to Paul for these patches. The problem now
is that a number of MCMA members at the reunion asked how to get one so
here is the deal.
    I (Matt Stevenson /Administrator) volunteer to handle getting these
patches for individuals that want one. Here is how it is going to work.
Orders paid in full will be accepted from this newsletter and the August
newsletter. Thus you have 3 months to decide if you want one.
    To order send $20.00 – payable Matt Stevenson

Send to:
MCMA Administrator – Matt Stevenson
1807 N. Irwin Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54302-1621

   Once I get 25 or more paid orders I will order the patches and have them
shipped to me and then I will mail them to the perspective purchasers once I
receive them. The cost covers the patch, shipping to me and mailing out to
the purchaser. Any funds left will go into the MCMA treasury.

Also, anyone that did not attend the reunion or did not get one of the
commemorative pins from the reunion please let me know and one can be
sent out.

             MCMA Reunion 2011

             1420 Gator Blvd. Virginia Beach VA. 23459-2617

Located aboard the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-FT Story in
Virginia Beach, Virginia, the Navy School of Music provides specialized
training for selected personnel of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, and is
the first stop after basic training for instrumentalists and vocalists seeking to
join the ranks of America's military bands.

This unique facility, the largest of its kind in the world, provides basic to
advanced levels of instruction geared toward preparing Soldiers, Sailors,
and Marines for the challenges of performance within a wide variety of
military ensembles. Graduates of the Navy School of Music go on to
become musical ambassadors throughout the United States and abroad as
members of U.S. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps Bands.

The reunion location was approved unanimously. Scheduled “week of April
25, 2011" with exact dates to follow and "headquarters" location (city/hotel)
to be determined. A Reunion Chairman was not named. MCMA is,
therefore, in the hunt for one, along with members to form a possible
Reunion Committee.
                    Marine Detachment

                            Mission Statement
The Marine Detachment, School of Music is a subordinate command to the
United States Marine Corps Training Commands, and a direct
representative of the Commandant of the Marine Corps to the School of
Music. The mission of Marine Detachment is to provide support for Marine
students and staff assigned to the tri-service School of Music. Additionally,
the Detachment provides input and guidance in all matters involving basic
and advanced course training involving Marine Musicians to the School and

Now it is time to consider joining our ranks!
Fellow Marine Musician,
    A special invitation is extended to you. Please consider joining our ranks
of former and present Marine Corps Musicians. We are an active group that
continues to practice our profession of music.
    We publish a quarterly newsletter called Countermarch. It is dedicated to
furthering the cause of Marine Corps Musicians and looking at our colorful
    We meet once a year in a general assembly to discuss the association
affairs and to once again, become Marine Corps Musicians; as we play,
march, and bring honor to some of our members.
    Our most recent reunion was in MCRD Parris Island.
    The 2010 Reunion will be at Camp Pendleton, California.
    When together in reunion, we span from the late 1930s to the present,
with members in attendance and active duty Marines who are hosting and
joining with us in our love of music.
    The annual membership dues of $30 are allocated by the following ratio:
$19 publications, $6 toward annual reunion expenses, $5.00 to MCMA
Awards and there is the opportunity to receive six years membership for the
price of five.
    We hope you will consider membership in our organization. After all, we
can make that statement.
For additional information or to join, please contact or send dues to:
MCMA Administrator – Matt Stevenson
1807 N. Irwin Ave.                         Copy of DD214 Appreciated
Green Bay, WI 54302-1621
Email: boom1954@att.net
Web Page: www.marinemusicians.org
City, State Zip:
Spouse or Significant Other:
Date of Birth:
Dates in the Marine Corps:
Boot Camp:
Instrument(s) Played:

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