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Direct Ways on How to Earn Money With Your Website


									       “Direct Ways on How to Earn
        Money With Your Website”
                            © Copyright Ewen Chia

Having your own website may be a great way to express yourself and gain some online
presence, but owning your site can actually do more than those. If you look more closely
and think more carefully, you may get surprised at how overwhelming ways are on how
to earn money with your website.

Yes, you can earn money from simply building and maintaining a website. Ask your
family and friends and they will surely be able to give you several great ideas how. If you
are totally clueless about ways on how to make money with a website and you wish to
know about them, read on and find out.

There is this thing called PPC (pay per click) Advertising Networks in the online
community. Basically, you would have to sign up with a network where you can get code
snippets to post on your website. Your network would serve ads (either images or text)
they deem relevant to your site. When a visitor clicks on the ad on your site, you will get
a pre-agreed amount for it.

PPC advertising's profitability largely depends on the traffic levels your site is getting and
more importantly, the CTR or click-through-rate and CPC or cost per click. The first
depends on your website design. For instance, the ads which are placed within the fold or
blended with your content have the tendency to get higher CTRs. On the other hand, the
CPC depends on the niche of your website. Often, financial products, mortgages, and
college education are profitable niches. A single click can be worth two dollars.
However, tech-related sites are more likely to get smaller CPC. At times, it could be as
low as two cents per click. Anyway, this is just one way on how to earn money with your

Another way to make money through your website is by direct banner advertising. This is
more like how ads are posted on dailies and magazines. You sell your advertising space
for a price and it could be a very lucrative method of monetization. Well, it's lucrative
because basically, it is a direct deal. No middleman commissions are cut out from the
agreed amount. Money's all yours. The popular formats for banners on the web are
125x125 button, 300x250 rectangle, 120x600 skyscraper, and 728x90 leader board.

Now, direct advertising could truly be a great source of income, however, the downside is
you can't really enjoy the big income unless your website has a big audience. Before you
qualify as an advertiser, you must have a good amount of followers. But once you do,
you may need to spend some extra time managing your banners, sales process, and

These are just two ways on how to earn money directly with your website. There are
dozens of other ways like in-text advertising, pop-ups and pop-unders, paid surveys and
polls, private forums, RSS feed ads and a lot more. Learn about them and see what suits
you best to start generating income from your site.

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